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the band having an s/o who's very loving (like, they're always hugging them, always kissing their cheek/lips, and is constantly saying "i love you")


  • Sex is one thing that comes easily to this man. Displays of affection and love, however, is something entirely foreign to him. He is so awkward when the two are cuddling in bed, or when he’s telling his S/O he loves them–it’s something really needs to work at and adjust to for it to come naturally.
  • He gets so damn flustered when his S/O shows him affection in little ways, like kissing his hands or cheeks gently, playing with his hair, absent mindedly tickling his arms–you wouldn’t think it, but he blushes so bad when he’s shown affection so bad. He would never admit it though.
  • Murdoc finds it difficult to say he loves his S/O as often as they tell him that they love them, and that’s just something he needs his S/O to accept about him. It’s not that he doesn’t love them. Actually, it’s quite the contrary–but he just needs his S/O to be patient with him while he adjusts to the relationship. Once he is fully comfortable, though, telling his S/O he loves them comes with ease, and he would be so clingy with them.


  • If you were looking for someone who is equally as outwardly loving and affectionate as you are, you have struck the jackpot with Stuart Pot. He is quite clingy and loves to kiss and to be kissed. He loves to be in his S/O’s arms when they’re cuddling in bed (spoiler alert: 2D is the little spoon.)
  • Although he is equally affectionate with his S/O as they are with him, he finds it difficult to tell them he loves them back at first, due to having his heart broken numerous times before. He is just protecting himself a bit. Once he trusts them one hundred percent, he tells them he loves them every chance he can, and when he is busy working at the studio he will leave them little texts throughout the day. Most of them would just be like “Love you babe x” as a little reminder that he is thinking about them.
  • 2D blushes so bad if his S/O leaves little kisses all over his face, or tells him how pretty he is. He loves it when they cuddle him and hold him close to their chest. He adores affection and has no issues with his S/O cuddling and kissing him all the time.


  • Unlike Mudz and 2D, Russel has absolutely no issues with telling his S/O he loves them as soon as they enter a relationship. He wouldn’t enter a relationship without fully trusting them, anyway. He is quite prone to blushing a lot, though. He loves when his S/O hugs him from behind or leaves little kisses on his cheeks and shoulders. 
  • Russel probably shows affection in different ways to how his S/O shows affection. Instead of constantly kissing them or holding onto them, he would probably send them a song and tell them how the song reminded him of them. 
  • He adores it if his S/O is clingy with him, because it lets him know that they love spending time with him as much as he loves spending time with them. I like to imagine his S/O hanging onto his back like a monkey while he’s just doing chores around the house. He would really like that. 


  • I sort of think Noodle is one of those people who is too proud to really be outwardly affectionate. I like to think of her as stubborn, and somewhat a tease, but I also think she has a lot of anxiety towards relationships. So when she enters a relationship with a super affectionate S/O, it sort of takes her by surprise, but not necessarily in a bad way. Just something she’d get used to.
  • She is the big spoon and wakes up to her S/O cuddling into her and clinging to her, their lips brushing past her neck. It flusters her to no end. I think she’s a little bit like Murdoc in this sort of situation–little gestures of affection make her blush so bad. 
  • Would probably reply to every “I love you” with “that’s gay.” Eventually she warms up to saying it back to her S/O after she feels fully ready. I just like to think that, with everything she has been through, she would be quite hesitant and anxious in relationships. When she has really warmed up to her S/O, though, she is a lot more outwardly affectionate with them just like they are with her. Eskimo kisses are her fave.

Ponyo AU

I got stuck on drawing arms, so decided to take a break and watch some movies, got to ponya and im like…….what if…. Allura and Shiro…uh oh

Ok like I know we're not getting a Blackstairs baby anytime soon but I really want a Blackstairs baby

*Ragnarök calls* New squad who dis

  • Percy started signing at the age of 7
  • It was his idea, after this kid at his school was being followed by this woman who spoke with her hands to the boy every time the teacher spoke. Percy thought it was so weird and he asked the boy why he couldn’t talk
  • The lady was really nice to him about it, too. She told him the boy couldn’t hear and that this was his way of talking, even if he was in what he called a ‘hearing school’ 
  • Percy fell in love with the language instantly. He befriended the boy and the lady, and because of that everyone made fun of him for being around 'that weird kid’
  • By the end of the semester, Percy was able to talk to Jacob, the deaf kid, without having to used Amanda, the translator
  • When he went home for winter break, he eagerly showed Sally the new language he learned. Sally couldn’t believe Percy picked up on something like that so quickly, learning so much in only a few short months
  • Percy insisted that they learn, because 'Then Smelly Gabe doesn’t have to yell at us for being too loud.’
  • He taught her whenever he had the chance, which was those rare times they went grocery shopping or out buying new uniforms because Percy was afraid Gabe would pick up on this beautiful language
  • When Percy went back to ​school, he found out his deaf friend had to move. Heartbroken (platonically speaking) and alone, Percy’s grades stopped getting better and he went mute for the rest of the schon year, refusing to do schoolwork or activities. He buried himself into ASL, learning as much as he could before Sally got a letter shortly after April testing stating that Percy was not welcome back for the next grading cycle
  • As he got older, he used ASL more than ever. He went back to talking, but sometimes he found himself accidentally signing as he spoke. It started off subtlety, only being words like 'my mother’, 'wind’, 'let’s go’, and 'no/yes’
  • Sometimes he’ll forget he’s not deaf, or that “normal kids” don’t sign, and he’ll switch into ASL in an argument
  • Kids teased him for it
  • He won’t admit it out loud, but that was why he fired that cannon at that Revolutionary war memorial
  • He forced himself to stop signing when he went to Yancy. He couldn’t look his mom in the eyes for a week when she found out that those kids, the ones who teased him for learning the deaf language, were why he blew up a bus.
  • Grover met Percy and befriended him, not once learning of his hidden language ability
  • Percy secretly likes no one knowing about it. It felt kind of like a secret language a spy would use when she couldn’t talk to her partner
  • As he grew into his demigod life, he found ways to prevent the unintentional signing - spinning Riptide in his fingers, running a hand through his hair, crossing his arms, or simply tucking his hands into his pockets
  • When Gabe died, Sally and Percy stopped signing to each other. After all, they didn’t need to be secretive, right?
  • When Paul came around, Percy’s signing defense reactivated. He talked to his mom with his hands again, which had shocked the teacher
  • Sally reassured Percy that there was no way Paul would be like Gabe. Gabe was being used for his scent; Paul was here because he was sweet and kind and loving
  • Paul couldn’t understand a word of their conversation, and when he asked Sally what happened, she told him that ASL was Percy’s “escape” language
  • Percy was shocked when Paul asked him to learn. It proved to be very great bonding time between the 2 of them
  • Then Hera kidnapped Percy and wiped his memories
  • While he trained with Lupa, he found himself weaving strange hand gestures into his speech. He couldn’t understand how he knew what this one hand gesture meant, or how to say a certain phrase without having to talk, but he thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  • Something inside him told himself to keep the hand signals to himself, like a gut feeling
  • Lupa was always telling Percy to follow his gut
  • So he stopped signing, focusing on improving his battle movements
  • Sometimes, on the Argo 2, he would stand in front​ of the mirror and sign to himself
  • Once again, he hid his favourite language from his friends. This was his and his mom’s language, their special way of talking
  • No one was allowed to know it unless they had to
  • Not even his own father knew that Percy and Sally were ASL speakers
  • The quests fly by, Percy making a point to communicate with his mouth and not his hands
  • At the end of Saving The World Part Two™, the first thing he did was go see his mom and sign to her
  • Beautiful with an S is the name his friend Jacob gave her when Percy showed him a picture. That name was the first thing hr signed when he saw his mother again
  • The squeal Paul heard from the kitchen indicated that Sally had signed “I’m pregnant”
  • (Which, guys, totally happened to be all Percy’s fault. Don’t believe me? It took a month of travel to get to Rome. Apollo went MIA for 6 months, which means TOA took place 7 months after SON. Sally is seven months pregnant in The Hidden Oracle…)
  • Percy settled back down into his normal oral-only speech rule he made for himself
  • Then Annabeth called him and said that he needed to meet her in Boston
  • Percy packed up stuff and drove himself to Boston via Blackjack & Chariot taxi services
  • There he met Magnus, Blitzen, Sam, and Hearthstone
  • Annabeth cheerily introduced Percy to her 'mortal-not-so-mortal’ cousin
  • Magnus and Percy discussed stuff for a while before Hearthstone signed that he couldn’t understand what Percy was saying because his mouth formed words differently
  • Without meaning to, Percy instantly started signing an apology, explaining that New York City accents did that
  • And Annabeth nearly flipped the table
  • “What do you mean you’ve been signing since you were 7?!”
  • Percy was stuck trying to explain to Annabeth that him knowing another language like that was no big deal
  • But to Percy, ASL was a huge deal. It was his favourite and his secret language.
  • Annabeth was just mad that such an important piece of information about Percy was never brought to her attention
  • Like ever
  • Percy reluctantly taught her ASL
  • Their wedding vows and were exchanged with ASL
  • Want more of this? Go to wearepjocrazy’s blog, search 183 in the tags, and indulge!

Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)