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So you know how Tae likes to cling on to something (or someone) while he’s sleeping

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  • You’re back-hugging in bed trying to fall asleep
  • Him being the big spoon
  • He’s exhausted
  • Obviously
  • And falls asleep before you
  • You’re not really that tired
  • But you enjoy being in his comforting presence
  • And find solace in the heat of his body and his peaceful breath against your neck
  • But then his grip on you tightens
  • And you hear him mutter something and whimper in his sleep
  • You shift in his arms
  • Careful not to wake him
  • He has a pained look on his face
  • And your heart physically aches at the sight
  • So you bring your hand up to run through his fluffy hair and soothe his scalp
  • And kiss the wrinkles which had settled between his eyebrows
  • After a while you feel his arms relax around you
  • And you kiss him on the lips lightly
  • He smiles
  • But his eyes remain closed
  • And he just mumbles a quiet ‘thank you’
  • And you press your forehead against his
  • Slowly you drift off to sleep
  • And you don’t hear his soft 'I love you’
  • But he knows you love him too
The Nutcracker - Sleep Tight

Another Nutcracker story for @shinyzango.

It’s not the one I planned on writing first, as I’m me and I always have multiple stories on the go in my head at once. But I’m happy with it none the less.

It’s also the shortest story I’ve written for here, being under 1,000 words. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I’m getting used to writing monsters and thinking “I really didn’t mean it to be this long!”, so this is a nice change of pace.

Anyway, enjoy!

Never disturb a sleeping cat, Hans. You invite doom and destruction if you do.

His uncle had told him that once. He hadn’t understood what the older man had meant back then; he did now. He was also wondering if the rule should also apply to women.

He wasn’t entirely sure when Clara had fallen asleep next to him. When he did notice her leaning into him more heavily than usual, he had quickly decided that he should move her to her bedroll on the other side of their campfire.

He didn’t want the ground stealing all her body heat, after all. Her suffering hypothermia was the last thing he wanted.

So, without another thought, he had picked her up, carefully cradling her sleeping form in his arms. He’d managed to stand and was about to take a step before she began to rouse.

And he’d immediately sat back down again.

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Imagine, gently peeling back the duvet, his body heat radiating off of him. You ease yourself down behind him, sidling on in, your front pressed to his back, pulling the white duvet back over you. He stirs; not quite conscious, but his body knows yours is there. You tuck one arm under the pillow beneath his wild mess of red curls, your other hand snaking below his technicolor arm, all rainbow design. His fingers flex, seeking yours, and you lace your hand in his. He scoots forward to give you a little extra room, but you close the gap between you. You don’t need space. You need to be aligned with his body, your chest falling in the same slow, sleepy heaves as his, breathing in his scent. You should close your eyes and wait for sleep to find you, but the freckles at the back of his neck keep you awake. The way they jump out against the stark creamy paleness of his skin is mesmerizing, no less wondrous than the stars in the night sky. You lie there, drinking in his scent and the solid feeling of his body against yours. His breathing is slow and even. You’re sure he must be asleep…until his hand squeezes yours a simple three times: I Love You.

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(Prompt!) You know that theory that phan’s doing no dick december? What if they actually were and since dan is a cockslut hes really desperate and annoyed at phil by this point in the month

tbh this is really accurate and probably happened

Dan whined, his heels hitting the washing machine he was sitting on with a soft rhythmic clang. Phil sighed, continuing with his work, attempting to ignore him, but it was getting difficult. 

“Come on,” Dan was saying, his voice lilting. “Just give up already.” 

Phil raised his eyebrows, not looking at him. “Dan, this was your idea.”

“I know.” Dan pouted, crossing his arms and glaring at his lap. “But I thought you would give up by now.”

Phil chuckled, finally meeting his eyes. “You thought I couldn’t possibly survive a month without fucking you?”

Dan nodded, shrugging a bit, his cheeks heated. “Kinda…” 

“You thought wrong.” 

Phil pulled the rest of the clothes out of the washing machine, dodging Dan’s swinging legs and carefully putting them in the dryer. 

“But… don’t you want to? Even a little?” Dan actually sounded a bit sad, so Phil looked up at him. 

“Of course I do. But you wanted competition, so that’s what I’m giving you.” He leaned up to kiss his pouting lips softly and briefly. “And I kinda wanna see you desperate and begging for me by the end of the month.” He smirked. 

“But I’m begging for you now!”

Phil raised his eyebrows, starting the dryer so he could give Dan his attention. “Are you?”

Dan nodded, watching him with large brown eyes. Phil shook his head. 

“Doesn’t sound like begging to me. Sounds like whining.”

Dan made a frustrated sound, reaching out to grab his shirt and pull him between his legs. 


Phil was actually tempted to give up right then, the tone of Dan’s desperate voice filling his head with dirty thoughts, but he pulled back. 

No, Dan.”

That answer gave Phil hell for the next couple of days. Dan seemed intent on getting him to break, torturing him. Phil walked into his bedroom and found Dan propped on his bed, three fingers in his ass, moaning his name like a whore. Dan flounced around the apartment wearing lacy underwear, or sometimes nothing at all. He climbed on top of him in the middle of the night and ground against his stomach until he came. 

He did absolutely everything he could to make Phil give up, and Phil was hanging by his very last string of self-control. 

Dan was sitting on the counter in the kitchen, wearing nothing but one of Phil’s sweatshirts. He had been sitting on things a lot lately; that way he could spread his legs, and Phil couldn’t avoid him when he wanted something from the drawers. Phil came into the kitchen and instantly tightened his jaw. 

“Dan, I just want some Ribena,” he said slowly, his eyes traveling over his form without his permission. “Are you gonna be good and not tease me this time?”

Dan smiled in a way that seemed to mean the opposite of what it looked like. “Of course, daddy,” he said, his voice lilting and innocent. Phil cursed under his breath. He wanted nothing more than to bend him over that counter and fuck him until he cried, but he knew he couldn’t. 

He stepped forward, going to grab a glass, but Dan’s hand shot up, blocking him. A growl came from somewhere in the back of Phil’s throat. 


Dan smirked, grabbing him by the belt loops of his jeans, pulling him between his legs. 


Phil had had enough; he snapped. Dan squeaked when Phil grabbed his hips, pulling him flush against his stomach. Phil leaned in, attaching his mouth to Dan’s neck, drawing a long moan out of him. 

“Bed,” Phil growled, grabbing his ass. “Now.” 

Dan nodded, his eyes wide. He hopped down immediately when Phil stepped back, rushing off. Phil grinned at his reaction. 

When he got to their room, Dan was already on the bed, propped up with his ass in the air and his legs spread. Phil chuckled. 

“Someone’s desperate…”

Dan nodded, whining softly in response. Phil hummed, unzipping his jeans and shoving them down. He heard Dan whimper at the sound. He grabbed their lube before climbing on the bed, hovering behind him. 

He scratched his nails down Dan’s back, smiling when his back arched in pleasure. 

“You’re such a good boy…” He slid his hand down to his ass, squeezing roughly. “Usually.”

Dan whined, pressing his ass back against Phil’s still clothed hips. “Please, need you…”

Phil nodded, pushing his briefs down and uncapping the lube, slowly making himself slick enough to slide into him easily. 

“Fucking cockwhore,” he mumbled, pressing against him teasingly. “Couldn’t even last a month without me inside you.”

Dan moaned, pressing back. “Please…”

Phil finally nodded, pressing into him. He hadn’t stretched him, partly because Dan had been stretching himself plenty in the past couple of days, and partly because he didn’t want to offer him any mercy. 

Dan keened as Phil pushed into him all the way in one thrust, his back arching. Phil groaned, sliding his fingers into Dan’s curly hair and pressing his face against the pillows. 

“Is this what you wanted?” He got out, his voice strained, thrusting roughly. “For me to use you like the slut you are?”

Dan nodded frantically. “Yes!” He gasped, pushing back for more. Phil marveled at how good he was at taking him, snapping his hips even harder, causing the bed to creak with his movements. 

Phil grabbed Dan’s ass with the hand that wasn’t in his hair, kneading it harshly, and Dan moaned again. 

“Yes yes yes,” he chanted, the breathy words adding to the moans and whines escaping him every time Phil moved. His eyes rolled back in his head in pleasure when Phil hit his prostate. “There!”

Phil nodded, aiming for that spot and trying to keep himself together for long enough. He wanted to see Dan make a mess of himself. He reached around him to stroke him quickly in time with his thrusts. 

“Good boy, cum for me…” 

Dan cried out, nearly a sob, and Phil tugged his hair roughly. Soon Dan was letting go without warning, his body jolting as he spilled over the sheets. Phil moaned, speeding up a bit and listening to Dan’s moans and whimpers of overstimulation, until he came inside him, thrusting deep. 

The movement stopped and the room went quiet except for soft panting from both of them. Phil slowly pulled out, moaning softly at the sight, and lay next to him, pulling a shaking Dan into his arms. 

“You did so well,” he whispered, running his fingers through Dan’s hair. Dan cuddled against him, wrapping his arms around his waist. 

“Thank you, Phil…”

Phil hummed. “Of course, baby.” He smirked. “We’ll try again next month.”

Imagine Spending Christmas with Clark Kent

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- He takes you back to the farm with him

- He can’t wait to celebrate with you like he did as a kid

- Martha is ecstatic to have you both

- You wouldn’t think a woman her size could crush Clark the way she did when the two of you stepped onto the porch

- Your eyes almost pop out of your hea when she pulld you in for your own bone crushing hug

- The two of you stay in his childhood bedroom, complete with his model solar system hanging above his bed

- Having to cuddle close for warmth and so one of you doesn’t fall off the edge of the bed at night

- Its a traditional Midwestern Christmas

- Clark cutting down a real Christmas tree 

- He may or may not have used his heat vision to do so

- Him giving you a boost to put the star on top

- Connor and Clark hanging the lights on the roof

- Helping Martha in the kitchen wearing your own checkered apron

- Having to smack Clark’s hand every time he tries to steel the batter

- Martha teaching you the trick of using lead under the wrapping paper so no one with x-ray vision can peak

- Clark’s pouty face when he realizes 

- Taking long walks around the farm together 

- ”Are you sure you’re warm enough?”

“Clark, I’m wearing two sweaters under this parka.”

- He still pulls you closer anyway

- Mistletoe kisses

- Him in his flannels because hot damn

- Did you know Connor makes a mean cup of hot chocolate? Because he makes a mean cup of hot chocolate

- Having to be extra quiet when you and Clark make love 

- Waking up Christmas morning to the smell of pancakes, wrapped in Clark’s arms and knowing no Christmas will ever top this one right here

Tendou Satori’s Not-So-Perfect-Perfect Plan

Commission for @riseoftheplanetofthesnapes! I can’t believe I didn’t post it on here yet I’m a complete idiot lol. But thank you so much for commissioning me and supporting me through so much! I loved all of your ideas and I’m glad I was able to write this up for you ^o^ Warning: NSFW

It was going to be the first time.

And Tendou wanted it to be perfect.

They’d had sex before, of course. A lot of sex, but that was a different story.

This time…they were finally going to…

Tendou reached up to touch his scent glands, shivers running down his spine as he did so. His heat was most definitely nearing. And now that they were finally going to spend his heat together, that meant they were finally going to bond. It was something they’d already agreed to a long time ago. Which is why they waited so long to spend Tendou’s heat together in the first place.

And he wanted it to be perfect.

Of course, Tendou Satori’s idea of perfect was about as twisted as he was.

Which is why Ushijima Wakatoshi was currently tied to a chair in Tendou’s room, blindfolded and letting out short little growls that made Tendou’s heart race. Checking himself in the bathroom mirror one last time, making sure the scent patches were in place, he finally made his way back out into the room.

The nest Ushijima had yet to see was perfectly arranged, just in the way the omega had left it. Full of blankets, a few stuffed animals, several of Ushi’s old sweatshirts, and even a pair of the alpha’s boxers Tendou had managed to steal one night.

He’d washed them, of course.

The only thing that wasn’t in his nest were his usual toys. Because finally, for once, for the first time ever, Tendou was going to have something no toy could ever hope to compete with. Excitement raced through his veins, causing goosebumps to run all the way down his arms.

Upon hearing him come back into the room, Ushijima seemed to stiffen, his voice deeper than usual, his arms tensing underneath the ropes. “I didn’t know you had this kind of hobby.”

Stealthily, Tendou straddled the alpha, grinding him slightly into the chair, letting out a high-pitched hum. “Once in a while is fine, isn’t it?”

Ushijima growled again, and Tendou couldn’t help but kiss him. He loved when his alpha growled.

“Tendou,” he tried to move his arms, but was held back by the ropes, creating tension against the alpha’s biceps, “Take off the blindfold.”

“Ehh…” Tendou hummed again, letting out a little whine, and glancing back at the nest behind him, “But that’d ruin everything, Toshi…”

If he did that, and if Ushijima happened to turn his head around, he’d see the nest. Which would be a sure-fire sign that Tendou’s heat was due. And he didn’t want the alpha to know just yet. He had a whole striptease planned, after all. Besides, if Ushijima knew that Tendou was nearing his heat, then the alpha would have gone overboard with preparations. He was too thorough for his own good. Which was precisely why Tendou had gone so far as to wear scent patches, because Ushijima had a rather sharp—

“Your scent is different.”


Tendou kissed him again, forcing his tongue through this time, trying to think of a proper distraction. “Does it?”

“Tendou, the blindfold—”

“You know~” the omega purred, wondering why he hadn’t thought of this before, “I bet, if Oikawa Tooru’s omega tied him up, he’d let them indulge a bit~”

The way Ushi’s muscles looked tensed against his shirt and ropes was getting Tendou more excited than he really cared to admit. Not to mention the fact that the alpha was snarling and Tendou thought it was a damn shame that he was blindfolded, because more than anything else he wanted to see the fire in Ushijima’s eyes.

“Tendou!” The alpha barked, which was enough to get the slick to start pooling in Tendou’s pants, excited jitters running through the omega’s body.

An alpha’s jealousy was no joke. Silently, Tendou thanked Oikawa Tooru for being such a pain in the ass. There was absolutely no better way to flip Ushijima’s possessive switch. Licking his lips, and completely unable to help himself, Tendou sucked on the alpha’s swelling scent glands, reveling in the smell that came from them.

It was almost as if Ushi were trying to claim him, his scent was so strong, wrapping around his head and making him dizzy, and if he weren’t in Ushi’s lap already, his knees definitely would’ve buckled beneath him.

“Oh-keh, oh-keh~” he teased, bringing his arms around the back of Ushi’s head, undoing the blindfold, “But no looking behind you, ok?”

He let the blindfold drop, shifting slightly in his alpha’s lap. The fervor in his gaze was beyond anything Tendou could have imagined. It sent shivers down his spine.

Biting his lip, Tendou rolled his hips, long fingers tugging at the buttons of his shirt. But he stopped, suddenly, unbuttoning just enough so that his nipples were showing. He cocked his head to the side. “I don’t get to do this often…”

He cupped Ushijima’s face, bringing him into a kiss, his eyes open as he watched the alpha’s face contort in strained pleasure, Tendou’s eyes rolling back in pleasure while he watched. Expressions like those…those were the ones he loved the most.

With much effort he pulled his tongue away from Ushijima’s mouth, licking his own lips for good measure. He let his hands roam up and down the alpha’s chest, playing with the fabric of his shirt, and untucking it from his pants.

“You’ve always had such broad shoulders, Toshi…” he gave a little moan, fingers still trailing along the alpha’s torso, circling up to the collar, and then down to start undoing the buttons. He laughed. “Are you getting impatient?”

Ushijima did nothing but glare at him, which only made Tendou’s heart race, his skin prickling with anticipation. So he thrust his hips forward, just a bit, slowly making work on the buttons, “That’s ok. This part of you right here,” he rolled his hips again, “Is ve-ry~ honest.”

He finished with the buttons, rolling the shirt off the alpha’s shoulders, which was really as far as it could go, courtesy of the ropes, but that was all Tendou really needed, to get to the alpha’s chest.

He started at Ushijima’s neck, sucking and leaving uneven blotches of purple wherever suited his fancy. The alpha kept letting out a few groans here and there, muscles tensing and cock hardening against the omega’s stomach. Tendou almost couldn’t restrain himself. But he held out, just a bit, taking all the pleasure in the world as he began to suckle Ushijima’s nipples.

It might’ve looked like Ushijima hated it. Because his features hardened, his expression twisting, but Tendou knew better, knew much better, because his blood was rushing and buzzing in his ears, his alpha’s scent thickening into something that was so strong Tendou thought he really might just faint.

And he whined.

He sat up straight, suddenly, propping himself up properly, making it so that his own chest was level with Ushijima’s mouth. “Me too, Toshi…” he’d meant to make it sound more commanding, at first, but all he really managed was a strangled sort of whimper.

The alpha opened his mouth, stroking Tendou’s nipples with his tongue. The omega let out another whine, clutching at the alpha’s hair, “No—Toshi—suck them—”

Ushijima looked up, bringing his tongue back into his mouth, “Untie me.”

Tendou made a face, pouting his lip slightly, before sliding off the alpha’s lap, and dropping to his knees. “No.”


“If you’re only gonna lick,” he smiled, cocking his head to the side, “Then I’ll do the same,” nimble fingers worked at the alpha’s pants, getting just enough fabric off so that Ushijima’s leaking cock was finally set free.

Tendou kissed the tip. “Poor thing,” he murmured, “It’s crying~”

He licked up the pearl of pre-cum, swirling his tongue around the head. That’s all he really did, though, licking playfully at the skin, feeling the alpha pulse against his lips, but never taking him fully into his mouth. While it pained him a bit, his own heat throbbing against his pants, Tendou was happy enough just being able to taste the alpha, the smell of his sweat and juices mixing together into something that was almost euphoric, to the point where he could no longer suppress his whines, happily licking at the alpha’s cock and hoping for more of that salty taste.

Even better than that, though, was that Ushijima wasn’t just groaning, anymore. He was growling, barking at Tendou to do something, the chair creaking under the strain of it all, causing Tendou to nearly lose his mind with stupid giggles.

He clambered back up, this time facing away from Ushi, grinding his ass against the alpha’s heat, tossing his head back and whispering into Ushijima’s ear, grasping a fistful of his hair.

“Can you hear it breaking?”

“What?” Ushijima snapped, behind clenched teeth.

Tendou grinned wildly, knowing full well that the slick was staining his pants, “Your self-restraint. Breaking, breaking, brea-king~”

Ushijima leaned forward, biting at Tendou’s scent glands, ripping off the scent patches.

The alpha’s pheromones hit him a lot harder than he thought they would. Maybe it was because he was so close to his heat, or maybe it was because he’d never been around Ushijima near his heat, or maybe it was because this scent was exactly what Tendou used to get him through his heats in the first place, but whatever the case—


He knew. It would’ve been impossible for Ushijima not to know.

And suddenly Tendou couldn’t breathe. He staggered back, away from the chair, a whine tearing at his throat as he stumbled awkwardly, falling face-first into his nest. His heart gave two loud pumps that echoed in his head, and his whine broke off into a howl, his legs kicking out, away from him.

He was in heat.

His throat was completely dry. This was bad. He couldn’t move. The scent was overwhelming. He was supposed to untie Ushijima before his heat officially hit. He was…supposed to…

“Tendou!” The chair scraped, shifting slightly, enough so that Ushijima was able to look at him, Tendou curling up in his nest, kicking off his clothes.

It was hot.

“Toshi—“ he whined, sobs threatening to come through, “Toshi—”

He couldn’t do anything. The scissors were on the dresser, opposite the bed. There’s no way he’d reach. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t leave his nest anymore. The scent was caging him in. But it wasn’t just the scent. It’d never been that strong before. He’d never had Ushijima this close to him, and yet so far out of reach. It was crippling.

The slick was staining the sheets, gushing between his thighs. Everything felt blurry, sounded fuzzy, his own scent mixing with Ushi’s, intertwining and holding on to each other, as if they were only able to reach each other through scent.

It was painful.

His whines scratched at his throat, his clumsy fingers trying to find some sort of release while he called again and again for the alpha, knowing with impending desperation that Ushijima would never be able to reach him.

That’s when the whines became sobs, and his scent dripped heavy with need. It felt like he was suffocating.

The creaking of wood broke through his thoughts. But it didn’t stop, like the tension growing in his head, and suddenly there was such a loud snap that he thought he’d completely lost his mind.

But it wasn’t just a snap. It was the crackling and crushing of wood breaking under weight, of wood splintering off in a million directions from the amount of pressure that Ushijima—Ushijima—

“Toshi!” he managed at least his name before the alpha was on top of him, claiming the omega’s jaw with his teeth, a look in his eyes that was as frightening as it was exciting, and giving such a low growl that Tendou thought he’d come from that alone.

“Do you have any idea what you smell like right now?”

“Toshi—” it seemed the only thing he was able to say, but before he could even manage the second syllable, he had a hand at his throat.

“This wasn’t—I can’t hold back like this—”

Without meaning to, Tendou bucked his hips, shivering at the feel of the alpha’s palm around his neck, “I wanted—to surprise you—”

Ushijima tore off his clothes, grabbing Tendou by the arm and flipping him over onto his stomach. Shivers raced all the way down the omega’s spine, the anticipation of being mounted like this making his heart pound hard against his chest.

“Toshi,” he begged, “Toshi please—”

He was entered roughly, angrily, one of the alpha’s hands grabbing at his neck and forcing his head down, the other squeezing at his hip.

A cry of pleasure made Tendou’s tongue curl, laughter dripping from his lips about as much as the slick that was dripping down his thighs.

And Ushijima hadn’t even moved yet. The alpha just stayed there, locked in place, his cock pulsing with need inside the begging omega.

“Too-shiii~” Tendou whined, wriggling his hips, the position making it hard for him to do anything else, “Hurry—hurts—it hurts—”

Ushijima began to thrust, and Tendou screamed, his back arching and his nails clawing desperately at the sheets, “Yes—Alpha—yes—yes—yes!”

“That’s the last time,” Ushijima grunted, granting the omega exactly what he needed, their skin smacking together hard with each movement, filling the room with lewd sounds and the thick want of their scent, “The last time I listen to you—”


“You blindfold me—”


“Tie me to a chair—“


“Go into heat all on your own—”


The alpha was getting rougher, his thrusts shorter, sharper, hitting into the omega’s core, Ushijima’s chest pressing up against Tendou’s back, caging him in with both body and scent, the alpha’s breath right up against his ear.

“What am I going to do with you, Satori?”

It was somewhere between a yelp and a trembling squeal, when Tendou’s knees gave, the use of his given name enough to make him go over, especially when Ushijima said it the way he did, hot and heavy and demanding, but there really wasn’t anything about Ushijima that wasn’t demanding, and the only thing that was really keeping him up at the moment was the fact that the alpha had wrapped his arms around his torso.

But he wasn’t even allowed to enjoy it, because Ushijima pulled out just then, flipping the omega over again, thrusting back in just as fast, his knot brushing against the rim of Tendou’s entrance.

The omega’s breath hitched. Ushijima grabbed Tendou’s jaw, tilting his head slightly, so that his scent glands were out in the open.

It was amazing, Tendou thought, the way Ushijima was looking at him right now. As if he were caught between wanting to claim but not wanting to stop their current pleasure. It was a desperate look; conflicted. But most of all, it was absolutely delicious, especially when paired with the grunts Ushijima gave, every time the alpha sunk into the omega’s core.

Already, Tendou could feel him swelling. Which only further served to add to his excitement. Because Ushijima was usually able to go on for much longer than that. Which meant, Tendou thought with a shiver, that his scent was enough for the alpha to…

“I can’t—” Ushi confessed with a groan, his head tossing back, “I can’t hold out, like this.”

Tendou grinned wickedly, his cheeks held in place by Ushijima’s palm, “Don’t.”

All it took was a single moment; the alpha’s knot catching inside the omega, Ushijima’s fangs sinking into the soft, supple skin of Tendou’s scent glands, marking him, bonding them together in the way they’d waited so long to do.

Warmth filled Tendou’s stomach, the omega’s head a jittery buzz at the feel of his alpha pumping seed into him, because Ushijima was officially his alpha now, purrs murmuring in his chest from the way Ushijima’s hair tickled the bottom of his chin and neck.

For a while—a long while—Ushijima didn’t move at all. Just stayed on top of Tendou, teeth still latched against the skin, panting and letting out growls every so often. Briefly, Tendou wondered if the alpha was legitimately upset. He brought his hand up, so that he could stroke the back of Ushijima’s head. It was only then that Tendou realized Ushijima wasn’t growling—the alpha was purring.

Ushijima looked up lazily, looking somewhat exhausted, which was rare enough in it’s own right, giving Tendou a weak nuzzle to the cheek, “Finally…mine…” He gave a low groan as they separated, his knot finally swelling down enough for them to do so. Tendou couldn’t help but whine, a bit.

But Ushijima didn’t give him much time to complain, because he was wrapped in his arms once more, the alpha pulling him up against his chest, starting with those low purrs that sounded more like growls.

Tendou couldn’t help the mischievous giggle that parted his lips.

Ushijima opened his eyes, “What is it?”

“As usual, Wakatoshi is the best at sex~”

The alpha scoffed, dipping his head to nip at the omega’s lip, “That goes without saying.”

“Nee, nee, Toshi-kun~ Let’s go again? I’m aaachinggg.”

“That’s because you just took my knot. You need to rest.”

“Eeh~? Aren’t you supposed to have crazy stamina? I can go another round~”

“Save your strength—”

“Heeh~” Tendou smirked, and Ushijima stiffened, Tendou’s fingers trailing down the length of his cock, “But this part right here is ready for more~”


He cackled, rolling on top of the alpha, grinding his hips while he pulled him into a kiss, “Mmm, Toshi~ Call me that again.”

► AU; Forged in Fire

A kindly old Goron smith named Fabbro adopted Link when he was just a wee bab. Link grew up with Goron values: strength, resilience, and, most of all, brotherhood. Link sees Fabbro as a grandfather figure and helps around the smith shop wherever he can. He is immensely powerful for a boy his age—wielding a hammer that weighs more than he does! 

Of course, he’s adapted to such a life. The red tunic helps him withstand the scorching heat of his home in Death Mountain. The power bracelet allows him to keep up with Goron demand for brute strength. —Although, because of his background, Link is more inclined to try and solve problems with brutal strength than wit.

Fabbro once joined the swordsmanship contest in the Picori Festival years ago and fought the then-Prince of Hyrule. Their duel came to a draw, and since then, the two were best friends and rivals. The Prince eventually became the king, and the king’s daughter, Zelda, became a good friend of Link’s.

If Link can’t be found at Death Mountain, he’ll more than likely be strolling around Hyrule Castle Town with his best friend.

12 Days of ODM: Day 3

Dedicated to: @ilovelocust

Prompt: Keith gets into a Galra version of catnip


“Do you know if he got into anything that none of the rest of you did?” Allura asked, looking over the pair from behind Coran, keeping her distance as her eyes flashed quickly between the two. Her aquamarine gaze was a laser as it bore into him, and Shiro was certain she could see straight through him and to his thoughts. Heat spread over his cheeks and down his neck under her stare.

“No, just the same flowers that we were all standing in,” Hunk said after a moment of consideration before he turned towards them. “Isn’t that right, buddy?”

The only answer he received was a small hum as Keith rubbed the tip of his nose into the soft hair growing behind Shiro’s ear. 

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Work From Home (Zoro x Reader) DRABBLE

Word Count: 529



You woke to the steady patter of rain against the window, the slow rumble of thunder overhead. But it wasn’t the sound of the storm that had roused you. Your alarm clock blared obnoxiously from your bedside table, red numbers flashing ‘07:00’ at you from the semi-darkness. You rolled over with a groan and fumbled for the off button, missing it a few times in your half-asleep daze before you finally managed to silence it. Beside you, Zoro made a noise in his sleep at the loss of your heat from his side. He reached for you, strong arms encircling your waist to hold you close against his chest.

You sighed. Mornings with him were always difficult.

You made to get up, but Zoro’s arms tightened around you. You felt him stir, breath tickling the back of your neck as he yawned widely.

“Where are you going?” he said, voice heavy with sleep and a huskiness that never failed to send a little thrill up your spine.

“You know I have work.”

“It’s Sunday.”

“This isn’t the Dark Ages anymore, Zoro. There’s no death penalty for working on the Sabbath.”

“But it’s raining.”

“I’ll make sure to take an umbrella.”

You made another attempt to escape his hold, but he only hugged you tighter, burying his face in your hair and inhaling deeply. You would give anything to just stay like this, enveloped in warmth and hard, bronzed muscle. Unconsciously, you found yourself settling back against his chest, as if your body craved the touch of his.

Staying in bed was starting to seem like a good idea. You snapped yourself out of that thought quickly.

“Zoro, I really have to go.”

“You own your own business. You can take a day off whenever you want.”

“That’s not how it works.”

He grunted in reply. You waited, but he seemed adamant that he wasn’t going to let you leave any time soon.

“I have a ton of orders to fill.”

“Then work from home.”

You sighed, rolling over to face him. Heavy-lidded, black eyes met yours, pleading, enticing. You cupped his face in you hands, morning stubble rough against you palm, and traced his jawline with your fingers. You never could resist that stupid, smug face.

“I swear you’re going to put me out of business,” you sighed.

He grinned back. “At least that means I’ll have you all to myself.”

“And what would I do? Sleep all day like you?” you teased.

“I don’t sleep all day,” Zoro scoffed, feigning hurt. “And I can think of a few things for us to do.”

There it was—that cocky smirk that betrayed his true reasoning for wanting you to stay in today. His hand on your waist began to make its way over your hip, feather light fingers brushing down your thigh. You shuddered.

“Well, there goes all my productivity for today…” you sighed, letting your head fall back onto the pillow and your eyes drift closed in bliss.

“Don’t worry,” Zoro said, rolling on top of you and pressing you down into the mattress. His lips brushed yours. “I’ll make sure you put in plenty of work.”

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heyyy .. can I ask for a fluffy/nsfw pld?

“How about this?” I pulled my knee back instinctively and he looked up with wide eyes. “Really? You’re that ticklish?”

I nodded and he turned his focus back to my legs, hands on my calves as he mumbled to himself. He ran his bearded chin along the inside of my thigh and I squealed, trying to escape his grasp. He followed the action with a gentle kiss, a few after that until he found the dip of my hip.

The air in the room seemed to thicken and I watched as he dragged his lips across my skin. They ghosted over my pussy, his warm breath heating the fabric covering me, and found the other side quietly.

“Pierre…” I started to protest but he shook his head and slipped a finger under my panties. His touch on my folds had me weak and my breath caught as he tugged the band from my hips, lifting my legs until I could kick the thong off.

Bare to him now, he took a moment to study me before spreading my folds, his eyes meeting mine as he leaned in. A new kiss, deeper and warmer than the ones before, was left on my clit and I moaned. His tongue slipped from between his lips and euphoria claimed by body.

Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent.

Like, minus the whole superman aspect.

because, like, okay I can buy that maybe he can disguise himself well enough to hide the fact that he’s superman, but i doubt any amount of slouching and glasses wearing can truly disguise that he’s a very tall EXTREMELY muscular man with a jawline that can cut glass.

So basically this newspaper office has this guy who looks like a weightlifter/supermodel just hanging around but he wears glasses and acts like a huge nerd and everyone just goes with it???

Like “Oh yeah, that’s Clark. No no he works here. Oh no don’t bother being intimidated by him, talk to him for five minutes and he’ll devolve into a lecture on proper tractor maintenance. We like Clark.”

 I wonder if the ladies in the office ever drag him with them to bars so they don’t have to worry about creeps trying to harass them like “back off creeps our friend here is 6′4″ and grew up chucking hay bales” 
And then it’s funny because (as far as they know) Clark is like, the meekest lil nerd around. (He don’t look it though!!!!)

It’s just incredible to me that Clark Kent can pull off being a quiet harmless dork while still looking like, well, superman. 


A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 


So a friend talked with me about a Music Camp he was in, and I immediately thought of Camp Camp.

I don`t know why, but I`d like to think that Max is a child that would like playing the violin? But his parents had to high standards for him to reach, so his self-estem kinda went down the drain, even though he`s actually really good and enjoys playing!

Why are they calling Keith a jerk though?? Like seriously, first of all, he’s probably been abandoned and left behind by people tons of times since he’s an orphan?? He didn’t exactly have the same childhood luxury the other paladins did. Shiro was probably his brother/only friend he ever had, until even that was cruelly taken from him in the Kerberos mission, and the Garrison just brushed it aside as pilot error? 

And to top it all off, finally, once Keith gets Shiro back for a short period of time, he loses him again?

SO YEA, no WONDER he feels angry that nobody cares enough that Shiro is gone, the last time he lost Shiro he was pretty much told that it wasn’t anything to be upset about. Imo, Keith has every right to react how he did.

“Yeah,” Kirishima breathes out, eyes still pulled towards Bakugou. His voice crackles over the mic, and heat floods his face. But then he clears his throat, and says softly, “This is for you.” Quote love unquote by: @newamsterdame 

This fanfiction is amazing and if you haven’t read it already go read it!