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So, simple character studies of these guys! It started with a desire to colour Rhys’ shirt and ended up being this. Also, I might not be able to ever replicate that face I made for Rhys but it looks good here so eehh

They are a little messy at some places but goddammit, I’m still kinda proud for not giving up half way through. Yay me!

But here ya go, TftBl art again! I hate Rhys’ shoes but love his stripes and Vaughn is a perfect, buff baby. Also, copy+paste is a friend!

Really Flappy Bird? Boyf riends (Micheal x Jeremy)

An anon asked for me to write something that didn’t break their heart so here you go anon! (Also does anyone remember this game people got so pissed off)

“COME ON YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE,” Michael yelled at his phone which peaked Jeremy’s interest.

“Dude what the hell? Did you order pizza and don’t have the patience to wait for it again? I’m telling you it takes at least ten minutes to cook a pizza,” Jeremy said with a small smile. The two had just spent the day messing around (which meant playing lots of video games and making out) but right now they were just scrolling through their phones and enjoying each other’s presence.

Michael groaned and put his head in his hands, “Ughhh no I wish I had pizza though that sounds really good…” Michael grumbled.

“Then what’s up man? Why are you screaming at your phone?” Jeremy asked curiously.

“It’s just this dumb ass game. The damn bird is so infuriating, like I see why the game was deleted because I want to rip my eyeballs out or throw my phone across the room,” Michael looked at Jeremy with an exasperated smile.

Jeremy had no clue what Michael was talking about so he peaked and looked at his phone. “You’re playing flappy bird? Dude how did you even get that on your phone?” Jeremy asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“You don’t want to know my bro… But let’s just say I am a master at finding things that I shouldn’t have or that should be let’s just say extinct,” Michael shrugged and went back to his phone.

Jeremy sat and watched Michael for about thirty seconds before the other lost his mind again. “I HIT IT AT THE RIGHT TIME WHAT THE HELL!” Michael screamed at his phone tapping it aggressively.

Jeremy chuckled his boyfriend could be such a nerd sometimes, “Ok I am taking this away from you before you break something out of anger,” Jeremy said lightly grabbing Michael’s phone and placing it in his pocket.

Michael looked at Jeremy with a pout, “Oh come man I almost beat my high score!”

“Your high score was 2 Michael how bad can you be at that?” Jeremy asked incredulously.

“Well I mean it’s really hard Jeremy,” Michael mumbled still pouting.

Jeremy leaned in and pecked Michael’s lips to get him to stop pouting, “Well at least you are better at Apocalypse of the Damned,” he said moving a piece of hair out of Michael’s face.

Michael smiled and hugged Jeremy tight, “You are damn right player 2,” he moved closer to Jeremy and kissed him slowly.

Jeremy certainly didn’t mind this turn of events until the kiss was over and Michael had his phone back. How the hell did he not noticing Michael grabbing it?

Michael started tapping at his phone again, “OH COME ON I DIDN’T EVEN GET ONE!” Michael huffed loudly.

Jeremy smiled widely because Michael was fucking ridiculous.


 I was playing around with some older Phantom concepts–around his 30′s-40′s. You’ve heard of the saying ‘fish grow to the size of their bowl’ right? The ocean is a pretty big bowl, and deep too. Hence Phantom’s loss of sight above or in shallow water when the sun’s out.

edit: deleted the sai. file before i saved a sketch of Phantom squinting at Danny and reaching his hand out ughhh. too tired to redraw 8/

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