his hair looks purple now

Shinsou Hitoshi // BNHA

Just a random sketch I did this evening. I exaggerated it a little bit here, but I never realized how long Hitoshi’s hair really is. I mean… he’s honestly just got the best hair ever and I’m completely jealous.

Basically a redraw of this panel… 

Yes, his shirt is inspired by that adorable ghost shirt Phil Lester owns.


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The Boy From Outerspace (Alien AU Hoshi) Pt2

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Type: Angst Fluff

Part 1

You became a ‘freak’ as you got older because you claimed to have seen them to other members of your class. Jeonghan even teased you for believing things like that. He never would admit to anyone that he saw anything because he didn’t want to be called a freak like you. You wanted nothing more than for Hoshi to take you away from Earth like all those lame memes people posted. You wondered what he looked like now, did his skin change, his eyes, his hair. What did the purple eyed boy look like now that he wasn’t a cute little four year old boy?

You were so lost in thought, your fingers tugged along your prized necklace as you would stare off. “Hey ET” you heard as you snapped back “waiting for the motheship to take you away?” Dohwan, a boy Jeonghan hung around, basically became part of clique for asked you. “Oh is that your gift from your alien lover?” he cooed as he grabbed ahold of the necklace. “Dude don’t take it” Jeonghan said as he stuck his hand out but stopped himself, the other people in his group turned to him. “Why? It’s a piece of junk. Maybe breaking it will make her stop being such a loser-” Dohwan was cut short by Jeonghan’s hand yanking him of the necklace.

“She’s still my sister and if you hurt her physically we’ll have problems” Jeonghan threatened as he soon realized what he had done. “Yeah? We’ll have problems? What’s a skinny thing like you gonna do? Smack me?” he was teased as he was shoved to the ground by Dohwan. “Leave him alone” you say getting up “aw look at this the siblings think they can beat us up?” Dohwan says to his friends who laughed.

Your collar was grabbed by the bully “dude you’re seriously not going to hit her right?” his friend asked “what because she’s a girl? Isn’t that sexist?” Dohwan coos as he looks at you “see I’m a fair guy, I’ll hit both sexes and not even care” he told as his hand pulled back. Jeonghan rushed to get up before a harsh smash into the side of Dohwan’s head came through. Dohwan fell to the ground screaming and clutching his face as a young male stood there clutching a skateboard tightly.

“You seriously truckslapped him?” another voice rang through the air before the two males highfived. The one raised his board again at the others before the took off. “Leave them alone” Dohwan was threatened as he nodded rushing off clutching the side of his face.

“You okay?” you were asked as you looked up at them. You quickly got up and wrapped your arms around the neck of the male with the board as he instantly smiled. The board clanked against the ground as his arms wrapped around you. He held you close to him enjoying it. Jeonghan stared for a minute before his eyes went wide and he stood up. “Yo-” “you’re an asshole and a horrible brother” was shot at him as he looked down.

You were too busy in your own world as you pulled back from him “you remembered” he says as he cupped your face. His eyes did change, they got from the lavender shade they were before to the royal shade they are now. He still had the overly innocent look even when he smashed a board into someones head. He was Hoshi the sweet little alien you once knew. “S.Coups?” you asked “I prefer Seungcheol now” he spoke.


“What is this?” Hoshi asked as you held the oversize cotton candy. “Its spun sugar coated in food coloring” Seungcheol spoke as he cleaned his fingers of the sugar he had just eaten. “Brother I wasn’t speaking to you” Hoshi told him as he turned back to you. Jeonghan chuckled as Seungcheol turned to him with a glare making him stop but Jeonghan caught his arm hinting for him to leave the two of you alone. “I’m glad you remember me” Hoshi told you as he took some of the cotton candy with a smile. “How would I forget the man I would have millions of babies with?” you joke as he blushed. “Your cheeks turn blue?” you asked as he quickly covered them with his hands “no” he tried to cover himself to hide the embarrassment.

“What have you been up to, what do you learn in space?” you asked him as you two sat down on a bench. “My father told us that our species is slowly dying off” he says “oh” you say not really sure how to respond “that’s why he’s okay with me having you. We’re supposed to help bring the population back up, humans have the closest DNA strain to ours ” he says as he stuck more sugar into his mouth. “Have me?” you ask “my species mates forever. So you would be mine forever, you would be my mate and have my babies. I don’t think I would be the leader of my kind” he says as he smiles staring off into the setting sun. “S.Coups is the only one my father trusts with the position but he trusts me to have the first interspecies child” he giggles. “You’d be a mommy of a new kind of thing. Our baby would be cute do you want to see what one of them would look like?” he says pulling out a weird device to show you the little one. 

“This would be what our daughter looks like” he states as a hologram of a tiny girl came up. “I want her” he says “our son looks handsome as well” he says as he flashes to the next one. “Would they all look like that?” you ask “no, every kind turns out different. Both of my parents have different skin colors from my brothers and I for example” he says. “It’s just nice to see what they could look like” he told you as you laugh leaning onto him lightly. You two sat in silence before he decided to speak up.

“Do you want to leave here?” he asked as he turned to you “I can take you right now” he told you. You smile as he grabbed your necklace “you’ve been wearing my name this whole time, you know?” he told you as you looked down “what does it say?” you asked. “My name is Soonyoung but I never went by it because I like the way you say Hoshi so I stayed Hoshi for all” he told you as you smiled looking down at the nearly gone treat. “Soonyoung” you say as he giggled “you know, I like the way you say it” he told you “so you can be the only person to call me that” he whispers as you slid your hand into his. 

“Y/N” Jeonghan calls out as you look over to him “it’s getting late. Mom should be getting home soon” he says as you nod. Soonyoung turned you grabbing both of your hands “will you come with me tonight?” he asks “what?” you asked him. “I can visit you tonight. You and I can really be together forever” he says. “Do I tell anyone?” you ask him “will they believe you?” he asked as you instantly shook your head no. “Jeonghan would know where you’re going. He’s the only one who will believe it” he told squeezing your hands tightly. 

“So will you come with me? Be mine?”

Trolls Head canons

Post movie

I have this slightly funny head canon that after the events of the movie, the other trolls have trouble remembering Branch is blue with blue-purple hair now. He was gray for 20 years. 

  • When someone is sent to go find him, that troll will look for the only head of black hair in the village before they suddenly remember his hair is blue-purple now. 
  • Or others looking for a flash of blue-gray skin for hours before coming back and seeing the bright blue Branch had been found by someone else. 
  • Poppy updating her scrapbook about something she and Branch did and realizes she forgot to make the little scrapbook version of him the right colors.

  • Poppy is the one who forgets the least often about Branch’s color change.
  • There are times when even Branch will do a double take at his own reflection or get confused by the color of his hands or hair for a few moments.

Then there’s his singing. The trolls by nature seem to all be musically inclined in one way or another, so to them singing voices are things they usually recognize very easily.

Branch suddenly singing after 20 years of not, would be just as confusing as Branch’s color change. 

If not more so; a singing voice does sometimes differ from someone’s speaking voice drastically. Not mention, there were probably a lot more trolls aside from Poppy who thought Branch didn’t sing because his voice was bad. 

  • Meaning, there are times when Branch is singing that some of the trolls pause and wonder “Who is that amazing sounding stranger?”
  • Though, Branch might have resumed singing, there is one song he’ll never sing again.
Stolen Kiss

Red Haired Savior Part III


Pairing: Punk!Dean x Reader

Warning(s): Swearing

Author’s Note: Oh, would you look at that. ;)

Tagging: (Just ask if you’d like to be tagged in new parts!) @onlygodcanjudgeme-sh

You hadn’t seen Dean in two days; not since you sat with him under the tree at lunch. You kept wishing you would run into him, or even get a glance of him, in the hallways or just around, but you didn’t. Instead you were stuck sitting around your normal picnic table during study hall with your preppy, popular friends talking about Jeremy Thompson’s upcoming party. Of course, you were all invited. Just what you got for somehow catching Jeremy’s eye.

“You are coming, aren’t you, (Y/N)?” Your friend, Samantha, asked.

“Uh, I don’t think I can make it,” you put on a frown, “Sorry.”

Samantha just rolled her eyes.

“I don’t see how you could possibly not like Jeremy. He’s perfect, and he totally wants you. If you dated him, you would be to most popular girl in school, ya know.” Katy, your other friend said, not even bothering to look up from her phone as she texted someone else.

“I don’t want popularity. Besides, he’s a dick.” You responded curtly before standing and pulling your messenger bag to your shoulder. “I got to go.”

Samantha and Katy murmured their “See ya later’s” and went on talking about matters you couldn’t concern yourself with. They were so shallow and had no actual feelings, or at least you thought. Why you bothered to hang out with them was for one reason: they had been your friends since grade school. Of course, they had changed. A lot. But you couldn’t bring yourself to leave them. You had just been friends for so long.

You were walking aimlessly through the hallways, lost in thought, when you bumped into someone. Two strong hands went to your shoulders to help you gain your balance. Looking up towards this person’s face, you were met with no other than Dean.

Dean looked, for the most part, the same except he had dyed his hair a light blue color.

“We need to stop meeting like this.” He said, referring to the other day when you had ran into him after hurriedly leaving your locker. You managed an amused smile.

“Yeah. That might be wise.”

Dean let his arms drop to his sides. You shifted where you stood, moving your messenger bag strap further up your shoulder. Neither one of you really knew what to say so you both just stood there in silence, looking at each other.

Dean sighed and broke the silence.

“The other day, at the tree…” He trailed off, assumably second guessing what he was saying.

“Yes?” You asked, extremely curious as to where he was going.

Dean opened his mouth to say something when the bell signaling the end of the class period rang. He closed his mouth and sighed before walking away.

You ran into Dean, not literally, several times after that. You had begun talking too. You began to sit with him under the tree at lunch and you would talk in the hallways when you weren’t in a group with your friends. The two of you were gradually becoming real friends; opening up to each other and telling each other about your family, bits and pieces of your lives, and you started texting after school.

You learned about how Dean’s dad had died when he was in middle school and how he had taken up the role of being the man of the house; you learned about his little brother, Sam, whom he spoke fondly of, and his mother who seemed to be one of the most beautiful and kind persons by the way he described her; and you learned, by asking, about Dean’s few tattoos you had noticed after being closer to him. Dean had learned about your problems with your friends; about your problem with Jeremy being a dick; about how you lived with your step-dad and your mom; about how you only saw your biological dad once a year; and he learned about your interest in literature.

To some, the things you talked about when together would be considered silly or irrelevant, but to you, the things you learned about Dean Winchester made you slowly but surely begin to fall for him. Dean was all you could think about and it got to the point that Samantha and Katy began to notice, and that was saying something.

You were walking through the busy hallway, thinking of nothing in particular when you felt a strong hand grip your arm and pull. The next thing you knew you were in a small room full of cleaning supplies. ‘The janitor’s closet?’ You ask yourself before looking to see your captor who was none other than Dean.

“Dean…” you began but trailed off when you actually looked at him.

Dean had dyed his hair again, now purple, and he had this look on his face that you couldn’t explain. Your eyes caught on his features along with his eyebrow piercing and lip piercing. You could see the tip of a tattoo peeking out the top of his shirt collar. ‘That’s new.’ You thought, wondering what this one was when a pair of lips crash against yours.

You gasp in surprise, but quickly relax into it. Dean pulls away slowly, searching your face which is in a surprised smile. Dean looks like he is about to say something when you crash your lips against his.

Your lips move together easily as if you had done this many times. Your arms snaked up around Dean’s neck and his hands found their way to your waist. You rolled your tongue over his lip ring in a quick motion and you could swear you felt Dean smirk into the kiss. You pulled back for air reluctantly, your breathing harder than normal.

“Was about time we did that.” You whispered, lips turning up into a smile.

Dean only smirked before saying, “It was.”

Memoirs for Mahogany

Hey, Rebs…

I’m not an artist the way you are; I write instead of draw. And I see all these other artists who contribute to the ever-growing fandom of ‘Night Terrors’, and I get just a little jealous.

So I went ahead and contributed in my own, special way after getting feels from one of your more recent doodle-comics (involving a certain beak-less birb and a certain red dragon.)

This also runs along an idea I had, in which each copy of the game has it’s own AI like Pilot and Artman and other robots, so that the characters in the game literally have lives inside of it, and actually talk to you sometimes (but the coding has a sort of rule that you do not talk to your player unless there is something serious, so there’s little to no interactions.)

It just seemed like something that happened, what with all the ‘Vincent-talks-to-Faith’ stuff.

Honestly, I’m in a bit of a slump, so I’m hoping this will help reignite my passion for writing…

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what I’ve written here, and, if you ever want me to write something else, I am perfectly okay with requests!


(ALSO: I’ve seen so much for both ‘Pilot’ and ‘Night Terrors’, that I’m honestly blanking out when it comes to certain bits. If I make any sort of mistake, please alert me to it, so that I can rectify it! I pride myself on accuracy, so it’s really important to me!)

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Look at him he looks like a cute little puppy..it’s like he’s saying ‘don’t be scared,I love you too’ and his skin looks so soft and his purple hair
I’m gonna go cry now..

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SoMa. Cop Soul

THIS IS SO LATE SORRY. I have had just barely enough wine to tackle this because OMG Soul as a COP makes me laugh because w h a t e v e n. Like, cynical FBI agent or snarky private eye I can get behind, but him being a cop is so lolwut. So I improvised.

This is super short.


He held his gun at the ready outside the room, listening closely for movement inside. Tonight might be his lucky night.

There, he definitely heard something. He calmed his mind, sucked in a breath, and kicked the door in.

His target wasn’t even trying to hide. She leaned over a vanity table and the lipstick she was applying froze in her hand as she caught his eye in the mirror. With the practiced ease of a dyed-in-the-wool servant of the people, he leveled his gun at her back and made sure she saw it.

“Miss,” he said. “I’m going to need you to turn, slowly, and show me your hands.”

“What the hell-” she started to say.

“Don’t want to hear it,” he replied. “Hands in the air.”

She narrowed her eyes, but did as she was told, holding her bright purple lipstick high as she shifted around to face him. Her hair was hidden under a multi-colored wig and bright blue wings stuck out from the back of her corset dress. If he didn’t know better, he’d assume she was heading out to a rave.

“I know everything about you, so don’t try anything funny.” He approached her with care.

“You’re a dead man,” she growled.

Keeping his gun steady in one hand, he reached out with the other to grab her wrist. “We’ll see about that. Maka Albarn, you’re under arrest.”

“For what?” she said.

He beamed, thrilled that he had her against the ropes at last.

“For being too sexy to liiiiiiiiive.”

The toy gun clattered to the floor as he leaned forward to cup her face with both hands and plant a gigantic kiss on her mouth.

In retaliation, she smeared his cheek with the lipstick she was holding. “Damn it, Soul, I just got my makeup right!”

“You like it,” he teased, grinning against her neck.

A minute later he was covered in glitter and there was a knock on the doorframe. They both turned to look, his mouth now plastered in purple.

Black Star’s hair was spiked high and his leather jacket was pierced through with safety pins. He leaned against the doorway and looked bored behind his thick eyeliner.

“You guys are gross fucking pervs, and I would know, since I am one,” he said. “Wrap it up, we’re late for the party.”