his hands are my heaven


My favourite scenes from “Requiem of Heaven and Earth 3.11″ (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

Rage, confusion, fear, hope; they’re packed in every and all of his movements.

And Skate Canada, please change your cameraman, this is not the way you capture a beautiful hydrobalde:


Seth Rollins/OC: Seth loses on upupdowndown and you try to get him to calm down. He refuses, instead using you as a way to get his anger out in a different way. Daddy kink but not really??? But also yes lmao. Also, there’s choking. Bc of course there is.

Anyways. It’s Thirst Party Saturday so here’s a fic! I don’t even know if I like it, but…It happened. I’m slowly but surely making my way through my requests. I’m working on AJ rn and then I got a couple of Braun things that NEED TO GET DONE FOR THE SAKE OF MY OWN SANITY and then we’ll be right back into requests. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I didn't really know who else to ask and you're one of my favorite accounts so, do you have any ficrecs for bottom!Sam?

so i was just gonna give you a short list of some of my favourite bottom!sam fics, but i figured what the hell and i turned into a little masterlist of sorts. enjoy!

long fics:

last outpost of all that is || 60k || NC-17: sam and dean learn to cope with being the last two people left on earth.

stranger than fiction || 50k || E: dean can’t stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and sam.

the psychology of genetic sexual attraction || 49k: non-hunting au. sam and dean fall in love, but don’t know that they’re brothers.

west series || 49k || NC-17: if you haven’t read this, read it now because it’s pretty much bottom!sam heaven and is basically 40k+ words of the greatest smut you’ll ever read

everlasting light || 39k || E: au. sam creates a soul bond between himself and dean.

take a hard turn || 30k || NC-17: zombie apocalypse au. when the world changes, dean and sam struggle to keep up, but through all the twists and turns they’ve had one constant: each other.

in the name of the father, the son and the zombie spirit || 28k || NC-17: apocalypse au. dean gets sam pregnant in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, angst ensues.

behold, a pale horse || 19k || E: when sam fails to complete the third trial, he inadvertently opens a tear between earth and hell, and must kill his soulmate to correct his mistake.

hands away || 12k || E: i only didn’t put this under pwp because it’s pretty angsty, and there’s a plot hidden within all the glorious smut

stranger that i used to know || 12k || NC-17: sam and dean both wake up in a hospital with no memory of their lives or each other.


*note: all of these are explicit/nc-17. i’ve put warnings/kinks beside each fic.

act your age || ~15k: extreme underage, basically kinky as hell

obedience spell || 6k: vaguely sub/dom, comeplay

just called to say || 5k: phone sex, dirty talk, toys

love that’s gonna break me in two || 5k: drunk dean, rimming

loudmouth || 4k: dirty talk

the routine || 4k: rimming, dirty talk  

asking for it || 3k: (consensual?) non/con, dirty talk, rough sex

don’t say his name || 3k: underage, dirty talk

lay my hands on heaven || 3k: underage, rimming, virginity kink

playing house || 3k: underage, feminization

slow ride || 3k: comeplay, impala sex

take a good look || 3k: barebacking

and the truth shall set you free || 2k: truth spell, dirty talk 

gonna make you sweat || 2k: soulless!sam, first time

i feel it way down (way down) || 2k: dub-con, bloodplay

settle down || 2k: angst

something that’s real || 2k: possessive!dean

i open my hands to heaven. i say:

“name yourself.”

                              ( who are you.
                            what are you like.
                              what have you done? )

His eye opens to me. it is a galaxy of sound. it is e minor thrumming in my blood, it is every song i have not heard. it is a man two hundred years ago tuning his mother’s piano with gentle hands. it is the old, rattling house she left behind, it is his smile when it covers him in dust. sunlight falls over him like grief through the open windows. sunlight falls over him like love.

i open my hands to heaven. i say (my teeth are clenched) i say:

name yourself.”

His eye opens to me again and i am thrown weeping to the ocean floor with cracks in my hull. the sea roars in my mouth and i spit it from my lungs. three thousand miles away someone is playing black and ivory keys with no finesse but plenty of soul. rain hums on the surface of the sea as the dead wait to be alive again. i am weighed down by an indescribable love of all things. i am weighed down by His indescribable love of all things.

i open my hands to heaven. my soul is shaking. what He is and has done and will be is written in a thousand forms.

i whisper,

name me.

and the room echoes.

– a conversation (what have I chosen to be?) (via vulcan.txt)

author’s note: this is a jewish poem written after considering the significance of names in judaism (particularly g-d’s name) and how that relates to being trans and choosing your own name. this was not written by a christian and should not be viewed from a christian perspective.

He missed me! We were holding hands!

We met in the hallway today and he wanted to return the film I gave him. We went to his office and as he took it from the table he told me how he has already watched it. Than he got closer to me and looking me strait in the eyes said : “I haven’t seen you in a long time.” (Did he miss me?!)
I replied with : “Yeah, it’s been quite a while.” (one week ,exactly)
At that moment he turned towards me putting one of his hands on my waist ,trying to hug me. I cooped and embraced him. Oh, God, he smelled like heaven. After that as his hand was on my back he ran it down my arm and took my heand. Yes, we were actually holding hands as he walked me to the door! He , again was so close, I’m amazed by the self control I had , ‘cause at that very moment, I swear I could have kissed him without hesitation!

Take Me Home

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader (WOC)
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Angst, smut, alcohol mention, drugs mention, unprotected sex (WRAP YOUR WILLY BEFORE YOU DILLY)

Inspiration: “Take Me Home” ~ Jess Glynne

“Came to you with a broken faith,
Gave me more than a hand to hold
Caught before I hit the ground
Tell me I’m safe, you’ve got me now

Could you take care of a broken soul?
Oh, will you hold me now?
Oh, will you take me home?”

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Morning play (Austin Carlile x reader)

Hope you really enjoy this.

- Time to wake up pretty little lady… - my skin shivered and my heart started beating so fast when I heard his voice whispering in my ear.

I mumbled a “no” against the pillow.

- Come on baby girl…- I feel one of his hands sliding under my nightgown, causing me goosebumps. His warmth touch feels like heaven on my skin, he was touching my waist and then, with his fingers, he started tracing up a path all over my back.

I move my face out of my hidden spot against the pillow and turn it to the left not letting Austin see my blushed face and right then, my mouth let escape an involuntary moan. I listened to Austin’s soft laugh right on my ear.

- Someone likes what I’m doing, I see -  he placed his hand again on my waist he turns my body, gently, against his.
My back now was touching his bare chest. I place one of my hands on his, the one on my waist, and entwine our fingers.

- Austin… - I say his name half pleading, half moaning.
- Yes, baby? - he asked while his lips were kissing my neck and then, feeling his teeth biting it softly.

I bit my lower lip trying to keep silence and not letting my moans to get out of my mouth and trying to find a way to tell Austin what I need more than ever right now.

- Let them out baby girl - he whispered seductively. At that moment, I was melting in his arms. He let go my hand untwining our fingers and moved it again right under my nightgown, moving it all over my belly, then, all over my stomach till he reached one of my breasts and he pinched and twisted, between his thumb and index finger, one of my nipples, driving my crazy, making me moaned louder.

- That’s what I want to hear -  he said fascinated with the sound of my moans. He continued pinching and twisting both of my nipples and I can’t control anymore my moans and the wetness between my thighs was literally dripping, so I decided to move my hips backwards against him, rubbing my butt against his bulge, making him moan roughly and causing him to pinch my nipple even harder.

- You should be careful of what you are doing sweetheart -  he said growling and breathing harder and taking my earlobe between his teeth, biting it softly.
I can’t stop moaning at this point, I was feeling right now like a cat purring because of his touch.

Once more, I move my hips against him and then, when I was about to do it again. I feel his hand between my thighs…

- There… - I say moaning.
- Uhm… there baby girl? - he asked while his fingers were sliding up and down my dripping lips.
- Yes! Please, Austin. - I pleaded.
- Say it baby girl. What do you want from me? Say it Y/N - he asked me, still playing with his fingers and introducing one of them inside my wetness and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

The feeling was breathtaking. I feel his finger inside of me, in and out of me, hitting that specific spot inside of me, driving me crazy, making me shiver and feeling a knot getting bigger and bigger inside of me.
I managed to take my hand backwards and press my palm against Austin’s bulge.
Taking him by surprise and, by the feeling of my hand on his cock he, unexpectedly, introduces another finger inside of me making me moan louder.

- This is a game that can be played by two, baby. So don’t play with fire. - Austin growled with difficult breathing because at that moment, I introduce my hand under his pants and I take his cock, making slowly up and down movements.

Austin at that moment can’t handle it anymore so he, unexpectedly, placed me right against the bed, facing him and his intense gaze.
The hand that I had on his cock continued inside his pants but not touching him, because of the new position.

I look at him, heavy breathing and with my still red cheeks, I bit your lower lip and…

- It’s better if you continue doing what you have been doing Y/N or… -  he said with that deep voice.

- Or… what? - I say with a weakness voice.

- You will regret it baby girl - Austin says while he bends down and kisses me passionately and aggressively, biting my lower lip.

Imagine Jared Leto is your friend’s hot father that you soon learn has a thing for you, too.

Kerri has a crush on her friend’s dad, Mr. Leto -a man well in his 40s with the face and body of a 25 year old. Little does Kerri know that Mr. Leto sees her, too. 

Sleepover Surprise - Chapter 1

Mr. Leto was a fox. There’s nothing silver about him. His hair was dark brown and slicked back down to his neck every time I saw him. His build was slim, but fit for a man well in his half of century here. The way his muscles cleaved to his frame was incomprehensible. And his eyes…his eyes were a piercing blue that stabbed my eyes like an arrow at every glance. It’s always hard to look at him sometimes, not just because of his fierce eyes, but because my mind always wandered into the dark side of reason after a few seconds…

Everyone else was in Allegra’s room. Blasting our favorite pop hits and gossiping about Dylan Jones and what he said in AP pre-cal class… for a nerd, he’s such a deutsch.  

I’d just finished taking a shower and getting my favorite Pink PJs on. I felt so sexy like those models on the TV commercials. I struck a pose as I brushed my teeth, After failing horribly at resembling anything sexy, I packed my toothbrush and girded my loins for Allegra’s stories about Dylan.

“Kerri! You take forever in there! We’re gonna start the movie without you” Allegra yells up the stairs from her living room. Boy, she’s right on queue.

“Just a minute!” I tried to scramble everything together in my night bag. Major fail. Half my toiletries fall into the hallway floor. Deodorant, nail polish, Q-tips, stain removers, you name it, it was on the floor.

“Ugh,” I sighed as I collected my things. I tried to keep it neat; try is the operative word. 

I was almost done collecting the Q-tips when I heard soft rock music from down the hall in Mr. Leto’s room. The song sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t recognize it. My curiosity lead me tip-toing down the hall. The door was slightly cracked. A soft beam of light made a glowing triangle on the hallway rug. From behind the door I finally began to make out the song.

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anonymous asked:

“Excuse me for freaking out, I only thought you were dead!” djwifi

“Excuse me for freaking out, I only thought you were dead!” Nino yelled, throwing his hands in the air. “Heaven forbid I get upset when I see my friend get blasted with some light ray from a dang akuma. Wow-wee, I’m just a delicate flower to be getting so worked up over thinking the girl I like just got killed in front of me.”

“You like me?” Alya grinned, holding the ice pack over the large bump on her head.

Nino halted his irritated pacing to look at her. “That’s what you got from that?!”

“You’ve never actually told me you liked me, you know. A girl likes to hear it straight.”

“Oh, well, yeah, I like you. Although I’m beginning to suspect it’s going to be bad for my health.”

Alya smirked. “Bad for your health, huh? You must like me an awful lot.”

A pink tinge colored Nino’s cheeks. “Maybe a little bit.”

“In fact, you must more than like me. You probably loooooove me,” Alya teased.

Nino gulped. “Maybe a little bit,” he repeated, gazing at her through dark lashes.

Alya dropped her ice pack and scrambled to pick it back up. “Oh, uh…oh.”

“Good to know I’m not the only one who can be embarrassed,” Nino said with a small smile.

“So you didn’t mean it?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“So you lov–”

Nino put a finger over her lips. “Maybe we can talk about this when we’re not in the middle of an akuma attack.”

“Don’t think you’re getting off the hook, Lahiffe,” Alya warned.

“I don’t think I ever had a chance.”

Hey, Batter Batter! (Part 5 of Curve Ball)

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to finally have this next part finished!!! I laughed quite a bit while writing it, so I really hope you guys do, too :) I can’t wait to see where this thing is gonna go! It’s gonna be a wild ride c; Enjoy!

As always, a huge thanks to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for editing, adding, and tweaking! This story would not be possible without you, dear :) You’re amazing!!!

Warnings: Language; embarrassment; horrid mistreatment of genitalia

Curve Ball Masterlist


Derek looked me up and down as he stood outside the door of my dorm building, one of his brows raised in a curious manner, lips pressed in a hard line as he tossed a ball into the air with one hand, catching it without a glance. I shifted under his gaze, heat rising to my cheeks in a blush that I desperately did not want him to see.

“What?” I finally blurted, not able to take it anymore. Derek chuckled, shaking his head dismissively as he ceased his actions, looking down and studying the ball.

“Nothing, nothing at all.”

“Tell me!”

“It’s just…your shoes,” he said, a grin plastered on his face as he met my eyes. My brows pulled together in confusion. I glanced between my ratty Converse and Derek, not able to understand what the hell they had to do with anything. My face must have given my thoughts away because the asshole began to laugh. Actually laugh! It was gentle and good-natured, but still. I glared at him, taking in the beautiful sound- Wait, what? No! I’m supposed to be mad! Get it together, Y/N.

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Angel Blades - Part 2 (Soulmate AU)

Title: Angel Blades
Pairing: Dean x Reader or Sam x Reader
Inspired by: The soulmate au where you have a counter till the moment you meet your soulmate. 
Word Count: 1269
Warnings: Cursing, insult, a lot of creative licensing, takes place sometime in Season 6, soulmate 

Originally posted by librarinerd

Read: Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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FIC: If I Lose Myself - one-shot
Requested by 2x anonymous
Pairing: Rose/Dimitri
Rating: M for sexual contents

Description: Rose and Dimitri steal some moments before heading to work. Cute at the beggining then it gets smutty. (doesn’t it always though, in my fics). It might contain minor spoilers of Last Sacrifice.

A/N: I don’t really care if nobody reads this I had to much fun writing it. I think about how their life at Court must be a lot, too much. So here you go, enjoy some romitri fluff/smut and if you liked it let me know.

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#39 “Tell a soul and I’ll kill you.”

Sam’s eyes were like a magnet. Contact. Eye contact, body contact, mind contact. My every thought was on Sam, his soft, floppy hair, his amazing eyelashes and sweet brown eyes. The way his body was touching mine, the sweet yet masculine smell of him. And as he leaned in, I drew toward him, wanting what was about to come next.

Our lips met and it was heaven. His hands were resting softly on my waist, almost as if he were scared to move them anywhere else. I shouldn’t be doing this, but I wanted it so bad. I pressed myself against him more firmly and rested my hands on his shoulders. He gained confidence and his fingers gripped me more tightly, one hand stroking up and down my side.

It was mostly a blur. A pleasant, nirvana-like dream that I never wanted to leave. My mouth parted on a whimper and he took it as a chance to introduce tongue, which I gladly accepted. My hands started to wander, rubbing his neck and running up and down the lean muscle of his arms. He wrapped his arms fully around my middle and we were kissing as if the end of the world was approaching.

My fingers skimmed under his shirt just as I heard the patio door slide open. I heard Skeez and Johnson talking and immediately pulled away, breathless. Sam looked at me with half-closed eyes as I got up to straighten myself out.

I was flustered. I heard the noise outside from the many people in and around the pool but didn’t register it. Sam sat back and said, “Wait.”

I couldn’t I didn’t have time to wait. “That didn’t happen. Tell a soul and I’ll kill you.”

He stiffened a little at my statement and I could see the confusion on his face, but I didn’t want to deal with it. I left room we’d been sitting in and quickly headed to the front door.

“Hey, where you going, Y/N? The party just started,” Skeez called out.

“I have work in the morning, but I’ll see you guys later,” he didn’t bother me anymore as I fled out of the door and drove myself home.

I thought about it as I drove home, and got ready for bed, and got in the bed. What had I done? I mean the guy was my polar opposite, my worst enemy. We fought over everything. We couldn’t even sit in the same room together without getting into an argument. Sure, he was attractive, but that didn’t mean I should go and kiss him. I was supposed to be independent. I was the only girl the guys hung out with that never got sexually involved with them.

I can’t believe I did that. What would it be like now? I mean if I acted as flustered as I did after the kiss everyone will easily figure out what’s going on.

I can’t believe I kissed him. Well, he kissed me, but I let it happen. I wanted it to happen. We’ve always argued but I must admit I’ve always found him attractive. It was always just that, though. An attraction. I could never be in a relationship with the guy, I don’t even think you could call what we have a friendship.
*2 weeks later*

I haven’t seen the guys since that night. And it kind of sucks. I have plenty of other friends, it’s just that they’re my main group. We’ve been with each other since Omaha, and we promised to stick with each other ’til the end. I just miss them. But I feel like something’s broken between me and them now. I was always just a friend. I was like a sister. None of us could ever imagine anything happening to break that, like me hooking up with one of them.

But now? I don’t know anymore. Whatever my relationship with Sammy was is now something totally different and there’s nothing I can do to change that. And it sucks because what we had before ws so great. They were probably starting to wonder where I was. I’ve gotten a couple texts from Nate and Johnson, but I just told them I’ve been super busy with work and school, which is a lie. Bothhave been pretty dead for a while now.

As I close up shop, I hear voices behind me.

“Y/N!” someone calls out. I turn around and see Both of the Jacks, Nate, Sam, and Swazz. “Thought you had to work late tonight?”

“Boss let me close up early,” I said, knowing I never had to work late in the first place. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We were coming to visit you, but if you’re done working then you can come hang out with us right?” Johnson says.

I glanced at Sam. He immediately looked to the side. If I said no, they’d definitely know something’s up. “Yeah sure.”

“We were just gonna walk around, maybe go visit the concert at the pier. Is that cool with you?”

I nod and we start walking. They’re all taller than me so they walk a bit faster and I end up behind. I notice Sam starting to walk slower and eventually we’re going at the same pace at least a couple yards behind the guys.

“Why haven’t you been around?” he asks.

“I’ve been busy. Why do you care?”

“Was it because of the kiss?”

“Shh!” I scold him. “They’re right there. And no, it wasn’t.” I’ve lied way too much in the past few weeks. “What part of ‘I’ve been busy do you not understand?”

“Geez, no need to be harsh.” he says, putting his hands up in surrender. “We need to talk about that, though,” he sys referring to the kiss.

“I’d rather not.”

“Too bad. Why don’t you want anyone to know about it.”

“Can’t we just pretend it didn’t even happen?”

“No, that definitely happened, and it was.. something,” he says.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask curiously, wondering if it was horrible or amazing.He stays silent for a moment and I stare at him, waiting for an answer. “Well?”

“I liked it,” he finally says quietly.

How do I respond to that? “Oh” is all that comes out of my mouth.

Sam opens his mouth again to speak, but Gilinsky cuts him off. “Hey, let’s get something out of here,” he points to the frozen yogurt shop just a few feet away.

All the guys head in but I just take a seat on the bench outside and say, “Nah, I’m good. But you guys go ahead.”

Sam says, “Me too,” and grabs a seat next to me. “So how do you feel about the kiss?” He’s all tense and slightly awkward, and I’m mad at myself for finding it cute that he’s nervous about what I think.

“Why does it matter? It can’t happen again so let’s just forget about it.”

“Why can’t it?”

“Because— wait. Do you want it to happen again?”

“I don’t know… maybe. It was a pretty amazing kiss.” I open my mouth to respond but he continues, “And don’t even try to deny it, I know you liked it. I could tell by the way your hands were all over me,” he lowers his voice and gets closer to my ear, “and by those little noises you made, and by the way you kept pulling yourself closer and closer to me. You loved that kiss, and I bet you want it to happen again right now.”

I was on the verge of moaning out loud as his lips ghosted over my ear. It took me a moment to compose myself and I could tell he was amused. “Whether or not I want it is out of the question. What game are you trying to play?”

“I’m not trying to play games, I’m just saying. If that short kiss was that good, I can’t imagine how great it’d be if we went further.”

“What are you even saying? You hate me,” I say.

“I don’t hate you, I just strongly dislike you.”

“Like that’s any better,” I scoff.

“Either way, I think we’d be really, really good together. I’m proposing a deal.”

I should say no right off the bat, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. “What kind of deal?”

“We can hook up, no strings attached. And since we can’t stand each other, there’s no risk of catching feelings.”

“No. Absolutely not. This could go wrong in so many ways!”

“But you want it anyway don’t you?”

Of fucking course I did. I glanced in the shop. All the guys were ordering, and our bench was out of their line of sight. Sammy leaned closer and closer to me, and just like I did that night weeks ago, I leaned into him too.

And when our lips met for the second time, it was just as good as the first, if not better. It was as if as soon as we touched their was no way to pull back. I don’t know what it was, maybe our fiery hate for each other just translated to something different when it came to sex-related stuff, but this was amazing. And I’d be a fool if I gave it away.

I pulled back, breathless and flustered, and said, “Fine, it’s a deal.” I held my hand out so that we could shake on it.

He looked down at it, grabbed it, but instead of shaking it, he pulled me to him and kissed me again, making both of us moan. I pulled away after a moment, knowing the guys would be out soon.

“The rest of the guys cannot know about this, okay?” I say.

I can tell he’s still in whatever land we’re taken to when we kiss, but he nods in agreement. This should be fun.

Part 2

Part 3


A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. Sorry to the requester for taking so long to get this done. I tried to put a little extra effort into it as an apology. Also, would anyone be interested in a part 2? Like idk maybe where one of them catches feeling or something? Idk message me if you are. As always, REQUESTS ARE OPEN so send them in whenever.


…it’s the little details that do one in, really.  The arch/shape of Benedict’s eyebrows as Doctor Strange, coupled with his adorable nose crinkle, has me completely bewitched…

Hands All Over

(This was an anonymous fic submission. Fic not mine)

Originally posted by winterfellcobain

The jet was quiet. Everyone sat across from each other, not making eye contact or saying a thing. We were all exhausted and eager to get back to our quarters in the tower so we could go our separate ways. 

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