his hair is so pretty ugh

There's a cute boy in my Eco Class... HELP

There’s this cute boy in my Econ class and he’s so cute. Honestly, he looks like a younger version of Dean and I’m SHOOK(he even has his hair style and everything😫). He sits right across from me so we end up seeing each other and shyly smiling but we never really talk… well… Except for today! We just started randomly complementing each other’s outfits and UGH. I’m pretty sure everyone in my class knows I have a crush on him and I swear my face never turns red but IT WAS RUBY RED. My only problem is that I’ve never talked to a boy and I have no idea how to talk to him without freaking out. HELP!

KM & BW: Forgive me, I forgot to actually give you the advice! I say get someone to help you communicate with him if you can’t or write him a letter :)

An Appreciation of One of Chanyeol’s Talents

I have been working on this post for a week or two now, collecting gifs because of reasons. I wasn’t asked to do it, but I wanted to. Maybe this can be an addition to my trashcan posts? I don’t know. 


Have you seen Chanyeol play the drums? No?…

Honestly it is so attractive…

But maybe that’s because guys who play drums or guitars hurt my heart…

Have you seen that he likes to strip at his drums?…

It’s just the outer layer but it is so sexy when he throws it to the floor…

Sometimes he plays looking very fancy…

But then sometimes he loosens his tie o.o…

Or he wears the outfit from Love Me Right…

Have you seen him pour water all over his body? Cause that is pretty great…


No really, look again; I can’t unsee this…

Ugh, no Chanyer…stop it…

And I can’t even talk about this shit…

His facial expressions when playing are pretty great…

Hey, there is his tongue…

That hair flip…

I don’t even know what face that was at the end but I dig it…


Seriously, Chanyeol I don’t even bias you. Calm the fuck down, I don’t need this in my life. -_-

BONUS: Chanyer playing the guitar~…


So I guess for me this just adds to the many ways Chanyeol is talented. I don’t care what people say about his dancing or anything else they complain about; Chanyeol is talented and he deserves to be respected and supported for that. This is just another reason to love him out of many~


im fucking crying……. this is the best night of my life!!! adam fucking looked at me!!!!! and i was so happy with my look (even tho i had to do my makeup in a moving car and i ended up having no time to do my hair but it ended up pretty ok) but FUCK!! adam means so much to me, like 80% of my personality is inspired by and encouraged by him and his music.. i used to get teased freshman year for dressing up like him to school but fuck it!! it makes me feel truly like myself!! ugh sorry this probably makes no sense im exhausted but im just absolutely in love with everything right now❤️❤️❤️

yunantheguardian  asked:

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[Rogue Rants; Accepting]


Thoughts on the character: I mean it’s yunan, how can you not love him? Out of all the magi he’s my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great, but Yunan is like that hipster naturalist or something. I think it’s really cool how he’s this stunning guy and chooses to live in a more simple manner. He’s humble and he’s good. Plus his hair is gorgeous ok, like A+. This man is just a massive pretty sweetheart and I love him.

Have you interacted before:  I mean if I recall right we had like a small crack thread but we haven’t really done much outside of that. (though we should!!)

Favorite part of portrayal: I have to pick just one? ugh ok fine. They capture his kindness so well. I think often it’s sometimes hard to roleplay someone who is unfathomably kind. You want your muse to lash out and in many ways it’s easier to be the villain. I myself struggle with overwhelmingly kind characters. Still, the mun seems to write that warmth with ease. I can almost feel the goodness radiating off their muse and let me tell you, that’s something really special. 

One piece of advice: Bother me, come into my inbox, send me plots, throw your Yunan at me. Like you play him so wonderfully just like…let me love your boy.

A verse (mine or theirs) I want a thread in: I can’t pick just one…any of them, all of them, mine or yours, just do the thing. 

Thoughts on the mun: You know there’s a reason you can feel Yunan’s goodness radiating through their replies and it’s because this mun is a cinnamon roll to the max, like this sweetheart over here just needs all the love and hugs, A+ human being. Wonderful, wonderful mun. 1000/10 would recommend to chit chat with. Mun is literally Yunan in my opinion, couple of sweet peas just getting by.

Reiji x Fem!Reader x Ranmaru

You bet, I know who this is! SMH! I don’t typically judge but because it’s you I’m soooooo judging. Anyway, I feel pretty rusty. Sorry if this is bad. 

Getting right to it.

You took a deep breath as the silver haired idol took slow steps toward you. His expression was absolutely unreadable. As his hand reached forward to tilt your face up to him, you could feel his need for possession through his fingers tightly clenching your jaw. You gulped hard. Despite the other man behind you placing kisses on your bare back, he wanted all of your attention. His cold stare warmed as he leaned forward to capture your lips in a possessive kiss. The brunette’s gentle kisses on your back turned into harsh nibbles. No doubt because of Ranmaru getting the first kiss. He forced his tongue into your mouth, exploring all of which Reiji hadn’t yet had the privileged.

Kisses inching down your spine until he been interrupted by the fabric covering your lower half. You felt Reiji’s fingers slipping under the waistband of your underwear, slowly sliding them down. Surely, he’d planted kisses on the newly exposed part of your body as well. Warm hands groping your ass before rearing back laying a hard smack causing a jolt to run throughout your body and Ranmaru groaned at the feeling of you biting his tongue. Out of panic, you broke the kiss. Before you could utter an apology, he grabbed a fist full of your hair and forced his tongue into mouth once again as if to ask you to do it again. 

“Mn.” he moaned.

Reiji kissed the back of your thigh as his hand crept in between your legs. You gasped as the soft pad of his middle finger brushed against your moist opening. He chuckled as he pressed his single digit into you. You flinched and accidentally biting Ranmaru’s tongue again. He moaned as he pulled your naked body closer to him. You moaned at the feeling of Reiji teasing you with his finger. Ranmaru finally broke the kiss, he looked into your eyes. He watched as your mouth hang slightly open releasing gasps. Your eyes fluttered and a moaned escaped. He winced at the pain of his member throbbing in his jeans. 

Ranmaru stripped them off, he guided your hand to his cock. It twitched the moment your hand made contact with it. Without any further direction you began to stroke him. He leaned forward and took your breasts in his hands. He pressed sloppy kisses against your erect nipples, grunting softly with each stroke.

“Ah, ____.” he whispered before biting one of your nipples.

You struggled to contain your moans as Reiji violently jousted his finger into until you were on the cusp of orgasm. 

“It feels like my job here is about to be done…” he whispered, “But~”

He withdrew, leaving you panting and utterly confused. He stood from the floor and walked over to the bed, ridding himself of every article of clothing he wore. 

He and Ranmaru had obviously been on the same page. Ranmaru peeled himself away from your breasts before picking you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. His member twitched with excitement as it brushed against your throbbing slit. He carried you over to the bed, sitting you on the edge. He looked into your eyes and for the first time since any of this began, you could read him. He licked his lips and he knelt in between your legs. He teased you with his index finger, watching your every reaction.

“Ne, ___-chan.” Reiji whispered, caressing your cheek as he leaning over to you.

He’d begun to kiss you with a gentle passion until you moaned into the kiss from Ranmaru’s actions below. It was almost as if that sound had flipped a switched in his mind. He forced his tongue in your mouth and kissed you until you were panting for air. He stopped for only a moment, allowing you to caught your breath before he was back at it. 

Ranmaru’s tongue clicked from irritation. He rested his palm flat on your inner thighs, pushing them further apart. He licked his lips before swiping his tongue across your folds. You moaned into Reiji’s mouth, he placed his hands on either side of your face to keep you from breaking away from him. That would prove to be utterly useless as Ranmaru’s tongue relentless lapped up your juices. You eventually broke the kiss once he’d brought you back to your peak. You clenched at the sheets as your back arched off of the bed. You shouted the bassist’s name. 

Reiji felt jealousy twinge in his chest. Ranmaru sucked at your clit until he’d know for a fact that you were done. He licked your juices from his lips before pushing you down on your back. His eyes were clouded over with lust. It was as if he didn’t see anyone but you. He crawled to hover over you, gripping your thigh and lifting it as he pressed his member against you entrance until Reiji spoke up.

“Ran Ran~” he said, narrowing his eyes at him. “Don’t you think it’s my turn to have a little fun?”

If only a stare could kill, the look on Ranmaru’s face upon hearing those words was more frightening than anything you’d ever seen. He hesitantly pried himself from you as he stood to his feet. Reiji immediately helped you further onto the bed, so that you’d be more comfortable. You glance over to the bassist as he finally stripped off his shirt before Reiji grabbed you face guiding your focus to him.

“Over here, ___-chan.” he whispered as he leaning for a kiss.

He broke the kiss and in one swift movement you were on your side. Reiji smiled as he lifted your leg to rest your ankle on his shoulder. He stroked himself before positioning his cock at your entrance. He hadn’t been touched his whole time so he was sure that he wouldn’t last very long. But he was damn going to make the most of it. He bit his bottom lip as he slowly pushed into you, causing you to gasp. He reared back again before impatiently slamming into you.

“F-Fuck!” He huffed. 

Ranmaru felt his skin burning at the sight of the older man pounding into you. His ears perked up at the sound of you moaning. Reiji rested his hand above your head as he leaned forward to kiss you and the other supported your leg on his shoulder, testing your flexibility. Ranmaru wouldn’t stand by and just watch this anymore.

Reiji reverted to his original position so that Ranmaru could join again. He roughly grabbed your chin, guiding your attention to his pulsating length. 

“____.” he whispered, though it was barely audible.

You reached to stroke his cock, but he’d obviously had other plans. He swatted your hand away and pressed his member against your lips. 

You smiled at his impatience and decided it’d be best not to make him wait any longer. The moment he felt your lips wrapped around him, he took a handful of your hair and moaned softly. You allowed him guide you up and down his length. The speed of Reiji’s thrusts had increased. Ranmaru tossed his head back and grunted at the feeling of your moans sending vibrations along his length. 

“AH, fuck.” Reiji moaned, “I’m gonna come!”

He clung onto your leg as he pounded into you harder, your walls had began to squeeze around him. You pulled away from Ranmaru to watched the older man ram into you. 

Reiji used his thumb to stimulate your swollen nub, “Let’s come together, ___-chan.” 

Your brows furrowed as you felt yourself nearing climax. The silver haired man pinched your chin, “Oi, your eyes should stay on me.”

Without a word, you took his cock into your mouth again. Reiji’s thrusts had gotten sloppy while Ranmaru’s breathing grew ragged.

The brunette sank his teeth into your calf as he felt your walls clenching tightly around him. Your back arched and you’d choked on Ranmaru’s length. Shortly after you came, Reiji gave it one last thrust before he removed himself to released on your belly. Ranmaru held your head in place as he thrust into your mouth.

“A-ah, fu-!” he grunted, tossing his head back and grunting as he released his warm, sticky fluid in your mouth. 

They toppled over on the bed, trying desperately to catch their breath. After a long silence, you found yourself fighting to stay awake.

lol like I was sayin’ I changed Kiva and Koza’s outifits. I change my mind so much ugh… but I’m pretty sure these designs are here to stay. also, I haven’t drawn them yet, but demon hunters will all wear red arm bands with some type of design on them when on duty. All heights from the reference sheet are still the same. also, Koza wears a snapback hat on backwards but I didn’t want to draw it here bc I wanted his hair to be seen.