his hair looks good~

Consider this

Prompto taking two-person selfies with each of the bros, not just Nᴏctis.

Selfies with Ignis often catch Ignis with a relaxed smile on his face, hand raised in a half-wave. Sometimes he takes his glasses off like he does in his solo photos. Ignis appreciates when Prompto wants to take a picture with him and always tries to look good for the camera (quickly combing his hair with his hand, straightening his clothes, nothing too big) and Prompto tells him to relax. “Selfies are supposed to be casual!” Nonetheless, Ignis keeps preening himself before a photo. On occasion, Prompto catches him off guard and takes a selfie with him. He always finds Ignis’ expression in those hilarious.

Selfies with Gladio are always silly, always lighthearted. Hell, Gladio sometimes will interrupt Prompto while he’s choosing the perfect angle and join in. When Prompto asks him to join in for a selfie, Gladio’s always willing to pose for a photo. A typical Prompto-Gladio selfie consists of Gladio giving the camera a thumbs-up with a big grin on his face as he sneaks bunny ears behind Prompto. Whenever Prompto spots these when they’re back at camp, he gives a groan. “Dude, can you not?” Gladio just lets out a hearty laugh. Nonetheless, selfies with Gladio are common. A lot of the time, Prompto miscalculates Gladio’s size and his–or Gladio’s!– face is cut off. Prompto chuckles nervously and quickly deletes these. 

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Hi! May I ask where is stated that Sirius was a player while he was a teen? I can't seem to remember if it was in the books, but every story, one shot, imagine etc. mentions it. Maybe I should go reread the books again? Thank you anyways!

I answered a similar question a while back: (x). The gist of my response was that I found these three quotes:

  • “[Sirius] always got the women.”  (From Remus Lupin’s Pottermore profile)
  • “[Sirius] was very good-looking; his dark hair fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance neither James’s nor Harry’s could ever have achieved, and a girl sitting behind him was eyeing him hopefully, though he didn’t seem to have noticed.” (From OotP, Chapter 28)
  • “Sirius was too busy being a big rebel to get married.”  (A JK quote from the Edinburgh Book Festival, 2004)

And those quotes are really the only canonical/semi-canonical quotes that I could find linking Sirius and romance. None of them directly state that Sirius was a player in canon, but you’re right that it’s a very common characterisation in fan-created works. :)


Enemies to lovers w/ Renjun
  • i f i n a l l y i got a renjun request, i’M SO HAPPY
  • i feel like this would be kind of hard to do tho bc baby renjun is so pure like how can someone hate on him am i right
  • i mean yeah sometimes he rlly hates jeno and he’s really grumpy when you wake him up bUT he just needs more patience lmao
  • even tho, i don’t believe a 100% that he’s the purest member of the dream team
  • not saying that the other one’s are not i just don’t think he’s THAt cute and innocent, idk he gives em those vibes
  • i really miss his black hair btw bUT THE BLONDE HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD TOO
  • but it doesn’t matter, let’s start
  • okay so,,,, first of all, it wasn’t always a hate relationship. actually, in the beggining, y’alls friendship was really cute and sweet
  • he would always treat you kindly and would try to help you even w the smallest things, especially if you’re younger than him
  • mostly it was bc he really cared about you, but, the truth is that since the beggining had a crush on you, he would talk all the time about you
  • “y/n was so beautiful yesterday, i have no doubts that she probably looks even prettier today”
  • “y/n’s outfit was so pretty, she looked so cute today”
  • “wow, y/n just gets more and more beautiful everyday”
  • ugh, those months were gold for both of yuo tbh
  • but as his feeling grow more and more everyday he would get more protective & jealous of you and would notice lots of things
  • like your inside jokes w jaemin, how comfortable you felt around chenle, how jeno and you had no secrets at all in y’alls friendship..
  • and, you know when u really like someone but you don’t know how to talk to them so you start bothering the shit out of them to get their attention??
  • well, that was his first reaction to his jealously and to the whole situation
  • he would create arguments w you on purpose and tease you about everything 24/7
  • and it was kind of funny for you the first times bc he was just playing around ya know
  • but he would start to get really fvcking annoying, it was like a second hyuck but everyday it would get worst and worst
  • and past like a month or so you find yourself basically hating on him and talking shit about him 24/7 w the other members
  • “renjun is so stupid, i almost got hurt bc of him today”
  • “renjun started a rumour of me liking him, h i m, ew, disgusting, never”
  • “probably even moomin hates him”
  • and the other dreamies were sO DONE
  • and king donghyuck was the one who actually let you know about the whole situation
  • “you talk about him just as much as he talks about you, both of you are unbearable"
  • and you were like wAIT REPEAT THAT
  • and he told you everything, everything , e v e r y t h i n g and you felt so stupid
  • and you also kind of realize that you may have some feelings for jun too
  • like, this past days you have been thinking about him a lot and ugh he’s just so precious?? like?? an actual angel???
  • “donghyuck, make a plan for us were we can confess to each other in the end”
  • “forget about it, stop being so immature and just go and tell him”
  • “y/n, there’s literally a 0% of probability of him rejecting you”
  • “y’all are seriously made for each other”
  • and you were like uGHgGHg, but he was right after all
  • so you started with small steps, like actually giving him the attention he wanted in the beggining and taking care of him in obvious ways
  • “renjun, don’t go there, it’s dangerous”
  • “hey, so, i was with kun the other day and he insisted on giving you this moomin plushie that i found”
  • “renjun? i bought you some of your favorite candy, do you want some?”
  • basically a tsundere all the way
  • and his heart would beat so fast whenever you start being like this and would get so smily and shy
  • and there you are both of you super blushy and smiley and hOW CUTE AM I RIGHT
  • and all this cute actions from your part would motivate him to treat you again in that sweet and caring way
  • eventually y’all would talk in a more chill way and would be friends “again”
  • and since y’all are making your feelings so obvious this time y’all would be all skinship and compliments 24/7
  • so the dreamies went back in the game, lmao
  • they invited you to the dorms so all of you can watch some movies together and have like a fun night together
  • but in the end this little evils just went to the 127 dorms and let you and renjun alone
  • and it was great, tbh, y’all played around and talked a lot
  • and instead of wacthing those boring action films y’all watched moomin as y’all were cuddling together under the bedsheets
  • and you planned a few ways to confess to him but still were a bit scared of it, ya know
  • but you also knew that if it wasn’t now it would never happend
  • “renjun?”
  • “i have to tell you something”
  • he would look at you and smile at you widely, making your heart go cray cray
  • “no, you don’t. did no one tell you that actions speak louder than words?”
  • and, oh my god, he would get really closer to you and leave a kiss on your lips in a really manly way
  • but then he would separete and cover his face with his hands
  • “oH mY GoD i’m SorRy i gOt ShYYY”
  • and you were in so much pain because how can someone be so damn adorable????
  • so y’all spent like ten minutes just laughing and blushing like idiots
  • but then he would hug your figure and kiss your cheek sweetly
  • “i guess you’re finally mine, y/n”
  • “right?”
  • and he would look at you with so much love
  • “maybe i can answer that with an action instead of words, uhm?”
  • “please do”

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Faker cut his hair ridiculously short again!! Nuuuu!!!! 😢😢

deep sigh

I think I’ve given up trying to understand Faker’s barber. Like honestly I think Faker looks good with his hair up, like all the way up back in s3 when he sometimes did that. He looks good even with choppy bangs. But the barber insist on giving him like a bowlcut every time LOL. 

Well at least Faker’s hair grows fast so we have that going for us xD