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Raven Cycle Fanfiction Recs List

I’ve started dipping my toes into the Raven Cycle fandom after finishing Blue Lily, Lily Blue last November. Luckily, a few incredibly talented writers have produced some superb Raven Cycle stories for the 2014 Yuletide Fanfiction Exchange on AO3, so for my first post of 2015, here are some of my favorites from the entire bunch. Happy reading!

1. A Strange, Wild Kingdom by Isis
Adam and Ronan try waking more of Niall Lynch’s dreams. Things go awry.
This is the fic responsible from turning me from a casual into a certified Ronan Lynch/Adam Parrish shipper. It’s got evocative, beautiful prose on top of everything I could possibly want out of a Raven Cycle fic-Adam using what he has learned from Persephone to look outward (and not inward) in order to divine Cabeswater’s intentions, Adam and Ronan no longer able to ignore their UST because of Cabeswater, and most of all, Blue and her Raven Boys growing into their roles as the mirror and the king, the magus and the Greywaren, combining their newly-awakened abilities to accomplish the impossible. Plus the ladies of 300 Fox Way and Gwenllian being a humongous troll! No lie, when I got to the moment when Adam said “Cabeswater wants,” and Ronan responding with “Cabeswater is not the only one who wants,” my heart skipped a beat. But that’s just me. To whoever wrote this, you are a gift, and I had a very merry Raven Christmas because of you.

2. Time Enough, But None to Spare by Marks
Blue learns what comes around, goes around and then goes around again and again.
If you had to read just one story in this fandom, let it be this one. It’s got lovely Blue/Gansey moments and Ronan/Adam hints, but at its heart, it’s all about Blue’s bonds with her magical oddball families-both the one she was born with and the one she’s found through Gansey’s Glendower quest. It’s amazing how many of the lines and scenes from this story feel like they could be straight out of Maggie Stiefvater’s books-the mention of Chrismukkahpluskwanzaa holiday decorations hung yearly by the ladies of 300 Fox Way, Ronan and Noah racing cars on an elaborate racetrack constructed out of leftover cereal boxes (with Gansey shaking his head at Ronan’s wasted potential), Blue and her boys high-tailing it out of a Gansey family party by stealing a vintage car from Gansey’s dad, along with a glass of expensive Cabernet for scrying purposes. Plus, it offers a satisfactory resolution to the problem posed by the third sleeper, Blue’s curse, and the threat of Impending Doom hanging over Gansey, so since the fourth and final Raven Cycle book won’t be coming out until after a year or two, I’m glad the fandom has produced something as wonderful as this fic.

3. For a Body in the Garden by Liviana
It is a cool day, when the colors of autumn are just beginning to show, when Ronan and Adam get the bright idea to have sex in Cabeswater.
A PWP that started off as incredibly sexy but gradually veered into creepy territory. The images evoked in the story were so mesmerizing-Ronan handling Adam with the same care he gives to a temperamental car like the Pig, Adam’s heightened senses making him more keenly aware of his surroundings, especially of the voices whispering to him through the wind rustling Cabeswater’s trees-and the last three paragraphs made my blood run cold.

4. In Your Dreams by Isis
Ronan’s been dreaming a lot about Adam lately.

The recipient of this story requested angry make-outs and “Ronan’s dream powers making his crush more and more embarrassing in reality,” and the author delivered, much to my glee. Adam’s having trouble getting enough sleep because he can sense Ronan dreaming about him on the ley line, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. UNF. I especially loved the dialogue in this one-both Ronan and Adam’s voices felt spot-on.

5. The Art of Shutting the Fuck Up by Marks
Adam doesn’t want to talk about it, which only leaves doing. Spoilers for Blue Lily, Lily Blue.
BBLB missing scene fic. In no mood to talk after Persephone’s death, Adam hits on another way to work off his pent-up nervous energy by making out with Ronan in a deserted shed in the woods right behind 300 Fox Way, and then they go off to set Operation Frame Greenmantle into motion. At some point, Cabeswater decides that it wanted to be part of the action, so do read on if Raven Boy threesomes with ancient magical forests hit your kink buttons.

6. Numb is an Old Hat, Old as My Oldest Memories by antediluvian
It was a victory. Adam had walked out of the courtroom with that taking a weight off of his shoulders, but his history was written on his bones. A Judge’s decision didn’t change who Adam Parrish was, or what he came from.
Post-BBLB future fic in which the court case filed by Adam against his abusive father has been decided in Adam’s favor. Yet Adam cannot bring himself to share in Gansey’s and Ronan’s elation at their mutual victory, since it still felt like a betrayal, however justified, of the very blood that runs through his veins. Fortunately, Noah’s there to make Adam realize that he was “more than the sum of his mother’s fear and his father’s fury.” A must-read for anyone convinced (or needs convincing) that Noah Czerny is an actual angel, and for those who want all the good things for Adam Parrish.

7. Expansion by gonergone
The thing was, Ronan had never actually thought that the thing with Adam was an actual thing.
Missing scenes around the events of the third book.
Excellent Ronan POV, ably conveying his frustration at not being able to read Adam or figure out what the other boy wants most of the time, but still willing to take whatever Adam can give him, without it coming off as desperate or pining. (Ronan Lynch doesn’t pine, even when in the grips of seemingly unrequited love, I believe). Plus, it offers us a hopeful ending, but one that doesn’t tie things up neatly with a bow, as one of the reviewers commenting on this fic put it more elegantly.


Pairing: Ken/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: explicit penetrative sex, oral sex, very dirty talk, light impact play (just a bit of playful spanking), some silly fluffy romance

Wordcount: 3334

Request: Ken/Reader, riding cowgirl, loud Ken, ass grabbing/slapping

Notes: So yeah I gave Ken a hot, curvy, athletic girlfriend with a really nice ass…go me! Honestly, I think Jaehwan (and probably Wonshik too) would definitely be the type to appreciate a curvier girl he can really sink his big hands into…unf. This is really like a cute everyday scene, no major kinkiness there, just couple-y, fluffy intimacy and a lot of foulmouthed Jaehwan…*blushes* I hope y'all enjoy it ^3^ xoxo

(oh btw the song referred to in the fic is T-ara’s “Sexy Love”. It always makes me think of Jaehwan, that line about a sexy nose…)

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