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CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Bleach Novel Sketches
 featuring Aizen Sosuke & Tousen Kaname’s first meeting.


Jem Carstairs

Jem Carstairs is such a beautiful person omg, he’s probably the most interesting character in the history of books ever. He’s so sweet, and kind, and beautiful, and calm, and delicate, and he would never hurt any body that he loves. And he cares for everyone, and he stood by Will’s side when nobody else did, and he didn’t deserve to be ill, his heart is just too pure, but I’m secretly kind of glad because it means that he’s still alive. He’s so wise beyond his years, he’s been a shadow hunter, a silent brother, a human. And I love him so much, and I’m rambling because he’s so underrated, please if you’ve read this far, and you like books, then go read the infernal devices series by Cassandra Clare, so you can meet jem and see how beautiful of a character he is

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mtkskgamsfgsd I want that dvd... thanks for uploading it I need more of Nardo and Sas, what was your favorite illustration of them? mine were all (o´ω`o)

It is a pleasure! 

I liked all the designs, but…

Baby Sasuke stole my heart. His smile is too precious, he is so pure. :’)

Shipping [TodoDeku]

A/N: Boku no Hero Academia (Todoroki/Deku, lee Todoroki) -  29. “Is that my name written on your notebook?” - My first TodoDeku fic, I got some more prompts with them and I was actually planning on combining some, but maybe I just need some excuses to write more for this pairing :) So here’s one of them. Hope you like it!

Summary: The sports festival has sparked a hero-shipping trend, and Deku is totally up to date. Most of all for his own favorite ship, featuring no one but himself and his semi-finals partner Todoroki. 

Word Count: 2243

The sports festival had started many things. Not only were random people talking to Deku now, recognizing him as if he was some sort of famous celebrity. 

No, he was like a real celebrity already. Everyone of them. They were not only being talked about. They were not only being shown on TV countless of times, but of all things that fascinated him the most: they were being shipped. They were becoming an internet trend.

Shipped. Hero-shipping! Like, pairings. Hero-pairings, all from just watching the sports festival broadcast. Seriously? Fans were crazy! It was only a matter of time, a little bit of it, before fan art and fanfiction started to spread on the world wide web. 

Deku was guilty, like probably everyone was, of googling his own name. Seeing what they were saying about him. Drawing about him. Writing about him. 

It was flustering, honestly. He was hiding his mobile phone under the table as he secretly read some fanfiction during class, one of his secretly most favorite pairing and it was so embarrassing: himself and Todoroki. They were one of the most famous ships.

Seriously, people apparently interpreted their battle, the way he encouraged Todoroki, each and every shot of them together, as something romantic. He, Deku, Midoriya Izuku, was being shipped with the almighty Todoroki, the sports festival’s #2. And he liked it.

Todoroki cupped Deku’s cheek and looked him in his eyes. “Midoriya. I love you. I’ve realized that I love you. How do you feel about me?” 

Deku was blushing seriously, his lips playbacking the answer he would give him and he blushed even worse when he caught himself thinking that he’d easily tell Todoroki he loved him too. 

Well, love was a big word. But he cared for him, admired him, thought he looked… attractive… Wouldn’t mind…y’know…

He swallowed and quickly put his phone away before Aizawa-sensei would catch him. And before his face would explode because seriously, he couldn’t take much more of the Todoroki x Deku shipping thing, and it was only one week after the festival. One. Week.

“Hm..” he muttered to himself as he scribbled something on the cover of his legendary hero notebook, quite unconsciously. He just couldn’t help but wonder if just like with movies and TV shows, if they would also get their own shipping name actually. Probably. If things were already escalating like this in a week…

“Todoroki,” he whispered silently, and he wrote his name on his notebook. Under that he first wrote ‘Midoriya’, and thought for a moment. Todomido? Todorokiya? Midoroki? No. He crossed out all of his attempts, and even his own name. He then wrote ‘deku’ in place and he felt his own breath hitch.

“Todo…deku…” he mumbled, writing the name under all the failed attempts, and he underlined it with a satisfied smile.

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Hold Me Close Through The Long & Terrible Night (1/?)

Pairings: Immortal!Ivar x reader

Warnings: Just angst for this part

Word count: 468

Summary: Ivar has been cursed with a limitless life and he finds himself in the present day, alone. The only problem is that he’s changed and he finds something from his old life, but holds on too tightly.

A/N: Welp. Here I am, writing this from my dorm room. I’ve never written Ivar before and refer to this post about who I blame about my new obsession. 

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There are not many things that Ivar finds pleasant. He’s lived too long and seen too many things throughout his life for him to experience the simplest pleasures of life. His life has been too long and he wonders what gods he has angered to make his life become a never ending cycle of hell and misery.

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❝ hey. um. y' shoul', tell these guys t' eff word off. cuz we --- i mean, um, y' --- c'n be redeemed. f' real, y' can. ❞

* Oh, god, no. This is too heartwarming, too sweet – quick, somebody stop you before you pick this blessed child up and hug her tight ??

      ❝ It’s fine, don’t worry. They’re all just a bunch of dumbasses who don’t have the courage to speak without a mask on. ❞

* Should you be using this kind of language around children? Man, you should really buy a guide on how to treat kids.

* …You did need this.

the second task

The second task of the Triwizard Tournament as seen by Lily and James

Lily: He is going to sleep through the bloody task.

James: Not if Dobby wakes him up first.

Lily: What difference does it make if he can’t survive one hour under the water?

James: Apparently Dobby thinks he can.

Lily: How?

James: I don’t care to be honest, he just does. 

Lily: What the hell is a Wheezy?

James: I think he means Weasley.

Lily: Oh dear god, they hid Ron under the lake. What happens after one hour? The song was perfectly clear–

James: Don’t be ridiculous, Dumbledore wouldn’t let them drown.

Lily: Are you sure?

James: *suspiciously* Yeah?

Lily: Thank heavens, Dobby brought Gillyweed.

James: It looks disgusting.

Lily: Very but it will give him fish-like traits, he will be able to stay under the water. But how the hell Dobby knew about this?

James: Yet again, I don’t care. Oh look, he heard it in the staff room, don’t fret it. 

The task starts and Harry takes the Gillyweed.

Lily: Told you it would work.

James: Have you, uh, ever met merpeople?

Lily: No.

James: Yes I can tell. They are not the friendliest of creatures.

Lily: Great. Brilliant. He is going to die.

James: Okay maybe you should stay a bit more positive.

Moaning Myrtle comes out of nowhere and points Harry in the right direction.

Lily: I think Myrtle is in love with Harry.

James: *to himself* She has a type then.

Lily: What?

James: Nothing.

Lily: Ew, they look so scary. I wonder who they took for the other champions.

James: Well, look no further. Is this some kind of a joke? They took Ron, Hermione and Cho. I bet he’ll try to save all of them.

Lily: *smiling* Yeah, probably. He takes after you.

Harry takes Ron and tries to save Hermione, too.

James: Called it!

Lily: He will get hurt while trying to save everything and everyone.

James: A true Gryffindor and a Potter, unnecessary bravery and the need to save everything.

Lily: Oh finally Cedric arrived. Why isn’t Harry going to the surface?

James: Just in case Krum and Fleur don’t come.

Lily: He took the song way too literally.

James: What the fuck did Krum do to himself?

Lily: A really bad transfiguration attempt.

James: *cockily* Amateur.

Lily: I don’t think Fleur is coming.

James: Fucking hell. Just go up Harry.

Lily: He is threatening the merpeople. Marvellous.

James: Oh, yeah, he really shouldn’t do that.

Lily: They are letting him save her?

James: *shocked* They are. But he will come in last. 

Lily: I don’t care. His heart is too pure for the life he is living.

James: The effect of Gillyweed is wearing off, he will drown.

Lily: Come on baby, come on a little bit more.

James: Harry, come on son. Yes!

Lily: *breathing again* I think I died again.

James: *angrily* Too soon.

Lily: It’s been thirteen years.

James: Still, too soon.

Points are being announced.

Lily: Cedric got 47, well he came in first so that makes sense.

James: I can’t believe they gave Krum 40. That fuck up of a transfiguration didn’t deserve anything.

Lily: He saved Hermione nevertheless, don’t be so bitter.

James: I’m not bitter

Lily: They gave him 45 POINTS for moral fibre. Merpeople talked to the judges. 

James: What the hell? How does each and every magical creature love this kid?

Lily: Who cares? He is tied in first place with Cedric.

James: *excitedly* He is! Isn’t he? Youngest wizard to win the Triwizard Tournament, I tell you. 

Lily: Like he needs anymore legacy.

James: Well he doesn’t but shit happens.

Lily: I need to mentally prepare myself for the third task Jamie.

James: I mean I don’t think the third task can be worse then the Hungarian Horntail.

Lily: You are talking way too early again.

James: Fucking– I take it back, okay? I take it back.

mythical creature au

requested by @mutatedespeon42​. edited by mj. 

Contrary to popular belief, not all werewolves turn into mindless beasts on the full moon. JinJin was bitten as a child, but his heart was too pure he was too lazy and slow to eat people. He was hiding in the local park and caught MJ right as he was about to push Eunwoo into the lake found a very attractive pixie rescuing a dead guy from drowning. After a small scuffle unfairly pinning MJ to the ground, Eunwoo kindly invited him (and MJ of course) to his newly purchased beach house. Now when he is in his wolf form, JinJin gets to curl up on the sofa and sleep drool instead of hiding.

Pixies are generally known for being small taller than JinJin, childlike cute, and mischievous cheerful, and MJ is a stereotypical amazing pixie.  He always looks for excuses has perfectly good reasons to throw parties and loves dancing and singing. He initially met JinJin and Eunwoo when a poorly planned prank of his fell apart. never messes up his pranks and meeting JinJin and Eunwoo was the best thing that could happen to those two, thank you very much.

Eunwoo doesn’t talk about his life before becoming a vampire sparkly (don’t believe him when he says vampires don’t sparkle) or the circumstances in which he was turned. He does talk some about his life before meeting JinJin and MJ the short one and the best looking pixie ever—the decades he spent studying piano and teaching himself new languages reading boring books and wishing he could still see his reflection—not that he’s particularly attractive or anything.

Moonbin is a faun who dislikes loves being compared to Mr. Tumnus. According to legend, fauns are known for guiding travelers throwing good parties. And for years, Moonbin was content with that totally boring. When Moonbin led Eunwoo to the beach house near where they’d found Sanha, he wasn’t intending on staying himself knew it was the perfect party house and bribed the dead guy into buying it. But meeting the others, all lost travelers of a sort, he decided he could stay–just for a little while. And after learning how awesome MJ was, he decided to stick around.

Rocky is one of the “Fair Folk,” a fae of mysterious dubious lineage. Not even Sanha knows Rocky’s story, but Moonbin has a theory that he’s actually some kind of runaway prince. No one really cares where he came from. Like all Fae, he is fiercely loyal and protective of his home, and most other Fae snobby fairies would find it surprising that Rocky lives with “mixed” company such a cool pixie. But Rocky considers Moonbin, Sanha, JinJin, MJ, and Eunwoo family it a blessing to get to live with MJ.

Most people know the stories about merpeople enthralling others with their songs and luring them to their death being jerks and hurting people for fun. Sanha’s voice is enthralling, but not in a literal sense mediocre. And he would never hurt anyone only attacks MJ and never has a good reason for it. Sanha had been injured by hunters who were after his golden scales some scum we still need to find when he first met Rocky, who helped heal him, and Moonbin, who brought the others along, one by one MJ who taught him everything he needs to know.

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I thought about it all night. All of the reasons why I should break up with you. My family, my husband and my career. However, I wasn’t a part of it. I don’t want to lie to myself and give up on my feelings any more. I want to be with you if it’s alright with you.

The Dawn

This is written for my Drabble Game for the wonderful @luckynumber1213. (It came so suddenly I wrote it right away!)

Prompts: ‘There were a few things that truly weren’t meant to exist. One of them was…’, and ‘The kiss tasted like tears.’, and ‘An echoing howl.’



She was crying again. As the dark of the chamber slowly rose to a dim gray, she sat before the hearth silently letting her tears fall into her sleeve. One hand held up her chin, the cuff of her night gown collecting the damp of her sadness. The fire was not but embers in the fireplace but she had made no move to stoke them though the chamber was frigid. Perhaps, it was her tears which made the room so inhospitable.

Fili was still beneath the covers, watching her from the bed. She did not know he was awake and he did not want her to. Not yet. He knew that she thought he did not know of her early morning breakdowns. It had been an entire fortnight of sobs, muffled as she tried to hide them from her sleeping husband. There were few things that truly were not meant to exist. One of them being her tears. He believed with all his heart that she should never be so pained or tortured. She was too pure for that. Too wonderful.

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Jung Hoseok appreciation

warning i do say a lot in this so i’m sorry if i’m rambling on but jhope needs appreciation because he’s amazing

honestly he is such a sunshine, he’s so happy and it always makes me happy to see him smile. but we need to remember he’s also human. no matter how down he is, no matter what hardships he’s going through, no matter how tired he is, he still smiles at the camera (i know they all do that but jhope is a sunshine and bts’s mood maker so if he’s down they are probably all down).

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his smile ya’ll. i love it so much. it’s so beautiful, just like him. how could you not smile when he smiles? it’s so addicting, i live for his smile tbh. he is literally a ray of sunshine. like why need the sun when you have jhope smiling tbh. his laugh asdfghjkl its so cute omfg. i love his laugh it’s honestly amazing and it’s just hilarious but hey that’s hoseok for you. he’s so cute and i love him to bits.

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heS SO BLOODY TALENTED PEOPLE STOP SLEEPING ON JHOPE. WE KNEW JIMIN WAS FLEXIBLE JUST YA’LL DID YOU SEE HIM DANCING IN THE COMEBACK TRAILER WIGUHABNWKERIFUH oh my god my- my heart is oh my god. the way his body flows to the music is like seeing heaven tbh. it’s so beautiful and pure fantastic too see him pour his heart out in any dance he does. he just has a way with dancing that makes a jaw drop in admiration. but ya’ll his rapping is fucking amazing and i feel like many people overlook him by dying over sugamon’s raps (not saying everyone does this and i’m not hating on sugamon either) but he has a different voice and flow to namjoon and yoongi idk how to explain but his rap’s are just omfg so amazing. his singiNG. BTS. GIVE. HIM. SINGING. PARTS. PLEASE. i just love how talented this baby is. 

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we all know hes a cutie but sexy jhope is pure death like i cannot. jhope’s a sexy mofo (let the gifs do the explaining :D)

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his forehead omfg please bring forehead hobi back

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CHOKER HOBI SHIT FAM (ft jin looking hot af too)

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sweaty jhope + that stare + that cheeky tongue = got me feeling some kind of way

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jung hoseok is such a cutie pie/dork/hot mofo and he deserves all the love he can get :)

if you’ve read down to here wow good job lol i wrote way to much but this needed to be done for out sunshine. i may do one for other members but idk 

Jay Park - Because It’s You

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Over half a year has passed since your break up with Jay, and it would have been big lie to say it wasn’t hard at first. In a matter of days, the person you loved the most became a complete stranger. You missed him a lot and you wanted nothing more than to run back into his arms. Not only did you lose your boyfriend, but you lost your best friend, whom you could confide, hang out, and fool around with. He wasn’t just someone special. He made you feel special. He made you feel like the happiest girl on earth. He made you fall deeply in love with his warm nature and his pure heart, maybe too deep.

However, as the environment and situation changed, you two changed as well. He became busier with work, traveling around the world and you were stuck in Korea with your job. You waited, though you didn’t know for how long. The uncertainty always haunted you. You just waited and waited and it got harder day by day. The Skype dates weren’t sufficient anymore and it felt as if your were waiting in vain.

When you finally reunited after months, you were not yourselves anymore; you barely recognized him. Secrets were created and hatred occurred out of nowhere.

He broke one promise after another and you were afraid to trust him again; afraid to face disappointment again. There were secrets hidden beneath his beautiful, assuring words and you knew better than to be fooled. Yet, you always turned a blind eye to it because it was him. Since it was him, you were able to look past all of his empty words and mistakes. Since it was him, the person you loved to bits. 

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Young master Malfoy and Little lady Greengrass

She had to be the only person in Hogwarts that he treated with genuine kindness, as the only small girl he’d ever ben exposed to, Astoria brought out the protective side of Draco, she was so tiny, so innocent, to him she belonged in a place where the sun shined and people smiled. Astoria wasn’t his age, she was too young to whisper, too pure hearted to believe the worst of him….she just didn’t belong in the war