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Dangerous Woman (Part 7) 🌙

A/N: This is the longest chapter I’ve ever updated, so I hope everyone will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it <3 However, here’s a heads-up! This part contains snippets of abuse (mostly physical), so don’t say I didn’t warn y’all! Also, tell me your thoughts after reading! ;) TEAM CHANYEOL? TEAM LUHAN? TELL ME EVERYTHING xx

Pairing(s): Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: Physical abuse, degradation, finger-fucking, blackmailing, use of firearms (mentions of it), violence

Genre: Thriller(?), light smut

Word Count: 8605


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | PART 7

“No answer”.

With a defeated sigh, Luhan drops his phone in his lap and rests his head against the pane of the passenger seat’s window. At this time of the afternoon, the sun is blazing down on the streets of Seoul, sending bright and cheery rays breaking through even the darkest corners of the city. If only Luhan’s mood matches the weather as well.

For the past two hours, the drug lord and the receptionist have been trampling through the city, feverishly questioning the people who are associated with (Y/N) or Chanyeol. They’ve questioned Kim Jongin, (Y/N)’s personal butler but the young man has no clue to where the call-girl might have disappeared to.

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Hi! can you do 32.You're blushing! for berena? :)

Hello! I’m sorry for the delay in getting this prompt done. I hope it was worth the wait and I hope you enjoy this fluffy piece of nonsense!

32. You’re blushing


I was standing at the nurses’ station when Raf appeared by my side and I quickly looked down at the file in my hands. To my embarrassment, it was empty. I closed it and pushed it to the bottom of the pile in front of me.

“Everything ok?” He asked, checking the computer.

“Of course,” I replied as I picked up another file, which was thankfully full, and began to browse the content inside. I actually wasn’t taking any note of what the words said but I hoped I looked like I was.

“Good,” He smiled up at me and returned to the computer.

I glanced over at him, making sure that he was busy and then allowed my eyes to find the person who occupied my mind. She had been brought onto the ward in army fatigues, a gaggle of young army personnel surrounding her until she barked an order at them; they quickly disappeared. She had mostly kept to herself, was polite to the staff and I couldn’t help but notice the way she flirted with a few of the female nurses. My intrigue had peaked.

The woman was beautiful, her blonde hair slicked back into a low ponytail, cheekbones to die for, a long neck… the images that filtered into my mind were not work appropriate. I knew I was staring but I thought I had the corner covered on discreet until the woman in question, turned to look directly at me. I dropped the file from my hands, my eyes snapping down.

“Are you alright?” Raf asked as he stooped down to help me collect the paper.

“Butter fingers today,” I said, feeling my cheeks flame even more than they already had been. I cursed myself for my girlish stupidity.

“You’re blushing,” Raf noted with a confused smile.

I shook my head as I gathered the papers back into the file. “It’s hot in here today, isn’t it?” I gave a false, strained laugh and grimaced at the smirk on Raf’s face. When we stood up, he glanced in the direction I had been looking when I dropped the file.

“Oh yes,” Raf said with a knowing look. “Very hot.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Thank you, Doctor di Luca.” I was about to walk away when Morven appeared at the nurses’ station.

“Ms Campbell?” I turned to look at her. “I was wondering if you could take a look at the leg wound in Bay 3? I’m concerned about nerve damage.”

“Of course,” I said, thankful for the distraction.

“Keen,” Raf mumbled when I handed him the file I had been pretending to read. I frowned at him and he tilted his head in the direction of Bay 3.

“Oh lord,” I said under my breath. Raf smirked as I pushed past him

“This is Major Berenice Wolfe.” Morven smiled brightly from the side of the bed. “Her leg was injured in a RTC.”

“Any news on David?” The Major asked.

“Not yet,” Morven said. “He’s still in surgery.” She looked over at me. “David Cooper was driving when they were hit by a cargo truck. Perforated lung and a shattered arm.” She turned back to the other woman. “He’ll be in recovery for a long time but it’s not too serious. I’ll update you when I have news.”

“You were lucky,” I said, glancing toward the Major. Mistake. The woman was looking at me through narrowed eyes, her mouth bearing a soft smile. I felt as though she were looking into me. Reading my unsavoury thoughts.

“Only because I was in the back,” she said after a moment, her deep voice reverberating around my head until it seemed to settle heavily in the pit of my stomach. I felt my temperature begin to rise. Blast!

I slipped a pair of gloves on and tried to get my thoughts in line. “Do you mind if I examine you?” I asked.

The Major smiled. “Not at all,” she said with a shrug. I removed the packing that had been placed over the wound. “What do you think?” She asked with a tilt of the head. “Will I live?” The twinkle in eyes caught my attention and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her.

“I er…” I cleared my throat and forced myself to look at the wound. “Its deep but there’s no evidence of nerve damage.”

“Excellent news,” she smiled. “So who gets the pleasure of stitching me up?” Her eyes are on me, I can feel it.

“That would be me,” Morven said brightly. This would be a walk in the park for someone of Morven’s abilities, far too low on the priorities list for a Consultant… and yet…

“Thank you, Morven, but I will take care of things here,” I found myself saying. Morven looked puzzled but she nodded, gave the Major one last smile and left.

“I get the sense that this is below your salary band,” The Major smirked.

“Not at all,” I said as Lou brought in the supplies I would need. “It’s always good to keep your skills sharp.”

“Amen to that,” she said, sitting up slightly to take a closer look at her leg.

“It’s going to be quite a scar,” I said as I sat down on the stool Lou had brought over and began cleaning the wound.

“One more to add to the collection,” she laughed.

“Do you make a habit of getting hurt?” I laughed.

The Major grinned. “Only when there’s the potential to meet a beautiful surgeon.

There it was, the flirting. I was used to the odd patient flirting with me, it happened often enough in my career and I was usually able to ignore it but coming from her, I couldn’t resist. “I bet your phone book is full of them,” I smiled up at her.

“Not just surgeons,” she wiggled her eyebrows.

“Ah yes, I know your type,” I teased. “My mother warned me to stay away from people like you.”

“And do you always do what mother says?” The twinkle was back.

“Never,” I felt myself blush again.

“More excellent news,” she settled back against the pillows. “What’s your name, doc?” I looked up at her, not realising that I hadn’t introduced myself. It was normally the first thing I did. However, under normal circumstances, I wasn’t so distracted by a pair of fine eyes.

“Serena,” I smiled then mentally kicked myself. “Serena Campbell, I’m a Consultant here.” Also Deputy CEO, AAU lead, Harvard Grad… I could have listed them all but I didn’t think the Major would like a show off.

“Serena,” she smiled. I was glad I was sitting down, I wasn’t sure if my knees would have stood a chance at the way she purred my name. “You can call me Bernie.”

It was adorable. “Bernie is it,” I smiled like a school girl harbouring a crush.

“Could I interest you in a drink some time, Serena?” She asked.

“Yes,” I agreed immediately, another blush crept up my neck and I gave myself a good telling off in my mind.

Bernie looked very pleased. “She’s keen,” she grinned. “I like that.”

We continued to flirt as I finished treating her leg. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had so much fun flirting with someone! Once I was finished, Morven reappeared to dress the wound and I quickly wrote down my number on the back of a blank patient admission form and handed it to Bernie. She promised to call as soon as she was off the pain relief I had prescribed her. “I look forward to it,” I smirked and made my way back to the nurses’ station.

“It’s definitely hot in here,” Raf said as I joined him. “Getting hotter by the second.” There was no doubt he’d been watching the whole thing, no doubt he hadn’t been the only.

As I sat down at the computer and glanced over the top of the monitor at Bernie, I was surprised to find that I didn’t care who had been watching. “It’s scorching,” I smirked at Raf, who laughed. When I looked back toward Bernie she was watching me with a heated stare. I felt myself blush again at the promise in her eyes. This was going to be fun.

Thank you for asking for this prompt, I had a lot of fun with it! Hope everyone enjoyed it xxx
All Is Well in Lorien

Legolas x Reader

Loosely based off this from @imaginelegolas :

Imagine nervously telling Legolas your deepest fears, and having him comfort you over them

You turn away and slip through the trees. Galadriel is still talking to the fellowship, but you will not be missed. The news the fellowship brought is dire, a balrog hadn’t been seen for centuries and even hearing the name brings a shadow to your heart. It was fighting one of these creatures that your father died long ago. You take a deep breath and close your eyes. Immediately, flames, shadow, cries of terror flood your vision. Your eyes fly open and you stifle a cry. You thought you’d been rid of these visions for hundreds of years now. Who knew how long they’ll take to disappear this time?

You attempt to banish such thoughts from your mind and stare at the landscape around you. The moonlight flickers lightly through the golden leaves above, reflecting off the silver tree trunks. It is a sight to behold, though you find you’re thirsting to explore the other regions of middle earth again. As darkness covers the land, chances to do so are getting slimmer and slimmer. You don’t like to travel alone and your brothers, your usual travel companions, are busy guarding the realm against the increasingly common orks. For now, you suppose, you’ll have to settle for Lothlorien. The sight is beautiful after all, and if recent tales are true, even Lorien won’t be able to stand for much longer.

You turn to continue walking, trying not to close your eyes for long lest the visions take you again. You are so lost in concentration you barely notice as you pass a figure leaning against a tree.

“What troubles you?” a calm voice asks.

You start and turn back to the figure, then relax. It is Legolas of Mirkwood. Galadriel must have finished speaking to the fellowship. You shake your head, “It is nothing.”

Legolas straightens and takes a step closer to you, “I have seen many with your manner before. It is rarely nothing.”

You sigh and try to relax your shoulders, “It really is, my lord. I wouldn’t want to trouble you.”

“My lord?” Legolas tilts his head in confusion.

“You are a prince of Mirkwood, are you not? What else am I to call you?”

Legolas shrugs, “Simply… Legolas will suffice. What should I call you?”

“My name is (y/n).”

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now, to your earlier statement, it would be no trouble to me. Please, you are in pain.”

You sigh, “Your fellowship’s coming has brought a shadow on our forest. A balrog has awoken in Moria. I can’t say that doesn’t bring back old horrors to my mind.” You close your eyes again and shudder as the balrog’s fiery whip flashes before you.

“You have ill memories of this creature?”

“My father fell slaying one such beast. I was very young. I can only recall brief flashes, but they lurk in the shadows of my mind and grow till I can no more close my eyes without seeing them. In the worst of days they play before me even in my waking hours.” You press your eyes closed and a tear slips down your cheek. Your eyes fly open a second later as a gentle hand wipes it away.

“I am sorry our coming has brought this upon you.”

The tears begin to come faster now and Legolas hesitantly reaches out and pulls you toward his chest.

You wrap your arms around him and rest your head upon his shoulder, glad for the comfort. Legolas holds you tightly and silently.

Eventually as the tears slow, he speaks, “A balrog has awoken, it is true. But fear not, all is yet well in Lorien. A great wizard fell with the balrog into the chasm and I do not doubt there will be quite a battle before the end. Gandalf knows the plight of middle earth and has likely done all he can to prevent the balrog’s return. You also are under the protection of the Lady Galadriel. She will not let Lothlorien fall.”

Legolas lapses into silence and you breath deeply. His words are sincere, though based on uncertainty. Still, you find you are feeling better. Your tears begin to dry and your breathing returns to normal. Finally you relax and Legolas and you pull apart.

“Thank you,” you say softly.

Legolas smiles, “I hope my words have been of some comfort, though I’m afraid I must be off. The others will be wondering where I am.”

You nod and watch as he slips through the trees and is lost in the moonlight.

The night air blows softly in the breeze and you rub your eyes, suddenly tired. You glance to the left as you catch the nearly imperceptible footprints of an approaching elf. The elf steps through the trees and you recognize your brother, Indrilen.

“Hail, Brother.”

Indrilen nods and raises a hand in greeting.

“How are the borders?”

He shrugs, “Nothing significant, save our visitors. Did you have company? I thought I saw another figure from afar.”

You consider for a second, deciding there is no reason to hide the truth, “Legolas. He was out admiring the trees.”

Indrilen raises an eyebrow, “Of course. I’m sure that’s all he was admiring.”

You roll your eyes and give your brother a playful shove, “He was only being nice.”

“Oh! What did he say?”

“Nothing of the sort you’re thinking! We barely spoke,” you feel your cheeks become warm and you turn away, rubbing your tired eyes. As you close your eyes, you frown. This time, you see no vision of balrog fire. Instead, you find yourself staring at Him. You clearly see his straight blond hair and blue eyes. You also see his shy smile and strong shoulders. Confused, you blink and turn back toward your brother.

Indrilen laughs and shakes his head before noticing your serious expression, “Have the visions returned to you as well? Aerin retired early from the watch today.”

You bit your lip, remembering your older brother. Aerin had probably felt your father’s death the hardest and always had suffered the visions worst of all your siblings. “Yes… though they aren’t … bothering me currently.” You say hesitantly, still wondering at the change in visions.

“You are fortunate.” Indrilen sighs tiredly, “I’m afraid they’ve returned badly for me. I must rest now before they get any worse.”

You nod, distracted. “Tired though I am, I have much to think on. I will return to our telian later and I’ll try not to disturb you.”

“That is fine, though I’d feel better if you did not stay awake too long.”

“I am no longer a child, Indrilen.” You sigh. Indrilen is several hundred years older than you, but you have long since outgrown the need for supervision. “If it really means that much to you, then I will stay out but an hour.”

Indrilen nods and turns to leave. He walks silently and lightly, leaving behind no footprints.

Once he is gone you turn away and begin a walk of your own. You follow a familiar trail, barely noting the landscape around you. You pass several other elves as they wander, but pay them no attention. When finally you stop, you’ve gone quite a distance and are standing on the edge of a clearing where the trees still hide you in shadow.

On the other end of the clearing, the fellowship is ascending into the trees to sleep. The hobbits appear nervous to be so far off the ground, but Legolas climbs with ease. You watch them for a time, smiling at their interactions before you turn away. The fellowship have been through so much together and will need to rest in Lothlorien for a little while before they move on. Surprisingly, you now find yourself dreading the day they have to leave. When their coming had at first brought you so much grief. Shaking your head, you begin back the way you’d come. It’s amazing how much one encounter can change everything.


Pairing: Thranduil x Wife!Reader

Words: 1159

Warnings: Slightly vulgar flirtations 

RequestHi! Can you do a Thranduil x Wife!Reader when Thorin’s company is captured and to get under Thranduil’s skin, Thorin talks about Thranduil’s wife? Its your choice for what Thorin says. It can be insulting, mocking , flirting, ect. Thanks! (I’m sending this twice just in case there was a problem getting the first one).

You watched as the dwarf was led into the throne room once more. Thranduil, your beloved husband, stood before you, back straight and arms folded behind himself. You stood off to the side, a handmaiden at your right, and the guard to your left. You held the same composure as you king, chin held high as you watched the visitor.

You assumed the meeting earlier hadn’t gone in the direction of favor for the dwarf … you knew it couldn’t have. They wanted help, and your kingdom would not give it. You had heard the short, hushed rumors of servants within the past few hours since the company of dwarves had arrived. You knew your husband better than anyone; knew what he was thinking most times.

“And such a beautiful creature at that,” Thorin spat, pulling you back to the conversation at hand. “A beautiful flower atop that crown of thorns you wear!”

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Friends - Rosvolio one shot

Rosvolio + one of them defending the other to their households and they get closer to falling in love.

On Ao3


Benvolio’s face flushed red with anger and shame; both his jaw and fists clenched shut. He cast his eyes downward, not wishing to see anyone witness his humiliation.

“That is enough!”

Rosaline Capulet’s voice echoed in the room and Benvolio’s head snapped up. He watched in awe as she strode toward his uncle, her delicate finger pointed at Lord Montague’s chest.

“Don’t you ever speak of Benvolio like that again.” His fiancé’s tone was low and threatening – the rage shone forth from her dark eyes.

“He is the best and most honorable man I know. You belittle him at every turn yet here he stands, ready to do what he must to end a war and bring peace to his city. That is what it means to be noble.”

The Montague lord tilted his head, his eyes narrowed at the woman in front of him. “I think you’ve said quite enough, Lady Capulet.” The sarcasm dripped from his tongue like honey.

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A lady all the way from the North

Pairing: Petyr Bealish x Reader

Words: 2138


“A lady all the way from the North… I wonder what brings you down to the capital.”
You had been walking the corridors before Lord Baelish had cornered you. He wasn’t physically blocking your way or anything, yet there seemed no way to just walk past. He had this way of looking at people, all open, friendly and well… curious.
“Lord Stark thought it fit to bring me with his daughters, my lord.” You replied close enough to the truth without giving anything away.
“Ah but why?” Lord Baelish tilted his head to the side, looking even more curious. Which was ridiculous if what you heard about the man so far was true. There was no way he didn’t know why Lord Eddard Stark had decided to bring his young ward south.
“A mystery to you and me both.” You replied smoothly. You certainly wouldn’t play his games. The man was not to be trusted. 

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Vegas Baby! Part 2

From: Smutandfluffohmy

Character Parings: Fred Weasley X Reader

A/N: The next imagine I’m going to be writing is going to be the Dramione one so don’t worry all the Peter Pan request will be written and posted in good time :) Keep sending them in my peeps.

Prompt request:  “ For the vagas baby part 2 maybe when they get rid of the marriage and he has to explain magic to her” and “ Could you do a part 2 to Vegas Baby”

Warnings: None at all except it’s pretty long

“Fred why did you think marrying a muggle without telling her about magic was a good idea” Hermione said as she walked around Fred that looked just as confused and worried about the whole thing as everyone else. 

“Married! Married! Fred you don’t even know how to cook for yourself and you’re off getting married? What’s next do I have grandkids that I don’t know about” Molly said as her face started to match her fiery red hair. Y/N stirring around as she woke up on a soft sofa in the twins house instead of the hardwood floor she landed on.

“Guys she’s waking up.” Harry said as he took a step backwards from the girl.

“Ugh Sydney I had the weirdest dream ever” Y/N said as she sat up and rubbed her hands over her eyes as she spoke.

“Yea you said something about getting married to a handsome devil” Fred said as he got mere inches away from Y/n as he spoke “But his brother was the true handsome devil” George said doing the same as Fred. Y/n eyes shot open and was greeted face to face with the smiling faces of George and Fred.

“Ahhh” Y/n yelled as she tried to hit George in the face with her fist but failed as he stepped back.

“Wow you sure got a punch but-” Fred started saying as he put his hands on her shoulders. Y/n startled and confused took another swing towards who she thought was the same boy, this time however her fist did hit him right on the nose causing Fred to clutch his nose in pain. 

“Stop it you two you’re scaring her” Hermione said as she pushed Fred to the side and started walking up to y/n. “Hi my name is Hermione what’s your name?”

“I’m Y/n. Where am I”  Y/n said as she looked at everyone’s faces around the room that stared at her in amazement and worry.

“Can you guys give us a moment?” Fred said as he used one hand motioning people to go away and another to massage his nose.

“Fred what exactly are you going to do” Hermione said as she stepped towards Fred. 

“You’re going to scare the poor girl half to death knowing you” Ron said as he stepped next to Hermione. As they were bickering Y/n stepped away into the kitchen searching for a phone to call anyone anyone at all that wasn’t completely out of their mind.As she was walking into the kitchen she noticed a man and a woman sitting at the table talking.She tried leaving unnoticed but she didn’t know if it was that the universe seemed to hate her right now or simple mother’s intuition that gave her away.

“Well don’t just stand there dear come and take a seat. We’ll have a chat”  Molly said as she poured another cup of tea and waited for y/n to take a seat. 

“Hi umm is it true I’m in London right now?” Y/n said as she took a seat opposite of Molly and Arthur who looked calm.

“Yes dear thanks to my son” Molly said as she pushed the cup of tea towards y/n with a kind smile.

“Is it true you’re a muggle?” Arthur said as his curiosity took over the best of him.

“A what?” Y/n said as she looked at Molly and Arthur.

“A non magical person” Arthur said.

“Mum, dad what are you talking about with my wife” Fred said with a grin as he walked towards y/n slowly.

“Oh yea right the Vegas and “ministry of magic” wedding” Y/n said as she placed her face on her hands rubbing them over her eyes.

“Mum, dad can i please talk to her I promise I’ll fix this” Fred said as he turned to talk to his parents his eyes silently pleading with them. As Molly and Arthur stood up and left them alone Fred sat where his dad was previously sitting.

“Please tell me this is all an elaborate joke” Y/n said as she looked up to look at Fred’s eyes which showed no indication that this was a joke.

“Oh my dear y/n I love jokes but this isn’t one of them” Fred said as he tried to stay calm and collected when in reality he was freaking out as much as she. 

“This can’t be real this can’t be real. I mean magic and magic people th-” Y/n spoke. “Wizards and witches” Fred said interrupting her mid sentence.

“And they’re all real look if you would just let me show you i can prove it to you” Fred said as he pointed at his pocket where he was keeping his wand. 

Y/n scoffed as she looked at Fred “Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me” She said as she saw what Fred was pointing at, this remark caused fred to let out a small laugh the air around seeming lighter and happier.Fred took out his wand and twirled it around in his hand showing off to y/n.

“Well show me what you got wizard boy” Y/n said as she placed her elbows up on the table and placing her chin in her hands as she looked at Fred. Fred waved her wand towards y/n as little fireworks went off over her head.

“Wow” y/n said in amazement as her eyes filled with a twinkle and a smile spread on her face. A sight that made Fred’s chest tighten, he never felt this towards anyone of course he knew what this was but he thought it silly considering he hadn’t known her for a complete day.

“You’re like Gandalf” Y/n said as looked at Fred and away from the little fireworks that were getting brighter, the light making her eyes seem bigger and brighter. 

“Like who?” Fred asked as he tilted his head to the side.

“You know Gandalf. Lord of the rings?” Y/n said as her excitement got bigger with every word she spoke. 

“Lord of the what” Fred still even more confused than before.

“You never seen it? Oh come on everyone seen it. The hobbits, elves, orcs, dragons?” Y/n said getting excited and frustrated at the same time.

“Oh my Merlin of course” Fred said looking at y/n in amazement his eyes filling with glee.

“Oh so you’ve seen it?” Y/n said her frustration disappearing.

“No. I got married to the biggest geek” Fred said as he leaned back laughing so hard and loud it echoed all around the room. Filling Y/n with joy it sounded so wonderful and warm in a way. “Do you like jokes by any chance?” Fred asked as soon as he stopped laughing wiping the tears from his eyes.

“I love jokes why do you ask” Y/n said to Fred as he got up from his chair to walk over to her.

“You’re going to love what I do come on I can sneak you out without everyone harassing you for questions” Fred said as he put out his arm for y/n to hook it with hers.

“You’re a comedian?” Y/n said as she hooked her arm through linking their arms as she followed him. 

“Not professionally but I’m hysterical” Fred said smiling down at the girl that was smiling up at him. As Fred led y/n down stairs to the shop he wasn’t sure as to exactly what to show her first, maybe they’ll just see things as they went.

“Ok close your eyes” Fred said as they arrived at the door leading into the joke shop.

“Okay but promise me you won’t let me fall on my face” Y/n said as she smiled at Fred closing her eyes and reaching out for Fred. Fred placed one hand on the door knob and another one to hold both of her hands in his. As he swung the door open excitement filled him he looked around as if seeing if for the first time ever.

“Ok open them” Fred said as he looked back to see her face. As soon as her eyes open they were filled with amazement and happiness.

“Wow what is this place? What does this do?” Y/n said as she looked around and stepped towards a few items that were placed on shelves.

“It’s mine and my brothers joke shop and that is bubble gum that changes your voice” Fred said as leaned up against the shelf looking at y/n as she turned the package over in her hands looking at every bit of it.

“Oh what’s that” Y/n said as she handed the pack of gum over to Fred as she walked over to where all the love potions where sitting, pretty and pink colors making it hard to miss. Y/n looked at all the bottles and looked at the fountain filled with the liquid.

“Is this like cologne?” Y/n said as she took a deep breath of the liquid, filling every inch of her lungs.

“What do you mean?” Fred said as he walked over to where she was standing.

“I mean it smells good kind of a weird thing to sell in a joke shop but maybe this is funny to wizards I don’t know” Y/n said as she took one of the bottles in her hands and turned it over trying to see why wizards would find cologne so funny.

“Y/n can you tell me what it smells like? You know professional curiosity I never had a muggle smell it” Fred said as he scrunched his face up not sure if he really wanted the answer or if he should just leave the question alone.

“Well it smells like some kind of wood kind of airy if that makes sense sort of what people when they finish playing a sport smell like combined with wood, freshly washed clothes and ink. I don’t know Fred you should know you’re wearing it” Y/n said as she put the bottle down as a confused look spread across her face. “What did you think it smelt like?”

“I don’t know” Fred stared at y/n in shock unable to say anything else.

“Oh come on Fred you sell it, you must have some idea of what it smells like” Y/n said as she chuckled and walked towards Fred.

“Well I um smell lavender shampoo, buttery popcorn and pastries ” Fred said as he looked at y/n hoping and praying that y/n didn’t recognize the smell as her own.

“Wow I guess it’s different for everyone but again why do you sell?” y/n said with a grin.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” Fred said trying to buy time as he tried to find the right words to break this to her.

“Try me” y/n said as she smiled at Fred as she looked up at the ceiling to see it how decorated it was with different silly stuff. Fred looked at her as he tried to find ways to stall, to buy himself some time. How do you tell someone you married in a drunken night, someone that you known less than 24 waking hours something so drastic. More importantly how do you break it to someone that Amortentia helped you find your soulmate.

dinner party | tommy shelby

part one | part two | part four 

request: can you please do more of the lady x Tommy series??? ❤️❤️❤️

[a/n - duno if a part four is possible but hey, maybe I’ll think of something. If not this is the final part.]

Small talk was made on the train as you and Tommy travelled back to the village. The journey back felt quicker, most likely because you and Tommy made more conversation than before. He wasn’t smoking as much either, something that you noticed about half way into the journey. His eyes still followed your every action and he would constantly have a small smile on his face.

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A Northern Arrangement

Imagine making a deal with Roose Bolton so he wont betray Robb and will actually warn Robb and everyone of the Frey’s impending betrayal.

(To the requester who wanted something of Roose Bolton and left the plot up to me. I am heavily considering making this a series!)

(Pt. 2 http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/138105830564/a-northern-arrangement-pt-2 

Pt. 3 http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/140046209028/northern-arrangement-pt-3 

Pt. 4 http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/142083681461/a-northern-arrangement-pt-4 

Pt. 5 http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/144466367083/northern-arrangement-pt-5)

(Word Count: 2,028)

Thinking back now, maybe going the “scenic” route of the camp wasn’t that necessary. And then leaning against the flap of the tent to hear what was being said inside because your curiosity got the best of you, was most definitely not needed. And lastly, you really wished you were able to keep a better hold on your temper. It would have helped you in your current situation.

Hold on, let’s back up a little bit and tell the full story.

The War to win Independence for the North and the Riverlands was in full swing. Your twin brother, King Robb, had yet to lose a single battle that he commanded personally. You were supposed to be in Winterfell with your younger brother’s Brandon “Bran” and Rickon but after the Iron Borne invaded the North you chose to bring Bran, Rickon, two servants Osha and Hodor, and Maester Luwin south to Riverrun just before Winterfell was burnt to the ground. Well, almost burnt to the ground it was still destroyed and made nearly inhabitable. After arriving in Riverrun, you immediately picked up a sword and joined the fighting. Of course, your Mother and Brother tried to stop you but you shot them down quickly when you pointed out you were just as a good a fighter as Robb and that Robb’s own personal guard consisted of a noble woman not much older than you.

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Part of The Dwarf and Hobbit story arc.
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Links to parts three and five are below.

Word Count: 1575

You know when you start writing and you end up writing for two imagines because you don’t know how to put these into your story arc as separate drabbles?


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College!Seokjin + 9 please? (○U○)

nine_an awkward kiss

“this would be a bad time to kiss you, wouldn’t it?”

“seokjin,” you breathe, blowing your fringe from your face while you’re at it, “we’re squished between the cabinet in the lab. i think you’re fishing your luck here,”

“but you’re so pretty,” he whispers, and you try not to roll your eyes because seokjin has a way of saying things in the most sincere tone that makes your heart swell. every syllable doesn’t go to waste, kissing your skin after it tastes his tongue and it trickles off to let the shivers run down your spine. it’s as if minutes ago the both of you hadn’t been scrambling to hide yourselves in attempts of playing it cool that trespassing was fine.

hell no it wasn’t.

but when you’re stuck here in limited space, chest to chest with legs tangled in between as you look up to seokjin, it’s hard to say otherwise.

“c’mon… we’ll need to wait until the guards leave so can i kiss you?”

“we can barely move our arms, jinnie,”

“doesn’t matter. i could use my lips,”

“if you can reach me, kiss me all you want,” you lay it out on the table, chin jutting out and seokjin bites on the bait, hard. he inches forward to his best ability and you’re chuckling when all he manages is a light peck that he presses to your lips. it’s funny, watching him struggle because seokjin doesn’t back down when he wants something and two, he loves kissing, three, all the more with you and only you.

so this is pretty damn hilarious as he leans back to his original position with a huff, now shaking his head, “the lord is testing me,”

with the tilting of your head, you snicker, “oh, is he?”

“…i really want to just slam you against the wall and kiss you,”

“well, we’re not too far from that situation now are we?”

“when we get out of here, i’m kissing the fuck out of you.”

Cas X Reader: With Sam and Dean

Request: Can you do one where Reader is dating Cas, Dean and Sam gets turned in to a toddler by a spell or something, and it turns really fluffy and cute?

Request: OMG your blog is perf!!!!! anyways, could you write one about Castiel losing his memory after a witch hunt with the reader and Sam and Dean? ill leave the end up to you :D

(I hope you don’t mind how I combined these. I just thought it would be cool to see how they go together.)

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ColdFlash, 22, please!

22. Two miserable people at a wedding AU

“If you don’t make your move tonight, Leonard, I swear to God, I’m not taking you to any more of these,” Sara teases and looks around the grand hall, probably to locate the wine. Len can’t blame her - social events have never been a favorite pastime for either of them, but he has a very specific goal in mind tonight, even without Sara’s ribbing.

Unfortunately for him, as a known pirate, he cannot exactly secure an invitation for himself - even though trading his precisely constructed nautical maps with the Royal Navy has given him enough leeway that he isn’t in danger of getting arrested, and his wealth means that at least half of the people present tonight can’t afford to make an enemy out of him when their centuries-long family trees tremble under the weight of their debts. They still stare, though, and Len still has to drag Sara to yet another snobby event to get his hands on his most recent target.

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Queen of Westeros...

Imagine being the Queen of Westeros, a Baratheon, and being courted by Robb Stark where you refuse his advances until he beats your  Uncle and Brother in a fight.

((To anon: I hope you don’t mind that I made the reader a baratheon and I hope you like it!))

((Word Count:1,997))

You had ruled the Seven Kingdoms since you were near fourteen name days, ever since your Mother’s House were dealt with. Alongside your bastard brother turned Knight Gendry and your Uncle Stannis, you reformed Westeros into a land of peace and prosperity that hadn’t been seen since the early days of King Aerys Targaryen’s rule.

Dorne was kept in the fold when Myrcella married Trystane Martell, the Westerlands remained after your Uncle Tyrion took control of Casterly Rock, and you were able to bring the North, Riverlands, and Vale back into the fold when you handed Joffrey, your Mother, your Grandfather, and the Stark ancestral sword Ice over to the Lord of Winterfell, Robb Stark. The Iron Islands tried to continue their rebellion but they were quickly knocked back down by the combined force of the other Six Kingdoms.

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Oh god another one; I’m so sorry but this kept me up at night :) Do you guys write for BBC Merlin? If so may I have a fic where Q is a reincarnated Merlin and James is Arthur? I will send gingerbread from Sweden as payment! :D xx – zoeteniets

Lex, with Jen-related interference!

“No matter what century, you still haven’t managed to change in the slightest.”

Bond smiled in a way that was all Q remembered, everything Arthur had been: arrogant and petulant and perfect, looking mildly discomfited as he sat down next to his new Quartermaster.

“And you still have yet to discover sunlight,” Bond returned, with that petulance Q knew so well.

He smirked, watching Bond’s eyes light up with a fire that time could do nothing to quell; incarnations later, years and worlds later, it was still him. Comforting. Home. A certain type of knowledge: no matter how the eras changed, that fire would still burn bright, and Merlin would still know where his king survived.

“I have missed you, my lord,” Q noted aloud, tilting his head a little to look him over better – he preferred the body on this one, it had to be said – and Bond rolled his eyes, leaning back into the bench.

“Aren’t you technically my superior?”

“When haven’t I been?” Q asked, with a smirk.

Bond raised a hand, whacking him lightly around the head; Q cursed slightly, but couldn’t quite deny that it was good to have him back.

“When was this painted?” Bond asked abruptly, looking up at the picture hanging in front of them.

Q shrugged slightly, reaching for his briefcase. “A while ago, why?”

“Before I was born?”

Briefcase on lap, Q flicked open the locks, opening it to reveal the gleam of chrome and shining plastic. “Feeling old, are we?”

“At least I don’t currently look prepubescent,” Bond returned, gaze travelling to the contents of the open briefcase. “What’s that?”

“Your sword and shield,” Q replied, smirking. “Shiny, so I thought you’d like it.”

Bond looked down to the gun and radio, raising an eyebrow. “I miss my armour,”

“But you have Armani now,” Q teased, taking out the weapon and handing it over. “It’s keyed in to work for you and you alone, the transmitter will let me know where you are.”

“And how did you manage that clever bit of sorcery?”

“Science, 007,” Q replied.

Bond may have imagined it, but there was a slight gleam of gold in the man’s eyes, the hint of something. “Of course Quartermaster,” Bond nodded, stowing the gun away. “What beast shall I be fighting today?”

“I’ll send you over the files,” Q told him, standing, voice moving into something a little more troubled. “We are not alone in this new world.”

“I shall miss you at my side; these sound like difficult battles” Bond admitted, standing too, facing the man he knew better than anybody yet hardly recognised.

 “I’ll be there,” Q told him, reaching up to Bond’s ear, cupping his face and allowing a finger to trail across the earpiece. “All the way. Whenever you need me, I won’t let you down.”

 “You never have,” Bond replied, taking Q’s hand in his own, leaning into the touch. “I have missed you too my friend.”

 “Be safe.” Q told him, pulling away and vanishing into the gallery.

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Kiss meme - #40 (accidental kiss), pairing of your choice. Pretty p,ease?

Prompt 40: Accidental kiss
Pairing: Alistair x Cousland


Request a kiss prompt from me!


She hated the cold.

Ophelia huffed, curling up tighter under what felt like a far too meager pile of blankets. Marching, fighting, existing in the cold was one thing. Andraste’s ass, Fereldens were practically birthed in the snow, to hear them tell it, complete with a premade set of snowshoes, a love of hounds and an equally ferocious hatred of Orlesians. Trying to sleep when it felt like her toes were about to fall off was another matter entirely, however: her limbs a victim of a sudden, early spring cold snap.

She narrowed her eyes at the mabari where he lounged on the other side of the tent, tongue lolling, cheerful as could be in his coat of fur. He always curled up over her feet, a warm and slightly smelly comfort, when she crawled into her bedroll for the evening. Yet tonight he’d snubbed her blankets to lay in the dirt instead. Suspicious. What’re you up to? Still, one more try couldn’t hurt.

“Bear…” she cooed. His ears perked at her soft whistle. “Bear, come lay on my feet. Please?”

He stood, tiny stub tail wagging as he approached. “That’s it,” she encouraged. “Good dog, good—hey!” Her coos turned into a howl of frustration as the dog snatched up the corner of her blankets in his jaws, yanking them away and dashing out of the tent, fabric snapping behind him like a cape as she scrambled to follow.

Her teeth began to chatter as soon as she left the relative warmth of the tent, scowling at her hound, who now stood in front of Alistair’s tent, tail still wagging. She bared her teeth at him, curling bare toes against the frozen earth, rubbing her hands over her arms as the chill seeped quickly through her clothes, goosebumps racing along her skin. “As if you need another blanket,” she hissed.

He stared, unmoving and seemingly unrepentant.

She took a step, then another, reaching slowly, cautiously for the blanket. Only when her hand had gripped the fabric solidly did he move: straight into Alistair’s tent, yanking her in along with him.

It was her turn to freeze once she was inside, staggering to keep her footing as Alistair startled, jerking upright from his bedroll at the intrusion. “Fi?” he groaned, lifting a hand to rub at his face. “What are you—“

Oh. She blinked, his voice fading out as he continued despite her inattention. It was… warm in his tent. Far warmer than her own, to be certain. It made sense, of course. Alistair always seemed to run hot, a living, breathing fireplace that she’d taken advantage of multiple times, letting him warm her hands or throw his arms around her in what she told herself was a completely platonic way as she happily leeched his body heat. He was probably ridiculously warm under those blankets.  


She blinked, shivering a little as the thought of crawling under Alistair’s blankets and maybe under him, too, fluttered briefly through her mind before she forced herself back into the moment. Alistair grinned smugly at her, one brow raised. “I said, ‘are you cold?’”

“I’m not…” She frowned at him, glancing at Bear, already settling down in the corner and looking just as pleased, if that was possible. “I came over to see if I could…” She faltered as Alistair’s smile grew wider before she finally spat out the words: “Yes, I’m cold.”

“Well, what are you waiting for then?” Alistair patted the bedroll. “I promise I won’t bite.”

She rolled her eyes. “If you’re going to make this a—“

“I warmed the blankets over the fii-iire…” he sang.

She crossed the tent in two steps, practically throwing herself under the blankets, ignoring Alistair as he snickered. She resisted the urge to moan at the warmth, blankets and Alistair’s body heat leaving the little nest perfect and toasty. She snuggled down up to her nose, basking in the scent of metal and pine, leather and musk and, impossibly, a faint hint of Ferelden cheddar. She blinked up at Alistair as he leaned over her. “Comfortable?”

“Maybe,” she muttered, her pride still stinging as he settled down beside her. His face came dangerously close to hers considering how slowly they’d been taking things, the rose a constant reminder at the bottom of her pack that despite their flirtations and his gift, they had yet to kiss, or truly embrace in any way deeper than platonic. Waiting had never been so trying.

“We could… you know, I read once that…” It was her turn to arch a brow as he fumbled, his face going red as he gestured between the two of them.

“Cuddle for warmth?” she said slowly, lips quirking in amusement.

“It’s a very—” He coughed, trying to sound imperious. “A highly, highly, recommended tactic for fighting off the cold, I’ll have you know. Secret templar trick. I’m very noble for sharing.”

“You won’t like how cold I am,” she warned as he scooted closer, settling a hesitant arm around her waist.

“It can’t be that bad.”

Ophelia shoved her bare, frigid feet against his. Alistair yowled, recoiling from her and immediately attempting a retreat across their tiny battleground of blankets. “Andraste, woman! Your feet are like ice blocks!”

“Oh no you don’t!” She rolled after him, determined more than ever to steal the heat radiating from her fellow Warden now that she’d gotten a taste of it. “You’re not getting away so easy!” They struggled under the covers, Ophelia ending up on top of him as she wormed her icy fingers through his half-hearted defenses, groping them across the hot skin of his belly with delight as he wavered between laughter and dramatic howls that were more suited to Orlesian theatre than someone being tickled. His body writhed, muscles jumping under her chilly hands.

“Alright, alright!” He flailed his arms up at her, eyes tightly closed as he continued to giggle. “Peace! You evil woman!”

Her hands and feet were blessedly warmer as she leaned over him, though she kept her fingers curled against his abdomen in warning. She was almost nose-to-nose to him when she finally paused, wanting to see the surrender in his eyes. “You admit defeat, my lord?” She tilted her head.

The corner of his mouth twitched, the only warning she had before he surged up, attempting to unseat her from his waist. He must not have realized how closely she’d moved in, however, because the next thing she knew, his mouth had crashed into hers.

They both froze, lips slotted together as his eyes snapped open in shock. Ridiculously, her mind couldn’t help but catalogue the sensations: the softness of his lips, slightly chapped; the rasp of stubble against her skin; the way his mouth opened in surprise, unintentionally parting hers, the softest ghosting of his breath drifting across her palate. He swallowed, and she could have sworn she felt the briefest touch of his slick tongue along her upper lip, caressed between his, as he only just resisted the instinct to lick his lips.

Warmth, heat, fire flooded through her, no ice left now. She was close enough to watch his pupils expand, dilating, blowing wide inside the honey brown of his irises. She could feel his body’s reaction between her legs where she straddled him even as he pulled away. Alistair’s cheeks flushed a furious red, and he refused to meet her eyes.

“Well,” he muttered, fidgeting with the edge of his shirt. “That was… smooth of me.”

She rubbed her palms across her thighs, soothing herself even as she tried to do the same for him. “I didn’t mind, Alistair,” she said.

“But that can’t be our first kiss!” he groaned, flopping back down to the bedroll, throwing a hand over his eyes. “It’s all wrong. I didn’t even do it on purpose!”

Oh, Alistair. You hopeless romantic.

She stretched out thoughtlessly, sprawling on top of him as she folded her hands, resting her chin on his chest. She wasn’t quite willing to relinquish his warmth just yet. “Then this kiss never happened,” she said solemnly, as if she weren’t resisting the urge to burrow under his clothing and discover if every part of him was this warm or if he would giggle the same way with her lips, tongue, teeth on his belly rather than her fingers. He uncovered his face, frowning down at her as he twisted one arm behind his head.

“Can you actually do that? Just wave your hand,” He demonstrated, sweeping his arm grandly, “and poof! No kiss?”

“What kiss?” She arched a brow.

“The one we just—ooo-ooh, I get it. Sneaky.” He winked at her. “Alright, point made. All is forgotten.”

She shifted, about to respond when she heard him squeak, his hands jumping to her hips to still her.

Oh yes… that.

She slid off him as carefully as she could, biting her lip at his sigh of relief.

“Could we forget about that, too?” he muttered.

She nudged him onto his side as he grumbled, facing away from her, letting him preserve at least some dignity, as she curled up tight against his back, curling her legs up behind his. She threw an arm over his hip, pressing her nose to the—very hot, very red—back of his neck, making him shiver and protest at the cold.

“It would be a little hard to forget,” she said.

“Oh! That was bad. You’re a bad person.”

Something plunked solidly against the tent, followed by a cross female voice, dripping with irritation: “If you two and your puns are quite finished, some of us are attempting to sleep.”

“She’s going to turn us into toads, I think,” Alistair whispered.

“I’ll protect you if she does,” Ophelia mumbled.

“My hero.”