his head looks a delicious shape


She fell in love with him when she was only six years old, soft pink sweaters and blonde pigtails completely infatuated by dark wavy hair and suspiciously wise, stormy blue eyes. He was like something she had seen before, their was something about the way his head hung a little too low, almost as if he was carrying something heavy on his shoulders a feeling six year old Betty Cooper was all too familiar with.

It had never been easy growing up in the Cooper household, the familiar motto hung on a plaque by the front door “a place for everything and everything in its place.” But perhaps the one thing that had no place was the troubled blonde child hidden in the shadows, scarred palms holding onto a stuffed orange kitten. She would never be Polly Cooper, she wasn’t nearly as beautiful as her sister and her mother let that be known daily, for Alice Cooper looks were the most important thing a girl could have, it didn’t matter that Betty was incredibly intelligent for her age or the fact that at only six years old she had changed more tires than half the men in the small towns mechanic shop, she wasn’t beautiful and she wasn’t enough.

Her father didn’t want to get involved, if he caught her crying to herself under the kitchen table, he would simple touch her cheek with two fingers and whisper “it gets better sport, hang on.” And so she did, she hung on. She hung on tight.

She did however have one escape and that was getting lost in fantasies of her beanie wearing knight in shining armor, they didn’t speak, to be fair Jughead Jones never spoke to anyone, he kept to himself, eerily similar to Betty. One day Betty had brought up her thoughts to her older sister and had received the dirtiest look she had ever seen

“The Jones family is bad news, word around town is his mom beats him up on the daily, you stay away from him, nothing good can come of those people.” Polly had spit, her face scrunched up in disgust.

So Betty did, Betty always did what was asked of her, she never argued, she never fought, she simply agreed and went about her business, eyes downcast and fingers itching to tear into the skin of her soft palms.

“Betty! Get out of that garage and get going to school, you don’t need another Tardy on your attendance.” The shrill voice of Alice Cooper called from inside, effectively tearing Betty out of her reminiscing, she had no idea why Jughead Jones was on her mind this morning.
The gorgeous blonde pushed a stray piece of honey blonde hair out of her face as she wiped her grease stained hands on her pants, she had been working on getting an old Camaro up and running, she had even taken the gorgeous cherry red classic home from her fathers shop to work on overnight, she needed this car to work, it could sell for good money.


Betty rolled her eyes, dropping her wrench with a clatter and heading inside

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” She grumbled, zooming past her mother and grabbing an apple

“Aren’t you going to get changed?” Alice asked, her nose wrinkled in disgust at Bettys plain blue jeans and loose white t shirt, a permanent oil stain smudged across her cheek as she shook her head and headed for the front door.

“I’ll see you when I get home.” She called, slamming the door and finally exhaling. That woman always exhausted her, she was glad to escape to school. The walk to Riverdale took her about ten minutes tops, immediately Jumped by her best friend Veronica Lodge as soon as she stepped foot onto the hall.

“Guess who finally managed to get daddy to agree to letting me have the Porsche?” Veronica clutched Betty’s arm, her dark maroon nails digging into Betty’s arm as she bounced excitedly.

Betty laughed
“I’m guessing it’s you?”

Veronica threw her hands in the air and posed
“Bingo.” She grinned.

The blonde and the black haired best friends continued on their walk to the lockers

“I’m jealous. You better let me take a look at the inside of the hood, you never know how those German mechanics work, they could ship it down here just to have it break down in a week.” Betty pat the raven haired beauties shoulder affectionately.

“You really think I’d ever drive a car without having you look at it. It’s just one of the many perks of having you as a best friend."Veronica wiggled her eyebrows teasingly as they arrived at their lockers.

Betty rolled her eyes with a smirk as she looked up from the inside of her locker, her eyes catching on the very person who had been running through her mind all day, she leaned against the locker beside hers, messy ponytail pressing into the cool metal as Jughead Jones, popped his head phones in and shoved books into his satchel, he was so good looking it was sometimes hard to watch, his lean figure was lined with muscle and the way his arms flexed under the flannel he wore when he bent down was enough to have Betty drooling all over herself, if that wasn’t enough there was the fact that his mouth was the literal definition of perfect, heart shaped and deliciously pink, waiting to be..

"Excuse me, Jane Eyre? Do you want to stop pining for about five seconds and pick up all the books that have spilt from your bag.” Veronica grinned cockily, her eyes sparkling at her goofy friend.

Betty looked down quickly and groaned, sure enough her book bag was unzipped and all of her papers and books were scattered on the floor

“Great” she mumbled, looking up at Veronica who was still grinning “are you gonna help me or just laugh at my misery.”

Suddenly the dark haired girls eyes lit up
“Sorry Betty but Archie’s coming this way, be right back.” With those final words she flew down the hallway, heels clicking as she jumped into her boyfriends arms.

Betty sighed
“Gotta go Betty, gotta go make out with my boyfriend in this very public hallway, I can’t spend two seconds helping you pick up your endless amounts paper from the ground” she mocked playfully, blowing another stray strand of hair out of her face. Reaching for her notebook, a large tanned hand covered her own, Betty’s eyes went wide as she stared at the familiar looking combat boots squatted before her.

“Quite the friend you’ve got there.” Jughead jones smiled lazily , handing her the notebook as he helped her stand.

Keep your cool Betty Cooper, stay calm
“Yeah, well she’s a little… distracted.” Her eyes flickered to the couple currently making out in front of some poor freshmans locker.

“I see” Jughead smiled, shoving his NOW empty hands into his pockets

Betty swallowed slowly
“Thankyou. For ya know, helping me. My books just can’t manage to stay in my bag.” She shrugged delicately.

“Well it’s better than your lunch running away.” Jughead joked visibly wincing at his poor excuse at humor.

Fortunately for both of them the first period school bell rang, causing the shuffle of students.

“Well…thanks again.” Betty smiled sincerely, hiking her bag over her shoulder, just as she was about to walk away the dark haired boy placed a hand to her forearm, the space he was holding seemed to burn under his touch and he seemed to notice too, staring down at his hand before removing it quickly, his hand came up to her face and gently brushed at a spot on her cheek.

“You’ve got a little..” he trailed off holding up his palm to reveal the oil on his hand.

Betty blushed bright pink
“Oil.” She spoke quietly “see you around Jughead Jones.”

His eyes snapped to hers

“See you around Betty Cooper”

Oh yeah Jughead you definitely will be seeing me around.

Shameless | Jungkook x You (Taehyung POV)

Dedicated to my love @isolatedmims​

Rated: M

Warnings: Marijuana and alcohol consumption, exhibitionism/voyeurism.

Summary: Taehyung’s the new guy in town, just trying to make some friends. And when Jungkook invites him to a party, he thinks he’s finally gotten a good opportunity to meet some new people. But what he doesn’t expect is witnessing his new friend Jungkook and his girlfriend, you, getting it on in front of him, and all of the other guys, at this so-called party.  

Note: Just some PWP filth. Sin with me and read it. This is an AU I will be writing other PWP smuts for, so yaaay. lol I guess. I’m so tired and I will edit in the morning

Words: 5.1k+

Accompanied by the low rumble of hip hop music playing in the background, you and Jungkook were noisily mouthing at each other - sloppy, wet sounds filling the air that irritated Taehyung to no end. You were straddling Jungkook’s lap, hands clasped behind his neck and he was blatantly fondling with your ass, squeezing it and shaking it in his hands nonchalantly. But what surprised Taehyung the most though was how none of the other guys in the room seemed to even blink at the sight, which lead him to the conclusion that the two of you must do this quite frequently in order to have such a lack of response.

Little moans of content and arousal would drift from the pair of you every now and then when you would either grind your hips down or he would buck his up against you, causing even the littlest bit of friction.

Taehyung had to admit, when he was invited to a party, this was not exactly what he was expecting. A party to him was loud music, dancing, drinks and having fun. Not…. this. Just a group of guys, sitting along the couches lethargically, smoking joints and drinking beer, talking about everything and nothing at the same time.

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Surfer Boy (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “can you do an imagine based on ethans tweet “@ethandolan: Haha gray just texted and was like yo my face is so red I just saw a cute girl what do I do” 😌”
Word Count: 1,337
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is cute :’) Thank you for requesting, my dear anon. Hope you like it. xx

“People have a weird tendency of not cleaning up after themselves.” Your friend, and also your boss, pointed out as she carried in four glasses behind the bar, placing them by the counter so she could wash them.

You laughed, watching her pull a face before returning to wring out a dishrag. Your friend had always been an impulsive one, so it didn’t even surprise you when she had come home one day, claiming that she bought the small tiki bar on the beach, not far from where you lived.

It had turned out to be a smashing hit, everybody buying their cool drinks and their occasional cocktail to clench their thirst. You being the good, bored friend you were, you had offered yourself to work behind the bar. It wasn’t all too bad, you got plenty of Vitamin D, got drinks for free and got to watch a lot of hot guys who went to catch a wave or sat by the bar, sipping on their drinks under the scorching L.A sun.

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You Selfish Sokovian!

‘Morning boys!’ Your voice echoed through the gym. You were not usually a morning person but you’ve already had a coffee AND when you came downstairs there was a plate of cooked bacon with your name on it. Literally. A sticky note was placed on the edge of the plate with Steve’s distinct handwriting.

Good morning, Grumpy Face! Accept this offering as a goodwill gesture and an advanced apology for the training we’re putting you through this morning.
See you at 8AM Sharp. X X

‘Ooh, double kiss?’ You wondered out loud before grabbing the crispy strip of perfectly cooked bacon with your bare hand. That’s how you knew it was shaping up to be a good morning, indeed.

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30 x 31 Day Writing Challenge Day 3

Day 3~ Use a line of the first song that plays on shuffle as the title.


I’m using it as inspiration instead. The song lyric is:
Soon as I sat down I was fallin’ in love~Luke Bryan, Play it Again.

You scratched your head delicately, not wanting to disturb your ponytail. After all, the media would have a field day if they saw Y/N Y/L/N going shopping with her hair messed up. Because that’s all they cared about.

When you decided your appearance wouldn’t send the media into fits, you left the house and headed for the mall.

When you got there, you went to a few of your favorite stores, before stopping for lunch at the food court.

Most of your friends at Gotham Academy despised the food court, but something about the smell of ten different types of foods made you love it, even if the tables were never properly sanitized.

You were about to dig in to your meal, when a familiar face caught your eye.

“Damian.” You greeted as he walked past with three other men. You correctly assumed they were his brothers.

“Y/N.” He greeted back, sending a quick glance to his brothers.

“So this is the famed Y/N.” You watched him groan in frustration as the lean, tall brother slid into the chair next to you.

“Dick Grayson.” He reached a hand for you to shake.

“You’re Dick Grayson?” You said, awestruck. “You have so many science awards in the trophy case at school.”

Dick turned to his other brothers and raised an eyebrow.

“I like this girl.” Dick gestured to you. He was soon joined by the bulkiest one.

“I’m Jason.” He introduced.

“I like your hair.” You smiled sweetly. “And your jacket.”

Jason looked shocked, and he couldn’t hide the look of pleasure from your compliments.

“Seriously, Kid. Keep this one.” Jason jerked a thumb at you while looking at Damian, who was muttering darkly under his breath.

“Hi, I’m Tim Drake.” The last brother slid into the last available chair and grinned.

“Damian told that you’re really good with computers. He also said that you’re about as evil as they come, but I don’t believe that.” You rambled.

You couldn’t miss the glare Tim sent Damian, who sent him one right back.

“Anyway, we’ll leave you here while we get our food, Dami.” Dick grabbed his brothers and led them away, the sound of their argument about which food to get fading.

“I apologize for that.” Damian shook his head and slid into the seat previously occupied by the oldest.

“Don’t.” You grinned. “It was interesting.” You took a bite of your food. It was cold.

“I like your brothers.” You say thoughtfully. “They’re exactly like you described. Except for Tim. Tim is nice.”

“Tim is the deviled personified.” Damian replied without pause.

“If you say so.” You chuckled at his dramatics.

“Why were you here today, Y/N?” Damian inquires.

Your E/C eyes light up.

“This new book that I’ve been wanting just came out, and it is so good. Also, I saw the most delicious looking candy shop that I’m thinking about stopping at after I get my book. It’s called Sweet Dreams, and all their candy is sleep themed. Chocolate shaped like Z’s, sheep made out of marshmallows, etc.” You stopped talking suddenly, aware that you had gotten a bit off topic.

“Sorry.” You mumbled. “You probably don’t want to hear about a candy shop.”

He shakes his head earnestly.

“No no. It’s fine. I like listening to you talk.” As soon as he speaks his face takes on a reddish tinge, and you don’t miss the relief on his face as his brothers call him away.

Before he leaves, he pauses and turns back to you.

“Maybe you’d like to visit that candy shop with me sometime?” He says, trying to mask his nervousness.

“Well I’m actually going after this but-oh. Oh! Yeah absolutely.” You nod eagerly, grinning.

Damian smiles before leaving. You look at your food and grin again.

“Bye future sister-in-law!”

“Shut up, Todd!”

anonymous asked:

hiiii tay, i was wondering if you wouldn't mind writing an imagine where tyler promises the reader he'll be back to play a charity baseball game with her but he doesn't make it because of work and she gets hurt or something? ilysm :)


“You said you’d play.”

“I know, I’ll be there.”

It was the same answer you had received from Tyler the last time he missed the charity baseball game, and you didn’t want to get your hopes up again. “Tyler,” you said slowly. “Tyler, the game is tomorrow. You promised. You promised you would play this time. Why aren’t you back home yet?”

There’s silence on the other end of the phone for a few moments before you finally hear Tyler’s deep voice. “I’ll be there,” he answered. “Josh and I snuck on this late night show last minute, and we have to do it. I’ll head over right after though.  I promise. By the time you wake up in the morning, I’ll be in bed with you.”

“You promise?” you repeated.

“I promise,” Tyler replied.

You let out a soft sigh of relief then. If there was one thing you knew you could count on, it was Tyler keeping a promise. “Alright,” you said. “I’m sorry I’m getting so worked up about it. I just miss you.”

“I miss you too, baby, but I have to go now,” Tyler said back. “I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

You sat your phone down onto the nightstand by the bed and turned off the lamp. You laid down in the bed and covered yourself up before curling up to the pillow you’d laid on Tyler’s side of the bed when he was gone. You really hated to sleep alone. You were so used to Tyler being there. His warmth and smell was your own personal lullaby that lulled you to sleep each night, and when he wasn’t there, you really struggled.

It was really pathetic, or at least you thought it was. Never in your life did you think you would find a love where you couldn’t survive without the other person being there, but you did and you wouldn’t change it for anything, no matter how bad it hurt.

You knew the day was going to be a bad one when you woke up still snuggled up to the pillow and not to Tyler.  You laid in bed for as long as possible before you absolutely had to get up and get ready.  After dressing yourself, you grabbed onto your phone and sent a few angry texts to Tyler.  You were really upset and hurt that he actually broke his promise.

When you showed up to the game, things got a little better. You suddenly became too busy to worry about Tyler or be angry at the fact that he broke his promise and hadn’t replied to any of your text messages yet.

During the game, you weren’t able to concentrate at all. Your mind was worried about Tyler.

You really didn’t know what was coming for you until it hit you, literally, and it hit you really hard as you slammed down into the ground after the guy on the other team hit a line drive right into the side of your head. You’re confused at first, then angry causing your blood to boil. You screamed, but it was a small scream in agony as you felt the searing pain in your head. You immediately grasp onto your hair as you roll over, getting a face full of grass but you didn’t care, you couldn’t. The only thing on your mind right now was the pain.  Several of your teammates run over, helping you stand and leading you off the field.  You don’t even bother checking to see if Tyler had arrived.  At this point, you couldn’t even be mad anymore. All you can feel is the hurt as you stagger off the field, but the hurt from your head is nothing compared to the hurt you feel from Tyler breaking his promise.

Tyler wanted to go back home and go to the charity game. He really did, so much more than than he wanted to play a couple of songs on a talk show that night. He could remember their first charity game that they played together. He wanted Y/N to know that he wanted to be there.

A part of Tyler knew he wouldn’t make it in time for the game, but he couldn’t tell Y/N no. Each time his she asked, Tyler had to resort to telling her that he would be there. Tyler just didn’t have it in his heart to tell her that he had to work.

Tyler’s phone rang loud that morning, jolting him out of his sleep. He groaned tiredly before he grabbed his phone and saw that it was Y/N calling. He almost declined it, knowing he would be in big trouble, but he couldn’t ignore her any longer. “Good morning,” Tyler greeted cheerfully in his husky morning voice as if nothing was wrong.

She didn’t even hesitate before responding with a dull, “I got hurt.”

Tyler’s heart feels like it stops for a moment as he quickly sits up. It takes a second to register before his heart is pounding wildly in his chest. “Hurt?” he asked back, voice a bit frantic. “What do you mean you got hurt?”

“I mean exactly that, I got hurt,” she replied back with no emotion in her voice. “I got a concussion.”

“I’ll be—“

“Tyler, don’t.”



There is a long pause of silence and it makes Tyler feel sick, his stomach twisting with fear and guilt. “It’s not a big deal,” she finally said. “I’ll be fine. I don’t expect you to come take care of me. You didn’t even want to come in the first place, apparently.”

“Common, don’t be like this,” Tyler replied back sharply. She didn’t understand how demanding his job could be. Tyler would give Y/N everything possible, the moon and the stars if she wanted. He would’ve been there if he could get away from work. “I’m coming back home. I promised—“

“I know what you promised,” she interrupted with venom in her voice. “I know what you promised and I know that you broke that promise.” She paused for a second before continuing. “I’m going to go. I have a headache. My mom is going to help around the house. I’ll talk to you later Tyler. Love you.”

The phone call clicks as it ended, leaving no time for Tyler to respond back with an ‘I love you’.

The guilt churned in his stomach again and he knew there was still time to keep his promise.

Tyler was going to be there for Y/N.

He got back home early the next morning. He was completely and exhausted and drained, not able to sleep the whole flight, but as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t just crawl into bed and go to sleep. He had to make things up with Y/N.

Tyler headed to their room first, opening the bedroom door quietly and peeking in. She was fast asleep, curled up to the pillow and holding onto it for dear life. Tyler stepped closer, seeing how peaceful she looked in her sleep. He leaned over, pressing his soft lips to her forehead. “I love you,” he whispered before leaving the bedroom.

Tyler immediately went to the kitchen. Tyler knew that a good old-fashioned breakfast in bed would win his girl back.

Tyler took his time to make the food. He made fluffy pancakes in the shape of a heart along with delicious scrambled eggs and greasy yet satisfying bacon, all of which were her favorites..

Tyler carefully carried the tray back to the bedroom and he sat it down on the nightstand before looking down at Y/N.  He removed the pillow she was holding onto and he replaced it with his own body. He didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around her and bring her in closer. “Baby,” he mumbled in her ear, kissing the side of her head gently. “Baby, wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered opened slowly and she blinked, staring dumbfounded at Tyler. She was sure it was just a dream that Tyler was there but when she realized that she could actually touch him and hold him, she knew it wasn’t. A smile grew on her face and she surged forward, kissing Tyler repeatedly. “I hate you for leaving me,” she said before kissing him again. “I hate you for not being there.” She kissed him again. “I love you so much.”

Tyler laughed quietly and kissed her one more time before sitting up. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, turning and grabbing the tray. He showed it to her and gave her an apologetic smile with his best puppy dog eyes. She rolled her eyes and took the tray. “You know I could never stay mad at you,” she said, immediately grabbing a piece of bacon and munching on it. “I was just upset. The one person I needed there most wasn’t. It was a bad day yesterday.”

Tyler nodded in understanding. “I know, I’m sorry,” he said. He pushed her hair back and looked at the spot where the ball hit. He frowned and leaned over, pressing a gentle kiss to it before sitting back up.

“I’m never playing baseball again,” she whined childishly, slightly pouting. “I’m not any good. Everyone was awful. I got slammed, Ty. And I’m still a little upset you broke your promise.”

“I know,” Tyler sheepishly replied. “I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’m always going to be here for you”

The expression on her face softened and she couldn’t help but let out a quiet huff of air. “I really love you so much,” she told Tyler.

“I love you too,” Tyler replied back, gently rubbing her upper thigh reassuringly. “Now finish your breakfast. We’ve got a long day of cuddles ahead of us.”

She grinned happily and nodded, taking a bite of her eggs. She chewed the food and swallowed and looked back up to her boyfriend. “Hey, Tyler?” she asked.


Y/N smiled and pointed to where Tyler’s heart was and said, “I’ll always be there too.”

The widest bed (touching just to touch)

Summary: Phil Lester is falling slow and he’s falling hard, and he can’t help but think, when he sees him, about how much it’s going to hurt when it ends, beacuse god, he is scarred for life.

2009 based.

Author: philboye 

Word count: around 4,500 words.

Warnings: a bit of swearing, homophobia, mentions of sex, abusive relationships, bit of smut in the end (if you may call it that) but nothing too awful. Stay safe anyways!
(Also this is long, just putting that out there)


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Yep, a few people asked me for a part 3 for Mistakes.

If you liked Mistakes and Starting Over just the way they are without continuation whatsoever, don’t read this one! I’m still afraid that this won’t make sense and you’ll end up getting confused so I recommend you not to read it. I hope I can make it a bit shorter so it won’t bore you.

But yeah, anyway, the decision is up to you!

This will be the last part.


Another week had passed, you still couldn’t believe it that you met Bruce just right a week ago. On a goddamn blind date.

Hands holding a tray with a cup of black coffee and a burger, you walked towards the table next to the window. Gently placing the order as you spoke up making the customer that you had known was a boy turning his head to you from his phone.

“Is there another thing I can help you with?”

Instead of hearing the usual, ‘no, thank you’s you heard something else.


Thus make you squint your eyes at him, or… Tim.

“Timmy?” You practically gasped at this point. Oh, great.

“Mom! I thought you were--” he trailed off, you saw the same look Bruce had when he talked about what happened months ago. Guilt. Tim didn’t seem he was going to finish his words, so you sighed.

“I came back months ago, living with Talia was quite boring, if I might say.” You kept your politeness intact since you were working.

“Oh,” he took a sip of his coffee and closed his laptop, “why didn’t you come back to the manor? We missed you, I missed you.”

This hurt you deeply, you also missed them too. Their laugh, bickering, cry, everything. Your coworker’s voice cuts your train of thoughts bringing you back to reality.

“I’ll explain later, don’t tell the others that I’m back.” After receiving a nod and a look of confusion which you ignored you went back to the kitchen to take another order.

The sun had set which means that your shift was over, after saying your goodbye to your coworkers the door behind you closed. Calling a taxi and told the driver your destination.

Standing in front of the huge doors, you pressed the door bell a few times until they opened revealing a familiar old man that you called father for years your marriage with the main Wayne.

“Hi, Alfred.” You greeted.

His eyes widening in surprise as if his life had gave him a plot twist.

“Miss (Y/N).” He was on the verge of crying, without hesitating and ditching the politeness he always pulls off no matter what the situation is, he pulled you into a warm hug. “I thought you will never come back.”

You laughed softly at that, “but I did, thanks to Talia for that.” You tried to joke but it made him cries, remembering that you died and he accepted that new woman into the family without even giving her a second glance.

It seems like guilt had buried itself in their hearts.

“Alfred, it’s okay. It’s all in the past. I missed you too.” You smiled, he returned your smile and finally letting you in after the emotional moments.

Alfred filled you up with what happened in the family ever since you died.

Bruce almost lost his mind, Dick became a bit grumpy and snappy, Jason who was already in those state became worse, Tim got less and less sleep (which explained why he had bad dark circles under his eyes when you met again), Damian always put his enemies on the verge of dying.

This sadden you, you had such an impact on them. Sighing, you took Alfred’s old hand into yours, squeezing it to assure him everything is fine now because you are back.

“Where are the others?” You asked, changing the topic.

“They’re in the cave replacing Bruce since he got quite a fight yesterday.” Alfred sighed, retreating his hand from you to massage his temples.

“Is he hurt?”

“Sadly, Miss (Y/N). He is hurt quite bad.”

“I’ll go check up on him, go rest, Alfred.”

With another hug, you finally went up to his room not without going into the kitchen to cook for him though. A few knocks were enough to emit a groggy, 'it’s not locked, come in’ from inside. You assumed Bruce was sleeping before you knocked remembering he was and still is a light sleeper, different from you.

Putting your free hand on the doorknob as the other held a tray for the thousandth time that day, you slowly turned it, the door made a slight creaking sound which you noted for later. He seemed surprised to see you, again, instead of Alfred.

“How are you feeling?” You stepped in before closing the door behind you then walking closer to his bed.

He didn’t question why you were there in the first place and answered you, “Better.” He grunted, sitting up on his bed.

You placed the tray full of medkit and his food on the nightstand, the room didn’t change the slightest. Just the fact other woman had slept on that bed with him was the only thing that makes it different. Your heart clenched at the thought, shaking your head to forget it since it was in the past.

“Eat up.” You handed him the soup, “then take your medicine while I change your bandage.

He took the bowl from you and start to eat meanwhile you unwrapped the bloody bandage from his muscular torso after sitting on the bed. It was weird to feel his warm skin under your fingertips again and it also the same for him. He hadn’t noticed how much he missed you until he felt your gentle touch.

It was so different than Angela.

His breath hitched when the thought came back into his head and you noticed it. Without warning, you placed a soft kiss on the crook of his neck, the habit you had when you were still his wife.

Noticing what you did, you awkwardly cleaned his bloody torso. "Sorry, my bad.” You mumbled, eyes focusing on your task as your brain screamed awkward in your head.

Bruce shook his head not minding at all as he continued to eat.

“Did you make this?” He broke the silence.

Tilting your head up slightly, you finally looked at him, hands still doing their job. “Hum? Oh! How did you know?”

He brought the spoon up making you raise your eyebrow, “Alfred never made a flower shaped vegetable.” He chuckled, you breathed an 'oh’ looking towards the flower shaped carrot on the spoon before he ate it up.

“Did you not like it?” You asked as you wrapped the bandage.

Shaking his head he takes the last bite. “No, it’s delicious.”

A small talk went on and on between you and him. A joke and bad puns that make you cringe also included. It was weird really, it was like nothing had happened like you never die in the first place, Angela never exists in your and his life. Soon you finished bandaging him and stood up.

“There, good as new.” You grinned proudly at your work.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Everything.” You sent him a confused look which he took as a sign to continue, “for bandaging me, treating me, taking a good care of the boys being a good mother and wife, forgiving me… Loving me.”

There it was, that talk again. You sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed taking a firm but gentle hold of his larger hands.

“Bruce, please, I told you. It was all in the past.” You squeezed his hand, “just forget about it, okay? I was never mad at you in the first place, yes, I did get a bit disappointed.” You admitted, his expression dropped slightly, “but that was it, Bruce. I don’t care about it anymore. I don’t want you to keep blaming yourself, I’m here now, I’m back.”

He nodded earning a gentle smile from you as you let his hands go and stood up.

“I’m gonna go surprise the boys.”

You left the room and he laid back to rest. He felt better now, you forgive him that’s all that matters.

After a few moments of silence just as he was about to sleep, a scream was heard from downstairs then a faint crying and sobbing came after. He guessed that you had surprised them well.

A sigh left his lips.

It’s all in the past, Bruce Wayne.”



I know guys, it doesn’t make sense. I should’ve made it a bit complicated. But I can’t think of any other way

I hope you enjoyed though.

Tell me what you think! I’d love to know!

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Fuji, Choutaro, Sanada, Ibu, Atobe' s/o being their personal chef because they're sick and trying to feed them

What are you cooking for someone sick? Oo I went with soup, soup is always okay, right?


Fuji had a little cold, nothing bad but you decided to bring over some soup you especially made for him. His sister let you in and when you entered his room, Fuji was casually lying on his bed, reading a book, not looking really sick but well the soup was already made so you gave it to him with a small smile. He took it from your hands and placed it down on his nightstand with a grin “Saa…you seem to worry a lot about me. Thank you (Name), it is so cute you made a soup just for me to get better.” You blushed a bit but okay, he was right you were a bit worried but your worry soon vanished when Fuji slipped under his covers and looked at you with an innocent smile “You have to feed me since…I’m sick, right?” He didn’t look so sick 5 minutes ago when you entered the room, you scowled “Feed yourself, you are not so sick.” Fuji continued annoying you until you harshly shoved the soup into his mouth, he dramatically rolled his eyes “Mhhhm…so delicious I can practically taste the love you made it with.” The rest of the day Fuji forced you to cuddle in bed with him, stroke his fair and feed him constantly because of his “sickness”.


“T-Thank you” his already red cheeks went even redder when you sat down on his bed with the soup you prepared for him. Gently you blew the soup so Choutaro wouldn’t burn his tongue. When you extended the spoon to him, he looked at you with big eyes “A-Ano…(N-Name)?” you just smiled and after a while Choutaro awkwardly opened his mouth to let you feed him. After he ate everything you had to force him to stay in bed because he insisted that he would clean up the dishes. Quickly you cleaned up everything and went back in his room to check on Choutaro again. “I’m so sorry you had to do this…Thank you so much! You are really a great cook!” (You knew exactly that you were just decent) You giggled at his panic and gently ruffled his locks “Don’t worry. You are sick and I’m taking care of you!” You sat next to his bed on a chair for a while talking about your day when Choutaro slowly fell asleep, holding tightly onto your hand.


Sanada denied that he was sick, even when he obviously had a fever and coughed every few minutes “There is now way I am sick. I have no time for such *cough* nonsense! I’m in perfect shape!” After more than half an hour arguing he finally went to bed insisting that he just did it because you wanted it and not because he really was sick. With a sigh you started to prepare a simple soup so he would actually get better. Sanada tried to sneak out of his room a few times but you always yelled at him to lie back down. When you entered his room with the steaming soup in hand, he was just meditating on the floor. You sat the soup down and dragged him back to bed with an accusing glare. When you lift the spoon and gently blew on the soup before holding it out for him his cheeks visibly flushed and he got a coughing fit “I-I *cough* *cough* can do it my *cough* self.” With a hum “Nooo~” you brought the spoon closer to his lips and he awkwardly swallowed the soup. Every spoon full of soup led to a long discussion if he could feed himself or not followed by a blush paired with more coughing. At least he was exhausted in the end and actually stayed in bed to sleep…


Ibu was more of an obedient but whiny sick than you expected. When you came over to his house to visit him and give him the soup you prepared he was rolled into his blanked like a burrito with only his dark hair sticking out. You had to suppress a giggle when you heard him mumbling to himself, complaining about feeling sick followed by a cough and more groaned complaints. Carefully you pulled his blanket down revealing a disheveled Ibu, his usual pale cheeks flushed. You sat down on the side of his bed “Do you want to eat a bit soup, Shinji-kun? I made some for you.” His eyes widened but he quickly nodded his head, mumbling “Even nodding hurts…it’s so unfair to be sick…maybe I’m not going to get better…I bet Kamio wilfully passed it on me…” You scooped up some soup and Ibu immediately opened his mouth like a little baby bird waiting for you to feed him. Whenever you took a bit longer to scoop up more soup he already opened his mouth with a groaned “Mooore” After finishing his soup he mumbled “Thank you…I’m not really feeling better but at least you care if I get better…not that it is helping but it’s nice to know..” and immediately fell asleep, curled up like a cat.


Ore-sama is perfectly capable of feeding himself.” You pushed the spoon closer to Atobe’s lips “Open you mouth…now.” Like a little kid Atobe turned his head away. “Fine.” through squinted eyes you observes Atobe taking the spoon, bringing the soup closer to his lips and spilling half of the content on his shirt “Yeah, perfectly capable..” You had to help him change his shirt and being the nice girl(boy)friend you are you brought him more of the soup you cooked. This time he wordlessly let you feed him. After he finished the soup he raised one of his perfectly shaped eyebrows “It was delicious but it tasted different. Who made it?” With a proud smirk you pointed at yourself and Atobe’s eyebrow raised even higher “Don’t look so doubtful, Keigo-kun. I can cook, you should thank me now.” To your surprise he actually mumbled a “thank you, love”. When you stood up to give him some time to rest he grabbed your hand and pulled you on the bed. Immediately he wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled his head in you hair “Stay…please…and maybe you can make it again tomorrow?” Who would have thought that a sick Atobe would be so adorable?

The Social Grace of Tindering: Chapter 8

Fairy Tail College AU:
Lucy Heartfilia was finally convinced by her college housemates to get a Tinder since the last time she had a boy over was… never. Struck by the awkwardness and stupidity that some of these boys show, she finally seems to find a match that just might work. (NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, and more)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 |Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 FFnet 

Rated: M for mature themes (language, NSFW THIS CHAPTER)
Word Count: 3,794 words

Chapter 8: Ignite

Lucy wasn’t sure how it had ended up like this. One moment she was enjoying the gentle kiss that Natsu had finally given her, and the next…

Well, she would blame it on the alcohol coursing through their veins.

The gentle kiss had quickly turned into a ferocious make out session between the two. One where Natsu had heavily begun to dominate in. Not that Lucy minded.

Lucy let out a gasp as he lifted her up into his lap, her legs moving to wrap around his waist as he sat cross-legged under her. He took that opportunity to move his tongue into her mouth to tackle her own. He tasted like Fireball Whiskey and vaguely wondered if this is what she tasted like as well.

Lucy broke the kiss to gasp for air before she stifled a moan with her hand. Natsu had moved to brush light kisses down her neck. He couldn’t help himself - her taste was intoxicating. Her skin glistened from the sweat she had gained from the heated house party, and she smelled greatly of alcohol - his alcohol. He took pride in the fact he was the cause of her enticing sounds and delicious scent.

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tails & talons - fairies and ink

Part (9) of my NaLu Florist/Tattooartist AU series
check out the amazing art for this fic:
read more: here

“Thankyou so much for helping me with these.”

“Ah, no worries!”

Natsu grinned as he dumped the last of the potting soil bags in the corner and clapped his hands together.

“There’s nothing more to carry, right?”


This could have been the prompt for him to leave, but Natsu seemed to have different plans. Lazily, he walked over to her chair and slumped down, resting his feet on the counter.

“And what do you think you’re doing?" 

"Keeping you company,” he yawned. “Besides, my next appoinment is only at two thirty. Still over half an hour left.”

Lucy tried to sound annoyed, but it sounded fake at best. They both knew she loved his company just as much as he loved hers.

And so she simply continued about her previous occupations, but not without giving him a quick warning to not destroy any vases - again.

As she rearranged the decoration, Lucy could hear him rummage through a drawer behind her back. Seriously, had he ever heard of privacy?

Then it became quiet again, and she continued exchanging pots and wilted flowers, until a regular scratching noise diverted her attention.

“Hey Natsu, what are you doing?”

“Mmmh?” he replied, apparently distracted. “Drawin’.”

That was enough to get her attention.

“Oh really? Can I see?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, but simply interrupted her busy hustle and bustle as she made her way to the counter, rounding it to peek over his shoulder.

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"Leave bites on my neck, so when you leave I can still wear your lips."

a/n: this is about hickies. i want one. 

Ashton had a long neck. No, it wasn’t noticeably long, or awkwardly long by any means, but it had some length. And you adored it, every inch of the smooth, flawless skin that connected his impeccable jaw line to his note worthy collar bones. And you don’t even want to get started on his collar bones. They stood out and seemed to mock you every time he moved his shoulders, practically begging you to just sink your teeth into the tight skin. And just beneath those was his broad chest, only colored with a shadow of hair and of course, his dark nipples that always seemed to poke from the sides of his sleeveless shirts. Even lower was his defined torso, complete with a chiseled v line that traveled into his pants along with a center line of hair. His body was literally a wonderland, so marvelous and perfect that it seemed to be your god given job to tear it up and bruise it- anything to flaw and color his otherwise unblemished skin. 

So upon coming home from tour and without the worry of being seen by fans every day, you knew this would be the perfect chance to place your mark all over his body. Ashton had been lazying around the house all day in nothing but a pair of old boxers, and currently was sprawled out on the bed watching a movie. You crawled onto the mattress beside him wearing one of his large shirts and your underwear, and you watched as his hazel leisurely traveled the length of your body. “Hey babe,” He greeted you slowly. “What’s up?" 

"I was just thinking,” You begin, taking this as your chance to straddle his hips and trace your fingers over his chest as you continue talking. “Your skin is so- you’re like a blank canvas, Ashton. Like, a beautiful, blank canvas that really doesn’t need any art on it because it’s just so flawless and- and blank, you know? But every artist that sees it just wants to be the one to put their paints and their marks on this blank canvas so they can show to everyone else that the perfect, now not-so-blank canvas is theirs.”

“What are you saying?” He asks, a playful grin tugging at his lips. By now, his fingers have wondered up under your shirt and are pressing prints into your hips. 

You lean forward and drag your blunt nails up to the base of his neck. Your bottom lip pebbles over his as you whisper, “I want to fucking destroy your blank canvas, Irwin." 

Ashton buries his moan between your lips as he fists the hair at the back of your head to pull you down at kiss him hard. Your teeth smash with his, but he’s quick to sooth it when his tongue licks into your mouth and sucks at your lip. He pulls away, dragging his teeth over your bottom lip before releasing you with a gasp of air. "Then what’s stopping you?” He asks. 

You can’t help the growl of victory that releases from your throat as you immediately dive to his protruding collar bones, pressing your teeth into his taunt flesh. You switch back and forth from bruising and sucking at his skin to blowing cool air to your new mark of territory and placing a kiss to the tender spot. You can hear Ashton’s gasps and labored breath as you create a trail of bites across his right shoulder, like a wake of vampire kisses. His fingers scratch down your back when you’re biting and bruising him, but flatten against your ribs when you blow and kiss the skin. 

“Lets make a pretty picture,” You decide, tracking your finger across Ashton’s newly blemished chest. You skim down his body to his torso, where you begin your process all over again above his belly button. Ashton’s arms curl around your back; his large hands gripping onto your shoulders and his fingers digging into your arms as you continue your loving abuse. Pretty soon, there’s blood red splotches in the shape of a heart standing out against his tanned skin. Ashton tilts his head up to look down at his stomach, his delicious abs flexing as he does so. 

“Cute,” He smirks lazily. “You finished yet? Because I want a turn." 

You shake your head, allowing your hair to fall into your face as you do so. "Oh no. I saved my favorite part for last, baby.” You cup his face in your hands before tilting his chin up slightly to give you great access to his frustratingly unblemished neck. You began under his ear, hearing his loud groan fill the otherwise silent room as you attack his sweet spot. You place one there, then one right in the middle of his jugular (“I’m like a vampire,” You can’t help but giggle to yourself as you suck this place of his neck.), then a couple on the other side of his neck. Pretty soon, Ashton’s throat is decorated with pretty, red spots. 

“One more,” You decide, running your palm over his chest until you feel the spot where his heart beat is the strongest. You could feel it hammering under your finger tips. You lower your mouth to the spot, and suck one last bruise onto his chest before finishing with a content sigh. Your lips are totally swollen and red, and Ashton thinks you look like a fucking goddess. 


In the morning, you wake up to find Ashton asleep on his stomach with his arm thrown over you. You sit up and eye yourself in the mirror across the room, noting each and every purpling bruise Ashton gave you last night. You had them down your neck and doting your breasts, ending with a crooked trail down your stomach. You turn your body and see the lopsided heart Ashton attempted on your shoulder blade. You’ve also got finger shaped bruises around your upper arm, but you can’t even remember Ashton hurting you enough to cause them. 

“Wake up, baby,” You mumble, leaning down to kiss the shell of his ear underneath his untamable curls. “I wanna see how my little art project turned out." 

Ashton groans sleepily before rolling onto his stomach, throwing his arm over his eyes to block out the light from the window. A grin creeps onto your face as you examine the purple and blue bruises littering Ashton’s upper body. Your heart turned out really well against his stomach, and you knew these weren’t going away for a while. "Oh man,” You muse. “You won’t be swimming for a long time, babe." 

"Fuck you,” He giggles roughly, his voice edged with sleep. He rolls over until he can hide his face in your lap to prevent the sun hitting his face. “I got you good too. No one will even dare to approach you with your neck looking like that." 

"That’s kinda the point though,” You grin, raking your fingers through his mop of golden hair. “We’ve got our matching hickies. You’re marked as mine; I’m marked as yours." 

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klaine, you're baking cookies in the communal kitchen at 3am and i'm angry but also really hungry

Oooh niiice

The first cupboard closing disturbs Blaine in his sleep, but he doesn’t wake up.

He just tosses and turns before finding a peaceful sleep once more.

The second cupboard closing gets him out of bed and frowning sleepily around him, until the unmistakable sound of a food processor working its magic comes from the kitchen down the hall and Blaine snorts a growl (or growls a snort, depends on your point of view) as he gets out of the room to walk towards the communal kitchen with the firm intention to tear a new one at the dumb ass who thinks that 3am is an appropriate baking hour.

That was his intention, he swears.

And then he slammed the door opened and the smell of the first batch of cookies still in the oven reached his nose.

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Razzy~ A FANFIC WRITTEN BY Helraisingstar!!! It's about me and the turtles please read and hope y'all enjoy! ❤️

“Guys? Hello?” Jasmine’s voice rang through out the lair, with footsteps light as air she walked down the steps towards what served as the kitchen for the turtles and Splinter and set down the pizza box she was carrying. Nobody seemed to have heard her, so she cleared her throat and yelled louder “I brought pizza!”

She might as well have just yelled that she was dying, because the second that the word ‘pizza’ left her mouth Mikey came sprinting in from the other room “Pizza? Awe Jazzycakes you didn’t have to-“ And suddenly he was tripping over something and face planting the ground with a groan before an “Ow.”

Startled, Jasmine jumped and looked around the table at him “Mikey you okay?”

“Oh yeah.” He was jumping back to his feet in mere seconds  “It’s all good bra. Now, you mentioned pizza?”

She shook her head and pointed to the box “Right there.”

“Sweet.” His bright blue eyes grew wide as he inched forwards to open the box “You’re the best Jazz.”

Jasmine rolled her eyes and watched him open the box while Leo and Donnie came into the room “Hey guys,”

“Hey Jasmine. Oh! Pizza!” Donnie cried gleefully before picking up a slice and joining his younger brother in eating it.

“Oh I get it, you guys just want the pizza and don’t want to talk to me.” Jasmine crossed her arms with a small grin on her face “Fine, I see how it is.”

Leo picked up a piece and held it in his hands “That’s not true, the pizza is just much more delicious.”

Jasmine raised an eyebrow “I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or be offended to what it may imply.”

Leo took a bite and then after a few seconds of realization his eyes went wide “That’s uh. Not what I meant.”

Mikey let out a snort “Dude, thats nasty.”

“Shut up Mikey!” The leader snapped before looking at Jasmine “Sorry Jazz.”

She just shook her head, her mouth shaping a small smile “It’s fine Leo.”

Just then Raph walked into the room, Jasmine’s smile grew as she looked at him “Hey Raph.”

He gave a nod as his greeting and pushed his way to the pizza box to grab two slices “Whats up Short Stuff?”

Jasmine looked down at the ground slightly embarrassed, she hated the fact that she was only 5’4 and that the turtles towered over her. Even Mikey was a giant compared to her, they would always tease her about it, especially Raph.

“So Jazzy.” Mikey said with his mouth full “We gonna have our date night tonight?”

Jasmine laughed as the other three stared at their youngest brother in confusion “Sorry Mike, I can’t, I’m going out tonight.”

Mikey’s face dropped as he swallowed “But we were gonna watch Creeper Double Feature’s tonight!”

“I have a date.” She shrugged, trying to reason with him.

Raph’s head turned slightly at the word “Date?”

“Yeah, it’s supposed to be a date with me!” Mikey pouted “Not cool Jazzycakes.”

She sighed and patted his arm “Tomorrow okay Mikey? I promise.”

The pout was still on his face and he wouldn’t look at her, but he nodded his head which indicated that he wasn’t mad at her “Fine”

“We can watch as many Creeper Double Feature’s as you want.” She reassured him “But I have to go get ready, I’ll see you guys tomorrow okay?”

Mikey, Don and Leo said their goodbyes but Raph followed her to the door “Where ya goin’ on this date?”

Jasmine raised an eyebrow as she turned around to look at him “Brooklyn, why?”

Raph crossed his arms, flexing his huge biceps “That’s a rough part of town, you know that.”

“So?” She eyed him up “Doesn’t mean I’m getting kidnapped, I’m going to be with other people.”

“Not good enough.” He argued. “I’m comin’ with you to keep an eye on you.”

“No you are not.” Jasmine stuck up an index finger “You’re not coming to supervise my date Raph, that’s just weird.”

The serious look on his face didn’t falter “You don’t really get a say in this matter. I’m coming with you.”

“No.” She pressed “I’m not some child you can just boss around.”

Raph followed her as she started to walk closer to the door “What happens if you do get in trouble?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She demanded “Are you saying I can’t defend myself?”

“Of course you can’t defend yourself, look at you you’re the size of a doll.” He resentfully said, gesturing to her body.

Oh that did it.

Say what you would about Jasmine’s hight, but her temper was more than enough to make up for that, once she was ticked off there was almost nothing that could stop her “That’s what you think of me? I’m just some doll for you to keep locked up in this place? I don’t need you to protect me!”

She’d have to lie if she said that the slightly hurt and taken aback expression on the turtles face didn’t satisfy her. At the moment she was angry, and all she wanted to do was hurt Raph “You think so?” He said quietly.

Jasmine clenched her fists “I know so! I don’t need you hiding in the shadows, following me everywhere I go Raph! What, you don’t have anything better to do!?”

His eyes went down to near slits as he unravelled his arms and leaned over to glare down at her “Fine Shorty, you don’t want me to follow you around then I’ll just letcha go. Have fun trying to get out of trouble on your own.”

Jasmine didn’t back down from his glare, she stood tall and the two stared each other down until she turned around and walked out of the lair.

She was gone just like that, it didn’t take her too long to get out of the sewers and back up to her apartment which was just across the street from the manhole she used to get to the turtle’s place.

Jasmine’s parents were always working since her dad was a partner in a big business company, so she was on her own a lot, especially on weekends. She could go anywhere she wanted to, which was also why she spent so much time at the Lair with the turtles.

She had a shower, got changed, and just as the sun was setting she was catching a taxi out to Brooklyn where she would meet Kane and her friends.

Kane and Jasmine had known each other since the beginning of high school, they liked to flirt a lot and yesterday he had asked her if she’d want to go to a street dance as his date. Of course it wasn’t actually a date, but given the fact that Jasmine had had a crush on him since forever, she obviously accepted.

She arrived at the address she was given and got out, the street was lit up with all kinds of lights, there was music, drinks, food, and lots of people. It took a while, but eventually she found Kane and her friends.

“Hey guys.” She smiled at them all, they returned it and gave greetings of their own. She turned to Kane and that’s when her smile dropped; in his hands was a beer and cigarette. Two things that she really didn’t like.

“Hey Jazz.” He smiled at her, taking a sip of the bottle “You look nice.”

“Uh, thanks.” She said a little uneasy, she wasn’t one for being a prune, but she really hated it when people around her smoked and drank booze “I didn’t know you were into that stuff.”

“Oh yeah.” He grinned and looked at the cigarette he was holding “Don’t tell the folks.”

She nodded and bit her lip, she had a bad feeling about this.

The night went on, she and Kane danced, and as they did Kane drank and smoked more and more.

A lot more.

“C’mon.” He said to her around midnight “I wanna show you somethin’.”

Hesitantly, Jasmine followed him up the fire escape of one of the buildings surrounding the dance. There were some shaky moments for Kane as they climbed, she made sure that he didn’t fall off, and eventually they reached the top.

Kane walked up to the edge and leaned on it with a sigh, Jasmine followed and saw what he was talking about; the view was a sight to behold!

“Wow.” She said more to herself then to him; the turtles had shown her around the high tops of the city plenty of times before, but she had to admit that this was one of the better sights.

“Yeah.” Kane smiled at the view of the Hudson River “It’s quite somethin’ ain’t it?”

“It is.” She agreed, standing next to him “Why’d you want to show it to me?”

Kane put out the cigarette he was currently smoking and smiled at her before reaching for her chin “Just wanted to set the mood.”

Jasmine had imagined what it would be like to kiss Kane Evanders for a long time, but she didn’t want it to be like this; he was a good student, a nice person, and a great friend… When he was sober.

“No.” She pushed him away “Kane I don’t want it to start like this.”

“Start like what?” He asked, reaching for her again and leaning in “Just relax.”

But she dismissed him again “Kane you’re drunk! I don’t want to be the girl you had while you were like this, I should go.”

But as she went to leave he grabbed her wrist “Oh no ya don’t! I didn’t hike it all the way up here just for you to walk away from me, Loyal!”

Jasmine tried to pull herself out of his grasp “Kane let go!”

He wasn’t budging and managed to bring her back towards him, pushing her up against the wall so she was leaning over it a bit “You’re mine.” His breath reeked of alcohol as he spoke. The closer he leaned in, the farther Jasmine was pushed over the wall.

“Kane let me up!” She cried, trying not to look down “Please! Let me up!”

“Not until you give me some!” He demanded, but that was as far as he got before something was sending him flying backwards with an “AHH!” His grip on Jasmine had disappeared and she found herself tilting off the edge. She screamed but it didn’t last long before someone was grabbing her firmly by the wrist and pulling her up towards them.

She recognized his touch and was quick to cower against his chest, tears falling down her face as huge arms wrapped themselves around her petite body, protectively. She had never been so glad to see him in all her life!

“It’s okay Jazz, I gotcha.” Raph said to her in a soothing matter “I gotcha. He ain’t gonna hurt you.”

Jasmine looked up at the turtle in front of her, the attitude and cockiness that was normally in his eyes had disappeared and right now all she could see was concern as he asked her “You okay?”

She nodded before looking around him to see Kane passed out on the ground. She looked up at her saviour, shooting him an accusing look “Raph!”

“Wasn’t me.” He said, raising his hands off of her to put them up in defence “Kid ran himself into the wall after he saw me.”

“Oh…” Jasmine trailed off and looked at the ground. 

Raph sighed, getting the gist that she wasn’t in the mood to talk yet, he picked her up “C’mon. I’ll take ya home.”

It’s not like she could argue even if she wanted to, which she didn’t, she was glad that he had shown up.

Raph got them back to Jasmine’s apartment and finally set her down on her fire escape. She opened her window and sat on the ledge, looking back at him as he crouched down “Okay you were right. Now will you just say I told you so already? It’s driving me nuts.”

He was looking out at the city as he spoke “I ain’t saying I told you so.”

This surprised her “What?”

He looked down at her “I don’t care about being right. I’m just glad that you’re safe.”

“Oh.” She trailed off once more “So why did you come even after we fought?”

“Because.” He put his finger on her chin and smiled at her “No matter how big of a pain in the neck you are Short Stuff, I’m always gonna be around to protect you. Whether you like it or not.”

Jasmine smiled at this, realizing just how lucky she was to have Raph in her life. She leaned up and kissed his cheek, “Thanks for saving me tonight, I’m glad you came.”

He smiled again and stood up “Catcha tomorrow?”

She nodded “Definitely.”

“Good.” He said, climbing the railing and hanging off of it “Make sure to bring more than just one pizza okay? It didn’t end well today.”

Jasmine laughed and nodded “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Get some sleep.” He told her before giving a wink “I’ll see ya tomorrow Short Stuff.” And with that he launched himself off the railing into the air.

Jasmine got up and watched him hang off the fire escape of the apartment complex across the street and look up at her with a grin. He gave a little salute and gracefully flipped so he was falling, landing on the manhole and slipping into the sewers out of sight.