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Yuri’s fanclub!!!!!!!!!!!!! He may be the Russian punk, but he still cares about his fans. When they throw the cat ears on him his face says wth, but notice how he still doesn’t take the cat ears off afterwards?
ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ They know what we want: Yuri wearing cat ears
Bless this fanclub💞

cigarette smoke, chocolate and home.

fandom: girl meets world
ship: riley matthews x lucas friar
word count: 5,259
summary: “Lucas could feel his heart beating in his chest and he had to take a deep breath to get himself under control. “Shit.” He muttered under his breath. He was so fucked.” // or two broken delinquents fall in love. 
series: part 2 in the delinquents au 
notes: hellllllo friends!!! so not only is this the longest one shot i’ve ever written, but it’s a piece that i’m super super proud of. if anyone read my last one shot (we are the crazy kids) which is a delinquents au centered around rucas and zac/maya (an oc maya ship), then this is the one shot focused on how riley and lucas ended up getting together in that universe. however, you don’t really need to read that one shot to understand this one (however pls do if you wish #selfpromo). this fic is part of an ongoing series of one shots set in this au, so you’ll definitely be seeing more of this story from me, because i love it. i’m super proud of this and definitely would appreciate any feedback y’all want to give me!! 

this is also highkey dedicated to korry for being the best hc partner around. 

The first time he saw her, she was leaning against the cold brick of their high school, her foot pressed against the wall and her fingers holding a cigarette to her pursed lips. He hates those death sticks, but he has never been more jealous of an inanimate object as she brings it between her lips, and he’s mesmerized as she blows the smoke away, her lipstick covered lips smiling as she watches the smoke float, up, up, away into the blue sky above.

It didn’t take her long to feel his eyes on her and once the smoke had cleared, she swiveled her head to look at him, her mouth falling from a smiling. He couldn’t even bring himself to be embarrassed about being caught staring, in fact he dared himself to meet her eyes, a smirk appearing on his face as they looked at each other.

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Of course! I’m gonna assume you just want SFW. If you want NSFW, feel free to send another ask! (Since I’m attempting NSFW headcanons now, haha…)

tbh i love both of them and i would marry both of them. oh wow who’s metal lee’s mother? spoiler alert it’s me


-Lowkey loves it when his S/O plays with his hair.

-He’s surprisingly good at doing people’s hair??? He does Hana’s and Hinata’s hair sometimes. He complains, but he actually likes doing it. If his S/O has long hair, he’s gonna braid it.

-Likes having his head in his S/O’s lap. Or having his S/O’s head in his lap. Either one. Bonus points if his S/O plays with his hair/he plays with their hair.

-Boasts about his S/O constantly. “Wow, that’s so cool that _____ can do that! But hey, did you know that (insert S/O’s name) can do that exact same thing except BETTER?” (Of course, he might put it a bit more tactfully, but not by much.)

-He can flirt without trying, but when he tries it’s a disaster.

-Used to try to get all the white dog hair off his black clothes. He was really meticulous about it. But about 2 weeks in, he gave up entirely.

-Tsundere as hell. Not physically violent or anything, but the second someone is like “Hey, do you like (insert person’s name)?” or anything along those lines, he turns bright red and starts yelling “NO I DON’T SHUT UP I’LL KILL YOU.” Or like, “Aw, that’s so sweet, Kiba!” “NO IT ISN’T. UGH. GROSS. WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.” He yells a lot when confronted with Sentimentality™.

Bonus: Akamaru is Kiba’s wing man but he sucks at it. So Kiba tries to get Shino to be his wing man. But Shino sucks at it too.


-His S/O will be his work out buddy. No arguments. Even if they can’t keep up, he’ll still drag them along. His S/O can watch him work out or he’ll use them to work out. Like, he’ll use his S/O as a weight or something.

-Tries to get his S/O to wear The Jumpsuit. No matter how many times they refuse, he will persist.

-Lee has a requirement for himself that he must be holding his S/O’s hand at all times. Unless he’s working out, but even then he might try to hold their hand.

-Constantly praising his S/O on their “youthful glow”, whatever that means.

-Lee is that kind of person who likes cold showers. They help wake him up and they increase his endurance. Just… don’t ask. Let him do his thing.

-He is wild and crazy, but he’s actually really organized and tidy. He needs everything to be symmetrical.

-His S/O gets flowers every time he sees them. EVERY. TIME. Even if he’s caught off guard and the two bump into each other randomly, he will run off at the speed of light and go buy some.

Bonus: Doesn’t believe he needs a wing man, but Tenten likes to be one for him. But Lee really does need a wing man. And Tenten is not the right person for the job.

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50. “Why does anyone have to be naked?” - Tony and Loki :)

Gnawing on the inside of his cheek, Tony watched with narrowed eyes as Loki paused in his scrolling through the list of student jobs, to eye this particular item closely. Why did it have do be that one, of the entire list? Goddamnit.

”Why does anyone have to be naked?” He probably sounded far too sullen, but he just couldn’t help it.

Loki rolled his eyes, never turning from the screen. ”It wouldn’t be much of a nude study if no-one was, well, nude. Would it?” He shot Tony a smirk, neat, black eyebrow elegantly arched.

With a too-sharp shrug Tony tipped his head forward, scowling at his frayed cuticles. ”Doesn’t seem right”, he muttered down at his own lap.

There came a snort from Loki’s direction. ”I’d better mark this day in my calendar. ‘The day Tony Stark objected to someone taking their clothes off.’ Should be a national holiday.”

Yeah, as if he would generally object to Loki stripping down… That was so far from the truth it was laughable. Only, Tony wasn’t laughing. If anything, there was an uncomfortable sting behind his eyelids and nope, not thinking about that anymore.

”I’m fine with someone taking their clothes off”, he still blurted out, fool that he was. ”Just not…” Tony bit the rest off so hard his teeth clicked.

The room was entirely silent for a few moments, except for the uneven hum of Loki’s ancient laptop, working away on the coffee table.

”Just not me?” Loki’s voice was so cold it sent a chill down Tony’s spine. ”Well, that’s flattering, Stark.” There came a sharp thunk-snap as he shut his laptop with a bit more force than necessary, making Tony’s eyes twich up to his tense face. ”I get that you would prefer a busty blonde or something, but not everyone would find me completely disgusting out of my clothes.” He shot up from the couch, opposite from where Tony was perched on the edge of the seat of the armchair, picked his computer up, and spun on his heel to walk out.

”Jesus, no! Stop!” Tony flung himself forward, flailing arms catching Loki around his slim thighs as he moved to sweep by, making Tony almost faceplant into his hip. ”That’s not what I… Could you just…?” He pushed himself back, half upright, still leaning into Loki’s legs, clinging to his pants like a baby koala, and blinking up at his scowling face, confusion at least hinting behind angry green eyes. ”Fuck it”, Tony muttered, mostly to himself, and cleared his throat. ”I’d be perfectly fine with you out of your clothes, Lokes. More than fine. Just not with… anyone else getting to see it?” He kind of rushed through that last bit.

Loki’s scowl slowly smoothed out as his face went slack with shock, jaw dropping slightly. ”What.” His voice was so toneless it wasn’t even a question.

”I’m a selfish asshole, all right?”, Tony snapped, fists unconsciously clenching harder on the fabric of Loki’s lounge pants. ”I don’t want a gaggle of art nerds getting to see the guy I have a crush on naked before I get the chance. So sue me!” He was almost panting by the time he was done speaking, or half-shouting, and only then realized he was still wrapped tightly around Loki’s thighs, face by the side of his ass, Loki blinking down at him, twisted around at the waist to see Tony’s expression properly. Tony swallowed, and started to let go. ”Um, I mean -”

”Anything but what you just said?”, Loki cut him off as he was about to launch into some rambling diversion.

”I… No? Not really, no.”

”Thank fuck”, Loki huffed, reached down to grab a hold under Tony’s upper arms, and with surprising strength haul him up on his feet. Fingers still curled around Tony’s biceps, he leaned down, nosed at Tony’s cheek until he tipped his chin up, and slotted their lips together.

As he slipped his own hands around Loki’s waist, humming happily into the soft kiss, Tony guessed that meant he’d get a chance to see Loki naked before the art nerds after all.

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Pleaaaaase, can you add Himuro, Teppei and Takao to that lovely fight scenario? <3

Of course darling. <3

Himuro: Both his mind and his heart would be on fire. He would melt more and more with each “No, I love you more Tatsuya”. He would pull you closer and share eskimo kisses with you while laughing and proving why he loved you more.

Kiyoshi: He was never one to be embarrassed of his emotions so these little ‘I love you more’ fights were the right thing for his enormous heart. When you first told him “I love you more, Teppei”, he teared up a bit and his smile got even bigger and shinier. “I feel honored __-chan, but I love you more and you can’t tell me otherwise.” He pulled you on his lap, wrapped his arms around your waist and started showering you in kisses and reasons to laugh while smiling like never before.

Takao: “Sorry __-chan but you’re not right, I love you sooo much more.” As he said “sooo” he would spread his arms as much as he could, only waiting for you to jump in his embrace. Of course you did so and you ended up rolling over each other while saying as many ‘I love you’s as possible in between your laughs.

Interviewer: We’re going to change the subject from a violent moment to a romantic one: your kiss with Gerrard. It was so beautiful! I hope you tell me you’ve celebrated better on other ocassions.
Xabi: Well, it was a spur of the moment thing, but I think it’s just a funny anecdote, he came to me…
Interviewer: Keep in mind it was him.
Xabi: But well, I answered.
Interviewer: Would you do something like that again?
Xabi: No, you don’t prepare for that kind of thing.

And by ‘that kind of thing’ Xabi means love.