his hair is awesome too

I love how flippin’ cool my starbound character looks

You know what I really like about Bruno Mars? He uses women of color in his music videos. Watch any given one, you’ll find a bunch of beautiful black women with their natural hair and varied skin tones and every kind of Latina under the sun. The girl in “it will rain” also kind of looks like she could be Arabic? Any way the representation is awesome and him being a POC and rocking his natural hair is awesome too.

Your fave is problematic: Jared Padalecki

• When he smiles it looks like sunshine how dare he
• He is far too attractive
• His eyes are perfect shape and colour that’s totally unfair
• His awesomeness is unreasonable
• His hair is too majestic
• He likes dogs which means he’s impossibly great
• He is a sunbeam and that’s not nice for vampires
• He irritates people who want to be mean to him by being beautiful and yes
• Puppy eyes omg he totally stole those from some foor puppy how unlawful

anonymous asked:

you know what would be awesome? if as steven got older, he would get pink streaks in his hair, accentuating his curls. I know we've seen older steven, but who knows what will happen as he awakens more of his gem powers and their effects on his human side.

I’ve always thought older!Steven fan art with his mom’s hair influences coming out were really awesome too!