his happy dance


miles congratulating michael on the pregnancy!!! i’m crying!!!

Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr


kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)


Who wore it better? Jonghyun vs Barny 

I made this for you @jonghyun-kun 

Big Bang reaction to their close friend/crush confessing

G-Dragon: would actually get super flustered because well…it’s you, someone he never expected to hear something like this from and now when he does it’s almost impossible to keep a straight face so yeah, be ready to face giggly side of Jiyoung

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T.O.P: would immediately start questioning himself why the hell wasn’t he the one to do it and also much much earlier…so don’t expect him to be up for waiting, your first date might just start right there

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Daesung: ok, some guys would just scream inside their heads or at least wait until they’re alone…Daesung would do neither…he would have his happy dance right there in front of you finishing with a bone crushing hug

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Taeyang: would probably hug even before you finish with everything you wanted to say, not only because can’t handle doing that after finally hearing those words but also because he just needs to do something to hide the fact that he really can’t stop grinning and did he just blush for a second there??

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Seungri: will act super confused just to make you say it all one more time, not just because he wants to see you becoming a blushing mess but he also still can’t believe he actually heard those words so he will use every opportunity to make sure to he enjoys them as many times as he can

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God, Ban-Ryu’s adoptive father (Young-Shil) is such a manipulative jerk. Ban-Ryu was finally being happy practicing his dancing and not getting into fights with his roommates and then that man comes and ruin it.

I mean, look at him: 

It was practically the first time that we’ve seen him smile this way, and then his expression completely changes the moment he reads Young-Shil’s letter:

On robron wedding day, I would love the Dingle’s to say they are happy to have Rob in the family, and to see Aaron this happy when Rob drinks out of the welly

In another life, Yuuri never drinks at the banquet.

In another life, Yuuri doesn’t spill confidence as he had expensive liquor from sixteen, twenty champagne flutes.

In another life, Viktor does not fall in love, and the ice remains his to claim in much the same way it has his legs shackled in its cold, star-bright embrace.

In another life, they don’t meet at all.

Yuuri finds his life and happiness in dance, finds his heart in ballet, never once finding his second love on the lone TV screen within Ice Castle Hasetsu.

Viktor remains on the ice, forever in a dance between emptiness and fullness because-

Is this all there is to him? Golden medals and grace on ice and winter-cold loneliness?

In another life, the fates write cruelty into frail human hearts and bones. The Nishigori triplets never film Yuuri’s cry for love, Yuuri never meets the Yuuko who introduced him to his second- and final- love, Yuuri never falls in love with skating at all.

In another life,

they were never granted their truest happiness at all.