his heart is too pure


His light has always eluded me.
How could a soul be so gentle?
Do burdens not weigh down
his shoulders, or does he not
carry any bitterness in his heart?

I have never understood kindness.
Yet there he was, too pure, too good.
And I, I too opposite. Too dark.

But all good things must come
to an end: loving him was toxic.
Even if he himself was not.

—  “Midnight interludes”

I thought about it all night. All of the reasons why I should break up with you. My family, my husband and my career. However, I wasn’t a part of it. I don’t want to lie to myself and give up on my feelings any more. I want to be with you if it’s alright with you.

Jay Park - Because It’s You

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Over half a year has passed since your break up with Jay, and it would have been big lie to say it wasn’t hard at first. In a matter of days, the person you loved the most became a complete stranger. You missed him a lot and you wanted nothing more than to run back into his arms. Not only did you lose your boyfriend, but you lost your best friend, whom you could confide, hang out, and fool around with. He wasn’t just someone special. He made you feel special. He made you feel like the happiest girl on earth. He made you fall deeply in love with his warm nature and his pure heart, maybe too deep.

However, as the environment and situation changed, you two changed as well. He became busier with work, traveling around the world and you were stuck in Korea with your job. You waited, though you didn’t know for how long. The uncertainty always haunted you. You just waited and waited and it got harder day by day. The Skype dates weren’t sufficient anymore and it felt as if your were waiting in vain.

When you finally reunited after months, you were not yourselves anymore; you barely recognized him. Secrets were created and hatred occurred out of nowhere.

He broke one promise after another and you were afraid to trust him again; afraid to face disappointment again. There were secrets hidden beneath his beautiful, assuring words and you knew better than to be fooled. Yet, you always turned a blind eye to it because it was him. Since it was him, you were able to look past all of his empty words and mistakes. Since it was him, the person you loved to bits. 

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Asher had never been the breed of stranger who would claim to shy away from the turmoil of violence but great the sweeter pangs of life with open arms; all of life fell scant on his shoulders, left his heart beating too fast, the blood in his veins turned to pure adrenaline with each breath. There was a steady rhythm to everything, a dance in his antics, and by antics he meant the slaughter of men and women alike who opposed him, his job, and those antics were played to this dance just as well as his humor, his anger, any other emotion that was too genuine for its own good.

One could never accuse Asher Forrester of faking it.

He turned just enough to watch the steady rise and fall of the others chest, eyes flickered toward parted lips, he had almost not heard the words being rather too focused on their movement. Rolling his shoulder, a frown creased his lips, nearly masked by the determination burning in his eyes. He was nothing but a murderer with Overwatch slapped across him, the name did not make him any less of a killer and Asher was hauntingly aware of it.

There isn’t anything to rise above,” He knew exactly what he was; a beast crawling on his insides scratching at the ridges of the mind, maw opened wide to swallow everything, its claws bone that ground against his skull and making everything a sickening groan of its hiswailing. Fingers curled tight around the handle of his hatchet coated slick with blood and chunks flesh and bone that were small enough to stick to the pressed metal, knuckles gone near white from the grip; bless the sun for the burning kisses she’d laid across his flesh. How gruesome his methods were when guns existed, preferring to kill closer, to feel the breaking of bone and slicing of skin, to watch the burst of scarlet and blackened bone splintering beneath.

At least he was honest, turning on his heel to completely face the other, brow cocking in curiosity as lips tugged themselves back into a smile near sadistic, but the corners of his smile were weathered, accompanied by crinkles near his eyes that showed a tired acceptance of savagery. “I kill them, it’s over and done with like any other job I’ve taken.What exactly would I be rising above?” Asher was near defensive, spitting the words with venom, the slapping of a heavy tongue; his bark was nearly as bad as his bite.

It was nothing compared to the tar in his veins, the question all too genuine, all the more sadder.

            While it was EASY to read a man such as Asher it was hard to figure out what it is he should say to him…  there wasn’t anyone who said that this type of thing was..  well, easy, being a part of overwatch meant making the difficult decisions. Of course, lives had to be lost at times in order for the greater good. not everyone deserved to live, not everyone could, as the war that they were shoved into wasn’t one to show much mercy. Lùcio has seen what cruelties can lie within this world with his own eyes, what Vishkar has done, the inhuman crimes that are committed against omnics… it was idealistic to say that violence shouldn’t be met with violence, but it wasn’t realistic.

           ——— though perhaps attempting to communicate that with him at this specific time wasn’t the best idea. 

            lùcio lets the man speak, he doesn’t want to interrupt, he wanted to understand what it is that was really bothering him so he’d gain the ability to help, but even still, after he was done speaking lùcio felt as though he was at a loss for words.

                 “ .. I know it’s..   it’s real shit right now, it’s not always going to be shit. What you did here..  it’s appreciated. Not everything can be done by the book, and we need people to do this sort of stuff sometimes. If you ever need someone to grab a drink with..  to unwind,   I’m here.” 

Homeostasis (Pietro x reader)

“Pietro come on! Stop being such a wuss.” (Y/n) laughed as she dragged him out from under the shelter he was standing under into the pouring rain.

“You’re going to get sick.” He replied, trying to pull her back in.

“Oh come on grandpa!” She teased him, poking her tongue out at him as she danced under the rain. She felt the coolness of the water hit her as she continued to play around. Pietro on the other hand starred at her in awe, his heart melting. (Y/n) looked so childish, innocent, too pure for this world. Without thinking about anything, whether this was going to affect their friendship, the team and themselves, Pietro walked over to her. (Y/n) smiled at him, he came forward and grabbed her hands, pulling her closer and gently placing his lips against hers. (Y/n) got startled but began to kiss back and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Pietro smiled as he kissed her before breaking away for a while.

“I love you.” He said, smiling at her.

“Love you too.” (Y/n) replied, placing her lips on his. It was like some cliche romantic movie but for now, it gave them both happiness.

“Baby, you in there?” Pietro asked as he knocked on (y/n)’s door. (Y/n) currently under a thick blanket, wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and thick woollen socks and a scarf. She kinda regretted playing around in the rain but her pride wouldn’t let her admit it.

“Yeahhhhh.” She replied, her voice sound broken as she sneezed. Pietro made his way over to her, trying not to laugh, after all he had warned her.

“Aww, poor grandma is sick.” He laughed, ruffling her already messy hair.

“Go away. You’ll get sick as well.” She groaned, turning around to face the other way.

“I told you so.” He said, coming in front of her. He pulled the covers off her, and slide in next to her. (Y/n) instantly curled up against him, feeling warmth radiating off him.

“Never knew you were so desperate.” Pietro chuckled, taking off his shirt.

“What are you doing?” She asked, surprised.

“Body heat, now take your hoodie off and your shirt.” He ordered.

“I’m not taking off my clothes.” (Y/n) protested, causing her to cough madly.

“Calm down, I am your boyfriend, plus I’ve seen your body before.” He added. (Y/n) could clearly remember the time where she had been injured and Pietro was the only one around so he had to take her shirt off and bandage her back.

“Fine.” (Y/n) huffed, taking off her hoodie and scarf and tshirt - leaving her singlet on underneath. Pietro engulfed her in a hug, pulling her into his side. His body was like a heater to (y/n).

“How are you so warm?” She asked, trying to take in the heat.

“Enhanced homeostasis.” He replied. He was able to get his body to either a high or low temperature and still be fine.

“Now sleep.” He added, pulling her onto of him and wrapping his arms around her waist as she lay her head on his bare chest. (Y/n) soon fell asleep and Pietro kissed her forehead, before joining her himself.

“Pietro! Where are you!” Wanda called out, slightly worried. Just then, Vision floated/flew into the room.

“Pietro is with (y/n) Wanda.” He said as he walked past. Wanda made her way down to (y//n) room, knowing she was sick, she grabbed some medicines and fruit. She knocked in the door, but no reply came, she knocked again.

Maybe she’s asleep. Wanda thought as she entered the room. She opened the door and saw (y/n) fast asleep, onto of her naked brother (she still had her singlet on). She quickly left the room, placing the medicine and fruit on the desk.

6 months later.

(Y/n) and Pietro had progressed much further with their relationship when (y/n) fell sick again and this time, it was Pietro’s fault. He had taken her down to the beach as their 6 month anniversary and it was a relatively cold day and he then threw her into the water. (Y/n) lay in her bed, shivering and cursing him.

“Pietro come here!” She ordered as she began to take her shirt off. Pietro gave her a suggestive look, realising what she had said, she hid her face in her hands, feeling embarrassed.

“My baby is so cute.” He remarked, before taking of his shirt and laying in bed with her, holding her close.

“You should get sick more often.” He remarked, obviously enjoying the moment but (y/n) had instantly fallen asleep.