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Frankercy headcanons for @celesteialbronze bc they deserve cute happy fluff and also bc they requested it for their pjoawards prize and i have not yet fulfilled it oops 

  • Frank is super nervous before meeting Sally and Paul for the first time
  • Percy notices this when they are waiting for them to answer the door, so he gives frank’s hand a squeeze and kisses him on the cheek 
  • Sally and Paul love him, of course, and invite Frank over for dinner for every week. 
  • Frank doesn’t stop smiling for hours
  • Percy is not that much taller than Frank
  • It’s not enough for it to be a significant height difference but it is most definitely enough for it to be infuriating and for percy to tease him about it endlessly 
  • Sometimes when frank is visiting  CHB or Percy is visiting CJ, percy will tease frank about the height difference and in retalliation Frank will shapeshift into something that is only slightly taller than percy 
  • Every once in a while Mr. D will bring up the no-boy-and-girl-can-be-in-a-cabin-alone-together rule, which he does one time when frank happens to be visiting. Percy just smirks at frank and whispers “there’s no rule about two boys” and frank turns the darkest shade of red humanly possible, which makes piper laugh really hard 
  • Frank lets percy drag him by the hand back to the poseidon cabin and percy starts taking off his shirt, which makes frank turn even more red and makes his heart beat really fast bc damn
  • percy lowers himself onto the bed
  • then he reaches under it and grabs a few things
  • he puts on a pajama shirt and grabs a copy of big hero six and annabeth’s laptop, which she let him borrow plot twist lmao u thought this was gonna get dirty didnt u omg this is me writing cmon
  • he pops the disc into the computer and snuggles into frank, who just laughs and shakes his head, whispering “i can’t believe you” 
  • every time baymax comes onscreen, percy just pokes frank in the cheek and lapses into giggles and says “you” and frank knows not to be offended because he knows percy’s just comparing adorableness levels 
  • both of them cry at the movie and percy falls asleep with his head on frank’s shoulder during the credits
  • frank ends up sleeping in Percy’s cabin as a dog and its really cute 
  • fin

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OHHHH you should totally do the trapped in an elevator AU with Raphael and Jace (but only if YOU want to :) ) I'm always interested in him and wonder what he really thinks of the younger Shadowhunters since they don't really have the prejudice of the older ones/Circle members. So ever since the time they met and he gave Jace the bike and said "you like me" and smirked, I wonder about him lmao

Raphael and Jace + trapped in an elevator

I absolutely loved this idea, and I had so much fun writing this.

The meeting had dragged and Raphael had lost his temper more than once, finally actually yelling to get the Consul’s attention. The entire room had gone silent as every single head turned to him, making him uncomfortably aware that almost every person in the room was armed and more or less against him. But he had gotten them to come around to his way of thinking. Probably just to shut him up, but it was an improvement at least.

He had wanted to leave as fast as possible afterwards, almost running to the elevator. Unfortunately, the last person he had wanted to deal with darted in after him just before the doors closed.

‘I like what you did in there,’ Jace said.

Raphael debated on ignoring him, but finally said, ‘I shouldn’t have to yell just to get them to see me and my people as human beings.’

Jace opened his mouth to reply, but at that moment the elevator came to a jarring halt between floors.

Raphael closed his eyes. ‘Dios mio.’

‘If I die of starvation in here,’ Jace said calmly, ‘you are not allowed to eat me.’

Raphael opened his eyes. ‘I don’t want your blood,’ he scowled.

‘Really?’ Jace said, sounding hurt. ‘Not even if you were starving? Not even if you were going to die unless you fed from me?’

‘Not even then.’

‘I don’t know whether to be offended by that or not.’

‘You could try not saying anything.’

‘Would you honestly be able to restrain yourself?’ Jace asked, ignoring Raphael’s obvious hint. ‘If you were starving and here I am with fantastic and probably very delicious blood, you’d actually be able to stop yourself from drinking it?’


‘You have a lot of will power.’

‘Assuming that all vampires lose all self-control at the sight of blood is assuming that we don’t have free will. that we are incapable of making rational choices.’

‘I have met quite a few vampires like that though.’

‘A vampire never finds themselves incapable of restraining themselves. The only time that ever happens is immediately after rebirth when they have almost no sense of self to begin with. They are like new born babies, driven only by physical needs. If an older vampire loses control at the sight or blood or out of desperation, it’s because they wanted to.’

Jace was quiet. He sat down on the floor of the elevator, making himself comfortable.

‘How long do you expect us to be here?’ Raphael asked.

Jace shrugged. ‘Won’t take them long to notice the elevator’s broken. Just depends how long it takes to fix it.’

Raphael rolled his eyes.

‘When Simon drank my blood on my father’s– on Valentine’s ship, after he nearly died, he almost didn’t stop.’

Raphael smiled coldly. ‘Almost.’

Jace looked at him blankly.

Raphael sighed and sat down, facing him. ‘Look at it this way, you’re in a desert—’

‘Why am I in a desert?’

‘Shut up, Herondale. You’re in a desert and haven’t drank water for days. You’re sure you’re going to die of thirst. Eventually you find water and you start to drink and you tell yourself not to drink too much because it will make you sick, but the water tastes so good and it’s all you have been able to think about for days and every mouthful pulls you further and further away from the edge of oblivion. Do you find it easy to stop drinking until you have had your fill?’

‘I guess not.’

‘So in what way, Nephilim, are vampires any different from humans?’

Jace grinned, his golden eyes glittering. ‘I can see why the vampires like you.’

‘And, perhaps, why the Nephilim hate me?’

‘I don’t hate you,’ Jace shrugged. ‘I mean I don’t exactly like you but it’s less to do with you being a vampire and more about that time you tried to kill me and Clary.’

‘And again you see why I have an issue with the Nephilim? Most of them are always looking for an excuse to kill vampires.’

‘Yeah,’ Jace nodded slowly. ‘They are. Can I ask you for a favour?’

Raphael raised a questioning eyebrow.

‘Can I borrow that speech you just made about the water?’


‘Because if I tell them that, they’re more likely to listen to me. And then maybe next time you won’t have to shout so loud.’

Raphael smiled. ‘I’d like that.’