his hair when he went flying

- (Yo bro, where’s my- oh sorry!)
-paring: skate maloley
-warnings: simi smut- I guess some fluffiness?

“Are you always this messy?”
Y/n was at skate’s house. They wanted to spend the day together. But she decided to clean his room after finding it messed up like a tornado came by.
He was laying on his back with one arm behind his head while the other was holding his phone.
He’d remove his eyes from his phone to his beautiful girlfriend. Who was putting his clothes in their place. He admired how amazing she was. She had her hair in a messy bun with some fly always to frame her face. His eyes went down to her shirt- his shirt. It was his old shirt. He loved it when she wore his clothes. Especially when they were huge, just like that light blue shirt. Moving farther down, he saw her grey sweatpants. He smiled when he noticed she hasn’t paid much attention to her look. But however, she looked effortlessly gorgeous.

"It’s rude to stare ya know,”
He woke up from his daydreaming.
He smirked at her. “But you look very sexy.”
She laughed walking closer to him. “I was not expecting you to say that.” She sat down by his side. And he scooted over so she could lay beside him. Moving his arm from behind his head to pull her closer more to him.
“I love you babygirl.” She smiled.
Skate was playful and just sassy with her and the others but when they have a silenced and alone moment like this, he makes sure to show her some love.
“I love you too, loser.” She joked kissing his lips fast. After she pulled away. Skate pulled her on top of him, so she was straddling his waist.
She pecked him again. Then after that the next kisses lasted longer. Turning passionate by the second.
His hands roaming her body. One of them Stoping on her ass while the other cupping her face. Her’s were in his hair.
Tongues fighting for dominance, of course his won. He then flipped them fast. Making sure not to crash her. She pulled his face close to hers. Their lips attached like glue. Soft humming could be heard from the room.
He grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head. He quickly kissed her cheek, jawline then her neck. Sucking and licking her sweet spot. She moaned, arching her back while pulling his hair. He groaned breathlessly into her neck.
“Skate,” she bit her lip, closing her eyes. Massaging his scalp.
Her other hand went to the end of his shirt.
“Take it off,” she said softly. He obeyed.
Throwing it some where in the room.
“And to think I finally cleaned your room,” she said sarcastically. He laughed and she smiled.
“Forget about that baby.” He kissed her chest then when he was about to unclasp her bra,
“Yo bro, where’s my- oh sorry! I didn’t know y/n was coming today.. Hey y/n. Um, looking fine.” Skate glared at him and he grinned a toothy grin.
Swazz had the key to skate’s house, he basically lived their with skate.
Y/n’s face was a deep shade of red as she smiled awkwardly and waved. “H-hey Swazz.”
Swazz nodded and got out of the room. Giving them the privacy they needed.
Skate found her shirt and helped her wear it. Kissing her forehead then said, “I’m sorry about-” she kissed him quickly. Then smirked. “Nah it’s cool, I mean your best friend just saw me shirtless but that’s just not weird right? just remember, you’ll have to make it up to me.” He laughed at her sarcastic comment and smirked back.
“My pleasure.”

Just a short, kinda weird imagine. For y'all skate’s girls out there! (Including myself.)
Sorry if it wasn’t that good. It’s 6:19am and I haven’t slept yet 🙃 so I thought I’d pass time :)

The L Word

The goosebumps, the butterflies, the sighting, and the never ending feeling of flying. The feeling that just happens once in a lifetime. The moment that makes you realize that all the heartbreaks and disappointments you went trough before are actually worth it because you now have something to smile for. That’s what he is to me.

“When did I get so lucky?” I whispered. Watching him sleep filled me with peace and awe. When his forehead was relaxed, his lips were in a half smile, and his mind was somewhere far from the reality we were living.

I pushed his baby hairs back, allowing me to fully admire his beautiful face. His pink cheeks, his long lashes that hide the beauty of his eyes, his soft lips that carry every memory of our nights.

I moved closer to his chest, hiding my face in his neck. His warm and smell that felt like my safe place to land. He instantly moved his arms around me, holding me as close as I could get.

“I should ask the same question” He spoke with his raspy morning voice. His lips moved against my cheek, making me shiver from the slightest touch. “Good morning”

“Hi” I kissed his cheek, trying to hide my blush.

“Hi?” He looked down on me. “You’ve been checking me out for the last half hour, and all I get is a ‘hi’?”

He moved his hands to my face, guiding me to his lips as if I needed help. He moved them slowly against mine. First, gentle and sweet as if he was trying to memorize every part of my lips. Then he proceed to slightly move his tongue against my lips like he was trying a new candy. His tongue made my lips part as if they hadn’t surrendered to him already. With my approval, he deepen the kiss. One of his hands moved from my face to my waist while the other one slightly caressed my butt. My hands where making their way under his shirt, while my tongue entered his mouth. I was getting breathless so to end the kiss, I grabbed his bottom lip between my teeth and pulled softly, earning a moan from him.

“Better?” I smirked against his lips, earning a groan from him.

“Oh, baby” He pecked my lips. “How can you be so perfect?”

“Well, I’m not but thanks” I moved my hand to his cheek. “You are not bad at all. Actually, you are the best at everything”

“I love you” He breathed out. Just like that. His eyes met mine and made my breath hitch. “I love you so much”

“I..” I was speechless. He grabbed my hand and started kissing my knuckles. I moved my hand away to guide his eyes back to me. “Love doesn’t begin to cover what I feel for you”

A smile started growing in his face, making every physical feature stand out even more. His lovely dimples, the shape of his eyes.

“There isn’t a word that can describe how I feel every time I look at you” I kissed his jaw, then his lips again. “For the first time in my life, I know how it feels like to love someone so much that it consumes me. You make everything feel so right and so easy. With you I feel like I have a place where I can fit in and be safe. So I won’t say I love you because that word is not enough”

He moved his hands to push my hair away from my face, kissing my temple.

“And here I was thinking I was being romantic by saying 'I love you’ first” He chuckled, making me blush. “The disadvantages of dating a writer”

“You don’t have to say anything, just by the way you look at me, I know” I kissed his lips once more. This kiss was more intense, more selfish. I want him just to me.

“It’s a good thing I never stop looking at you”


It’s been a while since my last imagine and I was feeling fluffly and stuff so I made this! I didn’t put a guy so that everyone can read it with whoever guy they want. I was thinking of my muffin boy, Shawn, because I’ve been feeling so fjdjksf with him lately so yeah… Hope you love it❤️ and feel free to tell me what do you think.

Of Lions and Pronouns

Of all the subjects taught at Hogwarts, gender identity isn’t one of them.  It didn’t come easily, but he eventually found his way.  And he never could have done it without Phil.  Hufflepuff!Phil and Gryffindor!Dan
Phan Hogwarts!AU with trans!Dan, much fluff, such AU, wow, 4.5k~ish
Warnings: body image/dysphoria,anxiety?? 

When Danielle was born, her name went on the list for attending Hogwarts.  She came from a pureblood family, so it wasn’t a surprise.  She had bright chocolate brown eyes, a few wisps of brown hair, and remarkably beautiful eyelashes for a newborn.

When Danielle was four, she accidentally did magic for the first time.  Of course it wouldn’t have been anything simple like making a book fly across the room.  No, Danielle set the peach tree in the backyard on fire.  Her parents simply smiled and put it out easily.  She would someday be a powerful witch.

When Danielle was nine, she was already pretty adept with magic, but preferred to read in her room.  Well, she didn’t prefer reading in her room, but it was better than the alternative: trying to socialize with the neighborhood children.  There were a few other wizarding children in the village where the Howell family resided, but Danielle didn’t get along with any of them.  The boys teased her for wanting to do “boy things” and she never quite understood what all the “girl things” were about.  So she kept to herself.

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“Peter!” You screamed as his foot was encompassed by dirt, holding him down as Apocalypse grabbed his fist, bending his arm at an unnatural angle before he slammed his foot against Peter’s knee. The sound of Peter’s screams filled your ears. Panic, dread and anger flowed through you. You went to go down there, to help him, but Peter’s voice stopped you.

“Don’t!” He shouted to you, panting. “(Y/N), I’m okay. Don’t-“ He was cut of by Apocalypse grabbing the back of his silver hair, forcing the boy to his knees, his neck vulnerable for attack. Without even thinking, you were quick to teleport in front of Apocalypse, kicking him in the chest with all your strength, sending him flying backward, releasing Peter’s hair and that’s when the fight truly began.

Hank and Scott leant Peter and Raven against the wall of a building, a safe distance from the fight. You rushed over to Peter, kneeling besides him.

“You’re okay.” You breathed in relief, your hands cupping Peter’s face.

“Well, I mean, my knee’s a bit messed up-“

“But you’re alive.” You countered, he smiled, closing his eyes as you pressed a kiss to his forehead, his nose and finally his lips.

~ Clara

(( strayed away from the movie a bit my bad ))

idk but i feel like it’s time for the meme to reverse itself since it’s gotten so far out of hand? give me the Stackie dynamic between Sam and Bucky. give me sam shifting from annoyance to fondness with all the over-enthusiasm of Mackie fawning over Stan’s chest size and pretty hair.

give me Bucky, Flustered and confused as he’s trying to get used to sam’s random compliments when he wakes up like didn’t you hate me right before i went Under, steve what’s going on, did he fly into a window and hit his head?? give me bucky exasperated&embarrassed and sam Super Smug because he finally figured out how to one-up buck but like with the most dignifying comments possible because bucky never has a good come back on the spot and it’s the perfect way to shut him up.

idk but you know sam and steve don’t really leave each other’s side unless it’s necessary nowadays, so if steve visited bucky’s sleeping self in wakanda, sam would’ve probably come along, and idk but maybe sam spent some time observing bucky in the chamber while steve checked in with the doctor/scientist people,

and maybe sam spent TOO much time observing because he genuinely came to appreciate how good looking bucky barnes was? and maybe he let it slip once right after bucky woke up, but immediately played it off because that was Not What He Meant To Say?

and idk but it turns out constantly complimenting bucky on his face is a lot easier than sam having to admit there are other things he Doesn’t Exactly Hate about steve’s other best friend, so he…keeps…saying nice stuff? (and like i said it shuts bucky up so win-win??)

and idk but you could probably also give me steve just endlessly Amused as he witnesses this beautiful thing happening and evolving between his two bae’s as if it was Meant To Be™,

and you could give me steve hyping sam up to bucky like Evans hypes up Mackie until bucky gets comfortable enough with his place in their 3-Fold Dynamic to start giving as well as he takes (cause it turns out a part of him is just as suave as it had been in the 40s),

and i dunno i would probably be just as happy with that honestly tbh.

remember when Michael went on a date with Abigail Breslin and a year later she released a song that was very obviously about him and when confronted she claimed it wasn’t about him even tho he has a scar above his eye and he bleaches his hair like every 4 and a half minutes and also he has a song called “try hard” which is a line in the song that’s emphasized for no particular reason and also he has a tattoo that says to the moon and the first lines are “I hate your dumb tattoos I wish you’d fly to the moon” Do we remember this or did I dream that it happened someone ask him about it again and ask him if he watches scream queens

Flash Fanfiction

Okay so I was tagged by pretty much everyone I know on tumblr to do this so here it goes!

Warnings: Half naked flirty Pietro.

Pietro was always trying to grab your attention in the most annoying way possible. He constantly flirted with you and would run around in circles around you like an an annoying fly sometimes just to get on your nerves. But today he seems to have upped the ante. You were walking down the hall to your room. You went inside and saw Pietro there. Naked. With nothing but a towel on. You screamed. “Pietro! What the hell why are you naked in my room!” You yell and he flashes you a cheeky grin and runs his hand through his wet mop of silver hair. 

“I forgot to bring clothes when I went to take a shower so I figured that I could hide out in your room so that no one would see me naked.” He says and bites his lip. “But clearly that plan did not work out as now you are here…” He says and his accent gets thicker as he lowers his voice as he says that. You blush. 

“You’re not entirely naked…” You point out then regret it. 

“I could be.” He tempts and loosens the towel. 

“Pietro!” You scold him and he smirks and heads to your door. 

“Relax you don’t have to see me naked.” He says and turns to face you. “However I wouldn’t mind if the roles were reversed sometime and you were naked in my room.” He says and winks and speeds off, leaving you standing there flustered. 

Okay so that took a little over five minutes but I didn’t want to stop in the middle of a dialogue so I took a little bit of time after that to finish it up. Is that against the rules? I hope not. Did I do okay? Anyway I tag @speedy-stole-my-pie @hoardingmyfandoms and @my-avengers-imagines to do this challenge!