his hair is fluffed a bit better in this one

Baecation (Paulo Dybala)

You woke up to the sound of calm waves overlapping and the white noise of the ceiling fan. The peace and quiet of Bali was a welcomed change in pace from Turin city life. You and your boyfriend Paulo had been waiting to visit the island paradise for months, and now that his busy season was over you finally had the chance.

Speaking of Paulo, he was still fast asleep. You rolled over to look at him. He was positioned as he always was, laying on his stomach with his arms tucked under the pillow beneath his head. You shuffled over, moving to sit on top of his bare backside. Splaying your hands over his biceps, you rocked your hips side to side.

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May the Force Be With You

Who: Kristoff, Anna (Kristanna), Sven (Pshh duh), Olaf
Rating: K+ (blame Jim)
Words: 4,081 
Summary: It’s Halloween, usually the night Kristoff sits on the couch and watches as many Horror movies as possible. But not tonight. Tonight, for the first time in years, Anna drags him out for a party, in costume. As the Jedi’s said, may the force be with you Kristoff.

Notes: Holy moly, my first actual fic in, like, forever. This one got away from me BIG time but I couldn’t help it! It was such a great idea that sargar3000 and I played around with back in September I believe. Either way, I hope you enjoy this and the little surprise from a certain little creative artist (Who I humbly thank for giving me the idea and creating such a cute picture! YOU’RE AMAZING!). And shout out to jennyupabove for being an awesome person and keeping my writing in check! 

Enjoy and Happy Halloween! :D

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Now The War Is Over

Mini drabble inspired by thoughts about the blocked scene that Colin and Jen filmed outside Grannys.

The sounds of people laughing fills the night air, a dull roar from the interior of the small restaurant. It’s interspersed by the feint sound of glasses clinking together and the occasional overcompensated guffaw of an inebriated dwarf. 

Regardless, it’s nice. And Emma finds herself smiling despite herself as she dawdles on the side walk, eyes drifting over the windows closed tight against the brisk night air. Arms wrapped tightly around her chest, she pauses under the archway and leans against it, taking a short moment to herself to look up at the sky.

It’s over, it’s finally over. 

Things are relatively back to normal - or as normal as they can be in a town where the mayor is the Evil Queen and her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming. Again, a small smile tugs at the corners of her lips and she chuckles to herself so a wisp of white escapes and floats into the sky.

“What’s so funny?” a familiar lilting voice inquires from her left and she turns to see Hook exiting the establishment, his lips quirked in a careful smirk. Strangely enough, she doesn’t school her features on his approach, simply shrugs and looks up at the sky again through the lattice of the arch.

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