his hair color should be like this

anyone had their hair dyed before???

i’m also maybe going to montreal tomorrow, and that usually means that i’ll get my hair done. the thing is that i kind of want to get my hair done, and i’m speaking purple hair here. i got the idea from my sister’s boyfriend and his perception of my hair color under a light i have at home. (he thought i had purple hair but it was just this small blue light that was in my light that made it look like i did)

i kind of want to try dark purple hair, or maybe an ombre from really dark purple to a lighter shade of dark purple. iunno, just.. purple hair. XDD and as much as i love my black hair, it’s boring sometimes :T (i’m also thinking about aquamarine hair?? but i don’t think so.)

so two things i’m asking, one: should I get my hair dyed dark purple if i’m going to montreal? two: if i’m only getting it dyed once, will it do anything to my hair? i don’t want constant purple hair, but i’m worried if i do it once, it’ll show damage. my sister gets red highlights and gets them redone, and it shows a lot (blonde, split-endy streaks..) so i just wanna know if my hair will, or will not look as if i didn’t do anything to it after the dye comes out.

thanks friends~~

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okay but like;;; what do malec call their goldfish

you tell me….
• clary (“get it? cause her hair’s the same color as the fish” “yeah i think we all got it alec”)
• bubble-o-seven (“no, simon” “c'mon, his real name could be james pond” “absolutely not”)
• goldilocks the third (“what happened to the first two?” “nothing, it just sounds fancy”)
• sushi (“that’s not funny. or should i say… finny” “oh my god”)
• leonardo da FINci (“terrible” “leonardo da fishy?” “worse”)
• raphael santiagoldfish (“swimtiago” “he’ll kill us either way”)


My gorgeous poet son


Leo looked like a Latino Santa’s elf, with curly black hair, pointy ears, a cheerful, babyish face, and a mischievous smile that told you right away this guy should not be trusted around matches or sharp objects. His long, nimble fingers wouldn’t stop moving ―drumming on the seat, sweeping his hair behind his ears, fiddling with the buttons of his army fatigue jacket. Either the kid was naturally hyper or he was hopped up on enough sugar and caffeine to give a heart attack to a water buffalo. ― The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus Book One)

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36 with vernon since he just became the age where he's allowed to drink

its lit

(also sorry for the late start on these, i had to shower & then do @ least half of my hw)

vernon + 36. “oh, we are not letting you drive when you’re like this”

EDIT: my bad i forgot the word count LMAO

word count: 665

After his fifth shot of soju, you swore you saw Hansol stumble. You sighed. “Hansol,” you mumbled in his ear. He hiccuped, and ran a hand through his jet black-colored hair.

“Yeah?” He grinned, reaching around you to lazily wrap an arm around your waist.

“Hate to be a buzzkill, but don’t you think you should stop drinking now?”

“Noooooo,” he whined, setting the shotglass down on a table. It would have been cute, really—Hansol pouted, putting on his best puppy-dog expression. He pulled you closer to him, pressing your foreheads together.

The gesture made your heart flutter lightly, even if his breath did smell of alcohol. “Just one more?” Hansol whispered, dark hair sticking to his forehead. He’d been dancing all night, and you enjoyed seeing a more extroverted side of him come out.

He whined. “Pay attention to me.”

The music in the room had now changed to one of a slower tempo, and you felt Hansol’s arm become tighter around you.

“Dance with me,” He muttered, a child-like grin decorating his face. He was having fun.

“Only as long as you can keep yourself standing upright,” you giggled, taking your dorky boyfriend’s hand.

He hiccuped again, huffing. “I am not that drunk.”

Even minimally intoxicated, Hansol made a good dancer, one that was confident in his moves as the two of you slow danced on the dancefloor. Many of the other Seventeen members made surprised noises as they watched, and once the song came to a stop, Jisoo came up behind you, tapping your shoulder.

“You should take him home,” Jisoo remarked. Not a fan of alcohol himself, Jisoo stood calmly with a cup of what you assumed was soda in his hand. “He doesn’t look too good, you should take him to bed,” He responded, showing actual concern.

Suddenly more drunk, Hansol popped out, his syllables beginning to slur. “They will be!” He hiccuped for maybe the sixth time in an hour, “Get your own, hyung!”

Jisoo snickered, covering his mouth with his hand. “Seriously, take him home before he hurts himself.”

You nodded, nearly laughing at your boyfriend’s dumb antics yourself. “I will, thanks, Joshua.”

Hansol looked at you, hazel eyes normally the warmest shade of brown seeming to look darker in the low light. “Huh? We’re going home already? Let me drive!”

Jeonghan came from behind the two of you and patted Hansol’s back. “Oh, we are not letting you drive when you’re like this,” He laughed, turning to you. “Need a ride?”

One tipsy car ride and several drunken comments from Hansol later, Jeonghan dropped you off in front of your apartment complex, where you, him, and Jisoo (who only wanted to come to see what Hansol would do) (he complained, by the way), dragged him up to your room.

“His first hangover will be rough,” Jeonghan commented after you’d left a tipsy Hansol on your bed. “Ibuprofen and lots of water, alright Y/N?”

“Got it, but why aren’t you drunk? You took just as much alcohol as he did,” you interjected. Jisoo snickered. “It’s definitely not his first time drinking, Y/N.” “Point taken.”

The two departed a few minutes later, and you locked the door behind them, quickly running to the bathroom after. You knocked lightly on the door to your bedroom, where a head peeked out from under your sheets, definitely belonging to your boyfriend. 

A pile of discarded clothes on the side of the bed let you know that he was mostly naked under those sheets. You hoped he wasn’t a horny drunk.

Y/N, I missed you,” he muttered in between a yawn. “I’m tired.”

Changing into some more comfortable clothing, you set the painkillers and water down, knowing he wouldn’t need it until the morning. Sliding underneath the covers with him, Hansol’s arms wrapped around you quickly, his face resting in the crook of your neck. “I love you,” he mumbled sleepily as you stroked his hair. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

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A Nino Tell-Tot-Tale

For @thelastpilot (as bribery so you’d be my friendd)

“Give it back Kim!” Nino lunged again, jumping with much force as his short, stubby legs could give him without much avail. Perhaps it was a bad day to visit the park playground after all. He couldn’t comprehend how a five year old could be so much taller than him, considering they were the same age; but here he was looking helplessly as his TMNT action figure dangled far beyond his reach. 

“What’s the big deal?” Chloe huffed, standing beside Kim in a bright yellow sundress with her arms crossed. Her shorter blonde hair was wrapped up tightly in a classy ponytail, rather than loose around her shoulders like she usually had it, and she smirked happily. She should put it up like this more often. 

“It’s from a Happy Meal, you can find another one anytime.” Kim agreed, a wicked grin on his features as he began to toss the brightly colored toy between his hands. Nino watched in horror as his most prized possession flew carelessly through the air.

“No! Stop it!” They didn’t understand, and Nino was starting to get desperate. It wasn’t just any TMNT toy, it was his favorite! He had to dig through countless nuggets and apple slices, trade with bratty kids and at one point just straight up cry until he finally acquired the best TMNT member of them all, Michelangelo. In the short five years of his life, Nino has never been on a more vigorous journey for a toy.

Not to mention, they discontinued the toy series in favor or Hot Wheels for the third time this year. So no, Nino wouldn’t be able to find another one ever. 

What’s going on?” A girl with jet black hair set into a pair of twin tails walked up the the group, blue eyes wide as she spotted the commotion. 

Marinette. Nino mentally cheered, glancing over his friend in loose pink overalls and a ladybug barrette holding back overgrown bangs. She’ll help me.

None of your business.” Chloe sniffed at the same time that Nino tattled, “They took Mikey.”

Marinette’s eyebrows furrowed, looking between all of them before spotting said victim in the hands of her classmate. A small frown began to form on the young girl’s face, and she promptly placed two small fists at the side of her none existent hips.

“Guys, give him back to Nino.” 

“It’s just a dumb toy,” Chloe sneered, “Nobody invited you over here.”

“He’s not just a dumb toy!” Nino argued, stomping his foot with as much rage as he could muster. Although it was hard to take his anger seriously as his Sketchers lit up in a flurry of colors.

“Nino’s right. Mikey is his friend.” Nino couldn’t help but notice how Marinette patted the small pocket placed smack in the center of her overalls subconsciously. He hadn’t noticed before, but he could see just the top of a small stuffed toy.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one to catch the protective movement.

“And what do we have here?” Before anyone could protest, Chloe’s quick fingers plucked the small toy out of Marinette’s pocket and looked over it, a disgusted frown falling upon her features. “Ew, it’s a monster!”

“Hey!” Marinette immediately tried to snatch it back, too slow however for Chloe’s fast reflexes. Nino was able to see the toy better now, a small red figure made out of what looked felt and stuffing, and was definitely homemade. 

It looked like a tiny alien, with yarn threads hanging from the head like antennae and a black button placed in the center of the forehead, right above two equally crudely made blue eyes. Nino winced slightly, but stood firm with his friend.

“Give back Mikey and- er..?”

“Tikki.” Marinette supplied.

“Tikki!” Nino finished, rolling up his longer sleeves in an attempt to look tough.

Chloe barked out a laugh, Kim only observing the situation play out with Mikey still high in his hands at this point.

“Or what?”


“Chloe?” A new voice popped out of nowhere, someone that the rest of the group besides Chloe couldn’t recognize. A small boy, almost as small as Nino but not quite, with neatly tousled blonde hair and bright green eyes. 

“A-Adrien! What are you doing here?” Chloe stuttered, eyes as wide as saucers as she greeted the boy coming over. 

“Mama brought me out so I could play.” He shrugged, and Nino eyed him warily. He definitely didn’t look like he was dressed for the park. He had on a button up shirt, pleated pants and brown dress shoes. This kid looked like he just came from someplace real fancy. Nino could make out a beautiful young woman with the same shade of blonde hair from a distance, also dressed to the nines in an elegant summer dress and heels.

This boy- Adrien- looked down at himself and smiled sheepishly.

“Spur of the moment.” He offered, and the rest of the kids couldn’t help but drop their jaws in shock. Adrien even talked like a grown up. It was slightly intimidating.

While Marinette continued to stare at the newcomer, Nino set his sights back on the important matters. 

Fast as lightning, the boy snatched Tikki out of Chloe’s currently distracted and unsuspecting hands, tossing it back to Marinette without so much as a fumble. 

Well, at least from him. Seeing as Marinette wasn’t focused, Tikki managed to hit her straight in the face and knock her dramatically to the side. Nino stifled a snort, it was rude to laugh at a friend’s pain after all, no matter how hilarious it was in the moment.

“Oh! Hey are you okay?” Adrien immediately rushed to help Marinette up, brushing dirt off his pants as he picked up the barrette that flew out of her hair, knocking her bangs to cover her eyes. 

“Oh, a ladybug.” Adrien smiled, noticing the added charm and handing back the accessory as Marinette attempted to clean herself up. “I love ladybugs.”

Marinette’s voice got caught in her throat as she lifted the hair out of her eyes, sky blue meeting intense emerald as she smiled shyly back. “So do I. Tikki is one.”

“Is that what she’s supposed to be?” Chloe snorted.

“Yeah,” Marinette protested weakly, suddenly extremely self conscious as she pressed her best friend to her chest, “I made her myself.”

Adrien’s eyes grew larger, gasping in awe as he inspected Tikki with a closer look. “You made her yourself?! That’s so cool! Can you make me one?”

He looked excitedly at this new girl, potential friend, and smiled widely. Marinette was caught slightly off guard. She has literally just met this boy, never having seen him before, but already he was opening up to her like they had known each other for years. Despite the fact that they all couldn’t be older than six. 

“Uh- sure.” Marinette blanched, cheeks glowing brightly. “Do you want a ladybug too or..?”

“Can you make me a black cat?” Adrien looked so pumped up it was almost too much for Marinette to handle. She simply nodded as the boy grinned back.

“It’s great and all, this toy making business you’re starting,” Nino deadpanned, effectively ruining the budding friendship moment between the two, “but can we save Mikey now please?!” 

Adrien looked confused, before looking up at the much larger kid still currently holding the turtle themed hero.

“Hey,” He whispered to Marinette, a mischevious smile making it’s way to his face, “I’ll distract him and you can take the toy back. What do you say?”

Marinette looked in shock between this new boy, who seemed like he has been watching way too many superhero movies as of late, and her good friend, still in need. She met green eyes and nodded determinedly, tiny fists already raised and ready.

“What is this, you’re going to take us down?” Chloe mocked, unamused by this entire situation.

“Yup!” Adrien grinned, “Ladybug and Chat Noir can take anyone down!”

“Who now?” Marinette scoffed.

“Us! You’ll be Ladybug and I’ll be Chat Noir! It sounds cool right?” He looked between the action figure and the dark skinned boy beside him, “And you could be.. The Turtle! No wait- The Jade Turtle.” Nino chuckled, feeling excitement bubble in his chest. Maybe this day in the park will prove to be fun after all. 

Kim grinned, obviously reeling and ready to play along, still teasingly dangling the toy above them all with a greater gusto. A trio may have just been born, on this hot summer day in a small park in Paris, but it looked like the start of something greater.

But now, in this moment, it was something epic, heroic, miraculous.

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Hello! do you know manga with a black haired male? I read the anon before with the black haired female and i want one of mans haha Thank you very much!

Hi! I love answering these type of asks because usually people ask for things that aren’t related to the physical appearances of a character like their hair color, haha. It’s quite fun to answer these. :)

Here are some manga series with a black haired male:

Black haired males seem quite common though, so there should be more that could be added to the list! Let me know through another ask if you’re looking for more recs!

I had a dream last night that War had to go into hiding cuz he was scared Satan would let Hell out on him and so someone came up to Natalie a while later and was like “You really should go talk to him. He’s a wreck.”

So Natalie went into his cramped little office/hotel room (?) and he practically pounced on top of her and grabbed her hands and started begging her to let him come out of hiding because he couldn’t stand his new hair. And his hair was like bobby pinned in weird spots and dyed like all the colors of the rainbow and it was super ugly. So Natalie got overwhelmed and was like “OK OK you can”. And the entire point of the dream was that War threw a hissy fit so he could dye his hair red again.

no one asked for this, It just happened. Also I haven’t drawn Mark in forever so…man am I out of practice haha. Maybe I should go back to a drawing a day.

anywho, love the return of the natural hair. Not that I didnt like colored hair, but it was a bitch to draw for some reason. Plus I am kind of emotionally invested in his hair.

The Kilt is Sexy

This really just poured out when I saw ElRoy’s imagine. I waited a few days because I wanted her consent before posting anything, and then tumblr ate the ask and grumble grumble complaints about tumblr. But, this reader speaks a lot more like I do, so that was fun. This also started as a drabble and got just a bit out of hand. Feedback is always appreciated! Like, seriously, I’ll weep for joy. xD

Fandom: Ten Inch Hero
Pairing: Priestly x Reader
Inspiration: ElRoy’s marvelous imagine. Also, you should be following her in general. She’s kind of the best. :D
Words: 1,355
Tagging: @wayward-marvel-and-more, because without her, this wouldn’t exist.

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Purple - Yixing

requested by anonymous: Yixing + Purple

Part of the anniversary drabbles!
Author: Admin E
Warning: Smut
Word Count: +500

‘What’s your favourite color?’

It’s a common question. A question you asked the boy you liked when you were a child, to know if you had the same one, to get to know him. One you ask yourself when you want to decorate your room, or buy clothes. One he asks you, secretly, so he knows what kind of flowers he should buy you on your first date.

You didn’t know how to answer that question back then. Because what was your favourite colour anyway? You had so many favourites. Black, like his shiny, soft hair? Gold, like his gorgeous, radiant skin? Brown, like those warm eyes that made your heart melt into a puddle? You couldn’t choose and you said, ‘All of them.’, so he bought you white roses.

After that, many dates and roses followed, until you were ready to give him one single flower in return. It might seem silly, giving only one flower of your own in return to dozens of his, but yours was much greater in significance.

He was gentle, but strong. The warm, dark chocolate of his eyes boring into yours as you roamed your hands through his raven black hair. His caresses were soft, light as a feather as he placed fluttering kisses across your jaw, your face, your neck. Surprised gasps and staggered breaths escaped both your lips, filling the dimly lit bedroom as you explored eachother’s bodies. You didn’t expect anything else from your gentle, loving boyfriend, rolling his hips into yours ever so slowly, making sure you didn’t go through a single second of pain. He treated you like you were a precious porcelain doll.

That was until you grew addicted to the way he moved inside of you, how he filled you up so good it sent shivers down your spine. Soon, the gentle caresses and careful touches became needier, hastier, bolder. You needed more, like every time you did a shot, you needed twice the dosis the next time.

The fluttering kisses on your jaw and neck didn’t flutter anymore. His lips latched themselves on your skin, strong wet kisses at first. Then they grew bolder, teeth got involved and lightly took the flesh between them, biting down slightly, making you gasp in delight. Yixing quickly found it was your weak spot, he also discovered he loved to abuse it. Whether it was during a quick, public makeout session or in private while his hips relentlessly snapped into you, he had to have his lips on your sensitive neck, sucking and biting until your skin changed color.

He loved nipping at the small spot beneath your ear, licking up and down your jaw, sucking constellations into the nape of your neck to the point you permanently had to carry a scarf with you at all times to be able to cover it up. He loved the way you moaned when he took your flesh between his lips, tingling sensations shooting through your nerve system as he kept on sucking and biting, the way your nails dragged over his back, the way small beads of sweat streamed down your skin so he could lick up the salty liquid, at the same time soothing the deliciously painful bruise he inflicted. And you loved the way he relished in it.

So now, when someone asks, ‘What’s your favourite color?’

Your answer is, ‘Purple.’

The SOC ships as favorite albums

Kanej: Badlands, Halsey 

“But do you feel like a young god? You know the two of us are just young gods And we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath And they’re running, running, running” - Young Gods

“Everything is grey His hair, his smoke, his dreams And now he’s so devoid of color He don’t know what it means And he’s blue And he’s blue” - Colors

“I’m bigger than my body I’m colder than this home I’m meaner than my demons I’m bigger than these bones. And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me” I can’t help this awful energy Goddamn right, you should be scared of me, Who is in control?” - Control

Wesper: Unimagine/Reimagine, Hands Like Houses 

“It’s been a long, long night and we’re still learning how to survive. Will you walk with me awhile, and see a world with brand new eyes? We see the sights, and we’re fighting for our lives.” - Introduced Species/revive

“This is happiness, to be everything at once. Be unblinded, be unlearned, be unbridled and unburned.” - No Parallels/rediscover 

“To know your every detail is a lifetime, a story to tell with a touch Every move is a reaction, every kiss is a reason, a rush You’re my muse, and you’re my masterpiece, my canvas and my chemistry You’re magic and you’re mystery, my haven, you’re my heaven You’re my heart. We will be unbreakable” - Shapeshifters/recollect

Helnik: Dirty Work, All Time Low

“Oh, give it up for at least a second I’m getting sick of your bullshit attitude And how you walk around like you shine brighter It’s killing me So what do you say? Do you want me Or do you want me dead?” - Do You Want Me (Dead)

“You’re a classic case of Foolish, young and in love But you don’t even know what love could do to us We are brash and reckless Made of glass and careless We break apart the moment we both feel too much” - Just the Way I’m Not

“It was like a time bomb set into motion We knew that we were destined to explode And if I had to pull you out of the wreckage You know I’m never gonna let you go We’re like a time bomb, gonna lose it Let’s diffuse it Baby, we’re like a time bomb, but I need it Wouldn’t have it any other way” - Time Bomb

monochrome rainbows

Originally posted by faceofdistaste

◇ His hands are brushing a piece of hair away from your face, and that beautiful, bright smile is on his face again.

◇ DK x reader

◇ soulmate!au - You will be able to see the world in full color once you meet your soulmate but until then, you can only see the world in the eye color of your soulmate. However, you can alter the color your soulmate can see, for example, by wearing contact lenses. (credit. @silentpeaches)

◇ hello hi yes thank you for liking my blog anon!!


Should you open your eyes? On one hand, it was fun to see which colour you’d be seeing in for the week, whether it be reds or blues or greens or purples. On the other hand, seeing in monochrome served as a constant reminder that you hadn’t found your soulmate yet.

Heaving a great sigh, you let your eyes flutter open. You grinned as you saw your previously sky blue ceiling a lovely mint green colour. Propping yourself up on your elbow, you peered around your room in interest. Your bedside table was a dark shade of juniper, bed sheets a plane of chartreuse.

You sighed, taking in the beautiful spectrum of colours surrounding you. You wished you were able to return the favor to your soulmate - whether they were showing you so many colours on purpose or not. Your parents were firm believers that you should never change your eye colour, no matter if it was with contacts or surgery. They claimed that it wasn’t natural and that it wasn’t meant to happen. You had never told them that you had probably seen more colour in your short life than they had in the 25 years it took to find each other - you didn’t need them holding a grudge against your soulmate before you had even found him.

Rolling out of bed, your feet pattered against the light olive floors until you came to your wardrobe. By now, you had gotten used to distinguishing all of your clothes, even though they were the same colour. You remember when your world was all shades of brown - you spent an hour and a half searching for a pair of socks because they blended in with your chest of drawers.

Picking out your waitresses outfit - which today, was a beautiful fern colour-, you quickly got dressed so you could get to work on time for 10:00. You only worked on Saturdays and Sundays, thankfully, because for the rest of the week you were caught up with high school and homework.

After fixing your hair up, which was a shade of green as well, you rushed downstairs, making sure to grab an apple and a quick drink. You always ended up getting a proper breakfast at the diner, anyway, so there was no need to fill yourself up now.

“Bye!” You yelled behind you as you slammed the front door, shouldering your satchel and starting the walk towards the diner. You sighed. As beautiful and as fascinating as seeing the world in different shades of the same colour was, you wished you could see in actual colour. All different tones of purples and green and blues and whatever other colours you aren’t bothered to say.

You felt even worse for your soulmate - they had changed your vision, by wearing contacts or whatever they were doing that changed the colours you encountered, but you were strictly forbidden from doing so. Your soulmate had lived a monochrome life, and would live like that until you met.

You hoped you met soon. You were pretty sure that if you stayed like this for any longer, you would go insane. Like the people who were so desperate to see colour that they thought the answer was death. Like the people who were forced into mental institutions because they had gone crazy from seeing one colour for their whole life.

So distracted by your wondering thoughts, you were oblivious to the fact that you had reached the diner. Sighing, you pushed open the doors and were met by the familiar breakfast smells of pancakes, eggs, and coffee. The diner was pretty busy for this time of morning and the pleasant sound of light talk.

“Ew, keep it PG, kids,” you chastise jokingly as you see your friend and co-worker, Sana, kiss her boyfriend goodbye. Sana giggles and her boyfriend smiles, but they’re so caught up in each other that they’re back to staring into each others eyes a few minutes later. You smile sadly. You wanted a love like that, desperately.

“Get aproned up and start working!” Vera, the owner of the diner, scolds you lightly from her spot in front of the grill. Rolling your eyes, you head out back to set your bag down and tie the small apron around your waist, preventing your uniform from getting too much stains on it.

“6 orders of pancakes, 6 orders of bacon and eggs, and 1 order of waffles and syrup,” Vera informs you, giving you 7 of the plates to balance expertly on your arms, while handing the rest to Sana, who had finally started working after exchanging goodbyes with her boyfriend for the millionth time.

“Who needs this much food?” Sana mutters quietly to you, as she skirts around tables with a grace that only comes with 2 years minimum of waitressing.

You shrug, following her to table 4, near the window. “Obviously them.” Them, referring to the thirteen boys sitting around the table and making probably 60% of the noise in the diner.

“Here are your orders!” Sana chirps, setting down the plates where they’re wanted. After she finishes off giving out her plates, she scatters off, picking up more plates and serving more tables. 

“Bacon and eggs?” You question, watching the boys lift their hands. You set down the plates and notice one boy without one. “You must be waffles and syrup?”

He nods, and as you’re leaning in to hand him his plate, you notice something - forest green eyes, staring back at you. And then his hand is brushing against yours accidentally - and suddenly, everything is shifting. Your hand jerks back, but luckily he has a strong grip on the plate and it doesn’t go falling. 

You gulp, turning your head to watch as things return to their designated natural colour - the diner’s leather seats are red, the tables are red and silver, the sky is a bright and brilliant blue, his hair is dark, hazelnut brown, and his skin is beautifully tanned.

You let out a disbelieving laugh, before turning back to him - your soulmate, who’s finished inspecting the world of colour and has started to watch you, a bright smile on his face. His friends have let him get up and approach you, trying to secretly watch your exchange, but really, they’re bad at being secretive.

“So…” You breath, rubbing your hand up and down your arm nervously. “You… you’re my soulmate…”

He lets out a nervous laugh of his own, trying to meet your eyes but also trying to avoid them. “I - I guess I am.” It’s silent for a moment, before you have the same thought, and move forward, wrapping your arms around each other.

This would be awkward if it was with anybody but him. You had literally just met, but it was a thank you for him - for letting you see colour, for finally coming into your life.

“I’m Seokmin,” he breathes, pulling away from you to inspect you. His hands are brushing a piece of hair away from your face, and that beautiful, bright smile is on his face again.

“I’m _____.” You’re blushing now, you don’t know what from. His stare, his friends stares - maybe the diner’s stares, because people have caught on to what has happened and are starting to clap.

“Back to work, ______!” Vera calls from the kitchen. You look back at her - her smile is wide and her eyes are sparkling. “You can see lover-boy after your shift!”

*:’~,*~ did you all know kary’s favorite color is pink?  ~*,~’:*

i saw a post saying you should imagine your oc’s in a princess dress, and this image popped clear as day into my head. kary really likes pretty clothes, but he’s a troll. where would he ever find anything so fashionable(?)–certainly if he did it would be rare indeed for it to come in such a luscious shade of cotton candy.

it has been literal years since i’ve done something this shiny and sparkly in my drawings. i feel so in touch with myself right now lmao <3

Bokuroo Headcanons
  • Bokuto and Kuroo do each other’s hair in the mornings. They’re both perfectly capable of doing their own hair; they just like the feeling of fingers against their scalps in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Kuroo has an existential crisis every day when he sees Bokuto’s wardrobe. So many neon colors should never be allowed in someone’s closet. 
  • Bokuto has an affinity for early 90′s and 2000′s style clothing. Kuroo is horrified.
  • Kuroo could spend hours with his face buried in Bokuto’s thighs. Bokuto is secretly a bit insecure about them, so whenever Kuroo catches his boyfriend looking down, he’ll shower the inside of his thighs with little kisses. The knee pad leggings Bokuto wears are very useful for hiding kisses. 
  • Both Bokuto and Kuroo know each other’s fast food orders by heart.
  • Literally the loudest couple in all of Japan, according to Kenma and Akaashi, who share their apartment. There are no secrets there with the thin walls. Absolutely none. RIP Akaashi and Kenma.