his hair look like guy hair

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I work opening shift... + kylux :D

Kylo had barely gotten out of his car when he saw him standing there.
Every morning Kylo works the opening shift at the coffee shop, and every morning this asshole is waiting for him. With his perfect hair, and preppy clothes, always looking like he just walked out of a vogue magazine.
How does this guy do it? Kylo can barely keep his eyes open and only manages to pat down his unruly hair before work. And this guy, who hasn’t even had his coffee yet, always looks flawless.
Hux. Kylo only knew his name from taking his order every morning. Hux always looked perfect.
“Mornin’” Kylo offered weakly as he unlocked the door.
“Good morning. My regular, please, you know how I like it.”
Hux went over to his usual couch and opening his laptop as Kylo began setting up. He was always patient, waiting for Kylo to finish preparing the cafe before making his drink.
Hux was all Kylo thought about every day. He looked forward to seeing what new outfit Hux would wear to the coffee shop. He never thought he was into preppy guys until he saw one so wonderful as Hux.
“Ready,” Kylo called, finally waking up.
Hux was about to pay before Kylo stopped him.
“It’s on the house. If you tell me one thing.”
Hux raised his brow at him, clearly confused.
“Um. Okay?”
“How the hell do you look so perfect every day?”
Kylo was glad his manager wasn’t here or else he surely would have been fired on the spot.
Hux’s eyes widened a bit and his face went a pretty shade of light pink.
“Oh, I, you see…” Hux started, now starting to get shy. He was sweating, Kylo could tell, and his face was getting redder. It was the first time he was starting to look like a mess. “I dress nice for you.”
Now it was Kylo’s turn to be shocked.
“Oh.” He felt his own face go hot at the realization. This whole time, he should have known.
“Is the drink still on the house?” Hux asked shyly, smiling slightly.
Kylo blinked himself back to reality before answering.
“Oh, yeah, of course.”
Hux reached for the drink, but Kylo wasn’t done.
“And maybe you could let me return the favor some time? Let me dress up nice and take you out?”
Hux smiled wide, taking his drink.
“Yes, definitely.”
Kylo smiled back, excited to see Hux look perfect in places other than the coffee shop.


suddenly, hogwarts AU and everyone is babies??! idk it’s out of my system now don’t tell me to draw anyone else or argue with me about house choices it’s done i’m going to bed now!!!!

Explaining BIGBANG members to normal people like

First, we have a rich screaming bird dressing like the weed man. Yes, he’s the leader. He hangs out in museums and abroad more than in Korea actually. Every time you blink, he’s changed his hair and outfit.

Second, there is a furniture lover who looks like Groot. Dancing is not his forte though, but definitely singing the chorus. He’s from outer space, a citizen of the honorable planet Doom Dada where showing skin is prohibited by law. Once caught on camera while peeing on rich bird.

Third, there’s a guy who pretends to be a celestial object. You can tell that he’s hot, doesn’t need clothes to keep himself warm. His hair stylist has some real issues. If you like quality dance: bias him. But if you dislike people spreading bs on social media… don’t do it.

Fourth: The only decent one in the group. Nah, just kidding. He might not see anything due to his hair helmet but this guy will roast you better than Jackson Wang and Key combined. Fans call him angel but don’t buy into that, those jokes and hip movements are nothing but satanic.

Fifth… where do I even start. Let’s put it like this, he’s got more Dirty Vibe than the leader. His hobby is sitting on other group’s maknaes. Can talk about love and in several languages by mere imitation. If that snake YG ever retires, this guy will take things over.

100% scientific grading of all (most) Dragon Age companions/advisors


Alistair: Is a sweetheart who does his best and is a fantastic tank and has great hair, great sense of humor, I just want to hug him, rating: A+

Dog: Faithful, loyal, pees on things, (Happy bark!), rating: A+

Leliana: looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you, likes the way you do your hair, is a sweetheart, rating: A+

Morrigan: will put a spell on you (and now you’re hers), #1 witch, becomes a great mom even though her own upbringing wasn’t that great, rating: A+

Oghren: goes into the Deep Roads to try to find his wife, doesn’t give a flying nug, rating: A+

Shale: is a giant rock, great voice, great backstory, rating: A+

Sten: so Qunari he makes the Arishok look small-time, learns over time to respect the Warden, rating: A+

Wynne: #1 Grandma, great healer, is playing the long game so she can troll everyone in Asunder, rating: A+

Zevran: Best accent, beautiful hair and skin complexion, “for you I would march into the Black City itself, never doubt it!”, rating: A+

Loghain Mac Tir: honestly you don’t have a daughter like Anora unless you’re kicking ass and taking names yourself, rating: A+


Anders: is fucking adorable, will save all cats, ~Anders’ spicy shimmy~, #1 healer but seriously make him an Arcane Warrior for a good time, rating: A+

Justice: Fade spirit just doing his best, wants to help everyone, looks good in plate, rating: A+

Nathaniel Howe: Loves Amaranthine, defends his family but also learns to see their faults, is definitely gonna bang my Cousland on top of his dad’s grave, rating: A+

Oghren: “You joined the Grey Wardens?  Really?”  “You said it would be hot!”  “WE WERE ROLEPLAYING!” rating: A+

Sigrun: oh my god she’s so cute but also smashes darkspawn in the face, DESERVES A BETTER ENDING for sure, rating: A+

Velanna: Goodnight shemlen b/c Velanna is coming for you, doesn’t give any shits, is prob. one of the biggest badasses in the series, rating: A+


Anders: WAS RIGHT, fuck the templars, how can one feathermage be so pure, has loved Hawke for three years oh my god? voiced by Adam Howden who donated money to a GoFundMe for my sister’s sick cat (true story), rating: A+

Aveline: WILL TANK ALL OF THEDAS, do no harm but take no shit, will beat Hawke’s ass if necessary, “real nice night for an evening!” rating: A+

Bethany: who’s the best BETHANY’S THE BEST, Hawke’s #1 biggest most supportive fan, definitely best haircare routine and the most pure, rating: A+

Carver: does his best, actually secretly loves Hawke deep down inside, they probably built pillow forts together as kids and were def. best friends, rating: A+

Fenris: best spiky broody elf in any franchise, prob. the smartest individual in the entire Kirkwall Crew honestly, trying his hardest to move on, voiced by Gideon Emery and everything that guy touches turns to gold, rating: A+

Isabela: #1 pirate queen, has a heart of gold and loves Hawke, she just loves Hawke so much????? she’s going to let the Kirkwall Crew live happily ever after on her pirate ship I’m so proud of her, rating: A+

Merrill: dESERVED BETTER in every respect, just wants to help everyone??? Loves Mahariel and Tamlen so mucH?? Merrill/FHawke is such a pure ship omg, rating: A+

Sebastian Vael: definitely tries his best and wants so hard to live up to his name, will shot you with bow, makes that outfit look honestly stylin’, #1 accent in all of the Free Marches, rating: A+

Varric: Actual #1 Bro™, there is no bro who has ever bro’d harder, HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH HAWKE IS honestly, probably the best friendship in any game, like this if you cry every tim, rating: A+


Blackwall: Can we discuss that beard tho, just doing his best, honestly the best banter, “What can a grey warden do?” “save the fucking world if pressed”, rating: A+

Cassandra: holy shit is htere a bigger badass in Thedas no there is not, did you guys watch the anime holy shit.  if she met Aveline it would be the unstoppable force meets the immovable object honestly, rating: A+

Cole: pure spirit child, “he’s only 12 years old and already more psychic than his dad” - dril, dies a lot when he’s in my party i’m sorry Cole, rating: A+

Dorian: actual most  styling man out there, had to leave Tevinter because he was so damn stylish he was putting the rest of the Imperium to shame, oh my god he’s just like, best friends with your Inquisitor and it’s so?? pure? rating: A+

Iron Bull: lmao it’s over for you if you get in trouble with this guy also the Chargers are basically? great? and he’s so good to Krem?? voiced by a guy who loves this job and loves video games, rating: A+

Sera: is gonna throw bees at your head and is looks good in plaidweave, deserves better, most unique accent in the series, has good taste in ladies, rating: A+

Solas: it was Egg who caused the trouble but honestly he’s doing his best, gets approval anytime you’re nice to like anyone, GREAT artist, i heard there was a secret chord that david played and it pleased the lord but you don’t really care for music do you? it goes like this the fourth the fifth the minor fall the major lift the baffled king composing hallelujah???  rating: A+

Varric: guess who’s back, back again, Varric’s back, and tbh he’s just so good and he helps everyone and is helping the inquisitor b/c he cares so much, rating: A+

Vivienne: WOW has anyone ever looked so goddamn gorgeous, probably not, way too stylish for you plebeians, i only wish i could raise myself to her level, but i also don’t want her to ever lower her standards which she would have to do to even talk to me, rating: A+

Cullen: has been through a lot of shit and come out surprisingly chill, admits his mistakes, loves dogs like all good Fereldans, definitely got that lip scar from Hawke though, rating: A+

Josephine: honestly the best fashion sense in Skyhold, those ruffles though, is very pure?? I just want to cuddle her on the couch forever, make her some rice krispy treats and then take her on a vacation because she deserves it, rating: A+

Leliana: Murderpope best pope, rating: A+

min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: finally my hair doesn't match our albums anymore
  • Jimin: guys check it out i dyed my hair pink now i look like the right version!
  • Yoongi: *already reaching for the blue dye* wow what a coincidence

Dan Stevens was a hot Prince, I hate how people are saying he is ugly. If I was Belle I would be head over heels for him, gosh that hair warms my heart. He was even hot in his aristocrat rococo french get up in the beginning of the film, he looked like a hot flashy rockstar in it. I’m always different lol most girls my age are into short haired ripped guys like Chris Evans, and I’m just like blahh…..

No cons nearby, yet I still managed to spot the elusive Wild Human Sans at a local Subway near my house. How do I know this is human Sans?

1. He never took his hands out of his pockets while he ordered, even when he was pointing at things! (EDIT: He took them out when I took my pictures, apparently! Eee!)

2. He got chipotle sauce and Subway vinaigrette TOGETHER on his sub. I assume this is because they don’t have ketchup.


Imagine Semi and Akaashi meeting

I also picture them sassing each other about Tendou and Bokuto…..
Like first it’d be them feeling sorry for each other but then it starts a salt war-

Semi- “Oh man, I’m sorry that he slaughters your name all the time, that must be hard”

Akaashi- “I’m more sorry that you have to deal with Tendou-san’s songs all the time.”

Semi- “Eh at least he’s not our captain, sucks that you have to have Bokuto as your captain, it’s a miracle you guys made it to nationals.”

Akaashi- “…………at least Bokuto isn’t a fucking Otaku.”

Semi- “………..better to have an Otaku than a damn emo mood swinging child on my team.”

Akaashi- “At least Bokuto-san looks cool with his hair style, Tendou looks like a wanna-be DBZ character!”

Semi- “Oh yEaH cause having hair that looks like it’s graying is sO cOoL.”

Akaashi- “Well Bokuto-san actually tries to be nice to people, unlike Tendou, all he does is make fun of others, even those on his same team!”



theatre au for your otp
  • they work as actors in a theatre and the theatre is putting on phantom of the opera
  • they get cast as raoul and the phantom
  • they are really good actors (and singers) so they think the other likes the girl playing christine
  • so there starts to be a thing that starts with them flirting with the girl to make the other jealous
  • but then because they’re both doing it they start to sort of fight over the girl
  • and they’re really just trying to impress the other
  • and the girl figures it out and she’s gay and has a girlfriend
  • so on the opening night she tells them both she hopes it goes well because her girlfriend is in the audience
  • and they sort of look at each other and look at her and leave blushing furiously
  • and ten minutes later they reappear and the guy playing raoul almost gets killed by hair and makeup because it’s ten minutes till the curtain goes up and his hair is a wreck and several of his shirt buttons are undone and he’s “meant to be a handsome stately count and he looks like he fell in a ditch”
  • and the guy playing the phantom gets off with a warning because he’s not on for a while but “this better not happen again or you’ll be playing joseph buquet and we won’t use a prop”
  • so they don’t make out just before performances again for fear of their lives
  • but the people on the front row can see raoul in the corner watching very intently in point of no return
  • and the phantom is surprisingly gentle with raoul when he is meant to be strangling him
  • and should christine be smirking to the side???? shouldn’t she be horrified that the phantom is trying to kill her fiancé???
  • and the producers are terrified that it’s going to flop because it was glaringly obvious that raoul and the phantom are gay for each other
  • it doesn’t but it is mentioned in every single review that there was a “certain extra tension” between them
  • and all three of them get chewed out for it so after opening night they get back into their heterosexual roles
  • and the girlfriend of the girl playing christine finds it all absolutely hilarious
y’all can we talk about how great Arario is
  • first of all it was ot13
  • hojoon was serving looks i can’t get over it
  • the spinny thing with seogoong and p-goon at the end
  • traditional concept mixed with the hip hop ideas
  • iconic a-tom hair
  • sassy!hansol with the fan
  • sangdo was also really swag and it was great
  • those masks dude
  • drunk man!jenissi
  • also like everyone looked good all the time
  • favorite hair on xero tbh
  • this was nakta’s era guys
  • p-goon lifts his shirt in the dance practice and i need water
  • b-joo looking ethereal
  • dance line really showed their stuff
  • p-goon jumps over xero
  • nakta’s vocals
  • the fans
  • their live show outfits(like those bright ass yellow ones)
  • gohn, just everything about gohn
  • god bamm a-tom got a bomb bomb and pow
  • this was such a bop guys
My Toddmortal

Hi my name is Jason Peter “Edgy white hair” Todd and I have black hair with white streaks (that’s how I got my name) and icy white eyes like mask holes and a lot of people tell me I look like Scott Lobdell (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Kyle Rayner but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a dead guy but my teeth are straight and white. I don’t have pasty white skin like that asshole Joker. I’m also a assassin, and I go to a cool cave in Gotham City where I’m training under Bruce “fuck off” Wayne. I’m a angsty emo teen (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a red helmet with a face, and a domino mask underneath it, a brown jacket and a black shirt with a bat on it. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Gotham and stealing tires. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Bruce Wayne stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

Ivar headcanon : before and in a relationship


• feeling in competition with every guys you hang with
• he could sing you every songs you want just to please you, he has such a lovely voice
• investigate to know what you likes
• always try to put his hair good before meeting you 
• playing every sort of games, complain a lot when you win 
• would enjoy teach you fighting 


• cutting his hair
• give you necklace he made himself
• thank you every night to make his life more special 
• really good with his fingers if you know what I mean
• touch your legs under the table and make you blush
• looking at kids with envy 
• give him private dance session 

// Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus //


“Leo looked like a Latino Santa’s elf, with curly black hair, pointy ears, a cheerful, babyish face, and a mischievous smile that told you right away this guy should not be trusted around matches or sharp objects. His long, nimble fingers wouldn’t stop moving—drumming on the seat, sweeping his hair behind his ears, fiddling with the buttons of his army fatigue jacket.“

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