his hair was so darn fluff like he just got out of bed

Making out with… Taeyong


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  • This would be both of your favourite type of skinship
  • Since you didn’t really do any PDA, any kind of skinship, specifically making out, was saved for when you were in private 
  • Your “making out” position usually started with you two standing up
  • His arms would be wrapped tightly around your waist, so that your body was pressed to his
  • You’d allow yourself to melt into his touch, and would trace his jaw with your fingers and thread them through his hair
  • They aren’t necessarily planned but they’re not spontaneous either
  • But they would always always always start with a hug
  • Not a normal one though, 
  • Usually he’d hold you for a long time
  • But when he wanted a kiss, it wouldn’t last long and he’d resort to kissing your neck softly as a sign
  • A lot of giggling and teasing too
  • Eventually, he’d reach your lips and wouldn’t hesitate to smash them onto yours immediately 
  • His kisses would be open and wide 
  • Very slow as well
  • There’s no such thing as fast paced with Taeyong
  • He likes to make sure you understand how much he loves you and how lucky he is
  • And he also like the feeling of your tongues touching
  • Yes, I know that’s gross okay
  • But I really that the pair of you would actually really like it
  • Tbh it’s probably unlike him; since he’s so tidy and clean
  • And playing tonsils table tennis isn’t exactly clean or hygienic
  • Anyway
  • For sure, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself
  • He’s hands would start wandering
  • Rubbing gently your thighs or the small of your back
  • Sometimes he’d run his hands through your hair or rub your jaw gently in order to ease up and relax into the kiss
  • A lot of moans and groans would fall from his lips
  • Very low and deep moans and groans
  • I mean, no one wouldn’t be able to say what they’d be like really
  • Cos he’d just save them for you and your ears
  • He’d also whisper a lot
  • Complimenting you and telling you how much he adores you
  • “You’re so beautiful”
  • “Don’t stop”
  • “I can’t control myself”
  • Just imagine for a moment
  • Shut your eyes and just imagine Taeyong complimenting you
  • Like that in itself is a blessing from God
  • lol okay got a bit too hyped there sorry
  • It would be sensual and slow 
  • Something the younger members should never ever see just in case
  • Although it has happened that Ten walked in and you didn’t realise for about 5 minutes
  • And he just watched with his mouth wide open 
  • Because these make out sessions would last quite a long time
  • It can go up to like half an hour
  • You’d end up sitting on his lap, and he rested against the bed frame
  • 20% of the time this making out session would end with sex
  • But most of the time it wouldn’t
  • Taeyong wouldn’t make out with you because he wanted sex or was horny
  • He’d just like holding you and kissing you and just being with you
  • Totally harmless and not expecting sex at all
  • Anyway, if it didn’t end up with sex, it would last way longer like an hour extra
  • Neither of you would see where the time passed but tbh neither of you cared
  • I see Taeyong being the kind who’d want to kiss you and make out with you all the time when you’re in private
  • At first you were a little annoyed, since you didn’t want to always make out
  • But within a few sessions, you pretty much made it part of your daily life lol
  • Afterwards, he’ll look at you so fondly and just admire how gorgeous you looked or how lucky he was to have you
  • Although he’d do this anyway
  • It would just X10 stronger after making out
  • Whoever gets to kiss Taeyong and make out with him, is darn lucky
  • You better treat him right mate

Making out with… series

Golden Mornings (Logicality)

Hiya, there is not enough Logicality in the world and I needed to fix that by at least a little bit, so here is a small bundle of pure Logicality fluff and cuteness for you to enjoy! I hope you enjoy it, if you did liking or reblogging would make my freaking day :D 


@lekawaiimelon (I don’t know if you ship Logicality oops sorry)

* * * *

Morality was warm and peaceful.
His limbs were heavy with rest and his mind foggy with sleep. The blankets were tucked loosely around his body and the baggy shirt Morality wore to bed was comfortably soft against his skin. Soft, golden sunlight filtered into the room, lightening the darkness behind his eyelids. Patton wasn’t thinking about much right now, he was simply enjoying feeling so warm and comfortable and safe. He basked in the glow of waking up after a good night’s sleep. Slowly he became more aware, the idea of morning floating to his awareness, and Morality automatically began the lazy process of properly waking up.

First he scrunched his eyes shut tighter, sighing contentedly then opening his mouth in a small yawn. Next he shifted around slightly, stretching his muscles and relaxing again. Patton then realised he could feel a heavy warmth from right beside him. He could feel an arm flung comfortably around his waist, felt pyjama clad legs intertwined with his. A slow smile broke out into his face and he opened his eyes, blinking blearily and reaching blindly for his glasses.

When Morality eventually found them and clumsily slid them into his face, movements still slow and heavy with tendrils of sleep, he blinked a few times and focused his attention on Logan.

The gentle beams of golden sunlight that cast the room into a soft glow illuminated his boyfriend’s face like a halo. Logic’s glasses were already on, and he was propping himself up on one elbow, the other arm still wrapped around Morality’s waist. It was a warm, familiar, comforting weight. Logan’s expression, however, was what caught Morality’s attention and made his heart bloom with a sudden rush of love, a wave so strong it made his head spin and his happy smile grow.

There were only a few words that could be used to describe Logic’s expression as he gazed down at Morality. The look was fond, tender, full of adoration and love. Logan’s warm brown eyes were soft, and he smiled when he saw Patton’s eyes flicker open. It was a small smile, but the boundless peaceful happiness it held was stunning. Logic’s expression was open and vulnerable, love gently carved into each and every feature, allowing Morality’s heart to flutter because that look was for him. He was the one Logan loved, he was the one these soft, loving looks were reserved for, he was the only one who got to experience them.

“Gosh, I love you so much.” Morality breathed, raising his arms out of the cocoon of blankets that encased he and Logic and wrapping them gently around Logan’s neck. He used that as leverage to stretch up and place a gentle, lingering kiss on his boyfriend’s lips.

“I love you too.” Logan whispered quietly, and darn, Morality’s cheeks were going to hurt from smiling soon. Logic had recently become much more comfortable with saying I love you and showing any type of affection. Morality was both proud and happy with that change.

Then Logan was leaning down and gently pressing their lips together again, and Patton sighed happily because this felt perfect. Their lips moved softly, gently against each other again and again, their kisses slow and sweet and unhurried. It felt like they had all the time in the world, that this golden morning was infinite. At one point Logic had lowered himself down onto the bed again, so now they were cuddling even more. Patton’s arms were still wrapped around Logan’s neck, fingers idly playing with Logic’s soft hair. Logic had one hand pressed gently against the back of Morality’s head as they gently fitted their mouths together, the other hand absently rubbing circles on Morality’s hip, where the baggy shirt was riding up slightly.

To Patton, it seemed like this morning couldn’t get any more perfect. He was warm and comfortable and peaceful; the blanket was still wrapped around he and Logan’s tangled legs, their arms wrapped around each other, their chests pressed close. The sunlight was a warm golden glow that made everything picturesque, and Logic was kissing him so, so gently, like he was afraid Morality would disappear. Like Morality was the best thing to ever happen to him, and Logan didn’t want to ever let him to.

That made Patton’s stomach fill with delighted butterflies, made his heart full with love and adoration for his boyfriend, made his spirits soar. This was the perfect way to start the day. He was so happy already, he just wanted to lay in this bed with Logic and stay like that forever.

Eventually, though, they split apart and simply enjoyed the other’s embrace. Logic now had his head buried in Morality’s shoulder, breath sending steady, warm puffs of air onto Patton’s neck. Patton had the side of his head resting atop Logan’s head, his eyes closed in bliss. Soon, there was a quiet mumble from Logic.

“Good morning.” He smiled against Patton’s shoulder. Morality laughed and somehow inched closer to his boyfriend, tightening the hug.

“Good morning indeed.”

ain’t no sunshine

for @timepetalsprompts ‘bed sharing’ trope. originally had a cracky interlude with donna, but sort of got too long (it still exists somewhere, though). fluff. and a little bit of crack and angst. ten x rose reunion fic.


He came around slowly; blinked a couple of times and attempted to focus on the mild haze of peachy and yellowish pinks in front of him. His head throbbed dully and persistently, inducing the vague feeling of nausea, which ricocheted upwards to his dizzy head. Feeling inexplicably warm and fuzzy, he let his eyes fall closed. When he opened his mouth, what escaped was a somewhat throaty sigh.

Instantaneously, a voice came drifting.


(Oh, what a nice voice. What a nice voice.)

“Donna, d’you know.” He slurred, tongue stiff and clammy in his mouth, “You sound JUS’ like Rose.”

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Shawn Mendes as a Boyfriend

authors note: i saw this type of things on someone else’s blog and it really amazes me to see everyone’s own image they have of shawn. i was reading some of these types of things/preferences and tbh most of the ones i read i PERSONALLY don’t think shawn would do/say. that being said, here is my own personal opinion of what i think shawn would be like as boyfriend because why not post it if everyone else is posting their opinion?

-Okay, let’s start by saying that I’m going to make this post as honest and as raw as possible. So, I think Shawn would 100% be the type of guy to play with your hair, your fingers, or just randomly poke you in public to either be cute, or maybe if he was nervous. If you watch Shawn in interviews, he plays with the hem of his shirt often, or with the cord on the microphone.
I think especially if he was nervous about something, and you two were together, he would tug at your fingers, pull your shirt down to kiss your collarbones, cute things like that etc.

-From every lyric that’s in his songs, Shawn seems incredibly passionate and almost dramatic. I feel like any argument you had with him, would involve him trying his hardest not to yell at you because he knows how much you hate it, even when he’s super angry. Shawn is sensitive, and he’s definitely the type to cry like at anything. I feel like though, he would cry more at emotional pain rather than physical pain. He seems tough enough to be able to handle a punch to the face or something BUT not so tough enough to see you crying/hurting. He would be the type of boyfriend to cry with you, whenever you were having a bad day.

-Speaking of bad days, whenever you were having one, it seems like Shawn would be trying his very hardest to make sure you started feeling better asap. He would constantly be telling you how much he loved you and how he was always going to be there. He would even go out to the store and buy you flowers for no reason, or he would literally just ask you what you wanted and he would do absolutely whatever you said.

-Now, something else I notice about Shawn is he’s very like, nit picky if that makes sense. He thinks about EVERYTHING all the time. Which means, I think there would be times where Shawn would get insecure easily about himself in a relationship. He seems like the type to worship whoever he’s dating, meaning he would treat you like a queen and whenever he accidentally did something small that irritated you or something, he would freak. He would say sorry multiple times and do crazy things to try and make up for it. This is where he would write songs such as Don’t Be A Fool, or Honest. He very easily feels like he’s not good enough for someone which breaks my damn heart.

-RESPECT. Shawn would show you tons of respect at all times. If one day he was like hey y/n let’s bang im kinda horny but you were like actually i don’t wanna today, he would in no way ever try to force you to do things with him, and he would never make you feel bad for not wanting to do anything. I think this is something we all know about Shawn though so..

-Shawn can be a freakin weirdo sometimes and so I think if you were dating him for long enough, he would always be himself around you and I think he would wanna make sure that you felt comfortable enough to be yourself too. That would involve tons of loud obnoxious singing in the shower or car, him making weird ugly faces at you whenever you said no Shawn I can’t cuddle rn I gotta do my hw gosh darn in just imagine him looking at you with big puppy eyes while you try to do your work but he gets all sad when you tell him you can’t cuddle and he keeps kissing your neck and pulling on your arms to try and get you to come to bed and eventually you just give in

-Speaking of puppy eyes, Shawn is literally such a puppy. I think Shawn’s had plenty of relationship experiences and I’m not saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing BUT I also feel like there would be times where he was so infatuated with you during a date night when you got all dressed up and he would just stare at you and follow you around like a puppy who lost its toy.

-This post is already longer than I wanted it to be so I’ll wrap it up by saying that Shawn would be a good boyfriend which Im pretty sure we all already know. Shawn Mendes is everyone’s dream guy end of story.

Behind The Scenes 3 (13/???)

Author’s note: One of these days I should really finish the Seoul scene and found out how many parts there are to this series… But if any if you were curious, this is basically the halfway point I think. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Fluff? and then I’m just gonna saltbae a bit of drama into it cuz why not?!? (Jungkook) 

[Notice that I don’t have to put “fake fluff”! I might have written the darn series, but I still cant believe what happened in 12.5]

City: Fukuoka (Last day)

Word count: 3192

Summary: Jungkook and Y/n go through with Jungkook’s plan and do a V-app Q&A to try and clear the air over Y/n’s public breakdown.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


His phone rang, waking him from his sleep.

“What?” He answered a groggy voice.

“Dude open the door. I’ve been knocking for forever!” V complained.

“Fine! Wait!” Jungkook grumbled as he hung up.

His girlfriend’s eyes were still closed but she asked. “Jungkook who was that?”

“It’s nothing y/n, go back to sleep okay?”

He waited until he was sure she was asleep again to get out of bed. Then he went over to the bathroom to wash up, finally opening the door for V afterwards.

“I called you like ten minutes ago, what took so long?”

“Calm down, don’t be such a whiny bitch. It was only like five minutes. I need to brush my teeth and take a piss.”

“Dude it’s almost noon, why are you barely waking up?”

“Y/n and I stayed up watching a movie.”

V stopped in his tracks. “Speaking of y/n, where is she?”

“Sleeping. I can go wake her up if you need to talk to her.”

“No, I just need to talk to you.”

“What about this time?”

V went over and took a seat at the small table. “y/n.”

Jungkook took the seat across him.

“I meant to tell you this sooner, but I couldn’t find the right time.”

“Ok, so tell me.”’

V cleared his throat. “I’ve noticed that you and y/n don’t seem to bother each other anymore.”

“Well, yeah ever since we made a truce, we’ve been okay I guess.”

“…You don’t like her, do you?”

Jungkook jumped out of his skin a bit. He and Y/n had agreed to not tell anyone about being an actual couple. They were both scared of what Rap monster would do to them, considering them being a fake couple was a punishment. “She’s- she’s, like, alright I guess. Wh-why do you ask?”

“Last night you guys looked way too into it backstage. Even Jimin and I felt it was more than just pretending.”

“It’s all part of the act stupid Nam-bitch has us doing. Fucking Aiko was around and she was eyeing us the whole time! We were making out so bad cuz she kept staring!”

“Jungkook, Yoongi and Aiko left like two seconds after you and y/n started playing tonsil hockey. But after they left you two kept up with the “act”. “

“Well our eyes were closed, we couldn’t fucking see when they left! We were just playing it safe.”

“it seemed like a lot more than that. Which is why I’m asking if you like her or not?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Well do you?”

“She’s not that bad, but what does that have to do with me liking her?”

“Do you like her as more than a friend?!? That’s what I’m asking!”

“Why does it fucking matter?!?”

V pinched the bridge of his nose, frustrated that Jungkook was avoiding his question. “I’m just gonna get to the point… Y/n is your punishment-“

“No fucking duh!”

“Shut up for a second!” He brought his tone back a bit for what he was about to say next. “She is your punishment since the beginning! It’s been Namjoon’s plan this whole time. This whole making you guys fake date is to get you to fall for y/n-“


“He wasn’t you to fall for her and when you do, that’s when he’s going to kill her! He wants to hurt you again the way he did with Yoona!”

“That fucking bastard!” he almost shouted.

“Look, if there is something going on between you guys that’s fine with me. I won’t say shit to Namjoon. Just keep that shit on the down low so he doesn’t find out.”

“That fucking bastard ass piece of shit motherfucker!” Jungkook muttered to himself.

“I’m only telling you this cuz I was scared you were actually getting feelings for her. I don’t want to see you hurt the way you did with Yoona… Plus, I think y/n is pretty cool and I don’t wanna see anything worse happen to her.”



You had just finished your hair and makeup and Jungkook was searching for the onesies he bought a few days ago.

“I found them!” He came up to you and handed you the Pikachu onesie. “Here, you wear this one, you look cuter in yellow.”

“Ha! Thanks.” You smiled.

“So I posted an announcement about the v app, hopefully we get a bunch of people watching. You remember what you have to say, right?”

“Yup, but if I start messing up, you better save me.”

“Yeah, don’t worry I got you.”

You both put the onesies over the clothes that you slept in.

“Y/n?” Jungkook called out softly.


“Can I start calling you jagiya, but like for real?” He asked shyly.

“Yeah, of course you can.”

“Ok” He smiled, but his shyness returned. “… Jagi… Can I have a kiss?”

You moved up to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Now, I thought you said you wanted to make things real. You don’t ask for permission when we pretend, so why are you asking now?”

“I just… don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything like that.”

A chuckle escaped you. “Jungkook, this whole thing was forced since the beginning and after months of forced pretending, I’m comfortable with you now. The things we do in public won’t make me feel weird when we do them in private.”

“I was just making sure…”

“Just kiss me.”

He leaned down and gave you a short, but deep kiss. “Ok, let’s get this video started.”

With his phone already set up in the kitchen area, you both sat at the breakfast bar and got started.

“Hi Army!” Jungkook began.  

“Hi everybody!” you smiled.

Jungkook continued with what you both practiced. “How are you guys? As I promised, y/n and I have made time to talk to you all and just clear the air. The reason we are doing it in this way is cuz we want you all to hear us straight from us… Despite the rumors that have been going around the past two days, y/n and I aren’t breaking up and what happened had nothing at all to do with cheating or abuse or anything like that.”

He took a look at the screen that was exploding with comments. “So, what happened then?” he read out loud. “Y/n, do you wanna say what happened?”

“Yeah… So, um, the reason that I acted the way I did was because I have been under tons of stress. This is my first time working on a tour schedule. I’m not used to all the traveling and the little bits of sleep. *Sigh* It didn’t make me feel any better that when I would go online I would always see mean stuff about me and it all got to the point where I have been receiving threats-“ your voice cracked and you stopped talking. Obviously, you didn’t mean fan threats, but really it was Rap monster’s threats that popped into your head. They were always in the back of your mind.

Jungkook put one arm around you and with his free hand, he gave yours a reassuring squeeze.

You used your anxiety to help sell your act, maybe then Rap monster wouldn’t follow through with his threats. “So when we were out and about here in Fukuoka, I felt really stressed and paranoid. I just couldn’t hold anything anymore and I- I snapped in the worst way possible.”. The guilt of causing such a scene was still eating away at you and you were scared that even this video wasn’t going to make anything better. You looked up at Jungkook, “I still so sorry about that. I didn’t mean to take it out on you Kookie. I didn’t mean to make things worse.”

He pulled you into a hug. “No baby, no need to apologize. It’s not your fault, I told you that.” He cooed. He turned to the camera. “I was stressed that day too. That isn’t an excuse for not noticing that y/n wasn’t feeling well that day. I also could have handled the whole situation much better instead of getting after her the way I did. We were both really stressed and we let out the worst sides of ourselves. That was our mistake.”

Once again a wave of comments attacked the screen. “Are you guys better now?” Jungkook read. “Yes! We are much better now.”

“We came back and took a nap and we were way better. A big reason why we acted the way we did was from our lack of sleep I think.”

The next question was ‘Why do you rub her in our faces?’.” Jungkook was a bit taken aback by it. The question was a bit ironic considering that was almost the real point of posting so often. “Hm, I don’t mean for it to come off like that. The way I’ve always seen it was that I am sharing her with you all.” Still holding on to your hand he continued with, “I love you all and you all have supported me and been with me through so much. I am just sharing this new stage of life with you and y/n is a huge part of it. The whole time I hid her from you all, I felt like I was lying to everyone. It was stressful on both of us to keep it a secret, but now it feels like a weight has been lifted… I’m sorry if it feels like all I do is talk about y/n or show her off…it’s just… y/n makes me happy and I like to share my moments of happiness with you all.”

The question itself was rather unexpected and his response surprised you. It wasn’t a type of question either of you prepared for. You began to think that you made a good choice in giving him a chance. As a way to reward him for being quick on his feet and also as a thank you, you gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, making him break into a smile.

At the show of affection, the screen lit up with comments and questions. This time, Jungkook asked you to choose a question.

“What do you guys love about each other?” you read out loud. You looked over at Jungkook as he had the biggest smile on his face. You softly repeated the question to yourself as you thought of an answer.

“Well what do you love about me y/n? Go on, gush away!” he teased.

You rolled your eyes at him, but quickly smiled. “Hm, he’s a huge dork! He’s so awkward all the time! I love it! You all should have seen him earlier. We’ve been dating almost two years and he still asks me for a kiss, he’s so shy!”

“Ya! I was trying to be cute!”

“Sure~ whatever you say!” you said sarcastically. “What else do I love? … He’s a very goofy person, but he also very nice and considerate. He’s someone with a good heart. I admire how hard working he is also. After all the things he has to do, I don’t get where he finds the energy to still be the type of person he is. Overall I think he’s incredible.” You look at look at him again and found him with the biggest smile on his face. “Oh! I forgot to mention how adorable his smile is! Oohh and this little scar on his cheek is so cute too.” You said poking his cheek to point out his old scar. Then you pulled down his hood and brushed his hair out of his face. “And his eyebrows, I love them. I’m sure we can all agree he has great eyebrows.”

“Are you done yet?” He giggled.

“Well I also love your arms and your hands and your collarbones and the little mole you have on your neck! Ok, now I’m done!”

“Now my turn!”

“No! You heard Army, they are tired of me. Let’s move onto something else.”

“But, but, but I need to tell them how much I love you because you’re so caring and patient and you cook better than Jin and that I find you so beautiful and perfect!”’


“Fine! I’ll just go ahead and read the last question then.” He leaned forward to read the small screen. “Wow, you guys comment fast, but one question caught my eye. It was “Would you regret everything you posted with y/n if you guys broke up?”. He looked over to you as he thought the question over in his head, then he looked back at the camera. “Um, I don’t really know. It would depend on a lot of things. Maybe if it was a mutual break, then I wouldn’t have any regrets. It would be because those moments together would be genuine to the both of us. We could both look back and agree that we were fun and happy… If it wasn’t mutual and depending on the reason for the break up, then maybe I would regret it. I would know that one of wasn’t happy and that would hurt.”


During the concert backstage, Aiko wasn’t as nosy as she was the night before nor was she staring at you as often. From the few words exchanged between the two of you, she mostly commented on the v app video, saying that it was very cute.

Like with Meihui and all the other girls you came in contact with, you held yourself back from revealing Aiko’s fate to her. Tomorrow you all would be in Manila and you knew it was going to be her end and it really hurt you. Sure, you were jealous of Aiko, but you didn’t hate her. She didn’t deserve what was going to happen to her.


Back at the hotel, you couldn’t help but feel down over the fact that soon Aiko’s life was going to come to an end. The next city was Manila and you knew that once the drugs were off her, she wouldn’t be f any use to Rap monster anymore.

You were already laying down in bed when your distraction finally came out of the bathroom. He pulled a shirt on to cover his bruise abdomen as he walked to his side of the bed. You turned on your side and watched him pull back his sheet. “You know we don’t have do that anymore. There isn’t really a point to separate ourselves anymore.”



With a small smile, he pulled back your sheet and crawled his way next to you. You went close to him and rested your head on his arm. It felt weird being close to him in this way. It didn’t feel wrong, but it didn’t exactly feel right. “If I’m gonna get over Yoongi, I should focus on Jungkook.” You reminded yourself. You looked up at Jungkook, an awkward smile still on his face. “Jungkook, do you think the video worked?”

“Uh, I think so. Namjoon saw it and said we did a “decent job”. I saw some new articles about us and it all seemed good. The fans were even nicer to me today compared to yesterday! So that’s a huge relief, maybe this will all be forgotten soon. ”

The air you kept in your lungs was now free to escape and you let yourself breathe again. It felt like a relief that the whole ordeal was done with.

“Jagiya?” he called out softly.


His eyes seemed to sparkle over the fact the you answered to jagiya. “… Um I just wanted to ask… Did you really mean what you said about in the video, the things you liked about me?” redness filled his cheeks as he waited for your answer.

“Well I didn’t say I liked those things.”

Instantly his nervous smile disappeared.

“I said I loved all those things!” you said quickly, not wanting to break his spirit. “You’re really cute when you’re being goofy. I think that’s what I love the most.” Although you used the word love, you didn’t exactly mean it.

His beaming smile was back again. “Then I’ll really try to be that way more often.” He said as he placed a kiss in your forehead.

You had to admit, things did feel sudden with him. His concerns over your feelings were on point. It was one thing when you are both pretending, but this was something else entirely. It took you by surprise how awkward and mushy of a person he really was and how deep his feelings for you must be for him to be this way. A big part of you liked it though, you didn’t think he had this side to him. “Yoongi doesn’t love you.” you thought to yourself. “Don’t think about him, focus on Jungkook.” You felt bad for not liking Jungkook as he did you, but you hoped that you would soon feel the same way for him.

You looked up at Jungkook again and caught him staring at your lips, still hesitant to make a move. In that moment, you decided to indulge on whatever Jungkook had to offer and you were the one that went in for the kiss first.

His lips spread into a smile, but that didn’t keep him from kissing back. Like the other make out sessions, this one was fast and almost desperate. It took a while but eventually you got him to slow down the way you preferred.

For a while everything was great, he was propped over you, one hand under your chin, the other on your hip. You had your arms around him, keeping him on top of you. You didn’t mind when he took things further, moving his lips down your neck. You were almost in bliss when he found that good spot on your neck. You gripped into his back and let out a small moan.

Slowly, he began to move his hand over your body, but then his hand went up your shirt. When his skin touched yours, it sent a chill throughout your body, but not a good one. On impulse, you pushed him off you and shouted “No!”. Suddenly, the feeling of Hiro’s hands could be felt all over. In a split second, you felt vulnerable, dirty, and terrified. Tears fell from your eyes and flashes of Hiro’s sick attempts on you came back.

“Y/n? What’s wrong? What did I do?” Jungkook asked frantically.

All you could so was sob. You pulled the covers over your head and tried to hide yourself.

“Did I touch a bruise?!? Did I hurt you?!? Y/n I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!” He inched closer, but you grabbed a pillow and put in between you.

You continued to cry into the blanket, ignoring Jungkook’s pleas to tell him what he did wrong.

Eventually you calmed down, but stayed quiet for a long time. Jungkook never left the room. He stayed sitting at the edge of the bed to keep an eye on you.

“… Sorry…” you mumbled.

“Why are you sorry? You don’t have to be sorry. What happened?”

“It’s just- I- It’s cuz of Hiro.” You whispered.


“You had touched me in a way he did and-and I got scared and everything came back” your voice broke.

His face fell and he stood up from the bed. “I’m sorry… I’ll go sleep on the couch.”

“No. I feel scared. I don’t want to be alone.”

So I really wanted to say thanks to all of you guys. Lately it has been really hard for me to keep writing things because of many personal things that have happened in the last few months. There have been many times where I wanted to quit this series, but every time I got a reaction out of you guys it kept me motivated. Seriously, whenever I get an anon, when I see the notes, when I read your guys’ comments, I get motivated to write more. I know I’ve lost alot of you guys along the way, but for those of you who have stuck around, and for the new people that have caught up, thank you for reading my series. I will keep working hard on it and do my best to make it as perfect as possible!


Genre: Fluff. Pure fluff.

Words: 1,219.

Warnings: Mentions of smut.

Summary: Phil just hates that Haru pillow. It’s ridiculous and pathetic, but he can’t help but feel that Haru’s blue eyes look at him as saying, He loves me more than you. jealous!Phil.

A/N: It’s not my fault that Dan has an obsession with Haruka Nanase. I just did it because yes.

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Lucifer Morningstar x Reader: Sulking Part 2

Originally posted by lucifer-ellis

Imagine: Lucifer in a bad mood because Maze set you up on a date.


You woke up to the smell of food, which was both equally alluring to your empty stomach but also seemed too much of a hassle to the pounding headache going on in your head.

Reflexively, you peeked open your eyes but instantly regretted it as the sunlight clouded your senses and urged you awake. You stretched in the sheets tangled around your body and let out a tired groan before turning on your side to try to go back to sleep. 

You clutched your pillow close, oddly comforted by its familiar scent. It was a mixture of freshly washed linen and… men’s cologne?

Lucifer’s cologne.

You snapped your eyes open with a start.

You were in Lucifer’s bed.

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anonymous asked:

Channie, 42 + 9!

“Chanyeol…” You muttered, burried underneath a plethora of pillows and your boyfriend’s limbs. “I can’t breathe, you’re on top of me.”

“Who needs to breathe when you have me to cuddle with?” Your eyes peeked through the rubble to find Chanyeol’s toothy grin and smiling eyes.

You wiggled and writhed your way out of Chanyeol’s grasp, earning a dissatisfied pout from him.

“Oh, come on (y/n), you said you could cuddle with me tonight.” He whined and shot you his best smoulder.

“That was before I knew you were going to cut off my oxygen supply and lay directly on top of me.” You shot a glare at him right back and crossed your arms.

Chanyeol pursed his lips further.


You squealed as he scooped you up into his arms in a flash, whisking you off the bed and plopping you ungracefully onto a bean bag on the ground near the door.

“Until you are willing to snuggle, no bed for you.” He teasingly pointed his finger at you and smirked.

“Park Chanyeol, you better not be threatening me,” You reached behind you and grabbed a pillow, aiming it at his head as he towered above you.

“Too bad.” Chanyeol stuck out his tongue at you, and if you didn’t know any better you would’ve thought he was five years old. “You’re banished until you promise snuggles.”

“You can’t banish me! It’s my bed too!” You wailed, chucking the pillow from your arsenal at him.

He ducked his head to the side to avoid your accurate throw.

“Maybe if you ask Oppa nicely, he will let you back into the bed without suffocating snuggles.” Chanyeol gave you a mischievous grin.

You huffed in contempt, blowing a stray piece of hair from your bangs as you crossed your arms.

You wanted the bed, and to be honest, you did want to cuddle, but there was a line between soft snuggling and straight up teddy-bear death grip.

You sighed.

“Chanyeol, Oppa,” You brought your hands up to your face in your best attempt at aegyo. “I promise not to shove you away if you promise not to be so rough, okay?”

Chanyeol’s expression melted and he gave you a cheeky grin that almost reached his big ears. He quickly ran over to the bed and patted the spot next to him, beckoning you like an excited puppy.

You got up and skipped over to the bed, nestling yourself beside Chanyeol’s frame. You pushed your back against his chest and pulled the soft covers up to your neck.

“Next time, just stop sprawling yourself out on top of me.” You gave him one last pout as he reached behind him to turn out the light. “I am not your personal plushie.”

Your vision went dark as the lamp was shut off, and you felt chanyeol’s breath against your neck as he chuckled behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, effectively spooning you.

“Then next time,” He whispered into your ear, voice dropping several octaves.

“Stop being so darn cute.”

Originally posted by exofetish

Same gif, different story :D Phew, this was another easy one for me because pouty chanyeol is best chanyeol. I hope it was fluffy enough to satisfy you, dear anon!~ (Still working on the ones in my inbox guys, so please don’t worry if yours doesn’t come out right away)


GOT7 reaction to wearing their sweatshirt

Anon request: Is it ok if I request GOT7’s reaction to you wearing their sweatshirt and it being like a dress on you?

*Kinda got a bit suggestive… I’m sorry*

You certainly can! I hope this is okay for you! -Admin S


When Mark was trying to find something to wear for work he’d be confused on why there were more of his sweatshirts on your side of the bedroom than on his. Turning around to ask you, he’d see you slipping on one of said sweatshirts and would be rendered speechless because of how small and tiny you looked in his green oversized sweater. He’d feel the instant need to wrap you up in your duvet and protect you from the world because you just look too precious to face the world, but as this is Mark, he would end up sending a little loving teasing your way instead as he needed that sweatshirt today.

“As much as I love you looking like my own personal little leprechaun y/n, I need that sweatshirt.”

Originally posted by markjin


When Jaebum walked into your shared apartment after a long day at work, all he wanted was to cuddle with his girl on the couch. So seeing you curled up, wearing his sweatshirt pulled over your knees to keep your legs warm, melted his heart. He’d move closer and sit down beside you before gently lifting you to sit on his lap, before burying his face into your neck and whispering about how much he loved you gently into your skin. When he pulled away he would have his sweetest smile and heart eyes to the max.

“jagiya you are just too adorable, you’re making my cool and chic image break down”

Originally posted by defsouljb


Seeing you walk out the shower in nothing but his sweatshirt would be very… delightful for Jackson. He’d be scrolling through his instagram replying to his fans comments when you opened the door and came out. He’d look over, and then do a double take to take in what you were wearing. Now we know Jackson was is hella possessive so seeing you wearing his sweatshirt and nobody else’s would make him feel very manly but he would also not be able to contain his little classic squeal because you just look too darn cute with your sweater paws and your wet hair. Then once he’d realised you were only wearing that sweatshirt, he’d pull his seductive face once more and get ready to repeat the night again

“You look adorable and sexy in my sweatshirt jagiya, but I think I preferred you as you were before you went in the shower”

Originally posted by b2utygot7


When Jinyoung was away overseas on tour, you would wear his sweatshirts to bed because they made you feel comforted and they smelled just like him. So when he got home early from the tour, at 3am, he would silently enter the house and walk straight to the bedroom. He’d open the door and see you curled up on his side of the bed, in his biggest jumper and he would have to cover his mouth to stop from laughing at how cute you looked. He’d quickly undress, walk around to your side of the bed and lay down, being careful to not wake you as he wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you closer into his body.

“It’s okay jagiya, now I’m here you can cuddle me instead”

Originally posted by igot7-love


When you arrived home with takeout you quickly ran to your room to get changed into something more comfortable. Cursing your laziness, you grabbed the only thing that was clean - Youngjae’s most comfy sweater. Feeling slightly self conscious, you walked back into the living room where he’d already dished out the dinner and had the next episode of your drama ready to go. He glanced up at you and his smile shone as bright as the sunshine he is. He instantly reached up to grab your hand to tug you down beside him. Seeing you in his clothes made him feel a overwhelmingly sense of pride that you were his girlfriend because to him, you were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen especially when you were in his clothes.

“You should wear my clothes more often y/n, but first give me a kiss”

Originally posted by markjin


This pervy little boys mind would go straight to the gutter as soon as he saw you cooking dinner in his sweater and underwear. He’d sneak up behind you while you were stirring the kimchi jjigae, his hands teasing at the bottom of the shirt while he whispered in your ear. But when you were in your cooking mood, you didn’t want any interruptions so his little hints and suggestions were quickly swatted away along with bambam. He would then proceed to sit down at the table pouting but enjoying the view from where he was sitting instead

“Jagiya you look good in that sweatshirt, how about we see what you look like without it?”

Originally posted by je-taime-iloveu


This overgrown baby would melt as soon as he saw you. When you walked into the practice room in his sweatshirt and a pair of shorts, he’d jump up and down at how adorable you looked (causing Jinyoung to once again judge him). He’d quickly run over to you, and wrap his arms around you pulling you into a tight hug before releasing you and turning around to see the boys staring at you two. Looking down he realised he’d pulled his (now yours) sweatshirt and he gently tucked it down, while pointing to it.

“Hey hyungs, you see this? This means she’s my girlfriend!”

Originally posted by got7virtues

*None of the gifs are our own, credit to original owners*

Any requests can be sent through the ask box and read the rules for guidelines  

Someday (Luke Fluff)

I had one request for cute Luke and one for a bath with Luke, so I jammed them together.


Wednesday nights weren’t usually like this. 

Typically you would come home from work, Luke would come home from the studio, and you would start dinner together. You were getting better at cooking, and lately, you and Luke had been trying out new recipes. After dinner, you would clean up together, then usually settle in for the night on the couch, cozy under a blanket while watching TV or snuggled together messing around on social media. You’d have some dessert, then venture off to get ready for bed, talking to each other about silly little things until you both finally cuddled up under the covers and shut the lights, falling asleep. Maybe it was a little simple, but it was a weeknight, and you both had busy schedules.

Anyway, that was what usually happened.

However, something had been different about this Wednesday night. Dinner went normal, and even most of dish washing was fine, but at some point you had ended up sitting on the counter while Luke’s hips rammed into yours at full speed. After round one, you actually took it to the bedroom, making love until close to one a.m., mostly lingering lips and slow thrusts.

“Mm, so tired,” Luke mumbled against your lips, grinding out the last of his orgasm and flopping down beside you. He smoothed down your sweaty hair, kissing your temple.

“You’re tired?” You joked, breathing heavily and turning so you were laying more on his chest than on the bed. “Do you know how hard it was cooking that stir-fry?“

“Hey!” He whined playfully, nuzzling your nose. “It’s not my fault I wasn’t stirring it enough and you had to take over. You know pasta is my specialty.”

“Right, how could I forget?” You pressed your mouth against his, swiping your tongue teasingly across his full lips. “Speaking of, can you make it for dinner tomorrow? I miss your signature sauce.“

“It’s jizz.”

You met his mischievous eyes with your driest look. “You’re disgusting.“

“I’m kidding, duh,” he giggled, being his normal silly self like he usually was after good sex. “I just put a fuck ton of basil in the store-bought tomato source.”

“There it is,” you murmured. “I have an idea.“


“You want to take a bath?“

He paused, like the thought hadn’t really crossed his mind. “A bath? Now?” You nodded. He thought about it for a moment, finally sitting up and shrugging. “Yeah, why not?”

You grinned, wrapping the sheet around yourself and standing up, stretching your limbs as Luke stood, his soft naked body in all its glory as he leaned heavily against you. “Can you carry me?“

You laughed. “The bathroom is, like, ten feet away?”

He whined, the sound getting louder until you conceded. Obviously, you couldn’t really carry his massive frame that well, but you loved him enough that you were pretty sure you could make the small trek. You let him cling to you koala-bear style, it only be a little awkward that he was butt-naked. You shuffled into the bathroom slowly and carefully, trying not to trip and setting Luke clumsily onto the marble countertop beside the sink.

“Holy fuck that’s cold,” Luke jumped, a shiver running through his body. “Fuck baby, hurry and start the bath.“

“Yes you’re majesty,” you rolled your eyes, turning the water on and testing it until you had the right temperature, putting the stopper in so it would fill up. When you turned back to Luke, he was chessin’ hard, his dimples popping. 

“Thanks babe, you’re the best.”

You wanted to roll your eyes, but he was just so darn cute you couldn’t. Instead, you got in, letting him slip in behind you. He sighed in the hot water, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck.

“This is nice,” he said softly, the sound seemingly getting lost in the whisps of steam encasing you. You nodded, comfortably leaning back on your boyfriend’s broad chest, getting sleepy.

“Do you ever think about having kids with me?“

Your eyes shot wide open at that. For a moment, you stayed silent, but finally you turned just a little bit, cuddling further into him.

“Yes,” you admitted quietly. “They’d have your eyes and maybe my hair? Your nose. I think about it. You know, once in awhile.”

Your cheeks burned, but his bubbling giggle put you at ease. “Phew,” he laughed. “I thought maybe I was being weird. I’ve never thought about having kids with anyone else before. Like, I know I want to be a dad, someday, but I don’t know, lately I’ve been really happy at the thought.“

“You, like, want to get married first, though, right?” You asked in a small voice. You wanted more than anything to be able to call Luke your husband. 

He sighed dramatically. “I was hoping for a better proposal than that, but sure, I’ll marry you.” You swatted his chest lightly, turning around and staring at him seriously. He smiled, face relaxing. “Yes, I’d like to get married first. I don’t mean have kids now, but, you know, sometime in the near future. Just wanted to see if you wanted them too.”

“I do, I guess.” You used to hate the idea of having kids. Couldn’t stand it. But something about Luke made your heart thump at the thought of having a couple little ones with him.

“I think I just want them with you,” Luke said quietly, sinking further into the bath water. You didn’t say anything else, but both of you knew. Not today, not tomorrow, but definitely someday, you would get your little family.


Thinking of maybe making a mini series or something of soon-to-be-daddy!Luke. Should I?

anonymous asked:

Maybe a Steve/Tony/Bucky relationship, but either first meeting (Steve and Bucky seeing Tony for the first time) or something softer, like they're in bed and just talking and laughing? Thanks!

A/N: I hope you don’t mind I picked the softer prompt for this. Because of the last few days, my brain can only come up with super soft stories right now, so the latter prompt was not only something I wanted to do but something I desperately needed. 

Tony stirred to laughter, a familiar and welcomed sound that always helped him start his day off with a smile. He hugged his pillow and tugged the blanket up around his neck more as he listened to Bucky and Steve chuckle and babble. They had foregone whispering, which meant it was well past the time Tony was supposed to have woken up.

Tony kept his eyes closed and listened with half an ear as Steve and Bucky talked about the Dodgers as well as reminisced over past baseball games.

Tony’s brow crinkled. He detected something off with Bucky and Steve’s voices. They were muffled almost. Kind of like-

Tony flung himself up and tossed the blanket aside.

Bucky and Steve froze, a pink box between them and doughnuts poised to their mouths.

“You got doughnuts, and you let me sleep in?” Tony accused.

Bucky popped the strawberry frosted doughnut in his mouth. He covered his mouth with one hand as he chewed then mimed something with the other.

Tony narrowed his eyes at him.

“We left you some.” Steve smiled placatingly and nudged the pink box toward Tony.

Tony huffed but reached for the box. “You mean one, right? You two always eat all but one if left alone with the box.”

“Aaat meast its onmp,” Bucky said through a mouthful of doughnut.

Tony smacked Bucky’s knee as he opened the box.

Two powdered doughnuts lay in the box.

Steve beamed and took a bite of his vanilla sprinkle doughnut. “See. We left you two.”

Tony glowered. “Out of a dozen.”

“Two dozen, boss,” FRIDAY chirped.

Bucky and Steve grimaced.

Tony shoved the doughnut box away, and with a dramatic huff he rolled onto his side, yanked the blanket up until he was safe and protected in his blanket cocoon. “My boyfriends are the worst. They eat all of the doughnuts, get crumbs in my bed, and they don’t make or bring me coffee even though they have so obviously been up for hours. They’ve even showered.” Tony recognized the mountain spring smell of their soap. Plus, Bucky’s hair was still slightly damp, another clear sign that the two of them had showered.

The doughnut box was moved aside, and suddenly Steve was spooned up against Tony and nuzzling into Tony’s neck. “Don’t be like that, Tony. We didn’t know when you’d wake up. We didn’t want the coffee to get cold.”

“So you two just sat on the bed and ate doughnuts in front of me. Sadists. Also, strange kink. No shame, just never come across it before.”

A weight settled in front of Tony and a metal hand stroked up and down Tony’s side. “Actually, doll, we tried shaking the doughnuts under your nose first, but you batted them away.”

Tony yanked the blanket down so he could glare at Bucky. “I was asleep.”

Bucky grinned and kissed Tony on the nose. “And you were so adorable that Stevie and I didn’t want to leave, so we settled down and enjoyed ourselves.”

“We lost track of how many doughnuts we’d eaten,” Steve added.

“You were just so cute, you distracted us.”

Tony scoffed, and maybe–just a little–snuggled into Steve. “Laying the charm on real thick there, Bucky-babe.”

Bucky winked. “Have to. We both know Steve doesn’t have any, and I need to apologize for both of us.”

“Hey!” Steve protested.

Bucky smirked. “You know I love you.” He leaned over Tony and snatched Steve’s mouth in a kiss.

Steve grumbled as their kiss broke and he hugged Tony tighter. “Bucky’s trying to charm us both, Tony. I think we should team up and not allow him any time with us if he doesn’t get you coffee and me some milk.”

Tony nodded. “I agree.” He reached back and squeezed Steve’s hip. “Don’t think this means you’re off the hook though.”

Steve huffed and pressed a kiss to the back of Tony’s neck. “Yes, dear.”

The sarcasm in Steve’s voice caused Tony to snicker.    

“All right.” Bucky slipped off the bed. “Coffee and milk for my two fellas.” He winked at them. “Just don’t start anything while I’m gone.”

Tony grabbed Steve’s arms and tucked them tighter around him. “Too late. The cuddle fest has already started.”

“Darn.” Bucky snapped his fingers. He faked a forlorn sigh. “Guess there is no point in me rushing back here with those drinks.”

“I’m sure Tony and I can find some way to motivate you.” Steve rested his chin on Tony’s shoulder and smiled mischievously. “We’ll discuss the details while you’re gone.”

“Damn.” Bucky hurried to the door. “Now that’s how you motivate a fella.”

Tony laughed and leaned into Steve more.

He loved his boyfriends, even if they did eat all of the doughnuts and get crumbs in his bed.

Cuddle Buddy

Summary: The boys pick a motel with a bad heating system, so you get in bed with Dean to warm up – not knowing that he’s got the hots for you. 
Word Count: 230
A/N: This is just a little something I needed to get out of my brain, and wanted to share with all you lovelies. 

Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

You shivered as you stood from the bed, pulling the sleeves of your hoodie down over your hands.

“Hope Sam is enjoying a nice warm bed with that bank teller,” you grumbled. In a couple of steps, you were next to Dean’s bed; he was sleeping peacefully, facing the door like the he always did. You quietly lifted up the covers, crawled underneath, then tucked them around you before tucking yourself around Dean.

“Y/N, what the hell,” Dean muttered, rolling over so that you could more comfortably cuddle against his side. He put an arm around your shoulders, and you cuddled against his broad chest. Much better.

You were already feeling sleepy again. “You dicks picked a hotel with a shitty heater. Congratulations, Winchester, you’re my personal heater for the night.”

Dean’s eyes shot open as your breathing evened out, and you drifted off to sleep. You two had a touchy-feely-without-being-gross relationship as it was, so he knew you wouldn’t think anything of him putting his arm around you, setting his chin on the top of your head, even kissing your hair – all things he had done in the last minute or so. He was not, however, so sure that the raging of his heart beneath his ribs wouldn’t wake you up and make you ask questions about his feelings for you – questions he wasn’t anywhere near prepared to answer.

Part Two: Guy Friend

Never Sick - Ashton

Inspired by this post



“I’m fine!” You yell. And then go into a fit of coughs. You were running a high fever, but you refused to stay in bed. “I haven’t been sick for at least three years! I need to go to work!” You yell struggling against your boyfriends hold on you. He was pinning you down to the bed, but not in the way that you’d like. No, there was nothing sexy about how he was holding you down.

“You were sick last fall!” Ashton protests. “I also already called your work, and they said its okay,” Ashton says with a smirk on his face. You wiggle in his grasp again.

“One, That was like a miniature cold-“

“Ha! So you admit that you were sick!” Ashton yells in triumph.

“Two- I can’t miss a day! I have a very big case right now-“ You say. You were a lawyer at a big firm, and the case you were talking about could be your break-out case, that could get you promoted. You were not going to let this case slip through your fingers.

“I don’t care” Ash growls at you, causing you to freeze. He smirks at you still body and begins to get off of you. You sit still until he is all the way off, and then try and jump up.

“So help me god, if you don’t stay in this bed I will tie you to it!” Ashton yells, grabbing your shoulders and pinning you down again.

“Kinky,” You say looking at Ash. He huffs at your statement, before breaking out into his famous girlish giggle. Soon you were both laying side by side on the bed laughing. You glance over at your boyfriend, who was laying on his back, eyes closed. His shaggy hair hanging in his eyes. You smile, thinking how lucky you are to get such a great guy. Then you think that this is your chance to get away.

You jump up, only to be tackled to the floor by your boyfriend. You scream, he’s screaming. You fall to the ground with a “oomph”

So this is the story on how you got tied to a bed in a very non-sexy way.

“Oh just wait until your sick, Ash!” You yell at his retreating figure. He told you he was going to go make soup. And will “gosh darn fucking feed it to you” as Ashton would put it. He put on the tv in the room for you on some christmas channel, even though you screamed that you wanted to watch Disney.

You begin work on the first knot, your hand trying to reach around to loosen the knot. You pull a little, work a little, and soon it comes undone. You whisper a quick “Fuck yes” Before working on the second knot. And you were free. What to do now?

Beautiful Accident [Part 1]

Part 2Part 3Part 4

Word Count: 1,092

Genre: Fluff, romance, humor

Member: Chen (Kim Jongdae)

Part One: Encounter

You shiver and puff onto your cold hands to warm them as you make your way to the baggage claim area.

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Charles Xavier- Fever

Requested by @imagine-that-fandom-life:  Hello love Ik you are probably really busy and Ik you have a lot of Charles requests but I had this idea and I can’t figure out how to write it myself so I figured why not So the reader is having a nightmare due to a really high fever and Charles accidentally rolls by her room and hears her scream so he invites her to his room and tells her to wear one of his shirts and she falls asleep in his arms If that makes sense. Sorry to bother I’m really sick and I thought it was cute ily blog❤️ xx~ Katie

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, we’ve just been so busy with school and stuff we’ve had to push writing to the last priority. So if you have requests that haven’t been done yet they are on their way, we haven’t forgotten!! I promise!

I also kept this request shorter than most but it is pretty darn fluffy so I hope that makes up for it. Hope you enjoy.

~Much love, Ive

You woke unto hand resting on your shoulder. Confused and out of breath you looked around to try and figure out who was there. once your eyes adjusted to the light you saw Charles looking down at you.

“Y/N, are you alright?” He whispered. You were fine mostly, you had a fever and hadn’t been well over the past few days and you weren’t feeling great. “You were screaming in your sleep, I happened to be passing by.”

“I- I’m fine. Sorry.” You raked a hand though your bed hair as best you could, it was damp and your forehead was sweaty.

“I think you better come with me.” He rolled back in his chair, giving you room to stand up. You could see where you had sweated through the sheets and couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. “Don’t worry about it.” Charles reassured you and you followed him out into the hallway.

You stopped just outside his bedroom door and hesitated behind him.

“Are you coming.” He turned to look at you. You were shivering even though you knew your skin would be boiling if someone else were to touch you. Charles rolled over to his wardrobe and tossed a clean shirt at you. “If you wanted to get changed.” You removed your sweaty pyjamas and pulled Charles’ shirt over your body. It smelled just like him and when he wasn’t looking you pulled it u to your nose taking in his smell. You swivelled round to look at Charles who was pulling himself into bed.

“Did you need help?” You asked feeling concerned.

“I’ve got it. I have a method.” He smiled at you, “just worry about yourself.” He gestured to the empty side of the bed and your tired body was suddenly filling it. You desperately wanted to pull the quilt up around you but you knew with you fever it would only make it worse and Charles was beside you giving you the look that made you want to do the right thing. You sort of hated that about him. You put you head back on his pillow and breathed deeply, feeling much more relaxed then you had a few minutes ago.

“I’m sick of being sick.” You grumbled.

“You’re still just as cute the you’re sick.” Charles propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at you.

“Now I know you’re lying.” You laughed making Charles gasp.

“You’re beautiful. All the time, when you’re sick, when you’re not wearing makeup, when you’ve just woken up, when your hair has;t been brushed. You’re beautiful all the time.” Charles moved closer to you, placing his palm on your boiling hot cheek. You didn’t know how to respond so you just smiled at him, biting you lip a little to stop your teeth from chattering. “Are you cold?” You nodded. Charles moved even closer to you and wrapped his arms around you, you nuzzled into his chest and felt your eyelids growing heavy. The last thing you felt was Charles kiss the top of your head before you finally fell asleep.

Sunrise (Barba x reader)

Summary: You and Rafael are having a day off but as he wakes you up early, you wonder what he is up to. Turns out that the day is far more special than expected.

A/N: I wanted to write a cute lil Barba fic for you guys! I’m in the mood for really fluffy stories, although this one nearly drips with fluff. Bear with me, I am in a  very romantic mood.

Word count: 2,232

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/L/N) = your last name

Warnings: mentions of sex, kissing, fluffy fluff

* * *

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A Date with Seungcheol

author: Mod M

pairing: S.coups x reader (feat. Woozily)

rating: K+

contains: fluff, romance


When your friend Emily came to you with eyes aglow and smile wide, you knew it could only mean trouble—boy trouble. She was a great friend, like a sweet ball of sunshine, yet there were times when you questioned if she was the devil’s child. Ever since she had found herself a boyfriend, she seemed to be intent on finding one for you as well.

You didn’t know what you were committing to when you agreed to meet her boyfriend Jihoon’s friend who was very much attractive and single. Emily had been subtle, just casually texting you earlier that day with Do you want to hang out today? When you had agreed, she then added, Btw, Jihoon will be there, and he’s bringing a friend.

And you, being the fool you are, hadn’t thought much of it. But it wasn’t until Emily showed up at your front door, saying, “Are you ready to be beautified?” that you understood what you were committing to.

A blind date.

You had agreed to a blind date.

And thus, twenty minutes later, you stood in front of your bedroom mirror wearing pretty clothes with your hair done and your makeup applied, pouting.

“Stop frowning, you look great,” Emily encouraged, sitting on your bed. She was also dressed cutely, in a fluffy white dress and sky-blue sneakers. “It’ll be fun, I promise!”

“I can’t believe you made me agree to another blind date! Especially after what happened the last time.”

“Hey, Wonwoo wasn’t a bad guy. It was your fault that you spilled tea on his shirt.”

“Exactly! I shouldn’t be allowed to interact with men. Especially tall, handsome ones.”

Emily smiled. “Have faith in yourself, girl. Today will be amazing. You’re going to love Seungcheol.”

You wrinkled your nose. “I don’t know. He sounds arrogant.”

She shook her head. “He isn’t. Jihoon told me he’s really caring and sweet. And get this, he’s also–”

The sound of your doorbell interrupted her, and she was flying out of your room to open the door before you could ask her to finish. You heard a joyful squeal and a chuckle, meaning Jihoon and Emily must be hugging right about now. Then a deeper, unfamiliar voice met your ears. “So where’s your friend?”

That must be Seungcheol, you thought, beginning to sink into a pit of despair. There was no escaping him now. You must confront the foe.

Forcing a smile upon your face, you left your bedroom and crept down the hall. You continued to listen to them chat, paying special attention to the words of your date. He sounded friendly, but then again, they always did at first.

When you rounded the corner, Emily turned and smiled wider. “Ah, there she is! Seungcheol, meet my friend!”

You were then blinded by a glittering smile coming from an incredible handsome young man. He was tall, and his muscular form was quite apparent under his collared white shirt. He had fluffy black hair and warm brown eyes that seemed both teasing and kind. And that smile… oh that smile…

You froze.

Seungcheol continued to smile at you.

Emily cleared her throat, making you snap back to reality. Your eyes darted to the floor as you awkwardly extended a hand. “Oh! Uh… hi. It’s nice to meet you.”

Seungcheol shook your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze before pulling away. “The pleasure is all mine.” He glanced at Jihoon and whispered loudly, loud enough for everyone to hear, “You didn’t tell me she would be this cute.”

You blushed furiously and hastily headed out the door, hoping no one would see your flustered state. He was cute and charming. This could either end really well or really poorly, and you had a feeling if you didn’t keep your cool, it would be the latter. “Why don’t we go now?”

Emily followed, trying to hide her smile. She obviously found all of this very amusing. Everything was going according to plan. Jihoon and Seungcheol were in her wake, the former muttering furiously to the latter about controlling himself and not being an idiot.

The foursome all got into Seungcheol’s sporty blue convertible, with Emily and Jihoon in the back, leaving you sitting beside the charmer with no chance to flee. Your friend was much too distracted snuggling with her boyfriend and planting kisses on his cheek to help you out, which meant you were left to your own devices.

You stared at the passing cars as you rode in an awkward silence. With the top down, the wind was free to rustle your hair and make your eyes water. You hoped you wouldn’t look like a creature of death by the time the drive was over. Though you had to admit, it was nice to feel the warm sunshine on your skin and the whistling breeze in your ears.

Seungcheol cleared his throat, and you glanced over at him. He was driving with one hand on the steering wheel, the other tapping a steady rhythm on his armrest. When his eyes met yours, he smiled.

Nope nope nope. Abort mission, abort mission.

You went back to staring at passing cars.

You heard him chuckle, and when you looked at him again, he said, “Am I so good-looking that you just can’t handle me?’

You laughed awkwardly. “Uh, no—I mean, you’re not bad looking, but you’re just—that is, I’m just really… er… “

He winked. “It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re not so bad yourself.”

All hope of maintaining your chill was gone. Your face probably looked like it was on fire. Darn him for being so smooth.

The car finally pulled to a stop in front of a cozy-looking cafe, and the four of you piled out. Hand in hand, Emily and Jihoon entered the cafe, discussing what they were going to order, leaving you and Seungcheol to follow. He offered you his arm, and at first you thought he was joking, but given the expectant look in his eyes, you were left with no choice but to take it.

Looks didn’t deceive. He felt as strong as you thought.

When you entered and got in line behind Emily and Jihoon, you studied the chalkboard menu hanging above the counter, each drink and treat name scrawled in loopy pastel lettering.

“What shall you be having?” Seungcheol asked, genuinely looking interested. Or maybe he was just interested in having a conversation that didn’t end with you looking away as red as a beet.

“Hmm, something… sweet but strong, I suppose.” You were in the mood for something so potent it would distract you from the problem at hand.

“So like me?” He grinned and flexed his arm.

You smacked his shoulder. “You wish.”

He pretended to be hurt. “What did I do to deserve this?”

Unable to control yourself, you smiled a little. “Your excessive flirting, perhaps.”

He rubbed his neck, looking sheepish. “Ah, sorry, I can’t help it. Cute girls are my weakness.”

It was flattering, but you still rolled your eyes. “Oh please.”

When you all finally ordered and took a table—it was a small booth with plushy pink seats surrounding it—you were starting to feel more at ease. The double date seemed to be working out after all. Seungcheol was attractive, nice, and funny. He seemed interested in what you had to say, and he also talked about himself in a humble yet humorous manner. He reminded you very much of the fatherly type, someone who could be both a protector and a caregiver.

Emily and Jihoon finally joined in on your conversation, and the four of you had a lovely time joking and laughing. Seungcheol would tell some funny story involving him and Jihoon, which Jihoon would hastily add wasn’t his fault, and then Emily and you would retort with a similar tale of one of your crazy escapades.

Everything was splendid, and you were starting to like Seungcheol more and more.

When you were halfway done with your caramel macchiato with extra whipped cream, Emily stood, smoothed down her dress, and declared she needed to wash her hands. She then cast you a glance that meant and you need to come too, leaving you to follow suit and stand up as well.

When you two got to the women’s restroom, she immediately broke into a grin. “Isn’t he wonderful?!”

“Yes, Emily, your boyfriend is very nice, we’ve talked about this before.”

She hit your arm playfully. “Stop joking around, you know I mean Seungcheol. You two seem to get along so well! I’m sensing some serious chemistry!”

You tried to hide your smile. “Sure, he’s… great. But I don’t know if he likes me. Maybe he’s just being friendly.”

Emily snorted. “Did you see the way he would glance at you when you’d smile or touch his hand? He wants a little more than friendship.”

You waved your hand dismissively. “That’s preposterous. I just met him today. He can’t already want to date me.”

“Why not? Do you not want to date him?”

“Well… no…”

“See? He senses that you like him as well. Like I said, there’s chemistry. In fact, I bet if you give him the chance, he’d take the initiative and do something daring.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Like what?”

“Like if you ‘accidently’ got some whipped cream on your face, I’m sure he’d wipe it away.”

“Ha! Now that’s ridiculous.”

“I bet you 10 bucks he’d do it.”

“You’re on.”

You both exited the bathroom and returned to your table. Jihoon and Seungcheol seemed to be having a heated conversation about something as well, but as soon as they spotted you, they calmed down and pretended like everything was fine.

You slid back in your seat, bumping knees with Seungcheol as you did so. A little shiver traveled up your leg, and you wondered if the same happened to him.

As Seungcheol continued his story about the time he found Jihoon asleep on his keyboard at 4 in the morning, you casually sipped your drink, careful to leave just a touch of whipped cream on your nose. You then turned to Seungcheol and pretended to be fully enraptured by his story, while in reality you were waiting for him to look at you and make his move.

However, before he could do so, Jihoon interrupted and said, “You’ve got whipped cream on your nose.”

“Oh, thanks.” As you wiped it away, you looked at Emily triumphantly. I told you.

Emily frowned.

In a victory thrill, you took a big gulp of your drink, eager to finish the yummy contents. Setting the cup back on the table, you let out a sigh of contentment. “Ahhh, that was delicious.”

Seungcheol smiled. “I’ll have to try it next time–oh! Just a moment!”

You paused. “What?”

He reached out, and took your face in his hands, tenderly running his thumb across your upper lip. “You… have a little… something there.”

Your faces were so close, just inches apart. You could count each of his long eyelashes and feel his breath upon your skin. His eyes darted up to meet yours, and he wet his lips, seemingly nervous.

But then, as quickly as the moment began, it vanished, and he pulled back, as charming and cool as ever.

Jihoon coughed. “Get a room.”

Seungcheol laughed, obviously embarrassed. You glared at Jihoon and Emily, who was looking rather pleased. Your phone beeped, and you glanced down to see you had received a text from her that said You owe me 10 bucks

I’m going to kill you

What, for being right? You know you loved it

Stop texting me! They’re staring at us!

You stop ;)

“So whatcha doing there?” Seungcheol asked, looking at your phone screen curiously. You hastily shoved it into your pocket. “Uh, nothing.”

He knew you had to be hiding something, but he pretended to not notice or care.

For the rest of the afternoon, you four continued to joke, laugh, chat, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. After leaving the cafe, you all decided to take a little stroll around town to soak up some sun and have more time to talk.

Emily and Jihoon walked in front of you, hand in hand, obviously in their own little world. Which left you and Seungcheol to continue to bond. You felt so comfortable talking about yourself—your future plans, your dreams, your struggles, and the like—with him that you took yourself by surprise. You usually didn’t hit it off so well with guys like this. There was just something about him that made you want to pour your heart and soul out to him.

Obviously, you didn’t. What a way to ruin a perfect date. But you hoped that there might be a time in the future you could do that.

Finally, though it seemed like it had been mere moments since everything began, Jihoon announced that it was getting late and that it was time to head home. You felt a bit sad, knowing that this date had to come to an end. But not wanting to impose, you agreed and you all returned to the car.

The drive was once again rather silent, but this time it was a comfortable, sleepy sort of silence that made you feel at peace. Jihoon had–unsurprisingly–dozed off in the back seat, with one arm around Emily, her head resting against his chest. She had her eyes closed, but judging from the little smile on her lips, she was awake enough to feel her boyfriend’s touch.

You were resting your own head against your hand with your elbow propped against the armrest, studying Seungcheol. You noted the little veins travelling up his arms, the smoothness of his skin, the crinkles in his shirt over his prominent collarbones, and the defined curve of his jaw. You wondered if his lips were as soft as they looked, and as if he could read your mind, he began to chew on them thoughtfully.

He caught you staring at him out of the corner of his eye. “Admiring the view?”

Embarrassed but also stupidly infatuated, you lightly pushed him and giggled. “You are such a flirt!”

“Shh, we mustn’t wake the children.”

You rolled your eyes. He was so cheesy. And you loved it.

When the car finally pulled in front of your house, you reluctantly opened the door. Emily and Jihoon were still peacefully resting in the back and didn’t seem to be paying attention, which meant you and Seungcheol were, essentially, alone.

“It was nice meeting you. I had fun today,” you said as nonchalantly as you could manage. Secretly you were hoping he would show that he wanted there to be a second date as much as you did.

“Likewise. Oh, I have something to give you!”

Perplexed, you poked your head back into the car, waiting to see what he would do. To your surprise, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you forward. For a split second, you thought he was going to kiss you, but instead he brought his mouth close to your ear and whispered, “Call me later?”

You looked down. He had placed in your hand a crumpled piece of paper with a phone number scribbled on it.

You smiled. “Of course.”


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Close Call (Minho)

Description: Y/N is anxious about Minho going into the Maze and asks him to stay. Minho and Thomas encounter a Griever and barely make it out of the Maze in time.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1096


“Minho, I don’t know, couldn’t you ask for the day off or something?” you ask and scratch your arm nervously.

“Why would I do that? Look, Y/N,” he sighs and puts his arms on your shoulders. “It’s going to be alright. I do this everyday.”

You nod but still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen. You sigh as he kisses the top of your head and yells to Thomas.

“Come on, Princess, we haven’t got all day!” Thomas turns around from Frypans kitchen and jogs over to Minho.

“I’ll see you for lunch, Y/N!” Minho calls as he and Thomas run into the Maze. You bite your lip and go to work with Newt in the gardens.

As the day passes you share your concerns with Newt, since he was a former Runner maybe he could tell you something.

“Well, there is always a risk when you go out there, but you know that. And Minho is good. The best. He’ll be fine, Y/N,” he states in his British accent as he continues digging up holes for you to place seeds.

You don’t say anything but continue to work deep in thought. Maybe Minho would be okay and you were just being anxious for no reason. You try to shake it off and focus on what Newt had you do.

Lunchtime. You waited next to the doors like you usually did, expecting Minho with nervous butterflies in your stomach.

He didn’t come.

The Gladers left Frypans kitchen with full stomachs and you waited at the Maze door still. Hoping with everything you had that he’d turn that corner and you could see him again.

Alby walked up to you and asked what you were doing and why you hadn’t eaten. You smile lightly. Alby was always looking out for everyone.

“Minho was supposed to meet me for lunch and he never showed. Thomas either.”

Albys eyebrows furrowed and he stared into the Maze.

“I’m sure they’re fine, just got held up. They’ll make it back okay? They always do,” he says and looks you in the eyes. You nod and tell him thanks as he walks away. In the meantime, you had to get back to work.

You trudge back to the gardens and glance at the Maze doors every couple seconds with anxious eyes. As you work, the sun starts to get lower and shadows are cast across the Glades walls and ground. Work is soon dismissed and you jog over to the Maze doors where some boys had started to gather with worried murmurs. Finally people were taking a hint.

You cross your arms and shift your weight from one foot to the other. If he didn’t make it back…

You wait. Every second aching, every minute agony. Anxiety swells in your heart and you begin biting your nails, something you hardly ever did.

It was almost dark now and you were beginning to shiver from the cold air. Chuck was your savior when he handed you a jacket. You give him a thankful nod and slip it on, never taking your eyes from the cracked cement walls.

Any minute now and the doors would close. Every Glader was either standing or sitting, waiting to know if they’d lost their friends. Of course you were worried about Thomas too, he was one of your best friends. Losing either of them wouldn’t be a very good day for you.

You push a hand through your hair and tug on the roots. This was infuriating! Why hadn’t Minho just listened-

“There!” Winston shouts. You strain your eyes in the darkness to see Minho and Thomas sprinting back to the Glade. You breathe out heavily and you want to cry out of relief.

The doors start to close but you weren’t worried. They rush through the doors before they’re half closed and once they’re through they lay on the ground panting. The doors slap shut and every Glader huddled around the Runners.

Gally steps up and asks them questions.

“What took so long? Did you see a Griever?”

Minho rolls his eyes and heaves a big breath. “Nah, we were just sight seeing and lost track of time. Of course we ran into a Griever, Shuck face.”

You unfold your arms and kneel down next to Minho. He smiles slightly at you for a moment but looks back up to the dark sky, still trying to catch his breath.

You bite your lip and turn around to look for Jeff or Clint. Once you spot them you nod to them and they know what to do. Alby clears the rest of the Gladers and sends them off to bed but you follow Minho and Thomas regardless. Alby rolls his eyes at your stubbornness but doesn’t say anything.

Jeff and Clint help the boys to the Med-jacks hut and get them on the mattresses. Alby asks for them to explain what happened.

“Saw Griever, ran, almost died, ran, came back,” Thomas groans and grips his side.

“Are you stung?” You ask him. He shakes his head.

“I’m just going to be really sore tomorrow.”

You nod and take in their appearance. Dirty, sweaty, and smelly. You could practically feel their exhaustion from where you stood.

Alby rubs his chin and after thinking for a moment, leaves the room. Clint and Jeff rush off to get water for them.

You kneel next to Minho and take his hand. He squeezes yours gently.

“I’m really glad you’re okay,” you murmur.

He gives you his million dollar smile at this.

“Me too. If I wasn’t, I couldn’t do this.”

He props himself up on his elbow and meets his mouth with yours. The room is then silent.

“Ahem,” Thomas says and pretends to cough. “Still here.”

You break the kiss and Minho lies back down. You roll your eyes at Thomas and he shrugs innocently at you.

You stand after kissing the back of Minhos hand.

“I’ll come see you in the morning, okay? Get some sleep.”

Minho nods and you look over to Thomas. He has that stupid look on his face and you shake your head.

“I’m not kissing you goodnight Thomas, sorry,” you laugh.

“Oh darn…” Thomas says sarcastically and rolls his eyes. He then turns over on his side, his back to you.

“Goodnight, Minho,” you whisper to the drowsy boy. He raises his eyebrows at you slightly and you know he wants to say it back but he’s beyond words as his eyes close and he drifts off to sleep.

Bikini Straps

pairing: calum + you 

word count: 1500 +

warnings: sfw

‘I know you’re new around here and we haven’t spoken much, at all actually, but would you mind tying up my bikini straps for me?’

Multitasking had never really been your forte, so you were a little unsure of how you ended up with your phone pressed in between your shoulder and your head, one hand scrambling for a pair of shoes and the other tightly grasping a beach bag to your chest.

“Michael, if you’d just shut up for a minute so I can get my stupid damn…” You cut yourself off with a deep exhale as you grabbed your pair of thongs from underneath your bed and slid your feet into them, holding tightly onto your phone before the feeling of it slipping off your shoulder intensified. 

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The piano knows something I don’t know

Summary: (parents au) In which Dil is wondering as to why his father wouldn’t allow him to play the piano that night.

Genre: fluff (man when will alice write smut)

Warning: pre-smut, swearing

Words: 1,289

A/N: wtf the fuck u mean im using a p!atd song title i dont know??? omg. ok fine maybe i will write smut l8er?? who knows. im watching anime rn so take it away and u have ur fic. (beta’d by cherryblossom-phil;; also inspired from her gosh darn taj)

If you were to ask Dan how it happened, he wouldn’t have known how himself.

He was just calmly playing his piano, no distractions whatsoever.

That is, until he felt a familiar pair of warm arms snake their way around his waist and soft butterfly kisses were peppered to his quickly flushed neck.

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