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Baecation (Paulo Dybala)

You woke up to the sound of calm waves overlapping and the white noise of the ceiling fan. The peace and quiet of Bali was a welcomed change in pace from Turin city life. You and your boyfriend Paulo had been waiting to visit the island paradise for months, and now that his busy season was over you finally had the chance.

Speaking of Paulo, he was still fast asleep. You rolled over to look at him. He was positioned as he always was, laying on his stomach with his arms tucked under the pillow beneath his head. You shuffled over, moving to sit on top of his bare backside. Splaying your hands over his biceps, you rocked your hips side to side.

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Drabble - Lee Hongbin (VIXX)

Author’s Note: To the anon who asked for a fluffy Hongbin fic, here you go! Thank you so much for requesting! 

For the record, you hated studying. You hated long nights hyped up on caffeine, hours of writing and rewriting, critiques from overly harsh professors. There were a lot of times you’d wondered if it was even worth pursuing your degree, but something always managed to motivate you. 

You walked into your usual spot, a coffee shop not far off campus. It was more crowded than usual so finding a place to sit was difficult. You spotted an empty table in the far left corner of the coffee shop and sat down. You set out your things while stealing looks towards the counter. Cute Barista (you’d yet to learn his name) was standing behind the counter with a dark blue apron and looking better than all of the pastries on display. 

You absentminded fluffed your hair a bit as you stood in line. While Cute Barista was busy taking someone’s order, you took advantage of the opportunity to stare at him. His dimples appeared, disappeared, and reappeared as he talked. It was one of the first things you noticed about him and it never ceased to amaze you how they dug into his cheeks so easily. His hair was flopping into his face though it looked as if it had been pushed back several times, a cow lick sticking straight up in the middle of his head. A glimmer of light caught your eye and directed your attention to his pierced ears. You wondered if he’d always had his ears pierced or if it was a new development. You couldn’t remember if you’d noticed them before.

Cute Barista’s eyes flicked up at yours to catch you staring. You quickly tore your eyes away to the menu above his head, but you knew it was too late by the subtle smirk on his face. You kept your eyes on the menu, glancing over it as of you hadn’t seen it a hundred times before.

Sooner than you’d have liked, the line dwindled away until you were next in line. Cute Barista flashed his signature smile that made you smile too.

“Hi.” He said, placing both hands on either side of the register and ever so slightly leaning forward. It was all very subtle to someone who didn’t know any better, but you noticed the gesture. You noticed the size of his hands and the way his bulging veins wrapped around his arm. You noticed the way his shoulders slumped forward and caused his button down shirt to stretch over the muscles.

“Hello.” You said. He continued to look at you, his smile never fading. You stared back too, lost for a moment in just how handsome he was. You heard the shuffling of feet behind you and cleared your throat. “Um…, can I-” you began. Cute Barista grabbed a medium sized cup and retrieved his marker from behind his ear.

“Peach green tea, right?” He asked, writing the order on the cup. You could barely nod. He nodded his head as he continued writing. He turn the cup to face you, your order and name scribbled neatly in thick black ink. “Did I spell your name correctly?” He asked. Again, a nearly imperceptible nod. He smiled and began ringing up the order. “I’ll have that right out for you.” He said.

You. Were. So. Embarrassed. He knew your drink order! He knew your name! How many peach green teas had you ordered that he knew your order right down to the size of the cup? You could have easily slinked away from that coffee shop, never to return. Instead, you got your drink, sat down and cracked open your laptop.

You didn’t notice anything except the article you were analyzing until a sharp cough made you jump. You jumped, nearly toppling your laptop over onto the floor, when you noticed Cute Barista standing there. He looked almost as flustered as you. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” he mumbled. It’s um…closing time.“ He said, sheepishly scratching the back of his head. 

“Oh…I um,” you started as your eyes shifted to the empty coffee shop. “I’m sorry about that.” You said, saving your work and shutting your laptop. 

“No problem.” He said with a smile. You smiled back, feeling the awkwardness of the two of you just smiling at each other. You shoved your laptop into your bag and rose to your feet. Cute Barista cleared his throat hurriedly. 

“I’m Hongbin” he said, as if he couldn’t wait to get that out. You smiled, finally having learned Cute Barista’s name. 

“Nice to meet you.” You would have introduced yourself, but you knew he already your name. To be perfectly honest, you weren’t quite sure what to say back. 

“If, um, if you’re not busy…there’s a restaurant down the street.” He continued. Your eyes widened, your cheeks flushing a deep red. His gaze shuffled between the broom in his hand and the book bag that hung at your feet. “I mean, if you’re hungry…and if you’re free…I thought..that, um, I could…you know…dinner?” He sighed out of frustration, kicking the air in front of him. You laughed. It gave you a sense of relief to know that he was awkward too. 

“I’d really like that.” You said. His dimples reappeared as he smiled brightly.