his hands. just look at them


summary; shawn is forced to choose between you and his girlfriend

a/n; seven pages of angst and drama all in one – my fav ;))


“Where’s Shawn?” Matt and your friends asked you for what must’ve been the tenth time tonight. 

You finished setting the last blanket over the couch as you claimed your favorite pillows for the night ahead of you. 

“Not sure,” You answered. “I’ve tried texting him for the past 15 minutes. The boy never checks his texts,” You laugh it off as you head to the kitchen to bring the two bowls of popcorn into the living room.

Shawn, Geoff, Ian, and Matt had been in town from Shawn’s tour for the last few days, and the five of you finally found a time to hang out again. You had all missed each other and since the tour had just wrapped up, everyone found tonight as the perfect opportunity to catch up. You had met the four boys through Shawn and although you had only known them for a few years, they felt like your brothers. They looked out for you and talked to you almost every day.

Shawn on the other hand, had been your best friend since middle school. The two of you met in English class in seventh grade and quickly bonded over each other’s love for Harry Potter and music. Although neither of you were the most popular in school, you and Shawn always had each other’s back through the years. He had brought smiles on your face during your worst moments, stayed up late with you during nights you couldn’t sleep, and given you advice that has stuck with you throughout the years. In turn, you supported Shawn’s music when the other kids at school didn’t, listened to his first song that he wrote, and cheered with him when he found out that he had just gotten his first major award show nomination. Now here you guys were, one year out of high school, and still partners in crime. You couldn’t of asked for anyone better to fill in the position as your best friend.

Everyone had gathered at Ian and Geoff’s place for a traditional movie night, but your best friend had been a no-show for the past half hour. Everyone including yourself was beginning to become impatient as everyone began making a dent into the stash of snacks before the first movie even played. You didn’t want to begin the night without him, but he had showed no signs of arriving any time soon.

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missing keith au pt 1

based of @matthewholts art and au where keith’s missing and all lance has left are tapes (oof i jump right into the angst so…here we go…)

  • keith goes missing the night after they share their first kiss and lance wakes up from their his sleep and reaches out for keith’s hand only to find the other half of his bed cold and empty.
  • the night before, he and keith were on the couch, both absentmindedly watching some kind of documentary, knees touching and keith’s head on his shoulder, the closest they’d been in weeks.
    • lately keith had been quiet, flinching, secretive. staying out late, talking on the phone in hushed tones, he was becoming distant and it reminded lance so much of when they first met that he wanted to cry. ask keith what went wrong.
    • he’d come home tired, pale, and toward the last couple of weeks before his disappearance, covered in dirt and bruises. once, lance tried to ask about what was going on as he helped keep a tissue to keith’s bleeding nose, but keith snapped at him. it wasn’t his business he said. but as he watched keith limp out of the room and slam his door, he wished it was.
  • keith broke the calm that settled over them with a shuddering breath and a few words mumbled into lance’s shoulder
    • “i can’t hear you when you stuff ur face into my shirt” lance softly laughed and keith turned his face to look up at lance and repeated himself
    • “im sorry” he said, and took lance’s hands in his (lance was almost positive that keith can feel his racing heartbeat throb on his fingertips that are now pressed against the back of keith’s hand, but if he does he doesn’t say anything)
    • “what for?” lance asked, but he already knew. he just didn’t want to push to hard, didn’t want keith to close himself off again. he didn’t know if he could handle it
    • keith nestled himself back into lance’s side and his grip on his hands tightened 
    • “for nothing. everything. i’m not a hundred percent sure but especially for this” he says as he brings his lips to lance’s, breath escaping both of them at the same time as everything around them falls into place
  • they kiss softly and sweetly as the video is still playing on the tv, and when lance pulls away, he says “i’m not sorry for that” before pulling keith in for another one
  • when he wakes up alone, he understands why keith was apologizing, remembers drifting off to sleep with fingers in his hair and keith’s raspy voice tickling the shell of his ear
  • “you will be”
Falling in love with Tom Holland in the 50s:

Since the first time you saw him walking through the hallway Because who wouldn’t want to meet Tom in the 50s?


Tags: @iamnesta @stormyparker @feeling-straange @cancerous-lizard666 (Tell me if you wanna get tagged!!)

  • He was the popular boy at your school
  • Yet he wasn’t the asshole kind of popular, more like the popular boy who’s lowkey a nerd
  • His hair was always in those kind of curls,some of them were falling on his face somtimes, which made him to push them away every now and then (oh way god you know that video were he pushes his hair back?? I’m dead)
  • Since the first time you saw him walking through the hallway
  • You immediately crushed in him
  • But you surely weren’t the only one
  • Basically every girl would love to even have his attention for themselves
  • Even if it would only be for a few second


  • Eventually, you’d have some classes with him
  • Today was Thursday
  • First class of the day: physics
  • You adored physics
  • When you were younger you kind of had some problems with it
  • You always had to have a clear picture in your head to actually understand it
  • But now, you immediately get what the teacher is talking about
  • Electromagnetism
  • One of the most easiest topics in physics
  • While the teacher was explaining everything, you took some notes
  • Some notes aka almost an entire page
  • The teacher was in the middle of explaining when the door suddenly opened


  • “I’m so sorry for being late. I had to talk to the principal about something very important.”
  • Tom
  • Your heart started beating a little bit faster
  • “I’ve been informed Mr. Holland, please take a seat. I’m sure one of your classmates will tell you what we’ve been doing.”
  • He nodded, looking around for a place to sit
  • There was one seat left and that was next to Y/N
  • Aka the girl he had a massive crush on
  • He loved how she feather hid behind a book than listening to the gossip all the other girls are talking about
  • She was good at school, some people even called her a nerd
  • It seemed like she never let anything negative get too much of her attention
  • But sometimes, even if it would be for a few seconds, he saw the sadness in her eyes
  • “Hey, do you mind if I sit next to you?“
  • „Uh-uhm.. no, absolutely not.“
  • Oh god why did you have to stutter in the most important moments??
  • Big little did you know that he was as nervous as you were
  • His heart was beating so fast,he was afraid that you could hear it
  • „Can I,uhm, have a look on your notes.“
  • „S-sure.“
  • B L U S H I N G
  • Like from the both of you (a lot of it)
  • After some time he mumbled something
  • „Oh god…“
  • „You’re alright?“
  • „Well, actually.. no I don’t really get this if I’m being honest.”
  • That was the chance you’ve been waiting for
  • “Uhm, do you want me to teach you? This topics of one of my favorites and I could try teaching you.”
  • “You would?!”
  • Loverboys eyes would widen at the words you were saying
  • “Yeah, when are you free?”
  • “Actually, today would be fine with me.”
  • “Alright,uhm.. where?”
  • “My place?”


  • Oh my god is this really happening???
  • Is the Tom Holland asking you to come over??
  • He looked at you with a waiting look on his face
  • “Yeah, alright I’ll be the around six if that’s okay with you?”
  • “Sure, yeah. Uhm I’ll see you later Y/N!”
  • “See you later Tom.”
  • As both of your ways separated you from each other, your thoughts didn’t
  • Both of you would have massive smiles on your faces, hearts still beating fast

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Solangelo Headcanons

because I’m a dork.

: Willing to bet money that at least once, Will bribed the Demeter kids to grow 13 black roses for him and he put them all in a big beautiful bouquet and left it in front of the door of the Hades cabin for Nico to find later

:when the camp Halloween party draws near, Nico and Will decide to dress up as Hades ad Persephone, but the other way around just to mess with everyone. So Nico wears a black rose flower crown and Will is wearing some of Nico’s clothes with an added black robe for dramatic effect. So when they show up to the party, everyone is just looking at them extreamly confused while Piper and Annabeth are taking pictures

: Nico talks a lot with his hands (according to the book. I mean he is Italian) and sometimes Will has to stifle his laughter because he thinks its so adorable.

: Sometimes when Nico and Will go out on a date, the rest of The Seven will follow them around ingonito to make sure nothing goes wrong. ESPECIALLY the date where Nico plans on proposing (I like to think he’s really good at grand romantic gestures (which is from another solangelo headcanon, which I did not write, so credit where credit Is due)) Frank is definitely the bird’s eye spy for obvious reasons. Annabeth is the stealth master with her Yankees cap,
:Nico is secretly a kickass dancer (especially when it comes to Liny Hop, Jazz, and Swing Dancing) While poor Will has two left feet. Nico sees this as an opportunity to spend more time with Will by teaching him how to dance.

:One day Nico decides to shadow travel him and Will to Venice and spend the day together and just mill about being all cute together <3

:Sometimes, Nico and Will get into a competition of one-upping eachother in the grand romantic gestures department, most of which Nico wins. But the one time Will actually won was when he got up and started a one man flash mob to “Classic” by MTKO in a tuxedo and top hat (bless his heart, he pulled 3 all nighters to come up with the choreography for it).Piper, Annabeth, and Jason (the original Solangelo shipper) made absolutely sure that Nico had a front row seat.

:Whenver Will finds out that Nico hasn’t eaten, he remembers that the boy has a weakness for McDonalds so in order to get him to eat, Will will ask Nico to shadow travel them there (Will is pretty smug about finally getting Nico to eat something without begging, pleading, or threatening to tell Jason, Reyna, Piper, Hazel, Percy, Annabeth, and Frank about how many meals he’s been skipping)

: Hades and Apollo have had a bet in place for a while on who will be the one to propose and when Nico tosses an Apple to Will one day with a ring of gold with a silver skull imbedded in the center of a golden sunflower in the middle tied to the stem, Hades wins to he shock and surprise of pretty much everyone.


A drunk!Dean x Reader / fluff

A/N: Hey, it’s me! Just writing two things in one week. (It’s probably going to snow). This is just something that popped into my head, because I love drunk!Dean/Jensen. I hope you guys like it. Your response fuels my writing. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,302

- language.
- implied smut (kind of)

Tags: (at the end)
*if you want to be tagged in future fics, send me an ask.

*gif is not mine.

It was early for you, considering you normally didn’t wake up until at least noon. Looking at your phone, you realized it was only 7 am. Sam wasn’t even awake yet; his bedroom door next to yours still closed. With no windows in the Bunker, it was hard for you to wake up with the dawn anymore, your body used to the sun being your alarm clock. Walking down the hallway into the kitchen, you could hear faint giggling. It was a deep, goofy giggle, and you knew exactly who it was coming from.

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kountoall  asked:

In chapter 25 I think of reverse Kurama thinks for a moment of taking Genma with him. Do you ever think of doing a au of it. I just imagine all the shenanigans they would get into.

Genma wakes with a throbbing headache, the vaguely nauseating lurch of a mild concussion, and the scent of rain and wet earth heavy in his nose.

It’s nothing at all like the sea-and-stone scent of Whirlpool Country that he remembers from before, and the air clings like a damp shroud in a way that sea air doesn’t. There’s no sense of Kakashi’s chakra, either, familiar and crackling like lightning. Instead, it’s like someone lit a bonfire right next to his head—chakra burns, as brilliant as standing at the heart of a wildfire.

Taking a breath, Genma opens his eyes, and is immediately confronted by orange-gold and green.

“Kurama-nii!” the little girl calls gleefully, grin wide and bright. “Kurama-nii, he’s awake! Are you going to torture him?”

“Are you going to eat him?” a redheaded boy, even younger than the girl, asks solemnly, leaning over Genma’s other side. Eerily pale eyes blink at Genma for a moment, and then the boy looks up. “Shukaku says you should eat him.”

“Shukaku is about ten cards short of a full deck,” a familiar voice says dryly, and a dark-skinned arm loops around the little boy and scoops him up. “Sweetheart, I thought you were supposed to be emptying out your pack.”

“But laying clothes out is boring,” the girl complains, even as she scrambles up. “They’re not that wet.”

“If you don’t stick them by the fire, they’re going to molder,” Uzumaki Kurama says, crouching down even as he boosts the redhead—the Kazekage’s child, Ichibi jinchuuriki, highly unstable, Genma remembers from the report, and can’t feel anything but bemused—up to cling to his shoulder. The boy latches on like a monkey, apparently perfectly content, and Kurama definitely doesn’t seem to mind, hardly even notices as he looks Genma over a little warily.

“Sorry,” he says, on the verge of gruff, but there’s a flicker in his eyes that makes Genma certain that he means it. “Freak Squad was incoming, and it was put you down or get the kids the hell out of there.”

Given that dropping him was hardly a time-consuming chore, Genma calls bullshit, and lets his raised eyebrow speak volumes as he pulls himself up to sit. Kurama has the grace to look faintly abashed, if not regretful, and he rolls his eyes a bit and huffs.

Well. There’s nothing to be done about it now, clearly, since Genma gets the feeling that Whirlpool Country is far behind them. He looks Kurama over, taking in the ragged clothes, the bare feet, the weary look edging his eyes, and tips his head in acceptance.

“I feel like I picked a fight with a mountain,” he says, keeps it light so that Kurama will know he’s joking even as he puts a hand up to rub at the lump on his skull.

Thankfully, it’s only humor that crosses Kurama’s sharp, almost pretty features. He chuckles softly, reaching out to gently tip Genma’s head forward. It’s a careful motion, and Genma only just feels the touch of claws against his scalp as Kurama shifts his hair. His bandana is still in his pocket, he realizes with something of a start. And—maybe it’s fitting, that Genma took off his hitai-ate before he helped Kurama, but…

Namikaze Minato was Genma’s Hokage, far more than the Sandaime. Minato was the one he loved, the one he would have given his life for in a heartbeat. And it was Minato he was serving, letting Kurama go. There’s no way Minato would ever have kept Naruto away from his last living relative, even if Naruto wasn’t his son. What could Genma do but honor that, when everything pointed to Kurama being benevolent, rather than an enemy?

“A jinchuuriki, not a mountain,” Kurama corrects dryly, letting Genma go to sink back on his heels, though dark red eyes linger on him. “It’s probably the next best thing, though, honestly.”

Genma grins, because he knew Kushina, and he’d definitely agree with that. Before he can say as much, though, there’s a scuffle off to the side, and with a cheer Naruto goes tumbling head over heels, a small white fox in his arms. They’re wrestling, Genma realizes with a start, and—

Six years, and he’s never seen Naruto laugh like that before. Like Kushina, loud and bright, entirely uncontained.

Kurama growls under his breath, more exasperation than anger, and practically dives over Genma, grabbing for the boy, and Genma looks, takes in what’s alarmed the man, and sees the edge of a cliff uncomfortably close. With a curse, he grabs Kurama’s shirt, anchoring him, and Kurama snatches Naruto and the fox up a bare foot from the edge.

“Don’t do that, kit,” he huffs, even as Genma reels him back in, heartbeat still stuttering in his chest at the near miss.

“Sorry, Kurama-nii,” Naruto says abashedly, offering up a sheepish grin that’s entirely Minato and makes Genma’s breath catch a little.

“Oops,” the fox agrees cheerfully, wiggling out of Naruto’s hold. “We’ll be more careful, Kurama-sama.”

Kurama rolls his eyes, but he sets Naruto on his feet, then lets Gaara slide down to join him. “We’re going to be up here for one night. Please try not to die, okay, brats?”

“Are we giving you gray hairs?” a blonde preteen asks solemnly, looking Kurama over with sharp eyes. “Anzu said we were, but I don’t see any.”

“If anyone could, it would be you four,” Kurama says dryly. “But no. I’m fine.”

Yugito eyes him for one more moment, then nods, apparently accepting that, and says, “Naruto, Gaara, come help me lay out your clothes so they’ll dry. You don’t want to be wearing wet things tomorrow, do you?”

“Aww,” Naruto complains, though by the way he bounces over to her side, it’s probably not nearly as much of a problem as he’s making it seem. Gaara casts one more look at Genma, faintly cautious, and then follows.

Genma watches them for a moment, taking in the small cave they’re all camped out in. outside, rain is sheeting down, and grey clouds obscure everything, though Genma can’t tell if the cloud-cover is particularly low or if they’re up high. No defining characteristics, beyond the rain, and at this time of year that could mean they’re in Ame, Grass, southern Lightning Country, or anywhere near the eastern sea.

He glances over at Kurama to find the man watching him closely, still sitting next to him with one leg bent and an elbow looped around it. Definitely not the pose of an enemy, or even someone suspicious of Genma’s motives, and that’s…strange. Kurama shouldn’t know anything about him, and certainly not enough to mark him as something besides a possible threat.

Then again, Genma supposes that he wouldn’t be conscious anywhere near the kids if Kurama thought he was a threat. Probably would have been killed back in Whirlpool Country, honestly, and it’s not a comforting thought, but it’s still reassuring. Kurama’s doing everything possible to protect the jinchuuriki children, and Genma knows bone-deep that he won’t let any harm come to them.

“What’s happening tomorrow?” he asks mildly, carefully leaning back to brace himself against the wall of the cave.

For a long moment Kurama just looks at him, dark red eyes assessing. He looks so much like Kushina, from the shape of his eyes to the angle of his jaw, that it’s a little eerie, but…comforting. Genma’s spent the last six years with the only reminder of Kushina being her son, and for all Naruto will likely look like his mother when he gets older, for now his father’s coloring overwhelms it. It’s impossible not to see Minato, when Genma looks at him, so the shadow of Kushina in Kurama’s features is a welcome one.

Raggedly cut red hair sways as Kurama tips his head a little, and his lips tip up in a hint of a smirk. “If I said Kiri, what would you do?”

Kiri? Genma blinks, entirely taken aback, and—he’d honestly been expecting Kurama to say Ame. It would at least make more sense than the Bloody Mist.

Except maybe it wouldn’t, because Kurama’s been hitting all the highlights in his jinchuuriki-acquisition tour, and besides Bee, the only ones he hasn’t visited yet are Yagura and Kiri’s second human sacrifice.

“…You’re going to take four kids into Kiri,” he says, even so, because the bloody graduation exam might have stopped when he was a kid, but that doesn’t mean Kiri is anything even vaguely close to stable.

Kurama blinks, and then snorts. He curls his legs under him, shifting forward, and says, “You know, most people skip over the fact that they’re kids, seeing as they’re jinchuuriki too.”

Genma rolls his eyes at the man, because after Genma committing treason for him he should damn well know better. “Most people probably didn’t have to deal with a pregnant Kushina. Believe me, that’s not something I could forget.”

The slant of Kurama’s mouth changes, a faintly bittersweet smile crossing his face. “Yeah. She was a terror, wasn’t she?”

“The biggest terror,” Genma says fondly, because Kushina may as well have been a second older sister, and he adored her for everything she was. These last few years have been torture, only being able to involve himself in the barest fringes of Naruto’s life, unable to be anything but an invisible watcher most of the time. It hurts, even more so because he knows it’s the exact opposite of what Minato and Kushina would have wanted.


Well. Thinking like that, it’s easy enough to know what to do next. Kurama said he was planning to bring Naruto back to Konoha, and that’s good enough for Genma.

“So,” he says easily, pulling a senbon out of his sleeve and flipping it through his fingers. “What are our plans in Kiri?”

Kurama’s eyes widen, and he looks up at Genma sharply. Genma just grins back, lazy and maybe a little challenging, and watches the realization flicker across that familiar-unfamiliar face.

“Well,” Kurama drawls, “hopefully I’ll be able to find a babysitter. And then I was planning to go punch a goddess in the face. You up for it?”

Raidō is going to murder him, but it’s still nowhere near enough to make Genma back down. He holds Kurama’s gaze, tucks the senbon between his teeth, and smiles. “I did always like to dream big.”

The One With Stevie’s Book

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A tiny discovery of Steven’s interest leads to a very surprising turns of events. 

Word Count:

Warnings: heavy making out ;) a lil’ nsfw, nothing much tho

Author’s Note: repost!! based off a friends episode, i think from season 7, TOW Rachel’s Book. i’m sorry guys, i’m not in the state of writing anything new, still coming down with the cold and all ugh 

Masterlist Here

Tonight was never supposed to turn out the way it did, but somehow you’re glad that it did. He was just here to tutor you since you needed his help. And he even did for three hours. After making you understand three whole chapters of Business Economics, your mind had blocked itself and you didn’t want to talk more about micro or macroeconomics. The demand for a break had overcome the supply of your energy and you desperately needed a drink to settle your mind.

So, Steve nonchalantly agreed upon staying when you asked him if he had anything better to do. You knew he’d either go to a frat party or just lay in his bed with his SpongeBob PJ’s and a shirt that was at least a size smaller for his chiselled torso.

You both snuggled up on your bed, away from your desk where you abandoned your books to watch a zombie movie your dorm roommate, Wanda had suggested. Opening your laptop, you enter the password and let Steve handle the task of searching the movie on Netflix.

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aka the Reddie soulmate AU no one asked for but I wrote anyway. Once you turn 16 you get a tattoo of the nickname your soulmate uses for you.

The word etched into his skin just belowhis collarbone seemed like a joke to him. It was his sixteenth birthday and he just checked his whole body for the nickname only to find this. He didn’t expect it to be a nickname he already had, especially not the stupidly annoying nickname Richie used.

What was the chance of another person calling him that sometime in the future? It was probably more likely than Richie being his soulmate, his obnoxious best friend who was ridiculously in love with Amy Cardinal. They had been together for months now and Eddie was sure one of these days he was actually going to barf, if Amy called Richie Trashmouth in that sweet voice one more time. Just because the name was tattooed onto Richie’s bicep didn’t mean, she had to use it all the time. It wasn’t like Richie called her Mouse all that often.

Casting one last look at his own tattoo in the mirror, Eddie turned around and quickly pulled on a red polo shirt, making sure it completely covered the tattoo.

The Losers waited for him in front of the school. To wish him a happy birthday, but Eddie knew they were more eager to learn what his tattoo said. He wasn’t going to tell them though. Out of all of them Richie had been the only one to show them right away, flexing his muscles, grinning. “So which one of you fuckers is in love with me? Is it you, Eds? You know it’ll break your mom’s heart if you take me away from her.”

Bev had tried to hide hers at first, but that had only lasted for a couple of days, because she couldn’t wear scarves or turtlenecks forever and the Losers had all seen the word Embers on her neck. This had caused Ben to turn bright red. Eddie didn’t know what nickname Bev had for him, because Ben refused to show them. Not because it was embarrassing, but because of the position of the tattoo, at least that’s what they told them.

They’d all seen Bill’s tattoo once summer started and Richie hadn’t stopped making fun of the name right above his knee since. Eddie secretly thought it was sweet, that Bill’s soulmate would call him their Rock. But Richie wouldn’t be Richie, if he didn’t have a thing to say about it. “You’re about as tough as a marshmallow, Rocky” or “It’s probably because you’re constantly rock hard for this chick.”

And Stan and Mike had succeeded in keeping their tattoos secret for now, although Eddie had seen a glimpse of Mike’s poking out of his waistband the last time they went swimming in the quarry. They didn’t even have a clue where Stan’s was located, which had led to Richie finding numerous ways to get the other boy out of his clothes. One of these days he would get so frustrated about not knowing, he might just set all of Stan’s clothes on fire.

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Apple Stems [Peter Parker]

Idea/Request Credit: @dusktillholland  // Soulmate AU

The beginning

  • Everyone’s heard the whole joke about twisting the Apple stem and whatever letter you get is the first letter of the person you’re meant to be with right? But what if that was actually a reality?

  • Everyone had some kind of tie to their soul mate, you always assumed that yours was the apple stem.

  • Each apple you twist you get a letter and somehow those letters go together to make your soul mate’s name.

  • Sounds crazy, but in a world where there were things as crazy as giant green dudes and People flinging around from spider webs it was a little easier to believe.

  • Ever since you were a kid you’d consistently got the name ‘Peter.P’, That was all you knew

  • While everyone around you was finding their soul mates easy as pie and living their ‘happy ever after’ You were stuck searching.

Meeting him

  • Honestly, on your walk home from school the last thing you expected to see was the hero of queens, Spider Man… Unmasked.
  • You also didn’t expect to make the poor boy almost jump out of his skin by screaming and dropping your food face down on the concrete.
  • “Oh god, no, no don’t scream shh”
  • “Y-you’re him”
  • It was hard to tell who was more panicked, you or him.
  • Oh god, Peters mind was full of doubt and fear- and how beautiful you were -but what was he going to do?
  • The both of you quickly manage to regain yourselves and you quickly promise the stranger that you won’t tell anyone his secret.
  • “Hey, what’s your name?”
  • “Y/N, Yours?”
  • “Peter, Parker”
  • You didn’t think anything of it at first, i mean there’s probably a million Peter.P’s out there.
  • “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your last name?” Peter had, like you, spent years looking for his soul mate.
  • “Y/L/N”
  • “I think you’re my soulmate” He’d say, dropping his mask
  • “And I think you’re mine, Peter Parker”
  • You were initially shocked because, who wouldn’t be? Your soulmate was spiderman and he was so attractive.

Falling for each other

  • You two took it slowly, hanging out together after school (going to separate schools, you didn’t see each other much during the day
  • Peter would talk about you almost constantly to Ned and Michelle and they didn’t believe him at first
  • Until you showed up to congratulate him about a decathlon win and they were gobsmacked.
  • “Holy shi- Ned, she’s real”
  • “Peter wasn’t lying, she’s gorgeous”
  • Peter introduces you to them and as he does he’s holding your hand, he’s so nervous that his hands were slightly clammy but it’s okay because so were yours.
  • You two often met at libraries to study after school or small cafes, sometimes your houses just to watch a movie and relax.
  • By now you’re majorly head over heals for Peter and he is for you too.
  • One day when he’s walking you home it’s super cold so he gives you his sweater, assuring you that he’s okay.
  • You wear that sweater to school the next day and your friends gush over it, asking when they can met the boy to which you show them a photo of him that you secretly took and they already love him.
  • “Did you wear my sweater today?”
  • “Yeah, i hope you don’t mind”
  • “Of course i don’t, it looks better on you pretty girl”
    • It’s then and there that Peter finally asks you to be his girlfriend. The scene wasn’t overly romantic, just the two of you walking back to his apartment hand in hand.

    • Of course you said yes


  • Your relationship was rather slow paced, starting with small things like holding hands and him wrapping his arms around you

  • It took about 2 weeks of actual dating before you had your first kiss and it was as perfect as you’d always imagined.

  • You started hanging out with Ned and Michelle more after school and on weekends, they adored you

  • Your relationship with Peter consisted of playfighting, showing each other good music, helping each other with school work and sometimes, having to bandage his wounds
  • “I hate seeing you get hurt all the time”
  • “I know, it’s just a shitty part of my job”
  • One night, he got hurt worse than other times and you refused to leave him, that was the first night you fell asleep in his arms
  • Peter may or may not have stayed awake a bit longer asking himself how he got so lucky??
  • Waking up to your boyfriend still fast asleep but holding you tightly in his arms.
  • I mean, it was kind of awkward when May walked in and saw you two but she knows how happy you make Peter and just awkwardly turned around and walked out.
  • You and Peter attempting to cook breakfast together but it probably ends up in wiping batter on each other and making a complete mess
  • He truly adores you, to be honest everyone does

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Anti Hero (pt. 10)

Part 9

Oliver moves to shield Anti as Host steps through the rubble of the ruined attic towards a kneeling Author. Blood streaks down Author’s cheeks freely, and the smell of it fills the whole room. Anti trembles beneath Oliver who tries to whisper soothing things in his ear, but Ollie is watching the Host with wide, yellow eyes.

Host comes to a stop just a step away from the Author and sighs. Author claws at his cheeks and bares his teeth. “How could you—how could you do this to me?”

Host sighs. “How could you think that you could fool yourself?”

Author grits his teeth. His hands and arms shake with pain and fury and hatred, hatred for the Host. “You. Are. Not. Me.”

The Host reaches forward a hand, resting it on the Author’s shoulder and kneeling down in front of him. “Yes, I am.” Golden light breaks between them like the dawn, and it’s so bright that Ollie is forced to look away. When it fades and Oliver looks back, only the Host remains, and he stands. “Let’s go home.”


Host narrates them back into the building, and disappears into his library with only a whispered, “The Host returns everyone’s memories to the way they were. Please inform them that the Host will need some time to himself,” before the door swings shut behind him.

Oliver takes Anti to one of the empty living quarters to get cleaned up. “Take a hot shower for as long as you need to, and I’ll get you a change of clothes, alright?” Anti doesn’t speak, but he does nod and disappear into the bathroom like he will at least attempt to get a shower. So Oliver leaves him to find some clothes and possibly some food.

When he returns, however, Anti still hasn’t gotten out of the shower. Oliver is going to leave the food and clothes in the bathroom in order to find his brothers, but when he turns to leave through the bedroom, they’re waiting for him in the door. Red and Green immediately run to him, sandwiching him into a hug as Google hangs back in the door. Oliver blushes and ducks his head. “I didn’t want to do it, but I had to so that you’d all be safe.”

Google walks up and ruffles Ollie’s hair. “One of these days you’re going to have to let us do some of the saving. You’re making us look bad, little brother.”

Red and Green break away from hugging Oliver when Anti steps out of the bathroom wearing one of Green’s old shirts over some shorts. He sees the four of them standing there, staring at him and starts to panic. Oliver rushes over to him and puts an arm around his shoulders in hopes of reassuring him before turning back to his brothers. “Anti is the one who saved me. The Author tried to force him to kill me, but he managed to resist.” Oliver looks to Blue specifically. “He’s the reason I’m alive.”

Google looks from Oliver to Anti and nods to the glitch. “Thank you. I’ve seen the Author’s handiwork before, and I know what that can do to a person. And I know that my brothers and I aren’t all as welcoming as Oliver, but you have our sincerest gratitude.”

Red and Green both nod, and Oliver’s smile only grows wider as Green walks over with a raised eyebrow, flicking his eyes from Anti’s face to the green shirt. “Sorry,” he says with a smirk, “but I don’t think you could cut it as the Green Google, just saying.”

Anti blinks and smiles a little before asking quietly, “Do they make ‘em in black?”

Red crosses his arms over his chest and grins. “I guess we could make that happen.”

Anti glances over at Oliver who is bouncing up and down at this point. “Welcome to the family, buddy!” He pulls Anti into another hug as the other Googles, even Blue, join in. And for once, Anti feels so happy he could almost burst.

(Wow, cutie pies, I have loved writing this story so, so much. Each time I posted a new chapter, I was just itching to write and post the next one for you guys to see! I hope that you enjoyed this little adventure, and feel free to ask for any little extensions to it, any questions that you might have. I certainly would be happy to keep writing some more for this story arc!)

Curtain Call

First Part: Brave

Second Part: Breathing Space                                                        

Third Part: Plotting                                                                      

Fourth Part: New Arrangement                                                

Fifth Part: Spinning                                                                        

Sixth Part: Distraction                                                            

Seventh Part: Interlude                                                                

Eight Part: Duet                                                                            

Ninth Part: Pep Talk

Tenth Part: Break A Leg

Eleventh Part: Lights Up

Twelfth Part: Overheard

Part 13 in my developing Roman/Virgil University!AU <3

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Act 2 feels… different. There’s no change in the show’s quality, not at all, but every time the stage lights are bright enough, Virgil finds himself taking out Roman’s letters again, squinting to read them, just to make sure he’s not dreamt the words. 

The third time he does this, Logan must notice out of the corner of his eye. He turns to Virgil, and Virgil can see him mouth ‘Are you alright?’

Virgil can only nod, still speechless. Roman’s passionate speech is still ringing in his ears, making him a little dizzy. It’s not a bad feeling, necessarily- like being stuck on a vigorous loop on a rollercoaster, but you’re suddenly wanting the swooping feeling to last forever. He notes with a grim satisfaction that there is no trace of Jake on stage.

And then, As Long as You’re Mine begins. And Virgil realises that, despite his bravado from earlier, the confrontation with Jake must still have shaken Roman, somewhat. His opening notes are still pitched well, but Virgil notices a slight tremor lurking beneath them, and he leans forward instinctively, wanting to help, but not sure how.

“Come on, Roman,” he murmurs and it’s ridiculous to think he could possibly have heard him.

But Roman’s head snaps up to look out into the audience and Virgil, for once, lets himself think and believe it: he’s looking for me.

Roman takes a breath, and starts to smile. His eyes stay fixed on Virgil’s as he sings, strong and sure: “Somehow I’ve fallen under your spell.” He finally tears his gaze away to look back at Rachel, so the line still makes sense. “And somehow I’m feeling… it’s up that I fell…”

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Meet Again AU

- Kim and Trini were friends way back in high school when they had the whole saving the world gig going on

- they were good friends - they spent nights sleeping over at each other’s houses, they had inside jokes that no one understood especially when they would break out in giggles during training, they had summers spent by the lake wondering what life will be like when they’re in their forties

- then college happened, they were on different ends of the country, Kim had moved to New York and Trini had stayed back in Angel Grove, and studies and final exams got in the way of Skype calls and phone calls and any plans of seeing each other seemed to vanish until they just didn’t talk anymore 

- they were both sad about it; Kim had been convinced they would be fifty and still cracking jokes, but she had accepted it after a few years 

- every now and then she would pick up her phone and wonder if she should call or send a text 

- hours of indecisiveness turned into days and then weeks and then months; kim figured Trini got a new phone number anyway, so she decided not to risk the awkward “oh you got the wrong person” call

- it’s her first year as a nurse, she gets the night shifts, and she’s left with wailing newborns and angsty teens and business people who never take resting as seriously as they should

- it’s also the year she meets Adrian’s father; he’s tall and tan with dark long curly hair; piercing green eyes and a smile that lights up a room

- she falls in love - or at least she thinks she does - the minute she meets him.

- he’s her boss, though, and she feels like she’s somehow in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when they start sleeping around

- it’s a fling that lasts 7 months before he’s moving across the country and she follows him like a lovestruck teenager 

- the night he breaks everything off, a few months later, she’s holding back from telling him about the baby growing in her stomach

- she doesn’t keep it to herself for long; she ends up telling him when she feels desperation claw at her chest as he’s packing his bags  

- he looks at her, mouth agape, green eyes furrowing in confusion, and she thinks he’s about to put his bags down, but he shakes his head and wordlessly leaves their apartment

- she calls and texts and she feels like she’s the embodiment of the crazy ex  

- and she feels so lost; she barely knows whether or not to keep it

- she takes forever to decide, but then she passes the mirror one morning and the bump is there; it’s not big, just barely there, but it’s there and it’s enough to make up her mind 

- when she feels the baby kick for the first time she’s got tears in her eyes and she wants to scream and shout with glee, but she’s standing in a patient’s room, some doctor rambling about some treatment, so she settles with rubbing her belly and promising herself she’ll do everything in her power to protect him  

- eight months later she has a baby boy in her arms, small and fragile and she feels like she’s gonna Mess this up and then he’s falling asleep in her arms and she names him Adrian 

- Jason and billy live down the street (she had moved back to New York when she found herself bumping into her ex way too many times than she would have liked) and they help her when she feels like she’s about to pass out from exhaustion

- they help her out as much as they can, but she slowly gets a hold of being a mom with a wailing newborn in the other room

- things get easier and she starts feeling like maybe everything won’t go up in flames

- she’s shopping for Adrian - anything with dinosaurs - while she waits to pick him up from preschool when she gets a small text from Billy asking if they want to come over for dinner tonight 

- she’s looking down at her phone when she feels someone crash into her and it makes her feel like her brain is rattling in her head (it’s times like these when she misses her powers) and then she’s looking up, apology on the tip of her tongue, her hands outstretched ready to help the person up when she sees her  

- she’s struck silent as she stares into green eyes

- she looks older, but Kim would recognize her anywhere,

 - she’s still short, still has the long dark hair; green eyes that look at her in shock and confusion; even just looking at her reminds Kim of when they first met - Trini’s face twisted into a haughty scowl 

- “I’m so sorry,” kim figures it’s a good place to start, she hadn’t been paying attention anyways, and then their engulfed in silence as people buzz around them

- “hi” it’s awkward and short and kim remembers a time when they’re greetings had been completely different  

- they struggle through their conversation, awkward stares and words stuttering from their lips as they try to grab a hold of reality (this isn’t one of her recurring dreams - in fact it’s nothing like her dreams) 

- and then Kim can’t imagine not seeing the woman in front of her again; she doesn’t know how she’s done it this long, but she’s not about to let her slip by her so easily

- “do you wanna have coffee sometime?” It’s out there before she can think it over properly, but it’s out there and she’s standing there,waiting for the shorter woman to say anything

- she thinks Trini’s gonna say no, she sees it in the way her lips turn into a scowl and her brows furrow (and Kim tries to ignore the way she feels something buzz in her chest because that face is oh so trini, one she used to get when they were younger and talked about becoming beekeepers or something as equally as bad) so when she nods her head with a small “sure” she feels surprised

- she hands over her phone and tells trini to put her number in; when she gets her phone back she notices it’s different than the one she still has in her phone  

- they say their goodbyes and it’s full of awkward smiles and weird waves and Kim feels so many things at once

- she’s happy and excited because it’s been close to eight years since she’s last seen/heard from trini, but she also feels something churn in her stomach because everything’s changed. 

- they’re strangers 

- the thought doesn’t settle well but she shakes it off, trying her damn hardest to forget about it

- her four year old son does a good job at distracting her, his green eyes growing wide when she hands him a shirt w dinosaurs on it

- his bright smile and excitement is enough to quell the weird feeling twisting in her stomach and she kisses his head when he starts on a tangent about what he did today

- it takes a week for Kim to remember she has Trini’s number in her phone. She takes a deep breath and somehow forms sentences asking the shorter woman to a coffee date near the mall where they had bumped into each other

- Kim finds herself texting the other woman more than she would have thought, so much so one of her friends at work gives her a weird look when she giggles to herself  

- she prepares herself for more awkward conversations and heavy silences, so much so she almost doesn’t go, but she’s stubborn enough that she gets there ten minutes early

- it’s quiet enough that she figures she can pull out a book on her phone until Trini gets there, so when Trini walks up to her and says a small “hey” she jumps slightly 

- she half glares at the woman when she sees a small smug look cross on her face, and Kim can’t help but remember them in high school again, when she would sneak up behind zack or Jason and try to scare them

- her features soften when Trini points at her cup and asks if she’s up for another; Kim waves her off and tells her she’ll go for another in a few minutes and then she’s left to see Trini walking to the front counter (she totally doesn’t check her out, nuh uh)

- it’s quiet at first, each woman trying to somehow find their footing, and then Kim asks about Trini and how she’s doing, and everything just seems to click

- of course, they’re still strangers, there;s still an awkwardness that seems to circle around them, but there’s an ease in the conversation that still seems to be there 

- it brings a small comfort to Kim, that they still seem to have this easy going atmosphere around them; she’s missed it, forgot how nice it was to simply relax and not have to always have to be thinking about what she’s going to say next  

- they spend an hour longer than Kim thought they would and it catches her by surprise when her phone rings, the small alarm she’s had on her phone telling her she has 30 minutes until she has to pick up Adrian 

- “sorry, I have to go pick up Adrian” it falls from her lips before she has any chance to take it back and she’s left wondering why she wouldn’t not bring it up

- he was her whole life and while she didn’t like to consider herself one of those crazy moms that always talked about their kids all the time, she wasn’t shy about letting people know she had a son

- Trini gives her a questioning look and while she doesn’t say anything, Kim feels compelled to answer

- “my son”

- “you have a son?”

- Trini looks at her with surprise, and intrigue, and Kim finds herself looking for any kind of judgments or pitting looks. She doesn’t get any, just sincere curiosity, and it makes her chest ache in a way she’s not used to  

- “I’ll text you soon? Maybe we could do this again?” Kim asks as she stands and collects her things, grabbing at the two empty coffee cups sitting on her side of the table

- Trini smiles at her, nodding her head before she mutters a small, “I would like that”

- kim leaves the coffee shop with a smile - not that she notices - and she definitely doesn’t notice that she has the same smile on her face for the rest of the day

- it doesn’t take that long to meet up again, despite the long hour shifts she has and the fact that her son seems to be adamant about playing outside in the kitty pool she had gotten him this summer

- they meet at a cafe near the park, the conversation is smoother this time, there’s no awkwardness around them like the first time, and they simply catch up  

- kim finds out that Trini has her own company, it’s small and it’s centered around helping kids in rough situations at home or school or life in general. Kim is left dumbfounded and in awe and then she feels that drop in her stomach again; she blames it on that fact that Trini seems so happy and sincere about helping these kids.

- she spends the rest of their time together asking questions and she feels her lips stretching into a smile every time one of her questions seems to light up something in trinis eyes before she goes on to answer her question

- her phone is on silent today, though, and she somehow misses the alarm, and when she happens to look at her phone and notices she’s got 15 minutes to make it there, she’s up and out of her seat in an instant, wobbling the table in front of her and almost spilling the cup of coffee in the other woman’s lap

- “I’m so sorry, I’m running late” she hurries, picking up her purse before hurriedly walking out of the small coffee shop without looking back 

- she forgets her phone, though, and she notices when she’s five minutes away from Adrian’s school. She sighs and wonders how in the world she was supposed to get her phone back

- kim is in the middle of work when someone tells her she’s got someone waiting for her in the waiting room. She’s confused as to who it could be, and then her mind thinks it’s about Adrian, so her hearts racing a mile a minute and she’s sure she’s going to start panicking more than she is now, never mind the unsettling weight of fear that seems to churn deep in her stomach

- when she sees Trini, she’s relieved and mad all at once because dammit she was so close to crying and fearing for her son’s life

- “hey!” It’s light and casual and Kim wants to wrap her hands around trinis neck for a second, but she settles with rolling her eyes and greeting her back

- kim blames it on the relief she feels because she’s suddenly wrapping Trini in a hug. It’s warm and Kim doesn’t want to let go, and then trinis reciprocating it and she really doesn’t wanna let go

- she does, though, stepping back with slightly flushed cheeks - she blames that on the run here 

- “um, you left your phone yesterday” Trini says with a small smile, digging out the item in question from her pocket and then handing it over  

- “thanks!” Kim wants to hug her again - she totally didn’t have to bring her phone here or like wait for her - but she holds herself back and settles for a grateful smile

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s still debating on whether or not to wrap Trini in another hug, so when one of her friends interrupts and tells her she’s needed in a patients room she give a shaky sigh of relief

- “um I was actually wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime? Maybe you could bring Adrian?” 

- the question is awkward and Kim can see how Trini keeps shifting from foot to foot, anxious as she waits for Kim’s answer  

- kim doesn’t know what to say, the question catches her by surprise, but she finds herself nodding, a large smile on her face, and when she’s about to say something, she’s interrupted again

- when Trini leaves and Kim’s walking down to her patients room, she blames the fluttering in her chest on the run, there’s no reason she wouldn’t

- they meet at a park two weeks later when Kim finally has a day off and she’s too preoccupied with a four year old desperately running circles around her

- when Trini finds them, Adrian seems to shy away from her, much like he does with everyone, and then Trini’s squatting and introduces herself, a big smile playing on her face

- kim doesn’t know how she does it, but Adrian somehow laughs and giggles at Trinis joke, and then he’s asking if she could play the monkey bars with him

- “mommy always plays w me” he points out, his small finger pointing towards the general direction of the monkey bars “but you can play w me”

- kim rolls her eyes because he practically demands the other woman to play, but Trini barely gives it a second thought before they’re both running  

- kim swears global warming is a thing because her chest feel funny as she sits on the park bench and watches her son play with Trini 

- “he’s amazing” Trini says with a wide smile as she takes a seat next to kim, Adrian busy playing with other kids, and Kim only nods her head because yea, he’s pretty great

- they spend the afternoon together, Adrian yet again demanding that Trini joins them for dinner

- Kim’s pretty sure Trini cancels plans because she’s fishing her phone out of her pocket and sends a quick text before nodding her head and asking what’s for dinner 

- kim watches her son fall in love with Trini  

- stupid heat is making her feel weird 

- she focuses on her sons smile and excited demeanor, laughing when he wraps Trini in a long and torturous class on dinosaurs - he finds a way of including elephants and flamingos into the conversation

- three weeks later and there’s a bug going around the hospital - when is there not - and she gets scheduled for a double shift; she panics and tries almost everyone she trust, but it’s a Saturday night and everyone seems to have plans, so she tries the one person she hasn’t yet

- “I’m really sorry, I can’t find anyone to take care of him for a few hours and “ she trails off because was she really just gonna ask Trini to babysit her son?  

- “I can look after him if you want” Trini says and Kim wonders how calm and okay Trini is with all of it; if anything the thought of taking care of a 4 year old on a Saturday night should cause someone to panic and politely decline 

- “you would?” 

- “yea, I’m not up to anything, and Adrian’s pretty cool”  

- “I owe you so much” Kim says, a sigh of relief escaping from in between her lips, and when Trini chuckles over the line and tells her it’s nothing, she swears she has that weird feeling in her chest again but she blames it on the fact that the other woman is doing her a huge favor 

- when she gets home, it’s close to three in the morning, and she’s totally set to see the house turned upside down because Adrian isn’t the easiest kid to take care of

- instead she finds Adrian asleep on Trinis chest as the woman sits on the ground, her back resting against the couch, her head thrown back as she sleeps

- kim chuckles as she steps closer and sees the mess of toys that seem to circle around the pair

- she thinks it’d be totally weird and creepy if she takes a picture of them, and she almost doesn’t it, but she pulls her phone out quickly and snaps a picture (when trini asks her about it one night after she spots her wallpaper, kim just flushes red before waving her off, changing the topic to stories about Adrian when he was a baby - it works)

- kim finds herself inviting Trini over more often as the months go by, Adrian always asking when Trini would visit next, and she can hardly ever tell her son no, so she almost always finds herself shooting Trini a text wondering if she wants to come over for lunch or dinner  

- it becomes a thing, every three days Trini stops by and just hangs out with them - Adrian loves it, hogs her up and slowly starts learning how to ask Trini if she wants to play legos or color with him

- kim has a feeling Trini can’t say no either  

- she also finds herself trusting Trini, confiding in her after long days, and when Adrain gets in trouble at daycare because he pushes another boy for taking his crayon, Trini somehow ends up hearing about it, the Latina laughing hysterically on the other end of the line

- kim wants to roll her eyes and tell Trini to stop laughing ( her son is not a delinquent) but she ends up laughing along with her, her cheeks hurting after the call and she falls asleep thinking about Trini

- she also ends up crying in Trini’s arms sometimes when everything seems to get overwhelming at work and Adrian doesn’t listen to her (she doesn’t know how trini settles Adrian down after his fourth tantrum, but she’s grateful)

- kim finds herself adding Trini to Adrian’s pick up sheet, her cheeks flushing the next afternoon when she tells her 

- “you trust me that much?” Kim thinks she hears something mixing in trinis voice when she asks and she’s stuck just staring into green eyes  

- “yea”

- when the holidays roll around, everything is hectic and messy and kim finds herself with way too many shifts on her hands

- somehow her friends take turn babysitting Adrian, much to his delight, but Kim catches him one day as he brings out his pillow and blanket with him to the living room before going back and bringing out his favorite toys, linning them all up near the couch

- “what’re you doing, babe?”

- “It’s trinis day” he says like it’s obvious, giving her a “duh” face, and she smothers a smile as she watches him set up his toys

- “but why do you bring your pillow out?” 

- “we always watch movies and cuddle” he says, his eyes bright as he remembers his nights with Trini and kim realizes that’s why she almost always comes home to Adrian asleep in trinis arms (she tells trini she could take him to his room, but trini just waves her off as she brushes his curly hair away from his forehead)

- “she makes dino nuggets too”  

- she smirks when she figures out why Adrain likes Trini so much. She shakes her head and just lets him continue with getting ready

- “you can’t always bribe him w nuggets” Kim tells Trini when the other woman gets there. Trini just shrugs and sends her a smug look. She shakes her head and totally blames the weird twist in her stomach on the fact that Trini is giving her son greasy food

- long evenings turn into sleepover and kim feels like she’s in high school all over again, and when Trini somehow ends in her arms in the morning, and Kim’s nose is nuzzled into the crook of trinis neck, she finds herself wanting more sleepovers

- when Christmas rolls around, Kim’s parents come to visit and Trini goes to visit her family back in angel grove  

- Kim’s house is full but she can’t help but feel like she’s missing something  

- Kim’s mom pulls her away during Christmas dinner and asks why Adrian seems so sad and why he keeps mentioning Trini

- kim just stares at her dumbfounded because she doesn’t know - well she does, he clearly misses her, but she doesn’t know what to respond - and she ignored the fact that she might not be able to answer because she doesn’t know why she misses her 

- she just says he’s not used to Trini being away for so long and then her mother gives her a weird look

- when everyone’s gone to bed that night, she and Adrian settle on the couch and call Trini over FaceTime  

- “Trini!” 

- “hey, little man!”

- kim feels herself melting at the interaction and when she gives Adrian trinis present ( Trini later congratulates her about being able to keep it hidden long enough and she finds herself wishing Trini were here in person to flick her off) Adrian just freaks out, letting out a loud shriek if joy at the fact that he got one last gift from his favorite person 

- it’s a stuffed dinosaur, almost half of Adrian’s size, and he doesn’t let it go after that. Kim watches as he buzzes with joy and she mouths a thank you to Trini 

- “I love you” Adrian’s admits a few seconds later, his love sounding more like luff and Kim watches as Trini practically melts on the screen

- of course, he’s said it before, mostly when he’s half asleep and asks for Trini to put him to bed, but Adrian seems to actually acknowledge it now, like he’s for real for real

- “I love you too, little man”

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself when she feels the urge to say I love you too and it surprises her and makes her freeze because she’s looking at Trini when she thinks that

- when it’s late enough and Adrian seems to be falling asleep she tells Trini she’s pretty tired too so she ends the call and hopes that “I love you” she was thinking of was just a friend thing  

- totally just a friend thing  

- you know you didn’t have to get jealous. He’s not the only Hart I love 

- kim freezes. She’s mid way through tucking herself in when her phone beeps and she reads the text

- her stomach does the weird loopy thingy it’s been doing recently and her heart seems to want to race out of her chest and she’s feeling so much so fast and she doesn’t know what to do with herself 

- too bad there aren’t any Gomez’s I love she texts back trying to play it cool

- so cool

- kim doesn’t answer back after that, in fact she kinda goes radio silent for the next two days as her mind seems to short circuit every few hours

- she’s definitely not in love with Trini - she’s her best friend - and trinis Trini 

- her mind seems to be running on one thing and she feels like she can’t breathe  

- and then on the third night when she’s had the same thoughts three times she kinda stops and let’s herself think about everything she’s been trying not to think about 

- her conclusion? She’s in love with Trini  

- she’s barely okay with the fact, reasons after reasons of why it would be a bad idea to date Trini (honestly it’s just like 3 but like whatever) 

- “it’s four in the morning” Jason huffs into the phone, and she can practically hear billy snoring in the background 

- “I’m in love w Trini”

- she kinda doesn’t sleep that night and she practically looks like a zombie the next day at work but like she still feels like these feelings are a mistake, like she mistook something for what it wasn’t, like she’s going crazy

- “is it that bizarre to you that you’re in love with your best friend?” 

- she glares at her mom because yes, yes it is. Of course it is, isn’t it? It was Trini for crying out loud, as much as she liked to think she had a good read on her, she doubts Trini would return the feelings 

- she tells her mother that but her mom seems to just quirk an eyebrow at her before she points out her reason for not being okay with having feelings for Trini was because she didn’t know if Trini would return them

- when Trini comes back for New Years and she comes over before midnight, Her mom just gives kim this knowing, mischievous look

- Adrian just launches himself into Trini, practically gluing himself at her side; Trini doesn’t mind, it seems like shes missed him as much as he has her

- there’s a countdown then, and Trini and kim has been talking about what outfits Adrian needs to replace this year when it catches them at 0

- kim glares at her mother when she somehow finds a way to pass by them and tells them to kiss

- Trini chuckles and then Kim finds herself connecting their lips in a brief kiss 

- it lasts two seconds but it’s enough to keep them in place, brown eyes looking into green as kim wonders what’ll happen next

- shes surprised when Trini leans back and connects their lips again

- the kiss is slow and light, and kim finds herself not wanting to ever not be kissing Trini, and all those weird feelings in her stomach and chest are attacking her head on and she feels like she’s gonna lose her balance and fall

- Trini wraps an arm around her waist and kim feels like everything might just be okay

- “mommy stooop” kim looks at her son in question, confusion on both women’s faces before Adrian seems to circle his small arms around Trini almost as if to say she was his 

- Trini laughs and picks him up, kissing his cheek as he leans into her 

- they kinda avoid talking about it for the rest of the night, just sticking close to each other for the better part of it, and when trinis heading for the door, kim asks her not to leave 

- “I love you” kim says in the dark, she’s got her arms wrapped around Trini and she waits in silence for a response. It doesn’t come and she thinks trinis asleep or completely ignoring her and then trinis turning around in her arms and kisses her fiercely 

- “I love you too”

Sirius being touch starved would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaaww Sirius 😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him being at a loss for words the first time you hugged him after his escape from Azkaban, relishing in how close your warmth and scent is to him

-Him letting himself being taken care of by you, enjoying to be held so tightly and feeling you stroking his hair as you’d comfort him to sleep

-Him being stunned to feel you touching or holding his hand during an Order Meeting and just unable to stop himself from looking over at you with soft eyes

-Him unable to stop himself from reaching to hold your hands and kiss them over and over whenever you’d cup his cheeks to reassure him, simply in disbelief that you’re so loving towards him

-Him growing out of breath whenever you’d bathe with him, especially as you’d help wash his body so carefully and inspect him for any hidden injury, making him want nothing more than to just hold you in place to him

-Him unable to stop smiling whenever he wakes up in the morning and feels you all over him holding him so tightly, only to hold you as well and go back to sleep

-Him loving it whenever you’d pull his hands to your body and guide him to feel you up, making his heart race and wanting nothing more than to pleasure you all night

-Him being utterly grateful and letting his guards down with you whenever you’d take your time to touch and kiss each of his tattoos on his chest, practically shuddering in pleasure underneath you

-Him suddenly stopping his teasing and laughing, staring at you in wonder and feeling finally at home whenever you’d just hold him and look him in the eyes with a smile to tell him that you love him

-Him doing whatever he can to keep you by his side and show you how much he loves and cares for you, in hopes you realize how much he needs you and your affection in his life

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Uhh ok arcana writing prompts...how about a protective Julian :v

this has been sitting in my inbox for days I’m so sorry it took me so long :v 

“Take your hands off them.” 

Julian’s voice was a deadly snarl, the rapier in his hands pointed at the mercenary’s throat. 
the grip on their arm was iron tight, sure to bruise later but all they could think about was the terrified look in Julian’s eyes. 

this situation was… unfortunate. they had been walking through the town, maybe someone recognized them, or something more sinister was at play, but in a matter of seconds the apprentice was at the mercy of some thug, a knife to their throat and Julian staring the attacker down. 

the thug holding a knife to them seemed to be debating whether his life was worth it, and in the hesitation Julian struck. fast as a viper, he disarmed the attacker and shoved them to the ground. “Too slow.” Julian mocked, grabbing the apprentices hand and booking it down the street. 

it was a blur, the caw of the raven overhead and the clink of armor alerting them to the encroaching presence of the guards, that thug must have alerted them to Julian’s presence. their heart is pounding in their chest, gripping Julian’s hand like it was a lifeline, and in a way it was. the guards had been more vigilant as the masquerade draws nearer, and their meetings with Julian have become fewer and fewer. the thought that this is the time they get caught terrifies them.

Julian tugs them down an alley, slipping into a building through a trapdoor, familiar cheery music filtering down from above. the clinking of armor passed them and Julian let out a relieved sigh, holding them close. 

“Are you alright my darling?” he whispered, hand coming to cup their face gently, worried gaze searching their face. 

they nodded, clutching at his shirt to keep their hands from shaking. “I-I’m alright Julian… where are we?” 
Julian smiles, pressing a kiss to their forehead. “the rowdy raven. there’s secret entryways all over the city.” 

they are silent for a moment, allowing the adrenaline in their veins to die down. Julian finally breaks the silence, his voice thick with emotion. 

“I could have lost you…” 

They look up at him, eyes shining in the darkness. “But you didn’t. I’m here, Julian.” they take his hand and place it over their heart. Julian looks down at them, something… hidden in his gaze. “I love you,“ he whispers. “So… so much.” 

they both move at the same time, lips meeting in an gentle, emotion filled kiss. their hands tangle in his hair, keeping him as close as possible. his kiss leaves them breathless, wanting more, but the need for oxygen is more pressing. 
They break the kiss first, breathing hard as they look up at him. Julian studies their face before leaning down and kissing them again, softer this time. 

“Just a little bit longer, my love…” 

“Just a little bit longer..” they echo, savoring this moment. it may be the last one they get. 

this isn’t exactly the prompt but i’m satisfied with it. thanks for the prompt nonnie! :>

Rebuild: A One Shot Bichie Fic

Thanks to @steve-hairringtwin, @pastelstanuris and @gazeboseddie for reading this and giving me their opinions. It means a lot. Also @kalidelia, who wanted a tag <3

Word Count: 3.5k

Warning: Domestic abuse mention, illness mention, cursing, kissing, LOVE

It was fall in Derry, Maine, and that meant dark and stormy nights. Bill looked out the window, seeing the rain pelting down with force. He used to like the rain, enjoy the smell, the feeling like the world was clean afterwards, like things were new again. But since the night Georgie had disappeared, the rain only brought darkness.

Bill’s parents were out of town. His mother had come down with something, talking of pain, nausea, heart palpitations. She had even collapsed a few times. Mr. Denbrough had taken her to a facility a few towns over and taken a few days off, leaving Bill alone in the house. He was a teenager, and pretty capable of taking care of himself, so he wasn’t worried. And Bill had seen his father’s fear written all over his face. He couldn’t lose another person he loved, another member of his family.

His parents had never recovered from losing Georgie. Bill hadn’t either, but it seemed to have drained his parents of any remaining happiness. He wondered if his mother’s sickness had to do with Georgie too, but Bill’s father wasn’t telling him much.

Bill was closing all the curtains and blinds, making sure the windows were shut, looking for leaks, and locking the door to the basement. Just in case. Once he had finished making sure everything was secure, Bill went where he did whenever he was alone in the house. He went to sit in Georgie’s room.

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how would Fresh react to his S/O calling him to come deal with an old possessed furby? Like, the furby(which is from the 90's btw) was in it's spot and when Tati passed by it was gone. Later on she heard the thing making unholy screeches and she couldn't find it. When asked why they called HIM of all people they just shrug and say, "Gotta fight the 90's with the 90's."


Freshy boi:

He just stares at you blankly until he snickers quietly, a smile slowly starting to form on his face. “Alright then, gimme like 10 minutes” Ten minutes later, he and the furby are gone, you look for them all over, until finally you find them in the backyard, Fresh’s hands around the furby while screaming “BEGONE DEMON”. Literally anyone within a mile radius could’ve heard his screaming. A few moments after, he gets up and hands you your furby back, claiming the problem to be solved. After that, you have no more problems with the “Special” furby

Nick Valentine: Yandere Detective Part One

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in this and who were willing to wait for it. More coming, hopefully sooner rather than later!

“Look at them. Intelligent, strong, brave… perfect. How did we manage to get someone like them with a mug like this?” a gravelly voice crooned softly in the back of a cybernetic brain, the voice of a killer and a kidnapper. If he still had hands or enough life force to move them they’d gripping his host’s shoulders tightly, stubbly chin rested in that area where shoulder curves to meet the neck.

The lack of said appendages didn’t stop Nick from violently shrugging and pulling himself forward, looking back still half expecting Kellogg to be there only to find a wall. “You didn’t get them, I did. You’re just the backseat driver,” he growled, returning his gaze back to the sleeping figure across the room from him. Back in the Memory Den that day they brought the mercenary’s computerized brain chunk Nick brushed off sole’s concerns as Kellogg’s outburst being nothing more than a mnemonic impression but really he was unsure of this, unsure that is until Kellogg started talking to him. Making comments on how the old synth operated, offering sarcastic remarks that only Nick could hear, and offering advice that would make his skin crawl… if he had any. A later solo visit to the Memory Den and Amari had come up with the two most possible outcomes, either Kellogg would remain in his memory banks indefinitely as a sort of metaphorical devil for Nick’s soldier or he would be deleted bit by bit by Nick’s software until he eventually faded from his mind. Now all either of them could do was wait and see if Kellogg just stopped talking one day.

“But they’ve become just as important to me as they are to you. Don’t forget that until your system finally purges me from your head, if it can, I’ll be experiencing everything that you experience. Including things like love and loss,” for a guy trapped in the head of such a goody goodie he was sure calm about the whole situation. If he had legs he might have stood up and lead Nick to Sole’s sleeping form, gesturing for him to sit closer. He might have guided the old synth’s metal hand across sole’s cheek, just barely grazing the skin with the tips of his metal fingers. He couldn’t though, he wasn’t really there. He could suggest these things without words, maybe even make a finger twitch, but he wasn’t making Nick do any of this. “We can’t lose them, you can’t lose them. Not like Sarah… not like Jenny,” if he had a mouth it would have been right next to Nick’s ear, voice loud yet hushed at the same time.

“Jenny…” Nick barely even whispered leaning his back against the wall, producing a cigarette from his coat and lighting it. A pointless ritual but it was familiar, done in boredom and anxiety like how one might chew their nails or play with their hair. All the while his eyes didn’t leave their sleeping face, yellow ring glowing in the dark of that temporary sanctuary. He wouldn’t let them down like original Nick had with Jenny or like Kellogg with Sarah. The only thing that would be taking Sole out was old age and even then… it would only be if Nick hadn’t found a way around that for them. Reaching his free hand out he wrapped it around sole’s palm, squeezing almost too tightly.

If Conrad had vocal cords he’d be chuckling or at least giving a self approving hum, if he had a body he’d be leaning back enjoying how his handy work was going so far. When Nick’s feeling had first began flowing through him on their way to his memory storage Kellogg had been disgusted. Nothing was quite as violating as having someone else’s emotions forced into your mind, into your soul, into your past, into your present, and into your future. Sure he got used to it but he still hated being made to feel warm and fuzzy every time Nick and Sole saved some brainless settler who seemed too lazy to go save their kidnapped loved one or get rid of some pesky raiders themselves. As time went on though he figured something out, that forced feelings thing wasn’t a one way street and he could be making changes of his own.

Slipping his emotions to Nick was less noticeable than the reverse since at this point Kellogg was a background program and examiner of incoming data but he made sure to be smart about it anyways. Was Nick in an experience when he’d be angry or stressed? Let’s just funnel some of the feelings from Kellogg’s more stressful times in while that’s going on. Nick in a happy or affectionate situation? The residual mood from Kellogg’s and Sarah’s more tender moments should suffice. Began changing bits of Nick’s personality where he could, bit by bit so it would be less noticeable. Upping aggression here, increasing ruthlessness there, lowering value for humanity just a smidgen every now and again. Where he focused the most though was love and protection, especially in regards to sole. Nick had a healthy amount of both for sole but Kellogg knew that too much of any emotion can turn regard to obsession. So how much would it take to obsess the good detective? Piling all the love Kellogg had for Sarah into Nick’s feelings for sole? Draining his regrets into Nick’s and constantly reminding him of where they had both failed? Siphoning off the original Nick’s love for Jenny and adding it to sole so that there was three lifetimes worth of romance focused on solely one person? Who knows, but it seemed to be working so far.

“Sorry kid, just need a little good old fashioned pay back. Shame I won’t be around to see it,” Kellogg had to muster most of the minute energy he had saved up to take over Nick momentarily for that comment but he couldn’t risk saying it in the synth’s head and ruining the plan. In many ways he had been telling the truth. Through Nick’s experiences he had started growing fond of sole and they were perfect to him in all the ways he had described but his stubborn spite still outweighed it, shoveling the odd affection onto the fire with the rest. At least when he was gone he knew he could count on one thing. There’s no better revenge than to have turned the one sole was closest to into a monster and that it wasn’t hate that did it.

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Sassberry is the one who does this. Soft Edge doesn’t believe his brother would ever do that with every fiber of his being. His brother is the best so there is no way that’s what that is. Sassberry on the other hand was having a lower energy day because he slept 2 hours that night and ended up having to take care of all his responsibilities.

So he wasn’t really thinking when he saw them cuddled up on the couch. He watched Honey Bear press a kiss to the side of Red Boy’s skull, and Sassberry gives them this confused look of what the fuck did I just witness???? But… Their datemate??? Why are they???

“BROTHER WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” He asks. Honey Bear just looks at him confused.

“Watching? Tv?????????”


“What do you mean then?” Sassberry does a lot of gesturing with his hands, making some sounds that are too incoherent for them to be actual words. “Bro did you get sleep last night?”


“Bro I don’t think incoherent mumbling counts as a subject.” Sassberry lets out a loud undignified squawk. When you come in and everything seems fine and dandy, you give each boy a kiss before crawling into their laps. Sassberry realizes he might be missing some puzzle pieces.

“Wait are you all dating?” Honey Bear gives him a confused look before nodding. Red Boy snorts at that, realizing what Sassberry was trying to figure out before hand. That would definitely explain his confusion. Sassberry gets up and goes to take a nap without saying a word. Honey Bear doesn’t get it, and Red Boy is just snickering to himself.  

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have you seen that post where someone zoomed in on kylo's eye and it looks like a blue lightsaber is being reflected in his pupil? what did you think about that meta? i can see it happening. rey ready to end him AGAIN, on the defense and kylo is just exasperated with this whole thing back and forth and holds out his hand for her...

I reblogged that post and thought it was nicely done! I don’t think it’s from a moment of them fighting each other, though. I think it’s after a battle they’ve fought together. Kylo’s expression is beseeching and tender, and he outstretches his hand gingerly – he’s even trembling. It seems like a moment of calm within a sea of chaos to me – there are explosions and embers falling in the backdrop as a war wages around them. But… despite all of that, whatever they’ve been through up until that moment compels him to stretch out his hand to her, to implore her to come with him.

That is a moment of teamwork and a HUGE undertone of romance. I think it will happen after they’ve established a strong bond and some sort of working relationship built on trust.

But I do think that post was well done in terms of finding something that is concrete, rather than just a subjective theory post.