his holy name

If you’re reading this, God is allowing your heart to beat, He is allowing air to flow through your lungs, there is blood running through your veins, and you were able to open up two wonderful gifts I call eyes to witness a new day. You still have the activity of your limbs to move around, you have your senses to enjoy all that God has made. That in itself should push you to make a joyful noise.

David wrote in the Book of Psalm, “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name,“ (Psalms‬ ‭103:1‬ , KJV‬‬). We should always bless the Lord. Whether during times of happiness or during our times of sadness. God is so good to us daily. He has never failed us.

We should bless Him for our lives, health, and strength. We should bless Him, because His mercies are new each day. We should bless Him because He protects us from danger seen and unseen. He provides for us and sends us resources.

We should bless Him, because His love is never ending and though we fail Him daily, He is still full of compassion. We disappoint Him daily, but He still blesses us over and over again. Many times we become distracted and wander down the wrong path, but He is there to take our hand to lead us back down the right path.

We must learn to bless God at all times, because all of the time, He is blessing us.

Come on and bless the Lord with me today!

—  Janteya Ford

Dongwan’s breathtaking voice goosebumped me .

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.
—  1 Chronicles 16:8-11 NIV

The theme of Hatoful Boyfriend is 100% “Evil is how you perceive it”. The first we learn of that is Shuu, but there’s many different examples, in different forms. The constant between all of these is pure intentions. If we judged everyone in the game by their intentions alone, it’s possible that we would consider none of them evil.
So why is it that we see Shuu as the main threat, and not someone like Kazuaki, or hell, even Tohri? Shuu and Kazuaki share similar drives of love, Kazuaki wanting revenge and Shuu wanting to fulfil a promise. If anything, Shuu’s a lot less corrupted.
But when we think of Shuu, we think of a homocidal doctor, a cleaver-wielding partridge, a murderer, etc. We don’t think of a cynical man named Isa Souma, no, Ichijou Utsuro, dedicating his life to fulfilling the last wish of someone he loved.
And on the opposite side— When we think of Uzune Hitori or Nanaki Kazuaki, we all think of the sleepy teacher, narcoleptic quail, harmless cutie, etc, and not the heartless man who coaxed another person into suicide so he could take over his life.
We shout, “Shuu is still a murderer!”, but at the same time, “Hitori just did it for Nageki!” It really makes you think about the first impression you get from meeting a character. No one expected Kazuaki to have killed someone and be willing to kill again, and no one thought Shuu would’ve been anything but a ruthless killer, so we cling to that initial image of them. People that haven’t played Holiday Star, and ESPECIALLY people that haven’t played BBL, don’t get all of that character development.
But Kazuaki and Shuu aren’t everything. What about The King? The real Kazuaki? He was an antagonist too, but there’s no way you could call him evil at heart. Once again, it all comes down to intentions and execution.
I mentioned Tohri as well. Don’t laugh, but, objectively, Tohri is the most evil out of them all. He’s fuelled by nothing but jealousy and arrogance. Nasty. Unfortunately for him, he just sucks at being a villian, so he’s reduced to a comedic supporting character. However, if he only had more skill, he would be a major threat, and possibly a non-redeemable *problematic fave*.
This theme is not just laced between these four characters, but with almost every character in the game (excluding Okosan and Hiyoko of course, they’re pure).
-Yuuya, helping Shuu with his operation to shrug off the guilt of his past,
-Sakuya, obediently following and believing in his father’s rules of oppression,
-The Dove Party and St. Pigeonation’s fierce involvement in the coexistence movement, despite their launch of the Human Representative Project,
-Even Ryouta, who never wanted anything bad to happen, who never could even fathom being evil, blaming himself for not only the start of Shuu’s malice, but the execution of it as well.
In conclusion, I don’t mean to erase the wrongdoings of those with pure intentions, or the pure intentions of those who have done wrong. I don’t mean to tell you all that Shuu is an angel and Kazuaki’s a piece of shit, I instead mean to say that a careful examination of each character’s motivation, intentions, actions, and execution will wind up with the lines between “good” and “evil” blurred together. It’s one of my favourite themes to explore, and I personally love how they put it together in so many different ways.
My 7th grade English teacher would be proud.

  • Sendak: It is but a scratch
  • Pidge: No it isn't your arm's off.
  • Sendak: No it isn't.
  • Pidge: Then what's that?
  • Sendak: I've had worse.

The problem with writing historical AUs about BBC Sherlock is that wHeN THE FUCK WOULD YOU FIND NORMAL THE NAME “SHERLOCK”. WHEN.


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

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Did your Hawke get invited to Avenline and Donnic's wedding, and did she behave herself?

of course she did and of course she didn’t


g-lindas’ favorite musicals | Godspell 

he pardons all thy sins / prolongs thy feeble breath / he heals thine infirmities / and ransoms thee from death / oh bless the lord my soul / he clothes thee with his love / upholds thee with his truth / and like the eagle he renews / the vigor of thy youth / then bless his holy name / whose grace has made thee whole / whose love and kindness crowns / thy days / oh bless the lord my soul! / 

aaw, LOOK AT THEM <3 !
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