his hiar

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“Let me do your hair.” Bokuto had said that afternoon, when they were lazing on the couch, Kenma playing his video game while Bokuto watched sports on the TV.

Kenma eyed him but shrugged, figuring it couldnt hurt to let Bokuto to try to do his hair. “Okay.” Kenma said, looking back down at his PSP.

He felt Bokuto perk up beside him and then he was bounding out of the room. Kenma slumped into the cushions of the couch, waiting for his return. He heard the heavy footsteps before he saw him, and narrowed his eyes when he saw the can of hairspray in Bokuto’s hand.

“What is that?” Kenma asked, pausing his game.

Bokuto grinned sheepishly and shook the can, “Hairspray! So we can match!” He sat next to Kenma and made him turn so he was facing away from him.

Kenma just sighed and turned his attention back to his game. He closed his eyes when he felt Bokuto brush his hair, always loving the feeling. Bokuto was always so gentle with his hair, brushing the knots out for him.

Then he was pulling his hair up and spraying it, only for it fall limp and slightly crunchy back against Kenma’s cheeks.

“It’s not working.” Bokuto whined after a moment. Kenma just hummed as Bokuto started brushing his hair again. It kind of hurt because his hair was filled with spray but Bokuto worked it out.

“I have a backup plan though!” Bokuto exclaimed, going back to tugging on Kenma’s hair. Kenma smiled softly to himself and let Bokuto do his thing, loving the way his thick fingers pulled at his hiar.

“You look soooo cute!” Bokuto hooted and made Kenma turn to face him when he was done. He took a picture - which Kenma made a displeased face at - and showed it to him.

Kenma’s hair was styled in pigtails, neat with no bumps of hair. He actually did look kind of cute. Kenma reached up to play with it for a moment before nodding.

“Do you like it?” Bokuto asked. eyes big with hope.

Kenma leaned towards him and kissed his cheek softly, “I do.”

Bokuto whooped and pulled Kenma’s to his chest, Kenma yelping in surprise before settling there, not minding Bokuto basically mandhandling him. Bokuto grinned and hooked his chin over Kenma’s shoulder, asking him about the game he was playing. 

Kenma couldn’t hide his smile behind his hair like he normally would, but right then he didn’t want to.

A Piece of Cake

One of the mysteries of Kuroshitsuji is why Sebastian didn’t serve the cake he had made for Ciel’s birthday in chapter fourteen.

It certainly looked more appealing and it was seemingly more appropriate for the party. Sebastian’s cake was superior in appearance and probably even in flavor. While Sebastian doesn’t eat such food, he has learned how to make delicious foods, and Ciel seems to favor sweets. At the very least, he could have brought out his cake to be enjoyed along with the one the servants had prepared.

I think this was one of those incidents where Sebastian learns an odd lesson about humanity. Namely that sometimes it’s more about intention and substance than appearance. Throughoutthis chapter, Sebastian was trying to make things to appear as nothing less than perfect. When Frances didn’t like his hiar, he changed the way it was styled. He desperately tried to hide the mistakes and mishaps caused by the other servants. He wanted everything to be flawless.

This is actually a prominent personality trait in Sebastian. He is very much about appearance; physical and otherwise. He is offended if someone calls him old or finds him less than devastatingly handsome. When showing off some skill, he has to demonstrate it perfectly. He doesn’t just want to be good at something. He has to be superior to everyone around them. It’s actually how he view humanity. He feels he is the superior being.

When the servants present the cake, it’s obvious that Ciel isn’t imppressed with it’s appearance. Honestly, it doesn’t look that appetizing.

Sebastian probably thought that Ciel or Frances would deem it unworthy, and he’d be called uppon to bring out his cake. Once again, he’d demonstrate his superiority.

But that didn’t happen.

While it wasn’t much to look at, everyone else seemed satisified with the cake, and this perplexed Sebastian. He even comments about it to himself.

This is one of those times that people favor substance over appearance. Sebastian’s cake certainly looked better, but he had made it purely because it was expected to him. It was his job to ensure Ciel had an appropriate cake. The servants made their cake because they wanted to do something nice to Ciel. While this should be a day of celebration, it’s difficult for Ciel because of his past. The chapter even begins with him having nightmares/flashbacks of him being tortured. The servants, along with Lizzy and Frances, want Ciel to move past his hurt and be happy, while Sebastian has to keep Ciel mired in his pain lest he foresake his revenge. Simply put, the servants had better intentions with their cake, thus it was well received and was appreciated.

When Ciel didn’t demand a better cake, Sebastian realized that bringing out his cake might be showing off, which just wouldn’t fit the situation. Everyone else was enjoying the day and were trying to help Ciel to be happy. The servants’ cake was made for that purpose. Bringing out a prettier cake that was only made since it was expected would have shown that Sebastian wasn’t on the same emotional page as everyone else. He wouldn’t have been admired for having the better cake, but he would have possibly been exposed for having more shallow intentions.

Simply put, Sebastian decided to let his cake go to waste because he realized this was one of the those times wehre appearance wasn’t as important as intent. I’m not sure if he fully understood the situation or if he even has the capacity to ever understand, but he did learn something unexpected about humanity.

Substance is more important than appearance.

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What's your fave photos of Louis? He's so beautiful, I just holding my breath sometimes.

I’m going to only list a few otherwise I’d be sitting here until I’m 90

He’s a superhero fanboy and that beanie looks adorable on him

I can’t fully express how much I love him in blue


*gurgle noises* After 1D he should become a model.

I got this picture on a phone case because I love it so much

I actually get lightheaded when he wears beanies and scoop neck shirts that show off the chest tattoo


The hair, the eyes, the cheekbones, WHY

Harry is going to make a special guest appearance for a second. BUT LOOK AT LOUIS. Why am I so obsessed with him

Sometimes I call him Bambi

WWA tour Louis has actually been killing me. 

Ok just one more. This ended up being longer than I expected

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imagine natasha proposing to him as they lay in bed on a saturday morning, sleepily pressing kisses to his hiar.

“yes,” he mumbles. “ as long as you remembered to buy coffee yesterday.” she laughs and swats him playfully. they go pick out rings together later that afternoon.

they get married at the courthouse a week later. natasha wears a white sundress, and bucky wears a button down shirt that used to be sam’s, and the whole thing only takes half an hour from the time they arrive to the time they sign the paperwork. they don’t invite anyone from the team; they decide that they’d rather savor this particular moment for themselves.

(however, there is a roaring party at avengers tower later that night. all of their friends are there, and pepper has spared no expense on food and booze. steve and sam even baked them a wedding cake, which is delicious even if it is a little lopsided.)