his hair was so cute

If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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AAA I'M SCREAMING THAT'S SO FUCKING CUTE okay consider: Cisco falls asleep during move night sometimes, and Barry just runs his hands through Cisco's hair and spends more time watching Cisco than he does watching the movie. Also consider that cisco only pretends to be asleep bc he likes having his hair played with (but eventually he falls asleep for real, so it was counterproductive, really) -- USS Secret Santa

omg, I can totally see Cisco loving his hair being played with. Imagine Barry wanting to try and learn to braid but he’s terrible at it but Cisco still loves that Barry’s playing with his hair so its okay that it looks terrible.

Anyways, YES. THis is so cute. I can see Cisco as the type who stays up really late with new ideas that he has to write down so any time they’re just sitting and watching a movie, even if Cisco loves the movie, it can still be a perfect time to accidentally fall asleep. And Cisco laying down on the couch with his head in Barry’s lap. And yeah, pretending to sleep and then actually falling asleep is totally the cutest. (Barry probably knows the difference between when Cisco is pretending and when he’s actually asleep but he indulges him anyways because Cisco is a cutie)


cute T.O.P backstage talking about how much he enjoyed that day’s concert :)