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hi, i saw your heathers au, so could u tell us who is who and also like martha and ram and kurt??? for the ham thing

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i never finished heathers so idk who any of the characters are,, sorry boo

heathers songs summed up in one lyric
  • beautiful: i look at all these kids ive known all my life and i ask myself: what happened???
  • candy store: shUT U P HE ATHER
  • fight for me: well woah you can punch real good
  • freeze your brain: theres a 7-11 right there
  • big fun: dang dang diggity-dang-a-dang
  • dead girl walking: i decided i must ride you till i b r e a k you
  • blue: oh no oh no no no
  • our love is god: i worship you :)))))
  • my dead gay son: i lOVE MY DEAD GAY SON
  • seventeen: yeah we're damaged
  • shine a light: who wants to share what's in their heart :))?? no volunteers?? fine ill start-
  • lifeboat: well who made her captain,,
  • shine a light reprise: die alone die alone die alone die alone-
  • kindergarten boyfriend: so ill build a dream that i can live in and this time im never waking up
  • yo girl: now you're truly a HEATHER
  • meant to be yours: vER ON ICA OPE N THE O PEN THE DOOR PLE AS S E
  • dead girl walking reprise: yeah well he's wrong about a lot of things
  • i am damaged: say hi to god
  • seventeen reprise: if no one loves me now then someday someone will

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 12 Intros Part A | Part B

[I’ve included all episodes that aired this summer, however some of them were taped for season 11 and count as such on CW Seed.]

Past Seasons: season 9 | season 10: Part A  Part B | season 11: Part A  Part B

how to make spongebob on Broadway great

Spongebob is a witty and strong character who becomes a popular girl overnight

Patrick is the leader of the popular girl group who doesn’t care who she steps on so long as she’s at the top

Sandy is Spongebob’s boyfriend with potentially sociopathic/messianic tendencies and too much time on his hands

It’s Heathers

Put Heathers on Broadway