his hands did some great acting though look at that thumb going from one side of her face to the other

Chinese Takeout-(Stiles Stilinski)

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Characters: Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Coach Finstock, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Warnings: none?

Pairing: hint at Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1243

Summary: Stiles, out of nowhere, involves you in the tradition that takes place every lacrosse match Beacon Hills plays.

Stiles Stilinski. The schools weird kid with an endless supply of sarcasm. Stiles, who’s both a naturally smart kid like his dad and on the lacrosse team. Stiles Stilinski, the guy who I have a raging crush on for 3 agonizing years. 

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Birthday Gift

Prompt : # 23 “Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous. Okay, maybe a little.”

Request : Yes. Anon.

Summary : What happens when you invite your ex to your birthday party? How does a certain Buchanan Barnes react to that?

Author : Ash

A/N : The looks Seb gives in the GIFs is how I imagine Bucky would look at the reader. You’re welcome! It feels great to be back writing! I apologize for this being a bit weak. Can I say how amazing @caitsymichelle13 is for running this blog while I’ve been taking care of things!  Hope you guys enjoy!

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Get To Know Us! Ask Us Something!

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** 2 Weeks Earlier **

“You actually invited Brad to your birthday party?” Natasha said nonchalantly shrugging her shoulders as she flipped through some Russian magazine.

“Yeah, we’re friends. Minus the bad break-up. I’ve known him forever, even before we dated. Why wouldn’t I?” I casually asked. I looked over at her wondering what she was thinking.

“Well I just think considering B…” Natasha instantly hushed up as we watched Bucky enter the kitchen. She casually nodded at Bucky. I’ll never understand their silent head nods.

“Morning Ladies.” Bucky said casually as he shot me a sly grin.

“Buck, you’re coming to my party in two weeks right?” I said as I started to make my way out of the kitchen.

Bucky just smiled and I noticed a small hint of happiness in those otherwise steel blue eyes. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, doll.” He said.

I gave him a small wink and a smile as I continued out to the gym.

“You should just tell her ya know?” Nat said as she shut her magazine and looked at Bucky.

Bucky just turned to look at her giving her the “stop meddling in my damn love life” look. He nodded his head.

“Seriously, she invited Brad to that party too. We both know what that means.” Nat said grabbing an apple and heading to start the day.

Bucky instantly saw green.

** Present Day **

Originally posted by jlstreck

Everything was perfect. You were sure there wasn’t a better way to celebrate your birthday, unless Bucky would make a move. You just shook your head as you sipped your drink. You knew that would take an act of War. You were just hoping the outfit you wore for tonight would do the trick. (x)

“Well, (Y/N) you just look as beautiful as I remember.” You gave the bartender a quick nod as you took your drink and spun around to meet your admirer.

“Brad! I’m so glad you could make it!” You say as your arms wrap around his neck and give him a close hug. You stepped back as his eyes raked over your figure. Even though you’d been friends forever it still hurt when your relationship ended.

“Care to share a dance with me?” He said with a small smile and laugh.

“Absolutely!” You said as you placed your drink against the bar and followed Brad out to the floor. You scanned the party hoping to see Mr. Buchanan Barnes but that was to no avail. You frowned in disappointment.

Brad took your hand and spun you lightly around. You were both laughing and sharing small talk. At one point, you buried your face in Brad’s shoulder laughing at the mention of the time you two tried to dance drunkenly on the balcony of his father’s house.

“You ended up puking over the rail and screaming how much you loved me for letting you dance to Celine Dion.” Brad said as his hand traveled lower. He placed his palm against the small of your back pressing you closer into him.

When you picked your head up to retort a comeback that’s when you noticed it. Bucky’s eyes were boring into you and Brad. Not just looking, but daggers piercing through the both of you. You watched his jaw tighten as he stiffened up and kept eye contact with you. He wasn’t even focused on the conversation going on around him.

“You could just go cut in, instead of being the creepy stalker.” Sam said.

“I’m not a stalker, I’m just….”

“Jealous.” Chris and Sam both stated.

Bucky took a deep sigh as he turned back to face you and your “lover.”

“You better hurry up…because the way (Y/N) looks tonight, someone is going to want to take that home.” Sam said as he pointed over at the two of you.

“He’s got the hand on the lower back … he’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear. They have history, chemistry. She pressed up tight against him. He’s about to k..ki..”

All Sam felt was a smack against the back of his head from Chris before he realized Bucky had walked away, jealous and enraged.

Sam muttered a small “Oh shit.”

You watched Bucky walked towards the two of you, and if it had been a cartoon you knew he would be the green monster. Brad looked at your face of concern and before he could ask what was wrong he felt the hand grip his shoulder.

“Do you mind if I cut in, pal?” Bucky asked. You could hear the threatening tone his voice held.

Brad turned and looked up at him, not impressed and not scared. “What if I do?” he asked. Leave it to Brad to make things more difficult.

Bucky’s jaw tightened. “I’ll just make you move.”

When you meant an act of war, two guys fighting over you was not what you had in mind. Or was it?

You sighed while silently smiling to yourself.

“Boys, while this is every woman’s fantasy. There is plenty of me to go around. “ You said as you grabbed Bucky’s hand from Brad’s shoulder.

You watched as Brad took a step back and gave you a thumbs up while silently wincing and grabbing his shoulder to ease the pain. You laughed a bit as you saw him walk over to Chris and Sam who also threw a thumbs up your way.

“Why did you invite him?” Bucky looked down at you. He was searching your face. His eyes moved over your neck, your chest. You felt his hand tighten around your waist. He was holding you close as if he was afraid to let you go.

You felt yourself shiver under his touch. “Are you jealous Barnes?” You moved your arms around to his neck. Your nails lightly scraping against the exposed skin. You brought your face closer to his. God, this man was intoxicating.

“No, I’m not jealous.”


“Okay, fine maybe a little. “

“He’s a great friend. A previous bf, but he also happens to be married now. But you didn’t know that. I wanted to make you jealous. I wanted you to finally make a move. Nat let it slip how you felt about me, and I felt the same. But I understand you old men are set in your ways. Plus I wanted to make you work a little.” You said with a smirk.

“So I had nothing to worry about? You did this to tease me? To drive me crazy for two weeks?” Bucky said as he gripped you tighter.

“Yes sir. Guilty as charged”

You smiled up at Bucky as you pressed yourself a little bit closer against him. You felt his metal hand trail down your arm, down your side and over your thigh threw the slit in your dress. You were absolute putty in his hands.

You felt Bucky’s stubbled chin slightly graze across your jaw as he whispered how amazing you looked tonight. How soft you were, how intoxicating he found you. You ran fingers back up to Bucky’s hair and pressed his lips closer to yours before you passionately kissed him.

“Doll, you teased me. Made me green with envy over another man touching you. And looking at you in that dress..” Bucky bit his lip and you saw a glint of mischief roll around in those eyes.

Bucky leaned closer and softly whispered in a deep but sultry voice “I’m going to have to punish you..” before he placed a small kiss to your sweet spot.

“So much teasing to make up for …. having to think about and watch some other guy with his hands on you. Pressed against you. I’m going to make sure that never happens again.” He whispered.

You knew this was going to be the best birthday gift you’d ever received.

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He loves me, He loves me not Pt.2

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

A/N: Enjoy! (y/f/n - ‘your full name)

Part 1

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Weakness - Part 5

Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1182

A/N: Hello! The next part is here after a long ass time, sorry about that lol I hope you like this part and how the story is going, let me know what you think! x

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


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Weak- Cassian Andor (Part Two)

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC


A/N: This literally took me hours, lol. I’m not even ashamed, I just hope it turned out aright since I’m not normally a smut writer. Also– ft. alternate ending for Rogue One but fair warning, it’s still mildly depressing. It’s not fluff, it’s not angst…it’s like…flangst. I’m also a huge hopeless, romantic sap. Okay I’m done waffling now. #fixitfic2k17


@libsybum @princeofsassgard

Cassian’s grip was tight around my shoulders as we watched the world around us fade away. Fear clutched my heart in a cold, iron grip, making it feel as if my blood had turned to ice. The three of us exchanged worried looks, Cass slung in-between Jyn and I, too weak to stand on his own. Hopelessness began to replace the triumph I had felt only moments before, until I heard the sweet sound of a ship engine. I craned my neck and heard a relieved laugh escape Jyn as a rebel fighter ship lowered itself onto the beach and hovered over the sand. Inside, several rebel fighters were watching frantically at us and I knew we had maybe seconds before Scarif was gone.

Cassian grunted in pain as I helped him climb into the ship, two other pairs of hands reaching from inside to pull him him. Jyn and I followed, hopping in just as the pilot began to pull away from the beach. My entire body ached with exhaustion, but it was nothing compared to the state of my heart as I looked around the ship and saw no other familiar face. I tugged on the sleeve of the nearest rebel fighter. He leaned toward me, turning his head to hear my voice over the road of the engines.

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Military Return (Harry Request)

Your heart was pounding as you came off the flight. It was generally the excitement of arriving back home after so long of being away. But today, it was the excitement of surprising your boyfriend. Harry.
Luckily, your military team had been sent home early as your term ended shorter than expected. You just hadn’t told Harry yet… And, so, you sat on the plane with 11 other men and women all dressed in army clothing around you that you knew like your own family knowing every single one of them felt just as excited to return home.
As though it flies by (no pun intended) you’re out with your suitcase to meet the people waiting for you.
You see one of your team run up to his two year old daughter, tears streaming down his and his wife’s face. You see another run to their parents, embracing them both like they were in fear of letting go of them again. The oldest of the team, your leader, be greeted by his two children- glad that he wouldn’t be saying another goodbye. His fighting was finished now. You were proud of him.
And across the cluttered space was Tobi. A hat upon his head as usual, a flux Adidas jacket.
Though when he sees you, the smile on his face was more distinct than all of that other stuff.
You run over to him dropping your bag when you’re close enough to him to embrace him instantly.
“Its so good to see you” He comments quietly.
All of the guys, including your boyfriend, struggled to watch you go off to fight in the military. The lack of communication, the distance, the sheer danger out there. It terrified all of them just as much as it did when you first started. But now, this was your duty. You had to protect other people, protect countries.
“Its good to see you home” He mumbles.
“Tobi, I’m fine you know?” You chuckle.
“Must say, loving the uniform” He grins and you hit him round the head.
“So, update me on everything with Harry” You comment and he takes your bag from you to lead you out of the airport.
~~~Time Skip~~~
On the journey back to the sidemen house, Tobi explains to you that every one of the guys knew about your plan to surprise Harry and they couldn’t wait to see you. He was out with both Cal’s for the day and they would all be arriving to the house later in the evening for pizza and beers whilst watching the game. Your perfect night to return home to.
You climb out of the car and see the door open instantly before JJ, Simon, Vik, Josh and Ethan all come sprinting out to greet you with the biggest group hug. It wasnt a jokey gesture, even though it made you laugh. It was of sheer relief. To have their ‘little sister’ home.
“Its great to see you too guys” You laugh ad they let you go.
“Shut up kid, we missed you” Josh rolls his eyes
“Glad to be back?” Ethan asks.
“Always” You smile and follow all of them back inside.
You had only briefly seen this house when you were back last time so it was still a struggle to navigate compared to the old place. It was certainly a lot bigger, and more modern. And the guys had even set up a spare room for you and Harry so you didn’t have to worry about driving the short distance back home tonight.
“So, ready to give your boyfriend the surprise of the century?” Vik asks you as he brings in your bag and Simon carries through some SDMN clothing in a big box that they had always kept aside for you.
“I’m nervous” You admit, “I have a strong feeling he’s just gonna know that I’m here anyway”
“Harry can barely tell his left from his right” Vik laughs, “I’m sure we’ll be fine”
“Yeah, thanks guys” You nod and he heads back out.
“Come on! There’s a long awaited FIFA match for you downstairs” Simon grins, slinging an arm around your shoulder.
You chuckle and go downstairs to watch the first game between JJ and Ethan take place
After a few games, you get a message from Cal saying they’re on their way over now. And feel a lump in your throat. It wouldn’t be long. A matter of minutes.
“Alright (y/n), come round the back” JJ nods, leading you through the garden and round to the gate. You would hide out here until the pizzas came, “Good luck,” He grins, handing you the key to the gate before walking back inside.
Things that could go wrong-
-Harry would see or hear you
-He’d suspect the boys were acting weird
-He’d go into the spare room and see your stuff in there
-He’d knock the pizzas over… and that would annoy everyone.
Soon enough, you get the message from Vik to make you aware that they ordered the pizza about 20 minutes ago and it should be here any minute.
You fumble with the keys and unlock the gate, heading through to the large driveway to wait for the pizza guy who luckily shows up soon enough.
~~~Harry’s POV~~~
“Yo Bog can you get the door?” Simon yells from the kitchen.
“The games just starting” I retort, even though there was still a while until the main match of the night was on.
“Oh fuck off” JJ laughs, pushing me towards the door.
I chuckle and open it before a wave of frozen shock completely takes hold of me. It wasn’t like when someone made me jump or I packed a blue in a video. It wasn’t like that moment when you were a kid and you opened a Christmas present you didn’t expect to get. It was more than all of that together, more than anything. Because she was there. It was more than her flying over from living in America and this was more than a long distance relationship. Because she was safe. Her uniform dark in the night on her body which she always wore with such pride and her medals hung across the left side of her chest. I could see the line of her dog tag necklace around her neck that I gave her before she left, it hung over her heart. Always.
“I hope you ordered my favourite Bog” She grins but can’t say anything else before I wrap my arms around her like I was afraid she’d disappear if I didn’t.
She smelt of home. Her favourite perfume dusting her neck to combine with the horrifying battle that this uniform represented.
My arms were around her waist and hers around my neck, both strong enough to say a thousand words as the boys all crowd round the stairs and hallway in awe.
I could feel tears in my eyes since the shock overwhelmed me even more and I know she has already noticed as one slips down my cheek.
“You know exactly what happens when you cry” She mutters, pulling away slightly to show her face resembling mine.
“What on Earth are you doing home?” I finally manage to ask, my eyes scanning her face quickly for any sign of damage or pain.
“Our leave started early this time” She smiles, “I, well we, figured things would be more interesting if you didn’t know”
“You mother fuckers!” Harry turns around quickly to look at all of the guys.
“Come on, let’s leave the lovebirds to their reunion, we’ve got pizza to eat and a game to watch” Josh exclaims and all of them head quickly to the kitchen.
“I’m so glad you’re back” Harry whispers, brushing his thumb over your cheek.
“Babe, I’m okay” You assure him.
He looks down, “I know, its just I worry and-”
“Look, we can go through all of this when we’re not just reunited and I’m not tired and we’ve not got pizza and football” You nod, taking his hand in yours, “But for now, if you haven’t ordered double cheese I will be very, very disappointed okay?”

Closing Alone (A sad Larsadie fic)

Contains Mature/sexual themes (but nothing explicit)

Summary: “Lars, can you do me a favor and close up by yourself tonight?” Sadie said about thirty minutes before closing time at the Big Donut. “I want to go home and change before my date tonight.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Lars leaned on the front counter by the register, half-listening as he idly browsed online with his phone. A second later, he registered what Sadie had said and his eyes went wide. “Wait, what?”

[A conversation between Lars and Sadie as Sadie is leaving to go on a date with someone who isn’t Lars. To say this conversation goes poorly is an understatement.]

An older gift fic for my good friend, @cinnabees

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Becoming Me (Avengers x Reader) Part 5/?

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Warnings: Maybe swearing 

Ft: Fury, Maria, The council 

Summary: What happens to you now? After you’ve risked your life and saved another, will you be accepted or rejected? 

A/N: Okay guys. I have no excuses, I have just been feeling unmotivated and been stressed out over ACTs recently. This is no excise and I would like to say sorry because I have been a terrible blogger. 

Feeling your eyes heavy with sleep you open them with all your might. Looking towards the window to see the pink sky coming through to let you know its about to be almost morning. Looking down at your outfit you see your in a hospital gown. “You know I hate this changing you guys changing my clothes while I am sleeping.” You mutter out more to yourself.

“That was fast.” You look over to see Dr. Banner, Steve and Barton in the room. Steve is sat right beside you in a chair with his arms crossed while Barton and Banner are talking farther away. 

“Huh?” Your voice is husky and sounds a bit hoarse. Dr. Banner walks over to you and takes your wrist into his hands gently. “How long have I been out for?” You yawn out as Dr. Banner takes your pulse.

“Only 12 hours. Which is remarkable for the amount of blood loss and your weakened state from using your powers.” Dr. Banner explains after finishing your heartbeat.

“The bullet ran straight through, so that would make sense.” You say mostly to yourself as you look at your shoulder to see no bandaging or anything.

“Yup. You shouldn’t risk your life like that, kid.” You look up to see Barton walking over to the side of my bed.

“I had a better chance at living than you, Barton.” You scoffed while leaning back down into your pillows. “I have super healing. You are a normal person. Think about the odds.” You scold and silence is thick in the air as Barton and I look at each other.

“Your right. Thank you.” Barton thanks before walking away from my bedside and out of the sliding glass doors. It gets silent again in the room, but soon Dr. Banner speaks up.

“Well, I better tell the others that you are awake along with Director Fury.” Dr. Banner walks out of the room quickly.  This leaves you and Steve alone in the room.

“Are you feeling okay?” Steve asks as you situate yourself into a sitting position.

“Yeah. Just feeling a bit weak.” You admit weakly while looking at Steve. “My powers haven’t fully come back yet.” You explain seeing the worry in Steve’s eyes.

“Oh.” Steve mutters looking at his hands. The silence takes over the room. “You scared us all, you know?” Steve asks looking up from his hands and looking into your eyes. His light eyes telling you that he was telling the truth.

“Nope. I couldn’t tell.” You state sarcasm dripping from your voice. Steve gives you a stern look. “What?” You ask him with a serious tone to your voice. “If everyone was so scared, how come I still feel unwanted?” You try to reason with him. 

“I want you here. You saved us all yesterday.” Steve reaches out and covers your hand gently with his own. “You had plenty of opportunities to betray us and run away, but you never did. That is a great start to a second chance.” Steve reasons while making small circles on your hand with his thumb. His calloused thumb a contrast to your soft skin.

“Thanks Steve, but I won’t feel accepted, until I am.” Just then the door opens revealing Natasha, who has a stack of some clothing. Steve instantly pulls his hand away from yours, making you miss the contact. 

“Sorry to intrude, but your wanted in the meeting room.” Natasha says the last part looking at Steve, who nods his head. He turns to you and then sighs before standing up. 

“Alright. See you around.” Steve states before walking out of the room, but not before flashing you a reassuring smile. When the doors close, you turn to Maria. 

 “Fury sent these clothes for you. You’ve got twenty minutes to get dressed.” Maria states setting the clothes at the foot of the bed. You look at her questioningly. 

“Where am I going?” You ask, slightly worried, wondering where you’ll end up next. 

“It’s a meeting with the council, to see where you will be put.” Maria tells you unemotionally. You sigh nodding your head slowly. 

“Prison here I come.” You tell her as you swing your legs to the side of the bed. You stand up slowly, using the bed as your support. 

Once you hear the doors shut, you start getting undressed. You begin to dress yourself slowly. You are still very weak and sore. You have on a pair of jeans, a plain dark maroon top and a pair of combat boots on.

Walking over to the mirror across the room, you splash water on to get the tiredness off your face. Seeing a hair tie on the sink, you pull your up into a bun. Once you are done fiddling with your face, you look at your reflection longer. Your tired Y/E/C, your messed up Y/C/H, and the way your face looks so tired. You keep on staring at yourself until you hear a voice. “You’ll look better after a hot long shower and a good meal in you.” You turn around to see Natasha standing there leaning against the door way. 

“As wonderful as that sounds, the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim.” You tell her before putting the gown on the unmade hospital bed.  “You’re okay?” You walk over to the doorway standing 3 feet away from her. 

“Yes, thanks to you. Come on, the council doesn’t like waiting.” Natasha warns you and you follow her as she walks out of the room. 

You and Natasha walk into the room, the nerves running through your body like electricity. You put on a brave face though because showing fear or nerves will help no one. In the room is 6 hologram screens surrounding Nick Fury.

“Here is Y/N Y/L/N.” Natasha announces with her hands behind her back and standing straighter. You stand straighter with your hands folded in front of you. “Good luck, we are here rooting for you.” Natasha tells you nodding her head to the side. You glance over to see a glass wall, and turn to Nat. 

“Thanks.” You whisper before taking a step forward and walking towards Fury.  The nerves settle as you look at the big screens that cause you some anxiety. The big screens are intimidating, but maybe that’s why they are this big.

“Y/N Y/L/M, the promising scientist turned criminal.” A older man on the screen states in a monotone voice. You wanted to correct him, but kept your mouth shut. “You helped Hydra build a machine-” he was cut off by a woman the same age as the man.

“She did sabotaged the machine, so Hydra wouldn’t be able to use it.” The woman sticks up for you. 

“The machine also blew up a Hydra base, taking one base down for us.” An Asian man speaks up, agreeing with the woman. 

“But she did kill and steal for criminal organizations. She has caused us much trouble.” Another man speaks up, and you sigh getting sick of the group talking about you like you weren’t here. The council begins to argue about what trouble you’ve caused and the good. 

“Excuse me.” You speak up quietly. Fury looks at you and then to the arguing council. You sigh taking a step forward and taking a deep breath. “Excuse me.” You say louder and prouder causing the council to go silent. “Before you decide my future, may I say something?” You ask looking at the council. 

“It is only fair for the girl to speak.” Fury agrees backing you up as he sees the council look between each other and then at you. 

“Go ahead then.” Another older, white man says gesturing for you to talk. Taking a deep breath, you prepare your words carefully. 

“I know I’ve caused you much trouble over the past years, but you have gotten a few facts messed up and because of that you believe I have no morals or feelings. First, I have only ever killed one person. Second, I have done small kidnapping, information or scouting missions for criminal groups. Nothing to cause the world too much damage. Lastly, I only became a criminal to survive. I was lost and confused. I am a freak of nature, nothing the world can’t accept right now.

“That is no excuse for what I’ve done. But, if you are willing, I would like to learn about my powers more, learn to do good. Learn to fight the real evil in this world and not damage the people trying to save it. I don’t deserve nor do I think you should even consider this, but I am asking for a second chance.” You tell them with confidence before looking at director Fury then at the council.

“Well we have a lot to discuss.” The old woman states looking at the other council members then at Fury. “How about you have one of your agents wait outside with Ms. Y/L/N?” The woman asks Fury. Fury gestures with his hand in the air, and a young man comes over. 

“Take Ms. Y/L/N outside and keep an eye on her.” Fury tells the agent, who nods his head. The agent walks over to you and gestures for you to walk. You do and we are outside the room in moments. The agent nor you spoke as you waited for the council to make a decision. You tried to reassure yourself that whatever they gave you, you deserved it. 

“Agent Hon, bring her in!” You hear a voice yell. The agent in the hallway opens the door for you, and you walk in with him following close beside you. You make your way to the edge of the half circle, Fury gestures for you to stand in the middle beside him 

“We have came to a finale decision.” The older man states looking unemotional and not caring. You try to read the faces of the council, but you see the same on everyone’s face. These guys are good at hiding emotions or they don’t have any.  

The silence in the room, makes you overthink. Maybe you were going to be in prison for the rest of your life. You will never be able to use your powers again or ever prove your worth to anyone. You’ll forever be known for the bad you have done, and not what you truly are. Your hands shake as they are folded in front of you and your breath is ragged.

“Our decision is…” The Asian man trails off before he looks at his colleagues for reassurance. He turns back looking at you before nodding his head. “You will become apart of the team, eventually, but you’ll have to pass the tests and training like the other agents.” You hold back the smile that threatened to be present on your face. 

“You will have to work hard to prove your worth, but you will eventually join the Avengers initiative.” The old man, who talked to you in the beginning, tells you. You nod your head curtly, keeping no emotion on your face. 

“That concludes our meeting for the day, boys.” The woman speaks up. “Fury.” The lady nods at Fury before looking at me. “Till we meet again Ms. Y/N Y/L/N.” They all sign off with that. You are getting a second chance to prove to yourself and everyone else you are better than a criminal.


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Four Years After ~ Chapter Four (The Finale)

Not requested

Genre: Romance

Member: Park Chanyeol

Summary: (of this series) Four years after your breakup with Chanyeol, you are forced into collaborating with him on a song for publicity. From fan signings together, to song-writing together, you both eventually have to sing together in public. But what happens along the way of this song-making process between two exes?

Summary: (of this chapter) YAY, chapter four! MV filming with Chanyeol and a fan signing. Also, this is the last chapter :) 

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three}  

“Hey!” you say, smacking his arm. “Not all women have to be feminine!”

“I know. I’m just talking about you. When presented an audience you act all cute and innocent and like a maknae.”

“And? Your point is?” you say, taking a seat on the chair with wheels again.

“My point is,” he says, using his legs to bring you and the chair closer to him. Hoping off and kneeling in front of you, he smirks and leans closer to your face. “You’re two-faced.”

“Well…I’m not the only one who is also two-faced, Chanyeol.”

He smirks. “I’ve changed.”

“Like hell you did.”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I guess you’ll find out in the next few weeks.” he says, hopping onto the table again. Using his legs to reel you back in front of him, the close and intimate gesture makes you nervous.

“Why are you trapping me in between your legs and the chair?” you ask, trying to stand up and escape him.

“Is that a problem?” he asks, pushing you back down onto the chair.

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I Especially Am Slow [1/3]


“Do you think you’ll tell them?”

Trini looks up from her plate to see Kim watching her, leaning forward across the table with that weird, eager light in her eyes.

“About being-” A quick glance around the deli to make sure no one is listening (who would be? They are just two teenage girls, as far as most people know). Trini lowers her voice, anyway. “About being a Ranger?”

“Yeah. Why not?”

“Hah!” Trini bisects her remaining piece of cake with maybe a little more force than is strictly necessary. The screech of fork-on-ceramic does draw a few heads their way- Trini can feel their eyes prick pins-and-needles at her neck. She runs her tongue over her teeth, scowls. “Like I said- my folks like normal. They’d lock me up before believing I was a- a superhero.”

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ADA Rafael Barba; His Woes; and Carmen.

This is a selfish, quick, prolly lackluster, not-really-edited piece because work is really busy but I want this to happen SO BAD.

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Psuedo-spoiler alert; mention of Barba’s “secret” & the results of such.

Directly after his meeting, and learning of his ‘punishment’ for the misdeed he had committed and subsequently went to cover up- he had gone to advise her. Better him than anyone else, he figured. He had asked her to join him, poured them both drinks, directed her towards the little sofa so as to provide comfort despite the unsettling news.

Then, Rafael Barba told his long-time assistant everything.
About the trial; about the woman, the addict; what he gave her, what happened, how he’d known. He told her how it worked, the success, then the grand fall. Then the daughter, and how he’d been guilt ridden since.

Carmen had stayed silent for a long few minutes, nursed her drink and ran fingertips along the rim. After about five of those quiet ticks of the clocks, she rose to her feet, boldly took the scotch from his hand and discarded both of their glasses onto the table.

“Mr. Barba, I knew about the money-” Her voice was calm, warm, and somehow initiated sparks of tears in the corners of his eyes. “I didn’t know or understand why or who that girl was, but I monitor your statements… I just assumed it wasn’t my business.”

Of course she knew. Rafael hid his eyes behind his hand, bit back sniffles to try and maintain the facade of stoicism. She always knew everything.

Though it had happened often, it had never been like this; in his moment of weakness, Carmen came to his rescue. When he wilted, she reached out, gripped hard on his biceps over his suit, forced him to stand tall. “Mr. Barba; I am so proud of you.” Delicately, she straightened his jacket, rocked forward to run fingertips through his hair to correct the mussed strands. “Since the day I met you, I knew how honorable you were. I have no doubt that you did what you had to in order to get villains off the street, and I think no less of you-”

“I’m going to be suspended,” he choked it out, somehow managed to stay stiff in the spine- stuck in the soldier boy position she had manipulated him to. “Thirty days. You- if you want to stick around, you still have your position, of course; If you’d be willing to forgive me, we can get back to how things were.”

Nodding, Carmen went to gather her purse and their coats. Without responding, she shrugged hers on then held up his. Rafael obediently slithered inside, went to quick work slipping buttons through loops. “Let’s go eat, you need dinner before you hit the scotch too hard-” she suggested, brightly, as if they were planning a happy hour after winning a case instead of the dire situation he’d conjured for himself. “We can discuss the dates you’ll be away, what I can do while you’re out, how we can best prepare… I can work to consider a PR plan if it’s needed, but perhaps you should take the time to get away,” while still rattling off her mental to-do list, she began to head to the door- “we can find you a hotel room somewhere sunny, get you out of New York for a bit…”

Carefully, Rafael gave her purse strap a tug, causing her to pause and twist to look at him before working to open the door. “Carmen,” he waited for her to catch his stare, didn’t even try to hide the tears that had fallen. “Carmen, I’d be lost without you.”

With the pad of her thumb, she brushed away the wetness on his cheek. “It’s what I do, Mr. Barba.”

It had been such a long month without him.

Of course, his suspension gave Carmen time. To think, to consider, to re-organize and breathe. She actually used some of her stockpile of collected ‘paid time off’ to take her niece to the park, an art gallery, some little coffee shop to listen to music. 

Naturally, she had forgiven him. In fact, there had never even been reason or need for his apologies. Carmen was in his corner, would likely always be, and his act of thin-lined valor didn’t sway her in the least.

While he was gone, though, she made certain to keep the place pristine. Carmen would go into his office, dust off his desk accessories. She switched out pens and highlighters for new ones, gathered up loose and irrelevant papers so she could comb through them for the important bits, even went out and purchased a fancy new Keurig to keep in his office… that coffee pot was getting old, and with him gone long enough not to notice, she wasted no time getting rid of it.

His inbox was stacking up; but Carmen had been certain to flag the actually urgent correspondences, and to settle any little fires she felt confident handling on her lonesome. All of his case files were now alphabetized, the updated ones had special tags on them in order of relevance and importance. His plants had been watered, dead leaves trimmed off, and she had brought in a rather colorful arrangement to brighten the place up a bit.

He deserved it; her diligence, her care, her respect.

On the day of his planned return- Carmen was awake earlier than usual. Before getting to the office, she had made a few stops, came in an hour before her typical clock-in time with bags dangling from her arms. This morning, she moved quicker than she did most, was nearly out of breath by the end of it all.

Rafael Barba came in in a hurry; eyes heavy but mind sharp. At the sight of her, typing diligently away at her keyboard, he could only smile. “Carmen!” Shamelessly, he discarded his briefcase, and leaned up against her desk. “My miracle worker, oh I’ve missed you so!” 

She had certainly missed him as well. “Did you enjoy your time off, Mr. Barba?” To give him a good look over, she stepped back, was grinning more than she had been able to the whole time he was away. “You look happy to be back.”

Time off… Rafael laughed at her choice of words. Suspension, time off, same difference- isn’t it? “I’m not sure about being back, but I am happy to see you,” as he had done every morning they worked together, he went for her ‘Barba Box’ and gathered up the stack of notes and messages. “I did enjoy it a little, I suppose- but I also enjoyed the care basket you sent. Your sister is a brilliant baker.”

Carmen nodded, and took her seat so she could reach for hidden files he needed to address sooner than others. “I’ll forward the compliments to the chef, I’m glad you liked it.” Noticing his brows furrow together, she quickly took away the stack of papers. “Don’t worry about all those yet, I told most of the other counselors you wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.”

Happily, he accepted her direction, shot an appreciative wink and went to abscond away to his office so he could start to get through the sure-to-be-chaos. “You’re a genius, Carmen. I’d be lost without you.” 

While Rafael went and closed the door behind him, his assistant stayed silent, even choosing not to respond with her typical retort…

He wouldn’t have really been able to hear her, anyways.
Not over the sound of his files dropping hard on his table top.

On his desk, the new lovely bouquet of rainbow flowers. Four balloons, two smiley faces / one with a gold star / and another sporting the words ‘WELCOME BACK’ in comic-sans; all tied together and connected to a blue weight near his chair. A new coffee mug, black with a gold trim around the rim and along the handle- he gave it a twist to read all the words on the sides: ‘Coffee. Tea. Bourbon. Depends on the client.’ A nice bottle of scotch, his favorite actually, she must have taken note of the most-touched one he kept in his collection; with a bright red ribbon tied around the neck.

Celebrating his return was not what the ADA had expected. 
Leers, judgment, frustration from all ends maybe.
Suspicion, anger, or maybe even disappointment…

But, of course, he should have known better.
He should always expect the best from Carmen.

All of his files made sense, there was no mess to clean, everything was where he had left it but just a little bit better. After managing to sniffle back tears, damn her for making him well up both the last times he’d seen her, Rafael slid out of his office. Of course, she pretended not to notice him, as she would have done any time he wandered throughout their little corridor. As if nothing had ever changed.

This time, instead of dropping off papers or asking about schedules, Rafael Barba threw his arms over her shoulders, pulled her back so her rolling chair hit his chest and he could kindly embrace her. Oh, and Carmen smiled, even though he couldn’t see; she placed her hands over his as they collected near her sternum, let him give her a friendly peck on the cheek.

“Thank you,” he whispered briefly, just before standing and patting heavy palms on her shoulders. “Sincerely, Carmen, thank you: you’ve kept the place together and you’ve… well,” he had never been great with sentiments, and really wonderful friends were so hard to come by. “Carmen, I’d be lost without you-”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Barba.” She glanced up at him over her shoulder, pat at his knuckles to prove she truly did understand his gratitude: and she’d do it all over and over again if it really made her employer (and, friend) so very happy. “It’s what I do, Mr. Barba.”

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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it. . . (Ch. 10)

Chapter 10 – Trust Building Exercise #8:  Loving Bucky

Bucky x Reader

Summary – You are an agent who has been training for a specific mission for years.  Your boss finally informs you that Bucky is heading back to the States, so your mission is about to begin.

Warnings – Some violence, but mostly light smut – finally!

Word Count – 1,723

Notes – This is it, it’s finally finished!  I’m so excited to be done, but I will miss Bucky and this particular Reader.  I absolutely loved writing their journey, and I hope that you have enjoyed it as well. Again, any feedback that you would like to leave will be gratefully appreciated.

Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six  Chapter Seven Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten


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Natasha cornered Tony as soon as he made his way to the bar. “Why did you do that Stark?”

“Do what?” Tony asked, signaling the bartender for another drink.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.  (Y/N) and Bucky were this close,” she said holding her thumb and index finger close together in his face.

“I saw,” Tony responded, sipping on his drink.  “She’s too good for him, Nat.  She and I may not see eye to eye, but that girl has potential and I won’t stand by and watch her throw away her life for him.”

“Well,” Nat snapped, “It’s a good thing it’s not up to you.” She quickly turned and disappeared into the crowd.

F.R.I.D.A.Y woke you up entirely too early the next morning, saying that you were needed in the common room for a mission briefing.  You were worried that things would be awkward between you and Bucky after last night. You dreaded getting up and facing him. Then you thought about Stark, and you wanted to kill the man.  If he had just kept his nose out of your business, who knows?  Maybe you and Bucky would be waking up together this morning. You let out a deep breath and got out of bed, resigning yourself to deal with whatever the morning would bring.

You made your way to the common room in the Tower to find most everyone already there.  Steve looked up and smiled at you as you walked into the room.

“Great,” he said.  “You’re here.  Coulson just contacted Stark about a mission.”

“What’s the situation?” you inquired.

As you were talking to Steve, Bucky walked into the room.  The two of you made eye contact and he smiled at you.  Not just a grin or a smirk, but a full on, this is the happiest I’ve been in a while, kind of smile.  You couldn’t stop yourself smiling back at him.

Seeing the exchange, Stark decided to speak up, “Sorry, Barnes, I don’t think we’re going to need you on this one.  (Y/N), I will need you with me to help get the security feed jammed.”

“Sorry, Stark” you began, “I won’t be going on this mission.”

“What are you talking about?” Stark questioned.

“My primary mission is Barnes,” you explained.  “I only help you guys out if he goes and you said he’s not needed.”

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Lips touch, chapter 13

Chapter 13, guys! Still exploring alternatives for snogging/kisses on the mouth for the first Turnadette kiss. If you guys have any ideas, let me know ;). I find I work really well with prompts and suggestions.

Sister Bernadette awoke because her hand stung abominably. The Summer Fete was exactly a week ago, and the abrasion should have closed up nicely by now, despite her being slow healer. She kept rubbing it open at night, though, when she thrashed about because of her dreams. Oh, the dreams. Sister Bernadette had always dreamed a lot, but the past few weeks her nights had not been filled with visions of the chapel, her fellow religious sisters, or her patients, but with him. During the day, she could repress her emotions. At night, though, she could resist no more.

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Should've Been Us

Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV Show Version)

Summary: The reader finds out that Alec had asked Lydia to marry him, but the reader had feelings for as long as she could remember. All she can think is about all the memories that they shared and the close moments.

Pair: Alec Lightwood x (Female)Reader

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 2809

Published Date: September 30th, 2016

Know: (y/n)- Your name, (f/d)- Favorite Drink, (m/f)- Muffin Flavor

“I lost somebody who wasn’t even mine.”

- Buscar Con (Don’t know if that is actually a person)

Masterlist Request Requirements Fandoms

Part 2 Part 3

(y/n) walked down the halls of the institute, trying to keep her head down. Out of sight of anyone who would notice the tears that was running down her cheeks. The news about the eldest Lightwood sibling had spread fast. Faster before Alec himself could tell his best friend. Though it might of been for the best. (y/n) knew that she would of cried or done something she regret if he had came to her. 

As she was trying to wipe her tears away, her high heels had caught on a part of the stairs. She was in midair, falling to land on her face. Instead, a pair of airs had caught her, her nose only a inch away from the floor. She was quickly pulled right up, the arms leaving her instantly.   

“(y/n)? You alright?” She heard Clary, making her shiver a little. Turning to the new shadowhunter, (y/n) gave her the most fake smile she could muster up.

“I’m fine. Thanks anyway.” (y/n) told her, pulling her jacket closer to her body as Clary watched her. “I’m just heading out. I’ll be back in a couple hours if anyone needs me.” (y/n) then started to walk off before the girl could say anything else. Just as she past through the institute’s door, she felt a light breeze of the cold autumn air.

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Jealous? You Shouldn’t Be

Title: Jealous? You Shouldn’t Be (Persephone P5)
Summary: Crowley has something up his sleeve to defeat Amara as well as Lucifer!Cas.
Words: 2,133
Author’s Note: Caught up to the story line. And now we wait. (I’m also toying with doing an alt ending because it would take the story in another direction. But I’m not sure)

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11

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Fight- Andre Burakovsky imagine

               It wasn’t often during the season that Andre and you were able to go on dates that were longer than a few hours or even occurring at night. Luckily tonight was an exception.  The Washington Capitals had a game tomorrow night so today the team was free after practice. You had been waiting for Andre to return to the apartment where he gave you the good news that you guys could spend a night out together.

               So that’s where you found yourself now, sitting across from Andre at a table at a restaurant located at the Georgetown Waterfront. The weather had been perfect all day and the two of you wanted to spend as much time as you could outside so while you the two of you were walking along the waterfront you decided to stop at one of the outdoor restaurants.

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Can I talk to you for a moment?



He took your attention constantly. In your thoughts, or when he wasn’t fully amused.
That was it: not amused.
He never really was, just the constant though that he could be doing something better. More fun, at least. He took it out on himself, but mainly you. Knowing he could easily remove you from any situation not involving him. Knowing he could bite down on his bottom lip, with a dark expression and eyes glued on yours and have that make your thighs clench together and your mind falling into your fantasies. Your arousal was nothing you could do anything about, unless he choose to. He’s dominant, a controlfreak. That was the exciting part, your submissive side screaming out in joy when things escalated into the bedroom.
Why would he do it now though? In a room full of people, relatives, friends, a very big possibility he’d get eyed from an unlucky angle that would get him caught. Simply one thing.
He was risky. The only thing overlapping that was his need for control, of course. It never really occurred to you that he’d be like that when you met for the first time. He seemed shy, mysterious, it all really added up in the end.


Like that, your thoughts were cut in half. The familiar face infront of you became visible once again. You nodded slightly, convincing your second cousin that his talk about how great his business in Norway is was interesting you. It took a lot of you to keep focused on the face of your second cousin instead of eying your darkhaired partner of six months not more than 10 feets away. He was talking to a family friend, on your moms side. She, was quite attractive if you have to admit. The fact that Hanbin would rather play his dirty games with you instead of admiring her sea blue eyes sounded much more appealing your ears though. That was the thing too, you see, everything to do with him was always better.
Without much notice, your eyes landed on his again. This time his expression had changed. Lust. He was getting impatient, you could tell. Ideas rushed through your head and one especially stood out to you. Two can play this game, can’t they?
You bit down on your bottom lip, biting soon turning to chewing. Your eyes were lazily wondering over his, your hand well on its way up your cleavage, deciding it was time for it to get the justice it deserved. Your used buttons decreased by two, your confidence boosting, his patience almost nonexistent. His face turned darker, he was getting mad. Mad at his lack of control, mad at how sudden the tables turned. At this point, the little submissive voice in your head could uproar, but you currently sent her off to a vacation, letting the other parts of you get their chance to show off.

Your teasing continued like that for a little while. You’d be worried about the person before you noticing your flirtatious actions, but you really didn’t expect any astonishing reaction from him, he is quite gay anyways. Your gaze went to him again, you nodded once again just to emphasize your acting of caring about what he had to say. You would feel bad about leaving someone, especially a relative, like that, but your self-conscious was well gone alongside your comfort zone.
Just as you were gonna check on Hanbin, he wasn’t on his position anymore. You didn’t have a lot of time to wonder until you felt the strong pair of hands on your shoulders. His head was dangerously close to the crook of your neck, feeling his soft breath against the skin on your collarbone. You turned your head slightly, catching him at the corner of your eye.

»Baby, can I talk to you alone for a moment?«

You resisted the urge to bite your lip as you eyed the soft lip of his whisper the words to you. He was already heating you up at this point. As you were going to excuse yourself, you turned your body slightly to one side to have your bum brush over his crotch. You felt his arousal by his slight gasp and the growing bulge against you.
You followed where he took you, which was upstairs. You got ideas of what this was leading to, a small smirk appearing on your lips. He was walking right behind you, your bodies running against eachothers, the tension eating up the both of you. His expression was blank, he was really just hurrying into the bedroom to get to business.
It didn’t take long till he opened the door to your shared bedroom. The sweet smell of his signature fragrance mixed with some type of rose filled your nostrils. Your bodies got separated from the almost glueing state they were in. You took the opportunity to sit down on the white sheet covered bed, your eyes flying up to be greeted by Hanbin’s looking down at you. Your eyes were innocently looking up at him, only turning him on further. His eyes stayed plastered on yours as his hands went south to his belt, taking it off within seconds. You followed his actions seductively. His face was intensely focused on you, his hand traveling to cup your face softly. You felt yourself comforting into the palm of his hand, your eyes shutting, his thumb tugging on your bottom lip, as your mouth opened slightly, his thumb falling into your mouth. Your lips wrapped around the skin smoothly, transitioning into sucking soon after. Your knees touched at your attempt to slow down the extreme wetness occurring in your lower abdomen. And he noticed.

»You’ve been so bad today, jagi. Ah, you’re lucky I’m so horny, baby. Lay down for me.«

His words sounded more like commands rather than requests, you expected nothing less. You obeyed his orders, crawling to lay down on the best with your arms spread out. He hovered over you, his sweet scent and toned body before yours, your breath hitching at his contact. His lips moved over yours, meeting in a sweet kiss, turning hungry with time. His hands decided to move over your sides, moans escaping your lips against his. Once again, you could feel his bulge growing against your thigh. His lips moved south to your neck, traveling down your whole body, leaving kisses and bites all over you. You laid there beneath him, a moaning mess under his control. You honestly could not care less about your submission any longer, you were feeling too fucking good. Dominant Hanbin did wonders.
With less notice, you were laying with only bra and panties on the bed, hickeys all over your tender skin, your mouth covered by his hand. He told you to be quiet, you knew since your family was right behind that door and could possibly hear you two, but you could not help yourself. Your eyes closed, your neck attacked by his soft, wet kisses and rough bites, his hands roaming all over you; moans were inevitable.

His lips started moving downwards, chills were sent down your spin as a feeling comparable to an electric shock could be felt in your guts as Hanbin’s lips went down your breasts, stomach, finally down at your core. He hold you in place by your hips, driving you more insane by the second. His tongue played with the hem of your panties, leading to his feet tugging at them slightly. You lifted yourself slightly, only to be taken down again by his strong arms. You were soaking beneath him, his endless foreplay not helping, driving you into a lustful, begging mess whom he had wrapped around his finger.
He decided to end his torture after a good while. You could feel his fingers bringing your panties down your legs slightly, your genitalia revealed to him. His head returned back to its position, his eyes landing on your core, his fingers spreading your legs further to get a better look at you. Your breath hitched as you felt his breath against you, your hands tugging at the soft sheets against your back. You felt the smirk form on his lips.
His tongue landed on you, playing with your clit as his fingers went inside you, the overwhelming pleasure almost too much to handle. To stop yourself from screaming out too loud, you tugged two fingers inside your mouth. You arched your back, your hands running down to his hair, your fingers tugged into the dark hair of his. His lips and tongue continued to work their magic, your mouth wide open, quiet moans escaping you every so often.
He picked up his speed, your moans becoming deeper and louder. His tongue flicked so nicely over your clit, his fingers moving in and out your entrance, preparing you. You felt yourself coming closer to your edge, as you tugged down on his hair roots, indicating it. He got your signal, stopping his movements. You opened your eyes, looking at him, breathless, as he got up to your level, undressing himself quickly. You took the time to take off your bra. You looked down his body, he toned abs revealed as he was only in his boxers at that point. He tugged down at them, taking them off before your eyes, as you eyed his erect length springing free. He was well on his way to enter you, but you lifted his head to be level with yours. You crashed your lips against his, your hand gripping firmly around him, stroking him. You felt the groans against your lips.

After you gave him a few pumps, you pushed his head against your entrance slightly. He moved slowly inside you, biting on your bottom lip, emphasizing your moans. Your breath became heavy. He then crashed inside your tight walls, pain mixed with pleasure overwhelming you, a whimper coming from your mouth. He drove in and out of you, doing rolls rather than the typical thrusts. Your hands were on his back, nails digging into his flesh. He returned this by placing his head on the crook of your neck, groaning against your skin, as well as biting. His hands went to spread your legs even wider than already, picking up his speed as well as deepening further inside you. His rolls turned to thrusts, hitting your g-spot just right. You moaned a little louder, warning him that you were close. His thrusts continued steady, fast.
He was close too, and within seconds, you reached your climaxes together. You felt yourself fill up, you saw stars, your head throbbing with the sensation. You rode off your highs, his deep moans sending chills down your back. You eyes eachother again, tired eyes filled with adoration moved over eachother. He went down and placed a sweet kiss against your lips before getting up to get dressed again.

You both got up to get dressed again, short comments got exchanged, complimenting eachother. Once you two were all dressed up again, and you headed for the door, Hanbin playfully slapped your bum. Your cheeks rose up a little, his slight chuckle being heard. He wrapped his arm around your waist, escorting you to the exit. You smiled proudly, his lips moving up to your ear.

»Round two later tonight.«