his guy has the best laugh

The Overwatch Guys as Dads

Soldier 76:

  • This guy was meant to be a dad
  • he doesn’t feel that way 
  • he reads ALL the books 


  • Can he even have kids? 
  • He actually is not that bad as a dad 
  • ones of those really badass ones that will do their kids hair (Which comes out terrible) but beats up anyone who comments on it 
  • Is a master at building forts 


  • Such a peaceful guy…. not sure if he can have kids either?
  • always setting up his kids to tease Hanzo
  • takes them a long with mediation to try and show them how but they end up messing with Zenyattas orbs


  • he has such calm kids 
  • probably played a lot with Genjis kids 
  • also reads all of the books 
  • always wants to make sure his kids are comfortable with what they do 


  • dont even get me started on him 
  • Such a great dad 
  • lots of hugs
  • always has the best stories 
  • his kids all love hasslehoff
  • HUGS


  • Kids are as crazy as he is 
  • same wild laugh 
  • not too fond of showers
  • love explosions just as much 
  • maybe a little bit too much 
  • they get in trouble more than their father tbh 


  • Can you imagine tiny little roadhogs running around 
  • they’d have the masks and everything 
  • i cant 
  • I still hate roadhog though 
  • cute kids though 


  • ??????
  • ???
  • ??????
  • well maybe it would be cute to get him those little wind up robots 
  • he would sit in the middle of them 
  • Then zarya would crush them 


  • would usually wonder if his actual babies were in fact turrets 
  • but he has actually 8 or 9 kids 
  • He makes them all learn how to build turrets 
  • they all call reinhardt uncle or grampa 
  • thought they’re the same age


  • No time for kids when you have science
  • Tracer is enough for him


  • Daddy wild west 
  • Totally read to his kids all the time 
  • loves watching old western movies with them 
  • gives them piggyback rides all the time 
  • loves dressing them up like a cowboy 
  • they end up picking his accent 


  • Kids are like zenyattas
  • super calm 
  • love his tattoos 
  • eventually learn how to master the dragons on their own 


  • Such a cool dad 
  • makes them music all the time 
  • takes them to his concerts 
  • They call D.VA their aunt 
  • super cute
  • have the dreads and everything 
  • have lots of pet frogs 

Word count: 800

It’s almost midnight, but you aren’t tired. When you order another beer, Jason, a guy who has been a fellow initiate, sits beside you. You keep quiet, drinking and laughing at Kevin’s jokes, the man who’s working at the bar.

“This one was great, right, (Y/N)?”

“One of your best, K.” You admit.

“I haven’t seen you around lately.”

You look at Jason with a small fake smile. “I’ve been busy.”

“Leadership, I know. And there comes another one.” He tilts his head to the other side of the small bar, to Eric, your lovely coworker. He sits away from you, well, he rather stays away from anyone.

“Yeah,” you say, trying to make him see that you don’t wanna talk. You heard about Jason. Always mean and cruel. Not that different from Eric, you’re aware, but Jason was a shameful fighter. You were feeling sick just to hear him breathe.

“Where you’re living now?”

“Where the leaders use to live.” It’s Eric who answers. You look at him, with a confused expression on your face. You didn’t know he was paying attention.

“Wasn’t talking to you.”

“You can take his answer as mine.”

“I thought you didn’t need someone to talk for you, (Y/N).” Jason’s smile makes you drink what’s left of your beer and get up.

“I rather not to talk to you.”

“Why? We have nothing to lose. I’m single and so are you. And we’re in the best place in the world”

“Are you crazy?” You turn to him again, with both your hands on your hips.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re a fucking Dauntless now. What’s wrong with a one night stand? ”

“Being Dauntless doesn’t mean she has to be stupid like you.” Eric stands up and speaks before I can even think of a good answer.

“Excuse me?” You whisper to him.

“Shut up, let me deal with him,” Eric whispers back. You gasp in shock. What’s happening with Eric?

“Why is he defending you?” Jason stands up too, and you feel the tension between the two men.

“I don’t know. Now, kids, go to sleep.”

“Sure. My offer is up if you want.”

“She won’t be your one night stand.” The anger on Eric’s voice makes you grab his arm and pull him out the bar.

You don’t give a fuck to what’s wrong with Eric tonight, but you don’t want any problems. You let him go as soon as you’re out, but he keeps following you through the compound. Both of you live on the same corridor, but your apartment is slightly far from his. You stop next to your door and turn on your heels to face Eric.

“Tell me what the hell was that, would you?”

“Jason has caused enough problems. And I heard he impregnated a girl who’s raising the kid alone. I don’t want this for you.” Eric sounds weird. A weight on his voice, something you never heard before.

“Why do you even care? You insult me and shout at me whenever you can. Why do you care now? ” You try your best to stay still and don’t let him notice that your hopes are getting high. Since your initiation, you’re completely in love with the bastard, even though he has many flaws you can’t stand. But you also try to keep both feet on the ground.

“You’re, right. I shouldn’t care. You didn’t even say thank you.” He looks to the ground and then turns to leave, but you won’t let him go without an explanation. No one, not even Eric, is allowed to mess with your life and leave like it was nothing. You walk fast until you’re before him, staring into those icy blue eyes.

“Thank you,” you whisper. You never had the chance to stay that close to him, and to be honest, the man is even more handsome than you thought. You lose your breath for a second.

“You’re welcome. Will you let me go now? ”


“What do you want?”

“Sorry.” You gather all the courage you have and pull him to you by the collar of his coat.

Kissing Eric is an old fantasy, and right now, you couldn’t let the chance slip through your fingers. You kiss him quickly, pulling away before he gets mad.

“Sorry.” You mutter again.

He smiles at you, amused, and you look down.

“That was interesting.” Eric says before leaning close and capturing you in a slowly, passionate kiss, something you never expected from him since he was all about roughness. After a while, you both pull away to breathe, but he keeps you close.

“Well, that was interesting. You were jealous.”  You whisper, a small smile on your lips.

“Yes. That guy will never get anywhere near you again. ”

dad Jungkook

- will never let you spend time alone with your child
- he always has to be there with you guys
- “our child will not like you more than me!”
- takes you guys on trips all around the world
- buys your child all types of shoes so he/she has the best shoe game
- matching family outfits
- he’d love throwing your child in the air because he knows it makes him/her laugh
- brings your child to the dance practice room all the time and often gets distracted playing with her/him
- rarely ever brings your kid around the members cause he doesn’t want him/her mistaking one of them for his/her dad
- when he’s out and about with your child, he’ll NEVER let them down
- he’d be very cautious with his child because he couldn’t live with himself if anything happened to him/her under his watch
- loves his child more than he loves himself and always puts his child before him

Some things I love individually about each of the kids:

Gaten: His kindness. He is so sweet it’s almost unbelievable and you can just tell he’s the type of person that makes anyone feel welcome.

Caleb: this kid has the best fashion sense and some awesome dance moves but outside of that he is also so supportive and encouraging not just towards people he knows but to everybody

Noah: Noah is the sweetest thing with the best taste in shoes. This guy has the best smile I’ve ever seen and the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard not to mention this guy can rock a bowl cut.

Finn: the actual coolest kid. He has the coolest sense of humor and while he likes to meme and be silly is seriously mature and reasonable.

Millie: she has a way with words if you watch interviews she’s just very amazing at wording things. She also is outgoing and confident. Not to mention this girl can rock the curls

I love these kids equally but for different reasons and yes they’re amazing together but apart they’re just as amazing

just a little thing i wrote about best friend!luke because we all know im i hoe for that concept

Whoever came up with the unbearable “strictly platonic” clause of the relationship you shared with your best friend Luke has clearly never lived to see the ice blue specs resembling stars that contrasted the navy rings found in his eyes or the way his tongue would poke out between his pink lips as he tried to prevent even the smallest of laughs from stretching across his face and illuminating his features immediately.  They definitely haven’t experienced the feeling of home that came with being wrapped in the warmth trapped within his arms or the almost silent sound of guitar chords at 3am as he scribbled away at the paper in between late night notes and riffs.  Because if they had, you wouldn’t be stuck in a friendship completely platonic by definition that happened to seem slightly less platonic on the outside with feelings within that were even further from the meaning of the word.

You never considered any aspect of your friendship with Luke unconventional in the slightest bit until people started pointing it out to you.  The amount of times you’ve corrected people about the status of your relationship couldn’t be counted on two hands, nevermind one, and the times you got a nonchalant comment of “oh sorry, you two just seem so in love” was enough to trap the foreign idea deep in your brain, practically eating you and your friendship alive.  Otherwise normal pet names of babe and darling made your body tense up for the slightest of seconds until you mentally shook it off, the change in your demeanor gone before Luke could realize it even was present to begin with.  Luke’s long arms lingering around your waist and stubble-covered chin propping on your shoulder as you waited in line for your soft-served ice cream would’ve just been a normal mannerism of your friendship (and maybe his last resort of trying to brush off the worker’s not-so-subtle comments about how attractive she found him).  But thoughts implanted by random passersby, strangers who noticed just something a bit off between you two, continued to cloud your mind, blurring the line between friendship and actual relationship where you and Luke currently stood.

And maybe Luke saw it too. He saw how the boys would share glances, eyes meeting even in the room dimly lit by the blue tones emitting from the movie currently displayed across the TV.  Gazes from three pairs of eyes would flicker from one another to the two figures curled up together on the couch, your fingers absentmindedly working through the sandy blond curls at the nape of his neck as his hand wrapped around your waist underneath the soft material of the grey throw blanket.  He was aware of how the old couple working at the diner you frequented every Sunday morning after you pried his tall, broad frame from the contrasting white sheets would look at you two with soft smiles as his sleepy body curled against yours in the small booth in the back of the restaurant. Two eggs and rye toast were always on the menu, and evidently so were the hushed comments about how “you two look so in love” as you went to leave, even after telling them otherwise on multiple occasions. Luke became so hyperaware of how you good you looked with his striped shirt hanging on your frame, especially with hooded eyes and hair messed perfectly by your previous slumber.  Was this still or ever platonic?

Although things remained pretty much the same between you two for quite some time, there were evident moments were time seemed to freeze where it was, a rush of something between adrenaline and hesitation simultaneously coursing through both of your veins.  Late nights spent at home dancing at 2am to demos of new songs that just got out of the recording studio in the light emitting from the refrigerator and days where you two were both halfway across the globe exploring foreign cities and buying souvenirs all seemed to come to a momentary halt when an all too real lump formed in your throats, eyes wide and not knowing what would happen next when a rush everyone calls “love” would fill the space around you.

So yeah, maybe you were falling for your best friend, but maybe he was falling for you too.

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 4

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.8k


Part 3 <<< >>> Part 5

Chris’ head has started spinning long before he downed his first bottle of beer, or the second. He watched Mara walk around the house like she was the one hosting the party, handing beers to people, cheering and drinking with them, laughing with strangers that the alcohol cursing in her veins turned into momentary friends.  She looked as joyful and careless as ever, no one would guess she just dropped the biggest bomb ever.

There was a certain lack of logic in his reasoning, but Chris figured that since his head was already a mess, the alcohol might do more good than bad, and maybe it would make him numb. Then it would hurt less to watch her go about like nothing at all happened, like she didn’t just wreck his world and put him in a very bad place. Mara forced Chris to make a choice he has been postponing for far too long.

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Jealous Jackson

So… This happened. Not sure if this was what you wanted, I kinda got carried away. Hit me up babe if you wanted something else. Sorry for being late, enjoy ~

Warnings: Just dirty talk and bad words, so language. Mentions of Mark, not really a warning but whateves.

You were in the room, laid out on the bed under Jackson. He was kissing all over your body as he slowly pulled your clothes off.

“Mark told me something,” he casually says, moving up to kiss you. You drape your arms around his neck, moaning as his fingers slide into you.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” he breathes, pumping his hand in and out between your legs.

“And what’d he say?” You ask, sucking on your best friend’s tongue.

Jackson laughs into your mouth and he has to pull away. “He said you guys hooked up last week.”

He cracks up, uncontrollably laughing and you stare at him, confused. He notices you’re not laughing with him and stops, looking down at you.

“It’s funny right?”

“No,” you say slowly. “Why would it be funny?”

“Because it’s not true…?” He offers. His voice was hopeful and you didn’t know why it sounded that way.

“But it is true,” you say and Jackson’s eyes fall.


“Me and Mark hooked up. It’s true,” you tell him. He frowns and crawls off the bed without another word, you sitting up on your elbows to watch him. “Jackson what are you doing?”

He silently pulls his shorts on and grabs his shirt from the floor, ruffling his hair up as he walks to your bedroom door. You quickly hop up and grab his arm to stop him.

“What are you doing?” You repeat yourself.

“I’m leaving,” he says.

“Why? Why are you leaving? What happened?”

“Call Mark over to fuck you instead,” he snaps, his voice annoyed. He wasn’t looking at you and it made you mad.

“Jackson what the fuck. Are you-”

You widen your eyes as he grabs your arm and yanks you forward, slamming your back against the door and pinning you against it with his body.

“Don’t you dare,” he growls, his hands gripping your hips.

“Don’t what? Ask if your jealous? Because it seems like you are.”

“I’m not jealous,” he tells you, stern.

“Obviously,” you smirk. “You’re so jealous Jackson. Awh.”

“I’m not!” He whines and pushes forward, burrowing his face into your neck, leaving feather light kisses on your skin. “I’m not jealous I’m just-”

You wait for him to continue but he doesn’t. “Then what is it if you’re not jealous?”

“I just…, fuck, you’re mine,” he breathes out in frustration and you raise your eyebrows, not expecting his answer to be that out of everything it could’ve been.

“What?” You ask him, slightly distracted by his mouth on your neck. His fingers were rubbing you, dipping in and out from between your folds.

“Mark’s had his dirty hands all over my girl,” he whispers. “All over you. He’s kissed your body where only my lips are allowed to be. He’s touched you when it’s my job to make you feel good like that. His.. His dick, oh god, his dick was inside you and you moaned for him and, and-”

“Jackson stop,” you say breathlessly, tilting your head to the side as he sucks on your neck. He was getting worked up but he wouldn’t quit.

“I can’t believe he fucked my girl,” he whispers.

“I’m not yours, stop saying that.” You brace yourself on his shoulders when he grabs your hips.

“Mine. Mine mine mine. Nobody else’s, only mine.”


“Jump,” he murmurs, harshly biting your skin and making you throw your head back.

You hop and he holds you against the door, your legs wrapping around him. He squeezes at your thighs, having a huge thing for them, and sucks on your collarbones. You grab at his hair but that’s when he pulls away, looking deep into your eyes with a frown.


“Why Mark?” He asks you, and you don’t think he wants you to actually reply until you realize he does.

“Really? Jackson come on-”

“Why. Mark.” He says again, leaning closer and brushing his lips against yours. You go to close the space but he shakes his head and leans out of your reach. “Answer me.”

“Because you couldn’t come that day. So I just called him and asked as a favor. Why does that even matter-”

“Because you’re fucking mine!” He yells angrily and you widen your eyes. He was actually upset about this when you thought he was just kidding. You guys were friends with benefits, you had sex with no strings attached but Jackson was acting like you were more.

“Okay,” you nod, speaking quietly. He was mad and you wanted him to calm down, angry Jackson scared you. You softly stroke the hairs at the back of his neck and his features visibly relax, his eyes morphing into their natural brown color again. “Okay. I’m yours.”

“You’re mine,” he repeats, whispering. His chest was heaving from getting so worked up and he darts forward to leave wet kisses all over your chest, mumbling ‘mine’ over and over.

“Yours,” you breathe out, tilting your head back. You lick your lips and moan.

Jackson sighed against your skin, “I’m going to make you feel so much better than Mark ever could..”


“Hold on to me,” he tells you and you tighten your legs around his hips. He has to let you go to pull his shorts down, his cock springing free for the second time tonight before he’s grabbing onto your sides. He leans up to kiss you, curling his tongue around yours expertly and making you moan.

Jackson distracts you with his skillful tongue as he rubs his tip through your wetness, making you squirm with want. He slowly pushes inside, your core stretching around his thick girth. You could feel his veins pulsing against your walls as he sunk deeper. Instantly he’s thrusting up into you with his hands pinning your back to the wall so you wouldn’t slide.

“God,” he grunts and snaps his hips up frantically. Your grip on his shoulders tightens. “Come closer.”

You didn’t know what he meant when there was literally no space between your bodies but you press closer anyways, pushing your chests together and wrapping your arms around his neck. His face burrows itself into your neck and you rest your cheek on the side of his head, moaning when his hands move to your ass. He hiccups you up as you start sliding, holding you up and pushing inside of you.

“Fuck,” you whine. The pain from the stretch was amazing, your tight rim sucking on his sensitive head every time he pulled out and making him groan.

He slows his thrusts down, languidly grinding into you a few times before snapping his hips up roughly and then going back to slow.

“Jackson stop,” you gasp, pulling on his hair. He pulls away and smashes his lips onto yours.

“Who’s fucking you so damn good?” He asks and you moan, circling your hips to try and get him to move faster.

“You,” you moan.

“Who’s fucking you so much better than Mark?” He punctuates his question with a sharp thrust and you squeak into his mouth. He moves quicker, pounding into you.

“You,” Repeating yourself, your answer comes out in a moan.

Before you have any time to think, Jackson is pulling out of you and gently lowering you to the floor. He pins you up against the wall with his own body and kisses you deeply, pushing his tongue into your mouth and exploring. He curls it around yours, stroking and sucking for what it’s worth, stealing your breath right out of your lungs. He pulls back and brushes your noses together.

“Mine,” he whispers, his hands grabbing your hips and spinning you around. He roughly pushes you up against the wall and pins you there with his hand on the back of your neck.

“Jackson,” you brace yourself and turn your head to look at him, your cheek on the wall.

“Shh. I’ve got you,” he leans over you, leaving kisses all along your shoulder as he guides himself to your entrance. His swollen head pops in but he pulls back out, causing you to mewl helplessly. “You want it?”

He teases you, rubbing himself through your wetness and adding light pressure to your clit.

You nod, “Yes. Yes.”

“Say it,” he whispers right into your ear.

“I want it. I want it Jackson please,” you beg.

“How bad?” He asks. “Tell me how much you need it, how much you want me to fuck up into you, make you come all over my dick.”

“I need it so much. So bad, I need you inside me.”

He grants your wish and buries himself into you in one strong thrust, giving you no time to adjust as he starts pounding into you. His hand tightens around your neck, holding you up against the wall as he fucks you from behind. The echoing sound of your skin slapping together makes you moan, push yourself back onto him. He groans into your ear, his hand moving from your neck and grabbing a fistful of your hair instead. He yanks your head back, his teeth grazing over the side of your neck. His other hand cups under your knee, hoisting your leg up and pinning it against the wall next to your side. His dick slams into you deeper at the newfound angle, hitting your spot dead on and making you scream.


“That’s right baby girl,” he nibbles on your damp skin, dragging his tongue over your pulsing veins. “Just like that. Scream just like that..”

With him slamming into your bundle of nerves over and over, you’re quickly brought to the edge and you scream his name one last time as your body shakes.

“Fuck,” he grunts, pistoning in and out of you faster, chasing his own release.

He gasps and pulls out, his cock pointed at you as he jerks himself off quickly. A few seconds and he’s coming, a loud groan leaving his lips as he paints your ass cheeks with his milky spunk. You stare over your shoulder at him, watching his chest heave with deep breathes while he comes down. He laughs breathlessly, reaching forward and smearing his come over you, loving the sight of you covered in him. He delivers a harsh smack to your ass.

“Fucking mine.”


Yoda:Looks really chill, nothing can bother him. Probably listens to Eminem in his room and dancing. Really smart, probably was bullied by kids when he was Padawan. But who’s laughing now?

Mace Windu:Hates everything. Has no tolerance for our boy Anakin. Or anyone else. Sceptical. Probably insults every member of the Order internally.

Kit Fisto:His smile can cure cancer. Chill dude. Loves water. Generally awesome. Deserves better. Probably everyone’s best friend.

Obi-Wan Kenobi:Sarcastic. Sassy. Classy. Eyes to die for. Bassicly what I look for in a guy. Amazing hair 10/10. Fashionista. Has a secret girlfriend, and a child (I am 100% convinced that Korkie is Obitine love child, fight me.) Better than anyone else.

Anakin Skywalker: Wears all black, looks fabulous in his clothes. Has a secret wife. She probably taught him secrets of fashion. Reckless. Eyes to die for. Hair on point 10/10. Has an awesome Padawan. Would die for his friends. Best guy out there.

Plo Koon:Father of all the clones. Loves them. Adores them. Loves Anakin’s Padawan. Loves everyone generally. Deserved better.

Ahsoka Tano:BADASS BITCH. Outfits on point. Holds lightsaber’s backwards, because she is awesome. Better than you. Kickass. Sarcasm is pouring out of her. Generally awesome.

Shaak Ti:Goddess. Spends time with clones, believing in them. Calm. Pretty. Classy. Deserves better.

true story

so theres this guy who works across the road from me and I can always tell when its his shift because he plays his music kinda loud. the doors of the store I work in (a bakery) are always open and I can hear his music and he has the best freakin music taste ever like I want to know what songs are playing and the one time I went over to ask him to turn it down he just laughed and he told me the bakery never has music (cause of the ovens and everything) and he can see me dancing to his music so he won’t turn it down because he thinks my dancing is cute

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Iwaoi with the word smile

Tooru has an arsenal of smiles for any and all types of situations, practiced in the mirror and ready dazzle everyone that had the fortune to cross path with him. But if he was being honest, none of his smiles can compare to Iwaizumi’s smile.

His best friend isn’t as conspicuous as he is. Iwaizumi is content to be in the back, the quiet support, the easygoing guy that will laugh along with your jokes while allowing you to steal the spotlight. But Iwaizumi has his own magnetic charm. On the court, he’s the ace, the unspoken confidence radiating from his steady form naturally making the rest of his team follow. Off the court, he’s the sunshine boy, exchanges nods with everyone he passes, trustworthy and all-around nice guy. Everyone loves Iwaizumi. Tooru knows, because he can barely take his eyes off his best friend himself.

But most people wouldn’t think of Iwaizumi when they think ‘smile.’ Tooru’s always making fun of him because it’s true, his best friend just has a natural scowl on his face. But Tooru, having stared at this face for pretty much all his life, he knows Iwaizumi’s own arsenal of smiles better than anyone. 

Iwaizumi smiles whenever he scores a point—whether it be baseball or basketball or volleyball. It’s a vibrant smile, his eyes light up and his lips stretched wide and crooked as he prepares himself for another one. Iwaizumi smiles when they eat out and he gets to order agedashi tofu to his heart’s content, a small tug of his lips and dancing eyes. Iwaizumi smiles when Makki and Mattsun are off again with their pranks and jokes, a mischievous smile with his eyes narrowed and lips pressed together. And—Tooru’s favourite—Iwaizumi smiles when Tooru is going on about the newest featured page of some volleyball magazine and Tooru looks up to see soft brown eyes and the gentle curve of those chapped lips, and something stutters in his chest in reponse.

Tooru has an arsenal of smiles at his disposal, and it’s a pretty impressive collection, if Tooru must say so himself. But if he was being honest, Tooru thinks Iwaizumi’s smiles are better than anything he has to offer.

Giving (Bestfriend!Luke smut)

Originally posted by lipringsandsnapbacks

requested: yes

summary: Best friend Luke learns that you’ve never had an orgasm and decides to help you out

rating: nsfw

word count: 3k+

masterlist | ask box

“What?” Luke exclaimed from where he was sitting next to you. “You’ve never had an orgasm?” You felt your cheeks warm up slightly, avoiding the gaze of your friend next to you. “How?”

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “I guess I kinda faked it sometimes, but no one has really gotten me there.” You looked at Luke’s face, almost wanting to laugh at the shocked expression on his face. “Not even that guy you were with for a few months? The most recent one, what was his name again?”

“Logan, and no. I faked it with him too.” You told you best friend, cringing slightly at the mention of your ex. “Seriously Y/N, you’re missing out.” Luke said the look of disbelief clear on his features.

“I mean,” You paused, red tint on your cheeks as of the current topic. “It’s not my fault.” You shrugged. “You could always try yourself.” Luke laughed, nudging you with his elbow. “Luke,” You exclaimed. “I’m not gonna talk about masturbation with you.”

“Okay but listen,” Luke paused. “You’re being deprived.” You laughed, shaking your head at his words. “How have none of the guys you’ve been with given you an orgasm?”

Once again, you shrugged. “Like, I dunno. Guys aren’t generally as giving I guess. Or really know what they’re doing.” Luke shook his head at your words. “C'mon babe, a lot of guys know what they’re doing. You just seem to go for the wrong ones.”

“You know anyone off the top of your head?” You raised an eyebrow at your best friend, assuming the he was joking. “Well, I happen to know a few things to get a girl moaning.” He said, smirking at you. Your smile faltered, not sure if he was joking or not. “What are you saying?”

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- the one that tries to sneak into your dressing room on ur wedding day to try and see you in your dress
- but then your dad saw and caught him and was like bruh tf u doing
- and he’d be like oh shit sorry and run away, but hides behind the wall around your room, coming back after your dad left
- probably forgot to put his shoes on before going out to the ceremony
- mark, his best man, would’ve been like “uh so u getting married in socks or?”
- and when he sees you walking down the aisle, he probably starts crying and doesn’t even try to be discreet about it
- like visible tears roll down his cheeks and his mom has to run up and wipe them for him and then run back down to sit in her seat again
- he’s so cheesy like his vows are just random jokes that you guys share and only you two are laughing at them and the entire chapel is just like um wut ((besides like mark or smth he prob knows every single one of them and chuckles to himself)
- the officiator would be asking you “do you take blah blah to be your wife?” or something and then he’d be like “i doOooOooOOOOO” with tears still running down his face
- and then when it’s time to kiss the bride, jackson wang ofc would kiss you in like a really dramatic manner for the guests to see like he’d swoop you down like you just finished a dance or smth cause jackson
- and then he’d take the mic from the officiator and scream “I’M MARRIED!!”
- after you guys would chill with the guests and he’d get all too excited and it would be one of those shirtless pits of weddings
- where all the guys take off their shirts and everyone gets really turnt
- even mama and papa wang
- his first dance with you would probably be him whispering every single detail he loves about you into your ear and you’d just spend the entire dance with him trying to dance without you even though he’s just making you cry cause he’s so damn cheesy
- when you get back home he’d probably pass out cause he’s too tired and then wakes up in the morning with a hangover and asked you wtf happened like night
- “uhhh we got married?”
- “oh yeah”
- would always try to be cute and bring breakfast to bed but then messes up the eggs or smth so he tried tiptoeing into the bedroom before you wake up and be extra lovey dovey trying to wake you up so you don’t get mad at him for ruining breakfast
- but you love it anyway and even if it is disgusting, you don’t tell him bc his face is just too precious
- he’d be the type of husband to leave little teasing compliments on the fridge before you leave to work so he’s the last thing on your mind before you leave
- calls you and bothers you at work to make sure he’s constantly on your mind
- and then you get in trouble for guffawing like an idiot during the middle of silence at your workplace and your boss just shakes her head like smh this girl
- one day, somewhere along the way, you guys would find yourselves talking about kids and he just winks and wiggles his eyebrows at you and ur like omg whats the point of kids my husband is like two anyway
- and i totally see when you finally do give birth, he’d be bawling his eyes out, crying and just staring at his little child like he/she is the most precious gem on earth and would only tear his eyes away when the doctor needs to do a couple more checkups
- he’d openly kiss you in front of your kids, like just straight up swoop you up and kiss you fully on the mouth and they’d all be like ok!!! bye, leaving now, seeya!!
- he loves you with all his heart and he seriously is the kind of guy to never leave your side unless you kiss him back with just as much passion or unless you tell him you love him at least forty times
- he’s a cupcake and should be protected at all costs even if he may come off as bluffing or confident or strong, LOVE HIM AND DON’T EVER LEAVE HIM HE DESERVES LOVE

Dating Jaehyun would include:

* Singing

* This boy had the most beautiful voice so you would have him singing for you 24/7

* Such a chilled relationship

* Like honestly you guys never leave the house cus all you do is lie in bed together watching crappy movies

* But honestly he has the best time when all you do is chill, eat take out, kiss and laugh a lot

* Lots and lots of laughing

* Like you guys stay up till 3 am watching some old film and finding everything absolutely hilarious for no reason

* So many photos together

* Lots of them would be Polaroids

* He has hundreds of Polaroid of you two stuck near his bed in the dorm

* He says he puts them there because it’s convenient but everyone knows it’s cus he like to admire them before he goes to sleep

* The type to send hundreds of heart emojis

* Like he could just be saying hi but he has to have five hearts following it

* He would love to share his music with you

* When you visit the dorm you both squeeze into his single bed

* Like seriously the bed is tiny and he has to hold you real close so you don’t fall out, but neither of you are complaining

* And you guys have you heads real close so you can share earphones

* He would make playlists for you

* You don’t even have a CD player but you have hundreds of CD’s he’s give you, and they all have your name with hearts around it written on them in sharpie

* This boy would be so cheeky

* Your telling him a really funny story of something that happened with one of his friends

* And he’s not really listening to you, he’s too busy staring at your lips

* He just grabs your cheeks, squishing them together and plants a kiss on your plump lips

* You were mildly offended because he wasn’t listening to your really funny story but you couldn’t react because you were blushing so hard

* This kid gets such a kick out of making you blush

* He has a range of ways of doing this but his favourite is whispering inappropriate things in your ear in public

* Like you’ll be eating at a restart with the boys and he leans in real close and whispers something real dirty then returns to his seat and act likes nothing happened

* You become super flustered and Yuta is like “Y/N do you need some water you look kinda…..kinda pink”

* And you secretly kick Jae under the table cus this kid has no chill

* Play fights

* Your play fights always lead to something else cus being realistic here it’s hard not want to kiss that boy when his face is inches away from yours

* Like you’ll be sat on top of him pinning him down but jaehyun being the smooth guy he is flips you over and hovers his face above yours and before you know it your in his bed having a make out session

* Jaehyun is like low key obsessed with you but seriously y'all would have such a chill relationship where as long as both of you are happy it’s all good, and honestly you feel so lucky to have the smoothest, cheekiest, cutest boyfriend ever

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Can I complain for a second?

Alright. I don’t always complain about things, because that’s not my style, but I just need to get this out. As you can see by my url you can see I’m a huge fan of the man Thomas Sanders. I enjoy his videos, vines, blog, etc. I also do enjoy one of his best friends videos: Leo the Giant. Leo is an amazing dancer with a great blog and he’s funny youtuber. Thomas and Leo did a collab together on Leo’s youtube account. Which has almost 75,000 vieuws. BUT! (here comes it) Leo’s second most watched video only has 20,000 vieuws ( a video where Thomas isn’t in the video) . I really feel like this guy deserves more vieuws. He is incredibly funny (basically I laugh my ass off @ every video he makes) I kind of dislike the fact that some people only check his videos out only if Thomas is in it. So please do me a favor and check out his youtube channel: Leo the Giant


tag ur best 11 friends (in no particular order) n reasons why u lov them, it can be any reason
idk if someone else has done this before but ya know
u can tag more than 11 if u want

- @sepia-buttercups - very loving n motherly, inspires me v much ;v;
- @sithstalkerplaysvg - supportive n tries his best
- @aqua-blue-toons - real funny guy, brightens up my day
- @askfirstfallen - really heckin awesome friendo, makes me happy
- @fallenleaf-chara (forgot ur main blog) - even tho we dont talk often anymore, you still make me incredibly happy
- @ninjanekox - even tho ur puns are annoying u still make me laugh until i feel like i cant breathe
- @ask-cherry-dreemurr - ur!! super cute?? wth??? and even tho we havent known eachother for the longest time u make me rlly happy
- @shiftingchildrenover - ur a god damn meme and u break my heart with ur headcanons but u make me laugh and i lov u
- @lilyofthelightdx - UR HILARIOUS AND A MEME TOO
- @ks-no-tanbu - im in love with ur art n personality ok
- @ask-triplec - fuckin league of legends lemme smash meme, u are motherly n lovable


Hey did I ever tell u guys about the time I kind of liked this guy and one night I had a dream where he invited me over to his house and he was like “I have something to tell you” and I was like ok weird and the he said “my name is actually Luigi” and I woke up laughing and then I told my best friend at the time about the dream and she was terrible and told him and he has not spoken to me since then

overwatch heroes when they’re drunk

lucio: an affectionate drunk that won’t stop telling you how much he loves you. every time you enter his line of sight he runs over to you, drapes an arm across your shoulder and says “hey man can i tell you something…” (chugs beer) “your like…my best friend man…i love you…”

reinhardt: the loud drunk. he has two volumes: loud and LOUDER. he somehow manages to bellow over every single conversation and the music. he laughs at everything and holy shit its earsplitting but you can never really get mad at him since he’s such a nice guy and will oftentimes cover the tab for everyone

junkrat: the mischievous drunk. he’s the kind of drunk that you’ll find going through your cleaning supplies trying to find something to make a bomb with or maybe huff but who knows really. can’t stop playing with a lighter and manages to catch your drapes on fire

roadhog: the hovering drunk. he never really engages with people, just kind of floats on the edges of every social interaction. he latches onto one person he knows, usually junkrat, and sticks to them like glue. 

widowmaker: a morose drunk. she sips her drink pensively, whispering to herself “i have not felt anything in years” a total downer at the party. the kind of drunk who can make a conversation come to a screeching halt with her negativity 

mccree: the storyteller drunk. he spends most of the night trying to tell literally just one story. it doesn’t matter how many times he gets interrupted or cut off. he’ll keep going with the damn story in a vain attempt to finish it even though clearly no one gives a shit. 

mercy: the embarrassed drunk. she spends most of the night trying to play it off like she’s not as wasted as she is. feels totally flustered by being out of control and spends a large portion of the night hiding in the bathroom

hanzo: he’s what i like to call the gemini drunk. he’s all over the place, a walking drunken nightmare. despite being middle aged he still makes the rookie mistake of drinking too much too fast. it hits him in waves– first he’s an angry drunk, then he’s a sad drunk who won’t stop talking about genji. then he’s back to angry. and oh my god he’s horny and sad and angry at the same time what the hell is going on

pharah: the responsible drunk. despite the fact that she just slammed six shots she’s still keeping track of everyone with her, all bags and personal effects, and has already arranged an uber to ferry everyone home. she always wakes up right on time with all of her belongings in check and her phone plugged in. a living myth

soldier 76: the talkative drunk. normally you can’t get much of him but get him to shotgun a couple beers and he’ll be talking your ear off about the past. goes on and on about the “good old days” and “how things used to be.” can potentially shift into the morose drunk but those are only on bad nights when he decides to drink hard liquor

tracer: the energetic drunk. she’s seven drinks in but she’s doing laps around your house. the kind of drunk just runs out of nowhere??? you’ll be walking down the sidewalk and she’ll just take off?? where is she going??

mei: the clumsy drunk. she’s falling all over herself after just two drinks. usually someone is assigned to mei duty to make sure she doesn’t fall out a window or something

genji: the showoff drunk. hey did you know he does parkour? well now you do because he won’t stop running up walls and doing backflips. definitely breaks a lamp or two in your house showing off sword tricks. consistently brings his katana to your house party even though you’ve told him before not to bring it???

symmetra: the “im not drunk” drunk. spends the entirety of the night informing you she’s actually Totally Fine And Sober even though she’s clearly lying. whenever someone tries to get her to drink some water she imperiously informs them that she’s “not even a little drunk.” always on the defensive 

zarya: the wrestler. gets annoyed when no one will “challenge” her and will affectionately put you in a headlock. usually convinces reinhardt to arm wrestle her and it becomes the Big Event of the night, complete with monetary bets 

torbjorn: the unstoppable drunk. he may be small but don’t let that fool you: he can out-drink anyone and still somehow maintain a level head? he’s had seventeen beers and is putting together the furniture you got the other day from ikea??

winston: the designated driver. never drinks but is always a good sport and handles drunk people well. can still have a blast sober and everyone always screams “WINSTON!!!” in unison whenever he shows up to the party

reaper: the aggressive drunk. will literally pick a fight with anyone. if someone across the bar looks at him wrong he’s ready to brawl. when things get really bad he’ll just disappear and leave you holding the bag

zenyatta: the counselor. he becomes your personal therapist from 10 PM to 2:30 AM. he will listen to all of your drunken ravings and actually try to give your messy ass legitimate advice.

johnny seo in middle school

- either never texts back or answered right away, no in between
- “it’s not a phase, mom”
- owns vinyls but not a record player
- wears ratty dc skate shoes every day
- is that one kid who always eats hot cheetos for lunch and nothing else
- “swag, man”
- says “no homo” when ur elbows brush
- laughs at 69 jokes
- says “blaze it” when it’s 4:20 even though his mom won’t let him do weed
- says porn is cool, never even watched any before
- “yeah, i like metallica. im hardcore.”
- is one of the skater boys but only to impress the girls and probably the boys too tbh
- thinks he is cool because he has emo hair
- isn’t actually emo
- terrified of blood and needles
- best friends with that one weird guy
- is actually a really sweet kid