his hair tho.. :3


apparently you guys like these?

you'd best never forget
 this worthless pride of mine.

[07.20] - Happy bday to my favorite piece of space junk ♡

I showed a few Haikyuu Characters to my mom and she told me her opinion about them
  • Hinata: "He looks so friendly! ...and he looks like he would run around making....flower crowns probably."
  • Kageyama: " *deep sigh* *silence for a minute* ...he looks like he doesn't have a clue what's going on in his life."
  • Tsukkishima: "Oh my god he looks so nice and cute!" *me showing her a picture where he looks grumpy* " No he's still cute he's just...stressed and uncomfortable."
  • Yamaguchi: "awww.....aaaaaaaaw I would love to spend time with him he's so cute."
  • Tanaka: " He's scared. He just doesn't know that he's scared yet."
  • Nishinoya: "He looks like he really has to poop."
  • Asahi: "He reminds me of someone I know ...* silence for a minute* NEXT ONE"
  • Suga: " *sighs and laughs* He looks like he wants to change the world. He just can't."
  • Daichi: "I don't have a opinion about him."
  • Ukai: "This is what i call victim of society."
  • Kuroo: "...He looks like a rapist i'm scared of him."
  • Kenma: "He fell of the table when he was a baby and now he's awkward and a victim because he's shy."
  • Lev: "He looks like an alien."
  • Oikawa: "Why is his hair so weird. He's rly stylish tho."
  • Iwaizumi: *laughs for 3 minutes straight*
  • ______________________________________________________
  • Stuff I learned: My mom rly loves tsukki.