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okay first i just found your alluras moving castle au and i LOVE it so so much. second, i always felt like they skimmed over the whole turnip head thing in the movie and it just sorta happens to be a cursed prince, but in the book, it's because the witch of the wastes is stealing men's bodies to make her perfect man, which is why she needs howl, so maybe you could incorporate that so that lance and hunk can both be princes that got stuff taken away and then cursed?

ha i’ve got Lance and Hunk as Princes that been cursed into scarecrows 

i need to read the book

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Sick Fic!!!!! I changed it slightly (sorry!)

Lance sprung his eyes opened, bolting into an upright position before running to his personal bathroom, dumping his dinner out in the toilet. He felt shaky and his vision clouded over with dizziness, his hands gripping the warm metal as he attempted to keep himself stable. 

“Ugh, my head hurts.” Lance placed his right hand on his forehead, feeling the heat roll off his skin. Am I sick? How would I get sick in space? He felt his stomach lurk again and heaved himself forward. After a few more moments of Lance pushing everything out of his stomach he washed his mouth with water before crawling back to his bed, his body was consumed in shivers as his forehead was dripping with sweat. I need sleep, he closed his eyes and prayed that his head would stop pounding enough for him to get some much needed rest, yet the universe had other plans. 

“PALADIN! PLEASE REPORT TO YOUR LIONS, WE RECEIVED A DISTRESSED FROM A PLANET BEING ATTACK FROM THE GALRA. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE.” Allura’s voice boomed over the intercom and Lance grabbed his head in pain.  Fuck! Why now? He rolled out of bed, falling on his knees hard, get it together Lance, don’t bring the team down. He swallowed quickly before forcing his legs to support his weight as he reached for his armor.


Lance fought back a groan, wishing he could wipe his forehead through his helmet. They had landed on the village, rushing to help the species, Hunk and Shiro directing the citizens to safety, Pidge flying her lion around using Green’s invisibility to smash into the Galra ships. Keith was running around, using his bayard to slice through the centuries as Lance covered him from the building rooftops. 

Yet Lance couldn’t get his eyes to focus on anything, blurs consuming his vision as he attempted to aim his sniper at the centuries. 

“Lance! Can you give me more cover?!” Keith huffed a few times, running towards another century.

“mhhtrying, kinda…hard.” Lance knew his voice was slurred but he could barely bring himself to care.

“Lance…are you okay?” Shiro carefully chose his words, mumbling directions and orders to Hunk. 

Lance wanted to respond, he knew he needed to but soon he was falling on his back, his bayard falling in front of him. Shit, I can’t keep going, he looked up at the sky, the orange color shining down on him. “I’m sorry everyone.” 

Panic filled the coms as everyone attempted to figure out what had happened to their beloved Blue Paladin. “Guys, Lance is passed out on the roof, want me to get him?” Pidge spoke quietly, already landing her lion before anyone could respond. 

She ran out of her lion, drapping to her knees by her friend head. “He’s burning up, I can feel it through his suit, I think he’s sick.” 

Hunk swore over the coms, Keith yelling something about taking him back to the ship and Shiro told Pidge that they could leave the mission with Lance, they would be fine. 

Lance mumbled something that wasn’t coherent and soon Pidge was dragging the boy who she saw as a brother towards her lion. 


The next few days were complete torture for Lance, every hour he would wake up, either on the verge of emptying his already starving stomach, shaking from the cold or sweating like a hot day in Varadero.

Everything hurt and Lance would scream out in pain constantly, his knuckles going white from his grasp that he had on the sheets. 

Coran has explained that this was a virus that was common in Alteans, basically a more intense version of the “common cold” back on Earth. There wasn’t a cure for it except sleep and water. 

Nobody could do anything for Lance but listen to his whimpers of pain, as he twitched in agony. 

“Ma-ake it s-s-s-stop Coran.” Lance kept his eyes shut tight as he rolled over, grabbing his stomach. 

Coran frowned, sitting on the edge of the bed, his hands running through Lance’s damn hair. “I wish I could boy, unfortunately all we can do it wait.” 

Lance moved his head back and forth, “I’m brin-bringing th-the team do-down.” 

Coran glared at his favorite paladin, grabbing another wet towelette. “Your sick Lance, you can’t rush recovery. You’re not bringing the team down, we’re not going anywhere, they just want you to be better.” 

Lance wanted to nod, but all that happened was his teeth starting to chatter when violently chills started to take over every part of his body. 

Coran motioned for Hunk to grab another blanket as he stood from the bed, “just focus on getter better my boy, you’ll be soon in a day or two.” 

I hope I did okay!

Sorry it took so long!

Thank you <33333333333


…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.

First - Part Two

A/N: This contains sexual actions, just so you are aware. Feedback is always lovely. 

Word count: 2,545

“Here we are” you said, letting Shawn pass through your front door.

He looked around curiously as he entered the hall and you followed him behind.

“You like it?” you asked, he nodded back at you.

“You live here alone?” he asked almost stunned. You laughed slightly as his cute little reaction.

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Hi, i love your damijon fic, its everything! Can I ask for damijon where damian is shy of public affection but do it anyway bc jon want it

Thank you so much anon! I’m not sure this is what you had in mind, but.

Read on AO3

“Have you really never seen Pinocchio?”, Jon asks, looking up at him from his lap.

Damian doesn’t know how and when he managed to put his head there. It must’ve happened while he was busy arguing with Dick on why fourteen years old trained assassins should not be forced to watch Disney movies by their self appointed older brothers, or with Tim on who should be the one holding the popcorn bowl, or with Jason and his sideways jokes about becoming a real boy - which Damian didn’t really understood but offended him on a principle. (Movie nights always offers a wide variety of arguments).

“Have you really never seen a pillow?”, Damian mocks, looking down at him. “It doesn’t look like me, in case you were wondering.”

“Was not”, Jon answers with a smile.

Damian growls at him but doesn’t push him on the floor, and his lack of reaction earns him a curious glance from Tim, who’s currently sitting on the couch next to them, the bowl of popcorn in his hands and one of Kon’s long arm wrapped around his shoulders. Damian can feel the tips of his ears reddening under his brother’s stare, and he keeps his eyes fixed on the television screen while he waits for the teasing he knows is coming.

Surprisingly enough, Tim scrunches up the corners of his mouth in what could be described as a knowingly smile, but he doesn’t comment at all - which is kind of a first in Damian’s book, but he’s not going to question his fortune or Tim’s indisputable ulterior motives right now.

He settles back against the couch cushions and pretends to watch the animated nonsense along with Jon and their brothers, while in reality his attention keeps shifting on the solid weight of Jon’s head against his stomach and - a couple of minutes later, after Jon decides Damian’s definitely more comfortable than the couch itself - on the warm touch of Jon’s hands on his thighs.

Overall it’s not a displeasing feeling, and it’s not a totally improper contact either, but the unfamiliarity of the situation makes Damian too self-conscious about it.

Though, thinking about it, he shouldn’t be so surprised about Jon’s confidentiality. He learned long before tonight - and at his own expense - that Jon’s a very physical person with little to no regard altogether for such a basic concept as interpersonal distances.

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some Jinyoung headcanons
  • listen this boy is so soft
  • I mean like an all-around softhearted prince material of a boyfriend
  • I just had to get that off my chest oooof 
  • people are probably always confused when seeing yall together like esp if you’re the type to laugh often and be an outgoing person
  • bc you have this stern looking, tusendere, fine specimen standing next to you without an expression on his face 
  • low key judging everyone
  • you’re just like “that’s love, man…………idek how we ended up together it was kinda bambam’s fault anyway”
  • he’d only cheer for you when you’re signing his parts of their songs
  • otherwise expect a lot of shade
  • “ofc my part’s the best, y/n, I’m giving u a chance to outshine me rn yet u dare sing youngjae’s part, I’m tired of this disrespect’”
  • having lots of conversations while drinking tea and staring out your bedroom window
  • and sometimes when he can’t really think of anything else to say, he’ll sing
  • like really quietly and in a husky voice, not what you’re used to
  • and you’ll be mesmerized w/ his voice dude 
  • he knows this
  • his fingers playing w/ your hair always put you in a peaceful sleep like it’s magic or something lmao ????
  • he smiles in adoration at you when you’re looking all sleepy and dreamy and he really lets his guard down during these times bc he legit cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere else in the entire world than to hold you in this moment
  • wow jinyoung gettin deep I ain’t a soft jinyoung stan but I think I am now 
  • anyways continue 
  • dates are usually a private affair
  • as in he goes above and beyond to make sure the rest of the members stay away from you and him during your special time together
  • wow how petty 
  • but also romantic 
  • you already know those boys are more than capable of ruining the romantic mood if they caught yall smooching lmaoooo
  • speaking of smooching
  • I should rly make a whole post just for this but damn boi his lips
  • kissing !!!! those!!!! lips !!!!!!!!!
  • w/ his hands roaming all over your body and sighing your name into your mouth hoooo boi that’s the life I want
  • kisses are hella lazy tho but you ain’t complaining
  • like he takes his time and drags his plump lips over yours and sometimes tracing down to your neck and chest just to get a reaction from you
  • and he does
  • probably tugs on your hair a lot
  • but that’s it bc I’m getting way too carried away stop me
  • okay so when he wants to wake you up he’s so gentle like
  • he’ll stare at you for a good couple minutes until his heart can’t take it anymore and he just wants to talk to you and be able to kiss you
  • so he’ll just blow on your face 
  • ????
  • until your eyelashes flutter open and he’s sittin there quietly grinning
  • “morning baby, did I wake u :o”
  • he’d suggest the cutest date ideas
  • stargazing would be one of his favorites I bet
  • just anywhere that’s quiet and where he’d be able to talk to you freely is an A+ in his book
  • giving you that deadpanned look of displeasure when you tease him all the time
  • or if you’re cracking a funny joke and he needs to keep himself from laughing bc you’re in public lmao
  • he’ll get you back by tickling you or slyly biting your ear tbfh can you imagine
  • bc I can and I’m a mess
  • anyways he’s just a completely different person when alone w/ you
  • like just more open and isn’t insecure about anything bc you’d always make him feel so safe and supported
  • always keep this sunshine smiling!!!! 💛

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18+22 hoshi fluufffyyy flufff pleaseeee :) really gratefull for admins dat writeee suchhh fabfab stuff 🙆 to mani moree followeerrssss tooo. Fightinggf!!!!💪

18. “If we were to one day separate, what should I do then?”

22. “You’re the only one I see.”

A/N: AHHH I hope this was to your liking, I wrote it so long ago but kept forgetting to post it?? I’m so so sorry!! All the admins have been going insane due to Diamond Edge, keep a look out for our blog about it?? might take a few more days before any of us are even able to type out a word without screaming (mainly just me and jihooned i think)

also this totally did not happen to me in real life hahaha bye

- admin hoshit 💕

Word Count: 998 words

Genre: Fluff, a little crack? everything I write somehow turns into crack please forgive me 

Warnings: nope!

“Soonyoung, I don’t think I want to do this anymore,” you whimper, staring unhappily at the haunted house maze.

The rest of the boys have already disappeared in at intervals randomly determined, you suspect, by the scary looking pumpkin man guarding the entrance of the maze. Soonyoung and you were the only ones left, and the strangled screams of Jihoon, who disappeared in with Seungcheol twenty minutes prior, was the only indication of whether the boys exited alive or dead, and even that was debatable.

“We’ll be okay, we have each other,” Soonyoung whispers back, trying his best to reassure you, his trembling hands betraying the fact that he was utterly petrified.

“You may enter,” an ominous voice cuts through the air, startling both of you, and Soonyoung grabs your hands, muttering unhappily about bets and regrets and being a man.

“It’s a haunted house maze, so they shouldn’t make the maze too hard right? Since the main point is to scare us?” You question hopefully, Soonyoung nodding with a grim, determined look.

“We can do this.”


I must have jinxed the maze, you thought desperately, clutching the back of Soonyoung’s shirt as you recovered from the last scare not five seconds past, the man with an Honest To God chainsaw popping out from who-knows-where, chainsaw revving and about two inches away from Soonyoung’s face as you dragged him backwards when his legs have, apparently, failed him.

“Let’s take a break,” Soonyoung suggests, perspiration rolling down his face as he gasps for breaths, illuminated only by the red light shining through the spaces between the hedges of the maze.

You nod, and the both of you collapse on the floor at a relatively safe spot of the maze, in the dead end that at least protected you from jumpscares from three sides. If someone came from the one open side, you would just resign yourself to feigning death and hoping that they would take pity on you.

After a few moments, you start giggling when Soonyoung starts swearing under his breath, angrily complaining about the maze and how difficult it was.

“It’s just a haunted house maze, why would the workers take their jobs so seriously?” He half shouts, gesturing wildly at the surroundings, all three hedges and one entrance worth.

You laugh, pulling him up to continue through the maze, wanting to make sure that even though Soonyoung had already lost the bet of who gets through the maze fastest, he wouldn’t be the last and have to clean the practice room for a month. You had to admit, though, that after the fifth jumpscare, you were pretty tired of getting scared, even though that did nothing to detract from your fear.

The two of you exit the dead end cautiously, looking left and right just in case someone was there in ambush.

“It’s clear n—” You cut yourself off with a scream, a face popping out from the side of the hedge through a concealed opening, Soonyoung already flailing and propelling himself wildly to the furthest side with you in tow.

“Hop on my back,” Soonyoung demands, and you stop.

“Hop on my – what?”

“Get on and I’ll carry you out of here,” he repeats urgently.

You stand there in confusion, because how is that a good idea, or even an idea at all?

Soonyoung peeks behind you, blanches and throws you over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and immediately starts bolting through the maze, with you dangling over his back precariously with an, admittedly, nice view of his butt.

Loud sounds thundering behind you prompts you to lift your head, and you yell for Soonyoung to “RUN FASTER, THERE IS A SCARECROW BEHIND US AND WE ARE GOING TO DIE!”

Soonyoung answers with a high-pitched shriek and continues tearing through the maze, yelling that he can see light in front of him while you keep a fearful eye on the scarecrow, bonking along on Soonyoung’s back as he makes hard turns and skids.

The two of you burst out of the exit of the maze after too long a sprint, startling the werewolf guarding the exit, Soonyoung panting as he puts you down as carefully as he can, while still being scared out of his wits.

You straighten up, before turning to Soonyoung and combing through his messy bangs to make him look less like he sprinted his way through a haunted house with his girlfriend on his back.

He holds you close for comfort while you do so, both of your hearts pounding from the haunted house, smiling fondly down at you as you straighten his collar for him as well.

“If we were to one day separate, what should I do then?” He whispers, cupping your cheeks and tilting your head up for your eyes to meet his.

“Don’t be silly,” you laugh, “you can always find another girl. Or do these things by yourself,” you whisper conspiratorially, playfully.

His expressions darkens, and he chastens you, “Don’t say things like that. You’re the only one I see.”

Stricken, you quickly move to reassure him, bringing his hands down from your cheeks and interlacing your hands together, “I’m kidding, Soonyoung. Let’s not think about things like–”

“There you guys are, we went to go get food because you took so long,” a loud, unmistakably Seungcheol yell interrupts you, and both you and Soonyoung turn to see the boys bounding over, hands full of candy floss, fried chicken buckets and whatever that had caught the fancy of the younger boys.

“Where’s the baby.” A statement, not even a question, barely leaves Jeonghan’s mouth before the group of them skid to a halt.

A panic breaks out within the older ranks of Seventeen, and it is half an hour before Chan is rounded up, sheepish and giddy from too many rides on the carousel.

(You fall asleep against Soonyoung while waiting, and he carries you home and tucks you in, bridal style this time.)

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Hope your day gets better!!! Since talking about Bo helps, wanna tell us all what your favorite things about him are? Why do you love him so much?? (besides the fact that he's the best dude like ever) Maybe give us some headcannons you have for him?? ❤️

Awww thank you! It’s starting to get better!



But specifically I love his carefree attitude, he’s cocky (and rightfully so) but never mean, he’s SO GOOD AT VOLLEYBALL WOW?, he’s a good captain and a reliable (for the most part lol) ace, he’s excitable, gets along with everyone hmm what else…

I love that he’s canonly a toucher/hugger kind of guy

He’s got THE BEEF (i lov muscles) and a silly catchphrase



I don’t really have many headcanons, but my basic Bokuto hcs are: only child to a single mom, has a nice soft singing voice, IS THE LITTLE SPOON ALWAYS, is a surprisingly good cook, doesn’t really play video games or anything like that because he loves to be outside or somewhere practicing volleyball or playing other sports, he can’t sit still for long so he always needs something to focus his attention on that’s active, is good at fixing things because he’s good with his hands…

I just love this boy so damn much aaaaaa!!!


👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #8

       ↳ MBC Gayo Daejejeon 151231

coming home

okay this is literally the longest scenario on earth so don’t hate me for it please.
i’ve had this idea in my head for literally ever and i finally decided to do something with it.
it’s also my first scenario as well, so please go easy on me you guys ;-;

NCT Jaehyun Scenario
you’re going home to visit you parents after moving to Seoul, and your #nasty boyfriend Jung Jaehyun tags along~
a lil fluffy and a lil #nasty bc well jaehyun is #nasty af
adult content at the end; intended for mature audiences only
word count: 2,884 (again, i’m sorry i legit wrote a book lmao)

“Continue on the following road for 47 miles, then take EXIT 38C onto…”

“Oh, Babe, can you turn off the navigation on my phone please? I know how to get home from here,” you interrupted the annoyingly talkative navigation app.

“Are you sure jagi? It wouldn’t be the first time you said you ‘knew’ how to get us somewhere only to get the both of us lost and…”

Oh my god Jaehyun, that was literally like one time. Can you let me live? It’s not my fault the stupid navigation app didn’t want to cooperate with me. Anyway, driving in America isn’t like driving in Seoul; it’s way easier to drive here.”

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Can we please talk about how Taehyung’s hands are literally larger than his face ✋😳

When I Met BTS in Atlanta. Pt. 3 (9/26/15)

so it was over, but it wasn’t over. Get me? The people came on the mike and was like, “all the people who does not have the hi-touch wristband may leave.” Basically, if you don’t know what a hi-touch is, it’s where we got to meet them and give them high fives.

And guess what we had? 😏 oh yes. The wrist band boi! We were so excited. This was going to be our chance to finally meet BTS and nothing could ruin that. So they escorted the VIP people who were on the floor down to meet them first and everybody else would follow.

When it was time for us, I was so nervous. I didn’t want anything to mess up this moment. We got closer and closer to where they were….when we finally walked in and met them.

*angelic voices*

I don’t quite remember the order they were in, so I’ll do my best. I believe it was Jin, Suga, JHope, RapMon, Taehyung, Jungkook, then Jimin. I know for sure Jin was first and Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin were the last three, in that order.

I’ll go through each one.

JIN is so effin tall in person. Like he was so tall man. Can’t even describe it. He was just tall. And more good looking in person as well. Many fans saw that his expression was kind of sad and blank during the hi-touch, but I didn’t see him sad. He was more than likely tired.

SUGA is actually really pale. I mean, I knew he had white, milky skin, but up close, the lights on the ceiling was shining down on him…..he looked like a mf ghost. That’s how pale he was. I was just staring at him in awe. Boy.

JHOPE was extremely happy to meet us. He kept a smile on his face the whole time. He even told me and my sister, “thank you for coming!” of course I smiled back because he was just so happy and cute.

RAPMON. This dude is freakishly UP THERE. like..I told y'all Jin was tall. Rapmon was tallER. I literally had to look all the way up just see him. And knowing that I was short, he bent his arm down so I could give him a high five. (HaHa RapMon.)

TAEHYUNG. I got to him and was staring at him nonstop, and I actually said, “oh my god.” while staring at him and he started to smile at me as I hit his hand. Like GAWD DAMN TAE. That boy was so good looking in person. THEY ALL WERE MAN.

😖 JUNGKOOK WAS MF NEXT. This was my chance to say something to him because I was wearing his button that these fans gave out while we were waiting in line. and I wanted him to see that. 😒 but I didn’t say shit. I was so disappointed in myself. That is my mf bias and I went mute. But I did get a grin out of him.

JIMIN. Boy oh boy. Y'all know he short, right? I know that. You know that. We all know that. BUT NOT THAT SHORT BOY. I am 5'1 originally, but because I was wearing wedges, I went up like three inches, so like 5'4. I was next to him, and I guess he must have left his shoe lifts because that boy was no taller than me. Like…I was at his damn earlobe. 😂 That’s how specific it is. Y'all think he’s like 5'8, 5'9…basically what his profile says. ✋ Nah son. Nope.

So yes..it was crazy! I waited for my sister, which wasn’t that long, damn security were rushing us. It was so fast. We were basically fangirling because of what happened when I sort of tripped because of those damn wedges and the guard next to us was like, “uh uh, move it along. Go do that somewhere else.”

……you want me to trip and fall somewhere else? Like..PLEASE don’t make me get on your ass. He didn’t even try to help me up or anything. Fucking rude. 😡

That was the end and we’re walking out the arena when we saw a boatload of people standing outside waiting to get in.

We were so confused because we were thinking, “is BTS having a second concert or something?” which was crazy because they said nothing about a second concert for Atlanta. So let me tell you why they were really out there.

Apparently TGM, the shitty company that was handling everything, oversold too many tickets for the concert and the people outside were actually waiting to get inside. Meaning..there was no second concert. I felt really sad for them because while we were inside getting lit, they were outside the venue IN THE FUCKING RAIN. None of us in the venue knew of them being out there, but basically they been out there for quite a while.

Eventually, they got to go inside after everyone else left out because they didn’t want them out in the rain. ( Now they care about them. 😒 ) but they did something really fucked up. Those fans were walking inside thinking that they were going to meet BTS or at least see them.

TGM already fucked up earlier that day when they ran out of posters for the fan sign and made BTS give autographs to the fans on a fucking piece of paper.

But once they got inside, the staff informed the fans that they weren’t going to meet BTS and they were actually leaving as they speak because they had to go back to their hotel. Being furious at that moment was truly an understatement. Girls started crying. Others had started to cuss out the staff. Especially this one woman..( you can look all of this up on YouTube. Its all there. Just type in BTS Highlight Tour Atlanta. )


Like..she was seriously pissed. Because it just didn’t make any sense how they treated Atlanta fans at this concert. They didn’t even inform BTS that there were like 80 more fans outside waiting to meet them. They knew they oversold their tickets and didn’t do shit about it. As a matter of fact, I don’t even think the ones who didn’t get a chance to see BTS or even the least bit of their performances got a refund for their money back. AND THIS WAS LITERALLY A YEAR AGO.

So basically, TGM cheated them out of their money and is, say it with me folks, A SHITTY COMPANY.

Moral of the story: Don’t trust companies like TGM because they will fuck you over.

We were just lucky enough to come back in time and have friends that saved us a spot in line.

Because if it wasn’t for them…..we would have been one of the people who wasn’t fortunate enough to meet them.

All in all, it was a worthy experience that I shall remember forever in my mind and heart and I hope they come back and have a FULL concert so the fans who were left out the first time can have another chance at meeting these great group of boys.

Not Temporary
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *smiles coldly* So, to what do I owe the...pleasure?
  • Mummy Holmes: *watching Toby the cat sleeping in Sherlock's lap*
  • Sherlock: *places tea on coffee table* It's temporary.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Moriarty has returned.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *points* Look, she is my friend. My vulnerable friend so whatever you're implying...
  • Mummy Holmes: *glances at Molly's photo on the coffee table*
  • Sherlock: *waves a hand* Well, I wanted her to feel at home.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *grits his teeth* If you must know, she stays in the spare bedroom *quietly* Sort of.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *huffs* Fine! We've been 'dating' *makes air quotes* Molly's my girlfriend. Happy now?
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *folds his arms defensively* Oh, I didn't tell you because you'd interfere, put her off *dismissive* Anyway, it's none of your business.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Sherlock: *irritated* Alright, fine, fine! Have it your way. We'll visit at the weekend.
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Mummy Holmes: *takes a deep breath* I'm going to the flower show with Mike. That's why I'm down here.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *swallows* So, h-he didn't tell you about...
  • Mummy Holmes: *shakes her head*
  • Sherlock: Ah.
  • Mummy Holmes: *grins slowly*
  • Sherlock: *defeated* We'll see you this weekend.

Kaegan knew he was in deep trouble when he woke up dizzy, laying on a rough cotton sheet, arms cuffed up above his head, and unable to move due to the strong stretchy cords holding his body stiffly to the bed. He should have listened to the warnings, “Don’t ever play near the woods after dark!” the whole town knew the woods weren’t safe. Odd things happened there. But Kaegan was too curious for his own good, and now found himself staring up at a single dangling lightbulb above the bed, inside a rundown cabin he’d never seen. Then, a man burst through the door, carrying a small purple and gold satchel. he was being quite careful, grinning from ear to ear while placing it on the bedside table and glaring down at the boy he’d knabbed on the edge of the woods.
“Ah, you’re awake! Took ya long enough! I thought I might’ve used too much'o that tranqulizer on ya!”
The large, beefy man grunted, his voice gravely and deep. He was ginormous! 6'7” 310lbs of solid muscle with a soft layer of fat and a good-sized gut, stuffed into clothing that’d look at home on a lumberjack. Kaegan could smell cheap beer, stake cigars, and a bit of musty BO coming off the giant of a man, and it only made him tremble harder in the slight chill of the room. The man went to the other side of the room after giving Kaegan a pat on the chest, and wheeled over a large mirror. Kaegan could see himself now, nearly nude save for his cartoon boxerbriefs he’d been so fond of, but now felt self-conscious about being exposed like he was.

“Now, I ain’t got no sons ta make me proud like I did for my Pa, so I saved up all I had and got this here stuff from a vender way off in one of them hot countries. Too late for me to HAVE a boy'o my own, but I can damn sure MAKE one!” The man said cheerily, a scary glint in his eyes. With that, the man put on 2 thick gloves from his back pocket, opened the satchel, and took a pinch of some glittery sand colored powder between his fingers. He held it as if he were holding a fragile glass figurine, then, with a curious shrug, he sprinkled it over Kaegan’s exposed throat. As soon as the powder made contact with Kaegan’s skin, it absorbed with a shimmer, and suddenly, Kaegan felt as if he’d been struck with Strep throat. He coughed, gasping as he felt the skin there stretch, then he grunted, and a deep sounding moan escaped him, his Adam’s apple having formed instantly. As soon as the man say this, he whooped loudly, taking handfuls of the powder and sprinkling it all over his captive. making sure to evenly coat the boy in a thorough, deliberate layer of the glittery sand. Kaegan’s body began to squirm and warm up, a sheen of sweat forming as he felt as if he’d been thrust in the desert of, “one of them way off hot countries” as the man had put it. He groaned with his developing, deeper voice as his body cracked and popped, shuddering with the sudden onslaught of years forming almost immediately, the growing pains almost unbearable. He was crying, begging in his now teenage voice to be let go, for it to stop, he even yelped for his mom, but the growth didn’t end.

He grew taller, becoming lanky, his body stretching but without much new mass. His legs were long and thin, his torso just thick enough to have a slight tone to it. wide, sharp shoulders and spindly arms cuffed above his head let the new musty smell of his body radiate from his underarms. his feet were clownish, having reached that awkward growth stage, long toes curling as the pain subsided. He must’ve been about 16 now, 10 years of growth packed into minutes.
“Please… let me go mister… I swear I won’t tell!” he cried, taking in deep lungful’s of the stale air and smelling himself for the first time. “Oh no, you ain’t goin nowhere! You’re gonna be my boy! Gonna make me proud! Maybe another dose’ll put some meat on those bones!” The man said, a little annoyed at having to waste more of his expensive powder. He gave the boy another good covering, watching once again as Kaegan shrieked and writhed on the bed, the springs creaking under his new weight. This time, his height was the slow growth, while his mass gained like a prized bull fed up for a county fair. The bungie cords stretched as he widened, filling in with muscle, lean tone, then bulk packing onto his beanpole body, giving him the look of a well worked athlete.

His chest heaved, bulging out while his abs were hidden under the faintest layer of fat. His legs packed in with strong, thick muscle. Calves like footballs, thighs that could crush a watermelon, while the faint dusting of hair grew in with a powerful, itching sensation. Kaegan groaned and desperately tried to break the cuffs, just to be able to scratch his legs, then his thighs, then his crotch and abs as the faint hairs filled in. Reaching finally to his arms and pits, where his newly developed scent became pungent. He crinkled his nose and shook his head, crying now.
He was now tall, at least 6’, and weighted around 145lbs. His body that of a sweaty, well trained football star. He was panting, trying not to breathe through his nose as his BO was rather strong. The man clapped his hand once, giving the boy a hard thump on the chest.

“Damn my boy grew up like a damn angus beef steer! I’m proud'a ya boy!!” he said with a smile, looking his captive over. Kaegan starting to yell at the top of his now strong, powerful lungs. his deep voice echoing through the window into the woods. The man’s smile faded instantly, and he darted to the drawer, piling a roll of duct tape out and slapping a good piece over the screaming boy’s mouth. “Well shit! Ya gonna cause all that racket and ruin everything boy!” the man yelled, reaching for the powder once more. “If ya gonna misbehave like a kid I’m gonna have ta man ya up some! Consider this discipline ma boy!” With that, he took several pinches of the powder and sprinkled up on Kaegan’s feet, then up his legs, a good smattering over the boy’s now nearly ripping undies, some on the boy’s sweating pits, and finally on the top of his head. The itching and pain started up in those areas instantly, causing Kaegan to yelp muffed by the tape.

His feet nearly exploded out, long and wide, the bones creaking and popping, until they went from a normal size 9 to a hefty wide size 17. the toes long and curling hard with the pain. then the itching, all up his legs and around his crotch, where hair was suddenly thickening. his cock and balls tingled, having filled in during the initial 2 doses, but this time it felt like he’d been kicked. His balls swelled, filling suddenly with testosterone and cum, dropping further, and nearly ripping his underwear. it was his cock that did that, growing out like a tube steak, thick, long and then hardening until his underwear couldn’t take it and shredded, revealing a massive 11” cock, now drooling precum from his overactive balls, with a heavy thick smattering of hair.
The rush of hormones made him dizzy and moan lewdly behind the tape, bucking his hips harshly against the bungie cords. his pits filled in with jungle-like bushes that reeked suddenly, having been kicked off by his newly developed balls.

Finally, his hair thickened, while also shortening into a more sporty, spikey cut, giving him a ruggedly handsome yet still boyish charm. He lay there panting, sweaty and tired, feeling the rushing, confusing need to play with himself as his cock leaked pre all down the shaft, while the man smiled down, cut the bungie cords with his pocket knife, and watched as instead of running, Kaegan immediately grabbed his cock an worked out a spewing jet of cum, moaning and grunting like a bull until he passed out on the damp sheets.
“Thats ma boy!” The man said, leaving the room with a stride in his step, locking the door till his boy wakes up again.

Writer of story: jd07201990.tumblr.com