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Dadvid Appreciation Week

Also known as ‘Take Back The Dad and Cut Out the Bad’ Week. 

Because as someone who has been in this fandom since before the show even began, there has been one consistent annoyance in this fandom since, and I think you all know what it is.

I, much like many others in this fandom, are tired of Ma///x//vid. It’s disgusting, it’s obnoxious, and it’s a ton of other problems I don’t have the energy to list out. I’ve been tired of it since it first reared its ugly head last year during season one, so over a year ago, I helped to get the Dadvid AU train rolling here on Tumblr as an attempt to balance out the constant stream of Ma///xv//id on both here and on Ao3. 

And for a while it worked! There was so much Dadvid and so much less gross shipping! But not only has the ship resurfaced in full force, the shippers have latched onto the Dadvid AU, making it impossible to know if someone who likes the AU is secretly a gross shipper, therefore adding a ton of bad implications to that supposedly-innocent art of David and Max being a nice family. And I don’t know about all of you, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired, I’m bitter, and honestly? I’m super petty!

So I’m hosting Dadvid Appreciation Week. From October 22 to October 28 (Week before my birthday; fun fact!) we will celebrate Dadvid content in all its glory and the beautiful platonic father-son relationship between David and Max that we love so much! There will be a theme for each day, but heck, you don’t necessarily have to stick to it nor do you have to do every single day if you don’t have the energy or inspiration. Draw, write, even come up with headcanons or AUs, nearly any sort of content is welcome!

There are only a few rules for the week, centered around one big rule:


Now, obviously, I cannot stop them if they decide to draw or create something. But keep in mind, I have a LONG blacklist/Tumblr Savior list, and I do my best to check and make sure artists don’t ship the ship before I reblog from them. So none of their art or content will be counted as part of the celebration week if I have anything to say about it. This is a week to take back Dadvid and make it a safe and comforting AU again, away from shipping and nastiness. And even if it doesn’t work, I’m willing to try. Because I love this AU to death, I’ve watched it grow and blossom over the past year, and it deserves better than to be supported by people who also want the two people in it to be in a romantic relationship.

“But hey, it’s a fictional ship!” Yeah, and I’m feeling REAL annoyed feelings towards people who support it. I’ve tried blocking and blacklisting, I’ve tried being polite, I’ve tried creating a space where people who don’t like the ship could express themselves safely, And the shippers have stuck their noses into places they were not wanted every single time. So now I have to print it in big, bold letters and make it completely 100% obvious.

Some other rules, less major than the big one, but still important:

  • Don’t harass Ma//x///v/id shippers during this week. Yes, they are gross and awful, I will not deny this. In fact, I would scream it from a rooftop with a megaphone if I could. But I’ve never been fond of telling them to go kill themselves or calling a group that is (let’s be real) mostly composed of teens pedophiles because…no, that’s not necessarily true. Gross? Yes? But pedophiles is a stretch. Now the ADULT shippers, there’s some debate there and also they’re MUCH more gross than the other shippers. But the kids and teens? No. I want this to be a week of fun for those of us who don’t ship it, and we shouldn’t let them spoil it for us. Don’t harass them, don’t interact with them, don’t even instigate a fight if they don’t listen and try to participate despite not being welcomed. Which brings me to my next point.
  • Don’t harass them…but don’t give them attention either. Trust me, the worst thing you can do to an artist is not give them attention at all. Cut them out, don’t reblog or like their stuff at all. Be careful who you reblog from. I myself am going to do my best NOT to reblog from shippers but if I slip up, please tell me and I will delete the post immediately.  Make it clear that this week is not for them, that this AU is not for them. Hell, you can keep it up after the week is done. In fact, it’s encouraged! Stop giving them attention period. I don’t care how nice their art style is, it’s worthless if they support a pedophilic ship. And we as a fandom should be more strict and critical of the art we reblog and from whom. Now, again that doesn’t mean lashing out and telling artists to kill themselves, but do make it clear that their choice to support a gross ship has consequences that carry over to the rest of their content.
  • Off the topic of them, NO NSFW ART. Kinda obvious but…you know. This is a nice week, let’s not make things gross. I mean, blood I can understand because Max is a scrappy kid, but let’s not take things to a nasty sexual place. Again, obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said.
  • This might be a weird rule, but if you’re going to draw content for the week, Don’t Whitewash Max. You have full access to his different shades of his skin tone in screencaps, use them properly. In fact, here’s a whole masterpost of them in case you need them! Don’t make him look washed out and sickly and pale. This is another problem the fandom has and we might as well work on it this week, too. Don’t give him pale skin and don’t get rid of his beautiful curly hair. (Also whitewashing is a problem I’ve seen a TON of Ma///x///vid shippers have, where they make him look super pale, almost like some kind of anime character and make his hair straight and not poofy at all. To the point where it sometimes only BARELY looks like him. So there’s another excuse not to do it, other than it being really racist.) On top of it being a week of nice content with David and Max in a happy father-son relationship, it can be a week where we all work to improve our art skills for the better, too! Win-win!

Other than that, go wild! A list of each day’s theme will be posted sometime in the future before the actual appreciation week (and once I finish coming up with them).

Let’s take this AU back and made it fun and safe again. Or at least, let’s make some nice Dadvid content without gross, uncomfortable implications behind it.

New Galaxy, Same Old Thirst

[[Summary: This started as a joke about how thirsty I was, personally, for Turians, and how Kandros is a fine, fine example of the species. And then I got into it. And now I’m super into it. Please help me. Should I write more about these two?

Kandros x Ryder


There were many words that could be used to describe Pathfinder Ryder, but ‘smooth’ was not one of them.

Since first coming to the Nexus, Tiran Kandros had caught her eye. She couldn’t say what exactly it was, but some quality kept her coming back, thinking of little excuses and errands to run around the ops center, or trips that would require returning from planetary missions again and again. Enough, however, was enough. Today she was going to stop just looking and actually going to do something.

“SAM, how’s my hair?” Tugging on a purple strand, she debated up or down before leaving it as it always was, a customary ponytail. Turians didn’t even have hair; would he notice or care if she did anything differently?

“It looks acceptable, Pathfinder, though I am no judge of external appearance.” Acceptable had to be good enough.

“Scarf or no scarf, SAM?”

“The Nexus is kept at a temperature comfortable for both humans and other Milky Way species. A scarf is not needed.” That wasn’t exactly what she had asked; scarf it was, with the leather jacket that she had brought from another galaxy, the one worn in perfectly, but with colors still dyed bright and bold. This was it. It was time to do this.

“Kandros.” She kept her tone level and even, trying to sound as normal as possible as she walked up to him. It was tempting to fuss with her hair again, or to try and straighten or jacket, or to wonder if she should have worn different pants. At least she would be thinking about anything other than the faint flutter in her stomach and the sudden pounding her heart seemed to be doing, like she was sixteen and with her first crush again.

“Pathfinder.” His greeting was perfunctory, but his tone was friendly; he was clearly occupied in looking at APEX team reports. Maybe another time? No. If Ryder turned back now, she knew she would never get the courage to do this a second time.

“Just Ryder, actually, Kandros. Just Ryder is fine.” That was a start, at least. It wasn’t quite her first name, but it wasn’t the title either, that single word that she struggled to fill at the best of times.

“Ryder,” Kandros acknowledged. Was she imagining it, or was there a slight smile on his face? It was hard to tell, but his mandibles definitely seemed to be curving slightly upward. “Any word on the Turian ark?”
It was exactly the question she didn’t want asked, mostly because there was no way to spin it into a pick-up line.

Time to power through this anyway. “There are rumors of debris on Havarl. We’re heading there next, but we had to stop and resupply. And I wanted to talk to you.” It sounded even worse spoken aloud than it had in her had.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?” At least Kandros had the grace to look amused, rather than fed up with her.

“I thought maybe we could go to Vortex and talk there. I’d love to know more about you.” And there it was. It was easier to look somewhere over Kandros’ left shoulder than it was to look at his face, even though he had what Ryder considered an exceedingly pleasant face to look at, which was the whole reasons she was acting like an idiot in the first place.

Kandros looked her up and down, taking her in, and something in his expression seemed to change- maybe his whole posture relaxed, or his mandibles seemed to be smiling, or something. Either way, he shrugged. “Why not? I have some time.” Was it her imagination, or had there been speculation when he looked at her? Either way, they walked side by side to the tram, and then into the chaos and noise of Vortex.

Apparently, it was poetry night. Bad poetry night, if the human on stage was any indication. People in the audience were actually snapping after each line. “I’m going to need a lot to drink to live through this.” It didn’t exactly fit the mood Ryder wanted.

“Agreed. Wait until the Turians start. I recognize that one waiting offstage- he likes limericks.” Exasperated, Kandros joined her at the bar, where the pair studiously avoided the curious look of the bartenders, ordering separately and some distance down from each other.

One cocktail later for Ryder and one dextro-based beer later for Kandros, and conversation was flowing, though not as much as the alcohol, going progressively faster down their throats. It was enough to make the poetry bearable, at least, or quiet enough that they could pretend it wasn’t there.

“I joined the Andromeda Initiative to be my own person, free of familial expectations. Every turian has them, but not every turian has such a big shadow to fall behind.” Kandros slammed down the remains of his second beer, voice somewhat bitter, making a face at the drink. It wasn’t meant to be quaffed in that way, but the warm buzzing surrounding his body made it all worthwhile.

“Tell me about it. I didn’t have a choice joining the Initiative, and I didn’t have a choice in taking on dad’s role. Half the shit I do has people telling me what he would have done instead. I’m not him. I thought this would be a fresh start.” Sooner or later, Ryder knew she was going to descend into taking shots, but for now she was happy to take another sip, admiring that the bartenders had managed to already produce something new from limited biological samples taken on foreign planets. Aya in particular was a true treasure-trove of botanical delights, ones that mixed well with vodka and gin to produce something strong and sweet. “So, do you feel like you’re your own man now, Kandros?” At least she wasn’t slurring yet. She just felt… good. Maybe not as worried.

He pointed at her, a finger jab in her direction. “If you get to be Ryder, I get to be Tiran. Only fair.” When Ryder nodded, trying to mask her half-smile and failing, he continued on. “I’m Head of Security now. People look up to me for being myself. Feels good. Feels right. If I didn’t have to deal with Tann all day, it would feel even better.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Their cups clinked together as they both took another deep draught, music pulsing over them and a silence descending. It wasn’t awkward, but Ryder had been waiting too damn long to just keep the conversational casual.

“Kand -Tiran. Always liked a man in uniform.” This was definitely the right thing to say. Definitely.

“I don’t wear a uniform, Ryder.” He leaned forward, hand on the table, just as she did. Take it? Don’t take it? The dilemma was real and intense.

“Authority. A man with authority.” And now she sounded like she had daddy issues. At least SAM wasn’t piping in, for once mercifully silent.

“Ryder, are you flirting with me?”

“Should I not?” No, no, don’t ask him that Ryder. Now he’s going to say ‘no’ and you’ll have blown it. So smooth. So well done.

“You’re not bad looking, for a human. You have… uh… very nice hair.” It was the first time Kandros had ever sounded less than confident, stumbling over his words. It also wasn’t an answer to her question.

Grinning, Ryder grabbed his hand, and he didn’t pull away, looking down at them, and then intertwining his fingers with her own. “So, theoretically, if I did something bad here, would you have to arrest me?” Just prior to disembarking, Ryder and Liam had an old cop-vid movie marathon, followed by even older detective dramas that pre-dated even the discovery of the mass relays. Black and white flicks, cast only human, filled with trenchcoats and femme fatales that she could never see herself as.

“Theoretically, yes.” Oh, he was definitely smiling now. “I have an apartment near here. We could test my techniques.”

Biting the corner of her lip and then giving up any pretense of looking bashful, Ryder replied with a glint in her eye. “I always did want to learn more about that famous turian reach and flexibility.”

jongdaestan  asked:

5 and 13!!! have a happy chen day🎈

Favorite of Jongdae’s hairstyles? Favorite makeup look?

I’m a hard, black-haired Jongdae stan. But, and here’s a throwback, I loved his soft, caramel-glazed hair from the Wolf era when it was so piecey & layered. Nice. For makeup, big fan of his bronzed eyeshadow looks in Monster. Also his Lotto photoshoot? Glowy skin with the dark, smudged wing? NICE

Outside of singing, which talent would you like to see Jongdae try?

Painting! Didn’t he say he wants to try art? Then he can make soft, ASMR painting vids just like Bob Ross before him. my exact aesthetic!

Jongday2017 Asks 🎉🎈⚡️🎂

1. What I get from STYLE THE SONG is dark dangerous nights and intense chemistry and going too fast and taking risks but STYLE THE VIDEO feels kinda static and passive and pretty. The song is about crashing down and coming back but in the video even when lightning is striking nothing seems capable of crashing – it would drift waifishly downward onto some nice soft leaves instead.

2. Possibly I’m just being shallow because I’m not into the dude? HE DOESN’T HAVE LONG HAIR OR A JAMES DEAN DAYDREAM LOOK IN HIS EYE. He just seems kinda blank. Where’s the slaggy guy with wild eyes who’s so hot for Taylor he’s about to drive off the road? I didn’t get any sense of this guy’s personality like I do from the song itself. 

3. The dialogue part of the song is so alive when I listen to it but in the vid that scene is just sort of generically sexy, without that sense of back and forth between two different people sliding riskily and knowingly together. 

4. However I like that while in the lyrics he’s taking off his coat, in the video he’s most definitely taking off his clothes. 

5. Plus I admire that he spent the entire video in a state of undress which is probably a truthful representation of a relationship with Harry Styles. 

6. I mean CONCEPTUALLY I can see how some of this is really cool like 

7. The way it starts with the dude appearing inside her actual head. As if she’s dreamed him up. Because anyone we have a relationship with is someone we dream up because we don’t really know them we only know how we see them and they are always a product of our dreams and fantasies. Harry and Taylor are not only a product of each other’s dreams and fantasies but also the product of the dreams and fantasies of millions of other people, which isn’t explicitly a factor in the video but makes that theme even more resonant. Dream boy meets dream girl.

8. Which is further emphasized by the way their bodies are screens for projecting pieces of each other and how fractured mirrors make bits of her face parts of his face and vice versa. They see what they want to see in each other so in a way what they are seeing is themselves. They are each other because they create each other, and they will never really see each other whole. 

9. So maybe it’s conceptually appropriate that the dude is mostly a blank slate? He’s not his own full person, he’s what she projects him to be. 

10. And when he can’t keep his wild eyes on the road, he’s not even looking at her. He’s looking at a REFLECTION of her in his dashboard mirror. So he can’t see HER real self either. NOBODY KNOWS ANYONE. 

11. So this is a video about interior worlds but then my problem is that the song itself doesn’t feel very interior to me. It feels like a story about people who are DOING things, not just thinking things. 

12. I liked the flashes of the beginning at the end. Round and round each time. And that at the end he’s getting out of his car IT’S NOT OVER. But again the IT’S NOT OVER-ness of it all would mean more if the video showed me something about what keeps pulling them together.

13. But it would be impossible to get a sense of their relationship from the video because they’re very deliberately never with each other at all. Taylor and the dude are never in the same shot in the same, like, space-time continuum. There’s always some fucked-up distancing mechanism. He’s looking at a giant projection of her, or she’s seeing a fragment of him, but they’re never together. So how can I complain about how she and this dude don’t have any chemistry? You can’t have chemistry with someone you’re never in the frame with. he’s long gone when he’s next to me. And here he’s not even next to her at all. 

14. That’s super smart, Taylor is super smart, it satisfies me in my BRAIN. It just doesn’t satisfy me in my GUT.

joestrummen  asked:

y ou n eed to tel l me all the best (hott est) things seb stan has done like n O W

this post is terribly long. and with terribly i do mean terribly. it’s ordered chronologically and into categories and it’s mostly links to my own blog(s).
favs are bolded/+italic
basically a compilation of the best out of 28 pages Sebastian Stan

mostly from these blogs

[[Edit: when you’re through the list and angry I suggest you visit this link]]

it took me over 2 1/2 hours so like

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anonymous asked:

I met michael once in a mall and he was wearing a snapback and his hair (he had reverse skunk from the slsp vid) was sticking out and i just knew it was him and i for some reason screamed 'I'm wearing american apparel underwear' and he turned around and walked over and he was grinning and giggling and when we took my pic he said i was awesome and he just looked so excited and surprised and when he was leaving i heard him say 'that was fucking awesome' to dave wow i that was a nice flashback


Send me an ask of your experience when you met your fav band/actor/celeb!