his hair in the first picture though

In first year Scorpius looks small and nervous in his school photo, but there’s a little hint of excitement. He’s at Hogwarts after all. The photo him keeps ducking his head, shy and anxious, avoiding eye contact, and tucking a bit of hair behind his ear. He is smiling though. His eyes are bright. He’s wearing his Slytherin uniform for the first time and he looks right in it. Like he belongs. Astoria gets the photo framed and puts it on her desk.

In second year he already looks a little older and more obviously happy. He sits up straighter. His hands twist in his lap, clutching his wand tightly, but he gives the camera a proper little smile. The second photo joins the first on Astoria’s desk.

His third year picture is awful, never to be spoken of again. He just looks empty and deeply sad. The portrait version of him curls away from the camera, hugging himself, looking off somewhere into the distance. He keeps wiping his nose on his sleeve and it’s like he’s trying to avoid the whole world. That photo is never framed or put anywhere. They try to pretend it doesn’t exist.

In fourth year his photo is non-existent. Either he was away breaking into the ministry at the time they were taken, or it’s lost to another timeline, but he doesn’t mind much that it’s missing. If it was taken in another timeline he probably looks horrifically miserable anyway.

His fifth year photo is of him grinning. His new prefect badge shines on his chest. He holds his head high. His eyes are bright and shining, and for the first time he looks truly, deeply, genuinely happy. It’s one of Draco’s favourites and he keeps one copy on his desk and another copy on the mantelpiece in the library.

In sixth year he isn’t grinning. There’s more a deep sense of contented satisfaction to his smile. He looks a bit intense and thoughtful, definitely older. For some reason his photo self spends an awful lot of time adjusting his tie, or shifting the position of his wand, but not in a way that suggests he’s unhappy or uncomfortable. It just comes from the fact he can never sit still. He’s glowing. Fully okay. It’s the first one Scorpius keeps for himself. He started collecting photos that year, it’s slipped inside the front of the album, along with Albus’s photo from that year.

Seventh year is the best one. His head boy badge has now replaced his prefect one. He’s clearly trying to look serious and befitting the position, back straight, head up, expression focused and fixed, but his photo self keeps being distracted by someone beyond the camera and laughing. Bright, glorious laughter, completely unrestrained, like he can’t even hope to contain it. Draco knows better than to assume it’s anyone other than Albus his son is laughing at. He gets the photo framed properly and hangs it on the wall next to a picture of Astoria who is also laughing. They look so similar, both lit up with mischievous, glowing happiness. Whenever Draco glances at those pictures on the wall it makes him smile.

Remember when I told you I was working on a human!Crane design ? Here it is ! When I first though of human Crane I already knew he would be albinos since he doesn’t have a pigmentation of his own even as a skeleton. I could only picture hi with long messy hair as well, they don,t bother him much. 

Chill would actually play with his hair a lot and make pony tails, breads and tons of stuff with it X’D

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko

Text Me Not

A/N: So this is my first time writing for Nalu Love Fest! Or anything that was organized lol. This is for Day 7: Sexting, and was super fun to write! This is fairly smutty, though more low-key than usual. But still, smut. College AU!

When the picture loaded, Lucy was glad she was at the back as her face turned into a tomato and she let out a tiny squeak. There on her screen was a picture of Natsu, shirtless and laying on her bed. One arm was tucked behind his head of wild pink hair, a lazy and devilish smirk playing on his lips. The same hooded eyes Lucy had daydreamed about earlier were present, seeming to somehow look at her soul through the screen. He was wearing sweatpants, which were pulling dangerously low and drawing her eyes to muscular and toned chest and stomach. Lucy’s fingers twitched slightly as she remembered how his tan skin moved beneath her fingers, the muscles shifting and flexing in response to her exploring hands. When Lucy finally tore her eyes away from his little display, she saw he had sent a text as well.

N- Still don’t want to play with me?

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 4841

Rating: M

Part: Oneshot

Lucy sat in her desk, one hand propping up her chin and the other absentmindedly tapping a pencil on her small, university desk. You’d think with how much they charge for tuition they could afford bigger personal desks. Lucy sighed, looking to the people on either side of her. A boy to her right with black hair spiked into a messy look was leaned back in his seat, earbuds in and seemingly trying to count the number of tiles on the ceiling. Either that or he was muttering to himself, which wasn’t entirely impossible. The girl to her left was trying to focus on the dull lecture the professor had broken into, but there just seemed to be a random pattern of scribbles on the side of her lined paper. More than Lucy had written down anyway. Lucy looked down to the front of the room, grateful she had found a desk in the back. The room was full of students like herself, trying unsuccessfully to pay attention to his speech, the monotone lesson on feminism in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein already claiming a number of students as victims to it’s sleep inducing drone. As least at the back she wouldn’t disturb anyone with her snoring.

Lucy’s phone gave a soft buzz, startling her from nearly dozing off. She really needed to be paying attention, regardless of the fact that she had already chosen the book as her main report subject, and had already read, re-read, and analyzed every line in the damn book. Releasing a loud sigh, Lucy hit the home button and her lock screen lit up, showing a text message with the name Natsu Dragneel above it. Quickly unlocking her phone, Lucy read the short text and rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s whining.

N- Luuccyyyyy I’m bored

Quickly tapping a reply Lucy relocked her phone, barely setting it on the desk before it buzzed again.

L- And I’m in class

N- Come hooooommeeeee :D

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the highlight of the photo op was hands down bambam like he was so sweet and genuine ;;;; he was joking around with us when and he saw our headbands he went like “jaebum? jackson? oh sorry i’m not jaebum or jackson” aND HE LAUGHED IN SUCH AN ADORABLE WAY MY HEART HURT and we were so flustered because even though we have our biases we still love bambam so much??? we talked for a bit more and he ended up putting his arms around us like this during the photo op aND I WAS FREAKING OUT that’s why i look so stiff and dumb aND GOD MY HAIR WHY 

also just a little more info but this was probably the second picture they took because the first one got messed up since we got tangled up in his necklace and had to retake it LMAO

Enzo & Togore Ishi

anonymous asked:

Hi um I used your cutting out the background from an image tutorial and it's not really working out for me because the persons hair is kind of all over the place. How do I get rid of the background without making her hair look horrid?

Hi! So, I’ve only ever talked about this once which was in my pastel hair tutorial, but it’s definitely worthy of its own tutorial. We’ll make it a mini-tutorial, though. And of course, it’s under the cut. (:

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Marines' Bonus II

The first time it’s just curiosity.

Red Hair may be capable of stealth, but Mihawk’s eyes catch everything, even a glimpse of that photo his former rival holds so close to his chest. It’s not a picture of Riskua, though it inspires a grin nearly as sappy as one of the little bird they both influence would.
So when he clocks the woman after first arriving upon the island that now serves as Riskua’s new place of residence, he takes note.
Once he is done with Riskua (she’s growing, growing stronger and taller; there’s so much of Red Hair in her but those eyes are all Raowl) he stops by the bar.
The bartender is a pretty thing and though Mihawk purchases no drink, he does see what Red Hair must, does realise why she appeals to his former rival.

The second time he stops by he actually orders a drink. Whatever the woman thinks he would like.
She pauses for a mere second at his eyes, but her smile is unquestionably warm; she clearly makes the connection between him and the little girl Red Hair dropped off.
It’s almost the kind of beverage Red Hair would partake in, only a little classier. Not Mihawk’s usual choice of poison, but acceptable all the same.
The bartender keeps smiling, introduces herself as Makino and declares he can stop by whenever he wants.
When she slips him the bill on his way out, it’s wrote on the back of a relatively recent photo of Riskua and the youngest boy she spends her time with. He should probably pass it on to Red Hair.
But Riskua is his too, niece or daughter it doesn’t matter, she’s still his relation, so Mihawk keeps it.

The third time, the bartender, Makino, greets him by name and Mihawk greets her with a tilt of his hat.
“How is he?” she asks, hands working a rag into the depths of a freshly washed glass, eyes focused upon the task.
“He misses you,” Mihawk admits, for it’s the truth.
Red Hair is a useless sap, longing to see his daughter, to see the little Monkey, to see his bartender. He stays away though, for his presence will bring nothing but trouble and that is the surest sign he cares.
Mihawk can admit to himself the real reason he is here; what does this woman have that his sister did not? The answer though is obvious.
Makino the bartender is not a jealous woman; she loves Red Hair but would never think to tear him away from the sea.

After he comes to that conclusion, it’s part of the routine to stop by the bar when he comes to Dawn Island.
Mihawk speaks a bit more of Red Hair and Makino refines her ability to choose a drink more suited to his taste.
It’s the closest thing Mihawk has to friendship with a civilian; maybe it’s only right that such a person has come into his life simply because of Red Hair’s interference. Again.
He really needs to work on finding someone he can put up with on his own, otherwise when Red Hair realised Mihawk’s circle of acquaintances are all influenced by him, he’ll never let it go.

Maybe he’ll get lucky and find a swordsman capable of chasing the boredom away, even if only for a little bit now that Red Hair has gone and made himself useless on that front.

And yes, even in the poor lighting, I could see that she was beautiful—in a deadly way—and that struck me too.  Her pictures hadn’t done her justice.  Long, dark hair framed a face filled with the sort of hard-edged beauty a man might easily dash his heart against.  Her eyes, though filled with hatred for me, still managed to be alluring—which only added to her danger.  She might be unarmed, but Rose Hathaway was in possession of many weapons.
—  Dimitri Beikov (The Meeting,scene from first book of VA from Dimitri’s POV)

Not the best artist but I kinda wanted to do this. So sorry if you cringe but I feel proud though :D

So the first photo is just like a movie trailer thingy. I will redo that one sooner or later. But I drew Beast!Arthur so y’all could see the difference between the two when Arthur is a beast. It wouldn’t make much sense if Arthur was smaller than Lewis. XD

The second picture I was attempting to draw and color what the main MSA characters would look like in this AU

Lewis would have his hair like normal, but he would have maroon pants, purple shirt, and HERE’S SOMETHING NEW! He wears a golden heart necklace that his best friend Vox gave to him! It has a little painting of the Pepper family and Vox. It holds a lot of meaning to Lewis

Originally posted by tawnaduncan

Will be doing something with that later on in the fanfic

Prince Arthur usually wears a uniform inspired by Yuuri’s in YOI

^ It’s basically this but different shades of yellow and black :D

In his Beast form, he usually wears the black pants ( that have fur coming out of it ) and a white t-shirt, but does wear a cloak from time to time. His fur is his clothing so the less clothes, the better

NOW VIVI! Vivi I have yet to figure out what she would wear. But she is a candlelight in this AU. Until I figure out what more could she be. /o-o/

So her candlelight is different. Instead of gold, her material is like a blue silver. She does look like she has a ribbon wrapping around her body, but it’s really apart of the silver material. It just LOOKS LIKe it’s a ribbon. 


Phantom 💙

Angelus is extremely vain and loves his appearance in headspace, but he’s not confident or comfortable with the body. He gets so frustrated with how little the body looks like him. He rarely takes selfies. He also hasn’t been here for too long, so we haven’t accumulated many.

First picture is how he appears normally. The two bottom pictures are from the time he was allowed to borrow one of Ghost’s wigs. Even though his hair is much paler, he was excited to look even remotely like himself. He also has contacts in that, again, while not a match, are close enough and much loved. It was a really happy day for him.


Climbed thirty-one stories in full gear today to raise money for lung disease research, and this is my favorite picture because I totally love my hair here.

My favorite moment, though, was when a mother and her shy little girl approached me and the mother said, “I’m sorry, but she-” (gesturing to her daughter) “-really wanted to say hi because she didn’t know girls can be firefighters, too.” And the little girl was shy but she said hi and smiled, and it occurred to me for the first time that I might sometimes be seen as a role model only because of the uniform I happen to be wearing. 

Imagine though:

Kanan and Hera first taking Sabine in.

Kanan sitting with Sabine until the nightmares go away.

Kanan teaching Sabine cool stuff to do with her hair.

Kanan having a heart attack when she takes his advice and now her hair is blue and gold.

Kanan standing on the ship ramp and glaring at all the boys who try to flirt with Sabine.

Kanan in disguise pulling pictures of Sabine and Ezra out of his wallet like “These are my kids. Yeah, they’re a handful.” And everyone just accepts it.

Kanan and Sabine just going out to shoot things because she’s been feeling left out of all the jedi-bonding-time.

Daddy - daughter stuff with Kanan and Sabine.


Some story-centric art focusing on feral child!N.
First picture presumably taken after they’ve cleaned him up a little and managed to wrestle him into a pair of shorts (Ghetsis demanded pants but shorts were the only thing they could compromise on). He bit anyone trying to touch his hair, so they just left it as it is.
It takes him a while to grow out of walking on all fours.

He does gradually grow fond of his new ‘family’ though, even if they keep an annoying amount of things which aren’t halfway edible around like Rubik’s cubes (Rhames tries to explain that just because it’s coloured like food doesn’t mean it is, child.)

He was probably abandoned as a toddler and they found him when he was five years of age (there was a rumour going around a village near Nacrene city about a 'prince of the woods’ who was running around with some Darmanitan) which is good since he didn’t spend a long enough time with animals to severely impair his learning capabilities.

Picture Giorno liking to sleep next to Dio, to feel the comfort and warmth he never had from a parent as a child. It’s a bit strange taking his age into consideration, but it’s something that really helps him cope with overcoming his abuse and learning to trust his true father. At first Dio simply sits with him and strokes his hair while he sleeps and watches Giorno tenderly, taking in this creation of his own design. Eventually though, Dio trusts Giorno a lot more too and in a very rare moment that Dio falls asleep before Giorno 

His heart stops. Dio grows cold and unmoving. When he sleeps, he’s essentially nothing but a corpse. It’s the first time Giorno has ever witnessed this and it freaks him out so much. The idea that the father he’s come to trust and love and cherish could die (even if, rationally, he knows the reason but he isn’t thinking) is too much for him. He shakes Dio until he wakes and the desperate relief on his face is enough for Dio to understand. He bundles him into his arms and promises to stay up until he falls asleep first from now on. 

Theory Time! (again)

So a certain new white-haired character, aka pumpkin face, has been unmasked, which means it is time once again to theorize and possibly completely overanalyze everything we know about him.

First of all, notice that his ever constant feline companion has heterochromia with a red right eye, and a blue left eye. The white-haired male, on the other hand, has a red left eye, though his right eye is not visible in the picture. Given this, it seems plausible, if not likely, that his other eye will later be revealed to be blue, the opposite of his cat friend to further signify their bond and that they balance each other. Perhaps the cat is the man’s familiar or something of the like.

White hair and red eyes? Sound familiar? Like a certain other mad hatter? Xerxes Break, for example? Interestingly enough, the said character is indeed wearing a top hat in the illuatrations.

As for the relationship between him and our future protagonist, there seems to be strong parallels between the two. Everything about the interactions between the two screams opposites from their appearances to their demeanor. We have the pale skinned dark haired vampire(?) protagonist with a mischievous air about him, and then we have the dark skinned snowy haired man with the serious glare and dominating presence. It should be noted that in every image we have so far of the white-haired character unmasked, he has always been facing the protagonist with his back. Either this symbolizes their trust in each other and we can expect too see many examples of the back-to-back trope in this series, or could it be another posibility? Could the two actually be adversaries? 

As seen in the image above, it looks like there are going to be chess motifs in the series again. What’s more the two are depicted as opposites sides on the chessboard. If you look closely, you will see that the chess pieces they are eating are actually the other’s chess peices. Although it is not clear enough in the picture to be for certain, the said chess pieces seem to be the opposite side’s king… Unusual, for two characters that we were lead to believe were on the same side, if not companions. Could one of the two actually be the antagonist or anti-villan of the series? In any case, we have one month left until the anticipated release of Vanitas no Carte, so perhaps we will get some answers then!

A/N: Did I make this angsty? of course i did. 

Tony finds it while he was spring cleaning.

It was in a box with his other college stuff, it was dirty and dusty and even though Tony couldn’t see the picture he knew what it was.

Sitting down on his workbench and then grabbing a wet cloth, he wiped the frame for the first time in ten years.

It was a picture of a fluffy haired Tony who was giving the camera a toothy grin. His arms were wrapped around a bony shoulder that had the same expression on his face.

Steve Rogers.

Tony ran his fingers on the cracked glass, suddenly being suffocated with emotion that only the blond haired boy could have caused.  

Tony thinks back on all the trouble they had both caused, the light nights, the closeness, the warmth, the affection, the ‘what if’s’.

But the thing about ‘What if’s’ is that they don’t matter. They don’t change anything. A ‘what if’ isn’t going to change 10 years of silence. All they do is make it unable to heal.

Tony makes a mental note to buy another frame since this one is already old and fading, he takes the picture out of the frame and holds the picture in his hands.

He laughs at nothing in particular as he examines the picture only to feel like the air was knocked right out of his lungs, leaving him breathless.

There, etched in black like it was just written yesterday not ten years;

p.s. I never told you, but I was falling in love.

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Reconfirming the Merc’s heights

I’ve been seeing lots of weird random misinformation going around and I want to remind everyone what heights actually make sense….. (Engie is not 5′1 people)

So this was the old height chart we used….

then we got this….

Which means spy is 6 feet tall. (Scout is posing oddly so the exact height in this picture can’t be properly discerned)

So I made my own height chart using the hwm models, and got almost the same result as the first image, (for me medic is shorter than spy though……)

So, while there is obviously room for error, not to mention valve is ficle about their canon, but the mercs are approximately…

Engie: 5′6

Pyro: 5′9

Scout: 5′10

Soldier: 5′11

Medic: 5′11.5

Spy: 6′

Demo: 6′0.5? (Demo’s hat isn’t removable)

Sniper: 6′0.5? (his hair is oddly shaped)

Heavy: 6′3

Which is almost the same as the original estimates before everyone started saying all sorts of stuff. Meaning I just wasted my time.

I don’t care if you want to exaggerate things for your ship but just….. know what’s actually canon??


THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL. I can’t believe i saw this with my own eyes! They even had Erd, Gunther, Petra and Oluo, though they asked us not to take pictures of them. 

The first guide had done his hair just like Levi’s, the other guide was too much like Sasha (the looks). Plus, they were really into the military-thingy persona, shouting us orders and guiding us through the rooms. 

The replicas were so fucking perfect though. I mean, you could see the veins and everything! Thanks, Cool Japan!