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Motorbike- Daryl Dixon (Smut)


Hi!Can you write a smut where Daryl and the girl ride on his bike on a supply run and she gets horny and starts jerking him off and he needs to pull the bike somewhere safe and punishes her for being ‘a bad girl’. Thatd be awesome.Love your work btw

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Warnings: Smut, outside sex, light bondage, swearing, oral

You were on a supply run with Daryl. You had been riding on his bike for what seemed like ages.

You were getting bored of the scenery and you didn’t know if it was the vibrations of the bike or the sexy redneck in front of you but something came over you.

You had your arms tightly around his chest but you let one come loose and fall.

You placed your hand on his thigh as he tried to focus on the road.

You walked your fingers up and gently started to rub his bulge through his pants. You heard his breath hitch and could feel him hardening underneath you.

You slowly unzipped his zipper and let your hand wander down.

You didn’t even realise that the motor bike had stopped but you were now in a clearing and Daryl was looking at you. Staring daggers.

Neither of you spoke for a while until he broke the silence.

“Darlin’ if ya wanted to fuck, you coulda just asked.”

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I started a Madi/Silver fic yesterday

Here’s a sneak peek.  


He exhaled a long breath before he leaned in, sliding a hand around her waist.  Madi expelled a heated breath of her own right before his lips descended onto hers.  The passionate way he spoke, moved, lived his life was translated into his kiss.  He wasn’t holding back, and she took it all, returning all of the fire and heat he was giving her.  He pulled her closer, molded her body to his as he angled his head to deepen his kiss.

Madi moved her arms around his shoulders, let her fingers toy with the tendrils of his hair and groaned.  He gently coaxed her lips open, nipped and teased with teeth and tongue so that she could give him entry. And when she did, the sensation of his tongue when it slid over hers was the sweetest thing she’d ever felt.  Madi felt warm, giddy, and under the spell of this man who elicited such pleasure from a simple kiss.

anonymous asked:

Caan you do a reinhardt x reader where reader is younger and McCree is flirting with her nonstop and reinhardt is jealous af but also insecure that she should be with a younger man?

There’s not enough Reinhardt
btw I wasn’t sure how young, so I just kinda made reader around McNuggets age…


The large German watched disgruntled as the cowboy is flirting with you- yet again. His head was rested in his palm as he slouched over the dining table with a mug contained in his other hand. 

“Reinhardt, what seems to be troubling you?” Ana asked placing her tea and crossword book on the table before seating on opposite of Reinhardt. When there was no answer she followed the upset mans gaze to see you and McCree talking- well more Jesse flirting with you. A saddened smiled made its way to Ana’s lips as she quickly understood the situation.
“Am I too old?” His gaze never broke as he took a sip from his mug. Ana was unsure if a simple ‘yes/no’ answer would be the correct way to respond.
“What does your heart say?” Reinhardt looked down at the table as if he was anticipating the answer to be written down.
“No.” His answer was unable to please him. “But they are 42, I am 61.”

But a knowing smirk was now on Ana’s face as she leaned forward head on both hands. She looked from you back to Reinhardt.
“A little birdy told me (Y/N) likes someone.” At first hope filled Reinhardt, but quickly left as it left many options as to who it would be. “And they made it clear it wasn’t Jesse and they were older too.” Ana finished off her tea before leaving her friend with a newly found hope.

Luckily for Reinhardt he was assigned to be on a mission with you. But the downside was McCree was also there. He’’s a sweet kid and doesn’t mean any harm. But he just can’t help it and be jealous of the relationship he has with you.
“Hey Reinhardt.” His heart jumped and fluttered at the sound of his name coming from you.
“Ja?” He smiled down at you trying his best to stop himself from kissing you and wrapping you up in his large arms.
“Do you mind if I sit with you for take off?” You whispered before looking back to see McCree talking with Hanzo. “I kinda- well really- don’t want to deal with his flirting.” Reinhardt instantly replied happily at the fact that you wanted to be with him and not Jesse.

Take off lasted about a good ten minutes. The both of you made quick conversations trying to get each others mind off the turbulence. It was one of the greatest ten minutes of Reinhardt’s life, he couldn’t be for ecstatic. Then once it was safe to walk around McCree made a beeline towards you.
“Evening.” Jesse greeted titling his hat towards you.
“Hi. Anyway as you were saying.” Who turned back toward Reinhardt who was rudely interrupted. Reinhardt opened his mouth ready to speak.
“You know I was wondering…”
“Wondering what? If you could stop flirting with me and continue sucking of Hanzo, like you’ve been doing for the past 4 months. Because by all means go ahead.” McCree, Reinhardt and a very flustered Hanzo stared at you in shock. Jesse coughed into his hand nervous and flustered.
“Alright.” Jesse stiffly made his way back to the archer plopping himself back in his seat just staring at the ground.

A few seconds later there was a booming laughter erupting beside you. It was Reinhardt who had his hands on his armored stomach while falling down the chair. It took a few minutes for him to regain himself brushing away the tears. He wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you closer to him and placing a kiss on your forehead with a smile showing no end.
“That’s my leibling.”  He didn’t even realize what he had said until he heard your statement.
“So you’re not going to ask me out, just claim me.” Reinhardt quickly retracted his arm looking away ashamed.
“Sorry.” His voice was naturally above a whisper.
“I mean I’m not complaining or anything, just making sure.” He turned his head to face towards you slowly.
“You don’t mind that I’m-”
“Don’t even go there. It’s never bothered me. Just think of it this way; wine and some beers or champagnes- like what is it? AH Cantillion Gueuze- gets better the longer it’s left to age and uhhh… crap I forgot what else I was going to say.” You combed your fingers through you hair in frustration.
“Thank you.” Was all Reinhardt could say, insecurity of his age gone as he saw your determination to boost his confidence.

Too Small - reidxreader

Anon requested: Spencer and the reader have to share a room during a case and the reader had a tough day bc the cops at the station where making fun of her small chest and during the night she starts to cry about it and Spencer asks her what’s wrong and she grabs his hand and puts it on her boob and asks “do I have small boobs?” And you can finish the rest

A/N okay, I changed the request a lil bc i feel like her putting his hand on her chest is kinda bold lol i hope u don’t mind!! btw reader and reid have a a similar relationship as derek and penelope, ok enjoy

The team was in a town in the middle of nowhere on a case, which made it especially difficult to solve. Hotch even had to ask Garcia to come along because the network around the area was awfully slow and unreliable so she had to take care of that herself.

This town in particular was full of sexist and racist idiots. Even the policemen were a disgrace, which you’d discovered for yourself when a few of them decided to make comments about you.

“You just need to cooperate,” you’d said to an officer with a beard and graying hair, “I understand that you don’t like that the FBI is here, but you can’t all be protecting each other right now. There’s been 4 murders and there will be more if you don’t let us do our job.”

You’d said this because you didn’t have to be a profiler to see that none of the officers wanted you here. They’d been uncooperative, condescending, and straight up rude ever since the team arrived.

When he didn’t respond, you sighed and walked away. “What does she know,” the man said to a fellow officer, “she’s got the body of a ten year old. I’m surprised she made it through college.”

“I know, I mean, where are her boobs? How are we supposed to take a woman seriously who’s barely even a woman?” His friend replied. You heard all of this, but pretended you didn’t. Your blood boiled.

You’d had a battle with your body image ever since you were a teenager and didn’t grow large breasts like everyone else. You hadn’t let it bother you in quite some time now though, and the feeling of not fitting in was beginning to settle just like it did when you were 15.

Tears began to come to your eyes, but you were working right now and these victims were more important than what these “men” thought of you. You composed yourself and made your way back to your team. 

“You okay?” Reid muttered to you when you stood next to him. You shot him a fake smile, “Yeah, I’m good.”

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Dream Girl

Pairing: NaruHina

Rating: M?

Words: 5,000+

Part 2>>

AN: Based off of this and this. Happy Valentine’s Day, nerds. Btw, this isn’t the end all be all. I’ll write another part to this lol.

Everything around him is monochromatic. The dull atmosphere makes her feel just a bit more enigmatic.

He knows nothing of where she came from. He has not a clue about her name. He is ready to tell her to leave, but when the sensation of warm hands caress his whiskered cheeks, Naruto submerges himself into her without a second thought.

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anonymous asked:

Bro do you think you could do 25, mystery pearl for the domestic prompts thing. Your writing is great btw

omg idk when you sent this but I can totally do that. 

Our baby going to prom

“Where’s the camera?” Pearl yelled, looking about frantically. 

Sheena laughed, putting her hands on Pearl’s shoulders. “It’s around your neck, babe.” 

“Oh, right.” She blushed, the blue of her cheeks faint. “Okay, you two, we need pictures. Outside!”

Benji sighed. He straightened his tuxedo jacket before looking at his date with a ‘lets get this over with’ expression. He took her hand and they walked outside, standing on the sand of the beach. They turned their backs to the ocean and he wrapped one arm around her waist, the other hand taking hers. “This good?”

With a nod, Pearl raised the camera to her face, looking through the lens. “That dress is lovely, Remi. Like a sunset on the clouds.” She snapped a couple pictures as the girl grinned. 

“Thank you, Mrs. Perez.” Remi pushed her red hair back behind her ear. 

Sheena chuckled. “You’ve just gotta get used to her being all poetic all the time, really. She doesn’t even know she does it.” She wrapped her arm around her wife’s shoulder. 

Pearl rolled her eyes and smiled. “I need more pictures. Come on, Remi, you can stand like this…yes, and Benji, you could be like this…would you like swords? Steven and Connie had Rose’s sword in their pictures.”

Benji groaned. “No, mom, we don’t want swords. I just want to go.”

“Well…okay then.” Pearl took a few more pictures, Sheena stepping in after Pearl had positioned them for the third time. She opened her arms, hugging Benji tightly. “Have fun. Be careful.”

“Okay. Love you guys!”

“Pearl, this is a bad idea,” Sheena said as they crept through the hotel. “He’s going to be angry.” 

“He won’t even see us,” Pearl said. “I just want to make sure he’s having fun.”

Sheena pursed her lips but followed, hand in hand, with Pearl. When they reached the ballroom doors, they were stopped. A hand landed on each of their shoulders, causing them to freeze. Slowly, they turned. 

Garnet stood behind them, a disapproving frown on her face. “You don’t want to let him see you,” she said. Pearl sighed, allowing Garnet and Sheena to lead her away. 

ok so i got Turnabout Idol in the mail today and i just started reading it, but i just had to translate this one part from the first chapter for you all bc it’s important

for context, Trucy’s going to perform at an event at a mall, and Phoenix is chaperoning her as the chief of WAA. one of the other performers there is a young comedian, Nadare Chokkakkou, who’s super full of himself. (this is all from Phoenix’s pov, btw)

Mr. Chokkakkou brushed his long bangs back with his hand and, speaking in a forced cool tone, said: “Ah, I won’t sign any autographs, you hear. If you absolutely must, you can have one, though, but only one per person. But you’re cute, so just for you I’ll sign even three.”

Shamelessly, the man wrapped his arm around Trucy’s shoulders. As if on reflex, I felt myself get furious and went to confront him, but before I could do so Trucy quickly shook his arms off her and moved over to the opposite side of the room.

Then, lifting her blue silk hat, she bowed gracefully and said: “I’m Trucy Wright, the magician. It’s nice to meet you.”

I might be saying this as her father, but in that moment she was almost breathtakingly majestic. She would have been OK even if I wasn’t accompanying her…

i just adore this…… Trucy just immediately pushes this creep away before her dad can even intervene and then she demonstratively walks as far away from him as possible before introducing herself and Phoenix is just like THAT’S MY GIRL…….i just…….i love Trucy she’s so good

Ficlet Friday

Rock You Like a Hurricane : Chris Evans Ficlet

Welcome, readers! This week’s ficlet is super short but I personally like it just the way it is. Hope you agree!

Deepest gratitude and thanks to msjarvis! (who’s blog ROCKS btw… you should check it out *wink wink*)


Chris sat at his desk, head in his hands, gripping his hair.

Everything around him was a distraction. The ticking clock on the wall. The rain hitting the window. His own breathing.

Most of all though, he was distracted by thoughts of Her. He didn’t even know her name yet. But he was smitten.

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Paige blinked, shaking her head as if she’d spaced out, “I’m sorry I’m trying to figure out how it is you manage to find enough hair in his head to hold onto…” She waved her hand dismissively, “But anyway, weak in the knees, eh? I know you don’t have that problem, I mean…” Paige cracked a grin, “knees must be pretty strong now, from hanging around with all those boys, Dean especially… you talk this big game about being a "feminist” and an “activist” but you’ll get down on your knees for any man, won’t you, buttercup?“ She bit her tongue, Paul laughing hysterically behind her, "Don’t think Steph’s gonna like that one too much… and about my "side girlfriends”, it’s funny you call them hobbits, considering they’re still taller than you… and more talented in… certain respects than you ever were, if you catch my drift.“ Paige giggled, "This is a PG show, my word!”