his hair has super powers

wow look i’ve made another camp camp oc how weird hahah please don’t hate me

more stuff abt him:

  • he doesn’t have a name please help
  • he has like 2 powers/abilities/whatever and one of them is that he can control his hair so he doesn’t really walk or grab stuff w his hands at all
  • he has this nice wooden wand and he can kinda make some spells w it but he always hides it in his hat
  • he’s rude and aggressive to hide that he’s actually sad and gets scared easily
  • even if he’s uuh depressed he’s an egocentric piece of shit (( and doesn’t really realize it at all ?? ))
  • he does also hate fran (( mmy other cc oc )) bc that kid creeps him out
  • his voice is rly nice 

so this is my no-name kid

(( sorry for the bad uuh handwriting i tried my best ))