his hair and face is so fun to draw

“Who are you and why are you following me?” The man hisses in Credence’s face. He is looming so close, all heat and vitriol – just like the other Mr. Graves. A full body shiver takes Credence, the tremble unwilling to leave him afterward, settling deep underneath his skin.

“No one, I’m no one.”

It’s the wrong thing to say.

Mr. Grave shifts. Credence can’t see it, but he gets the distinct impression there is something being held at his throat – a wand, likely. Give it to Mr. Graves to stand his ground. Credence should have been more careful, should have factored in that Mr. Graves is deadly and feels cornered, even though Credence is the one up against the wall.

Two years ago, Credence would have nearly died of fright.

Two years ago, Credence would have ripped the city apart at the seams.

autumn dusk at central park by @brawlite

So the awesome Brawls wrote this gorgeous Gradence fic, packed with FEELS and pining that I die for, and graciously let me read the story while they have been working on it so I have been drooling nonstop for the past few days. I simply love this moment where Graves catches Credence following him, so I had to draw something.

Finally had a chance to ink up my rocker-hair!Saitama piece and I’m excited :y

Genos, calm your happy fingers, he’s just having fun. Poor bby just wants to spoil his teacher so bad, it literally hurts.

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata.

Line art © anjelzjelly129

Headcanon for cuddling with Gabriel:

  • Gabriel will show up at random times in the night and just slide into bed with you. He knows you won’t mind.
  • Doesn’t mind being the little spoon, but likes to be the big spoon.
  • He will most likely eat candy in your bed while you sleep. Have fun waking up and finding a dozen of candy wrappers in your bed.
  • Gabriel will let you play with his hair, and he’ll let you play with his.
  • Gabriel will probably draw on your face while you sleep as a prank. Never fear, he’ll clean you up in the morning!
  • He is more of a blanket hog than a pillow hog.
  • If you ever have trouble sleeping, he will sing you to sleep.
  • Gabriel will enjoy cuddling with you so much that he’ll try to keep you in bed as long as possible.

Requested by @negansgrimes~

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Art trade with the awesome @kwoodles who asked for WWII stucky!! i had so much fun drawing pre war Steve and Bucky with short hair *v* now im in the mood of drawing them more in this time period haha. Thank you for doing the trade with me :D 

Title: Space Oddity
Chapter: Six (of Six)
Author: Khirsah
Fandom: Young Avengers
Pairing: Billy/Teddy
Art by: Cris-Art

Summary: What is it about you? Teddy thought. He looked away, then quickly back again. Billy wasn’t like anything or anyone he’d ever known. He wasn’t like anything or anyone he’d ever thought he wanted. He was…wholly new, unexpected. Baffling and oddly frightening. Teddy wet his lips, studying Billy’s sharp features. It wasn’t often he had the chance to do this—to just observe Billy without drawing the full weight of his attention.

His nose was a little too long. His ears were too big. He was the kind of skinny that other kids made fun of, all gangly limbs and extended trunk. His brown hair stuck up in untamed spikes, too chaotic to be deliberate. He was so pale his angular face almost glowed in the darkness of the planetarium.

His skin was a living canvas beneath undulating waves of light.

Or: Sequel to Teenage Wasteland.

This Chapter: NOW KISS!

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@these-redxcted-ghosts Thanks so much for asking this, hun! I had fun drawing this smart-ass.

Aed Hallahan

  • Gender&Orientation: Male heterosexual
  • General Appearance: Almost the splitting image of his father, except he has a longer face and fuller lip. Sometimes grows his hair long enough for a small ponytail. Has dark brown eyes like his mother.
  • Personality: Like his parents, he is reserved and composed for the most part until an accumulation of bad days and the day someone finally pisses him off. Then he’ll show his infamous temper. Rarely shows physical aggression but is sharp with his words. He can be both the studious nerd and party animal, and drinks but doesn’t enjoy smoking or doing drugs.
  • Special Talents: A brilliant bookworm with a knack for tinkering and building things. He delves into engineering and builds tiny robots for fun. He’s that dude, the one you’ve never seen study and goes partying the night before a huge test and scores regardless.
  • Who they take after more: Father (physically) and mother (mentally and personality-wise)
  • Personal Head canon: He was named after Sam’s grandfather. An obedient Catholic schoolboy voted most likely to get caught dating a teacher or older women in general. Awfully flirtatious and shameless. Isn’t shy about his good looks and charming his way out of trouble.

“She was much too young to be tasked with that kind of responsibility.”

Okay, so I just read the entirety of the Guardian comic by @mintywolf and feels hit me in the face like a brick. The panel on this page in particular. So uh, fanart? =O I hope that’s okay! =S

(Minty, you drew his chin so nice, and I’m Auron trash, that’s literally all it takes for me to asplode cause he would be making a face like this when no one else was looking agh)

So, like. My old followers should be know that I usually draw bishounens. I even not confidence about draw Mink in my old days because his face is not a face I usually draw (I glad draw him turned out to be fun, tho).

Then I kinda try ‘what if I draw Mink just like the usual bishounen I usually draw’ and

Well. Holy shit that bishounen!Mink is my type and I’ll be honest, I really dig that kind of face. BUT. It’s not Mink. It’s just ordinary long-haired bishounen and nothing more. It’s not Mink… I think I still like the wrinkled, square-shaped jaw Mink more o<-< Mink really make my taste in liking 2D character change

Let’s pretend that’s just a young Mink though