his hair . . . is the best ever

The Camp Camp holiday special was the best thing I’ve seen ever so here’s another one of my ‘best things about’ things where I list the best moments from stuff.


-Max saying ‘what the fuck!’ Just. I cannot. I was dead.

-The new outfits were so cute especially Gwen’s.

-Max has been waiting to use 👏🏾 his 👏🏾 hood 👏🏾 haha I am alive!!!

-THERE WAS A SONG! I was hoping for a song thank you Santa!

-Max growing impatient at Nikki

-Max usuing his hoodie and his hair wouldn’t fit because I feel you man

-Christmas David is best David

-David calling the kids Kiddos because Uh that’s adorable

-The lady’s face at the store when David said the goggles were for him not Max

-David thinking of what Max would want and was immediately like ‘oh a b.b him Max would love this’

-Neil is Jewish and they don’t just gloss over it

-Harrison and the snowman was hilarious i was in class and I had to hold back my laughter

-Preston. Just ‘Why would I be cold when the fire of theatre runs through my veins’ because literally me

-Nurf didn’t throw a snowball at Nikki (cause she’s a girl?) but it was kinda sweet

-Max knows Santa is bullshit

-Santa vs Amazon, The battle begins

-David making a mess of things and Nikki reassuring him

-Space kid giving Gwen a gift! So pure, such a sweet boy.

-Max gets the BB gun. ‘Aw sweet a bb gun’ David is ready with the goggles.

-The whole climate change ending because I didn’t see it coming at all and it was hilarious

-Just such a great episode definitely a fave of mine.

-Quartermaster is OP goose hunter cannot be stopped

-Max is easily frustrated as we see in this and the episode with Jeremy Farts

-Such a sweet and hilarious episode and over all

friends to lovers!hyungwon
  • so hyungwon as your best friend
  • somehow people can’t seem to grasp that concept of hyungwon being other than constantly sleepy
  • i mean, since all other kids in collage ever see him is when he’s in some oversized sweater, bed hair, books messily stuffed in his bag and just trying to pass his tests and all that
  • you would expect with his looks hyungwon would try to dress up a little
  • but lmao no he couldn’t care less
  • he’d appear to class with swollen face and pjs if he could
  • which happened once and kihyun, his roommate, swore that would be the last time he’d let anything like that happen.
  • but anyway, you’re hyungwon’s best friend and you guys met,,,, in a quite funny way to begin with
  • you both were freshman attending some start of school party or whatever
  • and you were just at the corner nursing your drink, not really wanting to get drunk and just observing others
  • it’s not a wild party but people are slowly getting drunker and more flirtier
  • and it’s just not your thing honestly you would rather stay in your room and binge watch friends or sleep or something
  • but your roommate dragged you out to this party saying it’s the start of a new chapter of life or whatever and you decided that maybe socializing a little wouldn’t do u any harm
  • only a few hours later you find yourself ready to head home and watch a movie alone
  • but just as you were about to dump your drink in the trash and leave
  • a tall shadow loomed over you and a body blocked your way
  • you look up to find a guy grinning down bashfully at you and…. is he sleepy???
  • if it was any guy you would have rolled your eyes because you were really not up to any games that night
  • but something about the way he bites his lips uncertainly or the way his fingers finddles with the end of his sleeves just made you ???what is he up to
  • so you look up at him and just raise your brows
  • “hyungwon” he put out his hand for a handshake and you shrugged, guessing no harm done by shaking his hand and telling him your name as well
  • only as soon as you tell him your name he starts talking - in a whole different language.
  • Portuguese
  • he was rambling on and on about something and if it wasn’t the fact that you actually self studied that language a little before you would have mistook him as drunk rambling
  • hyungwon: is smartly rambling in Portuguese
  • you: why are you telling me how the honeys are made in portuguese.
  • hyungwon: ….. huh?
  • you could clearly tell that hyungwon himself doesn’t know half of what he’s talking back so you stiffle back a laugh and said: I studied that language before, you know.
  • hyungwon: ……oh……..
  • you: you memorized that, didn’t you.
  • hyungwon: w-wha- i- nO! no i- ……………ok maybe i did it was part of a dare from my friends
  • he pointed to a group of 5 boys sitting on the sofa and a few of them are actually already on the floor laughing their asses out
  • you laughed before waving at his friends only to look back at him “that was convincing, the way you spoke. I would have believed you know what you’re saying if i didn’t know the language already”
  • “that’s what i’m trying to go for. my friend dare me to act convincing to prove that im really an acting major, you know”
  • you asked if he’s an acting major because you’re in the film major and hyungwon just goes: well who knows, maybe one day i’ll act in a movie that you’re directing! he joked
  • and one thing goes to the other, you and hyungwon just started talking more that night and truth be told, you were actually comfortable with hyungwon
  • he is attractive, with his height and face and all but something about how witty and humourous he is just kind of makes you forget about you being attractted to him and just end up being more comfortable with him
  • so the night ended up with him walking you home to your dorm because he insisted so since “it’s late and you shouldn’t be walking alone”
  • you decline at first but he insisted and you figured his company during the walk wouldn’t do any harm either
  • and you were right
  • by the next day, when you see him at the campus’ cafe, you two were practically best friends as he jumps towards you with a wide smile before putting his arm around your shoulder and putting his coffee order under yours and made you pay for it too
  • well, that was freshman year and now it’s your 3rd year in collage and you’re halfway dying with the constant quizzes and assignments to pass in within said dates.
  • and being a film major just means more because going out to film for things only to realize that you don’t have enough clips while editing?
  • cues you banging your head on the table
  • but somehow having hyungwon as your best friend helps you big time especially when you need subjects to film in your short movie projects
  • so you and hyungwon hardly share classes together but the two of you would always make time to meet up after classes at the library or campus’ cafe or the auditorium when hyungwon have to practices to do
  • you were done with your last class for the day when you text hyungwon, asking him where is he since you know his class ends earlier before you today
  • the two of you knows each others’ class schedule by the back of your hand so there’s an unsaid rule between you two: the one with class ending earlier gets to decide the meet up place for the day
  • and when hyungwon texted you back with a curt “audi.” you knew that he just got a new project and is staying back for extra practices
  • so you took a detour to the campus’ cafe to buy two drinks - your chocolate milkshake and his favorite coffee before skipping to the empty auditorium
  • the auditorium was mostly dark but the few lights around the stage guide you to the front of the stage, only for you to find hyungwon sitting on the front row
  • but he looked slightly stressed out with his head down and his hands holding his head.
  • hyungwon didn’t even noticed you coming in, eventhough you were certain that when the door creaked it was loud enough considering how the auditorium tends to echo
  • so you put his drink in the cup holder beside his seat before sitting down on the ground, right beside his leg and put a hand on his knee, and he flinches in surprise
  • “hey, i bought your favorite.” you said and when hyungwon looked up at you, you realize the distress in his eyes and you just become more alert
  • hyungwon slides down from his seat to join you on the floor before sipping on his coffee
  • it was quiet for a few second and when he put down his drink, you immediately grabbed his hand, holding them tightly in yours before searching for his eyes
  • “is everything okay? did you get a new project or something?” fully knowing how hyungwon tend to overwork and stresses himself out whenever there’s a new work given to him
  • “they’re doing a christmas play….” he started and you nodded as you patiently wait for him to continue “and it’s big this time, you know. like super big.”
  • your school’s play always tend to go all out for plays and it’s always amazing so when hyungwon said “super big” you just wonder how much more grand will it get?
  • he probably see the look in your eyes before continuing : there’s gonna be people from Julliard to come and see this play and they’re gonna be giving out scholarships to finish our major there if we get it
  • and hearing that you just go all !!!!!hyungwon!!!! ohmygo d and you’re gonna get it right!!!!!!
  • you’re just so goddamn estatic because Julliard is just so!!!!! and with how hyungwon is just so goddamn talented in acting and all you know!!!! that he need to get that scholarship to spread his wings wider and all that you know
  • hyungwon can’t help but laughs at your excitement before calming you down “oh god relax just because i get the main lead doesn’t mean i’m gonna get it for sure”
  • you took a sip of your chocolate drink before going “MMMMMM!!!! no but if Madam L gave you the main lead it means the people from Julliard are gonna be considering you, you know since you’re The Main.”
  • you were talking animatedly about how the people from Julliard are gonna be Blown Away by his talent when they see him
  • and hyungwon just sit down there in front of you, with this fond smile on his face as he sees how giddy and excited you get
  • it’s not even you that could be getting the scholarship but yet you’re still so supportive towards him
  • and he could feel his heart beating wildly and flutter when you beam and grin at him
  • how could he not realize how adorable you are before this?
  • i mean,,, you did caught his attention during that freshman party before but after getting close to you he kind of just developed a habit of pushing away or shrugging it off whenever someone said you’re cute or how you two could be a couple since,,, well,,,, you’re his Best Friend.
  • ,,,,but now that he properly think about it…,,,
  • “come on, let me see those lines.”
  • “huh?”
  • “you need someone to help you rehearse your lines with you, right? Well, I’m here so come on let’s get started!”
  • shaking his head, hyungwon pushed back the thought that maybe you and him could be More than friends to the very back of his mind and showed you his lines
  • it’s silly, he thought. they wouldn’t feel the same way
  • if they did they would have showed some signs,,, or so he thought
  • so you and him would meet up more often to help him read or rehearse his lines
  • sometimes it would be in his dorm, or at the auditorium whenever it’s empty
  • but most of the times it’s at the auditorium
  • so it’s always just the two of you,,,, in the mostly dark auditorium,,,
  • but it’s not uncomfortable in any way since you often help him out and that you guys are close enough that you trust each other that the other party wont do anything silly,,,
  • the thing is,,, hyungwon’s the main character and the play he’s playing is,,, of course,,, centers about romance and you,, well,,,
  • often had to help him by acting out as the female main character
  • though you act as if it’s no biggie and you’re not affected in any ways since it’s just acting, you said
  • but your heart always beat a little bit stronger whenever hyungwon reads the romantic lines or when he steps a little bit closer and look deep into your eyes…..
  • but you push it away, thinking that you probably just got a bit too into your character
  • yet you can’t deny the attraction you felt towards hyungwon
  • i mean, you have always acknowledge your best friend as someone that is good looking
  • and you’re aware that almost half of the student body in the collage would do anything to be in your place, as his best friend and maybe even more,,
  • at least that’s what they’re speculating as they often see hyungwon’s arm around your shoulder as he walks you to class,
  • or him waiting infront of your class sometimes and immediately helping you carry your bag,,
  • you’ve noticed the way others look and you’re aware how much those actions could be seen as a couple thing,,,
  • but,,, you know better,,
  • hyungwon is blunt and would often say things on his mind without hesitation
  • so when people point out that hyungwon might just like you, you just ????i know him lmao he would have said something if he feel that way
  • yet again, somewhere deep inside you wished that maybe what others has been saying are true and that maybe, just maybe, your best friend feels the same way for you
  • and that maybe you could have something more then just this friendship…
  • so like,,, you keep on helping hyungwon with his lines, eventhough your feelings for him are slowly growing bigger and deeper the more often you help him
  • you couldn’t help it,, not when you see how passionate and determined he is on rehersing for this play and just so,, hardworking it just makes you so??? why is he so goddamn attractive for :(
  • whenever you reach certain parts where his character and the female character need to do the kiss as the finale,, your heart kind of drops because wow, he’s gonna be kissing in front of so many people and that person won’t be,,, you
  • but you kept up your front
  • when hyungwon realized that they’ve reached the part where he’s supposed to do the kiss,,, he got nervous and a bit giddy too because maybe,, just maybe he’d be able to man up and kiss you,, and confess right after
  • eventhough it’s not the most ideal way to confess but
  • throughout the time of you helping him out it just made him realize his true feelings towards you
  • how you’re so supportive and caring towards his passion and work eventhough you’re not gonna get any benefit from this
  • how hard you help him practice and read his lines eventhough you have had a full day of classes and you could probably just ditch him to go to sleep but noooo
  • you stayed until late hours to help him practice
  • you even came to the rehersals and sit among the empty seats so that you could point out things that maybe he could improve
  • ,,,,the amount of time the thought of wanting to pull you into a hug and smother you with kisses for being so supportive towards him crossed his mind was Countless.
  • and yet he had to hold himself back every. single. time. because that’s not what best friends do.
  • so when you and him finally practice the lines for the kissing part, you thought that hyungwon was being in character when you see how nervous he is,, but little did you know
  • when he pulls you in and closer towards him, you could feel your heart beating wildly when you see his eyes cast down towards your lips
  • thinking that maybe this is it, maybe you’re gonna have your kiss with him, you close your eyes out of both anticipation and fear
  • seeing you closing your eyes, hyungwon let out a small smile as he softly run his thumb on your cheek before cupping your cheeks and leans in,,,,
  • only to stop short when he realize how this is not how he really wants to tell you his true feelings
  • he wants it to be romantic, to be,,, you know,,, ideal because after all you’ve done for him, he wants his way of confessing to be remembered eventhough you might reject him and his feelings
  • so he lets out a sigh before bumping his forehead with yours and mutter out “why did you close your eyes for, nerd”
  • slowly, you open your eyes and you laugh, quite bitterly and mostly towards yourself for expecting that hyungwon might kiss you,,,
  • pushing away and covering up your thoughts, you playfully glare at hyungwon as he walks away to drink his water
  • “i was scared that you might kiss me for real, you ass”
  • “i wouldn’t do that lmao”
  • you: *gasps and pretend to be offtended* whats that supposed to mean!!!
  • but eitherway, both you and hyungwon pretended that the almost kiss didn’t happen
  • and while hyungwon tries to figure out the perfect time and way to properly confess to you, you’re left with thinking that you’re sure hyungwon doesn’t like you Like That
  • and that maybe you should move on and just get over with your feelings for hyungwon….
  • but anyways, soon it was d-day for the play and hyungwon’s nervous for the play, but you’re nervous too for him,,
  • since this is gonna be his Big Break if everything goes well for him and he gets that Julliard scholarship
  • though you’re gonna miss him if he really gets it and leave, but you know how much this scholarship means to him
  • so when you go backstage half and hour before the show start, a big flower bouquet in your hands as you look around for hyungwon,
  • wanting to wish him luck and telling that no matter what happens he’s still gonna be A Star to you,
  • hyungwon spots you first before you sees him and when he sees you standing there,
  • the flowers in your arm and looking cuddly with your scarf wrapped around your neck to keep you warm,
  • hyungwon couldn’t stop himself as he stalks up towards you, holding you by the shoulders and turn you towards him
  • when you felt pressures on your shoulder, you were close to screaming but when you see hyungwon, you immediately beamed at him
  • you were about to wish him luck when he suddenly cups your cheeks and just,,,,
  • kiss you
  • right there and then
  • among the busy bustling backstage
  • you were too caught offguard by the kiss that you didn’t even get the chance to close your eyes when he had already pull away
  • maybe it’s the nerves speaking but hyungwon mutter out an “i love you”
  • you blink up at him and as if he just woke up from a dream, his hands immediately drop down from your shoulder and he takes one step back, eyes wide as if he’s scared he’d mess up even more
  • “i’m so sorry i shouldn’t hav-”
  • he couldn’t even finish his sentence when you grab him down by the collar and kiss him back,
  • in which it takes him a while to realize whats going on but when he does,,,
  • well,,, you can guess the rest,,,
  • yes, you went back to your seat beside kihyun with rosy cheeks and a smile just never leaving your face
  • kihyun: omg what took you so long the show is about to st- ,,, ohmygod what happened to you??
  • you: blushes and just shush him to focus on the play
  • throughout the play you can’t help but feel your heart flutter wildly when hyungwon steps on the stage
  • seeing the way he plays his character so damn well and just gets almost everyone in the hall hooked with his acting
  • it’s not like you’re being biased, but you can clearly tell that the scholarship is his
  • it would be rigged if it’s not
  • by the time the play ends, almost everyone in the hall stands up to give him a standing ovation
  • you immediately ran backstage and as soon as hyungwon spots you
  • he opens his arm wide and you crashes into his arms immediately
  • “i’m so so so proud of you!! you did amazing tonight even if you don’t get that scholarship do know that you got my heart and-”
  • yes,,, hyungwon shuts you up by kissing you again,,
  • and everyone that’s lurking around backstage notices the two of you and they just,, whoops and whistle
  • (kihyun, somewhere in the corner of the backstage: took them a while. i was ready to just yell at them to confess any second.)
  • but at that moment, the two of you were just so caught up with the moment and the feeling of being in each others’ arms, you could hardly care
  • your first date with hyungwon was the night right after the play, your hands holding his as the two of your walk through the cold winter night to get some hot chocolates.
  • dating hyungwon,,, is like having nothing much changed from your previous friendship with his
  • only this time having more kisses and clingy hugs in between
  • you having to threaten him with no kisses whenever he refuses to let you go when you have classes to attend to
  • “hyungwon i have classes to go to”
  • “skip it and spend the morning cuddling with me”
  • “…sounds tempting but you see, i kind of need to ace this class”
  • he would get all shy and whiny whenever he sees you wearing his hoodie or sweater when you hang around his dorm
  • “oh you don’t like it? i can take if off-”
  • “no no no no” as he pulls you onto the couch and cuddles you
  • you pinching his cheeks out of nowhere when he speaks
  • “!!! what was that for!!!”
  • “i’ve always wanted to do that”
  • having silly rap battles with him when you go out on karaokes with him and the rest of the boys
  • jooheon: suddenly my career as a soundcloud rapper is being threathened.
  • dealing with him dozing off at certain times,,
  • but like he’s cute when he does that eventhough it’s lowkey annoying sometimes
  • you caught him singing once and ever since that you always bugged him to sing for you more
  • always avoids doing it because “go ask kihyun to sing for you instead he sings way better!!!”
  • “why would i even do that when you’re my boyfriend,,, not kihyun,,,”
  • his heart melts at that and he ended up singing for you softly when you’re cuddling later that day
  • suddenly speaking some random foreign language towards you
  • “Eu te amo muito.”
  • “…what does that mean.”
  • “i’m confessing your love in portuguese i thought you learned that language before??”
  • “…oh lmao that. i lied i only know ‘Olá’ ,,,,”

had a dream i was entering a “wizard-off” against taako. i only entered because i believed taako was a fictional character and therefore id win by default. i show up to the wizard-off venue: an abandoned strip mall, naturally. lines start forming. my best friends are there pumping me up. someone is massaging my arms as if im about to enter a boxing match. another goes “are you sure you’re up for this? taako is a master” and i respond with a scoff. “he isn’t coming. he would be here by now, and he’d be wearing a fantastic outfit. i dont see anybody in a fantastic outfit.” a hush falls over the crowd. i turn. there stands taako in a black ballgown, chiffon cape, and opera gloves, his ears bedazzled, his hair tied back in the tightest ponytail ive ever seen. he locks eyes with me and i die instantly.


→ From collaborating with seniors in the industry, to having his hair bleached for the first time ever (and slaying us all). Kim Jongdae, you have never failed to surprise us and you didn’t disappoint when you said that you’ll show us better performances and an improved image of yourself. You deserve nothing but the best, because you gave us your best. Thank you and Happy 26th Birthday, you are so loved ♡


All I wanted to do was make some Christmas related sheith stuff. But I guess this year I finally turned into the Grinch. I’m not even close to getting the Christmas-feels.

So please bare with me…and maybe take some galra!sheith instead? :) I’m all trash for my purple space cats ♥

Also, here are some headcanons for this AU:

  • the Galra Empire are “the good guys” in this one
  • Galra biology has a/b/o dynamics, but the omegas are the fiercer ones
  • the appearance of members of the royal family differs from Galra standard - most of them have white hair
  • Keith - despite his black hair - is part of the royal family. In this AU he’s one of Allura’s cousins, and therefore a General of the imperial fleet. He’s often mistaken for a ‘normal’ Galra.
  • Shiro was a fleet General, too. Most Galra knew him as “The Champion”, for he was one of the best fighters and strategists the Empire had ever seen; his skills earning him the rank of a General despite his lack of a royal title. He and Keith worked side by side, until he got captured during a battle against the Altean fleet. From there on everything went south for him.
  • One year later he escaped and was rescued by Galra border patrols. During his time in captivity his arm was replaced by the robotic one (like in the original series) and his hair turned white from stress.
  • After that the ancient weapon “Voltron” was resurrected by Empress Allura
  • Shiro and Keith became the Empire’s “power couple number 1″ (quote Lance) after their reunion.

Tadaaaa :) I’ll add more HCs in the next galra!AU related post.

anonymous asked:

If you wanna write a ficlet based on the tags you put about Derek not being good at receiving compliments so stiles compliments him always I can guarantee you that I will 100% read it and reblog it and comment about how much I love it :D

Well how can I resist that??

The first time it happened, Stiles didn’t think anything of it. Standing over the smoldering remains of the creature that just tried to kill them, he said “nice job”, gave Derek a friendly slap on the back, and suggested they go out for celebratory we didn’t die today milkshakes. He was pleasantly surprised when Derek both agreed and paid, and he dipped fries in both to see if they went better with his strawberry or Derek’s chocolate.

(The answer was chocolate, and Derek didn’t even get mad when three of Stiles’ fries were lost in his shake.)

The second time, he was marveling at the obscure text Derek managed to track down and said, “dude, you are literally the best, I’m buying you pizza!” And shockingly, Derek let him, and even told him what toppings he wanted. That might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but Stiles had spent years watching in silent judgment as Derek picked off half the toppings from the pizzas he ordered for the pack, as if he couldn’t get another for himself that he actually liked.

Stiles told him he liked the way he rearranged the loft, and Derek sat through the entire extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring on his new flat screen.

When he mentioned liking the fancy pasta dish Derek made and asked for a lesson to make it, Derek agreed. He showered compliments on Derek’s meticulous overhaul of the bestiary and Derek let him borrow three books.

Derek never let anyone borrow his books, they never left the loft.

These events were all spread out enough that it took a while to click, but when it did, it was both a revelation and incredibly depressing: Derek had no idea what to do with even the most casual of compliments.

Sarcasm was no issue, Stiles knew that much—he’d personally thrown out enough nice martyr complex, jackass and the like to figure that out—but anything that was even remotely sincere?

He started paying attention after that, to the way Derek would stiffen and his eyes would widen a bit before his face closed off again. He would go quiet, maybe nod, and quickly agree to pretty much anything just to get the focus back off himself.

Because Derek was actually embarrassed by compliments.

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BTS Reaction - when you refuse to make noise during sex

So I took liberties a little bit from the original request, just to make sure they weren’t all too samey.  Forgive me. 


“Jagiya, what’s wrong?”  Jin directs the question up to you from where his head is nestled between your breasts, and even though there’s concern in his eyes it doesn’t do anything to still the graze of his thumb across your swollen nipple.

You’re confused; nothing’s wrong.  It’s just the opposite, in fact, and when you lift your head from the pillow to look down at his painfully handsome face and he sees that befuddlement in your expression Jin smiles kindly, turning his head to briefly kiss your breast.  

“You’re so quiet,” he explains further, and suddenly you understand what it is he means.  

You and Jin have only very recently started having sex - in fact you could probably count all the occasions on just one hand - and the last time you had your boyfriend had very firmly planted his over your mouth to silence you.   With no explanation at the time, and none afterwards to speak of either, you’d taken it to mean that you were clearly too loud in bed and that this wasn’t something he liked nor appreciated.  So of course, in an effort to please him and save yourself the embarrassment, this time around you’d made a considered effort to bite your lip and keep all those usual moans in.  It wasn’t easy, by any means.  

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pinky swear

“So you’ll let a complete stranger touch you and not your best friend?”

Summary: Yoongi and you were inseparable friends. Since your childhood you’ve played this game together in which you had to be completely honest when your pinkies were linked. Until one night, the game went too far…

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Smutty SMUT. | Warnings: A lot of tongue technology.

A/N: So this is my official first smut. As an American Horror Story fan you should know that the pinky game is based on Kai’s game in Cult. Of course, without the creepy sh*t. So I hope you like it, I’ll get better I promise, pinky promise.
Words: +2.3K

“Pinky to pinky. Naked truth, brutal honesty. If you lie, I’ll know.”

You both knew the rules: once your pinkies touched you had to answer each other’s question with nothing but the truth. It started as a game you had heard from a girl from your school, and now your best friend and you were hidden under the blankets with a flashlight as the only source of light - and your pinky fingers linked.

Your faces remained expressionless waiting for one of the two to make the first move.

“Are you going to leave with your dad?” you finally asked, your voice cracking as the tears wanted to fall from your eyes.

“I told you, Y/N! I’m not leaving you!” Yoongi raised his other hand and placed it on his chest, where his heart was located. “I promise.”

“You can’t lie with your pinky.”

“I know.” He smiled, causing his eyes to almost disappear, “I’ll stay and we’ll be friends forever.”

There was a knock on your bedroom’s door and then your mother’s voice could be heard from the other side, “Time to sleep, kids!”

He kept his promise and stayed after his parents divorced. You were eighteen now, and he was still your best friend, the person that knew you since your childhood.

However, nothing stayed exactly the same.

When his parents divorced, Min Yoongi changed. The cute eight-year-old boy was long gone, and now was known as a fuckboy and the kind of guy other guys did not want to mess around. That was useful for you though, people knew you were his best friend and that kept bullies away from your smart ass.

You watched him sleep from your seat in class, he was wearing his usual black hoodie but you could still see a glimpse of his minty hair under the cloth. That was part of his routine, he slept in class and then you helped him study later.

The bell rang and you shook his shoulder with your hand. He turned his head to a side and looked at you just with one barely open eye, “Hey.”

“Will you ever stay awake in class?” You grabbed his bag and handed it to him. He yawned and took it, standing up and offering you a hand to do the same.

“Who cares. I have you to teach me better.”

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steve falling for you [headcanon]

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Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Summary: Steve finally meets you after dropping off Dustin after the Snow Ball.

  • Dustin talked about you
  • a lot
  • you were his role model to be honest.
  • Steve never believed anything Dustin says
  • you’ll like her dude! she’s amazing!”
  • how come I’ve never even seen this ‘so-called’ sister, dickwad?
  • I dunno.”
  • you know everything there is to know about the events involving Upside-Down.
  • (you were the kids’ home base)
  • So you’re a bit shaken up due to the events that have just happened (#season2)
  • (you were Hopper’s second-in-command this time)
  • but you feel okay letting Dustin go out because you know how Steve was involved and you know that he’ll protect that dipshit
  • anyways
  • you open the door, mouth full of mashed potatoes
  • in one hand is a fork
  • in the other, a bowl of KFC mashed potatoes d o u s e d in gravy.
  • Steve has a hand on Dustin’s shoulder
  • and that dork is hardcore staring at you
  • (like jaw dropped, wide-eyed staring)
  • and he leans down and whispers in Dustin’s ear: “damn”
  • Dustin’s all like: “dude, chill. that’s my sister.”
  • he then proceeds to thank Steve for all the help and the ride before walking inside
  • you ruffle his hair and smile
  • and Steve swears his heart does some weird jumpy thing.
  • you then turn back to the door, arching an eyebrow
  • “…yes?”
  • Steve stutters.
  • homeboy actually stutters.
  • u-u-uh I see you have KFC! I uh- I love KFC. best chicken ever right?”
  • you stare at him for a while, before…
  • yeah, I guess. I don’t know, I’m a vegetarian.”
  • and you promptly shut the door in his face.
  • Steve stands there for a few minutes
  • (more like ten)
  • he just can’t understand why he’s so awestruck by you
  • the next day at school, he notices you
  • and of course, you’re friends with Jonathan Byers
  • Steve quietly curses him out before approaching him
  • hey Byers!”
  • Uh, what’s up…steve?”
  • meanwhile, Steve is just staring at you
  • jonathan notices, obviously
  • Nancy notices too
  • and they hatch a plan
  • they start to subtly bring up Steve a lot
  • so does Dustin
  • Jonathan and Nancy have roped him in to their plan
  • (he’s all for it, I mean, his sister and his mentor??? yes!)
  • you ignore them at first
  • but then you begin to notice how soft Steve’s hair looks
  • and how his eyes really do seem to sparkle in the dull, unflattering cafeteria lights.
  • and have his lips always looked that soft???
  • you start to realize that you may have a tiny, miniscule crush on Steve Harrington.
  • so you do the only logical thing
  • you act completely indifferent towards him
  • there’s no way you’re going to change the way you act towards him
  • if he likes you, its gonna be for you.
  • soon enough, Mike, Lucas, and Will also join in
  • they always want the two of you to babysit during their campaigns
  • (mostly because you’ll join in)
  • and Steve will just watch bc
  • aw you’re such a dork and he can’t believe that he likes you this much
  • eventually the night winds down to a juvenile game of truth or dare
  • (you’re dared to mess up Steve’s hair)
  • so he has to lean in towards you in order for you to be able to reach
  • and the kids are in awe
  • like, he’s willingly letting you mess with his hair.
  • you and Steve are pretty close together
  • and you kind of stop running your hands through his hair
  • you both subconsciously start leaning in closer
  • Steve’s eyes are drawn to your lips
  • it about to happen
  • until
  • just kiss already, god!”
  • you spring apart
  • shut up dipshit!”
  • cue the kids all slapping Dustin for ruining the moment
  • it starts getting pretty late
  • so you and Dustin gots to go
  • the kids (except Mike) are getting their bikes
  • Steve comes up to you at the doorway and grabs your wrist gently
  • hey (Y/N)?”
  • “yeah?”
  • I just…I uh- well you see…I just wanted to-”
  • you’re kind of just standing there, waiting for him to get to the point.
  • well uh- its better if I just show you.”
  • so Steve pulls you in and captures your lips with his, kissing you slowly
  • (you waste no time in kissing back)
  • you pull away at the same time bc y’know…
  • air
  • y’all need air.
  • and you guys are just smiling at each other so dorkily
  • (awwwww)
  • Steve leans down for another kiss
  • you break apart because the kids start cheering too loudly
  • “finally!”
  • thank god you finally grew some balls!”
  • “at least we won’t have to hear him talk about her all the time anymore.”
  • hey Harrington! stop sucking face with my sister!”

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Y’all help me out pls. What should I post next: a Bill Denbrough story, a Beverly Marsh one, a Jonathan Byers one, or a Mike Wheeler fic???

My input on the Stranger Things kids

Mike: best friend ever. He’s so understanding and supportive of Will and he was always right by his side. After everything he’s been through, he never wavers once and everyone can count on him. Also him waiting for Eleven, literally the sweetest boy ever.

Will: deserves none of what happened to him. It’s unbelievable how much that kid has been through and how strong he still is. Bless him.

Dustin: the sweetest boy. Just wanted a pet and to impress Max. Literally the purest character with a heart of gold. I could go on for ages about how precious he is and he deserves the entire world.

Lucas: my kickass son. All he wanted was for Max to like him and to keep her safe. His playful banter was iconic, he’s just so great. Him and Max with their pet names and their sweet kiss at the end, what cuties.

Eleven: poor baby that has the best intentions. Her relationship with Hopper is so pure, and now he legally adopted her. She had good intentions, even if they don’t work out. Loves her friends and is now back with Mike. God is real.

Max: what a badass. The coolest new character, shes a new fave. Takes no shit and when she stands up to Billy? Number one slay. She’s the iconic skater girl from California and I love her.

Billy: he makes me so mad. The way he treats Max, the boys, and Steve is infuriating. Even so, he doesn’t deserve to be slapped around by his dad the way he was. Reminded me of Henry Bowers from IT.

Steve: the kids new dad. I dig the “don’t care” attitude, but at the same time, he cares so deeply for Nancy and the kids. Best babysitter ever, who in an instant would give himself for them.

Jonathan: my brand new baby. He’s so much more confident. Like that conversation he had with Nancy in the hallway? Iconic. He has actually joking conversations now. Also, he cares about Will so much. Every time Will was in pain Jonathan was too, poor thing. Then when he finally made his move on Nancy, my life was fulfilled.

Nancy: my soft gf who I love lots. Also a major badass who can use a gun like an expert. He new hair is so cute and she is so strong. Although I feel bad for Steve, her and Jonathan are the cutest couple. I just love her with my whole heart.

Steve took Dustin under his wing without hesitation, when Dustin got into his car, he barely even hesitated to help him. He did everything he could to protect those kids and I think he would never forgive himself if anything happened to those kids while he was watching over them. He fought Billy because he was getting all up in the kids’ faces about Max. He protected Max, trying to get Billy to leave, when he had just met the girl. He didn’t even fight Billy once while he was taunting him about his “King” status at the school but he didn’t blink an eye to fight him to protect those kids.

Steve didn’t deserve the way Nancy left him like that but he still gave Jonathan and Nancy space and he didn’t even blame Jonathan for anything? He never got in his face about the whole situation. He even told Nancy that it was okay? Like no, Steve you don’t need to say anything. Nancy should’ve handled this better. I love Nancy but this was a shitty way to “break up” with Steve. She just broke his heart. 

He tried to get those kids to listen to him even though you could see that he wanted to side with them but he didn’t want them to get hurt. Even after they dragged his unconscious body into the car and drove to that entrance to the tunnels, he still put himself in front of them so they wouldn’t get hurt. Even after everything went to shit, he ran back for Mike after he got trapped. He made sure the kids were going up first when the demadogs were running towards them, he grabbed Dustin to protect him from them. He put their safety first. 

He did everything he could to protect those kids. 

He gave Dustin advice about girls, about his hair. He played the big brother roll and it wouldn’t surprise me if he took all of the rest of the kids under his wing, trying to protect them all. 

Steve Harrington is the best character and he deserves the whole fucking world and nothing bad should ever happen to him because he doesn’t deserve that shit. Steve Harrington needs to be protected at all times. 

  • 95% of the people cheering at the red carpet will be ARMYs singing every BTS song (The 5 other % are celebrities and reporters)
  • One of BTS’ songs will be playing during the red carpet maybe
  • BTS will arrive being the best-dressed humans ever (VOGUE be shaking and faint asap)
  • BTS hair will make people wishing to have the same haircut and Suga’s hair will be bluer than the clearest sky maybe
  • Everyone in the red carpet will want to interview BTS and start every sentence by “your fans are so passionate/love you guys … ” or “You are very good looking … ” or even “Are you nervous?”. 
  • Namjoon will be answering questions with his dimples. V will for sure do something that is either super funny or very impressive. Jhope will scream something, Jimin I mean Christian will use his new bought impressive accent to kill some people on the way, Jungkook will turn heads and Suga will look soooo done but on the inside, he is just very nervous. Meanwhile, Jin will be making someone somewhere asking for his name. 
  • BTS will get into the venue and everyone will start screaming BTS and the fanchant, be ready to see people turning left and right. 
  • BTS being the polite guys will applaud and cheer for everyone. 
  • If there is a sexy performance be ready to see the whole crowd jamming to the song while our boys being so shaken. 
  • Everyone will think “oh they are so cute” but they will surprise everyone once on stage *cough* their duality *cough*
  • BTS’ expressions when the camera zooms will be priceless. Gif material in every shot. 
  • The cutest part will be knowing that their families and the whole company is there to support them.
  • The whole place will be already screaming to the heavens but if they sing another song I think the whole place will be like hit by a thunder of screams.  
  • Do you know that thing that happens when the camera zooms on BTS and ARMY screams. Well, this will happen too. 
  • BTS will meet Zedd and it will turn so extra
  • All the celebrities will be approaching BTS so be ready for many photos with global celebrities. 
  • We will have people being so confused online asking who is who what is what
  • New memes will be made.
  • BTS will turn Vlive and Namjoon will cut the onions.
  • We will have expectations, but the reality will be even better.
  • If you thought these past few days were crazy, you will see insanity after this night. Let’s hope for the best! 
know it all — p.p.

summary : may parker can’t fathom that you and her nephew aren’t dating yet- she can’t wait forever, you know, and she knows it’s going to happen eventually. when has may ever been wrong?

word count : 3k

author’s note : long time no see?? LOL sophomore year is successfully kicking my ass but i wrote this and it’s semi long so?? 

   May Parker prides herself on a lot of things- namely, her stunning resilience in the face of immense adversity, and the way she just seems to know things. She can’t help it, it’s her not so lame superpower and she uses it on Peter all the time, much to his annoyance. She earns a roll of the eyes whenever she says something out of the blue, so profound Peter can’t help but contemplate its credibility for the hours that follow their interactions. She knows things, she does, and she knows that you and her nephew are as meant to be as her and Ben were- are, she chastises herself sometimes- and she knows it so truly in the deepest recesses of her heart that the fact that you and Peter aren’t together is something that goes right over her head. 

   “Peter, hon, when’s your girl coming over? I miss having other ladies in the house,” she says one day, interrupting the silence that had settled upon the pair  as Peter recited the periodic table of elements so naturally in his head in preparation for a quiz the following day. Peter loses track somewhere between lithium and beryllium or maybe it was phosphorus, he doesn’t know anymore, when he hears May call you that, his girl, and he shakes his head at her wildly. “What? What’d I say?” May points her wooden spoon at him, and Peter’s reminded that she’s Italian for the fifth time that day. 

   “May, she’s not- she’s not my, like, girlfriend,” he stresses each syllable the word carries, practically throwing his pencil across the table when he turns his chair to get a better view of his aunt as she prepares dinner- pasta, again, because she claims it’s the only thing she can’t possibly mess up. “You know that! Y/N’s been my best friend forever.” 

    “You realize you can be best friends with your girlfriend, don’t you?” Peter can sense May’s eyes rolling even though he can’t see her since she’s facing the stove with her back turned. “You two have definitely kissed. You can’t tell me you haven’t.” 

    Peter’s entire face feels hot when she says that, his hands clammy when he presses them together against his cheeks, placing his elbows on the table to prop his head up. “That’s embarrassing, May. Why would you ever ask me that?” He runs his hands through his hair and the gel is so terribly packed on it that the carefully prepared hairstyle comes undone with one swift movement. “We haven’t, in case you’re wondering, which I know you are because you’re nosy.” Peter feels the spoon lightly poke into his back, a playful warning. 

   “Anyways,” May continues loudly, “as I was saying before, your girlfriend should come over for dinner sometime this week. I’m making pasta.” She grins before placing a bowl of penne in front of Peter, his least favorite pasta shape. Peter scowls at the penne but picks up his fork anyway and shoves some in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully for a moment before giving May a thumbs up. At least she was proud of it. “I won’t make penne if you get her to come over.” 

    She knows she’s got him when she sees the slow, unsure nod start. He sticks his hand out, and May shakes it happily. “Only because of the penne. I want bowties. Please,” he gives his aunt his best, brightest, sweetest smile he can form, much like the ones that come so naturally when he turns his gaze to look at you- but May won’t bring that up just yet. “And don’t make girlfriend jokes in front of her.” His utensil stabs into the pasta as he thinks to himself, ‘cause if you keep it up in front of her, she’ll think I’m a weirdo and I’ll never genuinely get to call Y/N that, ever. Honestly, he’d much rather launch himself headfirst off of the Empire State Building than never get to experience kissing you, holding your hand, being with you in all those sorts of hopelessly romantic ways that he daydreams about regularly. He’s doing it again, slipping into that endless reverie he always seems to find himself lost in. But it’s okay. His mind is a chasm of soft loves and sweet words shared between the two of you. It’s a beautiful, long mess of a dream. 

   “You lost, Pete?” May snaps her fingers in front of his face, bemused. 

    “A little,” he sighs in that dreamy tone she recalls her own self indulging in so fondly in her younger years. His gaze becomes hazy again, like he’s on another plane entirely, but she lets him be. For now. 

    Peter knows he’s dressing up a little too much for just a friend. He’s spraying too much strong cologne and gelling his hair excessively and praying you won’t notice the fact that it’ll be dryer than the leaves in the wintertime, but it’s all too much for someone he insists is his best friend and his best friend alone, nothing more and nothing less, certainly not his girlfriend. Never that, right? Peter frowns at his reflection and tilts his head down, rubbing his head in attempt to remove most of the gel that had been a serious mistake in the first place. You preferred his hair curly, anyway. Not that he cared. Not in the slightest. He puts on the sweater that you once said looked lovely on him and he wears his nice jeans, the ones without that stupid hole near the butt cheek that you can’t really see unless you’re trying

   His cheeks flush when May gives a tiny, satisfied smirk upon seeing his perfectly put together outfit. He acts as if no time at all was spent on his appearance, but she knows him, like she knows everything else, and she knows that he’s been holed up in the bathroom for over twenty minutes now trying to see which shirt matched his eyes best and debating the chances of you realizing that this was the sweater you liked the most on him before he put it on and beamed at himself in the mirror. Maybe it was the color or the stitching or the fabric but he was starting to like this one much more, too. 

   “You look very handsome, sweets,” May says to him, squeezing his shoulder as she brushes past him to place a salad on the table. Peter surveys the salad with a strange look on his face. 

   “Why’d you make a salad? Since when does Y/N eat salad?” He raises his eyebrows at her, before adding with haste, “not that I don’t love your salad, Aunt May, ‘cause I do. I promise.”  

   Aunt May places her hands on her hips, peering at him through the tops of her glasses in a way that makes her look too wise for someone as young as she was. “I’m making a good impression, obviously.” 

   “You’ve known her for like ten years now, the time for good impressions is over, May. You missed your chance.”

   “This is the first time I’m seeing Y/N as your girlfriend, though!” Peter lets out the loudest groan imaginable, running his hands over his cheeks and slapping his forehead with great vexation. 

   “Still not my girlfriend,” he insists on insisting, taking the extra plates out of her busy hands and helping to set the small kitchen table. 

   May smooths back a loose strand of hair from his forehead with a kind, teasing grin on her face. “Doesn’t mean you don’t want her to be, kiddo.” 

   He can’t possibly argue with that sort of logic, especially not when his aunt hits the nail right on the head in that peculiar way she has a habit of doing, so he just smiles and kisses May on the cheek. There’s a knock on the door less than a second later, and the pair scramble for the upper hand before Peter beats her to it and nearly flies to grab the handle of it and yank it open so he can greet you accordingly, slightly out of breath with his hair flopping to one quite nicely and a joyous smile making its way across his mouth when he sees you for the first time that day. May hovers earnestly behind him, hands fluttering over her nephew’s shoulders so she can push past him to wrap you in a hug if need be. Sometimes Peter has the impression that May adores you even more than he does; he wasn’t sure if he should be glad for that, or a bit offended that you seemed to return the blatant favoritism with ardency. 

   There was a brief second where your eyes raked over your best friend’s face with soft admiration, hidden as carefully as you could manage. When you met his appreciative gaze you felt the palms of your hands clam up and so you cast your look back to his aunt and playfully pushed past him to give her a hug. 

   Peter, offense overriding his previously somewhat moonstruck expression, backed away from you when you finally turned toward him with your arms outstretched. “Oh, now I get a hug? Interesting,” he rolls his eyes in a teasing manner, unable and unwilling to conceal his little, loving smile that appeared when you pried his arms off his chest and defiantly wrapped them around yourself as you hugged him. “Didn’t seem so interested in hugging me when you were shoving me away to get to May,” he says, craning his neck to stare at you whilst continuing to drag the embrace out for as long as possible. 

   “You’re still my favorite Parker,” you reply, poking his chest lightly. Then you turn away before you can say anything else that could be considered too revealing of certain, carefully concealed feelings that had the possibility of being detrimental to a beautiful friendship that had manifested over the years into something more, but not quite, not yet. “Sort of,” you put as an afterthought, lest he get any ideas about you feeling… something for him. “Anyways, what’s for dinner, May?” You anticipate pasta, and when May announces the dish with a great flourishing of her hand, you grin. Typical, yes, but nothing if not welcomed. 

  Peter, gentleman that he is, pulls out your chair for you, and you let yourself imagine that he’s doing it as a chivalrous boyfriend and not simply a polite friend. He imagines the same, though. Imagines that he’s on a date with you and he pulls out your chair and smiles kindly and lovingly- and he basks in this image for as long as he can. May calls you over then, and the daydream is shattered. You make your way over to her in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. 

   May lowers her voice before speaking, “Y/N, I’m gonna need you to explain something to me,” she starts. You nod, raising your eyebrows at her. “Explain why you and Peter aren’t together yet. Honestly, honey, I just can’t understand it.” She talks with her hands the way Peter does. 

   “Uh- what? I, um, I don’t… understand?” Your voice cracks a little, as if having May practically shove your less than friendly feelings for Peter back in your face wasn’t embarrassing enough. “We’re, um, you know, like, friends.” 

   Her hand waves dismissively, pushing that sentence away. “No, no, see that’s what he said, too! I have to disagree. I know everything, kiddo, and I know that you two are going to make it as a couple, so if that’s what your afraid of, don’t be. Go for it. I see the same thing in him that I see in you right now, and that thing is love. So, I’m going to need you to go make my nephew the happiest kid on Earth and tell him you’re falling in love with him, and you’ll see that he’s going to say the same thing to you. Trust me. Aunt May knows all,” she shrugs in a casual manner, brushing her confidence off, before she steers you around and gently pushes you back toward the tiny dining room table where Peter sits awkwardly fiddling with his thumbs with his lip caught between his teeth. 

   “Hi,” you almost whisper, settling down in your seat across from him. 

   He glances up. “Hey,” he says, smiling again. A reflex, in your presence. He clears his throat, then asks, “So, what’d you and May talk about?” He knows May loves him as if he were her son, which for all intents and purposes he is, but he can’t be sure of her secrecy. He wouldn’t put it past his aunt to let slip “accidentally” that he liked you, loved you, cared for you. 

   You take a sip of your glass of water that Peter must have filled in your absence from the table. You had a tendency to take sips of your drink when in uncomfortable conversations, or conversations you felt nervous in. He notes that. “Oh, um, nothing really… but if were gonna talk about it, I’d wanna do it in, like, private?” You twirl your straw around your drink, mixing the ice in the glass. Peter abruptly stands from his chair. You watch him sling a jacket around his shoulders and throw one of his sweaters at you, which you catch easily. “You wanna go now?” 

   He nods, licking his lips anxiously. “No better time than the present, right?” If you’re going to confront him and crush his heart with a single sentence that stands along the lines of I see you as a friend, he wants it done sooner rather than later. He wants it over with, so he can go back to his suffering in comfortable silence and start an attempt to move past this crush the way he had easily drifted away from his crush on Liz Allan. You fumble with the sweater as you stand. “May, we’re gonna step out for a bit!” Peter announces, opening the front door of his apartment and letting you slip out first. He doesn’t wait for her response before he disappears, too. May watches the two of you leave and feels her heart grow twice its size. 

  You’re standing outside the apartment building ten minutes later in the chilly autumn breeze, thankful for the cologne scented sweater that rests over your body like a warm blanket. Peter’s hands are never cold, and so they linger outside of his pockets as opposed to yours, shoved inside the front pocket of the sweater he’s given you. He reaches for your hands wordlessly and rubs them over his. “You’re always freezing,” he laughs quietly, lacing his fingers through yours with a new burst of confidence that you find endearing as you squeeze his hands. “Hey, wanna know something? You might know it already but, I figure I should tell you myself, if you wanna know.” He swings his hands back and forth, and yours swing along with his. 

   “Yeah, please,” you insist, twisting your head to the side to sweep the windswept hair out of your face. One of Peter’s hands comes up to brush it out of the way, typical and cliche and an overplayed move but none of that matters when the action is being carried out, because it makes your stomach constrict in that funny way and your heart melt into a puddle on the dirty sidewalk. His fingers linger over the softness of your cheek, and he keeps his hand there to see what you’ll say about it. You say nothing, let remain there. “You gonna tell me or not?” 

  “Should I- I could maybe…” he sucks on the bottom of his lip. “Forget it, I don’t know how to speak properly around you like this.” You start to protest, demand he tell you because you won’t be able to stop thinking about this if he doesn’t, but every word dies before it can touch the edge of your lips. Peter has his head lowered down toward you and he’s kissing you, a thought that’s crossed your mind more times than you were able to count but now, it’s happening. Real lips pressed against yours feverishly, shyness forgotten in the heat of the moment. When he pulls away first, it returns and collides with him as if he’s hit a brick wall, and his cheeks burn red. He makes no move to back away, still. “D-Did I step out of line? Was that okay? Do you hate me? ‘Cause if you do we can go back upstairs or you can leave and then on Monday we can pretend that this never happened because you’re still my best friend no matter what even if it’s awkward-” 

   Your hands clasp together around the back of his neck as you yank him down toward you again, and this time you kiss him back. You can feel him smiling so hard it makes it difficult to kiss him, but when you break away to tell him that, he just laughs and smiles harder and keeps kissing you. He doesn’t know how to stop now that’s he had the opportunity. You’re both laughing hysterically and trying to kiss properly and his nose bumps against yours repeatedly, and it’s the most perfect first kiss in the world. 

   He keeps his hand firmly grasped in yours when you go back upstairs to his seventh floor apartment, opens the door for you and everything. May is sitting at the table, turns her head to the both of you and peers at you from the top of her glasses. Peter raises his hand and yours, triumphant. May claps her hands together as he, your boyfriend, declares proudly, “Aunt May, I would like to formally introduce you to my girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N, who I hope will be sticking around?” He looks to you for reassurance, and gets what he needs from the happy kiss you bestow upon the side of his face. 

   “I told you two I know everything!” Is what breaks the joyous silence, and then the laughter starts again; a perfectly lovely family. 

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dating tom holland...pt. 3
  • if i’m being honest, he’d probably smell amazing 24/7
  • not even his cologne just like his scent, there’s just something so comforting about him too
  • the day before he had to leave for press or filming he’d cling onto you like a koala
    • “I’m not letting go until I absolutely have to,” he’d whine as you tried to push him off
    • “tom I have to pee,”
    • “no you don’t that’s false,”
  • reluctantly letting go of you so you could go pee
  • hearing your name through the door
    • [Y/N]!!!”
    • “come baaaack”
    • “….I can hear you pee” followed by loud giggling as you flush the toilet and quickly was your hands
  • he promises to call, text, and facetime you as often as possible when he’s away
  • and obviously he sticks to his promises cause he’s that guy™
    • “I miss yoooouuuu”
    • “harrison doesn’t cuddle like you”
    • “I miss your cooking” 
  • reuniting with each other is both your favourite things
  • you’d be waiting at the airport, trying to be as lowkey as possible since there was already a swarm of paparazzi’s
  • him noticing you as soon as he stepped through those doors
  • running and jumping into his arms as he threw down all his belongings
    • multiple kisses all over your face
    • whispering “i’m gonna make up for all our lost time when we get home”
  • and he so does
  • not being able to keep his hands off you the second you step through the door
    • “what gotten into you, tom?” you ask as he nips at your neck and collarbones
    • he freezes before shyly looking up at you, “I-I had a dream…about you…” he trails off
  • you nearly moan at the thought of him having dirty dreams about you
  • sloppy makeup sex 
    • both your actions would be so rushed, just wanting to be connected with each other
    • “fuck, I missed you so much babygirl,” 
    • him trying to make you come at the same time as him
  • as happy as he is to see you, he’s also exhausted and starving so you tell him to take a nap as you make something for dinner
    • “but I wanna nap with my girl,” he’d try to coax 
    • “after dinner,” you bargained as he let out a huff but agreed
  •  waking him up with head scratches 
    • whining when you stop and throw the blankets off him
    • not at all fazed by his naked body
    • him being surprised at you being unfazed because ????? 
  • him always trying to get you naked
    • “let eat dinner…..naked,”
    • “let’s play strip monopoly!” “not a chance tom,” “strip uno?”
  • “tom no”
  • “TOM YES”
  • he can be such a child, hiding all your left shoes or the toothpaste because it’s only a minor inconvenience 
  • whenever you’re at home with him and his family he becomes so much more british
    • “tom I can’t understand what you’re saying anymore”
    • “WHADYA MEAN M8″
  • him getting genuinely jealous when you pay more attention to tessa than him
    • “I’m spider-man though!!!!” he’d whine as you rolled around with tessa
    • having enough of your shit and picking you up, throwing you over his shoulder and bringing you to him room
  • when tom is sick its so much worse because he’s so much more clingy but you also don’t wanna get sick
    • “just a kiss on the nose, please darling” he’d beg as you sighed, finally giving him
    • tilting his head up so you end up meeting his lips instead
    • “if you get me sick i’m gonna kill you, holland”
  • you sitting on his lap because he loves having his arms wrapped around your body
  • if you were in public he’d always be checking behind your back for paparazzi’s because it was date night 
  • baking together becomes a tradition with you guys
    • him smearing icing down your nose before licking it
    • “you taste amazing, sweetheart,” him winking before you choke on a breath  
  • you lying in his lap in bed on nights you can’t sleep
  • so he begins playing with your hair and softly singing to because he knows that’s what puts you out like a light
  • waking you up with slopping kisses all over your face
  • you’re not a morning person so you don’t appreciate being woken up and put your pillow on your face
  • so he ends up eating you out and you can’t even get angry cause it was one of the best orgasms ever
    • “still hate me for waking you up?” he asks cheekily as you roll your eyes playfully
    • that day ends up full of sex, cuddles, and food
  • working out with him but he just ends up getting distracted by all your movements 
  • which leads to post workout sex
    • “your ass looks amazing in those pants, but it looks even better without them, darling,”
  • he secretly loves being domestic with you
  • like he loves doing laundry or cleaning the apartment and even going grocery shopping because he’s imagining your future
    • “you ever think about us? in the future?” he’d ask one day and he immediately regrets it thinking you’ll start freaking out
    • “all the time, bubs,” you say with a smile and he thinks his heart is gonna leap out of his chest
  • his parents and brothers already call you an old married couple
  • both of you agreeing that you’ve still got a long ways ahead of you before you wanna get married or start a family 
  • but you both want to 
  • you’re both each others rocks, always there no matter what time it is
  • sweet little kisses throughout the day 
    • like on the nose
    • or the forehead
    • of the top of your head
  • if you’re wearings rings he’s 100 percent going to play with them when he’s holding your hand 
  • he makes sure to bring you back a souvenir from each place he visits, even if it’s a magnet you love it so much 
  • sharing headphones while waiting for the plane to start boarding 
  • playing ‘guess the song’
    • “i lose every time though,” he’d whine but you just stuck your tongue out
    • purposely playing songs he doesn’t know just to see him pout
    • “you’re just too cute,” “i’m not cute, i’m hot,” “okay, tommy, whatever you say,”
  • him getting tipsy on the plane 
    • “let’s join the mile high club,” while giggling
    • “tom i’m trying to watch a movie,”
    • “and i’m trying to get laid,”
  • he’s actually such a child sometimes and you have to threaten him with no more sex until he finally calms down
  • if he has a random question he will ask you as if you have the answer
    • “how long are giraffes necks????”
    • “how do dolphins sleep with one eye open??”
  • poking your cheeks whenever you’re ignoring him 
    • “pay attention to meeeee,”
  • lying in between his legs on his chest because he insists on having you as close to him as possible

A/N: i died and came back then died again i h8 myself

The Signs as People I’ve Known

Aries: She was the epitome of a free spirit. Her blunt and aggressive personality wore on me at times, but she was a genuine person who struggled in her mind more than she let show. She could kick anyone’s ass, and she knew it.

Taurus: The first guy I hooked up with in college that was actually good. Short with broad shoulders, he was intimidating in public, but a vulnerable romantic in private. He was hard to connect with, but he continued to pop up here and there. I think he’s a newscaster now.

Gemini: My favorite teacher of all time. Junior English and Journalism, which I had back to back. She taught me the importance of writing through the blocks. We’re now good friends years later. She told me I changed her life as a student. She inspires me to this day.

Cancer: She’s obsessed with history, the moon, and nature. I met her on the first day of high school and we’ve been friends ever since. A Leslie Knope type. I consider her my family. A giant nerd with a lot of love to give. Crazy hair and wears her heart on her sleeve. She likes to dance on the roof with her cat.

Leo: He married one of my best friends, a redneck with a giant heart. He’s a ‘straight’ white male redneck from Virginia who loves drag race, admits everyone’s a little gay, and would literally do anything for his wife. He can fix anything, or will drive everyone crazy trying. One of the shyest guys I know at first.

Virgo: My momma. I’m biased, but everyone agree she’s probably the most selfless hard working person I know. Shes prone to disappear without warning, but she deserves it after spending every day helping people. She’d be happy living in a shack in the mountains as long as she could see her loved ones.

Libra: My first best friend, we spent every weekend together playing pretend and video games. He encouraged me to be myself and to do what I love. He was always taller than me, and had a new girlfriend every few months.

Scorpio: I met her my first night working at forever21. She was genuinely the most beautiful woman I’d ever met, and still is. Me and her would be stationed by the front doors to intimidate shoplifters with our Scorpio glare. She went on to be a fitness guru in California living the most aesthetic ass life ever.

Sagittarius: This is the bitch you want on your side in an argument. If Daria was done by Disney, she’d be it. Art ho and owns it. She’s an underrated fashion icon and scrapbooking addict. A walking contradiction, and I can relate to that. Just wants to hold tiny animals and talk shit about your enemies while watching YouTube poop.

Capricorn: One of my dearest friends who moved away. Prone to bad choices, she was born a rebel. She can pull of any look, and probably has. Most woke friend in the group. Covered in freckles. She has pet rabbits she treats better than herself and most people. Extremely difficult to read sometimes.

Aquarius: We go way back, and he is the wildest craziest fucker I’ve ever known. From sexual escapades, possibly not legal ventures, and his encyclopedia-like knowledge of film and music, he’s an enigma unlike any other being on earth. Tall and lanky with a perpetual baby face. Don’t pick up his phone call if you don’t have at least half an hour to lose.

Pisces: The best sex I’ve ever had, and one of the dreamiest souls ever. He keeps a lot to himself, but randomly his emotions and thoughts would pour out at 3am. He has a beautiful voice, and is really well liked. Works well with kids too! The ideal boyfriend on paper, but we both agreed that’s not in our cards. I was lying, but I don’t think he was. Hates social media, but loves social gatherings.

Thigh Kissing

Summary: Phil loves everything about Dan, but he loves kissing his thighs more than anything in the world.
Word Count: 1,144
Warnings: None
A/N: Y'all asked for thigh kissing, so I granted your wishes. If you would like to support me and my writing and get perks such as getting my fics a day early, head over to my patreon!

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Phil loved everything about Dan.

He loved the way he smiled, those dimples caving in on his cheeks, his entire face brightening up as though he was the happiest man alive. Phil had no doubt that, for a while, he was the happiest man alive. He was always grinning whenever Phil was around and then he would look at him with those gorgeous chocolate eyes, ones so soft and filled with fondness that it took Phil’s breath away.

He loved the way Dan had started to wear his hair curly, showing a confidence that didn’t used to be there. But it was there now, shining in a way that made him look like an entirely different person. He held himself taller, spoke loudly, and his hair was wild and so soft that Phil loved to run his hands through it.

“Phil, you’re messing up my hair,” Dan would complain when he did this, but he wouldn’t push Phil away and just let him twirl a curl around his fingers.

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green-eyed monster

request: Could you do a Steve x reader where Billy hits on her and it forces Steve to admit his felling for the reader? Maybe some like cute fluff??

warning: some cursing

word count: 1,534

“Damn, look at the legs on that one.”

Steve couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the guy standing a few feet away from him. Billy Hargrove was the resident bad boy at Hawkins High School. He was obnoxious and a total asshole.

The two of them clashed on multiple occasions. It was clear that they would never ever be friends and Steve was perfectly okay with that. He didn’t want to associate himself with a guy like Billy.

“The things that I would do to that beauty.” Billy whistled making a couple of guys around him laugh.

Steve had been tying his shoes and trying to ignore the stupid shit coming from Billy’s mouth. He looked up to see the poor girl that had gotten Billy’s current attention.

He was shocked when he saw that it was you.

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