his hair is so cute actually omg

Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE LIVE 6th Stage - 05/27/2017

OMG. OMG. OMG. I have still not completely absorbed the fact that I was there - that my dream of attending Maji Love Live concert has finally come true on this fateful day. *cries a river*

This is a fan report - which is basically my feelings put into words. And warning: as in my previous seiyuu event reports (Bungo Stray Dogs, High Speed), this is looooooong. ^_^ Plus, I used the seiyuu’s nicknames for convenience.


Shinomiya Natsuki - Taniyama Kishou (Kiiyan)

Ichinose Tokiya - Miyano Mamoru (Mamo)

Aijima Cecil - Toriumi Kousuke (Tori-san)

Jinguji Ren - Suwabe Junichi (SuwaJun)

Ittoki Otoya - Terashima Takuma (Terashii)

Kurusu Syo - Shimono Hiro (Shimono)

Hijirikawa Masato - Suzumura Kenichi (SuzuKen)


Kotobuki Reiji - Morikubo Showtaro (Morikubo-san)

Kurosaki Ranmaru - Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tatsun)

Mikaze Ai - Shouta Aoi (Shoutan)

Camus - Maeno Tomoaki (Maenu)


Hyuga Yamato - Kimura Ryohei (KimuRyo)

Otori Eiji - Uchida Yuuma (Uchida-kun)

Amakusa Shion - Yamashita Daiki (Daiki-kun)

Kiryuin Van - Takahashi Hidenori (Takahashi-san)

Otori Eiichi - Midorikawa Hikaru (Midorikawa-san)

Mikado Nagi - Yonaga Tsubasa (Wingu)

Sumeragi Kira - Ono Daisuke (OnoD)

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Boyfriend Namjoon

~Bullet Points~

  • Okay lets face it
  • Kim Namjoon is definitely my bias in BTS and my ultimate bias in kpop
  • So this could be very biased hAhA
  • But I’ll try to keep my cool and not go over the top
  • Namjoon would be the sweetest cinnamon bun I feel
  • Like he definitely has his moments
  • He would hold your hand everywhere you go and would never let you out of his sight
  • Which would never happen anyway because he’s toll af and can see you from miles back
  • If you were being cute he’d definitely ruffle your hair like omg stop 
  • Then you’d stare up at him pouty faced like wtf dude you just messed up my hair
  • This would kill him and would grab his heart because it was suffering from cuteness overload
  • Just really cute honestly
  • If you both were shopping he would come up behind you and give you a back hug unexpectedly and rest his head on top of yours
  • Probably would rock back and forth as well cuz the kid’s cute like that
  • Any who
  • You would always pick out his clothes, and he actually loves it
  • In fact he encourages you too because he finds you so amazing when you’re in deep thought over something he could wear
  • And the fact you know him so well and always manage to pick out all the right things make him fall in love with you just a tad more than he already does
  • Which is a lot by the way
  • He could get lost in your eyes like for real
  • Like his heart flutters when you guys lock eyes and he can’t help but smile and not want to look away as he knows the feeling would go away too
  • You guys will most definitely have intellectual conversations about a lot of deep shit
  • 3 AM talks all the time
  • He loves having these conversations so the fact that he can have them with you makes him all the more merrier
  • You guys have gone into places you never thought you could get out of
  • The amount of conspiracy theories you both have on how the human race came to exist is actually ridiculous
  • Some of them are stupid, you both didn’t want to get too far deep
  • He would love to take you on night walks
  • Idk if you guys know what Han River is but he would most likely take you down there a lot at night
  • You would walk hand in hand past the river talking about literally anything
  • Making each other laugh and making so many memories
  • You’d watch the light show on the river and end up lying down next to each other on the grass, staring up at the stars
  • Cue the deep conversation about stars
  • But yall would somehow sit up at the same time and stare at eachother, immersed in eachother eyes
  • He would start to lean in and you soon follow suit
  • It would be such a sweet kiss omfg 
  • It would be like a make out session but instead of heat it’s pure softness and just so sweet
  • His hands would be softly cupped around your face and yours on his
  • After you would just sit together not needing to say anything because that kiss summed up all your feelings for eachother
  • It’s pure bliss
  • However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there is some rainy days
  • Namjoon can be really stubborn at times I feel, as can everybody but some more than others
  • So if you were having and argument where he thinks he’s right but in actual fact he isn’t, things can get pretty heated
  • Cuz like if you know he’s wrong your obviously not gonna let him get away with it thinking he’s right about the situation
  • And vice versa, if he knows he’s right and you’re wrong, he’s going to argue his point
  • But sooner or later you both realise that what you’re arguing about doesn’t actually matter and was really stupid
  • So you’d both apologise and would go and cuddle together 
  • Don’t be too fooled about this though, he can have a split personality when it comes to the bedroom
  • Sometimes he’ll be the same person and would be really sweet and caring in bed
  • Other times he can be kinky/dominant af
  • All depends how he’s feeling I guess but one thing is for sure
  • This kid would NEVER make you do something you weren’t comfortable with
  • He would NEVER hurt you like that and wouldn’t even try to on purpose
  • Sometimes he may unconsciously hurt you but he’d never mean it
  • He loves you so so much
  • He could never do that to someone he loves

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Anyways little fangirl moment over, I hope you enjoyed this request and it’s the start of the new BTS boyfriend series~ 

Requests are closed atm guys but fake texts and edits are still open for your requests, so feel free to do so! We love you all and make sure you guys are staying safe <3

~Admin Stroni~

Things I adore about Changkyun
  • His nickname is ‘cave boyx
  • Always apologises for not being able to communicate well but he’s actually really great at speaking, both Korean and English
  • He’s the ‘hawkeye’ x
  • He said one of his positions in the group is to ‘look old’ x
  • Okay LISTEN, he is so good at rapping. I am not being biased, it’s a fact, he is an amazing rapper and when his mixtape comes out it’ll be straight up fire x
  • He is so funny without even trying x x x
  • Once pretended to grab the sun and eat it x
  • He is actually so good looking omg his visuals needs a separate post of appreciation tbh x x
  • Apparently there’s a hierarchy within the group and he rules them all x
  • He actually takes the best selfies, this boy knows angles x
  • That neck grab thing he does in Stuck PLEASE x x
  • That one time in Right Now where he said he wouldn’t have any facial expressions on the Viking ride, but he ended up having the best expression out of all of them x
  • Just watch this video and pray for him x
  • “Be quiet I’m speaking right now okay?!” x
  • Wonho’s second job is to annoy the crap out of him x
  • He’s the true dance king x
  • Okay his opening of this performance got me so SHOOK, English and Chinese, boy was playing with my feelings x
  • “I’m Wonho who is in charge of being the maknae.” x
  • Okay it wouldn’t be an appreciation of Changkyun without talking about his amazing friendship with Jooheon, ugh it’s so pure and beautiful x x x x
  • When he fell down because he missed his chair and got so embarrassed and just sat on the floor looking over the table omg he is so cute x
  • He actually does rule Monsta X I swear, they all adore him so much x x x
  • He is literally Kihyun’s child x x
  • White looks SO good on him x x
  • He has such a beautiful smile x
  • That one time he wore the Nirvana shirt and his hair was parted in the middle and he was cute all day x x
  • He looks so good with glasses x x
  • His vocals got everyone shook x
  • His version of the Amen special clip was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen, those CAT EARS, that LIP BITE x
  • Not only is he cute af he is SO SEXY it’s insane x x x
  • I live for these pictures of him and Shownu x
  • I love how he’s a fighter, he didn’t let being disliked by the others in No Mercy get him down, instead he used that to prove he belonged there and worked so hard and I am so thankful and so grateful that he made it through.

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Could you do RFA + V and Searan where MC makes those origami lucky stars?

of course, love! sorry this took so long ^^; hope you like it! thank you for being patient with me 💛

man i wish i could do these but i haven’t done origami since 5th grade;;;


  • he honestly finds it amazing
  • “mc, how on earth do you do that??”
  • mc has showed him 5 times already rip 
  • there’s at least one in every room
  • mc made him a special one as a lucky charm during rehearsals and performances
  • but he wears it everywhere
  • on rehearsals, he wears it on a bracelet
  • during shows, he keeps it in his dressing room, but kisses it for good luck
  • one day he finally learns how to make one and makes a matching bracelet for mc!! 
  • they wear it on opposite hands so they’re together when they hold hands
  • what dorks


  • yessssssssss!!!!
  • shooting star boy has his own actual mini star!! 
  • he’s in love with them omg 
  • there’s way more around the house than zen
  • keeps one in his bag when he goes to school, as a key chain!
  • also has one leaning against his computer for luck on LOLOL
  • in the office, he has at least 4 on his desk 
  • learns how to make one quickly 
  • of course he gives one to mc!
  • he probably makes them matching hair clips 
  • they’re such a cute couple


  • she finds them really interesting
  • wants to learn automatically
  • she needs all the luck she can get
  • and she makes them! but her favorite is the one mc made her
  • doesn’t wear it like the other two, but it’s always nearby
  • makes one for mc, of course, that they can wear
  • when the cafe opens, the two of them decorate it with those stars
  • the customers really like them too!! 
  • and they work, in jaehee’s opinion! 
  • probably has a nervous habit of twirling the star around between her fingers 
  • which mc finds adorable


  • jumin thinks it’s cute
  • and he definitely keeps it around all the time
  • especially when trying to close a deal
  • however, he keeps it lowkey
  • it’s pinned to his tie! 
  • learns how to make them easily and gifts one to mc
  • he even makes one for Elizabeth
  • its a collar how cute
  • there’s a lot more in the penthouse than in the office tbh 
  • but there are a couple in the office, manly his desk
  • he gives them to the employees as gifts aww

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he was so surprised when mc gave him one tbh
  • but he was so touched, he almost started crying
  • kissed mc’s nose and gave them a big squeeze hug 
  • i like to think saeyoung wears it as a ring 
  • because he’s that extra 
  • he also learns how to make them in under an hour jfc
  • he attaches them to strings and hangs them from the ceiling 
  • the whole house is full of stars
  • if mc can’t find saeyoung, he’s most likely in his room, just staring at them
  • “we made the bunker a space station…” 

v / jihyun

  • can you believe jihyun does these too??
  • like, he and mc gave them to each other as gifts at the same time
  • on a random day, god bless
  • of course they both wear it! they make necklaces 
  • they probably write each other’s name on the stars too
  • jihyun writes his name on mc’s star and vice versa
  • they wear them everywhere 
  • v thinks that he’s taken the best photos he’s ever taken when he wears it 
  • they even have different colored stars in case they need to match their outfit
  • because, you know, the aesthetic 


  • “you made this?” he asks, mc nods
  • and then he stares at it for a couple minutes
  • mostly trying to figure out how they did that
  • but he totally loves it
  • “can you teach me?” “of course, saeran!”
  • he keeps it in his pocket and is always super careful with it
  • is afraid he’s going to crush it half the time 
  • mc always says they can make him another, but this one is special mc please
  • he hangs them, both the ones he makes and the ones mc makes, up on the ceiling like saeyoung
  • but only in his room
  • it’s like he doesn’t even have to go outside to see the stars
  • to him, they shine even when the lights are off

 first of all: ADMIN LEA IS LIVING AGAIN so let’s get started, shall we? (also this is the first time I do this list thingy, don’t be too harsh on me)

• where should I start…this cutie

• so having Taemin as your boyfriend would be a gift I mean have you seen this boy

• random dates at random times

• “Jagi, let’s go to kfc, I’m hungy”

• “Taemin it’s literally 4am”

• but you actually wouldn’t mind bc these dates were the best

• would mostly take you to cute cafés tho because you love them

• also really nice shopping tours (I bet he’d drag you into a Gucci store ngl, there’d be no escaping)

• cute couple outfits ALL THE TIME

• he would spoil you so much omg

• would always bring you little gifts from when he’s on tour

• or the necklace you liked so much and told him about

• always playing with your hair


• So.Many.Cuddles.

• they’d maybe start while watching tv and you’d lay your head on his shoulder

• and he’d just wrap his arms around you and drags you on his lap

• would eventually lead to making out and more  ;) 

• infront of the members he’d be really shy about skinship though bc they’re already teasing the shit out of their maknae and his cute s/o

• but I think he’d give you many back hugs while they’re around


• wearing his sweaters all the time without any reason

• “Jesus christ y/n, why are you wearing my sweater again”

• “Because I like it and it’s warm and cozy”

• “It’s 30 degrees outside y/n”

• but he’d low-key love it, eventhough he has no sweaters anymore

• always getting dragged to dance practices

• watching him dance would be so fascinating

• like wow

• Lee Taemin is dancing infront of you, good job

• being jealous of Jongin would also be a thing

• I don’t think arguments would happen very often

• when they’d happen, they’d be pretty quiet and you’d just discuss about the things most of the time

• could end in one/both of you crying

• but that wouldn’t hold on for too long and you’d always apologize to each other afterwards and cuddle

• because you’d just be really happy to have each other and are so thankful for every second you can spend together

• all in all, Taemin would be a really precious and genuinly cute boyfriend who’d always try to make his s/o feel like the greatest person on earth and would love her to death

~ Lea

Boyfriend Haechan

A/N: requested by anon so hope you like it ! p.s i actually like doing this omg

  • okay this idiot is another bias wrecker of mine so im sorry if i faint halfway again
  • the amount of bias wrecker there are in nct is wow
  • so be prepared for lots of fluff and cuteness
  • you might want to leave if your heart is too weak
  • okay kidding dont leave

  • you guys would have probably started out hating each other and always pranking/teasing one another

  • but this love-hate relationship brought you guys closer
  • and guess what , feelings developed
  • his daily greeting would probably be pulling your hair while he laughs until his stomach hurts because your face is priceless when he catches you offguard
  • and you’d probably steal his lunch when he went to the toilet during break time
  • and he’d always give you the same glare
  • but despite both of you treating each other like that , none of you would stop because it has become a daily routine
  • how he confesses though
  • he’d probably get all cocky and sassy and act like he’s not shy when in fact he’s screaming and squealing internally
  • “ so i heard there’s this guy who likes you . i also heard he’s really handsome, nice , caring and all that ”
  • and you’d stare at him weirdly without saying anything else and he’d snap a little in his whiney voice
  • “ aren’t you curious who that guy is ? ”
  • “ uhh .. okay who is it ? ”
  • “ of course it’s me , who else is better than me out there ? ”
  • and you’d probably choke on your drink and cringe while you hit his shoulder
  • “ and im afraid to say i like this ’ handsome ’ guy too ”
  • now that you’re officially dating , everything is still the same , but only with a little more affection
  • the other members would probably respect you because you are able to put up with this dork
  • donghyuck would probably insult the other members when they got too close to you because he’s jealous
  • and it’s sassy haechan
  • “ jaemin ah you’re getting too close to her . save your big smile for jeno or chenle my smile is much more prettier than yours ”
  • in public both of you would act more like bestfriends , lots of laughing ,
  • his arms hanging around your shoulders
  • this ass wouldn’t express his love to you openly because he’s actually a shy ball
  • and his insults and teasing is a sign of affection
  • “ you’re so stupid i dont even know why i’m dating you ”
  • “ oh who was the one who confessed first ? ”
  • “ i forgot , probably you . see you’re so stupid you can’t even remember ”
  • and you’d act like you’re pissed
  • haechan probably wouldn’t care at first but when he saw that you weren’t talking to him he’d become a clingy little boy and show you his aegyo while backhugging you
  • and being the softhearted person you are you give in and smile like a fool because he’s too adorable
  • he’ll probably be the first to initiate skinship and as time goes by yall would get used to it
  • like he’d have his arms around your waist while yall are just talking casually
  • and you will have hand intertwined with his tightly and yall probably wouldn’t even notice
  • small and joking couple fights 24/7,
  • basically him being a small kid and you’re trying to act like the mum when in fact you’re as childish as he is
  • but when you get into a serious fight though , the atmosphere would turn really cold and his stubborn personality probably wouldn’t do anything
  • but after a few days of not talking he’ll realise his mistake and with the members’ persuasion , he’ll make the effort to visit you
  • serious donghyuck mode comes on and he apologises very sincerely ,
  • you just hug him on the spot because you missed him as much
  • dates would include playing video games together ,
  • trying to cook with him bossing you around
  • sharing embarrassing stories and moments about one another , laughing and teasing over all of them
  • and probably bringing mark down together
  • at times he’ll just be in a very cuddly mode and he’d force you to cuddle with him where both of you just lay in bed all day without letting go
  • he’ll give you random pecks on your forehead and act like nothing happened when you looked at him and smiled
  • his cheeks obviously not cooperating because there’s a shade of pink
  • at times when he’s feeling really good he’d compliment you
  • “ damn babe you look gorgeous today ”
  • “ that’s weird of you , but thanks , i know ”
  • “ haha only today though ”
  • and you’d smack him in the chest ,
  • he’d probably pull you into a hug and whisper very softly
  • “ just kidding you look great everyday ”
  • this got too long i hope yall are still alive because im not
  • i’ll stop here omg
SHINee in MNL (OneK Global Peace Concert) 03/02/17

P. S. I’m just going to blog about SHINee since I’m a SHINee blog but I wanna commend all the other artists that performed. They all did an amazing job.

OKAY SO I AM STILL FREAKING OUT OVER THE FACT THAT I SAW SHINEE LIVE IN MANILA YESTERDAY!!! AND THEY WERE FINALLY COMPLETE!!! (SHINee already visited the Philippines twice before but the Taemin wasn’t there on their first time and Minho wasn’t there for the second time)

My Shawol friend and I decided to just buy the general admissions ticket because we knew that they will just perform less than five songs (and we’re still students so we can’t afford the VIP seats TT.TT)

The concert was supposed to start at 7pm but it actually started at 8:30 pm. It’s good ‘cause we arrived at 8pm since we ate dinner first. During the dinner, I was just chill and all and eating slowly ‘cause I knew that SHINee will perform late since they’re a senior group. My Shawol friend was agitated for some reason and she wanted us to eat faster. (There were five of us who watched the concert together. Two of us were Shawols. One girl was a kpop lover in general. Two of us were foreign students who just wanted to check kpop out and one of them is the guy I’m dating rn hahahaha) I was like “Allou, chill, it’s not starting rn and SHINee will probably perform late” And she was like “Minho’s hosting!” And I was like “OMG WHAT MINHO’S HOSTING? ASDFGHJKL EAT FASTER GUYSSSSSS”

When we got to the arena, it was already packed. We were lucky enough to get tickets with SHINee World PH so pretty much everyone around us were Shawols. AND AND AND Two rows below us, there was a group of Korean Guy Shawols!!! They were so cute!!! AND AND AND All their stuff were in pearl aqua. Their bags, their shirts, their accessories, they were so adorable I wanna squish theeeeeem

When the event was about to start, fans are starting to chant “Minho Minho Minho” since he was the host. When he actually came out with Seolhyun, the arena erupted with cheers HAHAHAHAHAHA PH Shawols were already screaming their lungs out omg I was the complete opposite. I was just staring at him while covering my mouth because I can’t believe that I’m actually seeing Minho live omg (The guy I’m dating was like “Is that Minho? Are you okay Mars? Is that Minho?” he was so cute bye)

They were speaking in Korean ‘cause there was a screen that was posting their translated script but I can’t read it because the font was small and we were in Gen Ad huehue

Minho is like the cutest person in the world TT.TT You know that he maintains eye contact with the fans and he takes care of his co-host (there’s more to come just wait)

SHINee was the second to the last to perform (PSY was the finale) When Seolhyun came out alone, everyone lost their shit because they knew SHINee was next!!!

They started their set with View. The first thing I actually noticed was the fact that Onew wasn’t really that bubbly. Like you know how smiley Onew is naturally, right? But during View, he looks more like Jinki than Onew. Even my Shawol friend who is an MVP also noticed it and said that there was something off about Onew. We kinda brushed it off because after Onew’s line, we were just simply mesmerized with SHINee as a whole huehue Plus there was a tiny JongKey moment when they had a duet part and the cameras showed them together in the screen and I can feel that all the JongKey fans screamed hahahaha

SHINee World PH released a set list of songs that SHINee would perform the night before the concert. We knew that View, 1 of 1 and Everybody will be performed. Allou and I were speculating about the fourth song because no one knew what it will be. My guess was Beautiful. Allou doubted it and we started eliminating songs but we ended not having a final hypothesis. Haha. The sound system wasn’t really very nice so we couldn’t tell if SHINee was singing live. (In our defense, some of the artists weren’t singing live. And during one of SHINee’s visits in the PH, they lip synced huehue) All our doubts were erased when the second song started playing. I couldn’t here Jonghyun’s first part because of the screaming around me so I started hearing the actual song on Onew’s part. I think his Jinki aura suited this part of the concert. He looked so solemn while singing. We all know that he is an actual angel given by the heavens to us but he looked like one and his voice actually opened the gates of heaven bye then it dawned on me that THE SONG WASFUCKING ENCORE AND THEY WERE SINGING LIVE AND WHEN IT GOT TO MINHO’S PART EVERYONE WAS SILENT AT FIRST THEN AFTER HIS LINE WE STARTED CHEERING BECAUSE HE WAS REALLY SINGING LIVE AND HIS VOICE IS SO GENTLE AND PURE AND BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD AND OMG AGAIN KIM JONGHYUN WAS SO EXTRA WITH HIS VOICE LIKE WOAH BOY YEAH I KNOW YOU’RE ONE OF THE BEST VOCALISTS IN THE INDUSTRY CHILL YOU DON’T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING BUT GAHD HE HIT NOTES SO WELL YOU CAN SEE HIS EXTERNAL JUGULAR VEIN PROTRUDING GAHD 

I’m not really sure when exactly they had their talk cause my feels were overwhelming but when they actually had it, Key spoke in English and we were screaming again so I didn’t understand most of it I’M SORRY HAHAHAHA Oh but it’s sad again ‘cause Onew didn’t introduce himself but the rest did :( (But his energy started to build up on their next set and he was full blown during the last one so I hope he gradually felt better) The complete opposite of Onew was Taemin. The baby boy was just smiling the whole night and with his mushroom hair cut again he looks like a toddler omg he was so cute why is he even real please protect him. JongKey were talkative as usual and Key was trying to translate it to us ^.^

The third song was 1 of 1. What really caught my attention during this part was Key. Boy oh boy your attention should be really caught by Key. I always read fans saying that Key’s energy is really different compared to the rest of the members. Knowing Key, I’m not really shocked whenever I read this kind of stuff. but when I was the one watching him dance the way he’s dancing, it’s really different. Key loves attention and I can say that attention loves him back. And the way he pops his body is so extra. I’m a Flamer for years now but my attention can’t really stay too long on Minho whenever Key’s near him because the latter’s aura is out of this world I swear!!! 

After 1 of 1, SHINee members started laying down and then it dawned on us that it’s Everybody time so we started chanting “SHINee SHINee SHINee” DUDE BRO MAN I THOUGHT THAT I WAS IN A SHINEE WORLD CONCERT BECAUSE THE WHOLE ARENA WAS SINGING TO THE SONG AND CHANTING WITH US!!! (They were already singing with us on the first three but the fan chants were superb on Everybody like no joke we had ZERO chill) For years I knew that SHINee is one of the best dance groups in Kpop but when I was watching the choreo for Everybody, I got GOOSBUMPS. Even the guy I was dating admitted that their choreo was amazing and he got taken aback by the fanchants. I told you it was amazing how these fans of different artists were singing one song and fan chanting like we were all in the same fandom. Omg I’m actually crying while remembering that moment bye But wait I need to commend our baby boy Lee Taemin because his dance moves were on point from the start and was extra extra on point during Everybody (plus he removed his jacket for a few seconds that got everyone screaming then he smiled after doing that what a little shit omg that brat) 


During the encore, all the artist gathered on the stage. SHINee members were being clingy together as usual. Yonghwa from CNBLUE, being the crowd pleaser that he is, started to walk to the extended part of the stage to wave to the fans. I was waiing for SHInee to do the same. Minho pointed Yonghwa to Jonghyun and I assumed that they wanted to do the same. After awhile, the rest of CNBLUE followed their vocalist then the other artists followed as well. When SHINee got to the extended part of the stage, they were all waving to the fans. THEN MINHO SPOTTED THE SHINEE WORLD PH PART AND STARTED WAVING AT US AND WE WAVED BACK THEN HE WAVED AGAIN HUEHUE AND THE REST OF THE SHINEE MEMBERS WAVED TOO OMG Except for Lee Taemin because guess what, he was the last member to get to the extended stage because he didn’t know what’s going on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So yeah, that’s my One K Global Concert experience for you guys. I hope every Shawol will meet or watch SHINee live someday. I never knew this day will happen but it did. Keep the faith, loves :*

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hey! i'm kinda new to btob, and i'm still trying to get to know them. do u think u could give me a quick one sentence description of their personalities? i havent really been able to grasp them ^^; it's okay if u don't want to! u just seem like u know them pretty well :)

This is super cute and I’m gonna try it to the best of my abilities because I love my boys. Although, I don’t think that I can write just a quick sentence about them yikes. (Also they’re a super dorky loud beagle group I don’t think I can give a serious answer omG) 

Seo Eunkwang- (vocals) please don’t get me started he’s my ult bias, the tiniest leader you’ll ever see, his voice actually has the power to bring me to tears, literally one of the nicest voices i’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing?, tragic emo hot topic bird debut hair, super contagious nasty loud laugh, so so sweet, extra as hell

Lee Minhyuk- (rapper) cute hammo hamster boy with a body carved by angels, a super rough rap voice but also super soft singing voice, how does he do it, could punch me in the face, dresses like a dad, extra as hell

Lee Changsub- (vocals) an egg with the voice of a thousand angels, high key the weirdest but only for the laughs, a literal ball of sunshine, seriously he never fails to make me laugh, VISUALS THO, extra as hell

Lim Hyunsik- (vocals) a blinding eye smile that makes you fall in love immediately, so handsome, serves up the biggest boyfriend looks, lover of kermit the frog, composes the bops, lowkey extra as hell

Peniel Shin- (rapper) soft squish boy from chicago usa, kind of quiet until he’s not, needs more lines always and forever, has a dog named pennie and it’s the cutest thing, really loves to take photos, extra as hell

Jung Ilhoon- (rapper) inventor of The™ aegyo gwiyomi game, please don’t bring it up, king of comeback hair, thinks his british accent is Top Quality, a fashion god, looks normal but is probably one of the most extra as hell tbh

Yook Sungjae- (vocals) designated giant lovable maknae, lover of fishing, endearing speaker of english, actor of the century, somehow the most mature out of all of btob but respect? he doesn’t know her (esp. to changsub), still extra as hell

AnywAys I hope this gives you an idea of who btob are, literally just extra as hell and f u l l of passion. They love their melodies (fanbase) so so much and while I’ve only been a part of the community for a few months, they’re honestly one of the sweetest and funniest groups I have ever seen. Also if anyone wants to add anything else that’d be LIT I’m always up for a roast discussion about my boys

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au where keith is lowkey a furry and when he and lance start dating, lance finds a bunch of fursona drawings in his drawer and when he confronts keith abt it, keith is all like "THOSE AREN'T MINE" but lance is like ":// that's a shame i wanted to make a fursona" and they draw their fursonas together. keith is a wolf with purple hair and lance is a cat with a red bandana

this is actually super cute omg???

i bet they’d make versions of everyone else too and they’d probably think they’d be made fun of if they ever showed them to the rest of the group (especially pidge) but she actually likes them a lot??? she’d ‘adopt’ the design they made her and probably name a program she created after it.

hunk would probably get a decal made of his and put it on his car bc he loves it so much. shiro pretends to laugh it off but he hangs the picture of his fursona in his room. allura cried tears of joy when she saw hers, and has a mural dedicated to it!!

"Conversations with myself (my soul)"

Soulmate!AU | Non-Idol!AU | Female Reader |

Genre: Fluff.

Member: Kim Mingyu.

Warnings: Violence, Abuse.

A/N: It’s my first time writing something in this style (it’s my first time writing so many things, i’m such a no0b). This is really long. English is not my first language so let me know if there is any spelling mistakes.


Originally posted by dinochans

  • You see your soulmates life when you sleep
  • It can be a dream or a nightmare
  • Mingyu feels like even his dreams are like nightmares, because your life is absolutely terrifying
  • When he was just a kid he would go to his parents all sad and say “I dreamed I was a mean person who hurted other people and cursed at my parents. But you guys weren’t my parents” and his parents would look at each other and be like “tell us about your dreams everyday, ok?” And they would want his son to be single for the rest of his life
  • When you get to know Mingyu parents is going to be really hard to prove them you’re an actual good person
  • Mingyu grown up low-key scared of you and imagining how did fate thought he was compatible with a deliquent
  • Like, he would apologise for budge into someone while walking and you would deadass push someone on the floor for being in your way
  • But Mingyu still feels the bond you two have and always kept defending you saying​ that you probably have a reason or that you’re going to change
  • And all of that is true

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If Azusa was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

↳ requested by anonymous  ❀

Isak and Even hair drabble | what even is this tho?

I miss Isak, I miss Even…I wonder what they are doing right now…

I imagine that they are being goofy as always, showing their affection by arguing about something silly like 

OMG like Isak deciding that he wants to get a flipping haircut! And Even is just like NO !!!!! FUCKING !!! WAY !!!! BOI. He is literally so offended and I mean this actually turns super serious. Isak kinda just said it one day like “Ugh my hair is getting so long, and it’s so curly and so annoying and I just want to chop it all off” and Even’s all like “lol don’t do that baby, you would not pull of bald. You’d look like a cute baby egg” and then he just kisses his golden curls and Isak playfully slaps him away while grinning “Shut up! I would not, I’d look like a fucking king” 

Even just laughs and is like “sure baby” 

but then of course eventually it gets serious??? like Isak brings it up again one day, like Even mentions a film he wants to go see and Isak is like “Oh let me know the time it’s on because I was thinking of getting my hair cut on Sunday” and Even just like freezes and is all “EXCUSE ME? wot da fuq” and Isak looks up at him and is like “yeah i mean i’m just gonna get it cut a little shorter so it’s not as curly and annoying.” Even’s hand (which was stroking all of Isak’s ‘annoying’ curls) has just stopped in his hair and he is just Not. Chill. At. All. he looks at Isak with his mouth all open and pouty “You are not cutting your hair.” he declares meeting Isaks eyes. 

Isak laughs “what??” he shouts amused and surprised at the passion inside his boys voice over his damn hair. Even just tilts his face down and gives Isak his “I am not kidding babe your not going there, fight me boo” look. 

and Isak just laughs before shouting “oh my gosh your being ridiculous! It’s just hair It doesn’t even matter EVEEEEEN!” 

so then Even just thinks oh you want to fucking start this before smiling and nodding. Isak nods with pride thinking he’s won this fight befooooore Even says 

“You know what? You’re right, summer is coming up and it just gets so hot, I think i’ll go and get my hair cut with you.” 



Isak looks back up at him in horror “NEI!” he practically screams before he could rethink it. 

Even’s eyebrows shoot up smugly “what? no? But baby it’s just hair right?” 

Isak rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in defeat “Fine…fine no fucking hair cut. I hate you.” 

Even rolls over and pulls grumpy Isak closer to him, holding him against his chest. “You love me…” He runs his hand through Isak’s prince hair and kisses it before whispering in his ear “and I love your hair.” 

Isak smiles to himself and blushes. He would never tell Even but after hearing those words from the man of his life, Isak has never looked after his precious curls more.  

anonymous asked:

Pegging anon here again XD I hope you guys don't mind if i keep requesting (I just love you so much) Well...I was thinking about Zen playing with MC (tickles or smth like that) while them has gum in their mouth and oops. It came out. And then... you know... OMG MC, MY RAT TAIL D: yup, it seems someone needs a haircut. If you could write something like that with RFA+ V + Saeran + Vanderwood (Everyone with undercuts? omg i can't breathe) it would be great. Again, Thank you ♥

A/N: Welcome back pegging anon (๑ゝڡ◕๑) totally took inspiration for zens from you sorry but also a lil not sorry because it was a good idea xD We absolutely do not mind! Thank you for loving us, we love you too ^^! <3 SORRY IF THIS GOT TOO LONG I CAN’T HELP MYSELF (but omg can you imagine them with undercuts? quick someone make fan art) ~Admin 404


           -It was an innocent game of Twister or was it? wink wonk

           -He was showing you how good he was at the game! And he was winning!

           -Right foot red? GOTCHA


           -He slipped and accidently hit you in the chin, which caused you to yelp in pain

           -“OH MY GOD, MC??? ARE YOU OKAY??? OMG I’M SO SORRY!!!”

           -He’s busy worrying about you, but you were looking around for the gum you had in your mouth. Where the hell did it go???

           -When he goes to rub the back of his head and apologize for the 47th time, he feels something sticky

           - ew wtf is this oh mY GOD MC PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT YOUR BLOOD OR ANYTHING?????

           -You check it out for him, and…

           -“Oh.. well uh, there’s the gum I’ve been looking for, haha….”

           -…your….your what

           -You immediately drag him to a barber shop to get it fixed up

           -Pouting because??? He now has to get his hair cut? It took him SO LONG to grow it out!

           -Pouting too much to even tell the barber what he wants done to his hair, so you have to decide for him

           -At the end it looks like fine??? Like, now he has a little floof on the top!

           -When he sees it short in the back with a star etched into it???


           -Always tracing the star when he’s trying to think or focus on something

           -5000000% Putty in your hands if YOU trace the star lightly


           -The two of you were relaxing at home, so he decided to leave his hair down!

           -Get into the relaxed spirit!

           -He had been messing with you all. day.

           -Cooking? Comes in and tickles you from behind.

           -Washing dishes? Comes in and pokes your sides until you’re a laughing mess on the floor

           -You were SO. ON. EDGE.

           -He calmed down hours later, so you thought it was safe to chew on some gum, just to take your mind off of watching your back from the literal tickle monster in your house

           -At one point, he stepped incorrectly and you could hear the floor creak from behind you

           -So you took the opportunity to get your revenge!

           -You whip around and tackle him to the ground, tickling up and down his sides until he’s literally gasping for breath and is red in the face

           -You let him cool down, but you stay hovering over him

           - big mistake

           -Just when you thought you had your revenge, his hands were back at your sides, tickling you back!

           - big mistake part 2

           -You couldn’t get away fast enough! You ended up a laughing mess

           -Until you feel your gum fall out of your mouth and

           -P A N I C P A N I C PA NI C PANIC

           -He stops immediately and almost starts crying right then and there when he realizes it’s in his hair

           -It takes an hour of crying to drag him to the barber to get it fixed up


           -So you sit him down and talk to him about getting an undercut

           -“Zen, if the barber cuts just the bottom layer, it gets the gum out, and your hair will still be long-ish! It’ll just be short on the sides, the top will be longer, and you can tie it up if you want!”

           -Agrees because he can still keep his hair at least semi-long, it’ll just be a secret undercut

           -His hair goes down to his shoulders now rip the rat tail

           - you get it done too because holy hell you felt TERRIBLE




           - pls baehee it was an accident

           -You didn’t mean to fall asleep with gum in your mouth!!! But you were so EXHAUSTED!!!

           -She was just as exhausted when she came home! She didn’t notice either!

           -She woke up the next morning to something sticking to the back of her neck?

           -‘Did I sweat that much in my sleep last night???’

           -When she looks in the mirror and sees that it’s gum, she calmly woke you up


           -“MC? Did you sleep with gum in your mouth last night? I believe it’s found its way into my hair.”




           -She has to calm you down and invites you to the beauty parlor with her, to get a new hair cut

           -Goes for her previous hair style, the short cut


           -So you suggest getting it slightly shorter, but with a secret undercut tattoo instead of all of it short!

           -Once you explain what an undercut is exactly, she’s really liking the idea!!!

           -“MC! Would you get a matching one with me?”

           -So the two of you got cute matching undercut pieces of intricate lotus designs!


           -Makes sure to wear her hair up as often as possible because she loves it that much

           - also makes sure you aren’t sleeping with gum in your mouth anymore

           -Offers to do your hair for you so she has an excuse to trace your undercut


           -You asked him if your younger cousins could come visit!

           -He obviously couldn’t say no to you! You looked too cute asking him!

           -Well that and he loved you, jfc, he’d get you anything you asked for

           -What he DIDN’T KNOW, however, was how ANNOYING your cousins were!!!

           -They’d be perfect little angels when you were around! But the MOMENT you walked through the door threshold, they were DEMONS


           -Seriously considered making a few bodyguards come into the penthouse to play with them

           -But!!! He didn’t do that!

           -He had to get along with them! They were important to you!

           -He kept reminding himself that he needed to get along with them

           -That thought was thrown out of the window the moment one of them purposefully stuck gum to the back of his head

           - literally just smacked it to the back of his head

           -Couldn’t even get angry. Couldn’t say anything. Couldn’t make any facial expression.

           -Complete blank, Jumin.exe has stopped working

           -You happened to walk in the moment it happened and you disciplined your cousins

           -How dare they do that to your JuJu!!

           -You sent them home and spent almost an hour trying to get Jumin to respond to ANYTHING

           -He didn’t say anything, but took you by the hand, making you accompany him to fix his hair

           - expensive ass hair dresser omg

           -He has no idea how to fix this. REALLY doesn’t want his hair short, but that’s all the hair dresser kept suggesting

           -Before he got angry at the hair dresser, you suggest an undercut, that way he can keep some of his floof!

           -You even suggested getting a cute design in it!!

           -“But MC, would it be professional?”

           -Well, I mean, maybe???

           -“But Jumin, you could get a cute little kitty design! I think it’ll be super cute!”

           -That’s it, hands down, MC said “kitty” and said they’ll think it’s cute, HE’S GETTING IT

           -Honestly loves it when he sees it, and requests you take a picture for him totally not because it’d be blurry if he did

           -No fucks given if it isn’t professional, he’ll give dirty looks to whoever talks badly about it

           - lowkey talks MC into getting one too because he goes insane when he sees them with the kitty undercut


           -He doesn’t even need to get gum in his hair to get an undercut

           -He just really wants one!!!

           -He’s no longer part of the agency! He can do whATEVER HE WANTS

           -Was going to tell you

           -Was going to take you along

           -But decided surprising you was a lot more fun!

           -So he gets it done in secret, and comes home, calling for you

           -The moment you see him, you grab the closest lamp and hold it defensively beCAUSE THAT’S NOT YOUR CURLY-HAIRED GOOFBALL


           - mc wtf are you gonna do with a lamp pls, it’s me

           -He didn’t get it cut extremely short, it’s still pretty shaggy in actuality

           -But it took you a minute to register that, wow that’s Saeyoung


           -10/10 LOVE running your hands through it omg

           -When you get to the back of his head, you can feel the patterns of a spaceship and a few stars

           -“Okay but what did you expect me to get MC??? IT’S SPACE!!!!”

           -The sensation he gets when you run your hands over the shorter hairs immediately gives him chills

           - dear god dont do it in public

           -He’s so excited! It’s a shorter kind of shaggy than he’s used to, but!

           -It’s not in his eyes! It’s lighter on his head!


           -Tries his hardest to talk you into getting one too

           -“At least get a secret one MC!!! We can make a whole GALAXY if we just put our heads together, HA”

           - pls help me

           -The other members think it’s odd, but also very….Saeyoung-like

           -When you see him run a hand through his newly-found short shag, you dIE INSIDE

           -BECAUSE IT’S SO HOT???

           -Like the shag was amazing before don’t get me wrong but there’s juST SOMETHING ABOUT IT?????

           - I dunno if y'all know but sometimes with curly hair, if you cut it short, it gets evEN CURLIER WHY IS THAT A THING

           -That being said, his hair is even curlier than before!!!!

           - admin 404 requests some fan art of short shaggy-haired saeyoung, stat


           - hipster

           - wish i was kidding

           -but i am not

           -He didn’t get it just to do it though!

           -The two of you were innocently taking pictures at a local park!

           -He was the one taking pictures of you, but this time you decided it was your turn!

           -So you take a few candid ones, but just to play around, you pretend to be him

           -“Okay V, pose just like that, yes! Now tilt your head just a bit- PERFECT! Now look up and to the left? NICE, STAY LIKE THAT”

           -He couldn’t help but smile at how adorable you were

           -There’s nothing that could wipe the smile on his face!

           -Except…maybe… one thing

           -When he laid down on top of a short brick wall for a picture, he didn’t anticipate to lay his head straight down onto a wad of gum;;;;;

           - poor bby omg

           -You got really upset and started cursing the gum, the wall, the person who put it there, thE RISING COLLEGE TUITIONS IN AMERICA!

           - mc, sweetheart, it’s just an accident please stop trying to blame the american government for gum in my hair

           -The two of you decide to spend the rest of the day getting the gum out of his hair

           -Easy solution: Getting a hair cut

           -So the two of you go to the closest barber to get it done!

           -He asks what you think he should get done, and you recommended an undercut!

           -He can keep the floof, still have his side-swept bangs, and it’ll be all good!

           -Loved your idea! So he went with it!

           -When it was over with and he got a good look at it, he loved it even more!

           -Truly appreciates your opinion and is exceptionally happy at the large smile on your face!!!

           -He likes the feeling of when you run your hands through the top, but likes the look you get on your face more

           -For a good day or so, asks you to take more pictures of him and his haircut!



           -You were running from Saeyoung since you took the last PhD. Pepper

           -So you needed protection!

           -Who do you go for when you need protecting?

           - Edgelord McGee Saeran!

           -You almost tackled him to the ground before hiding behind him as Saeyoung ran into the room behind you



           -Why the hell were the two of you yelling? He crossed his arms and glared at his brother

           -“Hey, idiot, leave her alone. It’s just a drink, geez.”


           - Uh yeah okay whatever

           -He just stood there while the both of you bickered and he decided he had enough

           -He started to walk out of the room when he felt something hit the back of his head?

           -It didn’t hurt but something is definitely in his hair

           -You went to spit your gum at Saeyoung (like a child) and the fuCKER DUCKED


           -When he turned around, he saw the look of horror on both of your faces, before Saeyoung had to leave the room because he was about to laugh not about to die today lmao peace MC

           -Slowly raised his hand to the spot in his hair and realized it was the gum you were chewing a little bit ago

           -Goes completely blank. His resting bitch face becomes very apparent

           -No death glare, just…. blank

           -So you apologize profusely!! Offer to take him to get his hair cut!!!

           - okay but i dont wanna do that MC


           -He usually cuts his own hair, so having someone do it is very odd for him

           -Not to mention some person he doesn’t know is coming at him with a sharp object

           -You actually have to hold his hand so he doesn’t like, attack the hair dresser

           -Doesn’t know how to feel when he sees the short hair, he liked the shaggy mess he had

           -He decides that he can deal with it though when he sees how much you love it!

           -You’re almost running your hand through the longer hair on the top, and you lightly run them over the shorter sides and it drives him CRAZY

           -The sensations kill him, he blushes like mad and just sits in silence because???? What the hell is he supposed to do??? He doesn’t want you to stop

           - Still punches Saeyoung when he gets home though because it’s all his fault


           -Okay, listen,,,,,,

           -It wasn’t even your fault!!!

           -You’re just the one who pointed it out!

           -During their mission, wherever they were hiding had the gum there, okay?

           -“MC, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” okay but i just said i didnt?

           -Knows it wasn’t your fault but they’re just like???? So lost?

           -Super angry because they can’t shower now!!!!

           -Complains until you drag them to get their hair cut

           -PISSED because they like their long hair!!! UHG

           -Spends about an hour looking through the options and declines all of them

           -You show them a picture of someone with an undercut and they immediately pointed it out

           -“That one. I like that. Think I can pull it off?”

           -Yes, yes you can

           -They were calm throughout the whole thing, you thought they were going to put up a fight when the hair dresser came at them with scissors

           -Makes you leave so they can surprise you with the big reveal at the end!

           -You honestly didn’t recognize them, even when they were standing right in front of you

           -“Hey there sweetheart”

           -“Sorry I’m taken”

           -“Uh yeah, by me, idiot”

           -When you look up, hoOOO BOY



           -Since you didn’t say anything, they started to really worry that it looked bad

           -500% ready to go back and fight the hair dresser

           -You stood up abruptly and scared them a little, but as soon as you run your hand through their hair and down the side of their face lightly, they calm down and smile

           -“So? What do you think? Is it terrible?”

           -10/10 have to reassure them multiple times throughout the rest of the say that they look great and it really suits them!!!

           -Embarrassed every time you tell them they look fan-fucking-tastic

soccer player jungkook

Originally posted by donewithjeon

  • okay so believe it or not this request has been sitting in my inbox forever and i need to do something before my feelings eat me alive so lemme go on about this au which you know is a fave of mine
  • the request never specified which sport so guess what i’m gonna pick
  • wow surprise, it’s soccer!!
  • you’re looking for some fun fun ways to get in shape right?? like all your friends go to the gym or whatever but that really isn’t your style okay so you’re like, maybe a young adult sports league would be wild,,, sign me up
  • a lot of the stuff isn’t very appealing like softball?? where’s the fun in that?? do you even do that much exercising??
  • i played softball so i can say that okay
  • and like that league is always dominated with old beer dads and you’re like no thanks,,,
  • most people younger, and like more your age, you realize, end up in the coed soccer league!!
  • which is wild, you can get down with that
  • even if you’ve never played soccer, you wonder how hard it can be
  • after all the flyers say this is supposed to be a casual league right?? so what’s the harm
  • you’ll get to meet new people right and exercise at least twice a week, probably more, so it’s worth a shot!!
  • none of your friends are willing to join the soccer league though,,, they rather stay boring and be at the gym
  • you decide to sign up regardless though because hey, what could it hurt to try??
  • you send in your application and money and whatever
  • you’re like time to brush up on my soccer skills
  • so you do what any normal person would do and you watch every single world cup, both mens and womens, so you can get a hang for the sport itself right? and also figure out some rad techniques to use when you’re actually on the field
  • after that you’re like man i should try to go out to the park and practice my baller skills
  • so you go to the local park and you’re like okay let’s start with the basics…
  • and you go for juggling and if you play soccer you know that’s not basic
  • if you don’t play soccer, juggling is wild and you use your feet and knees and legs and chest and whatever to keep the ball in the air and from touching the ground for as long as you can!!
  • you’re like wow i bet this will be easy!!
  • okay the problem is that this isn’t very easy
  • and you end up kicking the ball super hard and it soars across the park and you’re like! oh yikes!
  • and you hear someone curse and groan and you’re like Oh YiKeS
  • you race over to where you think you kicked the ball and there’s two dudes standing there and the one is in hysterics and the other one is rubbing the back of his head
  • the laughing one is really tiny and his hair is black and he’s pale and he’s dressed in a sweater that’s way too big for him
  • the other one is god?
  • no wait jk it’s jeongguk
  • you don’t know that yet though
  • he’s standing there, glaring at you, and he looks actually really offended??
  • cute though like he has war of hormone era hair because i’m writing this and i do what i want
  • you start to apologize profusely and you’re like unsure of what to do??
  • like should you hold him or should you get the ball or like idk what do people do in this situation??
  • “omg im so sorRY!! i was practicing for this league im joining right and-!!”
  • “wow, you a goalie or something?? kind of a good punt you got there.” and he’s smiling now and he doesn’t look very offended anymore and it’s really a nice look on him
  • “uh n-no, actually-”
  • the other guy speaks and he’s like “come on kook, we gotta get to hoseok’s place before he beats us up for coming to his preseason ritual occult sacrifice”
  • “party. the word you’re looking for is party, yoongi”
  • “same thing”
  • jeongguk nods at you though and he gives you this little wink, then tosses your ball back and you’re so flustered that you almost drop it tbh
  • “catch you later?” and he gives this cute wave then he’s off!!
  • and you’re like oMG how embarrassing!!
  • you don’t really think much about him though! because he he’s a random boy you almost gave a concussion, nothing intense like that
  • but then
  • then kids
  • you show up to the first night of practice for your team
  • you’re kinda nervous because you don’t know anyone and like wow sketchy because you’re alone
  • you’re carrying your water bottle and soccer ball
  • there’s too many people there’s probably twenty people and you’re probably one of the youngest here??
  • and you’re like yikes panic modE ACTIVATED
  • nobody even pays you any mind and you’re like maybe i can slip away without anyone realizing i was even on the team to begin with
  • but then
  • “hey, you know nobody can hold the ball but the goalie right?”
  • you spin and low and behold, it’s the boy you nearly wrecked with the soccer ball a few weeks ago!!
  • your face heats up because boy is in a tight shirt and some shorts and his hair is pushed back on his forehead by a hairband and you’re!!!
  • he laughs and gives you this cute bunny smile and you’re like wow i’m so glad i decided to sport for once
  • he sticks his hand out and you awkwardly drop your stuff to shake it and he’s all !!!
  • “i’m jeongguk! but you can call me kookie! that’s what everyone here calls me. i’m the captain, nice to meet you again”
  • and you’re like wth the captain you look like you’re seven or something but then you look at those,,, toned muscles again,,, and you’re like yah that makes perfect sense
  • he asks you your name and you tell him and you guys are about to talk more but then six more guys come running over and jeongguk is like !!!
  • you recognize the small tiny one from before
  • jeongguk is like “these are my best friends!!”
  • he points to the one with linebacker shoulders and the pretty face “that’s jin, he plays defense but he prefers sitting on the sidelines and playing nurse when needed!”
  • he points to a tanned boy with narrow eyes and a boxy smile “this is taetae. he plays middie, with jimin…”
  • he points to a blind boy with chubby cheeks and an angelic smile and he waves at you!!
  • there’s one boy with a really big smile and he’s jumping excitedly and before jeongguk can talk he’s all “i’m hoseok!! i play midfield too!’ i’m not very good but it’s fun!!”
  • and the little angry one is like “hoseok stfu you’re amazing okay.”
  • jeongguk rolls his eyes “that’s yoongi. he plays defense too.”
  • then he points to another tanned boy with sharp features and big dimples and he’s like “that’s namjoon! he’s on defense too, funny huh??”
  • and you’re like wth where is the offense,,,
  • and jeongguk shrugs kinda “i’m the goalie”
  • because i feel like everyone would assume he’s offense, like the star scorer right?? but nah jeongguk is a really humble kid and he’s really someone i think who does a lot of work behind the scenes to make everything fun together smoothly
  • also flexible and agile and nimble because dancer can you see it because i can
  • they all ask you what you play and you’re like uh whatever they need me to play i guess,,,
  • you’re assuming it’ll be offense or something but nah,,,
  • because guess what jeongguk already has the hots for you and he’s like wow do we need someone else on defense i think we do,,,
  • anyway practice starts and as the night goes along you’re like is jeongguk even real??
  • because he’s running drills like a professional and he’s also super sweet and kind to everyone and he always pushes everyone to work their hardest!! and he’s always willing to offer helpful critique when he sees fit
  • but he’s also super willing to let others critique him
  • tbh he starts practice with indian runs though
  • so basically everyone is in a line and you’re running, and the person in the back runs to the front, and then that person yells next or whatever, and the new person in the back rubs to the front, and you just keep going
  • you’re like running for what seems like years and you and yoongi keep whining about your very near death and tbh you’re pretty sure seokjin is about to cry
  • but jeongguk is going strong and the sweat is dropping down the face but it’s such a natural look for him? like he belongs out here on the field??  
  • you wanna rub it in your friends faces that you’ve met the most beautiful wonderful perfect human ever but you won’t
  • oh btw jeongguk pushes everyone hard but he’s always asking if anyone needs a water break and tbh seokjin does after every drill
  • but like even the older members of the team really respect and love him and it’s so endearing you can tell that the team really functions like a family
  • you actually love going to practice every week because at first he’s like once a week until we get into the swing of things!!
  • you really get close to jeongguk’s friends especially, especially especially yoongi and jin, they baby you tbh,,,
  • the three of you always get scolded for slacking but tbh jeongguk is too afraid of seokjin to yell at him much and he has such a soft spot for yoongi,,, and you,,, so you guys get away with goofing off a lot
  • one of the traditions every practice, is at the end of the night to finish off practice with a shoot off
  • so it’s like y’all stand in a line and wait your turn, then stand at the penalty line and shoot on jeongguk
  • he promises anyone that can win against him some candy bars of their choice!!
  • nobody ever wins
  • the only one that ever gets close is yoongi because jeongguk is too busy cooing over him to pay much attention
  • ahaha no hoseok and taehyung plus some random people have some pretty good shots and jeongguk actually has to put up effort to block their shots??
  • you’re not the first one to get out but you definitely don’t make it to the final rounds
  • you usually end up sitting at the goal post with namjoon and jin, because the others are still in it to win it
  • one of these nights, namjoon is like,,, “i’m glad you’re on this team. jeongguk, yah he’s captain, but he never really personally interacts with anyone but us. he likes you.”
  • which isn’t a lie
  • like you guys have a drill and jeongguk is like “whenever someone is on you, make sure you use your body to block them out. use your body to protect the ball.”
  • and he’s like wow time to demonstrate this,,,,
  • hoseok shoves you forward and jeongguk gets so red and he just stares at you dumbly before he just kinda “you good sure it?”
  • and you’re like haha sure how bad can it be
  • well kids lemme tell you
  • it’s bad
  • like i remember playing and my ass was all up on someone as i was trying to shove them away with my rear?? i was good at it though because i’m extra aggressive tbh yikes like imagine yoongi and namjoon goofing off though
  • anyway jeongguk keeps the ball at his feet and he gives you this smirk like come and get it
  • you’re like um !!
  • because like he’s basically
  • and you’re !!!
  • because muscles oh yIKES
  • you kinda go up to him and try to kick the ball out from between his legs but that doesn’t work
  • you don’t wanna get up on him though yikes
  • so you kinda try again and he rolls his eyes!!
  • he turns to face you but jimin kicks a ball at his feet and jeongguk trips and both of you go toppling down
  • can you tell i live for this cliche
  • everyone, even the older people, ooh and ahh and hoseok and jimin are holding each other and squealing
  • jeongguk stares at you with wide eyes and god the first time since you’ve met him, he looks nervous??
  • he quickly pushes away from you and you’re like omG OMG OMG
  • ready to die
  • jeongguk calls a water break and everyone starts giggling like kids
  • he helps you up and he refuses to make eye contact and he just kinda looks down as you dust yourself off
  • he won’t look at you for the rest of practice
  • yikes !!
  • okay but imagining picking out jerseys !!
  • it’s wild because everyone has their lucky numbers (jeongguk’s is thirteen)
  • and everyone is squabbling over what they want and jeongguk grabs one and tosses it at you
  • your brows furrow in confusion and you kinda
  • you unfold it though and it’s, believe it or not, number one
  • he kinda brushes by you and leans close for just enough time to whisper “because you’re my number one”
  • and you are!!
  • you do end up playing defense, and you play sweeper, which is the defender closest to the goalie when you’re playing a diamond defense
  • so basically you’re the last line of defense before jeongguk and at first you’re like shouldn’t we put someone,,, good here??
  • and jeongguk gets all offended like are you questioning my judgment as coach do you want to run laps or something
  • but you guys have a really good dynamic!!
  • like he knows when to let you do your own thing but he also feels comfortable in asking you to either go and attack or let him get it
  • you two always chat when the ball is down at the other end of the field!!
  • probably flirt more than anything and the other defenders just gag especially namjoon and yoongi
  • okay but
  • your team is amazing?? like probably the best in the young adult league?? you guys are on the way to win the championship
  • which is wild for jeongguk because he’s a super competitive person so he’s like yes time to gO
  • worst part of the season because jeongguk thinks in order to win it’s time to push yourself past your limits?? is like practice even practice anymore?? nah you just run for years on end
  • in games leading up to the tournament he gets a lot more controlling with plays and he’s a little high strung during games??
  • okay but it’s your last game before playoffs
  • and you’re playing your rival team so everyone is already on edge!!
  • even you because jeongguk is so stressed he looks like he’s about to pull out his hair and you just wanna kiss his face and make it better
  • but nah, you just chew your lip and stare and jimin and tae tease you for your crush
  • okay but this team
  • this team plays dirty
  • like tripping and pulling jerseys and shoving and it’s always a mess when you play them
  • refs usually call things but today NOTHING is being called and jin is already nursing three minor wounds from the sidelines
  • okay heads up jeongguk’s rival is on this team and it’s this haughty butt cheek person who always tries to score on him and thinks they’re the shit but really aren’t and isn’t actually as good a player as everyone builds them up to be anywAY
  • you’re always saving the ball before it even gets to jeongguk and people are getting annoyed with that
  • really annoyed
  • second half has just started and you’re going to block the ball when jeongguk’s rival comes up and rams you to the ground
  • you can’t stop yourself from hitting the ground, hard
  • everything goes black and you feel like you’re nonexistent for a few seconds and you can’t tell if your eyes are opened or closed?? nothing makes sense and you can’t make anything out at all
  • somewhere in the background you can hear cursing and yelling but you’re just laying there, senseless
  • jeongguk loses it okay, downright loses it
  • his rival can trash him, and trash his team, and be a prideful can of anchovies, but they are not allowed to ever lay a hand on you
  • he runs up to the kid and he grabs the guy by the collar and he’s like “man what the hell are you thinking?!”
  • and the kid just smirks and shrugs and jeongguk loses it and socks the kid in the nose
  • hell breaks lose
  • everyone is screaming and chasing each other around and jumping on each other’s back
  • jeongguk hurries over to you and picks you up in his arms and he carries you over to jin who immediately starts to go through concussion protocol
  • you three sit there and watch as hoseok tackles someone to the floor and as tae starts a screaming contest with someone else
  • jeongguk is so so so worried he’s asking jin if you’re gonna make it and jin is like,,,, honey they’re awake,,,
  • you laugh but then wince because yes your head does hurt, very badly
  • jeongguk hands you his water bottle and forces you to drink because it’s supposed to help
  • he then lets you rest your head in his lap as the brawl continues
  • you guys get kicked out of the tournament
  • that’s okay though
  • you guys have your own scrimmage to celebrate the end of the season
  • your head is better by then
  • the scrimmage is wild and jeongguk cheats by picking you up and carrying you off to the sidelines whenever you dribble and try to score on him
  • the night ends with the shoot off,,,
  • you and yoongi are the only two left believe it or not and yoongi misses on purpose,,,
  • competitive jeongguk won’t lose no matter who it is though,,,
  • you poise yourself to shoot and jeongguk smirks and you’re like wow lover boy!!!
  • you aim and fire but before he can block it, jimin and hoseok pull him off to the side so you do make the goal!!
  • and everyone is screaming and cheering because wow jeongguk has been defeated!!
  • he kinda stares at you in shock before running over and pulling you into his arms
  • “instead of candy how about i take you on a date huh?”
  • you laugh and nod “hershey kisses sound nice too though…”
  • his eyebrows shoot up and he kinda !! before leaning down and kissing your lips very softly
  • the end i love my son

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good luck on your blog!! it's amazing :'3 can I request RFA + V + Saeran's reaction of a short mc with white hair and blue eyes? (I used Terminus Est as my MC faceclaim. She's from Blade Dance of Elementalers) <3

thank you for the kind words <3 also bruh terminus est is so cute omg LOL


  • secretly thanks the gods that he’s taller than you LOL
  • you’re the cutest thing he’s ever seen in his life dear god
  • actually loves how tiny you are, since it makes it easier for you to fit in his arms
  • he likes to glomp onto you and snuggle you like a teddy bear 
  • one day you were wandering around with an oversized LOLOL tshirt of his and he was nearly deceased
  • “omg you’re so cute, please don’t wear something like this in front of others… i don’t know what i’d do if i saw someone setting his sights on you…” slow down there yandere
  • god help him the day you decide to cosplay in a LOLOL costume
  • will brag about how cute his girlfriend is 24/7 
  • seriously he talks about you so much all of his college buddies practically know you down to a T


  • will actually squeal at how adorably small you are
  • also loves your white hair
  • “babe, we match! this was meant to be~”
  • plays with your hair every chance he gets
  • sometimes he practices his lines while he’s braiding your hair which is kinda weird since he’s talking to your hair but at least he’s practicing
  • also teases you about your height by looking around and pretending like he can’t see you
  • always stops when you start sulking though, and whisks you up bridal-style
  • “sorry princess, you’re just too charming”
  • jokes that he could probably bench press you as a workout


  • pleasantly surprised, mostly by your hair it reminds her of zen’s
  • but she doesn’t make a big deal out of it, because she’s not one to over-exaggerate things except when it comes to zen
  • yoosung/seven always joke about what a funny contrast you two make standing next to each other 
  • which IS TRUE but she doesn’t mind and neither do you
  • guilty pleasure is when she sees your curled in bed like a little white ball
  • the temptation is real to just crawl in bed and cuddle with you
  • but poor baehee has work to do
  • so she’ll cover you with the blankets and make sure you’re comfortable before heading back to her desk
  • on the rare days that you two actually get to snuggle in bed with zen DVDs playing on the TV, she’s a very happy camper


  • um hello??
  • blue eyes, white hair? just like elizabeth the 3rd???
  • goodbye, you’re never leaving his sight
  • loves loves playing with your hair whenever your head is on his lap
  • lowkey doesn’t like taking you around in public because he doesn’t want other people seeing his girl
  • but he’ll do it since he wants to take you to the best restaurants and whatnot
  • one day he saw you and elizabeth the 3rd snuggled next to each other on the sofa and he immediately called jaehee and said he wasn’t coming into work today
  • sits and watches you two until one of you wakes up 
  • also tries to take pictures but they look like they were taken from a potato, to his dismay
  • at least he tried


  • “seven, no it’s me”
  • jk he’s seen you before since he had to do a background check on you
  • also through his CCTVs 
  • will 110% get distracted everytime he sees a flash of your white hair passing by on a security camera
  • literally obsessed with your hair he thinks it’s more magical than elly’s
  • once bought a white wig and tried it on so he could match yours
  • “what do you think? do i look magical?”
  • “seven your red hair’s peeking through at least have it fit properly”
  • “don’t be jealous that my white hair looks better than yours~”
  • but he’s actually weak af when you ask him favors
  • like if you give him a front hug and give him puppy dog eyes he’s gone
  • will actually turn as red as his hair
  • zen calls you two the Candy Cane couple


  • it’s difficult for him to see, but he can still make you out at times
  • even if it’s blurred, he always says your hair’s the most beautiful thing he’ll ever see
  • likes trying to take photos of you at any given moment
  • so he can preserve them and keep them with him even if he does eventually go blind v just deserves a lot of love okay
  • one day he said that if he had his normal eyesight, you’d be too radiant and captivating for him SOMEONE JUST GIVE ME A V ROUTE ALREADY
  • you’re so small that he’s always slightly surprised when he feels small arms suddenly wrapping around his stomach
  • but then he grins and reaches around to pull you closer


  • momentarily stunned when he sees your hair because wow who knew white could look so nice on someone
  • he’ll never admit it though
  • slightly pleased that he’s a lot taller than you 
  • the one who would always shamelessly stare at you but look away when you make eye contact
  • “did you need something, saeran?”
  • “what?”
  • “you were staring at me”
  • “was not”
  • “….our eyes met i saw you”
  • “don’t know what you’re talking about”
  • he’s protective (possessive) when he needs to though
  • especially if you’re both walking around outside
  • your hair and eyes make it nearly impossible for passing guys to not stare at you
  • god help them if they accidentally make eye contact with him after staring at you

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Haha I bet that'd cheer them up lolz but imagine katsuki's s/o just randomly (and even sneakily so he doesn't notice) starts putting tiny bows and those teeny tiny little kid clips that are about the size of a thumb nail in his hair and he walks around all day with like five of them in his hair without realizing? S/o better run when he does find them XD

OMG HAHA! That’s actually really cute, and I think Kirishima would point it out to Bakugou and he would be like “what the fuck are you talking about?” and roughly drags his fingers through his hair and those hair accessories would fall to the ground. Ever since that incident, Bakugou doesn’t trust his s/o touching his hair anymore.

Cute Things in Today’s Bam4Ham at the White House
  • Oak almost knocked down his mic during Alexander Hamilton
  • Daveed is soooooo smiley
  • Anthony is hella nervous like omg someone get the poor boy some water
  • Pippa snaps like right up next to her and Chris’ mic
  • Lin is wearing JEANS
  • Lin is permanently jammin
  • Oak, Anthony, and Daveed are so all hype for Leslie’s rapping part in Alexander Hamilton
  • Pippa’s little head bobs o m g
  • Daveed and Anthony are lit fam they are so ready
  • Tommy Kail is an angel and I love him
  • Anthony my smol rap of sunshine is so cute and perfect please end me
  • Daveed flipped his hair during Laf’s part I am actually dead
  • If I ever hear Anthony say sex again I’ll have to kill myself
  • Daveed. Like just Daveed he is so happy to be there
  • Daveed shook his hair out ohhhh myyyy god
  • Have you ever seen 3 bros that are just super supportive of each other and are like omg bro yeah I can’t wait to watch you succeed. That’s Oak, Anthony, and Daveed
  • Lin’s little ‘wooooooo’ during Oak’s part for Herc
  • Daveed patting his bicep during ‘Mr Lafayette hardrock like Lancelot’
  • ‘Laurens I like you a lot’ ‘Heyyyyy’
  • Oak covering his mouth after ‘show me where the ammunition is”
  • Anthony is a lil jumping bean

please go watch this oh m god  ➙ (x)

Bangtan ships (as I see them)

Mini descriptions of what I think about when I see these ships ⚓️ These were all I could think of (and man, I’m a sucker for any ships with Jimin involved)


Yoonmin: dominant Yoongi, submissive Jimin but Jimin would always be a fucking tease —

tease tease tease until Yoongi’s had enough and pushes him on his knees and fucks his pretty little mouth.

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Omgggg, your icons are so amazing and cute ;-; I'm using Namjoon's in my Twitter account, I hope this is okay ^~^ Annnnd, happy holidaaays <3

Of course it’s ok!!!!! And ty a lot!! ;<; ;<; Happy holydays too!!!!

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Tu es littéralement la première ARMY français que je crois sur Tumblr.. j'adore ton blog au fait !! C'est chou au possible tes dessins ☺️

AHHH vraiment???? Merci beaucoup ;<; ;<; ♥♥♥♥ En faite y a pas mal de francais mais on se cache eheheheh

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :your art never fails to make me smile, happy holidays sweetheart! <3

AWWWW IM GLAD TO HEAR THAT TY!!!! And happy holydays too♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Yoongi’s ear :’(

I KNOOOOOWWWWW ;<; ;<; ;<; Since he did the Vlive I guess he’s feeling a lil bit better!! I want him to rest a lot!!

@ladybepug a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Ok first I LOVE YOUR ART IT’S HILARIOUS AND PER-FECT. bUT noW I want to check something because Nekfeu et french quotes on tshirt….. es-tu française ??!!! si oui, fierté nationale. ce blog est géniaaale 💖 if not, then ur blog is still amazing.

Et oui je suis française ehehhe :^DDD ET MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!!!!! J’adore les tshirt de Nekfeu et voila :^DD ♥♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Jungkook with that manbun👏👏 And eyebrows 👏👏 I want thousand👏👏

ehehehehhehe you’re welcome ;^DDDDDDDDD and tbh I find man with manbun/ponytails very attarctive idk why //////

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :are you french??? :D <3

Yes I am ♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Hey! I love you! Stay healthy!


@whysoinvisible a dit à ask-bts-stuff :I wrote a song for bts! It would be super duber cool if you listened it ? If you want…


@mysweetkittae a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Omg omg omg that first picture of kookie covered in paint with his hair tied up is so cute it’s actually causing me pain TT-TT Would you object to me using it as my icon if I credit you? It’s completely okay if you say no though so don’t worry!

AHHH TY!!! Im glad u liked it!!!!! Ans yes ofc u can use it!! As long as you credit me u can use anything I really don’t mind ♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :hello ugly anon here who is apparently beautiful anon now ? I guess lol thanks for the kind words and such XD Im ugly anon because Im ugly af yes-ugly anon 


Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Swiggity swoogty I’m coming for that jibooty

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im coming too