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  • otabek fresh out of an amicable divorce (OR THE OTHER PARENT DIES,,, ITS CLICHE BUT DAMN IF I AINT THE BIGGEST HO FOR IT)
  • has a lil 5 year old daughter (i personally like the name zarina for her) who takes ballet lessons and is super shy, its incredibly difficult for her to open up to ANYONE
  • but he takes her to a playground once and when he looks up from like his book or smth he sees her talking amicably with another lil girl, creating sandcastles and playing with their dolls
  • and watching over them is the single most beautiful man otabek has ever laid eyes on
  • his hair in a braided ponytail and flawless skin and wearing the most ridiculous leopard print sweater and his frown is super cute as he types angrily on his phone and wow
  • he decides to go talk to him bc fuck it, hes the guardian of zarina’s first friend and hes really fucking cute
  • his name is yuri, he learns, and hes zarina’s ballet instructor
  • the child he’s with, mieko, is the daughter of a married couple he is close to (viktor and yuuri)
  • (he scowls as he says viktor and yuuris names but has the fondest smile when he brings up mieko and otabek is d y i n g)
  • they stay until evening and decide to get dinner together bc mieko and zarina dont want to separate yet
  • at the end of the night he has yuri’s number and the decision to bring zarina to her lessons earlier so he can talk to him
  • they start talking everyday and he sees yuri perform once and dIEs and on zarina’s birthday he gives him a giant cat plushie and ho my gahd
  • he finally gets the courage to ask yuri out a year later and all yuri says is “jesus fuck, finally.”

Request from anon: please can you do an imagine where the reader and Draco wake up late and get their ties mixed up, only for it to be pointed out by McGonagall in transfiguration? Thanks!!

Thanks for the request anon, I’m on my phone writing this so I’m sorry if it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing or anything 😂

You clenched tighter onto your boyfriend’s bare chest as you drearily opened your eyes. Draco had slept in your room last night, and it was amazing. You thought about the kisses, the touches, the love as you smiled with every remembrance of each embrace. You laid still for a few moments, the light amnesia embracing you until you jolted up with a start. Why was everything silent? And why was there light pouring into the room. You muttered profanities as you bent down to look at your alarm clock, letting out a small cry when it read 9:20am.

“Draco!” You shaked the blond-haired boy laid next to you. His eyes slowly drifting open, a smirk appearing on his face as he looked at your naked body. “We’re late! It’s already 20 minutes into the first lesson!” Draco bolted up, following your actions as you both pulled on your school robes as quickly as possible, not bothering to look at anything. You picked up your bag, as did Draco as you bolted out of the Y/H common room and down the endless corridors until you reached Transfiguration.

“Ah,” McGonagall began as the two of you trundled in thirty minutes late. “I was beginning to worry.” The two of you sat down in your usual places in third row and pulled your books out of your bag. Everyone around you seemed to be whispering to each other, an you could only hope that it was because you didn’t have time to brush your hair or teeth or even put any makeup, not because you came in late with Draco. You rested your head in your hand, trying not to attract any more attention than necessary. “In fifth year, there will be no time for any mistakes. Especially,” McGonagall turned to look at the pair of you as she finished off her sentence. It had seemed the two of you had arrived mid-speech. “No time for mismatched ties, Miss Y/L/N and Mr Malfoy.” She raised her eyebrow as you looked down at your chest, gasping when you see the green instead of Y/H/C. You felt your cheeks burst into a bright crimson as you tugged the tie from around your neck and handed it over to Draco in exchange for your Y/H one.

Everyone around you seemed to be chucking and whispering, and you could only hope that it would die off in a few days; what with now the whole year knowing you’ve slept with Draco. You turned to face him, his cheeks matching yours as you both offered a queasy smile before looking down at your books, trying your best to avoid any kind of attention for the rest of the day.

Late Nights | Miniminter Imagine

Simon x Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Just cute Fluffy stuffs
I take requests btw


You gave a small sigh. It was almost two in the morning and you’d yet to fall asleep. Your boyfriend of two years, Simon lay behind you spooning you. He was naked aside from his boxer, you wearing underwear and a thin tank top. His soft breathing lulling you but, you couldn’t seem to sleep. His right hand laid motionless on your hip with his face tucked into the hair over your shoulder.

You laid next to him in silence, not thinking. Just laying there, mind completely blank. You felt the bed shake as Simon shifted. “You still awake?” He whispered quietly. You hummed in response, still in your dazed state. He was silent. You could hear the crickets chirping and see the illuminating blue light from the full moon as it reflected through the window. “I love you” Simon said randomly. His voice was low and hoarse but, sincere. “I love you too, why so sentimental?” You tell him.

Neither of you moved and there was a pause. “I dunno, I feel like I don’t tell you enough” he told you. You were quiet… “You tell me every day, Si” you told him a smile on your lips. It was true, Simon always said it sometimes it was a quiet whisper in the ear or him yelling out for everyone to hear.“No, I say it but, I want you to really know how much I love you.” He paused before continuing. “I love waking up to you, I love how you brag when you score in Fifa. I love how you get along with my friends, I love how you encourage me to do my job and that face you make when you’re thinking hard and how you sleep with your hair in my face and when you kiss me and tease me and when you tell me I’m annoying even though you love it. I love you so much, it hurts. You’re so beautiful and kind and amazing and I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re the light of my life, the woman I want to marry one day and I want us to get a house one day and have little Minter babies and be a happy family and get a dog, and another dog and then they can have little puppies that our kids play with and act cute with and I want you to be the one I grow old with and tell our grandkids about our first date, I want you to be the one I think about before I die and I want everyone to know” he paused. “I love you so much” he said passionately.

You turned around to look at him. You leaned up and peck his lips “I love you so much, Si” you said. A tear slipping from your glassy eye. He wiped it from your face gingerly. A small smile on his face “Don’t cry baby, you’re too pretty to cry over me” he told you which made youu choke out a laugh.

 "What did I do to deserve you?“ you questioned him as you looked up to him. His light brown hair flat over his face as he laid on it, his pale blue eyes shining with sincerity and his thin lips curled into a genuine smile

 "I could say the same thing about you” he told you and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

A God, A King. My King.

Thanks to @madman-with-a-snogbox for the idea.

English is not my native language! Aaaaaand I used parts of Imagine Dragons’s Monster lyrics. 

Paring: Loki x reader

Warnings: fluff, angst

Summary: You go on a date with Loki, and enjoy the night fully. When you get back, something seems to bother him. 

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You took a final look in the mirror. The long, black dress hugged your curves in a perfect way, the lace sleeves making you look strong, but feminine, your green heels made you look taller than you actually were. You looked perfect.

Suddenly someone knocked on your door. You walked over and opened it, to find Loki in a black suit, hair laid back. His green tie caught your attention, and you wanted to pull him close and never let go of him. His mouth curved into a smile when he saw you.

“You look marvelous, love.” He said, his eyes lit up.

“You don’t look that bad yourself, god.” You teased. He smirked at the ‘nickname’ you had given him. He was, after all, a god.

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Inspector - Tommy Shelby

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Hey, can u do a tommy fic where y/n and Tommy are together. But y/n has to flirt with Cambell to get info and Tommy gets jealous when Cambell brags to him

Inspector - Tommy Shelby

The first time you heard Inspector Campbell’s name was not from Tommy. Arthur was talking to John about a new Inspector in town, a man who had hunted IRA members in Belfast and was now being dropped into Birmingham by Winston Churchill.  

The second time you heard of him was when he came waltzing through the doors of the Garrison, not seeming to care that the facility was home to Blinders and their allies. You were behind the counter, getting yourself a glass of brandy because Harry was swamped with orders.  

“That’s inspector Campbell,” Harry whispered, walking passed you.  

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Derek Imagine- Cheesiness and Fluff

Requested. Sorry, it’s short. School decided to hit me in the face with a baseball bat and then Roscoe. Therefore, sorry for the shortness, would appreciate feedback. Love you guys! Baii


Warnings: none, just fluff =3

I woke up to someone rubbing their thumb against my cheek. I groaned quietly as I swatted the hand away.

“Too early,” I mumbled out quietly.

“Babe, it’s almost eleven,” I heard someone - who I assume is Derek - whisper to me, chuckling quietly.

“Too early,” I repeated.

He chuckled as I pulled him into me, my head resting on his chest.

“’m not moving anytime soon. Too much crap has been going on lately.”

“I can agree there,” he said as he stuffed his face into my hair. We laid silently for a while, just listening to our breathing.

“Derek,” I questioned.

“Yes, babe?”

“Would I be a good mom,” I ask randomly. I don’t know where it came from, I just honestly wonder about random stuff.

“Why do you ask,” he said sounding utterly confused. “Shit! Are you pregnant?” He asked pulling me up so he could look me in the eye.

“No, I don’t believe so, it was just a random question.”

“Oh, well, yes, I do believe you’d be a great mom. You’d probably be the best mom I’ve seen. I’ve seen the way you act with the pack. I mean, sometimes it’s like you just know. Nobody knows how but you just know when something is up. It’s weird yet helpful.” He rambled on. “Anyways, you would be a good mom.” He said nodding.

I smiled slightly as I pulled him into a small, sweet kiss.

“You’re the best,” I whispered.

He pulled me into his arms again, this time, both of us were smiling.

“Hey, Y/N,” Derek questioned softly.


“Do you think guys have cooties,” he asked seriously making me raise my eyebrows slightly.

He mumbled something incoherent.

“Are you high?”

He shook his head no before kissing my forehead.

“High on love, maybe.”

I laugh quietly at the cheesiness, something I secretly loved. I shook my head before rolling on top of him, straddling him. I kissed him softly before he flipped us to where I was on the bottom. We kissed softly and slowly, love and passion filling the silence.

He pulled up slightly, looking me in the eyes,

“I love you,” I whispered to him.

“Scream it to the world.”

“I love you,” I whispered again. He looked at me questioningly.

“You are my world,” I whispered as I pulled him into another slow kiss.

William Nylander- Short Drabble 49

#8 and #49 with William nylander?

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A/N By Julianne from @write-write-hockey-write

Waking up next to William was hands down one of the best things ever. The way his face laid soft and still. His hair oddly enough always in a nice little poof and let’s not forget that sexy ass morning voice!

 *poke, poke* 

 “You’re finger is cold.” William said in that sexy morning voice of his, eye still close.

 “I’m sorry, maybe you should warm them up.” You joked running your hand down his bare chest. 

 “Stop, you’re making my nipples hard.” He laughed. 

 “God, I love your morning voice AND morning laugh.” You said snuggling closer to your boyfriend. 

 “Well I don’t like your cold ass hands.” He chuckled as he placed a kiss to the side of your head. You two laid there for a couple more moment in silence just holding each other before you moved your foot to touch William’s leg. “OH MY GOD! Do you have any blood woman!” He laughed as he jumped up from the coldness of your body. “Well I know something that might warm me up?” You said climbing on top of William. “Only if you don’t touch me with those cold ass hands.” He joked as he pulled the covers over your heads.

Island Love

Maui stared up at the stars, his dark eyes reflecting each bright light, imitating the beautiful sky above him. His massive arms laid still at his sides. His long curly hair recently freed from a fat bun exploding around his head like the rays of the sun. His breathing was slow, chest rising and falling gently as his lungs filled and emptied in an endless cycle. Far away squeals tickled his ear and Maui turned his head to watch the children playing on the far end of the beach. They splashed in the water, flicking droplets at one another as their parents supervised with smiles on their faces from a little ways away. One of the children, the eldest boy, caught Maui’s eye and began to whisper to the others. One by one they turned to stare at him, watching him as if he were a star. Maui smiled softly and raised his hand to wave at them. The children smiled back and waved enthusiastically, and were just as quickly distracted by the ocean once again. Maui chuckled to himself as he dropped his hand back onto the sand. These were truly Moana’s people.

He turned his face back to the heavens, his whole being seemingly entranced by the stars and the moon. His guard had been dropped so low that he hadn’t heard anyone approach him until there was a crunch of sand beside his ear and a dark figure stood over him. He would recognize that mass of curly hair anywhere. He smiled brightly, the corners of his eyes wrinkling in laugh lines, the only thing about him that seemed as old as his true age. “Moana,” he said, and nothing more. He didn’t need to.

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Seventeen Reaction To You Having Severe Period Cramps

Hip Hop Unit

Seungcheol saw you laying in bed doubled over in pain. It didn’t take him long to figure out what was going on. You had a very open relationship and he wasn’t one of those guys to go running when you mentioned your period. It was a natural thing and he knew that. He went into the closet and pulled out your heating pad. He walked over to where you were laying down and nudged you to a sitting position as he slid the heating pad under you and turned it on. He laid in bed and ran his fingers through your hair until you started to feel better. You laid there, comforted not only by the warmth of the pad, but also by the warmth of his heart.

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Wonwoo walked out of the kitchen to see your faintly tear-stained face laying on the couch, tucked between your knees as you prayed for relief. Wonwoo looked at you, saddened that you had to go through this every month. He went into the bathroom and turned on the water in the tub until it was nice and warm. After getting everything ready he came back out to get you. He kneed down in front of you and you brought your head up to look at him. He encouraged you to take a warm bath and helped you stand up. He walked you into the bathroom and got you settled before bringing in a chair and a book, knowing there wasn’t anything else for him to do but spend time with you.

Originally posted by allurity

Mingyu knew that your cramps were bad during your time of the month, but that meant he knew how to help you. You’ve tried everything together, heating pads, chamomile tea, a warm bath, heck, even acupuncture! But nothing seemed to relieve the twisting pain in your abdomen. During a particular painful day, Mingyu stuck his head into your bedroom as you were laying, curled up. He walked over to you and sat down next to you, he didn’t say anything but you could tell in his eyes he knew what was going on. He stood back up and got on the bed as he rolled you onto your back, despite your groans of displeasure. He reassured you he had an idea. He brought his hands down to your hips and used his thumbs to massage deep circles into your stomach. He moved his hands and continued to massage you until he saw the pain slowly leave your face.

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Usually stretching relieved at least some of your cramps, but this month no such luck. You laid on the floor of your bedroom out of ideas and in pain. Vernon stuck his head in and saw you before going back to the kitchen. He thought tea fixed everything so he whipped up some warm chamomile tea. He held the mug carefully as he walked back to find you snuggled under the covers with your head barely sticking out, clearly given up. He set down the tea and kissed your cheek. He told you about the tea before crawling in next to you, determined to make you feel better. If it wasn’t the warm tea, then his love would have to be enough.

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Vocal Unit

You rolled around on the floor just plain out annoyed at your body for causing you this much pain. There wasn’t anything you could do to alleviate the pain you felt every month. You felt like throwing a fit just like a kid, but that wouldn’t help. You heard some shuffling around before Jeonghan came and laid down on the carpet right next you. You both rolled over to face each other and Jeonghan tucked hair behind your ear. He stood up all of a sudden and offered his hand. You took it gingerly as he led you to the bathroom. Apparently all the noise earlier was him drawing a warm bath. He led you and helped you slide into the relieving water. you closed your eyes in bliss as you felt some of your pain dissipate into the water.

Originally posted by 12fools

You were laying on your bed scrolling mindlessly through your phone as you tried to push the unbearable pain out of your mind. Eventually it got the best of you and you turned your phone off and just curled up. Joshua walked in and when he saw your state, he knew he had to do something. He crawled up on the bed and coaxed you out of your tight ball. He brought his hands down to your abdomen and began to massage the pain away. You let your head rest against the pillow as his hands worked miraculous magic. Every precise movement taking more and more of the pain away. After he finished, he leaned down to kiss you then snuggled up next to you, both of you content to take a nap.

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

You’ve often had bad cramps in front of Jihoon and he responded the same way each time, with love. He walked into the living room to find you practically doubled over in pain on the couch. He responded by quickly bringing your heating pad out from your room and letting it warm up. He walked over to you and sat next to you, running his fingers through your hair, trying to take your mind away from the pain you felt. You turned to look at him and he gave you a sympathetic smile. He helped you to stand up as he told you about the heating pad. Once he helped you position yourself he sat down right next to you. You laid your head on his shoulder as the pain began to slowly float away

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You were in the kitchen, debating on making tea or not. You reached up into the top cabinet for the mugs, but your cramps had a mind of their own. They were not making tea today. You sighed as you walked to lay down, maybe you could at least do that. You flopped down with a huff. DK just walked in from practice to see the tea bags out on the counter, but no evidence of tea being made. He decided to go ahead and make the chamomile tea because he knew your cramps got bad and sometimes this tea was the only thing that would help. He walked into your room, mug in had, to see you laying like a flat starfish with your face sunken into a pillow. He chuckled a bit before walking with just a groan from you. You smelt the herbyness of the tea and flipped over to see DK holding the mug out for you. You smiled as you took the mug from him and relished in the warm familiar feeling of the tea. You laid back down, hoping this tea would help your cramps subside soon

Originally posted by xxwoozi

Seungkwan walked into your bedroom to find you disappeared beneath the comforter. He just smiled at your actions until he heard your faint sniffle. He paused and thought to why you would be crying. It took him a second until he remembered the bad cramps that you would get sometimes on your period. Luckily, he also remembered what you did last time this happened. He went to the closet and pulled out your heating pad. He went over to plug it in and slowly peel the covers off of you. Your face revealed, tear-stained. He mentioned the heating pad and your eyes lit up. He slid it under you and you relaxed into the warmth, feeling it undoing the tight knit in your stomach. Once he was sure you were comfortable he went to the other side of the bed and crawled in with you.

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Performance Unit

You had just gotten back from a walk around the neighborhood. You read that exercise helps cramps, but you felt no difference in the throbbing pain you felt in your abdomen. You flopped down on the couch, face first. Disappointed, out of options and in pain. You heard water running and figured Jun was getting ready for the day, but when he came back fully clothed and dry, you knew something else was up. Without saying much, he picked you up and carried you into the bathroom. You saw a warm bath with candles around. You looked up to Jun and he looked back at you, but you couldn’t quite place the expression on his face. You slipped into the warm water when you realized it was care. Jun did nothing but care for you.

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Hoshi saw the pain in your face as you were laying together on the couch and he immediately knew what was wrong and how to fix it. It wasn’t uncommon to get severe cramps during your period and Hoshi wanted to help anyway he could. He got up and walked into the kitchen and started the familiar process of preparing your favorite chamomile tea. He quickly returned with a mug with steam rising from the top. You sat up, but grimaced in the process at the shoot of pain. He walked a little faster before sitting at the edge of the couch and handing you the tea carefully. He watched as you took a sip. Your eyes fluttered closed as the warm liquid ran down your throat. You took another sip, slowly starting to feel the pain lifting. Hoshi scooted over so he could lay down next to you and wait this out with you.

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

You were laying with Minghao when you felt your cramps starting to get worse and worse. The pain reaching higher and higher with every second. You unintentionally let out a groan as you rolled over on your stomach. Minghao must’ve figured out why you were in pain, because he rolled you back over. Before you could object his hands already found his way down to your abdomen. You knew what they said about dancer’s hips, but the real prize was the hands. His nimble fingers were making quick work of the shooting pain you felt. As it slowly dissipated you rolled on your side to him and stared into his eyes. You leaned in to give him a kiss before the both of you cuddling and falling asleep.

Originally posted by wonyeols

Although Chan was still young, he still understood what was going on, but it didn’t gross him out like most boys did. He comforted you often and wasn’t afraid to talk about it with you. When he saw you clearly in pain from cramps the first thing he thought about was warm tea. He headed to the kitchen and made some chamomile tea. He poured it into your favorite mug and headed back out to you. He walked in and set it on your nightstand quietly before gently resting his hand on your shoulder. You turned to look at him as he picked up the tea to hand to you. You managed a smile at his actions, touched that he cares this much. You took a sip and relished in the warm feeling.

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Lost in a World of Color (2)

Summary: Now meeting he soulmate Y/N is faced with a decision. Take a leap and follow love, or be a responsible adult and move forward.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings” Panic attack and language

Catch up here: Part one

Word Count: 2,626

A/N: Thanks again @impala-dreamer for looking over this! I am really loving the series, and I hope y’all are enjoying it!

Originally posted by ilivetolovetolearn

Blue, grey, greens, and browns were all you could stare at in total awe as Sam continued to look at you. His chestnut colored hair even caught your attention as it laid against the white and blue tiles of the diner. You should really be trying to get off of him, but you can’t bare to do that. Being on top of this man just feet right. As soon as your world erupted into color, you knew this was the place you wanted to always be.

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“D-Don’t come any cl-” Winter was cut off by a blow to the stomach, sending her against a wall inside the shambles of a hut the resistance called a hide out. She coughed, eyes wide and watery, trying to catch the wind that had been knocked out of her.

Qrow chuckled, sneering at the tiny Schnee’s agony. He looked around the room, the wreckage from his fights everywhere. By his legs laid a man his age with golden hair which was stained with blood and dirt. Under his other foot was General Ironwood. Qrow didn’t believe it when he heard that Atlas had a half man half machine running a section of the Atlasian military, but here he was. Unable to get up and licking the dirt from Qrow’s shoes. Then there was the little Ice princess, Winter. A pathetic girl with no true idea as to what Qrow had planed for her; how he was going to make her cry.

“This is it? This is the resistance?! HAHA! What a joke.” Qrow’s face shifted from amused to stone-faced and detached. “You all had my hopes up. Here, I thought I was going to be able to finally get a work out. A chance to actually fight again. I suppose that was just wishful thinking on my part, but if you are going to be “protecting,” Qrow added in air quotes, “Remnants last hope, then maybe you should be able to fight?”

He walked toward Winter slowly, taking in her frightened face. Her body shivered with what could have been fear or adrenaline. He wasn’t sure.

Only a few inches away from her, Qrow leaned down and looked her dead in the eyes. His red eyes narrowed and he smirked, hearing the girl’s shaky breath. Guess he broke a rib.

“I’m going to ask you one more time. Where…is she?”

Winter could only breathe, shock and blinding pain encompassing her thoughts. Qrow was unlike any of Salem’s other henchmen, unlike any of the White Fang’s soldiers, he was on a completely different level…and that terrified her.

She managed to look up, finding the courage to look at her assumed executioner in the eyes. Tears streamed down her face.

“You’ll never have her.”

This was the job, she told herself. Her life meant nothing to Remnant, but…hers…if she could protect her in some way, if she could save the woman who practically raised her, who was essentially her mother in everything but blood and title, then she could die satisfied.

Winter winced, scowling at Qrow. He exhaled long and slowly, as if he had been holding his breath. Without straightening his back, Winter saw his left arm shift out of the corner of her eye. He was going to strike. She braced herself.

But it never came. Winter was overcome by the smell of roses. Her eyes shot open, knowing what that meant. She used Disperse.

A cloud of rose petals fluttered down to the floor and disappeared, leaving a petite woman with long, dark hair and silver eyes.

Qrow’s expression was one of pure surprise. He had intended for his hand to connect with the side of Winter Schee’s defiant, irritating face. Instead, it was now intertwined and being pushed back by soft, pale fingers. His heart skipped a beat, not expecting the last silver warrior to be such a beauty. Even her scarred face did not deter from her gorgeous looks. Scars.

Qrow stared at the corner of her face and just above her collar. She was riddled with scar tissue on her neck. Immediately, he knew she wasn’t going to be answering him with a voice.

He noticed that this woman was not afraid. She had a calm that seemed to wash over him as well. Her intent was to prevent more harm to come to Winter, but not to fight. She couldn’t be…

“…Is this a surrender?” Qrow raised an eyebrow to the woman. Was she going to be making it that easy?

Her blazing, silver eyes which had just been screaming ‘enough’ to him, softened. She nodded. Her hand lowered, untangling her fingers from his. She took two steps toward him, no longer enough room for anyone to come between them. 

The resistance watched as they stared at one another. It was an intimate exchange, one that felt almost private. Qrow’s interest in her had reached new heights. He was completely enthralled with her; her beauty, her power, her…behavior. Self-sacrifice was something only the brave and noble would ever attempt. He smirked, having met this famous woman less than five minutes ago, and already he respected her more than most of his “team”.

“SUMMER! DON’T DO THIS!” Taiyang screamed, unable to move his body to protect her. The man’s gruff voice snapped Qrow from his thoughts.

“…Summer Rose.” Qrow spoke quietly, not really talking to her or anyone in particular. It was like he had to try it out, test how the syllables danced off of his tongue.

“This is your lucky day, everyone. She’s about to save your lives.” Qrow spoke up, still locked within the mesmerizing silver that was her eyes. He shifted his weight, turning to give her room and walk ahead of him.

“Lady’s first.” Qrow lifted his arm, gesturing her in the direction she needed to walk.

Summer turned her head to Winter, as if to say goodbye. Without hesitation, Summer walked. She shot a smile to her two guardians, as if to say ‘I’ll be okay’, and left the wreckage with Qrow in tow.

This AU is going to be called the “Misfortunate Remnant AU”, or MRAU for short. EvilQrow AU is generic and only a small aspect of this AU.

Okay, so, I may be more into this than I initially lead on haha. I know this picture is sloppy, but I’m still trying to figure out how I want to illustrate this story, so please bare with me.

This is a small excerpt from my whole story. It doesn’t start here, and this one will be tweaked for sure when I really finish the story, but I figured this would be an interesting moment for you guys to look at and read until the next comic update: When Qrow and Summer meet.

In this AU, Winter is around 14. She’s young, and is not prepared to be thrusted into this world, but she chooses to act and fight against Salem. Separated from her mother and baby sister at 10, Summer raises Winter, becoming her sudo-mom during their time on the run.

Others ages for the story: Qrow (&Raven) and Tai are around 25, Summer is 24, Ironwood is 28.

I’ll Miss You- Steroline Drabble

A/N: Sorry if this makes you cry as much as it made me cry.  This is just something I felt like writing that’s along the lines of what could happen in 8x07.  Enjoy!

Caroline laid wide awake at 2am.  Stefan’s arm was slipped around her back as her face rested on the pillow just inches from his.  She was afraid if she shut her eyes she would miss something.  Maybe she would miss the way his eyebrow furrowed when he was dreaming or maybe she would miss the way he smiled for a split second whenever she intertwined her legs with his.  These were her last moments with him, and she didn’t intend on wasting them by being asleep. This was their last night together. She wouldn’t be able to reach over and encircle her arms around his torso when she woke up each morning.

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Bare (Bucky x Reader)

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Prompt: Could you please do an imagine where bucky wants to cut his hair bc he thinks that way he can let go of his past and but you convince him that you really like it and and you say why? ( can please do it fluffy 😊😊☺?)

Word Count: 871

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Hands To Yourself. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Joe sighed running his hands through his hair, stress running through every muscle he had. His laptop laid out in front of him on the kitchen table, while his face reflected in the screen. Notebooks and contract papers sprawled across the dining table, making it look invisible to the human eye.

Heaving in a deep breath, the palms of Joe’s hands pressed deeply into his eyes, a grunt leaving his lips. The last week has been nothing but meetings, stress, editing and socialising for Joe, leaving him barely any time to catch a breath. Leaning his body back against the black leather chair, he pushed his hair back and swept it to the side.

Glancing down to his watch that was slung over his wrist, he noted the time was currently half past ten.

“Joe? Can you come down here for a second, please?” Y/N, Joe’s girlfriend of two years, called out from their upstairs bedroom.

“Is it important Y/N? I really need to get these things done, and I’ve still got an entire video to edit from scratch.” Joe spoke loudly, only for Y/N to hear since she was upstairs. Joe would never dare raise his voice at his sweet Y/N, as a matter of fact, he’d never raise his voice at any lady.

“Yes, babe, please? Two seconds tops!” Y/N echoed, her voice travelling down the stair way and to Joe’s ears.

Joe sighed to himself, his chair skidding back and away from the table, his body standing to his two feet and a grumble passing his lips. It wasn’t that Joe was annoyed at Y/N, it was very rare that he was, but Joe was under so much stress and needed to get a lot done, and all Joe really wanted to do was wrap Y/N up in his arms and cuddle under the duvet.

Joe took the stairs two by two, wanting to get up the stairs quicker, hoping he could get words of encouragement from his loving Y/N. Joe strolled down to the hallway to the shared bedroom, his feet allowing him to enter. A relaxed smile on his face seeing candles lighting, and the two bed side lamps, illuminating the room making it a relaxing atmosphere.

Joe’s breath suddenly caught feeling a blindfold cover his eyes, his body immediately reacting from the shock.

“It’s just me, baby. Take it easy.” Y/N’s voice crooned in Joe’s ears, a shiver running straight down the valley of Joe’s spine.

“Don’t say anything. Just listen to me.” Y/N continued, her voice cool against Joe’s hot skin, her fingers fastening the knot on the blindfold now covering Joe’s vision.

Joe’s mind was now spinning, thoughts spiralling around his head quickly, not knowing what Y/N had planned up her sleeve.

“Now, just follow me, okay?” Y/N whispered, her nimble fingers now lacing together with Joe’s.

“Y/N, what are you do-” Joe rushed out, only to have Y/N’s finger press against his lips, a soft ‘hush’ leaving her own.

Joe resealed his lips and allowed Y/N to guide him.

“Now, take a seat.” Her voice whispered, her hands guiding Joe into a sitting position on the wooden chair.

“What’s going on?” Joe asked, his voice ringing with confusion.

Joe was answered with silence while Y/N grabbed hold of his hands, tying them together behind the chair, making Joe’s heart now pound harder against his chest.

“Now, I think we can remove this, can’t we?” Y/N breathed against Joe’s neck, her hands pressing against Joe’s chest while running up towards his shoulders, and towards the blindfold.

Joe nodded calmly before he blinked his eyes open. The blindfold was now removed from his face, but he wasn’t greeted with the appearance of Y/N, like he had hoped.

“You’ve been so stressed out, haven’t you babe? I think it’s time you take some time to relax, am I right?” Y/N spoke softly, her voice singing in Joe’s ears, a groan leaving his lips feeling her thumbs rub into the blades of his shoulders.

“Oh god..” Joe gasped, feeling Y/N’s fingers rub into the pressure points of his shoulder.

“My, my..very tense shoulders..I can see this is where you’re holding the majority of your stress..You need to take all of this weight off of your shoulders..” Y/N hummed, the pads of her thumbs designing gentle circles along Joe’s shoulder blades, rubbing out the tension that he was holding. “And I can help with that..” She continued, her voice levelled and soft, almost like velvet.

Joe let out a chuckle, his eyes closing in satisfaction feeling Y/N rub out the stress and worries from his shoulders, her sweet scented perfume filling his nose.

“Tell me sweetheart, how do you plan on helping me then?” Joe murmured, causing Y/N’s hands to leave his shoulders.

Slowly Y/N strolled out from behind Joe, his eyes immediately widening at the sight of her, gawking at her attire, feeling his mind grow dazed and loss for words.

Y/N’s nude lips were curved into an innocent smile as she stood in front of Joe. Joe’s tongue swiped across his lips, his eyes running up and down her body. Y/N was dressed in nothing but sexy black lingerie, and one of Joe’s fresh, crisp white shirts. Her hair was thrown up into a styled messy bun, one of Joe’s favourite looks on her, he always thought it was a style that suited her the most, because he had more access to look at her beautiful face. A shiver ran down Joe’s spine while the crotch area of his jeans started to tighten at the sight of her.

“Y/N….” Joe drooled, his eyes wandering up and down her smooth legs, while his eyes trailed up to her pronounced chest. The matte black lingerie set, complimenting her skin tone, while his sharp, white shirt, complimented the black lingerie set.

Joe felt giddy as he watched Y/N twirl around and look over her shoulder in an innocent manner.

She looked so ravishing, so alluring.

Joe could feel his heart beat hammer against his chest, watching Y/N saunter over to him, and slowly press herself down on Joe’s lap. Their skin touching one another’s making Joe’s body burn for her touch. Joe wanted nothing more than to run his hands up and down her sides, caress her body and touch her in the places that made her go weak. To Joe’s dismay, he was now held captive, unable to release his hands and allow them to go wild and roam her body.

“Tell me baby, what’s going on in that head of yours?” Y/N purred, her hands now running up under Joe’s t-shirt, her finger tips caressing his sculpted abs, making Joe’s breath hitch.

“Right now?” Joe whispered, his hips shifting up to get closer in hopes to get some friction.

“Tell me what’s going on in that little head of yours, right now.” She smirked seductively, her forehead pressing against his, while her lips hovered over his. Y/N’s hands slowly moved down to Joe’s abdomen, pressing down on it lightly, tsking him as he tried to move their hips together.

A smug expression crossed over Joe’s face, his eyes gazing up into Y/N’s striking eye/colour eyes that were dancing with playfulness.

“I’m thinking about all of the ways that I could have you right now, and right here..” He breathed hotly, his voice deep and raspy. Joe’s hands were now fidgeting with the tight blindfold that was clasping his hands together behind the chair, something that he now wanted out of.

Y/N had Joe’s undivided attention. Joe felt nothing but awe while his eyes roamed his girlfriends beautiful body. It wasn’t too often that Joe got to see her in this way. She was in charge. She was letting him know who the boss was, and Joe couldn’t help but feel aroused at her actions, and even more attraction towards her confidence.

“Cheeky tonight, are we?” Y/N smiled, drawing her index finger up and down Joe’s jaw line slowly.

“You look ravishing.” Joe growled deeply, his lips trying to attach against Y/N’s skin, only for her hand to push his chest back against the chair, a 'tut’ leaving her lips.

“You need to keep your hands to yourself, Mr. Sugg.” Y/N purred, running her hands up and down Joe’s chest slowly before she removed her hands from under his shirt, casually dancing her fingers up his chest and towards his cheeks, cupping them in her .

“Mhmm. There’s no point in trying to escape those knots either, it won’t work.” She smiled mischievously, her hand reaching to the side, pulling back a chocolate covered strawberry.

“Open.” She whispered, smiling satisfied as Joe followed her orders, and opened his mouth.

Y/N slowly placed the chocolate covered strawberry between Joe’s lips, her lower lip catching between her teeth as Joe kept eye contact with her, biting down on the strawberry. Y/N removed the other half of the strawberry before she bit into the other half of it, a sweet smile on her lips.

“Good, aren’t they?” She whispered, licking her lips in a teasing manner, making Joe groan.

“Y/N, you know what you do to me when you do that.” Joe breathed, his blood coursing through his veins with adrenaline and need.

“I’m sorry Joe, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Y/N smiled innocently, grabbing hold of another large chocolate covered strawberry and pressed it against Joe’s lips, allowing him to bite into it, before she finished the other half of it.

Y/N smiled sweetly at her lover, as she removed Joe’s shirt from her body, tossing it to their wooden floor.

Joe’s eyes glanced down to her perky chest, his head falling back feeling himself tighten underneath her, the situation in his pants being noticeable to Y/N.

“Everything okay, baby?” Y/N smiled flirtatiously, her chest now pressing against Joe’s. As Joe parted his lips to speak, words no longer escaped, instead they were moans. Y/N’s lips were now attached to Joe’s sensitive spot on his neck, his stomach doing back flips at the sensation.

“F*ck, Y/N. I need you.” Joe breathed heavily, Y/N’s hands now running down his chest while her fingers danced in-between the waistband of his ripped black, skinny jeans.

“Easy tiger.” Y/N giggled against Joe’s skin, enjoying the way Joe was now flustered under her touch.

Joe pushed his hips up against Y/N’s, needing attention and needing touch. Joe wanted to have her pinned up against the wall and battle with a hot make out session. Joe wanted to have Y/N, lost underneath the duvet covers and have her scream out his name for all of the neighbours to hear.

“Y/N, please.” Joe whispered desperately, his voice hoarse and raspy as Y/N pressed feather kisses against the base of Joe’s throat, her hands teasingly running along the waistband of his boxers as she ever so slowly grinded their hips together, making Joe moan loudly.

“Please what?” Y/N asked sweetly, looking into Joe’s innocently, acting like she didn’t know what Joe wanted.

“Please untie me from this thing around my hands and let me give us both intense pleasure.” He breathed heavily, his knees pushing her body up into the air and drawing her closer to his body.

Joe was going mad. Joe couldn’t take this no more. Joe wanted nothing more than to be free of the tight scarf tying his wrists together so he could get his hands all over Y/N, and kiss her all over.

“Oh my. Would you look at that?” Y/N gasped, her body now removing itself from Joe’s making his eyes fall from his skull. His breathing was heavy, and the situation in his lower region was no longer being dealt with.

“What? What’s going on?” Joe groaned, looking into Y/N’s eyes desperately. He needed to be touched. He needed to be touched by her.

Joe eyed his lover intensely as she stood to her two feet, her fingers releasing the grasp from her hair, allowing her bouncy curls to run free and down her shoulders.

“I’m late.” Y/N announced calmly, strutting over towards the wardrobe in her high heeled stilettos, her hips swinging side to side, making Joe go wild.

“Late? Late for what?” Joe investigated desperately, swallowing thickly to dampen his throat that was running dry, while his tongue slid across his lips to dampen them.

“Oh? Did I forget to tell you?” Y/N smiled, glancing over her shoulder as she pulled out a tight red dress. “The girls and I are going out for drinks any minute now. Don’t worry though, I should be back in a couple of hours.” She smirked, zipping up her tight red cocktail dress, her hand running through her hair to add a little more volume.

Joe felt his world spin while he caught his breath, his adrenaline running on a high while his eyes took in Y/N’s new attire, that was now hiding the sexy surprise underneath it.

“Surely you’re not serious?” Joe asked, his eyes pleading for Y/N to tell him that it was all a misunderstanding and that the two would get up to some fun instead.

“Tell me that you’re not going to just leave me here, after all that? You can’t be a tease Y/N!” Joe groaned, a whimper leaving his lips as he watched his sweetheart take out her purse. Y/N peaked over to Joe, before she smirked walking up to Joe, sitting herself sideways on his lap, running her fingers through his hair.

“I’m afraid I am. I mean, revenge is meant to be sweet, right?” Y/N smiled devilishly, her eyes gleaming seeing Joe stumble over his words fiercely.

“Revenge!? What are you getting revenge on me for!?” Joe cried, his hands now tugging at the tie around his wrists, needing to get out of the set up trap.

“Oh? Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten that iconic April Fool’s prank, have you? You know, the one where you made me think that you were actually married? Remember that one, baby?” Y/N smirked, cupping Joe’s cheeks as his face paled immediately, memories of the April Fool’s prank he pulled on Y/N replaying in his head.

“And don’t you remember my words?” Y/N drew out, Joe’s eyes glossing over with desperation, knowing this was the stickiest of situations he’s ever been in.

“Revenge will be sweet Joe.” Y/N drawled sexily into Joe’s ears, her hand now resting dangerously close to the bulge situated in Joe’s tight jeans.

“And I have to say, it really is sweet.” She smiled mischievously, pressing a kiss down against Joe’s sensitive skin before removing herself from his lap as her phone announced a ding, letting her know that her friends were outside waiting for her.

“Maybe next time, you’ll think twice before pulling another prank like that on me, Suggy. Because my revenge is the sweetest of them all.” Y/N smiled innocently at a bewildered Joe, who couldn’t help but smirk at the girl he loved so much.

Maybe Y/N did leave Joe in this sticky situation, but he knew deep down that his revenge for being teased like that, would be the best.


Hello my lovelies!

How are you all?

I really hope that you’re all doing amazingly well!

I don’t know if anyone remembers the prank imagine I wrote, where Y/N gets pranked by Joe, but yes, this is Y/N’s revenge! If you’d like to read that imagine, just click right here and it will take you right to it! 

I really, really, really hope that you enjoyed reading this imagine, because I really enjoyed writing it and I found it a lot of fun to write and I thought Y/N’s revenge was rather fun, instead of a usual prank!

I hope that all of you are okay and healthy!

I wish you nothing but a really good and happy week, with sunshine, happiness and love all over.  

Please don’t be afraid to leave me a message, telling me if you enjoyed this imagine or not! I would really love to hear your thoughts on this imagine and I’d love to know if you enjoyed, and if you’d like more of these types of little imagines! I’d just really love to know if you enjoyed, what you thought and I’d love to chat with you joyful little souls!

I love all of you so incredibly much, every single one of you little joyful souls mean so much to me and I am SO incredibly grateful for you! Thank you for everything you do for me!

All of my love xxxx


Imagine having your period and taking it out on Johnny…

“What’s wrong?” He asked you, reaching out to run his fingers through your hair as he laid beside you on the bed. “Are you okay?”

“Don’t touch me, Johnny” You muttered, smacking his hand away, “Just leave me the hell alone.” 

You watched as his face fell… and you immediately felt bad, but your stomach was paining something awful and you just couldn’t bear to be touched right now. 

He got up instantly, not looking back as you called after him… but he returned moments later with a pint of ice cream and two spoons. 

“Here” He whispered, pressing his lips to the top of your head and reaching beside him to pull out the book you had been reading together. 

[positive | jeonghan]


summary; Jeonghan is completely adamant about this, and trust me, you won’t regret it. 

“Now,” He whispered, pulling the hem of your underwear and letting it softly snap back against your skin. “Get that beautiful ass up here.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Of course I’m sure,” Jeonghan smiled as he gently rubbed his thumb over your hand. He laid back against the pillows, his hair fanning out beside him. “I just want to make you feel good, babe.” 

You sighed, nodding. You slowly removed your pants, feeling self conscious as his eyes burned into you. 

He sat up slightly, reaching for your hand once more.“You know that I think you’re beautiful, right?”

He was right. Whether it was in little notes he left in the morning or hushed mumbles as he held you at night, he constantly reassured you that he thought you were the most amazing thing on the earth.

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shirabu tendou and semi hcs when their gfs play with their hair and cuddles them when they're sad/stressed <3

The rules are only two character per headcanons so I did the first two

Kenjirou Shirabu

• Shirabu was McStressed™. He hardly had time to breathe, what with his classes and school work, tutoring Goshiki and his volleyball practice and games.

• His s/o found him in the midst of him tearing his hair out, all the schoolwork laid out in front of him.

• They quickly moved in front of him, kneeling and taking his hands in theirs, gently rubbing them with their thumbs and telling him to just breathe, that they were there.

• When Shirabu calmed down a bit he tugged them up and buried his face in their tummy, shocking them a bit but relaxing and running a hand through his hair.

• After that Shirabu stood up, nearly knocking them off their feet but Shirabu was holding them tight, maneuvering both of them to his room.

• He led them down and got on after them, wrapping his arms around their waist and hugging them tight to himself, burying his face on their neck.

• Shirabu started talking about what was stressing them out, them being silent and understanding through it all, Shirabu knowing he could always count with them.

Satori Tendou

• Satori had eyebags but this was ridiculous.

• Did he wanted to become a walking corpse? Because he was well on that path.

• that’s what you had said to him jokingly, trying to crack a smile from him.

• Which it did, he was a little please that his nature had rubbed on you some.

• you pulled him up to his feet, going to the bathroom with him in tow “are we going to have some fun y/n-chan/kun?” He quipped which you smacked him gently upside the head. “No I’m going to clean up your hair so sit with your back to the tub and tilt your head back. You have some suds in your hair.”

• You sat on the edge of the bed, cleaning his hair fully and massaging his scalp, relishing in his relaxed groans.

• When you were done with him you stood up, stretching and getting a towel for his hair. You told him to stand up and gave him the towel, hugging him around the waist as he towel dryed it.

• When he finished he let the towel fall to the edge of the tub, leaning down to kiss your forehead and moving g with you to the bathroom.

• You knew he didn’t want to talk about why he was stressed, he just needed you with him, to reassure him you still very much loved him.

• He would talk about it in time but now you had a boyfriend to cuddle and love.

Hope you liked this~

Sticky Notes (BrOhm)


Genre: Fluff/Short

AU: Highschool. Junior, Art Student! Ryan, Sophmore, Music Student! Bryce


“See you later, faggot!” The black haired male laughed loudly, walking off with his lackeys as Bryce laid on the floor of the school hallways. He pushed himself off the bloody tile, blood rolling down his forehead and his stomach felt made him feel sick. Ever since Bryce’s crush turned him down he was known from being gay because he asked out a guy but actually he was bisexual except no one in high schools cares. So, every day in between fourth period and lunch Bryce would get beat up, have all his money taken and his homework destroyed along with his notes and one time his guitar was smashed after school. Bryce soon got used to pretending like everything was okay, keeping a smile on his face but keeping close to Luke and Jonathan when they’d walk down the hallways during lunch. This time, his bullies surprised him by ambushing him before fourth period started, slamming him on the lockers and beating him. He spat some blood out on the floor, shakily opening his locker to grab his first-aid kit and sitting down. Bryce hummed softly to himself, voice cracking as he stared a few of the wounds on his arms and stomach. When he was done wrapping himself up and the blood was cleaned up he pushed himself off the floor, setting the first-aid kit down only to freeze when he saw a lime green sticky note on his backpack. He picked up the note, staring at the drawing.

On the front was a picture of a little ghost having a thumbs up, a bandanna over its eyes with the omega symbol in the middle. There was a speech bubble that read ‘You can do it!’ on it in very general handwriting. Bryce look around, surprised at the small drawings and saw that on the back was another little-written note. 'Name- Ohm, Year- Junior, Locker Number- 243, Favorite Colors- Green and Silver, Favorite Animal- Rabbit, Note- Your really cute and don’t worry you aren’t the only gay one in this school’ is all the back read with a little messy heart that made Bryce smile widely. It was heart warming to know there was some else who didn’t judge Bryce. That next day he went into the Junior and Senior’s building with Jonathan at his side, feeling a bit small with all the taller, older students around him. He soon found the locker near the corner of the art building, green and silver paint cover the door along with a lot of little scratched in drawings of small dog faces or rabbit faces. Bryce glanced around and made eye contact with a pair of hazel eyes. It was a student, obviously older than him, leaning near the locker and talking to a couple of his friends but he stopped when he noticed Bryce. Quickly, the sophomore slipped the note through the cracks of the locker and rushed off with Jonathan stumbling after him as he flailed his sleeve covered hands. Bryce hadn’t felt this happy in ages, the smile on his face not leaving because not only did he escape his bullies but he also had another person to talk to.

Bryce and this Ohm person would continue sending notes to each other, cheering the other up and learning more about each other. The blonde was walking to his locker, munching on a sandwich when he saw someone by his locker. It was the brunette he saw about a month ago, his hazel eyes staring at the lime green note in his hands with pink cheeks and he sighed. Slipping the note into the locker, he rushed off just as Bryce ran over to open his locker and grab the note. 'I really really like you’ is all it said with no picture and nothing else. That next day he purposely waited by Ohm’s locker, foot tapping on the floor as he wore his favorite lilac hoodie. Bryce smiled when he saw the brunette start walking near the area, earbuds blasting music in his ears and eyes closed with his head bobbing to the beat. He stepped forward to talk with him but was stopped when his bullies surrounded him.

“The fuck you doing over here?”

“You little shit, you’ve been avoiding our pay?”

“I bet it’s so you can buy yourself a boyfriend-” The one speaking was stopped when a fist collided with his face. Bryce backed away, pressing himself to the wall and closing his eyes with his whole body shaking. It was only when he felt a pair of arms softly wrap around him did his navy blue eyes open, glancing down to see the brunette was hugging him.

“I’m sorry for being so shy. It took you being bullied for me to speak to you,” Ohm pulled back, sheepishly chuckling and rubbing the back of his neck. “My name is Ryan, not Ohm-” He shushed when Bryce stepped on his feet, not hard enough to hurt him, and kissed the side of his chin. When he pulled back Ryan was blushing a deep red, hazel eyes open and it was obvious he was wearing contacts.

“That’s me thank you,” Bryce giggled out, smiling at him with his blonde hair falling into his eyes a little. “And I don’t know why you are so worried about your appearance. You are perfect.” It was surprising when Ryan leaned down, hesitantly kissing the blonde who happily kissed back with his stomach fluttering and heart swelling.

“I can’t believe I just did that on our first meeting,” Ryan whined, pulling back and covering his red face with his hands. Bryce just laughed, surprised at how shy and awkward Ryan was while on the notes he was a flirting machine. He leaned up again, wrapping his arms around the taller and pulling him close so that he slowly removed his hands from his face. “…Hi?”

“Hi! My name is Bryce McQuaid,” a smile started to appear on his face. “I am a sophomore and my locker number is 546. My favorite is navy blue, my favorite animal is a cat and my little note is that you are the most perfect person I had ever met and I’m glad you send me that first note.”

“My name is Ryan Edwards, junior and my locker number is 243,” he kissed the top of Bryce’s head and pulled him close into his embrace. Bryce closed his eyes, the inviting smell of caramel just making him relaxed. “My favorite colors are green and silver, I love rabbits and my note is that I never want you to leave me.”


Ten x Y/N 

Length: 627 words

Summary: Ten’s a little shit and Y/N’s in over their head.

Ten laid back on the ground, his black hair fanning out in soft waves as the gentle wind tousled the strands. You crouched down on your heels above him, smiling. His dark eyes were even darker in the night, looking almost black. You swore you saw stars flickering in them, a whole universe hidden by flesh and blood.

“Care to explain why you dragged me out here on a school night?” He blew some hair off of his face, smiling up at you.

“Because I love you?” He gave you a cheeky smile and you pretend you didn’t feel your heart swell at his words. By his following grin, you knew he could see your blush.

“I know you love me,” he pouted at your response, “But I also love not getting yelled at by my parents for fucking around in a field with my best friend.”

“Boyfriend!” Ten corrected, reaching up and tapping your lips, “And are you implying you want to…”

You squinted before making a face, realizing what he meant. No, I didn’t mean actually fucking around.

“It’s a figure of speech, you nasty.”

He pulled you down by a hand on your shoulder, making you land awkwardly face first into his chest. His black cotton shirt was at least soft, “Just shut up and enjoy the view.” He turned you over, although refusing to let you go. It felt like you had a koala bear clinging to your waist in the form of an ostentatious Thai boy.

The night itself was quite clement, but Ten’s chest against your shoulder blades put a summery twist on the world around you. You felt his body inflate and deflate with each breath, a rhythm that abated you anxiety over missed studying time. Time with Ten was not time missed, it was time put to good use.

Contrary to your grades.

“Thanks for coming out to meet me tonight…” Ten whispered, lightly stroking your hair between his fingers.

“No problem,” You smiled, although he couldn’t see it. You had a feeling he knew anyways, remembering what he said earlier, “Oh, also.”


“I love you too.” You were immediately flung forward by Ten catapulting himself up off the ground into a sitting position, sliding off him at an odd angle, “Chittaphon, what the- Mmph!”

Your eyes widened at the sudden feeling of your cheeks being squished, forced haphazardly into a sudden kiss in which Ten almost missed your mouth in the low-light environment. It’s not like you haven’t kissed before, but it was sudden you were flustered.

“What was that for?” You asked once he pulled away, face knitting in confusion, “It’s not that I didn’t like it, but…”

“I can’t believe you actually love me back, I’m-” He groaned and laid back, leaving you still sitting awkwardly on his lap.

“I thought you knew?”

He stopped groaning and gave you a pointed look, “Since when am I psychic? You never said it before. To be honest, I never expected you to say it because holy shit it’s been a long time since we started dating and I just settled with reminding you of how much I loved you instead of getting verbal confirmation, so… Yeah, I’m fucking ecstatic.”

“Oh,” You said duly, “Well, I’ve loved you for some time and I’ve never been quite the best at this ‘emotions’ thing, but I’ll try.”

“I know you will,” He leaned up and wrapped his arms around your waist, giving you an Eskimo kiss. His dark eyes reflected the moon but his smile shone like the sun, blinding if you looked directly at it. You couldn’t help but wonder how you got so lucky. He pecked your lips, muttering against the skin of your cheek.

“You always do.”

that was so bad lmao sorry i finished this while on sleeping meds soooo hell naw to editing. I’m gonna go pass out now buenas noches.

The Hardest Part

Originally posted by hunterchesters

They sat silently at the kitchen table, poking at the food on their plates. Dean could tell she didn’t love him anymore. She never kissed him like she used to, didn’t even touch him when they’d lay down to go to sleep. The lights in her eyes were just distant memories at this point.

He wasn’t shocked when she said she was leaving. He expected it. He wasn’t going to waste his breath fighting something that was inevitable.

You see, love’s a funny thing. The way it lingers in the mind, no matter what you do or the passing of time.

He spent endless nights, driving for hours just to get her out of his mind. It never worked. The hardest part is forgetting those you swore you’d never forget. And he never did. He stayed up for hours, thinking of nothing but they way her hair felt between his fingers as she laid on his chest, their breath steady as they drifted off.

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