his hair and his baby face ;~;

Good Luck Finding Cinderella

“I’m pretty.” Tony cocked his head to the side and watched as black tresses cascaded over his shoulder and side. He tapped at his lips, which were painted ruby red, then traced his eyes. His eyes were large like some anime character’s and his lashes were thick and lush. He palmed his chin and cheeks. Soft as baby skin and twice as smooth.

“Who said you could look at yourself yet?” Rhodey grabbed Tony by the arm and drew Tony back to the bed where Rhodey had spent the last hour and more adding extensions to Tony’s hair and applying makeup to Tony’s clean shaven face.

Piles of blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and many cosmetics slid across the bedspread as Tony landed on the mattress. Rhodey grumbled as he stood behind Tony and took a comb to Tony’s hair. He snatched a few bobby pins off the bed and held them in his mouth as he grumbled.

“I didn’t actually think you could do it. I was prepared for a disaster, but I actually look like a girl. A flat chested one at the moment, but a girl nonetheless.”

“I told you I have sisters and cousins, didn’t I?”

“That just tells me everyday is a battle for hot water and private time, not that you’re actually good at this kind of stuff.”

Rhodey rolled his eyes. He gave Tony’s head a particularly rough shove forward then did some braid-y-thingie with Tony’s hair.

“I had an emergency makeup artist on speed dial and everything,” Tony mumbled.

“And aren’t you glad you don’t have to call them? Your adventure tonight is going to be a secret between the two of us.” Rhodey thrust out his pinkie at Tony.

Tony grinned and hooked his pinkie around Rhodey’s. “What are we? Five?” he razzed Rhodey. He loved the childish act though. It soothed the part of him that was still scared Rhodey would betray him one day. He’d known Rhodey for a few years now, and Rhodey had always been by his side even when he was at his worst. Even so, he’d been burned so many times, it was still hard for him to believe that Rhodey was the best friend he’d been looking for all his life.

“So are you going to dance with the prince?” Rhodey teased as he styled Tony’s hair.

Tony scoffed and playfully tried to elbow Rhodey. “I only want to see what all the fuss is about.” Truthfully, Tony understood why the Wakanda prince was such a big deal. Wakanda was a very powerful country and had resources that everyone wanted to get their hands on. What Tony didn’t understand was why for the first time ever, Howard had forbidden Tony from attending the prince’s welcome party at the embassy. Usually Howard forced Tony to attend such things. The one-eighty in attitude made Tony curious, and now Tony wanted nothing more than to march into the embassy, waltz up to the Prince T’Challa, and say something shocking.

“Right, you bought a one of a kind gown just so you could stare at the prince. Sure thing, Cinderella.”

“You’re just jealous because I’ve proven that no matter what, I’m always beautiful.”

“Watch it, I still have my makeup brushes. I can turn you into a pumpkin if you keep that ego up.”

Tony feigned a forlorn sigh. “How did I end up with an abusive fairy godmother?”

Rhodey twisted Tony’s hair.

Tony laughed.

Rhodey soon finished with Tony’s hair. He then helped Tony pick out the bra size that looked the most natural with Tony’s body. Tony was disappointed that Rhodey nixed the D size bra, but once he saw himself laced up in his flowing crimson gown, Tony could admit that Rhodey had been right about the cup size. D would have been too much.  

“So would you date me now?” Tony chortled. He’d linked his arm through Rhodey’s as they headed toward the garage. Tony dangled his strappy heels from his finger–mindful of his press ons.

“Maybe in another universe.”

Tony was a tad disappointed in Rhodey’s answer, but he had expected it. He’d spent the early half of their friendship flirting mercilessly with Rhodey, and while Rhodey had always responded good-naturedly, Rhodey just wasn’t interested in anything sexual or romantic. He was open to late night drunken cuddles, though, so Tony was pleased.

Rhodey held open the car door and helped Tony inside. Tony was grateful that he’d picked a gown that didn’t have a bulky skirt or else he would never be able to drive himself to the embassy. With a hug and a few final well wishes, Rhodey shut the car door and took a step back.

Tony drove off to the embassy. It took him longer than he’d have preferred to get to the welcome party, but it was worth it in the end. Everyone and their mother seemed to be attending the party, and so Tony had managed to avoid the line by showing up late. He gave a fake name that he’d arranged to have put on the guest then strode into the party.

It wasn’t the fanciest party Tony had gone to, but considering it was a bunch of politicians and such who were hosting the shindig, the event was nicer than their normal parties. Tony would describe it as Sunday Brunch With Grandma. The food was plentiful and every table had a flower arrangement. The music was performed by musicians and classical. Everyone either drank champagne or water.

In short, it was boringly elegant and tasteful. If it weren’t for his curiosity, Tony would have pivoted and strolled right out of the room.

Instead, Tony snatched a flute of champagne when a waiter wandered by with a tray full of glasses. He took a sip then dove into the crowd, searching for the guest of honor. He had to mingle a little bit, but for once Tony was amused by the small talk. It was obvious no one recognized him dressed as a girl, and he found it enjoyable to every now and then mention his name and see the reaction it got out of people.

He didn’t have many fans among the older crowd. Those closer to his age varied in their opinions of him, but even the most irritated of his peers acknowledged Tony’s intelligence and skill set.

Tony was enjoying himself so much that as he moved to retreat from the group he was currently mingling with, he bumped into someone who had just been trying to pass by.

“Sorry.” Tony seized the arm of his victim without thinking, yanking the young man back into place before he could fall to the ground. “Wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The young man paused for a moment. His dark gaze assessed Tony, and Tony took the opportunity to check out the cutie in return. Soft, springy curls crowned the guy’s head, and Tony’s fingers twitched to touch the curls. A goatee that arced thinly around the lips then covered the bottom half his chin reminded Tony of the first time he’d kissed someone with facial hair and how rough it had been.

Tony certainly wouldn’t mind kissing the guy in front of him to see if his kiss would be equally as rough.  

“No, the trouble is all mine. I was not paying attention either.”

“Sounds like we’re both to blame then.” Tony smiled, then just for fun, he held out his hand like he expected the man in front of him to kiss it. It wasn’t everyday Tony got to dress up like a girl and attend a fancy party. He was going to take full advantage.

Dark eyes sparkled with mischief. The young man eyed Tony’s hand then took it and pressed a kiss to the back of it. “So it would seem. However, I am not the one who would have had to face the wrath of the Dora Milaje.”

The Dora Milaje? Tony flipped through his memory like a rolodex until he found what he was looking for.

The Dora Milaje were the personal bodyguards of Prince T’Challa.

Tony glanced in the direction Prince T’Challa had come from and a woman who radiated strength and authority stood just a few paces away. Her sight was locked on Tony, and Tony swore she could see right through him; that she knew that underneath the dress and makeup Tony was just a boy.

Except he wasn’t just a boy. He was the same age as Prince T’Challa, and just like the prince he was a genius. He may not be a prince, but he was set to inherit a company that affected the lives of billions. He was Tony Stark, and he wasn’t going to let some overprotective Xena wannabe scare him into submission.

“So I guess that makes you the prince this party is for. Personally, I think it’s lame. I’ve been to Easter parties more exciting than this. You should complain. One word from you and we could get a rock band in here as well as some decent alcohol.”

“I’m sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying yourself.”

Tony scoffed and tossed back the last of his champagne. “Please, Prince Charming, don’t pretend like you give a damn whether someone is enjoying this party or not. This is all just a show, and everyone here is a clown.”

Prince T’Challa quirked an eyebrow and met Tony’s gaze challenging. “Everyone?”

The prince’s inflection gave off the real question he was asking: “Even me?”

Tony smirked. “Everyone.” Tony thrust his champagne flute at Prince T’Challa. “Mind holding this? Thanks.” Tony didn’t give Prince T’Challa an option, shoving the glass into Prince T’Challa’s hands before the young man could stop him.

Tony snatched another flute off a passing waiter’s tray and sipped from the new glass. “So Prince Charming, I hear you’re a genius. What’s your field?”

“Excuse me?”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Field of study? Please tell me you’re a genius in the math and sciences and that you’re not going to pull out some crap about being a literary genius or some bull shit like that.”

“You don’t like literature?”

Tony shook his head. “Literature isn’t objective. It’s important, but I like dealing with hard facts. I don’t need nor want to get in debate about whether King Lear was a hypocrite and got what he deserved in the end or if he’s truly a tragic character and should be pitied. I much rather talk about artificial intelligence, psychics, or even just space.” Tony paused. “Star Wars and Star Trek are also an option.”

Prince T’Challa chuckled. “So are you a Picard or a Kirk fan?”

Tony threw a hand over his fake boobs. “You are Prince Charming.” He fanned himself. “Don’t stop talking nerdy to me.”

“Then perhaps you’d like to hear about Wakanda’s research into artificial intelligence?”  

“Stop, I’ll be kissing you by the end of the night.”

Prince T’Challa didn’t stop, and Tony was entranced. He was enchanted by Prince T’Challa’s crooked smile and the way his eyes lit up as he spoke to Tony. He was enthralled with each new piece of information Prince T’Challa shared with him, and before long, Tony had pulled Prince T’Challa over to a table so Tony could take notes on napkins. He was disappointed to realize that some of the technology Prince T’Challa mentioned using in his experiments did not currently exist in the USA. However, after making a few inquiries, Tony was positive he could develop something similar if not better.

He enjoyed the warm hand Prince T’Challa rested on his knee as Tony drew schematics of the tools he intended to craft. Happiness blossomed in his chest whenever Prince T’Challa looked at his drawings and pointed out something he’d failed to consider and then offered a solution or alternative.

They talked back and forth and it wasn’t until Tony’s back ached from arching over his drawings that he realized the party had thinned out immensely.

A glance at the clock told it was late enough to be considered morning. With a curse, he stood up and shoved the napkins of schematics into his bosom. “Hate to engineer and dash, but it’s going to take forever for me to get rid of all this makeup and I need it gone before the evil dragon guarding my castle learns that I snuck out for the evening. You’ve been a marvelous prince though. Thanks.”

“Before you go, may I-” Tony didn’t hear what Prince T’Challa said. The moment Prince T’Challa had stood and made a move to reach for Tony, Tony had taken off like a rabbit after hearing a gunshot.

He ran out of the embassy and to his car, ripping the door open as fast as he could. He plopped himself into the driver’s seat then bent to undo his strappy heels–he couldn’t drive with the damn things on. He was about to throw them in the passenger seat when a thought came to him. The night really had been like a fairytale, so why not go all in?

Tony opened the compartment where he kept insurance papers as well as a few pens. As quickly as possible, he scribbled a note on the bottom of one shoe then tossed the shoe out of the car.

He then slammed the door and started the car. He didn’t look back to see if anyone had actually followed him outside.

He grinned to himself. Even if Prince T’Challa never found his shoe, Tony would be happy. He’d had fun and at least he’d gotten some cool schematics out of the evening.

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Lams fluff pretty please for my birthday tomorrow?

Yes of course! Sorry if this is late! Happy Birthday!


Moonlight shone in, stars twinkling silently by her side, winking and shining inside through the curtains. John sighed, turning on his right, feeling the cold side of the bed. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up, holding the blanket closer to his chest. Checking the time, he rubbed his eyes.

2:32 AM

With a groan he threw his legs out, stepping forward out of his room. Silently padding down the hall he could hear the tip tapping of the keyboard. He silently cursed to himself for tiredly believing Alex when he said he’d be done by midnight.

Midnight his ass.

“Alex?” An tired ‘hmm’ was his only response as he turned into the office, seeing a shaking Alex facing his keyboard, hair pulled back into a bu, glasses sat on his nose.

“Alex baby it’s two thirty in the morning.”

“John it’s only - “His eyes widened when he checked the clock, he could have sworn it was eleven five minutes ago.

“Alex you’ve been writing for hours. You’re ahead of schedule, come back to sleep.”

“I need to finish this John…”

He stepped forward, placing his arms around the shorter man’s shoulder and kissed the top of his head. Alex’s eyes fluttered shut as he leaned back into the warmth, the shaking lessening. 

“You can finish it when you’ve slept for more than five hours baby…” He kissed the top of his head, slowly taking the hair tie out and running his fingers through his hair.

“Mmmm…John I have to finish.” His whine was needy and tired, eyes barely open at this point. “Baby come on…” His kisses began running down the back of his neck, lingering a bit more as Alex melted, softer under his touch.

“Alexander come back to sleep…” John sung teasingly, making up a tune as his fingers trailed down his arms. “It’s so dark outside…”

“I know…” Alex muttered, eyes fully shut, words barely sounding like English, words begining to come out in a mix of languages. “Necesito…gotta finish mon essai…”

“You’ll finish it tomorrow baby girl…you’ll beat Jefferson and Madison.”

Alex practically purred at the pet name, smiling cheesily, “Mmmhmm…”

Grabbing by the arms, John helped him stand from the chair, picking him up, legs wrapped around his waist, face buried in John’s neck. He winced a bit at the glasses digging into his skin but ignored it, saving his work before making his way up the hall.

 “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” He sung, laying Alex down on the bed, taking his glasses off and putting them on the bedside table, “Now back in bed…”

“Hmmm, te amo…love you Johnny.”

John laughed at the pet name, crawling onto his side, pulling Alex to his chest, peppering his faces with kisses. “Love you Alexander. Best of husbands, best of men.”


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pairing: reader x jeon jungkook

genre: very light angst & fluff 

count: 784 words

a/n: sorry for my wrong grammar, if there’s any. this is my first time writing a drabble again and i hope you like it even it sucks :)

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Imagine u n Harry going for a walk but it starts to rain so u go back to his and you both shower, order food in and watch Netflix

Omg yes!
It would be a pretty day, but you already knew there was a chance of rain but Harry wouldn’t listen to you.

“No no babe. It’s so pretty out now. It’s been raining for so long and its finally nice out please baby.”

You reluctantly agree to go with him but you are only out for ten mintues before out of no where it starts to downpour.

“HARRRRYYY! I TOLD YOU!” You yell as you turn to look at him as the rain already soaks your clothes and hair.

“Damn it.” Harry says taking your hand with a pout to his face and the two of you run back home.

When you get home the two of you quickly run up to his room, maybe you have a draw of things at his room already, or maybe the two of you have only recently started dating, but either way he gets you a pair of his running shorts and his grey donut sweatshirt that you love, but rarely get to wear since he’s always in it.

You quickly change in the bathroom while Harry goes to make a “good cuppa” that he yelled to your through the bathroom door. When your done changing and dried your hair you find him sitting on his bed, under the covers with the tea for the two of you.

“Hmm thanks baby.” You say as you climb into bed and take the mug from him.

“Anything for my smart girl. Shoulda listened to you.” He’d say as he carefully pulled the two of you down into a good cuddling passion, without spilling the tea.

You put on a Netflix show that the two of you had been watching together. But after the first episode Harry started to lay lazy kisses all over your neck and face, which quickly turned into a sloppy make out session.

absolutely random voltron headcanons
  • keith talks to inanimate objects and will enthusiastically deny it if anyone catches him
  • animal: whines lance, sympathetically: i know, baby, i know
  • hunk can keep a straight face come hell or high water, will frequently say some absolutely absurd thing or go off on a silly tangent completely deadpan, and the others just fuckin lose it
  • also hunk has made lance laugh until he peed twice in the history of their friendship and constantly threatens to do it again
  • shiro can drink an entire half gallon of milk in a single go
    • he can also fit twelve jumbo marshmallows in his mouth and is constantly looking for an excuse to show off this talent
  • hunk used to have hair down to his chest before the garrison and he still occasionally laments its loss
    • sometimes he just….. wistfully stares at allura’s long hair, wanting. remembering
    • lance also misses the long hair bc he got to brush it and braid it all the time and pretend like hunk was a disney princess and lance was his prince hunk doesn’t know this and if lance has anything to do with it he never will
  • coran used to be a helpless flirt, like lance… but way more successful
    • was once simultaneously engaged to a widowed countess, a prince, a bounty hunter, and two royal handmaidens
    • allura had to really work her diplomatic connections to get him out of that one and tbh she never lets him live it down even now
  • lance idolized shiro throughout most of his garrison career and is frankly shocked to discover that shiro is just a total goober who frequently pretends like he’s in the star wars universe and has passionate opinions about the matrix movies and drools when he sleeps
  • allura thinks hunk would make a great diplomat and is not-so-subtly grooming him to be so
    • keeps taking him and him alone to meet important people, giving him negotiation tips, asking for his opinions on people they meet even if she’s already made up her mind about them
    • sometimes introduces him to new people as a prince or a minister or some other authoritative figure
      • hunk is chill with this as long as he gets to make up the name of the planet that he’s allegedly the prince of
  • keith snorts when he laughs really hard
    • lance and hunk team up to try and make him snort as often as possible

sometimes i think about changing my jason design….

[rosie exploring sherlock’s face w/ her lil hands while they chillin]
“yes, that’s my nose. your hands are very little, aren’t they? ow- that’s my eye, flower. you can’t poke it”
[she pulls on his curls bc they soft and giggles]
“JOHN. she’s pulling my hair. she hates me.”
“she’s a baby, sherlock. she’s as strong as my little toe. and she doesn’t hate you. she can’t, she has my blood.”
“what’s that supposed to mean?”
“that she loves you. and so do i.”
“..oh. i love you both too.”

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A very well known dangerous male yautja arbiter goes to earth to hunt and accidentally befriends a 4 yo girl. She uses him like a coloring book, practices using nail polish on him, braids his "dreadlocks" but everyone just thinks she's talking about her imaginary friend. "Mommy I made a friend today! " "Oh really honey? Thanks nice ." "Yeah! His head touches the top of my room! His skin is pretty colors! His hair is funny but pretty, and his face is really cool!" "He sounds like fun baby"

Ps the little girl names him “Mr. crabby” because the way he talks sounds like grunting to her


dating bellamy blake would include...

Originally posted by bellarke

- counting the freckles on his face

- protecting you at ALL costs

- “be careful”

- he would literally die for you

- him winking when he catches you staring

- playing with each other’s hair

- making time for you after missions

- being called princess, babe, babygirl, & baby

- neck kisses and hickeys !!

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Drarry Being Petty

Don’t tell my Drarry isn’t literally the pettiest couple ever to walk the planet??? Like ????
Draco keeps nagging Harry to fold the laundry and wakes up the next morning to find ALL of his clothes hidden throughout the house.
Harry keeps telling Draco to clean his hair out of the sink, and finds his toothbrush full of fine blond hair later that day because Draco used it to comb his baby hairs out of his face.
Draco tells Harry to stop turning up the AC so high because it gets too cold and comes home from work that day to find their house is like 2000 degrees.
Harry complains that dinner is too bland and takes a bite at dinner the next day and almost dies because Draco dumped half of a bottle of Sriracha into the spaghetti sauce.
And Ron and Hermione are at a total loss as to why they are so horrible to each other and still somehow seem to love each other more than any two humans ever could.
Draco and Harry being petty as fuck is my aesthetic.

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so you've done the top 5 sassiest HQ!! characters and the top 5 sexiest HQ!! characters, what about the top 5 cutest HQ!! characters? (also, all ur top 5 lists are spot on~ i love it!)

top 5 haikyuu cuties? the adorable ones that make you squeal :D

Be ready for a cuteness overload! :D

1. Hinata. My baby birb, my the sunshine son, have you seen his face? his eyes? his hair? he’s like a mix of every single cute feature you can find, concentrated in that tiny body of his. He’s so cute he almost makes me cry every time I look at him 

Originally posted by sasukeikun

2. Nishinoya. He’s my baby overly excited dragon and, much like Hinata, he truly is the walking definition of cute (*≧ω≦*) I mean look at hiiiim

Originally posted by nishinoya-yuu-bae

3. Kageyama. I can’t believe people find him intimidating while he’s just ??? a tol sleepy and awkward blueberry dork ??? and I love him ??? so much ???

Originally posted by kaori

4. Kenma. Have you ever seen a more adorable disgruntled litte kitty? I sure haven’t, he’s so precious! (HIS FACES THO)

Originally posted by alvsjo

5. Yaku. A LITTLE DEMON, every time I see him I have this urge to hug him but I bet he would probably fight me to death if I dared to touch him so there’s that

Originally posted by linglynz

- bonus: mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the tiniest ace of them all? 

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Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

Seventeen Kinks (Vocal Unit)

Prompt: “ Also Seventeen for that kink thingy”
Obviously smut, so please don’t read if you don’t like it.


  • Switch
  • Would 10/10 love if you sat on his face and wrapped his hair in your fist
  • Light teasing
  • “What do you want, princess?”
  • Lingerie kink
  • Would love bathtub sex
  • Praise kink
  • “You’re doing such a good job, baby”
  • Experimental, but with v little kinks
  • Mutual masturbation


  • His goody-two-shoes front does NOT fool me
  • S p a n k i n g
  • Tease
  • But would tease until you begged him to stop
  • Would call you princess and/or babygirl
  • Also would be down for sweet, playful sex
  • But most of the time, he’d be rough
  • His fave position is you on your knees
  • Either taking you from behind or having you suck him off
  • Handcuffs/rope
  • “Naughty girls don’t get to touch.”


  • Dom
  • “Fuck, baby, you take my cock so well”
  • R o u g h
  • Hair pulling, biting, scratching
  • Wants your hands tied behind your back
  • Wants you to ride him with your hands tied behind your back
  • If you tease him or break rules, you will be punished
  • “Yes”
  • “Yes what?”
  • “Yes, sir”
  • Orgasm denial
  • Would have you give him head in the studio
  • Lowkey into public teasing


  • Love making
  • Would totally love if you rode his thighs
  • Oral (would love to eat you out, would also love to see your lips wrapped around him)
  • Would want to make sure you’re being pleased
  • Pretty vanilla
  • Sensual and sweet
  • Bath/shower sex
  • Would praise you whenever you sucked him off


  • Sub
  • Likes being dominated
  • Whiney/needy/loud
  • Lowkey into being tied up
  • “Are you a good boy?”
  • “Yes, ma’am.”
  • Praise kink, wants you to tell him how good he is
  • Likes to be teased
  • Into being bossed/told what to do
  • Lowkey into humiliation, but not public

Reyux Week Day 3-Date Night
↳ Reyux family

Happy Valentine’s day! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚♡

Feeding their children
  • Kageyama: how did he end up setting the container on fire. Did you really leave the tinfoil on. Even his months old baby is questioning him.
  • Hinata: the kid ends up biting his hand instead of the spoon. Hinata screams so loud and flings his arms everywhere jesus christ
  • Noya: full on flings the food into the baby's face by using the spoon as a catapult.
  • Asahi: "what if they poisoned this"
  • Tanaka: baby ends up vomiting all over the table and he just gets up and leaves
  • Suga: Literally gives his baby the cutest bib and he ties they're hair up so they don't get too messy aw aw
  • Daichi: Daichi goes full on Dadchi and eats the congealed substance to try and get his kid to eat it but ends up vomiting with diarrhoea.
  • Yamaguchi: "please don't cry" y'know "i might as well be dead"
  • Tsukishima: pours so much salt in the food to make his baby as salty as he is
  • Oikawa: "lol you thought this was for you. You thought wrong, you little shit."
  • Iwaizumi: "this isn't fucking chicken. Chicken isn't supposed to be in shape of sausages. Why do you eat this shit?"
  • Hanamaki: flips the baby's bottle
  • Matsukawa: "you want your bowl" he lifts it up then flips it and slams it down "360 NO SCOPE JOHNNNN CENNAAAA"
  • Kenma: "soo.. You like DRAMAtical Murder?"
  • Kuroo: sending vids to Bokuto "bro look at this she's eating- FUCK NO DONT EAT YOUR BOOGERS I DIDNT RAISE YOU LIKE THI-"
  • Yaku: "how come you're like months old but already bigger than my torso"
  • Lev: "this'll make you big and strong! Like me! You midget! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
  • Akaashi: "it wasn't in the contract that I had to feed you"
  • Bokuto: force feeding bird food
  • Ushijima: "Soo.. Son." Take a deep breath "Shiratorizawa."
  • Terushima: "u were made from my sperm" thanks now I don't have an appetite.

Because my other post got so much traction, here is a list, in no particular order, of things that Viktor “Wow! Amazing!” Nikiforov is always high-key about:

  • Yuuri Katsuki
  • Ice Skating
  • Yuuri Katsuki ice skating
  • Dogs
  • Food
  • Alcohol 
  • His hair
  • Yuuri Katsuki’s eyes, hair, face, brain, hands, feet, nose, smile, laugh, voice, hips, tummy, thighs, lips, butt, chin, shoulders, and ears
  • Yuuri Katsuki’s family (He gives Mama and Papa Katsuki 128 hugs a day and they love him right back)
  • Soft things (Pillows, blankets, cushions, Yuuri, Makkachin, his scarf)
  • The ocean
  • His beautiful fiance, Yuuri Katsuki
  • Big cities
  • Small towns
  • Beautiful women! “Yuuri look at that girl, I hope she’s having a good day, I like her scarf” (All women are beautiful women to Viktor)
  • His bitey itchy scratchy child, Yuri Plisetsky. 
  • EVERY JUNIOR on Yakov’s roster. He loves them! They’re growing so much! He’s so proud!
  • Coffee
  • Grand Prix Silver Medalist and Top Ranked Japanese Figure Skater Yuuri Katsuki
  • Fashion–everyone has their own and they’re all valid and amazing! Sometimes he thinks he’ll go blind looking at Yurio but you know, that’s okay!
  • Cold days
  • Warm days
  • Spending money on people he loves. Let Viktor spoil you rotten, Viktor wants to spoil you rotten. Yurio, why are you not eating? I’m buying you lunch. No, I’m buying you lunch. Do you want extra? Here, I bought you extra. Do you like that poodle plush, Yuuri? Oops, I bought it. In every color. Here, take them.
  • Shoes
  • Music
  • Good smells
  • Marrying! Yuuri! Katsuki! God, I can’t wait to stand next to the man I love and declare in front of everyone I’ve ever known and loved that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him. I can’t wait to be able to call this beautiful man my husband. I wish I could marry him every day for the rest of my life.
  • His country. Viktor loves Russia and the Russian people SO MUCH. He wishes its government would get its shit together.
  • Yuuri. Katsuki. 

When it comes to sportswear, Laurent is a little tease. He wears shorts just that little bit too high up his thigh and tight t-shirts. At least when he’s in a good and devious mood. When he’s feeling a little shitty he prefers his sweatpants and a slightly looser shirt. Damen likes him both ways of course: the hot tease and the moody and cuddly Laurent. He always wears his hair up, but strands always end up falling into his face, curling slightly from his sweaty temples. He refuses to wear a head band though; Damen looks silly enough in them and Laurent will certainly not be embarrassing himself like that.