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Io is editing, so bysoti(d) will be up tomorrow eveningish (CET).  We have a birthday to attend in the afternoon, so we’ll be busy most of the day until we get back.

While io is editing, I got bit with a little fic idea.  Let’s just say it’s an alternate meeting that involves a wedding in the Swiss Alps and apparently a lot of pole dancing.

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can u imagine jimin being Slytherin's little princess, he acts bubbly and is cute af and like everyone in that house is super overprotective of him (i mean who can resist smol bean jimin). and when freshmens come in and see jimin they would go wtf and wonder how in the world a person like him get sorted in that house. my heart can't handle

….Holy shit. Jimin being Slytherin’s princess completes me.

I’d imagine his housemates are simultaneously enamored and scared shitless of him because honestly, they’d know more than anybody of who Jimin can be - and who he is - underneath his big smiles and small stature. He’s super spoiled because well, he’s Park Jimin and it probably wouldn’t take much on his part to get whatever he wants (and he always get what he wants, just the way he likes it). And they’d also be the first ones to take a safe step back whenever there’s any sort of confrontation with the other houses and Jimin volunteers to “take care of it.”

But also… Imagine JJK watching all of this happening from the outside, seeing all these kids (some of whom are at least a head or two taller than Jimin) groveling and catering to all of his wishes… And he’s just,

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Ichihime headcanon ... Orihime and Ichigo as parents

Ichigo and Orihime being the kind of parent making their children wear this : 

Ichigo because it’s the only effective way to prevent their child from getting sick from the cold and Orihime because this is toooo cute . 

Ichigo once , while he was spoonfeeding his baby made all kind of funny faces and ridiculous noises to get his child to open the mouth . Ishida walked up on him at this moment . He said nothing , just adjusted his glasses and left . Ichigo knew his carefully created reputation of punk delinquent was shattered forever . 

Orihime bringing her son to the banks of the river to show him how to attract dragonflies with his fingers like she used to do with her brother , getting kinda upset when no dragonflies would land on her finger but being brought to tears when she saw a dragonfly land on her son’s finger as soon as he raised it because  a little part of her brother is now still alive in her son . 

Ichigo bringing his children to masaki’s grave and telling them story of their grandmother . How kind and gentle she used to be . 

Isshin bringing his granddaughter watching a movie and when seeing her cry in front of it ,realising just how much she looks like masaki . It hurt but the good kind of hurt . 

Tatsuki being the cool aunt traveling around the world because of her career as an international karate champion . Always bringing the coolest gifts to ichigo’s and orihime’s children . Their daughter wants to be exactly like Tatsuki when she grows up . 

Ichigo helping his daughter performing her dance routine for the school spectacle . 

Orihime staying late as night ,sewing so her daughter could have the most beautiful costume in the school spectacle . 

One night their son wakes them up at 3 am because of a nightmare he had about the monsters under his bed . Orihime gasps ‘ MONSTERS ? Under my son’s bed ? That can’t be’ . She suddenly get up and announces she and her son will go and hunt the vile monsters . She arms her son and herself with bugspray ,a baseball bat and put a bicycle helmet on her son’s head because”the most important thing when you go monster hunting is safety” . At first Ichigo is like “ the fuck Orihime it’s 3 am “ but soon he gets super into it and the little family managed to chase the imaginary monsters from under the bed . Later tucking his son back in his bed Ichigo tells him that his parents will always ,always be there for him when he’s in need of protection . 

Ichigo’s and Orihime’s children making breakfast in bed for their father on father’s day except that their cooking skills are even worth than their mother . Ichigo getting nauseous at the first bite but forcing himself to eat every last bit because his children prepared it . 

Orihime is obviously the cool mom so Ichigo kinda try to be the strict dad but is defeated by the puppy eyes of his children they inherited from their mother . In result their children are really mischevious because they know they can get away with everything . 

Ichigo yelling at his father that once more he put the children too bed too late after their sleeping time but still bringing them to spend the night with their grandfather because he knows how much the children enjoy it and how lonely his father sometimes is now that Karin and Yuzu left the house . 

Basically my headcanon is just ichigo and Orihime being the best parents ever .

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IM TOTALLY FLIPPING OUT!!!! Your matsuhanaiwaoi prompts are gold! Like the purest stuff I've ever read and like my poor heart can't take the love! Kudos to you my good pal kudos to you ♡

ahhhhhh thank you so much (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Ihere’s a few more bc I haven’t got anything productive to do with my time:

((edit I got too into it and it’s more than a few))

-Hanamaki totally believes Oikawa’s conspiracy theories and matsuiwa have to deal with the two of them talking about the Mandela effect for hours at a time
-you’ve heard of Oikawa in skirts, now get ready for: Oikawa who most definitely wears perfume instead of cologne because he prefers the smell. his boyfriends are 500% okay with this because ??? he smells really??? good ??? save them.
-they all have really different music tastes so the radio station gets changed every, like, two songs.
-don’t imagine Iwaizumi wanting to be a pediatrician bc he loves kids and the medical field interests him. pls. he’s a grumpy lil cinnamon roll who’s super good with kids?? like he’s super sweet to them and his boyfriends absolutely cannot handle seeing their grump of a boyfriend with children. oikawa complains bc why isn’t Iwa-chan that nice to him?? but inside he’s complaining bc dAMN HAJIME IS CUTE
-matsukawa pretends to not be a ‘cuddling’ kind of person, but he most definitely is. ((seriously guys he’s just doing it for Tooru, HE doesn’t wanna hold hands, NOPE, it’s not like HE wants to watch this dumb movie and cuddle,, guys,, it’s for Tooru,,,,))
-Hanamaki and Matsukawa both get sick 24/7 so like once a month they’ll both walk into the kitchen sniffling and looking pathetic and they’ll see each other and casually high five before one of them topples over. “nice.”
-((also don’t imagine them all making sure to indulge Tooru with his hand holding and things sometimes to make up for the teasing cause they gotta make sure he knows they don’t mean it ofc))
-there’s three bedrooms in their apartment but let’s be honest they most they ever use is two, and they’re all perfectly content with sharing a room so? why even have three rooms? they probably just use the third one to study in tbh.
-supportive 👏 bfs👏going👏to👏 cheer👏for👏oikawa👏at👏his👏games👏
-((Oikawa probably forces all of them into skirts at one point and rEGRETS it because they’re all reALLY HOT))

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My headcanon is that Shiro's scar is the result of a muzzle, specifically, one put on him during the amputation and modification of his arm. Shiro probably did all he could to fight the 'scientists', and so they muzzled him, the upper part of the muzzle cutting into his skin as he tried to lean up to keep fighting.

;A; ;A;

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How about a de-aged deerper gets scared (maybe by the very too strong voice of gargoyle-stan) and runs in the forest stumbling in a minotaur that can't recognize him? maybe he takes him in the cave to talk with the others about deertaurs in the forest (territorial matter) and how to find the cub's parents to give him back. Obviously Bill comes to the rescue. (ps. sorry for eventual mistakes! §^§)

His small legs ached, lungs burning for more air that theycould hold. Fear still gripped the small boy’s heart and all he could do was run, run as far and as fast as he could, but he was, too soon, noticing the consequences of exerting so much effort, but he didn’t dare stop.

He crashed blindly through a bush falling forward before running into a very hard object.

“Oof!” Dipper fell back shrinking away at the behemoth before him.

“What is it beardy?” There had to be three of them, the boy scrambled back, a large hand encompassed his form lifting him high up into the air. Dipper’s body froze; going limp his eyes widened as the beast leaned forward and sniffed him, examining the creature in his grip.

“A cervitaur.” Came the response.

“What!?” another voice called murmurs soon erupted between the three.

“We take him back with us.”

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Yuri’s fanclub!!!!!!!!!!!!! He may be the Russian punk, but he still cares about his fans. When they throw the cat ears on him his face says wth, but notice how he still doesn’t take the cat ears off afterwards?
ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ They know what we want: Yuri wearing cat ears
Bless this fanclub💞

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Pleaaaaase, can you add Himuro, Teppei and Takao to that lovely fight scenario? <3

Of course darling. <3

Himuro: Both his mind and his heart would be on fire. He would melt more and more with each “No, I love you more Tatsuya”. He would pull you closer and share eskimo kisses with you while laughing and proving why he loved you more.

Kiyoshi: He was never one to be embarrassed of his emotions so these little ‘I love you more’ fights were the right thing for his enormous heart. When you first told him “I love you more, Teppei”, he teared up a bit and his smile got even bigger and shinier. “I feel honored __-chan, but I love you more and you can’t tell me otherwise.” He pulled you on his lap, wrapped his arms around your waist and started showering you in kisses and reasons to laugh while smiling like never before.

Takao: “Sorry __-chan but you’re not right, I love you sooo much more.” As he said “sooo” he would spread his arms as much as he could, only waiting for you to jump in his embrace. Of course you did so and you ended up rolling over each other while saying as many ‘I love you’s as possible in between your laughs.

Interviewer: We’re going to change the subject from a violent moment to a romantic one: your kiss with Gerrard. It was so beautiful! I hope you tell me you’ve celebrated better on other ocassions.
Xabi: Well, it was a spur of the moment thing, but I think it’s just a funny anecdote, he came to me…
Interviewer: Keep in mind it was him.
Xabi: But well, I answered.
Interviewer: Would you do something like that again?
Xabi: No, you don’t prepare for that kind of thing.

And by ‘that kind of thing’ Xabi means love.

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Happy Birthday to my angel who means the world to me.

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I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN WITH THE CURSED CHILD, i want to read it because more Harry Potter, but I dont know how everyones going to be shown and i have a feeling draco and scorp are gonna be painted in a negative light and im so torn abt it! the anxiety surrounding it is high aaaa

Yes! I’m petrified of what she’ll do! I was actually discussing it with my mom, and she asked, “You don’t think she’ll have Al’s curse be that he’s in Slytherin, do you?” and I let out this high-pitched shriek because that would be appalling but, fuck, I can sort of see it happening? I really, really hope that isn’t the case. 

I’m a little worried about Scorpius’ portrayal too, but Pottermore says:

“Draco married the younger sister of a fellow Slytherin. Astoria Greengrass, who had gone through a similar (though less violent and frightening) conversion from pure-blood ideals to a more tolerant life view, was felt by Narcissa and Lucius to be something of a disappointment as a daughter-in-law. They had had high hopes of a girl whose family featured on the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’, but as Astoria refused to raise their grandson Scorpius in the belief that Muggles were scum, family gatherings were often fraught with tension” (X)  

Astoria is such a bamf!

And, even better, JKR said: “I have high hopes that [Draco] will raise Scorpius to be a much kinder and more tolerant Malfoy than he was in his own youth” (X

So hopefully, Scorpius will be a good example for the Malfoys and won’t be vilified. I (tentatively) have high hopes for him in the play! I’m still nervous about everything else though

A Moment to appreciate the Captain...

My heart aches for him right now..so let us take a moment to appreciate him

His strength

His loyalty

His sassy sexy self

 His capacity to love

His belief

His struggles and redemption

His hopes

 The overall amazingness of this man

Don’t worry dear Captain we have your back and will stand by you

He’s so much more but I ran out of room. ;)

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PLEASE STOP WITH ALL THAT DRARRY ANGST my little baby heart can't take this. I tried to scroll past but your short stories are so precious so I read them anyways

Your little baby heart needs to toughen up because the world is much more than just fluff darling. So here’s some more ;)

With shaking hands, Draco looked at the wand he was gripping tightly. It was his. Hawthorn. Unicorn hair. The one that Harry had won over him in school. That meant that Harry was the one who controlled this wand for that time. And it was only when they finally got together did he let Draco simply disarm him in order to get his wand back. 

He then looked at his other hand which was gripping tightly a wand that was just as familiar. Pheonix feather. Famous. Harry’s. It was now in his grasp, but it wasn’t won over. That meant that if Draco’d use it, it would probably backfire and whatever spell would just end up terrible.

Good. that was how he wanted it to go. He didn’t deserve quick, he deserved suffering.

If he used Avada Kedavra on a wand not his own, how would it ‘backfire’, since death is already the farthest you could go?

Long, slow death. 

long, painful death.


Aiming it at his chest, Draco took a deep breath. He gripped Harry’s wand tightly, and prayed to whatever god there was that they would understand that he believed that he deserved this upon himself.

“Doing this for you.” He whispered.

Avada Kedavra.”