his greatest gift

If God seems slow in responding, it is because he is preparing a better gift. He will not deny us. God withholds what you are not ready for. He wants you to have a lively desire for his greatest gifts. All of which is to say, pray always and do not lose heart.
—  Augustine

Like obviously I know Harry is only human but it still never fails to knock me on my ass whenever he opens up about his insecurities because he always seems so confident and self-assured that it’s almost a shock when i remember he’s only 23 and just feeling his way through this crazy experience that probably nothing could have prepared him for. It’s something I forget sometimes because he carries himself so incredibly well, and that’s honestly one of his greatest gifts.

One day I’ll meet a man,

Who makes the world feel like it’s full of color, I’ll find someone who makes my heart race, someone that makes me kind,

But who’s greatest gift to me, will not be color or excitement or kindness,

But rather, his greatest gift to me, will be staying together

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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Could you right something about Harry and Ginny going through the experience of her first pregnancy?

A/N: I combined this with one of the blurb starters and I think it’s kinda cute :)  I hope you enjoy!

Also available on FF and Ao3!


The second hand on Harry’s alarm clock stuck on every third tick, which is why it’s always slower than the rest of the time telling devices in the flat.  Which is why Ginny’s husband is almost always rushing about in the morning even when he gets up with the first ring of his clock.

She really should tell him, now that she knows.  But it’s his fault that she knows.  Because his child is currently somersaulting about her belly and keeping her awake for the third night in a row.  So she might not tell him – at least not until she gets more than forty-five minutes of sleep in one go.  Because marriage means if she suffers, he suffers.

Ginny feels bad for a minute, but then baby James decides to stretch his legs and then settle directly on her bladder, so she grumbles to herself and shuffles off to the bathroom. “Baby, please.  Let mummy sleep.”

The unborn Potter simply continues his acrobatics and Ginny sighs as she goes about her business in the loo, stroking her stomach in the vain hope that it will somehow turn her son into a peaceful and considerate child.  “If you go to sleep I promise I’ll give you candy for dinner every night.”

“That sounds like bad a plan dear,” Harry’s gruff voice calls from the threshold.

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On 12 September, 1995, Hilton Lewis Crawford from Conroe, Texas, called Carl and Paulette Everett, two friends of his, to check that they were attending an Amway meeting that evening. Yes, they were, they confirmed. When the Everett’s arrived at the meeting later on, Crawford was nowhere to be seen. Instead, knowing that their house was vacant, he drove over and knocked on the door.

Their son, 12-year-old Samuel McKay Everett, opened the door. The young boy was pleased to see the man he referred to as “Uncle Hilty.” However, the man the young boy trusted produced a foreign object and smacked Samuel over the head before throwing him in the trunk of his car. Carl and Paulette soon receive a phone call demanding $500,000 for the safe return of their beloved son.

Crawford drove the young boy to Louisiana before shooting him twice in the head with a .45-caliber pistol and dumping him in a swamp. Luckily, a neighbour had seen Crawford pull up to the Everett home the night of the abduction. Blood stains were discovered in th trunk of the car and on the body of the car. An investigation revealed that Crawford had devised the kidnapping scheme in an attempt to cover his massive gambling debts.

He was executed in February 2003. Ironically, he mentioned how his sons were his “greatest gifts from god” - something he hadn’t acknowledged when killing the son of his friend.

In the Name of Liberty (2)


: M (smut in later chapters)

: 5K

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, facts seem to have taken a backseat to political lies. The government has begun cracking down on anyone who attempted to oppose them and they wield more power than ever before. You, the daughter of a very wealthy, very corrupt, congressman somehow stumble into the secret business of the resistance movement and get snatched from your privileged life and placed under the watchful eyes of the leaders of the resistance movement- Bulletproof.

Death mentions, swearing if you don’t like that, and general stupidity

AN: Lots of exposition followed by a shocking amount of humor. I just wanted to get this out so the formatting might be garbage. Whoopsies.


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hello i was just interested in having ur opinion on some stuff n ur blog is so cool for that haha so do u mind if i ask, what do u think characterizes henry viii's kingship and what failures make him the failure that he is (tho why is he said to be such a failure regarding other kings that existed before him)

i’m not sure i’d say henry was exactly a failure of a king, i do think he was a poor one though, espcially in comparison to his father and his daughter

i think henry was obsessed with the image of being king, particularly a warrior king, this may have had something to do with his father claiming the throne by right of conquest, maybe not, all the warrior kings of england were highly exulted and i think henry wanted in on that

you can see from the beginning he wants military glory, he had the dream of putting france under english rule again from the start, which to me means he’s more preoccupied with the glory of the past than whether or not it’s really the best idea to use english resources to conquer one of the most powerful countries in europe, for instance in 1513 while he was off winning small victories in france, england actually had a perhaps the most major military victory of his reign, the battle of flodden, which was actually won by queen catherine and resulted in the death of james iv, really these small spats with france didn’t really lead too much, but wasn’t exactly uncommon between england and france and throughout his reign henry would half an on again off again relationship with france and with king francis

and while it’s true a king was expected to have a son, it was believed a daughter inherited a throne could lead to civil war at best, i think we can all agree his actions for getting a son were extreme and he put the future of his country on the line, i do believe henry is lucky catherine of aragon was a forgiving woman, because she was family to some of the most powerful men in europe at the time and it could have lead to war and invasion of england that they most likely could never have won

one of his henry’s so called achievements during his reign is the reformation, but henry throughout was not at all really the power behind this, it was men like thomas cromwell and thomas cranmer and women like anne boleyn who were really passionate for a reformed church, henry was happy to use it as an excuse however, to get what he wanted and then to strip religious houses of their wealth in the name of ‘corruption’ (not to say the catholic church was not corrupt or not in need of reform but again i think he acted rather extreme)

and when he married anne of cleves as a sign of a good relationship between the duchy of cleves, an important reformed ally in largely catholic europe, he again treated her appallingly and put the reputation of england on the line for his own selfish reasons

he wanted scotland under his control and thought he could do so by marrying his son to mary, queen of scots, again he showed an extremely poor understanding of foreign policy and tried to make mary and her government consent when they clearly saw this was an attempt to bring scotland to heel under military invasion in scotland, he had made an enemy out of his closet neighbor twice in his reign and the result was an eight year war between england and scotland

again in 1544 to capture some kind of imagery of a warrior king he went on a military campaign in france really more to emperor charles’s benefit than his or england’s and the result was no major lasting victory and it bankrupted the country

i know due to an sexist view elizabeth i sometimes gets sidelined and it’s claimed that her rule was so successful due to her councilors and not her, that is not true at all for elizabeth, but i think it is true for henry. henry was lucky to have men like thomas wosley and thomas cromwell at his side

at the end of his reign henry left england an extremely divided country, with sour relations with europe’s biggest powers and a bankrupt country, his greatest gift to england was his daughter elizabeth who was a far cannier ruler than henry ever was

You 1, Tony 0

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 898

Pairing: TonyxReader (best friends)

Summary: Based on this imagine: Imagine winning an argument that you and Tony Stark are having, and the rest of the Avengers all being super impressed.

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BTS’s reaction to finding out you speak Spanish:

A/N: Enjoy <3

(I (sadly) do not speak Spanish, so if there’s a mistake in the dialogue, I’m sorry)

Jin: “I’m getting bored of cooking Korean dishes all the time…”

You look up to from your laptop to see Jin leaning in the doorway, a baby pink apron spooning his body. It matches well with the gentle blush on his face. Cute. “Could you maybe teach me how to cook some foods from your culture?” Of course, that would be the first thing he asks after finding out you’re Hispanic.

“But I like your mixed seafood stew,” you pout.

“So do I, but not every day.”

You make a show of sighing, and closing your laptop, but as you enter the kitchen with Jin, you make sure to plant a kiss on his cheek, just to make sure he gets the right idea. Rustling through the cupboards, you find most of the ingredients you need, and the things that are missing? Well… you’ll just improvise…

“Alright,” you go over to the hob, flicking up the dial.

“Darling?” Jin comes up behind you, latching onto you and resting his chin on your head.


“I asked you to teach me, not to do it all yourself.”

“Oh. Right.” Perhaps you got a bit carried away. You slide over to make room for him, and he picks up a spoon while you dish out directions.

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Yoongi: Your eyes widen painfully when you hear the name of your group being announced. Is this really happening? Is this real life? Your group members turn to each other, eyes gleaming, smiles spreading. You’re jostled up, and quickly try to fix your hair. As you make your way up, you search the crowd for one face – there! Yoongi is grinning up at you, a shining beacon of pride, cheeks warm and flushing. You almost stumble on the stairs leading up to the stage, slightly preoccupied with your boyfriend’s reaction. You manage to steady yourself on an offered arm, and your members give you knowing looks, giggling behind their hands. “Oh, shut up,” you mumble, face awash with red. So what if you stumble because of Yoongi? He’s cute! Especially in that suit.

Your leader takes the award, and goes on with the customary stream of thanks and best wishes, before passing the microphone to you. It had been decided beforehand that you should be in charge of thanking the international fans. Being Hispanic, not to mention fluent in English, Mandarin, and Japanese, friends and fans alike fawn over your talents.

You step forward, launching into thanks. After almost tripping on national television because of him, you are trying very hard not to look at Yoongi. But it’s difficult, oh so difficult, and when your eyes lock on his again, you can’t look away. He’s always told you how much he loves hearing you speak other languages, especially your native tongue, and as you speak now, tongue hugging the familiar words, foreign to others, he bites down on his bottom lip, grinning all the while. You know what he’ll say when this is over: “My baby’s so smart, knowing so many languages. Can’t you teach me something?”

“Okay, how about I teach you this: te amo.”

“I already know that one. And I love you too.”

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Hoseok: Hoseok gazes absently out of the train window, watching the rain-soaked landscape swirl past, until he’s dragged away from his thoughts by - “¿Perdóname?” He starts, chocolate eyes glancing up to the couple in front of him, who look a little confused, the man clutching at a folded train-timetable, the women clutching at her handbag. Seeing that he’s caught Hoseok’s attention, the man launches into rapid fire Spanish.

Hoseok’s throat constricts slightly. He hates moments like this, moments where his greatest gift – the gift of connecting with other people – is ripped away with the small problem of no Korean subtitle. He holds up his hands apologetically, slipping to the one other language he has a tentative grip on, “Eh… sorry, sorry.”

Before the situation can get more awkward, a slim hand taps on the foreign man’s shoulder, and he diverts his glance away from Hoseok. There you are. You, who had been sitting opposite Hoseok the entire ride. You, who Hoseok noticed when you first got on, and had been noticing ever since, although every time you looked his way, his eyes would dance back to the rain outside.

With a smile, you begin speaking Spanish with the couple, explaining away whatever problems they may have had. They repay you with the required ‘gracias’ before they leave, and you take your seat again.

Hoseok steals a glance your way to find you looking back, curiosity brightening your face.

“You’re Spanish?” he tries English.

You smile, and nod. “Korean’s fine, you know.”

Hoseok’s shoulders droop in relief. Everything’s so much easier in Korean. “Thank you for helping me there. I would have been no use to them.”

“Don’t mention it,” you wave your hands, warding off the gratitude.

Hoseok’s eyes scrunch up in a smile, and silence settles over the train carriage again, until he works up the courage to ask: “Won’t you at least let me get you a coffee to say thank you?”

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Namjoon: When Namjoon finds out you speak Spanish, what’s the first thing he does? Ask for lessons, of course:

“I need to know more languages, so I can speak with the international fans!”

“Aren’t you busy already, without giving yourself extra work?”

“It’s fine. I’ll make time.”

And so he does.

But you’re pretty sure he isn’t doing it for the increased knowledge, or the Spanish-speaking fans (although, of course, they’re important!) No. He’s doing it so he can sit up with you late into the night, watching your lips as you pronounce the newest vocab. He’s doing it, so you can lean over him, judging his spelling as he writes. He’s doing it so he can one day…

reach across, and pull you an inch closer – and kiss your cheek. You sit in shock, your hand snapping up to touch your face, still warm from his lips. What? What were you supposed to be doing again? You fumble with the Spanish books, and pages, and pens end up sliding onto the floor. That’s okay. You won’t be needing them anyway, since Namjoon’s giving you those eyes, and you’re sliding over, and repaying him with a hand twined through his, and a kiss. On the lips this time.

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Jimin: “How can you not know Latin dances?” Jimin asks, incredulous.

“I don’t know about every single part of my culture,” you respond irritably, “If I asked, would you be able to recite the complete history of South Korea?”

Jimin shuffles on his toes, “Maybe not. But, Latin dances are so amazing, so passionate, it’s a shame you don’t know any of them.”

“Maybe you could teach me.” You raise a suggestive eyebrow.

This piques Jimin’s interest. His eyelashes brush closer together, as his eyes narrow, a smirk inching across his face. “I could…”

Without any other warning, he picks you up and spins you around, before dipping you down so that your torso is parallel to the floor. “Jimin, so help me, if you drop me,” you giggle, but you know you can trust his strong arms to keep you up.

He chuckles, and when your defences are down, a smile on your lips, he leans in and kisses you.

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Taehyung: Taehyung’s smile can’t possibly get any broader. “You’re Hispanic? That’s so cool!”

“Taehyung…” You’re not sure what to make of his reaction. He seems excited, but you’re afraid that you’re pretty boring. He’s probably going to be disappointed when he discovers that about you.

“What?” His hands flit into yours, giving your fingers a squeeze before letting go again. “Something wrong?”

“Well, it’s just - you seem very… enthusiastic, and I’m afraid I’m not really as interesting as you think.” It sounds stupid when you say it out loud.

“But of course you’re interesting. I can’t keep my mind or my eyes off you. So there must be something…”

A blush springs to your cheeks, and when Taehyung notices, his impossibly wide grin gets wider still. The things he does to you are just too cruel. You find his hands again. “I only ever need your eyes on me.”

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Jungkook: Hola linda.”

You turn, surprised at hearing your native tongue in the heart of Seoul. Jungkook’s standing behind you, a strange expression on his face.

“Jungkook, you okay?”

He blushes, then swallows. You see his Adam’s apple bob. “Eres muy bonita.” He stumbles a little on the pronunciation, and you have to cover your lips with your fingers to stop yourself from giggling.

“What’s gotten into you…”

Me gustas mucho.


He hides his face in his hands. “Am I doing it wrong?”

“Doing what wrong?”

“I thought it would be best if I confessed in your own language…”


“Don’t tell me I said something stupid. Agh! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Google translate.” He turns away, shoulders hunched in embarrassment.

“Wait. You meant to confess?” You place a hand on his shoulder, and he shivers under your touch.

“Yeah, I was trying to say that I think you’re beautiful, and amazing,” - it all comes out in one magnificent Niagara Falls rush now, no stopping it - “And lovely, and wonderful, and caring, and sweet and it’d be great if we were dating, but I probably messed that up.”

“Well, if that’s how you feel then… te amo,” you respond, and he looks confused. Clearly that one hadn’t come up during his adventures with Google Translate. “I love you,” you say, in Korean this time, and once the realization washes over him he picks you up in a tight breath-compressing hug.

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"8. things you said when you were crying" for RoLo because I'm still RoLo trash...!!

I’m total RoLo trash, too.

Twelve hours of labor. One speeding ticket. Two flustered night shift nurses who’d had to endure Logan’s demands that his wife needed her epidural turned up. Roughly two miles walked in laps around the prenatal wing of Westchester County General before the epidural was placed, wearing a second gown tied backwards to keep her tail section from “flapping in the breeze” as her husband so charmingly put it. Ten pushes. Fifteen stitches. One tremendously sore throat once the epidural was turned off.

One baby girl. Wrinkly. Skin peeling. Puffy eyes. Light, curling down of white hair on her tiny head beneath the knitted pink cap. Tiny fingers clutching and scratching at her mother’s chest. Perfect in every way.

One father slumped in the hard vinyl cushion. Bags under his eyes. Hair disheveled from running his hands through it. Hand clutching a cup of the cheap, flavorless coffee from the hospital cafeteria. Exhausted.

Ecstatic. Proud.

“I think she has your eyebrows,” Ororo mused. “She’s doing that same little thing with them that you do in your sleep. Look.” Ororo stroked her daughter’s back and smiled, and Logan’s heart twisted at her glow of contentment. 

“Nah. She’s you. She’s all you.” Twenty-one inches long. Kendall Rose was going to be taller than her mother one day. 

“Oh, she’s yours. Trust me. Feisty little dickens. Used my bladder as a punching bag all night long and lived on spicy food.” Ororo winced. “Speaking of which…” 

“Need help, darlin’?” Logan was up in a flash, coffee forgotten as he lowered the bed rail.

“Just take her. Here. Watch her head. There. There we go.” Ororo surrendered her to her father, who cradled her, face filled with a mixture of rapt adoration and new father’s panic. He backed up a step to let Ororo stand and make her shaky way to the tiny bathroom cubicle in the corner. 

“Don’t… don’t forget the call light. That cord,” he called after her.

“I know. I can manage.” Kendall began to fuss and screw up her tiny face as soon as her mother retreated from the room, and Logan huffed.

“Yer a little dickens, darlin’, y’know that? As soon as yer ma walks off, you start with the drama. Nope. No, sweetheart, I ain’t the one with the milk.” He rocked her gently, and Kendall tried to find her fingers, managing to suck on the top of her tiny hand. Logan was tired, healing factor be damned, but… This.


More than the sum of her parts. The greatest gift his wife would ever give him. So much more than he could ever hope for, and everything he would always fight for. All wrapped in a stretchy blue receiving blanket, hiccupping in annoyance with him because he was still getting the hang of this. “Just be patient with Daddy, sweet girl. I ain’t got a clue. Okay? I can’t wait to get to know you. I know our conversations have been kinda one-sided up ‘til now. Maybe they still will be for a while. Any time you wanna start talking, darlin’, Daddy’s all ears.” She yawned cavernously, and it was adorable. She rubbed her cheeks against his shirt and scratched him with one of her tiny, impossibly sharp little fingernails, but it didn’t phase him. “Those eyes of yers already blue?” She cracked them open and tried to stare up at him, and he felt his own burn and blur.

He heard the flush from behind the door and the running of water from the tap before Ororo came out. She hobbled out, mincing slightly but managing to still look regal. (Despite being a little puffy.) “Is she all right? Is she… hungry…? Oh, sweetie.” 

“She’s about to raise a ruckus if ya don’t feed her in a minute, ‘Ro.”

“Some people are so particular.”

“Nice visitin’ with ya, kiddo.” Logan kissed her tiny cheek before handing her back to Ororo. She swiped at his face, her palm’s warmth replacing the cool dampness there before she kissed him in turn. “I love you. Now, go eat.”


A few months ago I got to work with Sam Fell on his commercial “The Greatest Gift” for Passion Pictures. Mostly on the main character’s house and the suburbs nearby, it was great to do my small part and get to know him! 

Abraham prayed for the day
That God would give him a son.
Blessed Isaac was his name,
The greatest gift he’d ever known.
Then came the day, who could have dreamed,
That God would say, Give him to me.
And on this altar you must prove
If it’s you and Isaac or it’s Me and you.

The Light

A/N: My piece for day one of Spacelatinxs week! My love for Bail Organa knows no bounds. This was written in about twenty minutes so I hope that it’s decent!

He feels the growing unease from the moment that he sets foot on Alderaan. The feeling that something…something was coming. Bail Organa wasn’t Force-sensitive by any means, but he had spent enough years allied with the Jedi to know to listen to what his gut was telling him - that it was the Force trying to speak to him. As he left the palace spaceport and moved into the palace proper, the feeling only grew.

It’s Leia, I’m worried about my daughter, he told himself. They had spoken briefly as he had traveled to Alderaan and she had left for Tatooine. Had he done the right thing by sending his only daughter - the biological child of the strongest Jedi he had ever known, at the same time the most evil person he had ever known - to Kenobi? She was their only hope to destroy Vader and Palpatine, his Leia and her brother. Had Kenobi looked over Luke as he had promised? Together, he hoped that they would be enough to bring peace to the galaxy that he had fought his entire life for.

He removed his cloak as he entered the main audience hall of the palace, handing his cloak to a waiting footman as he moved into the empty room. Waiting at the end was Breha, staring out a window lost in thought. He took the moment to study his wife, still all beauty and wisdom as she aged gracefully. He was still as struck by her as he had been as a young upstart politician, she a determined, headstrong crown princess.

“Breha.” Bail greeted, pulling Breha from her thoughts.

“Hello, my love.” Breha replied, her steps echoing across the empty hall as she moved to embrace him. Bail pulled her into his arms, dropping a kiss on her forehead before pulling away to look in her eyes.

“I have news.”

“Why do I have the feeling I’m not going to like what you have to say?”

“Because you will not. There will be no peace, Breha. War is our only option now.”

“Is that way our daughter left in such a hurry?”

“Yes.” Bail replied with a sigh, looking around the room to make sure they were alone before continuing. “I have sent her to find Kenobi.”

“Bail, are you sure?” Breha gasped, worry immediately marring her features. “We don’t even know if he’s still alive.”

“Oh, believe me, my love. He is alive. And it was time. She is so strong, our daughter. Stronger than both of us, stronger even than the woman who gave birth to her. She can do this.”

The following day, the unease that Bail felt only grew, the tension in Breha’s court growing by the minute after her announcement of her intention to officially join the Alliance. Bail watched as his wife deftly handled all comers, rebuffing their arguments with a cool grace that only came with years of rule. Still, he kept checking his communicator every few minutes, hopeful for even a vague message from their daughter. By dinner, nothing had arrived and Bail’s nerves were completely on edge.

As Bail and Breha set down to dinner in their private apartments, a security officer burst through the doors, his wife standing up immediately to receive the man.

“What is going on?” she asked, and the man shook his head, disbelief on his face.

“A large space station came out of hyperspace a few minutes ago, Your Highness.”

“Have they sent any communications?”

“None, ma’am. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

“Have them send a visual up here.” Bail ordered, and the man nodded, moving to the viewscreen installed on the far wall. Bail immediately recognized it from the vague description Jyn Erso had given.

“The weapon from Jedha.” Bail whispered, and he felt Breha’s eyes move to him.

“The Death Star?” Breha asked, and Bail nodded. “Get as many people off of the planet as possible. Declare a planetwide emergency evacuation.” Breha ordered the officer, who nodded and ran out of the room.

Almost immediately, the ground shook beneath them, knocking Breha into Bail’s arms. Bail’s gaze turned to the balcony of their apartment, a bright light filling the sky.

“It’s too late.” Bail said, and he heard a quiet sob escape Breha. They both moved to the balcony, Bail’s arm wrapped around Breha’s waist. “I am so sorry, my love.”

“At least Leia isn’t here.” Breha replied, holding on to him tighter. “We will die with our people, but our future will live on with her.”

“She’s our best hope.” Bail said, turning Breha’s face into his neck, as a vision of Padme filled his mind, his oldest and greatest friend who had died for love and given him the greatest gift. His beautiful Leia, who had all of the best qualities of both of her sets of parents - Breha’s wisdom, Padme’s nobility, Anakin’s strong will, and his own sense of justice.

As the light grew closer, he pulled Breha closer. It was close now, Bail could feel the heat in the air growing as his planet’s destruction began.

“I love you, Bail.” Breha said, her voice shaky in a way he had rarely heard in his life.

“And I love you.” Bail replied, kissing the top of her head. “You have been one of the great joys of my life, Breha.”

“I’m ready.” Breha stated, her body relaxing.

“We will be one with the Force soon.” Bail said, and he felt Breha nod into his chest. He turned away from the light of the weapon as it began to burn his eyes, resting his head on top of his wife’s.

“May the Force be with you, Leia.” Bail whispered, as the light overtook he, his wife, and their planet.

King James Was a Black Man (Not a Gay White Man)

King James

King James I of England, who authorized the translation of the now famous King James Bible, was considered by many to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, monarchs that England has ever seen. Through his wisdom and determination he united the warring tribes of Scotland into a unified nation, and then joined England and Scotland to form the foundation for what is now known as the British Empire. At a time when only the churches of England possessed the Bible in English, King James’ desire was that the common people should have the Bible in their native tongue. Thus, in 1603, King James called 54 of history’s most learned men together to accomplish this great task. At a time when the leaders of the world wished to keep their subjects in spiritual ignorance, King James offered his subjects the greatest gift that he could give them. Their own copy of the Word of the Most High in English. James, who was fluent in Latin, Greek, and French, and schooled in Italian and Spanish even wrote a tract entitled “Counterblast to Tobacco”,which was written to help thwart the use of tobacco in England. Such a man was sure to have enemies.

King James was a King of Great Britain France and Ireland. King James was a Black man and the King James Bible is named after King James I of England, who lived from June 19, 1566 to March 27, 1625. The Established Church was divided during this era. In 1603, King James called a conference in the Hampton Court in attempt to resolve issues. As a result, a new translation and compilation of approved books of the Bible was commissioned to resolve issues with translations then being used. For example, the Geneva Version contained controversial marginal notes that proclaimed the Pope as an anti-Christ. The leaders of the church desired a Bible for the people, with scriptural references only for word clarification or cross-references.

King James approved 54 scholars to work on the translation, and 47 worked in six groups at three locations for seven years, comparing to previous English translations (such as the Geneva Bible) and texts in the original languages. The new translation was published in 1611 and called the Authorized Version, because it was authorized to be read in the churches. It later became known as the King James Version.

The King James translation had a significant influence on the English language and was widely accepted as the standard English Bible. Because of the project being overseen by King James and the care and precise attention to detail during this seven-year translation, the King James Bible was considered one of the most accurate translations in existence.

Edomities/ Gentiles are feeding us lies. They  started this whole lie and said King James was a homosexual. The one who started this rumor was Anthony Weldon, he wanted vengeance for being excluded from James court so In 1650, twenty-five years after the death of James, Weldon saw his chance. He wrote a paper calling James a homosexual. Obviously, James, being dead, was in no condition to defend himself. The report was largely ignored since there were still enough people alive who knew it wasn’t true. In fact, it lay dormant for years, until recently when it was picked up by Christians who hoped that vilifying King James would tarnish the Bible that bears his name so that most if not all would turn away from the most high Scroll/book to a more “modern” translation.

It seems, though, that Weldon’s false account is working because a lot of The Most High people refuse to read or get to know the book b/c of this elaborate and demeaning lie.

It might also be mentioned here that the Roman Catholic Church was so desperate to keep the true Bible out of the hands of the real people that it attempted to kill King James and all of Parliament in 1605. In 1605 a Roman Catholic by the name of Guy Fawkes, under the direction of a Jesuit priest by the name of Henry Garnet, was found in the basement of Parliament with thirty-six barrels of gunpowder which he was to use to blow up King James and the entire Parliament. Why you ask would someone go so hard to not only kill a Homosexual KING but why would you go through these extremes to kill one of your own? would it be b/c he was gay? Doubt it. Would it be because he was white? Doubt it again. The only reason and sole reason is he was a man of color, black, NEGRO!!!! Also they hunted down James Son, if he was Gay why are they hunting down a Gay white man’s son. Also King James and his wife had 9 children who were all BLACK!

The name James deprived from the Hebrew name lacob with in English the J was instated b/c in Hebrew there are no J’s it is a stated and given fact. If you look in the pic accompanying this post you see the name lacobus and the name Jacob in Hebrew means “hold the heel” let’s go deeper into the name. the name came into English language from the french variation of the late latin name: lacomus: a dialect variant of lacobus.

Yahsharahia for all that don’t know we know is Jacob (Yahcob) in Hebrew that means he who holds the heel. In most Compact Bible Dictionary you will see that the name James means supplanter, Jacob(Yacob) was known as the supplanter and James means supplanter.

Genesis 27:36 36 And he said, Is not he rightly naed lacob? for he hath supplanted me these two times: hee tooke away my birthright, and behold, now he hath taken away my blessing: and hee said, Hast thou not reserued a blessing for mee?

Why go so hard for King James? For starters he was never white or gay. Second his father was from the tribe of JUDAH so that would make James what? The authorized King James Bible was written in 1611, a year after we the descendants of Judah, Benjamin and Levi were in enslaved 1612 a.d ya-ha-wa-dah/Judah the so called IGBO’s of Nigeria, west Africa, the Mandingo of Mali, west Africa, the Sehwi and the dynasty of Ghana. “so called African Americans.”

Also the ancient Paleo Hebrew Script I know you heard of the house of David, look up Isaiah 7:2

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(The Real King James)

You give Astro a present...


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This sweetie pie~ JinJin is so surprised and happy that you thought to get him something, he literally bounces in place, grinning ear to ear! He can’t wipe the smile off his face as you hand him your gift, and needless to say he absolutely loves it (since it came from you)~ He sees the effort that you put into it, and his heart just swells at your care for him…

“You got me a present, Y/N?? What is it?!”


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MJ decides to tease you after receiving your gift, and opens your present infuriatingly slowly… (Really, he just doesn’t know how to handle the fact that you thought of him enough to get him something!) He rips each little piece of wrapping paper, one by one, until you practically beg him to open it~

“No, I will not ‘open it already’! I want to savor this moment…”


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This boy is so flustered that you were kind enough to get him something! Eunwoo hides his face in his hands, and when he finally manages to meet your eyes, he’s overwhelmed with emotion…He positively loves your gift, and showers you with gratitude and praises. But he also makes sure to remind you that you’re his greatest gift~

“A present? For me? Y/N, you shouldn’t have~”


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Moonbin doesn’t know what to say when you hand him his present! He looks away shyly and plays with his hair, totally overwhelmed by your kindness. He’s so touched that you got him a present, and he hopes you didn’t spend too much money on it. Don’t worry though, he will cherish your gift forever~

“Oh, you… you got me something, Y/N?” *blushes*


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Rocky’s so excited to hear that you got him a present too! He can’t wait to open it, and he knows it’ll be awesome, since it’s from you~ He’s ecstatic once he opens it, since it’s just what he’d wanted. But deep down, he knows the best present is just having your company~

“Ooh, a present just from you? I feel all special~ what is it?”


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this greedy child Sanha is so happy you remembered to get him a present! He’s such an excited little beagle when you give it to him, and he tears off the wrapping paper with gusto. He’s actually really touched by your gift, however, and wraps you up in a bear hug to say thank you~

“Yaaaay, presents!! What’d you get me?!”

Part 2 of the 2-part holiday-special reaction!! <3 ^o^ Love you guys, wishing you happy and safe holidays!! ~ Nessa

Requests are Open!!

gayghost69  asked:

gai !!

orientation: GAY
gender: oh i rly lov transmasc gai!!!
nd: not to call him out but the way he deals w athleticism and his self worth isnt healthy and he needs 2 take a nap
3 random hcs: 1. had resigned himself to never having children and when he ends up w lee as basically his son its the greatest gift of his life
2. his relationship w kakashi is a long time comin and when it happens he rly cant believe it
3. all of these r just abt gai being happy bc i love him. anyway hes rly handsome and he knows it 

A Different Story

Request: “A dad moment with Scorpius!”

Summary: Scorpius is about to start his first year at Hogwarts, and Draco is worried about how his son’s story will end.

Pairing: Draco x Scorpius (Father x Son relationship)

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 936

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my first Draco Malfoy imagine, so I hope you like it! It’s a bit short, but I write much longer ones, trust me! You can always go to my ask box and request something if you enjoy this! Thank you, loves!

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Platform 9 ¾

Draco paused as him and his family arrived at the entrance to Hogwarts Express. Unfamiliar faces were already jumping through the portal as they stopped there.

Draco stared before feeling a slight tug on his hand. He blinked his way out of his mind and looked down to his right to see Scorpius’s little pout.

“Come on, father! We’re going to be late!” Scorpius pulled on Draco’s arm and tugged him toward the portal. Draco looked back at his wife to see you holding all of Scorpius’s bags with a comforting smile on your face.

“Go on! I’ll be right behind you two!” You reassured, causing Draco to slightly nod and look back toward the portal.

Draco and Scorpius began a running start, and soon, they had disappeared through the magical wall. Draco heard Scorpius’s small gasp as their feet touched Platform 9 ¾. A smile laced Draco’s lips as he looked around as all the soon to be wizards and witches.

He was in their same shoes. However, things took a broad turn, and not in the good way.

“Father! Come on, come on!” The slight sparkle in Scorpius’s eyes made Draco forget about all his worries, and the pair walked away from the portal and towards the Express.

The train rumbled and roared, getting ready to take all of the young first year’s to Hogwarts. The sounds warmed Draco’s heart. No matter what happened after his fifth year, Draco had always cherished his years at Hogwarts. It was, after all, his second home. And soon it would be Scorpius’s too.

“I’m here, I’m here! Now, here are your bags, Scorpius! Remember what I told on the way here! You’re going to do great, my boy! I just know it!” Draco watched as you crouched down to cup your son’s cheeks, worry lacing the crease between your eyebrows.

Draco knew you were just as nervous as he was, maybe even more, but you were the best at hiding your feelings, and that angered Draco sometimes. He felt weak in some moments, all just because he couldn’t hold back his mind.

Scorpius nodded his head at you, biting his lip. Then, as you placed a kiss atop his forehead and stepped away from him, he had looked up at Draco with the same eyes as his Slytherin father. A mix of anxiousness and excitement laced Scorpius’s face as he stared up at Draco, who leaned down on one knee to say one last goodbye before Scorpius had walked onto that train.

“Now, my son.. It’ll be alright. Remember everything I taught you. Remember that no matter what anybody tells you, you can do anything you wish to. Do not let anything anybody says to you into your mind, because the only one who knows the full truth as to how powerful you are, is you. Show those other houses how Slytherins’ should really be.

Prove anyone who stands in your way, that it is always possible to exceed expectations.” Draco paused his speech as he saw three best friends a far way behind where he was crouching. Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They stood ahead of Draco, giving him an unrecognizable look. “And don’t be afraid to befriend the Potter child, or the Weasly’s. Trust me, they’re not as bad as you might think.”

You were shocked to hear Draco say this, considering how Draco normally felt about the trio. Scorpius nodded at Draco, whispering to his father, “Don’t worry, daddy. I’ll show them who’s boss.”

A laugh escaped Draco’s mouth, his eyes beginning to water. Scorpius frowned, bringing his small, frail hands up to his father’s face and wiping the tears away.

“Daddy? It’s okay, daddy. Don’t cry. I will be okay. We’ll all be okay. That’s what you told me, isn’t it? That’s what you promised me.”

Draco nodded, blinking his tears away, and Scorpius was soon grabbing his bags and his owl, and running onto the train before either of you could bid your son an ‘I love you.’ But before Scorpius could fully hop onto the train, he looked back at you two and bid you both an “I love you.” before running back onto the Express. Draco looked over to you with slightly watered eyes, and you sighed, taking his hand in yours.

“He’ll be alright, Draco.” You tried to reassure him, causing him to nod.

Draco looked ahead of him as the Hogwarts Express started to exit the station, and almost immediately spotted Harry, Ron, and Hermione standing there watching him. Draco sent a small nod their way, causing the trio to do the same, and soon you and Draco were jumping through the portal and back to the station.

Draco paused just as you two landed on the ground, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in worry.

“I just don’t want his years at that school to end up like mine.” He whispered, a tear rolling down his cheek.

You sighed, wiping his tears away and placing a kiss on his lips before whispering, “They won’t. His story will be far different from ours, Draco. You’ll make sure of that.”

Draco agreed, and you two were soon off back to the flat you shared. And Draco promised to himself that he will do everything in his power to make sure Scorpius’s memories at that school were far different and more enjoyable than his. He would not let his greatest gift live through what he had to go through. He would not be like his father. He will build a different story. A different life for his son.

He made it back in one piece. It was the last thing anybody wanted. For he showed the capacity to learn in flame. And that was his greatest and most dangerous gift.
—  Tyler Aidan Black