his hair is just so..nice

Okay wait but Evan plaiting Connor’s hair when he gets anxious about things and it gives his hands something to do and Connor likes it too because it’s pretty relaxing and it’s helping Evan at the same time.

And then Evan gradually goes from just plaiting to putting Connor’s hair into all sorts of styles, he loves the messy bun the most.

Bitty will probably make some offhanded compliment to a random hockey player like, “Oh, his hair is sooo nice,” or “Wow he’s so strong he just picked that player up with one hand?? crazy” and the next time Jack sees the player in person during a game he’d have this irrational urge to go up to them like hey man stay away from my boyfriend 

All of This and So Much More: Chapter One [poly!hamsquad x reader]

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 3.0K

Warnings: Swearing, underage (?) drinking

A/N: I didn’t think I was going to be able to get this finished and out, and I definitely wasn’t planning on dropping this until at least tomorrow night, but you all were so supportive and I really thank you for that.  So, have the next chapter (not sure how much you’re going to like me after this though so…)  Let me know what you think!  Also, if I tagged you and it didn’t work, or you asked me to tag you and I didn’t, please let me know!!

Prologue  Chapter Two

Month One (September)

“Hey darlin’.  How’d your first day of school go?” John asked as soon as you answered the Skype call.  

You could hear the crashing waves and see your friends sitting around the bonfire from the open door across the room.  They were celebrating the beginning of the school year, and once you talked to John, you’d be out to join them.

“Hey Jackie.”  As much as you were loving the Caribbean, you missed John.  Being able to see him and hear his voice brought a smile to your face.  “It was good.  There’s this little girl, Leta, who is the sweetest little thing.  She colored a picture and gave it to me today and she’s so smart.  I showed her a Junie B. Jones book and she was half way through it by the time school got out.”

John laughed.  “Did they have the Junie B. Jones books there or did you take yours with you?” You mumbled in response, but he couldn’t make out what you said.  Still grinning, he asked, “sorry, what was that.”

“I said I bought a new set and had it shipped down here with me.”

Even though he was still laughing, you could hear the fondness in his voice.  “You just met these kids and you’re already spoiling them.” You went to respond, but he cut you off. “Not that I’d expect any different from you.  It’s a good thing you’re doing.  I’m proud of you.”  

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Til Lost Sales Do We Part (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by tom-holla

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Peter and Y/n are best friends, but when they realize they can get free things, sales and discounts by being married, the two decide to become husband and wife until the sales run out. 

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a little fic with your friendly neighborhood spidey hubby. 

Masterlist Request Any Of These

You played with the cheap ring on your left ring finger as Peter paid for your meal. The little sliver ring with the fake diamond shone brightly as you angled your hand towards the candle light. 

This was the latest restaurant you two decided to scam by saying you were married. And it wasn’t as if it wasn’t believable because of the way you two mesh together like a couple and the way you looked at one another with such love only two best friends or a husband and wife could look at one another. But, to top it all off, you two bought cheap wedding rings off of ebay to make the story more believable. 

The only issue was, you were both only 18 and fresh out of high school. 

You two could have been married or could have been seen to be in a relationship by the way your worlds revolved around one another. Since Peter was the Spider-Man and was going to stay in New York for school, you decided to do the same, so that you wouldn’t leave his side. Not to mention that you both were very affectionate towards one another and shared a drunken kiss at a party when you were 16 (you decided never to talk about it). 

It was when Peter kissed your temple and took your hand in his that you relinquished yourself from your own thoughts. You could still feel the pang of a long gone shiver on your spine as you gripped his hand and rose from your seat. 

Peter, unbeknownst to your feelings, hadn’t realized that during all this married business, you had fallen for him and wanted nothing more than for the ring on your finger to mean so much more than it had. 

“Are you ready to go? We have to meet up with Ned at our place.” Peter asked you as you nodded slowly.

Yes, you and Peter shared an apartment in the same building as his aunt. You were only roommates, but the amount of times you had found yourself in Peter’s bed as the result of a nightmare or waiting for him to come home really should’ve made you share a room. 

You followed Peter down the street to your apartment, lost in your own head until you reached your apartment door, a long sigh escaping from your lips as you past Peter and laid down on the couch. 

“Do you ever think that you’ll leave New York? You know, stop being Spidey and be a regular guy?” You asked, taking a glance at Peter. 

He shrugged, moving your feet and sitting down on the couch by you. “To be honest, Y/n, I don’t know. I think I want to be Spider-Man until I can’t anymore.”

“Do you ever want to get married?”

In your heart, you wished he’d say yes and then say he’d marry you, but you also felt as though he wouldn’t say such a thing. 

Peter flashed a small smile and rubbed your leg absentmindedly. “Yeah, I do.”


“Whenever the person I love says yes.” 

“I guess that’s a good answer.” You mumbled as the loud sound of a knock on the door rang in your ears.

“Come in!” Peter hollered as Ned waltzed in like he lived there. “What’s up, man?”

“Nothing much.” Ned stated as he eyed you two for a moment before taking a seat in the chair across from you both. “How was yet another scam filled dinner?”

“It was nice.” You stated with a smile

“Don’t you two ever feel scummy about this?” Ned asked, referring to your scams.

“We’re running out of restaurants to scam.” Peter said jokingly. 

“I hear this place has a discount on their cakes. How about it?” You informed.

“I can’t believe this. You two are going to get caught and you’ll both deserve it.” Ned stated. 

“Hey, don’t knock it til you try it.” Peter replied with a bright smile as you sat up and leaned into him.

“I feel like you two idiots would get caught and then get married for real just to keep doing this.”

“If it means more free shit, I think we might.” You joked. 

Ned shook his head. “You two are terrible people.”

“Terrible people with nice things.”

“You do realize cheaters never prosper?”

“I think we’re doing alright.”

“I’m going to go get something to drink, I’ll be right back.” You sighed, rising from your seat. “But when I get back, you better cut the shit about our smart scams.”

Peter and Ned watched you disappear around the corner as they locked eyes. 

“I take it you didn’t ask her?” Ned asked, with a slightly judgmental look on his face.

“No, I panicked.” Peter groaned, running a hand through his hair.

“You panicked?”

“Yes! I panicked! She just looked so nice, and she already has that ring on her finger and she’s my best friend and we’ve never even dated how could Y/n say yes?”

“Say yes to what?” You asked, a soda in hand as you sat down next to Peter.

“Would you ever want to get married?” Peter asked.

“Well, yeah. Especially if I was in love with that person.”

“When would you get married?”

“As soon as someone asked me.”

“Really?” Peter raised a brow. 

You were confused as to why you were being asked so many questions about marriage, but you went along with it anyway,

“Yes.” You nodded. “Now, why are you asking me all these questions?”

“Do you wanna get married?” Peter asked as he pulled something out of his pocket.

“W-what?” You stammered, your breath caught in your throat.

Peter took a knee before you, the ring held out to you. “It dares repeating- Do you want to marry me?”

“You want to ruin our scam with the truth?” 

“Is that a no…?” Peter furrowed his brow. 

“Yes! I mean, no!” You cried before groaning. “I mean, yes, I’ll marry you!” 

“Oh thank god!” Peter laughed as you held your hand out to him and he replaced the ring you had on with the ring he bought. 

“Well, I guess this is the end of our brilliant scam.” You said happily. 

Peter laughed, “I guess it is.”

“Can we still go to that cake place and get a cake? For old time’s sake?” 

long hair kami
  • kaminari bitch ass long hair denki
  • super long pretty honey coloured hair To Die For BUT with streaks of black running through it
  • he’s still got his fucking lightning bolt highlight tho :’)))
  • tbh it kinda just looks like midnights hair
  • he ties it up a lot bc it always gets in the way
  • ponytail kami is a Blessing
  • kiri rlly loves his hair ok
  • bakugou gets pisses off bc it gets in the way when they’re cuddling
  • kiris happy bc he finally has LONG HAIR TO BRAID
    • kiri braids kamis hair into lots of tiny braids w/ the tiny elastic bands
    • kami keeps the braids in for a couple days
    • He keeps them into a ponytail when he has the braids in so they dont whack ppl in the face all the time
    • he takes them out on the weekend when they’re all chilling in bakugou’s room and kiri’s like,,,,,,
    • “Woah……………. babe your hair is so pretty”
    • it has all these tiny kinks in it and its so curly and wavy and soft
    • kiri is MINDBLOWN
  • honestly kiri could play w/ kamis hair all day and just be satisfied
  • baku gets jealous bc kiris not playing with his hair : (
    • but ?? then bakugou Realises
    • “Fuck look at how fukcing pretty kaminari is. look at his fucking hair"
    • and he starts playing w/ it too
    • honestly kami is having the best time bc he always got shit for having long hair and now he’s got these two boyfriends that fucking love him AND his hair and he’s just so so so happy
  • kiri and baku are having a rlly fucking good time bc
    • kami is so fucking happy and he just inflicts his happiness on both of them
      • even bakugou
  • kiri: i once saw a boy so beautiful i started crying
  • since kaminari doesn’t rely on physical strength to fight he can have long hair without it getting it in the way
  • The rest of 1a like to play “how much of kaminari’s hair can we get to stand up”
    • Todoroki holds the record
  • jirou’s super jealous bc her having long hair would be super inconvenient bc of how it could get in the way of her ears when it’s super important
  • Izuku’s a mess bc his hair’s a mess and kami’s hair is mf #goals
  • uraraka see bakugou and kirishima playing with it one day and joins in
    • she didnt rlly have dolls or many other toys when she was little bc of how little money she had so she’s super happy when she sees that kami likes his hair being played with
    • kami Dies bc her hands are super soft and jsut??? after kiri and baku, she’s his fave
    • she searches up how to curl hair on a computer at a library and finds some whacko diy to make kami’s hair curly
    • The next time they have free time together they try curling his hair and BOI
    • IT WORKS
    • kami dies
    • AGAIN
    • He fucking loves having curly hair sm he doesn’t wanna wash his hair ever again
    • bakugou complains bc now he’s used to kami’s hair to smelling like coconut
    • kaminari promises to wash his hair again if bakugou will let uraraka curl his hair again
    • baku agrees !!!!
  • he takes super aesthetic photos of his hair all splayed out around him like a flower
    • kirishima puts red flowers in his hair and !!!!!
    • now kiri’s dying AGAIN because of how pretty kami looks
    • gosh dang it kaminari
  • whenever baku or kiri are having bad days they just like to mess around with kami’s hair
  • when kami’s having a bad day he begs kiri to give him a massage bc BOI is kiri good at those
  • Once monoma cut a bit of kami’s hair off as a prank
    • ( lightly )
  • ppl underestimate kami a lot bc of the drawback from his quirk and because of his hair but honestly??? what a strong boi
  • once kami dyed the ends of his hair pink and SHIT its so fucking aesthetic bc its just a nice blend from blond to pinky-coral and its got black streaks in it and it makes kirishima so happy
  • Kiri and bakugou are so in love with his hair ( and kami )
    • little kids come up to kami sometimes and they all tell him how pretty his hair is and kami’s jsut so happy
    • A little boy once told him, “wow i didn’t know boys to have long hair!!! can i have long hair too?”
    • kami gives him the biggest smile and goes, “yeah of course!!! you can have your hair as long as you want!!!”
    • inspirational kami is So Good
  • momo makes kaminari lots of hairclips and pretty hair ties and kami’s so in love
  • tooru likes to tease kami’s hair when he’s not paying attention so then kami’ll turn around and just
    • “what in electrification?!”
    • Kiri’s upset bc honestly kaminari’s hair is super super smooth
    • bakugou wants to kick her ass but HE CAN’T FIND HER
  • Iida’s very concerned bc he feels like kaminari’s gonna mess up bc of his hair at some point
  • Aoyama likes to dump a shit tonne of glitter in it to make him Sparkle
    • kami doesn’t mind ofc
  • 1a has an annual “lets make kami pretty” day
    • Annual turns into monthly
    • monthly turns into weekly
    • weekly almost turns into daily but bakugou decides that everyone else is spending Way Too Much Time with kami so he steals kami away
  • whenever they cuddle bakugou turns into a fucking mess bc its ALWAYS kamis hair going into HIS FACE and NEVER KIRIS
    • he only minds a tiny bit bc its so soft and smells nice tbh
    • its just when he sneezes and he wants to fucking cut kami’s hair off
  • Bakugou used to threaten kami by saying he’d cut his hair off
    • it worked for a while until kami realised that he’d never actually do it because he loves kami’s hair as much as the rest of 1a does
  • one day kami wants to cut all of it off so he can fundraise some money for charity
    • heroing all the way

anonymous asked:

Can you do Autistic! Will solace headcanons?

basing all of these off of my experience because Reasons… remember that you can differ from these symptoms and still be on the spectrum! :o autism is entirely that, a spectrum, and thus it effects (affects?) people differently… autistic people are different from each other sometimes and thats a great and wonderful thing! ♡

- will is a super picky eater! it makes him feel guilty but if something is a bad texture he’ll USUALLY try to swallow it whole (dont ever do that please, its bad for you) to be polite but other times he’ll spit it out and he feels terrible for doing it. he prefers mash potatoes with chunks rather than without, flat soda over fizz, and hard crunchy things like peanut brittle. just… good textures for the mouth and teeth

- will having hyper-empathy as opposed to the opposite since both are common in autism AND adhd. he struggles to understand things sometimes but as hard as it is to have hyper-empathy, he admits that it helps him lots ESPECIALLY in the infirmary

- music is a good stim, pacing too. he likes to walk around and play with his hair and the beads on his camp necklace and once chiron actually caught him playing with his tail because hair is such a good texture it just feels so nice!!! (after that he’ll lean down and let will touch the hair on his head or even his beardy beard because will no thats weird thats my horse butt)

- he has a hard time understanding things sometimes, especially if its something very simple? he asks people to rephrase things a lot and it makes him feel kind of guilty but as he grows older he realizes its hardly a burden for people (and usually people like being engaged in conversation, which is something that took him a looong time to learn)

- communication?? is so tiring. he’s gotten pretty good at it from working in the infirmary but then people try to smalltalk and hes just like ??? what do you mean “hows your abuela” i dont know go ask her?? im not my abuela, you goofball, how would i know

- he’s one of the few autistic people in camp that dont use ‘spoons’ because he doesnt really understand the metaphor, so he uses battery instead! it makes him feel like a cool robot too like… will: “beep beep boop im too drained to talk to you fuck off pls” cecil: “will holy shit” and he even has a special pin that his friend makes him that looks like the corner phone battery thing on red/low so people dont try to engage him too much AND!! a super special writing board that says what he writes for when hes nonverbal, which happens very rarely. it was made by his buddy jake from cabin 9… what a good guy

- he’s afraid of talking about his special interests (medicine - specificslly surgery - and star trek) but if you slowly goad him with questions about it before you know its hes infodumping and clenching and unclenching his hands happily and even flapping if he gets super excited! it takes him a while to be able to do it around nico without being self concious but nico thinks its the cutest, most endearing thing in the entire world

- nico getting him a skull-shaped chew stim as a joke that he thinks wills gonna like ironically but nah he loves the fuck out of that thing and gnaws on it all the time and thinks of nico and how much he loves him when he starts to feel shy or ashamed and doesnt feel so bad anymore

just…. autistic will yall, like, hell yes!!!! im getting a tablet for my birthday, i think, so! i can maybe draw him with the rainbow infinity sign (since i hate the puzzle piece) - mod will

neil dyes his hair hc

this is just my second headcanon so pls be nice to me i am a smol fragile child


-okay so renee would totally be the mastermind behind this

-like she was dying her hair while neil and andrew were over

-and neil kept watching her and so renee being the sweetheart he is tries to make conversation

-because god knows andrew isn’t about to

-”since riko won’t be a threat anymore, do you wanna change your hair color?”

-bless her

-’since riko won’t be a threat’

-riko won’t be anything anymore

-and neil actually considers this

-andrew raises an eyebrow but that’s about the most reaction they’re going to get

-so neil finally decides, yea, let’s dye my hair cause i fuckin hate having to see the shadow of my dad in the mirror

-my poor child neil


-renee’s like “pick out what dye you want”

-so neil looks at the dye she has

-and it’s like all bright colors

-and neil decides he actually kinda likes the color red

-like bright red

-like as bright as nicky hemmick’s smile bright

-so he holds up that one to renee and she smiles at his choice

-andrew begins to question their judgement

-but doesn’t say anything because it’s not really his place to tell neil what to do with his hair

-and neil is pretty nervous bc like he’s spent most of his life trying to blend in

-that’s pretty hard to do with bright red hair

-but i mean, you literally drag people on national television neil


-neil decides he’s never going to blend in anymore so he might as well do what he wants with his appearance

-so renee helps him bleach his hair cause it’s gotta be lighter

-and his hair turns out blonde from bleack

-andrew has a heart attack

-why is he so hot with blonde hair

-it’s not even his goal someone tell him he needs to stop

-but anyways

-renee dyes neil’s hair like bright red for him

-and he sits around talking with renee while  they’re waiting for the dye to do its magic

-andrew just kinda stares at him focusing on not letting his jaw drop

-then neil washes the dye out

-and renee like blow dries neil’s hair into his normal curly mess

-but now it’s BRIGHT RED


-renee tells him it looks great

-neil turns to andrew after looking in the mirror all satisfied

-andrew just walks towards him and runs a hand through his hair like he’s examining it

-then he finally decides that yes neil looks fucking hot and he fucking hates him so damn much like wtf this isn’t okay neil



-looked fucking hot, that’s what you did josten, i s2g you’re going to give us all heart attacks

no but like just imagine a nice cozy sunday morning with tom where you get up kinda early to go pee and you leave his warm embrace as the sun is rising in your guys’ room and when you come back from the bathroom he kinda wakes up a little bit and you’re freezing because ya know that feeling you get in the morning when you don’t get out of bed and when you do it’s just fucking cold. anyways so you come back to bed and he kinda lifts the blanket for you and you’re just in underwear and a tshirt and you climb back in and the mattress is warm and the sheets are warm from the two of you lying there and he closes the duvet and his arm over you and you’re just so cozy and warm and you close your eyes and take a deep breath as he presses a small lazy kiss to your hair and nuzzles his face in it half asleep and it just feels so nice and you could lay there forever

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Hello new blog! Could i have some stand hc with jotaro,kakyoin,pol. Like how there stands interacts with their s/o. If it makes sense, thank you!

Sure! Love me some stand headcanons.

Jotaro/Star Platinum:
-Star is VERY into physical contact with Jotaro’s s/o. He will hold them  all the time, sit them on his lap, carry them on his back. He is just a big pup.

-BONE CRUSHING HUGS. Star will just consume Jotaro’s s/o in suffocating hugs.Jotaro will have to be monitoring Star very closely, since he is afraid Star gets a little too carried away and that he could actually hurt them. (If he does, Star just sulks and will feel really guilty.Poor blue punch ghost.)

-He would make Jotaro feel so embarrassed sometimes. Every gesture or emotion that Jotaro didn’t show to his s/o would channel right through Star Platinum.Star will just stare at Jotaro’s s/o with a lovestruck expression and kiss them out of the blue.  

-He is very curious, and it’s no different with Jotaro’s s/o. He will just touch them everywhere, watching s/o’s reactions as he finds a place where s/o likes to be caressed, or where it tickles. And sometimes without even intending to, Star may touch places that will get things pretty heated up….

Kakyoin/Hierophant Green:
-Hierophant Green is so gentle with Kakyoin’s s/o, whenever he touched them it would be a feather-like touch. He likes running his hands (or tendrils) on s/o’s hair and it just feels so nice. He may even try to braid their hair and fail.

-He would like to give s/o little emeralds as gifts now and then. He will hold their hand on his own and place a beautiful little piece of the gemstone in their hand. Sometimes s/o will be making their bed, or putting their hands in their pockets or doing actually anything and oh what is that.It’s a cute little emerald.

- Even though he is a gentleman,Hierophant will like to tease and scare s/o a little bit. Sliding a tendril over their shoulder or neck and making them shudder or squeak would really amuse Hierophant and Kakyoin.

- He is an overall really calm Stand. He will love to simply chill with Kakyoin and his s/o,he is just happy to be there.

Polnareff/Silver Chariot:
-Silver Chariot is kind of wary when he is with Polnareff’s s/o. He really loves them a lot and want to be physically close with them, but he knows his body structure is not exactly the softest. Though with a little reassurance from s/o, he will start to get a little more comfortable around them and may even cuddle or hug them, even if it is a little uncomfortable.

-Unlike his user, Chariot is shy. Little things as touching s/o’s hand will make him get embarrassed.If s/o gives Chariot a little peck the stand may just lose it and he just vanishes.It would be a little bit hard for Polnareff to invoke his stand back.

-He likes to watch Polnareff’s s/o do things. Any thing. S/o is cooking? Chariot is there watching. S/o is reading a book? Chariot wants to read it too. There was one time where Polnareff had to stop Chariot from going into the bathroom with them.

-One thing he has in common with his user is that even while being shy,Chariot loves to show off in front of s/o. Every time he demostrates his amazing swordsman skills and they praise him he gets so proud!

(I hope you like them!  -Lettuce)

NCT Hyungs Reaction: Having Your First Kiss and Getting Caught!


Originally posted by jaehoneytoast

So your first kiss with Lee Taeyong here, the cutie patootie boy who can also be a rude man on stage. I feel like Taeyong is a hopeless romantic because he seems to have that side of him since he’s sO GODDAMN CUTE-

i’m getting off track. Anywho, I feel like Taeyong would try to make your first kiss special. As in take you out to a nice picnic by the lake and watch the water ripple when you throw stones in it. He prepared everything himself, he even forgot to tell you about the date. So just imagine opening your door to a cutely dressed Taeyong, holding a picnic basket in one hand and a cute stuffed bear in the other one. He’d be pretty embarrassed that he forgot to tell you, but you assured him it was fine and you both went on the date.

So flash forward to when he decided to kiss you. His palms were sweaty because he was just so GODDAMN NERVOUS YOU LOOKED SO PRETTY AND HE THOUGHT HE LOOKED LIKE TRASH COMPARED TO YOU OMFG

But anyways, he was feeding you a fruit and saw that some of it’s juices landed on the side of your mouth, so he wiped it off slowly with his thumb. He smiled softly, looking into your eyes and then leaned in, kissing you softly, letting his eyes close.  His lips were as soft as they appeared, his mouth moving in perfect sync with your own. His arms slowly wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to his warm body, your fingers tangling in his hair.

Now let’s get to the getting caught part.

Anyways, there you two were, having some lip action moment, and low and behold, the Dreamies decided “Hey, let’s go to the lake today! It’ll be fun, right?”


“Hyung?!” Poor Jisung had his eyes covered by Chenle, who had his eyes covered by Haechan, and so forth until Mark was the only one staring, trying to cover his own eyes, but he couldn’t.

“W-what are you doing here?!” Taeyong would pull away, feeling embarrassment rise in to his face, taking the form of a bright red blush. You just awkwardly coughed, looking anywhere but the innocence-ruined Dreamies.

“We wanted to go swimming and-” Mark starts, but Haechan runs over, scooching next to you.

“Food! Hi! Nice to finally meet you (y/n)!” He hummed, stuffing his face happily with the great food that Taeyong prepared. Taeyong’s eyes and yours met, sharing the confusion of the situation.

“..You won’t tell the others, right?”

“Oh no we are.”


Originally posted by nctinfo

Okay but this cutie will probably do it unexpectedly.

I take Taeil for like someone who does things on the spot but has social anxiety about the consequences. He’s just an all around nice guy.

So, what I picture is, he’d take you on a date to the Aquarium and most likely do it in front of the fishies, because he thought you looked beautiful with the blue hue of light coming from the lights on the tank water reflecting on your features.

You two were looking at the fish tank, your eyes captivated by the beautiful array of fish, while his eyes were captivated by the beauty that is you. Your eyes lit up from sheer excitement from the fishes, while his eyes lit up with sheer love, watching as you put your hand on the tank softly, gasping to yourself as a fish rubs against the glass, right where your hand wa.

“Taeil, did you see that?! Did you..” You quickly turned to Taeil, excitement showing clearly on your face, but your slowly faltered with your sentence, staring into Taeil’s eyes. They where filled with love and care, just for you. Taeil unexpectedly leaned in, capturing your lips against his own.

So, you two would be in the middle of the aquarium, having a beautiful first kiss right in front of the fish, when a camera sound goes off.

“awe cute.” Johnny said, you two jumping apart. Taeil’s face flushed in embarrassment as he ran around, trying to chase Johnny and delete the picture. Jaehyun just stood next to you, both of you chuckling at the scene.

“You’re going to send that to me, right?”

“I will don’t worry (y/n).”


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okay time for the tol bean Johnny Seo.

I feel as though he’d make it as casual as possible, so maybe while you two were just chilling and playing video games together.

It would be in the middle of Mario Kart, an intense game of it, that is. He would have won against one of the members, jumping up and down in glee. While you were laughing and clapping at his sudden enjoyment of winning, you felt yourself being picked up by the string bean himself, his lips quickly meeting yours. The room would’ve been filled with gasps from the other members, not even knowing that you two were dating (or they’re just over dramatic like that).

“Jagi I won!” Johnny said, oblivious to the fact you both jUST HAD YOUR FIRST KISS OVER A VIDEO GAME VICTORY, AND IN FRONT OF THE MEMBERS.

“..You know…you have a room. you should use it for this.” doyoung said sarcastically, angrily dropping his game controller. Johnny then realizes what he just did, lowkey freaking out, but trying not to show it.

“I-I know! Psh, i just wanted to show you nerds who has a girlfriend.”


Originally posted by 1aeyong

Yo yo yo it’s Osaka Prince Yutaaaa.

This cheesy ass muthafrucker would most likely make a hugeeee deal about your first kiss, wanting it to be perfect to a T.

You two would be out on the town, cuddling each other for warmth, since it was the winter. Snow was falling and you were watching the snow, your eyes shining with pure wonder as the snow fell on to cars passing by. Yuta would look down at you, a smile appearing on his face as a sudden idea appeared in his head. He bent down, pretending to tie his shoe, but he quickly made a snowball, throwing it at your back. You slightly stumble from the sudden attack, but you smirk.

“It’s on!”

Que the 30 minutes you and Yuta spend running around town, throwing snowballs at each other and trying to catch each other. Though you were close to the dorms, you tripped and fell into a big pile of snow, Yuta laughing his butt off as you completely disappeared into the snow. He then helped you out, laughter still erupting from him as he wiped off the snow from your big jacket and your hair. As he put his hands on your hair and slowly ran his hands through it to get the snow out, a bright smile was evident on his face, his eyes looking down lovingly into your own. He’d lean down, stopping just before his lips met your own, giving a small but teasing smile. You rolled your eyes, smashing your lips to his, taking him by surprise by the sudden force you held. You both fell to the ground, not hurt from the fall since the snow cushioned it. You pulled away, chuckling to one another and Yuta nuzzled his nose against yours.

“Ew keep the PDA on the down low, bro.” Haechan stuck his tongue out, walking with the Dreamies into the dorm building.

“My innocence is ruined.” Chenle muttered, shaking his head disapprovingly at his hyung.

“You’ll understand when you’re older Chenle.”

“I don’t want to understand I just want to eat.”


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Cheesy to the max honestly. Ten is such a cute and cuddly dude, I see him planning to have your first kiss at the top of a ferris wheel or at the carnival.

Okay so, Ten and you would be at the carnival, having the bestest time of your lives because Ten is right there with you and who would’t have an amazing time with this fluffball, and you both pass a booth. Ten backs up, seeing a big panda bear staring right back at him, calling out to him

“Yo Ten ya gotta get me. your girl will be so happy.”

“Ten why is that bear talking?”



*ehem* okay so you two get to the ferris wheel and stuff, ten slightly being afraid of the height, but it’s nothing he can’t handle, he has the most cuddly thing by his side, and you of course.

Once you two get to the top, the ferris wheel stops, giving you both a perfect view of the beautiful ocean below you. The sun was just setting, so it set up a perfect moment that Ten wanted.

“(y/n)..” He muttered, looking down at you. You looked back up at him, the sunset reflecting on your eyes. He smiled softly, leaning down and capturing your lips with own.

“SEE I KNEW HE WOULD! YOU OWE ME 10 BUCKS WINWIN!” Yuta yelled, shaking the cart lightly, but WinWin holds on, fearing his life.

“I don’t want to die remembering Ten and his girlfriend’s kiss-YUTA STOOPPP!”


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*ehem* okay back to the point.

I feel like Young Bunny here would be a little shy with everything that he wants to plan, to have it perfect, but it obviously will be spontaneous because he’s just like that (when he opens up).

for some reason i’m getting beach vibes from him, so it’ll be at the beach.

You both planned a beach date together, but the boys decided they wanted to go to the beach, so they tagged along. They promised to leave you two to yourselves, though. They just wanted a ride.

So you two are lounging on the beach, getting your sweet ass tans on, when Doyoung pulls you up, carrying you in his arms towards the ocean. You were wondering what he was doing, until he just. threw you in the ocean.


You got so angry and started to chase him around, the boys shrugging and continuing on with their fun cuz they said they wouldn’t bother you. You tackle Doyoung into the water, FINALLY getting him wet but dayum his hair looks so nice just sticking to his face like-

Doyoung then grabbed you easily when you tried to run away, hugging you tightly and spinning your around. He then spun you towards him,letting his forehead rest against your own while breathing heavily.

“You’re in so much trouble. It’s freezing in that water.” He muttered, pouting. You just smiled, leaning up and capturing his lips, Doyoung’s eyes widening from being of guard, but he closes them and kisses back, wrapping his arms around you.

“…should we just…” WinWin mutters, Jaehyung awkwardly picking up the beach ball that was floating at your feet, waddling away from you two.

“We said we’d leave them alone..”


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This bias wrecking hoe- i mean this lOVING boy would probably also be one for spontaneous kissing.

It would be after you two were coming back from a midnight date at the movies, Jaehyun walking up to his dorm. His arms would be tightly wrapped around you as he dropped you off, not wanting to let you go as you both were outside the dorm entrance door, talking quietly since you didn’t want to wake up the boys.

“You better text me when you get home.” Jaehyun threatened jokingly, you holding up your arms in defense.

“I will don’t worry.” You smiled, pinching his cute lil cheek. Jaehyun just smiled, continuing to hold you in his arms. Even though it was late, he didn’t seem tired at all. He just wanted to continue to hold you in his arms, letting the the warmth of you two mix as one. Jaehyun looked down, feeling your head nuzzle against his chest. He smiled yet again, lifting up your chin so your eyes could meet. He leaned down, giving your nose a small peck, before kissing you. Your arms tightened around him and he held you close, smiling into the kiss.

“At least have the decency not to do it right outside the dorms, please.” Taeyong’s voice appeared out of nowhere, you two jumping apart quickly. Taeyong leaned on the wall, an annoyed look on his face appearing (at least you thought he was annoyed, he had a facemask on). Jaehyun got pulled in by Taeyong and before you both could say goodbye, Taeyong closed the door. “Goodnight (y/n)!”


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Awe awe this bean finally.

Okay So i feel as though WinWin would plan the kiss so far that he would begin to get nervous.

As soon as you opened the door, the plan suddenly started to go awry. Everything he planned for the day just wnet bye bye.

He forgot to make a reservation, so you two ended up eating at a nice diner. He wanted to take you to the park, but turns out it was getting renovations for the playground, so you two went to the mall instead.

It was still a fun day, trust me, but WinWin just felt so down that nothing went as planned, as you saw how sad he was, so you took him to the bridge where you first met, because he always lights up in happiness just remembering that day, happy that he went to that bridge in the first place to make a wish.

“At least one thing will go right today.” He joked, giving you one coin, then throwing his own into the river, closing his eyes and wishing the hardest he could. It was adorable, really, seeing WinWin’s eyes closed tightly and his hands wrapping around yours as he wished. You then threw your own coin into the river, closing your eyes tightly and wishing the hardest you could ever.

“What did you wish for?” You asked WinWin, but he just shrugged sheepishly, looking down at his feet. It was a small tradition between you two, telling each other what you wished for, because it usually becomes true a few days later.

“I-It’s nothing..” He muttered, looking down into your eyes. You smiled, giving his nose a small nuzzle.

“I wished for NCT to have all the success they could possible have because you guys deserve it.” Now this made WinWin’s heart completely melt, hearing how supportive you are of him. Without thinking, he leaned down quickly, giving you a small but soft kiss on the lips. Once realizing what he did, he went to pull away, but you pulled him back in, smiling into the kiss. WinWin smiles also, both of your heads resting on one another soo after.

“I-I wished for you to kiss me.” He muttered sheepishly.

“WELL LOOKS LIKE YOUR WISH COME TRUE GOOD JOB WINNIE.” Yuta clapped, WinWin screeching and hiding behind you.


“We’ve been here the whole time..we cane with you both today..” Taeil awkwardly coughed, trying to look anywhere but you two.

“…are you sure you di-”


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Nsfw headcanons for 1p japan?

-Pretty vanilla tbh

-Although he has a fascination with tentacles. Not a kink exactly, but he finds it intriguing. 

-Doesn’t have a very high sex drive, but has no problem helping his s/o if they want it.

-Doesn't like being forceful. Once he kidnaps his s/o he won’t do anything sexual with them until they want him. Hey, he has a hand, doesn’t he?

-Likes passionate sex. The kind where you just get lost in the feeling of each other and the admiration of one another. 

-Praises a little bit. Please praise him back it will make his day.

-Don’t pull his hair exactly, but run your hands through it. It doesn't even have to be sexual he just thinks it feels nice. Plus his hair is really soft so why wouldn’t you want to touch it?

-Finds necks very elegant. He plants kisses there often.

-Likes having you ride him. He gets to look up at you and caress you.

-If he trusts you enough to know you won’t run away, he’d totally let you tie him up. 

*:’~,*~ did you all know kary’s favorite color is pink?  ~*,~’:*

i saw a post saying you should imagine your oc’s in a princess dress, and this image popped clear as day into my head. kary really likes pretty clothes, but he’s a troll. where would he ever find anything so fashionable(?)–certainly if he did it would be rare indeed for it to come in such a luscious shade of cotton candy.

it has been literal years since i’ve done something this shiny and sparkly in my drawings. i feel so in touch with myself right now lmao <3