his hair looked the best in this movie

Good Girl

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Can you write a daddy kink one with Calum or Michael with a lot of teasing and spanking and overstimulation and being called Kitten and Princess omg pls that would be some lit quality shit

fuck ya girly i gotchu 


Pillows surrounded us as the movie played softly in the background. His finger tips ran along my spin coming up to play with the ends of my hair. “How was class today, princess?” Calum whispered. “It wasn’t the best, but you’re here and that’s all that matters.” I smiled. Calum took my chin in-between his fingers, looking at my lips, then right back at me.

“Mm, you look so fucking good right now,” Calum bites his lip. I rolled my eyes smiling, when his hand comes down to my hips squeezing it. “Don’t roll you eyes at me again, kitten.” His eyes stared me down. “Yes, daddy,” I nodded, leaning into his touch. “C’mon princess, I have a surprise for you.” Calum said. “Oh, but I don’t wanna move.” I pouted.

Calum raised an eyebrow, “You’ll want to move when you see what you have in store with the way your acting.” I sat up quickly, following him up the stairs and into our bedroom. Calum and I have never really tried kinks, but we’ve talked about them. Anytime things become intimate, they are not rough, I could tell it was love, not something meaningless, nevertheless Cal would ever treat me like that. “Tonight, we’re trying something different kitten.” He said while grabbing my hips. I nodded, and sat on the bed.

He went to the closet, pulling out a box from the top shelf, and set it on the side table. He pulled out a blindfold, a few ties, and left the room again. I knew not to get up and follow him because if I did, that would not make Calum happy. He came back with a cup of ice, no water, just ice. “Um, why do you have ice?” I questioned. “Don’t speak unless I give you permission, princess.” Calum said.

Calum walked over to me, removed my shirt while kissing my neck “Now, you know I barley punish you nor do I like too, but that’s going to change kitten,” Calum said. “Calum, what-” I was cut off by being flipped around. “I’m sorry, what did I say?” Calum said. “Not to speak unless you give me permission.” I answered. “That’s right, princess, and what did you do?” He asked. “I spoke without permission.” I could tell he was pleased by this.

“Good girl, but, you still defied the rules, you know what that means right?” I nodded as he spoke. “Now, lay across my thighs,” He motioned. I whined quietly, knowing that this night was not going to be anything like I thought. “I want you to count okay, baby girl?” Calum said. I nodded, as I suck in a breath preparing for whatever was going to happen.

Calum landed a slap upon my right cheek, a whimper falling from my lips as I let myself clutch onto Calum’s leg, my body immediately relaxing into the sensation that is going to be driving me up the wall soon. “One,” I whispered, barley enough for him to hear. Another slap on my left cheek, making my nails dig into the rough material of Calum’s jeans. “Two,” I whimpered. “Good girl,” Calum whispered kissing my spine. The slaps continued until tears filled my vision, “Ten,” I sniffed.

Calum let me sit up, as he wiped my tears away, “See it wasn’t so bad now was it, princess?” He cooed. “No, daddy.” I said. “Good, lay back,” Calum instructed. I laid back, letting the cool sheeting sooth my red bum. “Hands up, we are not quite done yet,” Calum said while taking my hands and tied them together to the head board.

Calum only ever tied me up once, and god did I love it. I bit my lip in anticipation, waiting for whatever was next to happen. “To make things interesting, I’m going to blindfold you okay, kitten?” Calum said, grabbing the purple fabric from before. My eyes were covered, seeing nothing, I mean what did you expect? His fingertips slid down my body making goosebumps arise to my skin.

“God, you’re going to be the death of me,” Calum breathed, kissing every part of my skin. I felt something cold being dragged down my skin and rested on my stomach. His lips touched mine for a passionate kiss as his hand snaked down in-between my legs. At the first flick of my clit, I cried out into Calum’s mouth, my hips grinding into his hand. He slipped a finger into me, pumping slowly. The pace of his finger was driving me mad, making me squirm underneath him.

“Stay still, princess,” Calum ordered. It was one of Calum’s rules; I couldn’t move or he’d stop touching me, even if it was during one of my treats. I tried my hardest not to move, but I accidentally bucked into his hand when he pressed against my g-spot. He immediately took his hand away from me, sucking  his finger between his lips.

I could tell Calum was smirking by the way he kept pacing around the bed. “Wanna tell daddy what you want, baby girl?” Calum said. “I want your tongue, I want your cock, fuck daddy I want it all,” I was not ashamed. “Such a dirty mouth for a pretty little girl,” Calum chuckled. “You want my tongue huh, kitten?” Calum daunted, removing the blindfold. I nodded, blinking trying to adjust to the light.

I felt his lip wrap around my clit, lightly flicking it a few times. I inhaled deeply only to exhale with a moan as he continued his actions. He released me from his mouth, looking me right in the eyes as he entered his finger in, again. A long whimper came out of my mouth as Calum moved his fingers again. “God, you look so fucking sexy withering under my fingers,” He smirked placing his lips on my clit again. He pushed another finger in, making my orgasm come into play. “Daddy, please can I cum?” I moaned.

“Go ahead princess, be as loud as you want,” Calum mumbled. “Look at me,” he orders. Already used to taking orders from Calum, I immediately look at him. “Mm, daddy,” I whimpered. My legs shook around Calum as he held them open, making me ten times for sensitive. “Fuck, you taste so good,” Calum moaned. My chest rose and fell as I caught my breath, but I sucked in another breath when Calum rubbed his tip against my entrance.

“You want it, baby? Tell daddy how much you want it,” Calum said. “Daddy please, fuck me I want your cock, please.” I begged. He grinned slamming into me. My wrists pulled at the restraints, sure to give me some type of burn. Calum held my hips as he fucked me into oblivion “Princess, I can tell you’re ready to cum any minute,” Calum moaned. “Daddy, I am,” I said.

“Oh Caluum, yes daddy fuuuuck” I yelled, unable to control my body anymore, my gaze on his as he watched my face contract at the same time my walls did around his cock. When I finally came down, breathing heavily, I found myself more tired than I’ve probably ever been after such an experience. Forcing my body not to move and having to absorb pure pleasure was actually much more exhausting than I’d have thought. Calum must’ve noticed too as he gently stroked my cheek, before kissing his way down my stomach, then back up again to my ear. “I’m impressed, you’ve done so good baby girl” he whispered, “but we are not over.”

I shook my head, not able to take anymore pleasure. “Kitten, if daddy says more, you know what it means,” Calum smirked. “Daddy, I-i can’t,” I couldn’t even talk. “Yes you can, and you will baby,” Calum said. I saw Calum pull out the white toy, which intimidated me more than it should have. “You remember this one princess?” Calum said showing me the toy, “I know this is your favorite, so tonight, we’re going to play with it.”

“Daddy, please don’t I can’t handle it.” I whined. “Sounds like you wanna make the rules, is that how it goes princess?” He asked. “Sorry, daddy,” I said. Calum turned on the vibrator to a low setting and dragged it all over my body, making me shiver. “Baby girl, this is suppose to relax you, not tense you up.” Calum chuckled, feeling my reaction.

My legs immediately closed around the vibrator when Calum set it on my clit. “Keep ‘em open for my princess,” Calum pushed my thighs apart. My back arched off the bed as my orgasm hit me like a bucket of bricks. “There you go baby, just like that.” Calum cooed. My body caved in, my feet dragged on the bed while Calum put the vibrator on a higher speed.

“Oh daddy!” I yelled, my whole body shook in euphoria as I came around the toy. “That’s my good girl, cum for daddy.” Calum groaned. My toes dragged against the bed, as I came around the vibrator and profanities left my mouth. “Daddy, daddy fuck,” I moaned. Calum took the vibrator off only to lick my clit again. I was already in a state of sensitivity.

“God, you’ve done so well kitten,” Calum said, beginning to untie my hands. “But now, I want you to suck me off like the good girl I know you are,” He growled. I was already out of energy when Calum pulled me up. I stared in awe at Calum’s cock, probably drooling. “Stop staring princess,” Calum chuckled. I bit my lip, taking his cock in my hand, slowly pumping it.

Calum groaned, “C’mon princess, you know I don’t like waiting.” I smiled up at him, kissing the tip. With my tongue broad and flat, I licked the whole length of him, making eye contact. I alternated between sucking, swirling my tongue one way and then another, and flicking it lightly. I wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft, and move it up and down in time with the movements of my mouth. I ran my nails on the inside of his thighs, making Calum whimper. “Fuck princess.” He grabbed my hair.

“Princess, s-stop I wanna cum in that pretty little pussy of yours.” Calum groaned, unable to hold his moans in. I took him out of my mouth, “Daddy, I have a question.” I trailed. “What is it, baby girl?” Calum asked. “Can I ride you, daddy?” I asked shyly. “You wanna ride daddy? Well, I suppose that’s fine.” He chuckled. Calum laid on the bed, cock in hand as I walked over to him.

He cupped my breasts in his hands, groping and tugging roughly. “Yes, daddy,” I moan, burying my face into the crook of his neck. “Oh, God, yes.” “You going to cum for me, baby girl?” “Mmmhmm.” “Come on, baby, cum for me.” My orgasm rockets through my body, sending me into a state of frenzy. Moans and curse words slip out of my mouth. I continue to rock my hips against Calum as I come down from my high, milking my orgasm for as long as possible.  “There you go, baby.” Calum coos.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Calum moaned, his hands moving to my hips. “Cum for me daddy,” I bit his neck, making sure to leave my mark. I felt Calum release inside of me, making me fall on top of him. “God, that was-” “Amazing.” I finished for him. “I love you, princess,” Calum kissed my forehead. “I love you too, daddy.” I said.

harry potter houses as things that are great
  • SLYTHERIN: looking killer in formal wear, perfectly crafted insults, sarcasm levels off the charts, an ungodly amount of eyeliner, knowing how to walk without making a sound, having very few close friends but you'd kill for them, horror movies, loving your heritage
  • RAVENCLAW: the perfect high ponytail, that moment when you figure out a complicated math problem, clear lip gloss, a perfectly crafted thesis statement, looking good in business attire, the carefully cultivated skill of reading while walking, correcting people's grammar under your breath
  • GRYFFINDOR: long road trips, volunteering in class, acting like an idiot with your best friends in public, action movies, dying your hair various shades of neon, the sound of a perfect high-five, high heels that click when you walk, winning an argument, recognizing a song playing in public
  • HUFFLEPUFF: soft hoodies, sitting next to the new kid, that awesome moment when someone you barely know says hi, helping your parents cook, long hugs, knowing the names of everyone in your classes, sunrises, sharing your snacks, waking up to texts from your best friends

UK fans, watch ‘Filth’ (2013) tonight at 11pm on Channel 4! A shirtless Iain De Caestecker stars opposite James McAvoy and Jamie Bell.

Waking up Like That

Quick blurb about Steve Roger’s infatuation with the reader. Bucky, Clint, Natasha, and Reader.

It was movie night in Stark Tower and by the end of the marathon, Clint, Natasha, and YN had pulled out the couch, propped up pillows and snuggled under the covers.

Steve and Bucky were on a mission with Tony and when they arrived home, they were walling along the platform above the living area. Steve looked longingly down at YN, her long wavy hair splayed out over a pillow, a leg hooked over hey best friend Natasha, and Bucky slapped Steve up side the back of his head.>/p>

“Why don’t you just tell her, man?”

“Keep your voice down, Buck, there’s nothing to tell.” As Steve continued to gaze in your direction.

“Ok, whatever you say pal, it’s just that everyone knows, except you two, and is not fair to YN.”

“That’s rich, coming from you, since when do you care about her?”

“Since she told me she had feelings for you, but didn’t think she’d be up to your Peggy standards.”

“She said that?” Steve was hurt, yes he loved Peggy, but she was gone, and YN, she was right there, two flights down, and all he could think of was waking up to her every morning, her leg wrapped around his. Not Natasha’s.

“I want to wake up to her, Buck, she’s the one,” Steve confessed to what everyone in Stark Tower knew.

“Then suck it up and go down there,” his best friend clapped him on the shoulder, “you do know she’s a light sleeper.”

“And I’ve got a keen sense of hearing Rogers!” YN grumbled from the pull out couch, turning in hey back, smiling broadly at Steve and Bucky. “Hey'a Cap…Buckaroo,” she winked, “you know it’s rude to talk about a gal when she’s in the same room.”

F.R.I.D.A.Y. chimed in, “Technically Miss, they’re currently on the platform.”

“Technically, F.R.I.D.A.Y., they’re creeping.”

“Yes, Miss YLN, would you care for me to escort them out?”

YN untangled herself from Tasha’s vice grip and made her way towards the two Brooklynites. She nodded once at Bucky, who have a devilish grin, and bid goodnight, “Night Dollface,” then he leaned into Steve’s ear and told him to make his move.

Steve’s ears turned bright red and YN waited.

“Something you wanna tell me, Rogers?”

“Something I should have done ages ago,” Steve pulled her face towards him with both hands encompassing her face and kissed her.

“Come to bed with me, YN, I want nothing more than to wake up to your every morning and fall asleep with you in my arms.”

“What do you say, Doll?”

YN crashed her lips into Captain America and grinned into his lips, “About time, Steve.”

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How every white movie based on teenagers starts

(Scene: hallway)
Hi I’m Ashley, but everyone just calls me Ash. I’m your average teenager who does not fit in with anyone. That is my best friend (screen switches to average looking white boy with greasy hair who is secretly in love with the main character but won’t reveal it until near the end of the movie) Ryan. We’ve been best friends since 3rd grade. That’s my other best friend ( screen switches to another average looking white girl who doesn’t fit in either) Carly. And omg that is Zach (screen switches to a white boy with perfect features who is obviously out of the main characters league). He is so popular and barely knows I exist. *Popular white boy (Zach) walks by main character (Ashley)*
Zach: hey Ash
*ashley is nervous and stupidly replies, “hey Zach ” and does some dumb shit like trip on air*
*best friend Carly rolls her eyes and says, “you’ve been in love with Zach since middle school why don’t you make a move?”*
“Because he’s totally out of my league. He’s popular and I’m average and all I wear are hoodies and baggy jeans”
*Suddenly a bitchy, cute, rich, popular and well dressed antagonist white girl walks by with like 4 other white girls and one black girl (for diversity) behind her and bumps into main character*
“Oh sorry didn’t see you there Ash…not like anyone ever does anyways”
*Bitchy white mean popular girl laughs with her crew and walks away*
(screen switches back to main character)
Oh and that’s Becca she’s pretty, rich and popular and likes to pick on me…because I’m average and don’t fit in.

This shouldn't irk me so much...

But Marvel is getting heaps of praise for SM homecoming making its supporting cast POC. Which good on them for finally getting the message after Doctor Strange. But breaking it down the central cast of the Avengers is still white as are pretty much ALL of the movies main characters plus they pushed back the Black Panther movie I believe for the SM movie.

Meanwhile in DC land…WOC is Wonder Woman, one of the Big 3 trinity (of which Avengers has Black Widow who is awesome but is constantly playing second or third fiddle to one of the guys and still doesnt have a movie), Aquaman has changed race completely from blonde hair blue eyes to Samoan which makes 100% more sense than his normal look, Cyborg is a main member of the roster, not a secondary hero (sorry Black Panther I hope they do so much more with you that what was in Civil War even though you were the best character), the Flash is played by an openly queer man, and the Deadshot is Will Smith, like DC has had diversity since the start but for some reason they don’t get the same praise as Marvel and I may be butthurt or whatever you want to say over it but it peeves me. People just want to say crap about DC movies but never praise what they are doing right.

Sorry for this rant/giant run-on sentence I’m posting out of annoyance and wanting to acknowledge DC doing stuff right in their casting.

I’m not ready to see shiratorizawa cry next week so here is a headcanon dump

  • reon and ushijima are best friends
  • semi dip dies his hair a different colour each week
  • tendou likes to play pranks on everyone during training camps, such as hiding toothbrushes
  • goshiki is actually a massive star trek fan and deliberately cut his hair to look like spock
  •  shiratorizawa have movie nights each week after friday practice and goshiki always suggests star trek
  • the others always cave in they all snuggle during movie night!!! shirabu often falls asleep on ushijima who can be seen smiling softly and kissing his forehead while shirabu snores 
  • kawanishi has the best grades but it’s always reon who ends up tutoring everyone (bless his soul)
  • tendou has made a team instagram and makes the team take selfies with him while they’re on runs (this is why ushijima ended up so far ahead when he came across hinata and kags)
  • every lunchtime goshiki goes around his teammates’ classrooms asking if they wanted to spend lunch break practicing with him. It’s always ushjima who agrees 
  • semi likes to tag team with kawanishi in order to wind up shirabu
  • ushijima has a collection of hair bows and clips  that the team has given him 
  • tendou is into drama (mainly musical theater) and the team always buys tickets to his performances
  •  the team helped ushijima pick out his favourite item of clothing - a yellow dress 
  • tendou likes to refer to members of the team by using the code names such as benki, farmer brown and mr stick-up-his-ass (shirabu)
  • yamagata has a small following of admiring first year liberos who all have tiny crushes on him 
  • ushijima collects tiny pot plants
  • the team comes to cheer on ushijima during his national games without fail
  • everyone is very glad they came to shiratorizawa 
The Dress (A Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Wow! This is….magical. I mean, damn! I look good! You think to yourself as you twirl in front of your mirror. The dress was a beautiful black sequin masterpiece.

“You look beautiful”, a voice said.

You turn around to see Stiles, your best friend, standing in your doorway.

“But I feel underdressed for a Star Wars movie marathon.”, he says sarcastically. You giggle softly and push your hair to the other side.

“You haven’t zipped it up all the way.”, he remarks noticing the zipper wasn’t zipped all the way.

Placing a hand on your shoulder and turning your back to him, you asked, “Zip me up?”.


Stiles slowly walked turned you and brought the zipper further up. You felt his breath on your neck and you shivered.

You turned around only to see Stiles looking right at you. He slightly glanced at your eyes then back to your eyes.

“You look really pretty.”, he said softly, brushing a piece of your hair out of your face.

“Thanks”,you said as you could feel your heart beating out of your chest.

Then Stiles leaned in and caught your lips with his. And you couldn’t stop the butterflies in your stomach from fluttering around in your stomach. He cupped your face in his hands. Stiles broke you two apart and smiled.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that”

“Really? You sure it’s not the dress that’s making you all lovey dovey”,you said sarcastically.

“It definitely is a plus”

Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include

.Loving when his metal arm is around you but him getting scared of hurting you

.comforting him after nightmares

.calling you doll

.showering together

.dancing to music from the ‘20s

.teaching him about modern technology

 .“What’s a twitter”

.cutting his hair when it gets too long

.watching cheesy movies together

 .“Bucky, are you crying?”



.asking him to teach you Romanian (maybe it was Russian idk, but seb stan is Romanian so \_😕_/)

 .and the first time you tell him you love him, you say it in Romanian

.stealing his sweatpants

 .“Y/N, those are too big for you.”

.being best friends with Steve

 .cuddling always

.him making you breakfast in bed

.showering together

.WITHOUT SEX (ha,never)

.putting his hair in a man bun

.“You look… different.”

.holding hands in public so he knows that you’re safe

.“You’re pretty hot for an old guy.”

.passionate kisses anytime anywhere

.falling asleep in the Avengers tower

 .“Look at them, all cuddley and gross.”

 .“Tony shut the fuck up”

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1. First impression: she sounds like an action movie star
2. Truth is: yep
3. How old do you look: young!
4. Have you ever made me laugh: does getting fake-miffed over bad puns count? 
5. Have you ever made me mad: vexed at best
6. Best feature: your hair is really interesting
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: no
8. You’re my: friend of a friend
9. Name in my phone: i dont have you down yet
10. Should you post this too? if you want to


You woke up to the beaming stream of light peaking through your curtain. You rubbed your eyes at the bright light and yawned. It was Saturday and Steve promised you that today would be rest day for the two of you.
You grabbed the nearest shirt behind you which happened to be Steve’s and walked out of bed to find your boyfriend.

Steve was laying down on the couch watching some random movie snuggling a pillow. You tried your best to walk into the living room without him hearing.

“Babe. I can hear you” Steve shouted facing his head towards you quickly and cracking a smile when his eyes met yours. You giggled and jogged towards him onto the couch.

“Are you wearing my shirt?” Steve asked curiously looking at you up and down. “Yes. Do you have a problem?” You replied flipping your hair. “No you look amazing doll. Come here” he said tugging you closer to his body. He grabbed you by your hips lightly and pulled you into his lap as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…” Steve whispered placing a sweet kiss on your lips. “Shut up” you mumbled kissing him back.

Like a Dream(P.2)

Title: Like a Dream(P.2)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: N/A for this chapter.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.

“What do we do with the girl?” Parker smirked, kneeling in front of me, a toothpick sticking from his mouth. I wasn’t the dark, scary ‘queen’ in this scene, so I put on my best look of fear and turned my wide eyes from Parker to Robbie. My hair was styled to look wet, slightly dirty and they added extensions to make it look even longer. 

My hands and feet were bound together and I was propped up against the front of Robbie’s legs as he stared down at me in his Peter Pan outfit. An evil grin spread across his face as he ran his tongue over his lips. 

“Bring her along. She could be of some use, I’m sure.” Robbie said darkly, helping Parker lift me up. Parker turned me to where I was facing Robbie and the Brit tugged the bound from my mouth and stepped closer, his face inches from mine. “Welcome to Neverland, Lost Girl.”

He kept his eyes on me as the camera zoomed in on the two of us before the director yelled cut. Robbie moved quick to step back from me and then leaned down to help undo the binds on my legs. Parker reached around to untie my hands. “That was bloody good.” Robbie said with a smile, his eyes completely skipping over Parker’s arms around me untying the other binds. 

“Yeah, brilliant.” Parker replied, scruffing up my hair before heading off stage. He turned back to myself and Robbie and raised a brow. “Well, I’m starving, are you two coming?”

I chuckled, glancing over to Robbie and giving a shrug. “I could use a bite to eat.” 

“Might as well. We do have interviews tonight at the tv series new premier.” Robbie said with a smile. “Though considering none of our characters on in the tv anymore, it’s quite entertaining that they still like us to show up.” 

“Good way to promote the movie.” Parker said as he lead the way to the dressing areas. “But we should get out of costume before we leave to go eat.”

I giggled a bit. “Aww, Felix…You don’t want to be swarmed by fangirls?” 

Robbie laughed. “As much as I’d love to see Parker try to fight his way through a group of Panlix shippers, I’m more worried about the new fans.”

Parker couldn’t help the grin as he let one of the HMUA’s start removing his hair pieces and makeup. I sat beside him and Robbie sat on the other side. “Panra is the new craze. A one minute teaser trailer and everyone has already boarded your ship.” 

I tilted my head back into the sink so they could rinse the product from my hair and let out a light laugh. “They’re more interested in the ship of myself and Robbie as actors, not our characters.”

“How do you know that?” Robbie asked with a laugh. 

“I got curious and searched the Panra tag on tumblr.” I laughed. “No doubt there will be quite a bit of fanfics and pictures just from tonight’s interviews.” 

After we got our hair and makeup removed, I stayed back for a bit to restyle my look before heading to go change. The boys were already finished and waiting outside by the time I met them out there, I gave parker a sheepish grin when he turned around and caught sight of me, nudging Robbie to pay attention. “Sorry it took so long.”

Robbie glanced over his shoulder, blinking slowly before he turned around, clearing his throat. “Uh..Yeah not a problem. Are we ready?”

“Mhm!” I hummed happily, sliding into the back of Parker’s car and shutting the door. 

Parker raised a brow, looking over at Robbie with a smirk. “You’ve sure lasted longer then some of the others and myself thought.”

Robbie made his way towards the passenger side door and gave Parker a pointed look. “What are you getting at?”

“I’m just saying, you obviously like her. I’m surprised you haven’t asked her out yet.” He said as he walked around the front of the car. 

“I don’t date coworkers…And…I don’t like her.” He swallowed, running his hands through his hair. “Hurry up.” Robbie tugged the door open and slid in before Parker could say anything more. 

They drove towards the restaurant listening to music most of the way. Parker turned the music down, looking in his rearview mirror to catch Y/N’s gaze. “Are you nervous about the first publications tonight? I know we’ve been filming for a bit over two weeks, but you haven’t actually done any interviews yet, have you?”

I shook my head and gave a small smile. “Not yet, but I’m excited. Nervous for sure, but mostly excited.”

He pulled into the parking lot and grinned back at me. “Well, just stick with me and I’ll help you through it, yeah?”

“Thank you.” I smiled, not noticing the small glare Robbie had sent in Parker’s direction. “I’m gonna go in and use the restroom real fast.” 

I slid out of the car and made my way inside, leaving the two behind.

“What was that look for?” Parker asked as they made their way out of the vehicle.

“Stick with me and I’ll help you through it.” Robbie repeated with a roll of his eyes. “What’s that about?”

“What?” Parker pretended to be offended. “I’m trying to be nice. This is all new to her.”

“Tch. She can handle herself just fine.” Robbie rolled his eyes. “You’re obviously flirting with her.”

Parker laughed lightly. “Can’t I? You just said you didn’t like her.”

“I don’t.” Robbie shot back, trying to calm his attitude. “But Felix is a huge part of this production and so is Akira’s part. Any personal drama could screw that up.”

Parker shrugged. “I keep my personal drama to myself. It wouldn’t alter anything. But if you’re not gonna pursue her…”

Robbie shook his head, knowing Parker was just trying to egg a reaction out of him. “Trying to make me jealous isn’t gonna change the fact that I’m not interested.”

“Alright.” Parker chuckled, letting the hostess sit them down at a table. The two smiled when I finally came back to sit with them. 

Later that night, Robbie and Parker dropped me off at my place so I could get ready for the premier. I promised to meet up with them as soon as we got to the building.

A friend of mine came over to do my hair and makeup, I had met her on the set, she was one of the HMUA’s, but she was honestly one of the nicest there. 

“What do you wanna do?” She asked, looking at me through the mirror.

“I don’t know. Something incredibly different…stunning.” I said with a blush as I glanced down. 

She grinned. “Trying to impress someone?”

“Of course not. I just want to make a good first impression.”

With a laugh, she grabbed her tools. “Well alright, I’ll be sure to make you breathtaking.”

She didn’t disappoint. I made my way onto the red carpet with my hair and makeup done so well I barely recognized myself. It was my dress however, that I think made most people stop to get a second look. Even Josh and Ginnifer had to come up to me because they couldn’t believe it was me. 

I wore a mint green(my favorite color) ball gown dress. It was a tight corset, bright green ribbon tied it together in the back and the bottom was made out of tulle that flowed elegantly to the floor. 

I searched around after Josh and Gin walked away. Trying to find Robbie and Parker before I got pulled into an interview by myself. I caught sight of Robbie a distance away, already talking to an interviewer. 

There was no way I was going to walk in on that and possibly embarrass him or myself. I looked around some more for Parker, I swung around in my dress to keep walking towards the entrance when a hand encircled my waist and paused us for a picture. “Doesn’t this Neverland Queen look absolutely stunning tonight?” Parker grinned, turning us back to the interviewer.

The interviewer gushed about my dress before beginning a string of questions, most directed at Parker. “So what about Felix? Our ring leader is getting some romance from this stunning actress, what about Felix?”

Robbie was making his way towards us, I turned my head to give him a smile before Parker squeezed my side with a grin of his own. “Well I’m not supposed to tell, but the truth is, Y/N is actually totally into Felix, but she knows it would make Peter’s temper just go off.”

The two of us laughed a bit as Robbie slid in between us, breaking the connection from Parker to me. “Have you seen the teaser trailer?” He laughed, looking at Felix. “That scene in the rain…Do I need to say anymore?”

I blushed brightly, but the interviewer only laughed along with Robbie and Parker. “Robbie, speaking of that scene…How did it feel? You’ve been in a few shows and movies, but as far as we’ve seen, this is your first…heated scene, correct?”

“How did it feel?” Robbie snorted, his nose wrinkling. “I’m sure there are a handful of actors who would have liked to trade places with me.” He placed a hand on my back, pushing me in front of them. “Just look at this girl. What a beauty, right!?”

Another interviewer stole Robbie away while the same one continued to interview Parker, giving me a few questions about if I was nervous with this being my first movie. After a bit, I was able to steal away to watch Robbie talk to one of the girls. “Now tell us about Y/N, she’s new to the game, right? What can you say about her?”

Robbie smiled brightly, he hadn’t seen me walking towards him yet, but I stopped so he wouldn’t be interrupted. “Y/N is an amazing actress, you should have seen her audition! Complete raw talent right there, she’s bloody fantastic.”

“So I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about you two online.” The girl continued. 

The boy laughed a bit bashfully, nodding his head. “Yeah, we were just talking about that this afternoon actually. I guess people aren’t just boarding the Panra ship?”

The girl chuckled. “I guess they see the chemistry between you two isn’t just acting. Do you agree?” 

Robbie looked to the side, finally catching my gaze before smiling softly, his attention back on the camera. “I do and I don’t. I mean rumors are just rumors, there isn’t anything between my coworkers and I, but I also know that Y/N is a fantastic actress and she can make it seem incredibly real just by being around her on set. A lot of the chemistry you’re seeing is just her talent.”

“Yours included?”

He laughed. “Yeah, sure. Mine included.”

He gestured for me to join him and then pointed at the camera. “My talent aside though, this girl right here is about to completely take over the Hollywood film industry, you just wait.”

“What about you Y/N? What’s it like working with Robbie?”

I gave a smile and looked over at the boy before turning my gaze back to the camera. “It’s utterly shocking how good Robbie is at playing such a dark character, because he is literally such a bubbly person and so charming.” I laughed a bit and gave my own dark grin. “Of course, Peter Pan must be just as charming to win over Akira.” 

The rest of the night we moved rom interview to interview as Robbie kept dusting off rumors about the two of us and I tried to steer questions away from it as well. At one point during an interview with Colin, Parker snuck on screen and kissed my cheek, holding up a sign that said ‘#Felra’. 

Colin pouted and demanded a kiss of his own and then pointed at the camera. “I don’t have a fancy sign, but we’re gonna begin boarding the Captain Akira ship!”

Once the interviews and pictures settled down, I made my way over to Robbie and Parker and we made our way into the building to sit down with each other. “Golly, there’s a lot of people shipping you two, you were not lying.”

I nodded, my eyes a bit heavy. “Told you.”

“Are you falling asleep?” Robbie said with a laugh.

“Absolutely not.” I replied, forcing my eyes open to look at the screen. “I’m wide awake.”

Parker chuckled from next to me and took a bite of popcorn. “Sure looks like it.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and then the show started, with it quieting down and the room darkening, I suddenly realized just how tired I was. After a few moments, I dosed off and my head slumped over, right onto Robbie’s shoulder.

Parker looked over and raised a brow, smirking when Robbie caught his gaze. “Shut up.” He whispered, looking back at the screen.

“I didn’t say anything.” He laughed. 

“You don’t need to either. It’s not a big deal.”

“Of course not.” Parker replied, grabbing his phone to snap a picture before Robbie could stop him. “Instagram fans are gonna get a kick outta this.”

Winn Schott Relationship Headcanons
  • Having a loving and nerdy relationship
  • Weekly movie nights with Jimmy, Kara ,and Alex
  • Nerding out together over superhero movies
  • Forehead kisses
  • Working at the cubicle across from him
  • Mrs. Grant silently shipping you two
  • Him complimenting you on EVERYTHING
  • “Your hair looks lovely today”
  • “My hair looks like this everyday”
  • Going to Kara every time you wanna talk about Winn
  • Just being Kara’s best friend
  • Comforting him after what happened with his dad
  • Feeling jealous about Siobhan Smythe when she comes to CatCo.
  • Him reassuring you he doesn’t like her
  • But then him being jealous over Barry
  • Giving him jaw kisses because yes
  • Hugging him around his waist
  • Cuddles whilst watching Doctor Who
  • Inviting him and the SuperSquad to Thanksgiving dinner
  • Doubting yourself because you’re not a fighter like Alex and Kara
  • Him reassuring you that he thinks you’re still amazing
  • Always buying pastries for breakfast
  • Being his date to the CatCo parties
  • Any time there’s a Fort Rozz escapee on the loose, he calls you to make sure you’re okay
30 Day Writing Challenge Day 12: Perfect

“Phichit!” Yuuri yelled, running into the apartment he shared with his best friend. His hair was a mess and he was wearing the same clothes from yesterday; Anyone who saw him could easily tell he never went home last night.

By the look on Phichits face, he realized that too.

Yuuri! Where were you last night?”

“You’ll never guess what happened to me.”

Phichit got up from his seat on the couch and walked over to his best friend. He threw his arm around Yuuri’s shoulder, pulling him into the living room, “Wasn’t yesterday the day you went in as an extra for that new Victor Nikiforov movie, you know, the guy whose face is all over you bedroom?” He turned and looked at him with a shit eating grin, “What, did you sleep with his stunt double?”

“No,” Yuuri squeaked, “I slept with him!

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To me,  Björn Andrésen is like a real Wolfram. At least in this picture, because his expression and hair and eyes really suits Wolf. Here’s the original portrait:

I decided to use this idea for a couple of shitty edits, I know it’s not the best quality but at least I had fun with it xD Also, I’ve been always amazed by Takarazuka costumes, and I was dying to use these clothes mixed with the pics. 

In these photos Björn is playing as Tadzio from Death in Venice, the movie that made him famous. The curious side about all this is the character was a hit on japan, and the looks of “beautiful boy” inspired what we know today as bishounens in manga and anime. So, maybe I’m not that crazy and T-sense was thinking about this guy when she wrote about Wolfram the first time :B The movie is from 1971 so she could be one of the teenager fanatics of the pretty boy looks of Tadzio.

And I’ll use this for the MA-Event anyway, I’ll add it as an entry for past month xDDDD 

phoenixtsukino  asked:

"Give me a TV series and I’ll tell you" ask meme: The Flash

Well, this was fun to write. Thanks for asking!

Favourite character: IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE! But I think I’ll go with Cisco. Being such such an essential member of the Flash team, he is intelligent, good-natured, positive, and not to mention completely adorkable with his movie quotes and graphic tees. Did I mention he has superpowers? He’s the light of my life istg.

Funniest character: Cisco Ramon, need I say more? ;)

Best-looking character: Iris West. How does she always look so flawless, like how?!?! Her fashion, make-up, hair, her everything is forever on point. I love her.

3 favourite ships: WestAllen. They’re just so meant to be. I’m a sucker for relationships between best friends who know each other better than anything and who are always there for each other no matter what. 

Coldflash is also a quality ship. I like how they both balance each other out. Barry being a pure, good cinnamon roll who cares about others and slowly dissolving Len’s coldness is what I live for.

Caitlin Snow x Happiness. Please leave the girl alone and stop killing her fiances/partners. Let her live. 

Bonus: Iris West x Eddie Thawne. They were really good together. I know it was a typical love triangle plot, but honestly, Eddie was the sweetest guy, and they just cared so much about each other. I support Iris being with anyone who makes her happy. 

Least favourite character: I’d say Zoom by default. There aren’t too many characters I hate in the Flash, but he killed so many people, terrorized an entire earth of people, and put Caitlin through hell. Ugh.

Least favourite ship: Hmmm I’m pretty okay with most ships on the Flash (Barrisco, Wally West x Jessie Quick, etc.) but I suppose it would have to be Wells x Barry/Cisco or Caitlin Snow x Cisco. I like them strictly as friends, Caitlin and Cisco being one of my favourite brotps since episode 1.

Reason why I watch it: (1) to watch Barry fk up the timeline and (2) to see if my favs are still alive and well. 

Why I started watching it: I was already a huge nerd who spent most of her free time watching superhero movies and playing video games. When I heard a new superhero tv show was going to premiere, it gave me a chance to do what I always wanted, to get more into comic books/DC/Marvel… And so began my descent into dctv hell.

Phan: Dandelion

Wordcount: 563
Genre: Fluff
Summary: pastel!Dan and punk!Phil have a movie night.
A/N: I wrote this one as a thank you for lesterboobs, because she gave me something I really wanted. Hope you enjoy!

The lights in the room were dimmed, the TV being the brightest source of light. Blankets and pillows lay on the floor, building a cosy nest to curl up in. Dan’s head was resting on Phil’s chest, the older teenager’s arm was lying over his shoulders, and he traced the patterns of the many tattoos on Phil’s other arm lazily with the tips of his fingers.

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1981 Bruce Campbell: What a dork, look at this child, post-pubescent nasal voice, ridiculous bangs, protect this poor infant he’s only doing his best.

1987 Bruce Campbell: Still a dork but now exponentially hotter, straight up MAN, gr8 hair, perfect skin beneath the sweat and tempera blood, a little chauvinistic but generally decent and one hell of a physical comedy performer.

1992 Bruce Campbell: Total sexist dick to almost everyone but DAMN LOOK AT THAT BODY, HELLO THERE MR. CAMPBELL CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER, the metal hand + chin + sword combo is A Look, talk about groovy, I forgive you for fucking everything up through bullshittery.

Cuddy Bunny (Derek Luh)

I feel like i just died. My makeup was crazy and my hair was everywhere. I was coughing non stop. My throat felt like I shoved a thousand cotton balls in it. I looked in the mirror seeing my nose all red and my eyes puffy. I hate being sick. I needed someone to cuddle with. I called up my best friend Derek asking him to bring me some food and hurry his ass to my house to cuddle and watch a movie. He laughed agreeing to come and hung up. I took off my makeup. My skin was pale and red. I really care what he thinks but fuck it. I put my hair in a messy bun and changed into my Offspring top that went past my butt. I took off my bra and pants. I layed out on the couch trying to get cozy. “I’m here mami!” I looked up to see Derek coming in with food and movies. I smiled getting up and hugging him. “Wow are you um do i do…” I looked at him then laughed. I remembered I didn’t have pants on and no bra. “No Derek I’m sick!” I pushed him making him smile. I grabbed the pizza setting it on the tanle and bending over. I saw Derek looking at my ass. I turned on some music grabbing his hands to make him stand. I smiled dancing on him. He was still holding my waist. I stopped and looked in his eyes. “What you don’t like the show?” I asked winking. He smirked sitting back down. “As much as I do Y/N I want pizza!” I stopped his hand. “Wouldn’t you like to eat something else?” I bit my lip as his eyes got big. “D I’m joking keep it in your pants!” I said grabbing a pizza and laying next to him. He started Hurcules and we both cuddled into eachother. I looked up at him singing along to the songs. I put my finger on his beauty mark poking it. “You know you’re cute when you’re sick!” He said looking at me. I smiled taking his hand in mine. “I have no makeup on and I’m all sweaty and gross!” I said laughing. He looked back at the screen saying something. “What?” I asked straddling him. He gulped putting his hands on my hips. I smiled moving his hands further up for him. “Your hands are cold!” I said leaning in putting my head on his. He smiled playing with my shirt. “Make the move….” I said looking in his lustful eyes. He looked right back into mine flipping us over. He pinned me to the couch tracing my hips. He looked back into my eyes kissing my lips. My stomach was turning and my body was melting. Our lips moved feeling my heart beat faster and faster. He pulled away looking at me. I laughed bringing him back to cuddle me. “You’re beautiful without makeup and of course with no bra…. But you are so cute when you’re sick!” He smiled wrapping his arms around me and watching the movie.