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control // liam dunbar

summary ; in which it’s nearly the next full moon and the pressure of everything means liam is struggling to stay in control whilst lacrosse practise is under way. good job y/n’s there to calm him down when his alpha can’t.

pairing ; liam dunbar & fem!reader

warnings ; violence, liam losing control and punching a wall (more than once), making out (kinda very heated), season six spoilers (not really but still), (why have i used so many brackets)

word count ; 2.7k

published ; 15th august, ‘17


stay safe + ily 🐯

Perched on the chilled bleachers built to the side of the ample lacrosse field, you pulled your coat tighter around your shivering body and glared up at the near full moon as if it was at fault for the cold, shadowed night, and the thick mist that spilt like smoke across the vast of green. 

Coach blew his whistle from where he stood, next to Scott who was enjoying his final time as Assistant Coach before he left for UC Davis. As much as you were proud of your friend for making it into the college he applied for and he smiled happily whilst obtaining his final moments of Assistant Coach, the shrill sound screeching in your ears did not aid the pounding in your head initially provoked and brought on by the bright, bleach white flood lights looming down onto the pitch.

You let your eyes wander back down to the mass of lacrosse players filtered out and practising their game play for the next big match, before they singled in on your boyfriend. Number 9. The drills continued and you watched as Liam scooped the ball up from the ground and captured it within the pocket of weaved stringing and then proceeded to skillfully twist and dodge his way through the defenders that aimed to stop him.

Then, he drew his arms back before launching the ball strongly past the goalie that failed to seize it himself as it flew into the net, and Coach blew the whistle again - surprisingly commenting on his great shot without the dire sarcasm that usually seemed to seep from every word he spoke.

A few minutes later and Liam had the ball once again, only this time when he aimed to make yet another shot, someone roughly shoved into him and swept his feet out from under him. He landed on the floor with a thud, and you winced as you observed the scene, but not panicking as whatever hurt would heal instantly anyway.

You assumed everything was fine until Scott dropped his things and expeditiously rushed across the pitch from where he stood with Coach toward Liam who continued to reside on the hard ground - his back to you. You stood from your seat on the middle level of bleachers, your suddenly worrisome-struck eyes darting over the crouched figures of your boyfriend and good friend. 

Scott grasped Liam’s helmet between his hands and tugged his head down, shielding his face away from the other players who had stopped practising to witness what was happening, and you.

You had a feeling that you knew what Scott was attempting to conceal and there was clear confusion painted across your rosy features due to it; Liam had gotten so much better at keeping himself under control when playing the violent sport and even better at obtaining that same control near and on the full moons. So why had one hit from the opposing team sent him tumbling into a sudden loss of control?

Next thing you knew, the beta was ripping himself away from his alpha, wrenching his helmet off his head and forcefully hurling it onto the grassy land, and without so much as a glance over his shoulder, he raced off toward the school building. You caught Scott’s dark chocolate eyes and before you could fully perceive the permissible nod he shot in your direction to indicate that you should follow him, you were bolting down the steps and across the field. 

Scott wasn’t exceptionally worried for your safety when it came to Liam losing control; it was the only thing he envied when it came to the two of you and your relationship. That no matter how wound up Liam got, no matter how far gone he seemed to be, he would never hurt you. He might snap and growl as you came closer, his dire fury and rage causing him to see red through his vibrant golden irises, but he would never injure or wound you in any way and everybody, including you, and him, knew it.

Throwing the doors open their hinges, your legs swiftly carried you toward the boy’s locker room and from your knowledge, you instantly darted to the showers. It was dark, the inky shadows of the late night eclipsing every crevice of the locker room, but ironically, the optical gleams of the near full moon glaring down through the small, uPVC windows allowed you to locate your boyfriend.

You let a soft sigh adequate with relief slip from your lips when you caught sight of him, his body being soaked by the pelts of cool water plummeting down rapidly from the shower head. His forehead rested against the cold tiles of the shower room, his back to you once more and his hands curled into firm fists as he pressed them against the wall either side of his head. 

The sound of the animalistic growls erupting from his throat and the brutal striking of his knuckles against the hard concrete - cracks appearing under the fierce pressure of his punches - would easily scare anybody away. But not you, and as you called out his name into the shadows surrounding his heaving body, you stepped closer, past the threshold and into the centre of the shower room, “Liam?”

You wearily watched as his body froze, going rigid under your concerned gaze; the incessant blows of his fists against the crumbling wall halted as his head tilted slightly to the side, now aware of your calm presence. You took another step, now in reach to gently bring your hand up and clasp one of his clenched fists in your soft hold.

“Hey,” You tried, but apparently he had decided to be difficult that night as he snatched his hand from yours and let out a vicious snarl in response, his knuckles coming back into ruthless contact with the concrete once again - a large chunk of brick breaking away and mercilessly colliding with the floor with a deafening, echoing bang, and you had to speedily jump back to ensure it wouldn’t land on your feet and possibly break any of your fragile bones.

A huff of frustration tumbled from your lips as you eyed the broken portion in front of you, and you snagged his fist away from the wall anew, tugging on his arm and forcing him to pivot around subsequently. Shoving his back up against the surface, you contrived him to look at you through the water drops pelting down on the two of you - willingly deciding to sacrifice your comfort and warmth for the sake of calming the boy you loved by letting the water soak your clothes through and stick uncomfortably to your skin along with him.

“Hey!” You snapped harshly, your bristling tone capturing his strained attention immediately. His vibrant golden eyes locked onto yours, the relentless struggling coming to a gradual termination latterly and your taut, irritated demeanour dwindled down the drain. On their volition, your hands made their departure from his firm chest and travelled to his sharp jaw, the pads of your thumbs lightly brushing across the apples of his cheeks.

“Calm down for me, Li,” At your endearing touch and the soft, loving tone of your request, the golden specks eclipsing the baby blue colour in his eyes slowly faded, and the shade that you adored to no extent was restored. A breathless sigh escaped past his parted lips, his chest heaving as continued to gaze into the assurance and encouragement swirling in your deep, (y/e/c) irises.

After a few moments, you quirked your eyebrow up in askance, and Liam shot you a nod of his head - concluding your wordless inquiry of whether he was calm or ready to strike once more. You let your fingers gently run through his dripping locks of hair, “What’s going on, Liam?”

He hands lightly squeezed your hips, his eyebrows tugging together at your gentle question, “What do you mean? You saw, he knocked me over right as I was about to make the shot-”

“And that stopped provoking you to lose control months ago. Plus, it was practice - not an actual game. Why’d it get you so worked up?” Your comments were tender and considerate as you spoke, concern and worry infiltrating the syllables as you tried to get to the bottom of what was bothering him.

“I-I…” He paused, struggling to provide you with an answer, “I don’t know.”

“Is it something else?” You inquired gingerly, softly grasping his hands in yours as you pulled the both of you out of the stream of pounding drops of water and back into the locker room.

Liam took the initiative and delicately tugged you toward his gym locker, letting go of your hand to clutch the lock with shaking fingers and trying to fix the combination in - ultimately avoiding the question. But, you watched with imperative concern as he struggled to do it correctly the first time, and the second, and by the third, his breathing had started to pick up, escaping past his lips ragged and choppy.

You closed your hands around his and tenderly pried his fingers away to halt his frantic actions of yanking at the lock; he let his eyes flutter shut as he made an attempt to control his breathing and sky-rocketing heart rate. 

You put his locker combination in easily, neither of you commenting about how you knew the sequence, just like how he knew the sequence for yours too. Opening it quietly, you grasped two of his spare shirts between your fingers and placed them on the bench beside where the two of you stood.

Afterward, you pivoted swiftly on your heel, turning to face him in his struggle to clasp control. “It’s something else,” You concluded softly, capturing his hand in yours again and occasionally running your thumb back and forth across his knuckles.

“Scott’s leaving.” The words left his lips bluntly, and you thought that was all he seemed so worked up about, until he continued, “So is Lydia, Malia; Stiles’ has already gone. Most of our pack is leaving.”

“Liam, they won’t be gone forever. It’s just College; we’ll all have to do it someday, it doesn’t mean they’re leaving for good.”

“And we’re going to be Seniors and how am I supposed to balance being a Senior whilst being the new Alpha that everyone expects me to be when Scott’s gone?”

“No one expects you to-”

He sliced your comforting words short, “Scott does!”

You took his face between your hands just like you had done previously, forcing him to look into your eyes glistening with care and love, “No one expects you to do it alone,” You repeated the earnest and cordial comment, making sure he listened this time, “I’m here, and I’ll be here in Senior year, and after Senior year, okay? No one expects you to do this alone, Li. And even if they did, I wouldn’t let you do this alone. But they don’t, so stop worrying so much.”

Then, an affectionate, attentive smile painted your features, setting you aglow with adoration as you looked up at him and noticed the ghost of the same smile tugging at the corners of his lips. With his hands coming up to rest on either side of your face, thumbs cradling your cheeks and fingers getting lost in the soaked strands of hair, he pulled you closer into the solace his safe vicinity brought you and pressed a sweet, lingering kiss to your lips. 

Only having time to draw back slightly and mutter, “I love you,” out through passionate whispers, his tone flooded with euphoria, before your hands found themselves settling on his waist and you tugged him back down to capture his lips with yours once more.

“And I love you,” Came the muffled declaration of love through heated kisses, and gently, Liam pushed you back until your back hit the cold metal of the row of lockers. As a subsequent, you couldn’t help but dig your fingers into his hips and tow his body closer until he resided flush against yourself - every nerve in your body feeling as if someone had lit a match and set them on fire.

When his lips coaxed yours open and his tongue swept across your own, you couldn’t help but tug at his shirt, indicating that you wanted it off. He complied instantly, before moving to remove yours too. You let him, the fabric coming up and over your head in no time, falling to the ground and being utterly discarded as his lips landed back on yours, a shiver inevitably rushing down your spine and a sharp gasp tumbling from your lips as your bare back, bar your bra, hit the chilled metal of the lockers again.

His large hands had then been located to your waist, squeezing at your hips appreciatively when one of your hands landed on his broad shoulder and the other ran your fingers through his dark hair, tugging at the roots as your lips moved more and more heatedly, more and more eagerly against his. 

Then, his hands found themselves travelling south, settling just under your ass, “Jump,” He mumbled breathlessly against your feverish lips, and you did just that, wrapping your legs around his waist as his arms held your weight easily and pressed your back even more firmly against the surface of metal. 

Rolling your head to the side, granting him better access, a gasping moan slipped from your lips as Liam’s lips peppered a trail of hot kisses down your jaw and headed straight for the sweet spot just behind and below your ear, sucking with the intention of leaving a purposeful hickey and then blowing cool air across the skin to soothe it, goose bumps arising on your soft skin as a subsequent.

Feeling the calloused tips of his fingers travel to the clip on your bra as he continued to leave matching bruises littering your neck simultaneously, you arched your back further into his burning hold but let out a breathless keen when his lips, and fingers, froze in their place, “What is it?”

“Practice is over,” His words were muffled as his lips remained against the exposed crook of your neck but you heard them nevertheless, and your eyes widened.

Liam let you down carefully and the two of you clumsily fumbled around in an attempt to make yourselves decent before any students trundled into the locker room. You snatched one of the two clean shirts that you had previously seized from his locker and Liam did the same, and just as you had pulled it over your head, the door slammed open on its hinges - sweaty players filing into the room without so much as a glance in yours or Liam’s direction.

Until, Scott roamed in, and caught your guilty eyes. He made his way over to the two of you and you tainted your features with the facade of an innocent smile, shooting it his way. “Why didn’t you two come back to the field? Everything okay?” He questioned, aiming his second inquiry more at Liam than at you.

Liam swiftly glanced at you before looking back toward his alpha, “Yeah,” He nodded, “Everything’s fine.”

Scott eyed the two of you suspiciously, his supernatural powers clearly picking up on the quick, rapid thumps of your heart in your chest - still worked up from prior - but he kindly let it drop and nodded his head, “Okay, good. I’ll see you guys later, then.”

You sent your friend a genuine smile, bringing your hand up and waving slightly in parting as he began to make his trek out the busy locker room, until he stopped short and turned back to face the both of you, an amused smirk pulling at his lips, “You might want to hide those hickeys before you go home, (Y/N).”

At his teasing words, your mouth fell agape - your eyes widening and hues and shades of red rushing to your cheeks, sending a wave of heat blossoming across your face and setting you aglow with embarrassment. Liam snickered quietly before slinging an arm around your shoulders and bringing you closer as you tried to covertly hide your neck. 

“Let’s go home,” He mumbled into your damp hair, pressing an enamoured, lingering kiss to your hairline; all his worries that whisked wickedly through his head prior having dissipated into the air and left behind a heart adequate with utter love and adoration for the girl in his arms: for you.


tags ; @virgincreek (if you want a tag for a particular character that i write for, feel free to ask)

Get Your Feet Off My Dash

Pairing/Characters: Domestic!Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Smut, swearing, sir!kink, daddy!kink, just heaps of fluff and smut reader beware lmaoooo

Summary: Reader doesn’t deal very well with long drives (or road trips as Steve calls them) and she starts to get really impatient. She’s so impatient she starts to fidget… a lot. Steve doesn’t mind, until she puts her feet on the dash of his brand new car.
Word Count:

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Otapliroy NSFW

I blame my mutuals, @kawaiilo-ren with her Loverboy AU and all your smutty head canons for this. 

  • It starts out like a regular evening, the three of them just taking it easy, hanging out in front the television watching some show on Netflix, empty dinner plates abandoned on the coffee table.
  • Then Yuri gets into this argument about something dumb with JJ, because of course he does, and makes a comment that borders on nasty. JJ grins at Yuri who swats his hand away with a snarl, but Otabek is having none of that. 
  • He says quite stoically that Yuri shouldn’t be so rude to one of his daddies and thinks he ought to be punished for his bratty mouth. JJ and Yuri catch on quite quickly. The mood instantly shifts as Yuri is now stroking both his boyfriends to hardness through their pants, while they eagerly start lapping at his mouth. 
  • Otabek hasn’t forgotten that Yuri’s attitude should be set straight, pulls the blond roughly into his lap and forces him to lay on his stomach. Yuri squirms as his silky pyjama shorts are pulled down and hisses when the first blow hits his ass. JJ licks his lips and unbuckles his belt, which makes the blond lift his head in anticipation.
  • While Otabek keeps spanking Yuri’s plush ass, the blond steadily sucks off JJ who looks on with a smirk. Yuri moans loudly around his cock with each strike and JJ murmurs something about him being a good kitten that should treat his daddies right.
  • Otabek agrees with this sentiment, feels that Yuri is being such a good boy throughout his punishment that he deserves a nice reward. He pulls Yuri off JJ’s cock and kisses him, wet and hot, before JJ hoists Yuri off the couch and carries him into the bedroom.
  • There, while sitting on a corner of the bed, Yuri gets to watch both his daddies make out hungrily, finger each other, smirking slyly at him when their lips aren’t occupied. Yuri gets increasingly impatient, rubs himself through silky shorts and pouts but holds his tongue otherwise, knowing that if he listens, it’s going to be worth the wait.
  • Yuri gets to fuck the both of them, in turns, while the undercut who isn’t panting and moaning underneath their good little kitten showers him with praise, strokes his shoulderblades, kisses his temple. 
  • But then one of his daddies, who can have a little bit of a mean streak sometimes, stops Yuri, tells him they have no intention of letting the blond cum just like that. They both proceed to eat him out just enough to work him open, Yuri’s ass in the air, stifling his cries in the pillow.
  • They fuck him in turns, telling him he’s pretty, petting his blond hair. They stop every time Yuri comes too near to the edge, but caress his flustered tear-stained cheeks. Yuri whimpers and mewls as his daddies fill him up with cum, first the one, then the other, so much it drips down his trembling thighs.
  • For being such an obdient kitten, Yuri’s final reward is being sucked off by both his daddies, whispering their names as his fingers are buried in their dark hair. When he cums, so hard it makes his head spin, they lick the pearly white strands off his milky skin, his pink cock. 
  • JJ takes Yuri in his arms, still dripping, still dizzy, and holds him close, while Otabek strokes his golden locks and says in that deep silky voice: “See kitten, isn’t it better when you play nicely with daddy?”
bittersweet {2}

Summary: Steve lost you once, and he doesn’t want to risk it again. Too bad he only has three months. | modern AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Language; angst

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N: Here is part 2 of my entry for Sofi’s [ @nataliarxmanxva ] writing challenge! hope you all enjoy! // bittersweet {1} | masterlist

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AU where Keith and Mothman are best bros and have weekly sleepovers where they braid each others hair and gossip

Full on Love part 2

Thor x plus size!reader

Warnings: Smut! NSFW

A/n: Can I just say Oh My God! Thank you, everyone, for all the notes and comments on part 1! I did not expect it!  I love you all! Also sorry about the long wait for part 2, it’s pretty smutty btw…  Enjoy!

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In the kitchen, Thor and you were making breakfast as usual, but you couldn’t help but notice how handsy he was being. Thor had been extra touchy-feely with you lately. His hand would touch your shoulder every time he walked behind you, and his entire body would brush against yours as the two of you prepped things together.

“Hey, hun, could you pass me the measuring cup?”

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And Xavi Simons is just that - something special. In Barcelona they say he’s a kid who plays like a veteran. There is no doubt that he is talented but that is nothing new for any La Masia player. On top of that talent, Xavi has everything you need to become a fine footballer. He is hard working, competitive, constantly running where the ball is both in attack and defense, and has been a leader and captain ever since he arrived at the club. In general, his enthusiasm is outstanding. He gives his all every single time. This is what makes talents stand out and all this together makes him one of the most talented players we have at La Masia. He controls play well and adds a bit of his own flair, but his style doesn’t actually resemble that of Xavi Hernández, nor does he evoke thoughts of Andrés Iniesta. Despite having fantastic technique and vision, Xavi Simons is aggressive and plays with an intense mindset. The way he works for every single ball is astonishing, especially given his somewhat delicate physical stature. He’s a fighter, but a majestic one.

Tending an Injury: Surprise Tangled!Au

So like… nobody asked for this. I didn’t even ask for this. But somehow I just got… really involved in the Tangled!Au. I did some sketches of it, but I also really wanted to recreate the healing scene. So hope you enjoy! <3 The fanfic is just below the read more!

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Guardian Angel

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Request:  Hey could i request a warren x reader? where he doesn’t die and instead comes back with them to the school and ends up falling in love with the reader but she don’t know only their friends & its just cute cause he kinda hates everyone lmao

Pairing: Warren Worthington x reader

Summary:  Reader has the power to create force fields and to teleport. During the fight with Apocalypse the reader saves Warren’s life. Ever since then the winged bad boy follows you around like a bodyguard, protecting you from even the smallest inconveniences. Along the way Warren starts to fall for you and everyone knows… except you.

Words Count: 1,684

Genre:  fluffy

Notes: YASS WARREN MY BB FLUFF BURB. But for real, I’m a big warren girl. This is set during Apocalypse

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He screamed in frustration, gripping tightly to his golden locks of hair. “Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!” He cried out of despair.

The voices in his head ignored his desperate pleading, instead growing louder and louder every second. Hot, flushed tears streamed down his face contorted with pain. “Please,” he gasped, begging dearly as he weakly hit his head against the wall already full of holes from being punched multiple times.

“Get out of my head.

—  m.d. // excerpts from a book i’ll never write #49

anonymous asked:

can you make one where jughead is playing with betty's hair while she's almost asleep in a class and the teacher and some students are like heart eyes pleeeease? your last story was so good 😍

Thank you! Here we go :)

Betty was sitting next to Jughead in Chemistry class, trying to keep her eyes open. She hadn’t gone to sleep until 3:30 that morning, and her alarm sounded promptly at six.

She yawned, using the back of her hand to cover her mouth.

Jughead turned, putting his hand on Betty’s knee. “We’ll get you a coffee after class.”

Betty smiled at him, turning her head as she did so.

“I’ll just have to distract you to keep you awake.” Jughead murmured. 

They were done their lab for the class, so they were talking quietly and doodling among themselves. 

Jughead was lazily tracing circles on Betty’s jeans, starting at her knee and working his way up.

Jughead’s hand jumped away from Betty’s leg when the teacher cleared his throat at the front of the room, but he quickly realized it had nothing to do with him. 

He placed his hand on Betty’s shoulder, massaging his hand against it.

He worked his way to the back of her neck, starting to rub his thumb and forefinger against her neck, massaging as he went.

Today was one of the few days Betty wore her hair down. She had taken pieces around her temples and braided them back, but the bottom half was down and wavy. 

Jughead loved when Betty’s hair was down. He entwined his fingers in the golden locks, massaging as he went.

Betty loved when Jughead played with her hair. She felt so relaxed, his fingers massaging her head. The way he gently pulled on her locks, it almost tickled.

She couldn’t help herself - she closed her eyes and pushed back lightly on his hand, letting him know she was in heaven.

Betty sighed audibly, then realized where she was. She sat up a little straighter, eyes towards the front of the class.

She realized nobody heard her and relaxed back into Jughead’s hand. He massaged for another second, then moved his hand to the front of her head. He ran his fingers gently across the pieces of hair framing her face, then ran his hand down, skimming her shoulder, to the ends of her hair. He tugged gently, not enough to hurt, but to straighten her waves and watch them bounce back.

A shiver ran through Betty’s body. Having her hair played with was Betty’s favorite.

Jughead smiled and put his hand back into Betty’s locks, massaging her scalp.

Betty closed her eyes, leaning into his hand.

“Ahem.” The teacher cleared his throat at the front of the room - this time, it was directed towards them.

Betty looked around, noticing multiple pairs of eyes staring at them.

Jughead pulled his hand away, Betty blushed.

“Look, as cute as you two are, there’s a lot of fire and acid in this room right now. Wouldn’t want you to lose a hand.” 

Betty heard Midge groan on the other side of the room. “Man, I want a Jughead.”

“Why don’t you ever do anything like that?” A girl groaned to her boyfriend at the back of the room.

“I’m so jealous. Look how cute they are.”

Betty smiled, putting a hand on Jughead’s knee. He was all hers.

I hope this is okay!

Nyx-Chapter 3

This is a long one. Buckle up!

Summary: Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn. she was doomed to walk the earth in search of her consort Erebus.

Warnings: My usual. Angst, Violence And Smut

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Avengers x Reader

Storming into the council chamber, wings stretched to their full span as you ire seeps out of you, the ground you walk on cracks with every step you take toward Odin.

“Leave. Immediately,” you hiss at the gathered council, eyes trained on Odin, who waves his hand dismissing the men. “You dare try and pawn me off? As if I were some sort of broodmare?” you screech at him, all sense of propriety flying out the window.

“Remember to whom you speak, child. I will not tolerate your insolence in my own home!” Odin replies fiercely.

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Shimmer (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by laheys-girl

Request by anon:  30, 36, 56, 53, 91 with Isaac please 🙏🏼

Prompts: 30. “Can I sit here? The other tables are full.” 36. “Did I say that out loud?” 53. “I’m flirting with you.” 56. “I’m sorry, what? I keep getting lost in your eyes.” 91. “Can I hold your hand?”

Rating: Fluff

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you like it.

Y/N’s forefinger traveled to the corner of the book in her hand, prepared to flip the page and continue reading. She paused for a moment, shifting her head to the rain that showered the streets of Paris. The umbrella she sat under shielding her from getting drenched, however, the wind had sprinkled a couple of drops on her here and there. 

The clearing of a throat made Y/N mentally groan and look up to where the sound came from. Her eyes met icy blue ones that smiled apologetically. The man stood in tall with a grey knitted beanie covering his golden locks that slightly showed on the corner. His face looked like it should be on the front page of some fancy magazine. 

“Pardonne-moi de te déranger” his lips moved as the foreign words fell out of his mouth. Y/N stared blankly for a while before she managed to say “Sorry, I don’t speak French” with a tight smile and a shrug. “It’s alright,” he chuckled. 

“I just assumed you did” she let out a breath she didn’t know she held. “I said excuse me for disturbing you," 

"Oh! No worries, can I help you?” She offered with a wider smile this time which he mirrored. “Can I sit here? The other tables are full, especially since the weather is so wonderful today” Y/N giggled at the hint of sarcasm in his words and nodded. 

“Sure, I don’t mind” he pulled out the chair and seated himself in front of her. “I’m Isaac by the way” his hand slid across the table to offer hers a shake. “Y/N” she complied. “So tell me Y/N, what’s a girl like you doing in the city of love all alone?” she raised a brow playfully at his flirting. 

“I moved here a couple of weeks ago, starting fresh” she took a sip of her coffee. “What about you?” Y/N placed her bookmark on the page she read last and closed the book. “Oh I’ve been here for a while, same reason as you, I guess” Y/N nodded understandingly.

 "Can I just say, that you have the most captivating eyes I’ve seen on a woman" a faint blush tinted her cheeks. “I’m flirting with you, if you couldn’t tell” a smirk tugged on his lips as another giggle erupted from her. “Thank you” she looked down to her lap and fidgeted with her fingers. 

“What were you reading before I rudely interrupted?” He nodded towards the book that she had set aside moments before. “You didn’t interrupt, and you’re anything but rude,” she tilted her head to the side in a flirtatious manner. “So the book is about this guy..” her voice trailed off as she told him of the book. 

He saw the shimmer in her eyes as she spoke about the rising action and the climax. He solely focused on how her eyes would widen in excitement as she described complex situations that the protagonist was forced to face. 

“God, you’re so beautiful” he cut her sentence short. “Did I say that out loud?” Y/N eyes remained wide at his bluntness. “Has anyone ever made you aware of how straightforward you are?” Y/N leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m sorry, what? I keep getting lost in your eyes” Isaac chuckled at the way she hid further behind the collar of her shirt. 

Y/N’s eyes wandered the streets as she observed the people running for shelter and the cars driving by. The mother that scolded her son as she wet his clothes by jumping in and out of puddles. “You’re an observant little lady, aren’t you?” She nodded as he spoke. 

“I like paying attention to things that people don’t normally pay attention to” she shrugged effortlessly. “Can I hold your hand?” He asked, surprisingly, with shyness in his voice. 

She didn’t reply, she just snaked her hand across the table to hold onto his. The surge of electricity swam through their veins the moment their hands touched. “I would like to do this again sometime, if you don’t mind. I really am glad I didn’t find a table” she smiled sweetly at him. 

“I’m really glad you didn’t find a table too” she paused to lean closer to him. “And I would love to do this again” she giggled, almost inaudibly, at his flushed cheeks due to how close she was to his face. 

Kissing his cheek only made him blush even more, causing Isaac and Y/N to mirror each other’s smile.

It’s Hot in Here

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1k+

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“Y/N, you look so good in my clothes,” Taehyung whispers, his eyes twinkling as he admires you in his favorite hoodie, one that’s two sizes bigger than you are - though you wore it because of how snug it felt on you and how comfortable it was to breath in his scent that lingers on the material of his hoodie. You feel your face heat up, probably turning a dark shade of red and you turn your face away to hide it. 

“Babe, I saw that.” He gets up from the sofa, quickly making his way to you before placing his large hands firmly on your waist, pulling you close to him.

“Hey, it’s hot in here, okay?” you protested, knowing how much Taehyung loved being the reason behind your pink cheeks. The little shit. “Mmm,” he hums, leaning his head down into your neck to give it a small peck, his hot breath fanning against your skin which sends tingles all over your body. “Is it because I’m here, baby?” You can tell that he’s got a wide grin stretched across his face despite being unable to see it.

You push him away abruptly, earning a surprised expression from him as you walk over to the sofa and plop down onto it, picking up the remote to skim through TV channels to find a movie to watch. Taehyung sits down next to you, picking up the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and starts throwing popcorn into his mouth.

“Hey, don’t finish the popcorn! I want some too,” you say after noticing that he’s finished almost half of the bowl and you scoot over to him, reaching out for the bowl. He immediately yanks it out of your reach, a playful grin spread across his face and you instantly know that getting the popcorn won’t be an easy feat. “How about you come a little closer, Y/N?”

You roll your eyes at him, though a devilish idea begins to form in your mind so you decide to play along with him.

“You want me to come closer? Okay, I’ll come closer.” You crawl over to him and throw yourself onto his lap, earning a muffled “Oomph!” from him. You straddle his waist, his eyes growing wide in surprise at your sudden action, definitely not expecting you to give in to him so easily. You snatch the bowl out of his hands as the corners of your mouth crinkle up in a triumphant smirk. Just when you’re about to eat some popcorn, he gives you a peck on the lips.

“I was trying to eat, Taehyung,” you mutter, looking down at him with a fake annoyed expression on your face. His playful demeanor has disappeared, instead you notice that his pupils are dilated as he gazes into your eyes, thinking about how beautiful you look on top of him. He reaches a hand out to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear before caressing your cheek softly, and you find yourself leaning into his warm hand.

“How can I let you eat when you look like this?” His voice is deep and low, indicating that he was already worked up just by seeing you in his clothes, the thought itself already stirring something inside of you as you feel your heart rate begin to accelerate in your chest.

He brings your head down onto his, capturing your lips instantly. His soft lips move slowly against yours, taking his sweet time to enjoy the feel of your lips on his as you thread your fingers into his soft golden locks, a small moan reverberating out of him. The tip of his tongue grazes your bottom lip lightly, as though he were asking for entrance and you don’t even have to think twice before you happily open your mouth for his tongue to meet yours. Both of your smooth muscles move around together as if they were in a passionate dance, exploring and tasting each other. You feel his hands slowly trail down your arms to your waist, goosebumps sprouting all over your skin as he begins to knead into your waist, causing you to moan softly into his mouth.

The kiss lasts for a few more minutes, the both of you completely immersed in each other before he pulls away reluctantly and you almost whine at the absence of his lips. You place a chaste kiss on his neck before licking it and feel him shiver underneath you, making you smirk at his reaction.

“Maybe I shouldn’t wear your clothes anymore, Tae,” you mumble into his ear, hearing a low chuckle come from underneath you.

He places his hands on both sides of your face, pushing it back slightly to look you in your eyes.

“Babe, you should wear my clothes all the time,” he purrs. You giggle at that, a wide boxy grin beginning to form on his face which you have always loved, in fact it was what made you fall for Taehyung when you had first met him. 

You lean down into him, mischievously nipping at his bottom lip gently and quickly pulling away before he can pull you in for another kiss, not missing the hint of annoyance on his face.

“Are we still watching a movie tonight?” you ask him innocently as you press your chest firmly against his, your hands slowly making their way up underneath his t-shirt as his breath hitches in his throat.

“Hmm. I don’t kn-,” he starts, but he doesn’t get to complete his sentence because you’re up instantly, scooting back to the other side of the sofa, a playful glint in your eyes. He blinks at you, still in a daze at you teasing him but quickly snaps out of it once he realizes your devious plan.

“Okay then, let’s watch something,” you say casually, trying your best to hide your laughter at his frustrated face, feeling his steely eyes lock onto yours.

He gets up immediately, snatches the remote out of your hand and switches the TV off before standing in front of you, only to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder. “Hey!” you protest, feigning shock though you’re actually silently praising yourself, “I finally found something to watch!”

He smacks your butt as he makes his way to the bedroom, “We’re finishing this, now,” He growls, his voice sending shivers all over your body as excitement builds up in you, happily anticipating what was about to come.

It is pretty hot in here.

Slyther Into Your Pants / OC x Slytherin!Jimin


Words: 13,439 words.
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Smut, Love/Hate Relationship.
Disclaimer: I am in no way close with BTS or Jimin. However, everything written here belongs to me. Every word and quote within this story is written by me. Please don’t copy or repost and translate anywhere else without asking.

Loud chatter filled the long hallways of the old palace. Some coming from the contagious laughter of a group of Hufflepuffs and some from the mini fight arising between two Slytherins. It wasn’t anything new to the rest of the students or teachers. The daily bickering from the ‘Married Slytherin Couple'—as many students would call them—could be heard in the entire hallway. From Eunbi’s annoyed sighs and 'leave me alone’ mantra to Jimin’s boastful comments, it was no surprise that a couple of 'Shut the fuck up!’ would be yelled across the hall, causing the duo to actually shut the fuck up. Other than the occasional bursts of thunder hitting the ground of Hogwarts miles away, it’s safe to say that Hogwarts had never felt like home before.

The weirdly-calming sound of thunder along with the ever-so blissful rain hitting the ground really helped calming the 7th-year students. Their N.E.W.T. exams were right around the corner and they couldn’t help but be extremely nervous, especially the ones who wanted to work in the Ministry of Magic. Of course, some students who had a fear of thunder weren’t able to focus at all, thus; they were more stressed out than they already were. You could hear their frustrated groans and their foot anxiously tapping against the floor. Other students who were younger than them were hanging out in various spots in Hogwarts whereas the eldest were stuck in their studying hall.

“It’s practically impossible to be first, though. Everyone knows that no one can be first other than me.” The Slytherin boasted to the other Slytherin with confidence lacing their words. That caused a habitual eye roll from the latter and 'left-on-read’ ignore from her. She was obviously not in the mood to deal with the Head Boy of the Slytherin house. Although he was incorrect and she wanted to correct him badly, she bit her tongue and held herself back. Jimin knew that shoving misconceptions down the Head Girl’s mouth ticked her off. “Like using spells out of Hogwarts and using the excuse of 'defending’ yourself doesn’t-”

“Listen, rice bowl. I don’t care about your opinion about me or anything related to me! Matter of fact, we all know that I could easily beat you in a duel. Don’t forget that I was the one who saved your crusty ass from a dementor that time, so a simple ‘thanks’ would have sufficed. I really should’ve ran away instead.” Eunbi muttered the last part with her signature eye roll before she returned back to her notes, picking up her quill. 'I really shouldn’t have opened my mouth.’ She thought to herself with a mental cringe at her stupid and impulsive actions

“Rice bowl?!”

“Oh, my God.” Eunbi groaned then looked at him in the eyes for the first time. She failed to notice his recently bleached hair previously due to her ignoring him at all times. She was too focused on her studies rather his beings. “You dyed your hair?” she accidentally thought out loud, her voice sounding softer. Eunbi mentally face palmed at herself and tore her eyes away from him.

“With your short attention span, I’m not surprised that you noticed five days after. But yeah, obviously, I did.” Jimin scoffed and pushed his hair backwards, resting his chin on the palm of his hand. His hair was also styled different than usual. It was usually styled like the majority of the male population in South Korea; a bowl head. Not that it didn’t complement him that much, but when his hair was parted from the side, it was way better.

“Okay.” Eunbi sighed then closed her books, shoving them in her bag along with her messy notebooks. She stood up and gave him a sarcastic smile before she stormed out of the study hall. Her facial expression quickly changed after she turned her head away, her sarcastic smile was soon replaced with a bitter one. Her teeth stress-fully nibbled on her lower lip, as she walked to the library. She really hoped that he wouldn’t follow her. She had a practical D.A.D.A—Defense Against the Dark Arts—exam that week, and she wanted to practice on her spells in order to get an outstanding grade. It wasn’t her best subject, but it was neither her worst. She just need to practice a little more.

Her hair bounced from her high ponytail while she sped up her pace. She didn’t want Jimin to catch her and tag along. It was his little plan. It was his plan to distract her the entire time in order she won’t steal his 'throne’, but Eunbi was smarter than that. She could easily study in the Room of Requirements, which was exactly what she was going to do.

“EUNBI!” Someone yelled her name from behind, causing a halt in her steps. Her eyes opened wide and her hand held onto her bag’s strap. She turned around with a small lip bite, her hair moving over to her side from turning her head way too quickly.

There stood a familiar blond guy with his hands shoved in his pockets and a teasing smile on his plump, red lips. His chest heaved up and down from running too fast all of a sudden, giving him the appearance of a lost puppy. His messed up golden locks really added to the look that made him undeniably irresistible. He usually had his hair dyed brown, or black, with a bowl-like head cut. She had to admit that she absolutely hated that hairstyle, but Jimin somehow looked decent in it. But now, his platinum hair was parted from the side, showing his pale forehead. It really complimented him well and he should definitely style it like that more. Of course, Eunbi would never admit that in front of anyone.

However, the second her eyes lingered more on the slumped figure, she knew that he was equally as tired and stressed as her. His bag was barely hanging from his left shoulder as his posture was sluggish. Jimin often walked with his nose stuck up high and his back straight as if he was constantly walking on a fashion runway. That was a total giveaway. He had huge eye-bags beneath his bloodshot eyes. Eunbi was pretty sure that they were dark as well, but he covered it up with makeup flawlessly. Unlike Eunbi, Jimin never showed his tiredness through actions or words. He always had a taunting smile carved onto his face with sly remarks pierced through his tongue. Somehow, just somehow, he looked ethereal.

Eunbi quickly changed her facial expression by furrowing her eyebrows and scowling at him. He let out a low chuckle, approaching her with airy footsteps.

“What do you want from me?” Eunbi cried out, her hand clutching harder onto her bag’s strap.

“You.” Jimin walked dangerously close to her. His body almost hit hers from how close he suddenly got to her, his head tilted down in order to look at her properly. Eunbi quickly took a step back with flushed cheeks.

“Woah, wait—” Eunbi raised her hand. “Stop it.” She spoke in English out of nowhere.

Stop it?” Jimin murmured back with confusion, but also in English. He wasn’t exactly the best in English, hence; it took him a couple of seconds to actually get what she meant.

Jimin’s furrow of eyebrows and slight head scratch looked absolutely adorable in her eyes. It was something natural for a girl like her to impulsively feel such things. It was out of her hand, but she couldn’t help it.

“What do you mean by ‘you’? Do you really think that I—” she got cut off.

“Ah, chill. I want to practice dueling with you.” Jimin raised both of his eyebrows suggestively. “We both have our D.A.D.A practical exam this week, so we both can see who will get the highest mark between us.”

Eunbi scoffed at him and looked at her side before she looked back at him seriously. “I think the results are pretty obvious. You still haven’t perfected your nonverbal spells nor know how to show your patronus.”

“Well, this is a perfect opportunity to prove you wrong. Do you really think all what I do is annoy you?”

Eunbi pursed her lips then nodded her head. “Okay.”

There wasn’t anything that she would lose, right? She thought that she was quite good—actually, she strongly believed that she would beat him two minutes in.

“Anyways, where were you going? The library isn’t anywhere near here.” Jimin pointed out, as he started walking by her side. He could see a small downward curl of her lips from his peripheral vision, confusing him. ‘Why was she frowning?’ he thought to himself worriedly.

“Because I’m not going there.” She simply said, leading the way to a place that Jimin had trouble figuring out. Eunbi then proceeded to ignore his next questions, not really wanting to answer them. It did frustrate him. He really hated being ignored when he was asking questions.

Just when he was about to ask her something else, he involuntarily stopped walking when she did. It took him a second to process that they were standing in front of a huge wall. There was nothing on it or around it. The hall seemed empty as well; most students were either in their dormitories or study hall. He remembered passing by that a couple of times, but he never thought much of it.

Out of nowhere, a door started to appear out of nothingness. It was faint and barely showing, but gradually, it sharpened and appeared more and more.

“Woah…” Jimin breathed out, squinting his eyes. He was already starting to doubt whether there was actually a door before or not.

Eunbi glanced at him then opened the door, walking into the room that appeared out of nowhere. She made sure to keep the door open for him in case it closed. If it did and he reopened it, he could’ve went to a room—or place—different from her. Of course, she wouldn’t mind having him stuck there forever, as she would finally get the rest she needed from the past seven years, but she didn’t have the choice.

“What are you waiting for? Come in before anyone comes!” Eunbi said in a hushed whisper, urging him to come in.

Jimin pressed his lips against each other tightly before he followed her. The second he entered, he found himself in a room he never went to before. He had been a prefect for a couple of years and a Head Boy too, but he never saw that room in his entire life.

It was spacious and definitely perfect for duels. There were big dolls and mannequins on the sides and corners with burns and missing limbs. ‘Probably from jinxes and spells aimed at them’ he concluded. He did a complete turn, admiring the place silently.

Eunbi tossed her bag on a table nearby and took out her wand. It wasn’t anything special, but she wouldn’t be able to live without it.

“Is this your first time here?” she commented while she walked to the end of a long red carpet.

“Yeah. How come I never knew about this place?” Jimin followed her actions and got into place. Eunbi shrugged at him nonchalantly and tucked her a strand of her hair behind her ear. She rolled her sleeves all the way to her forearm and tightened her ponytail.

Jimin mentally scoffed at her actions then gave her a faint smirk. “You’re going down, Eunbi.”

The duel didn’t exactly end in good terms. Jimin managed to injure one of her arms before she flicked his wand out of his hands, finishing the duel between them. The results ended exactly how Eunbi expected them to end, so she wasn’t that surprised. However, he drastically improved. Now, that impressed her.

“Not bad, Park. I expected worse.” Eunbi held onto her arm while walking to where her bag was. Her face twisted at the sudden shots of pain after Jimin could no longer see her face.

A couple of weeks have already passed since their duel, and they were practically over with their N.E.W.T. exams. Their grades were slowly coming out, and Eunbi aced most of them. Her injured arm was an obstacle for her as it was on her dominant hand. It took her a while to actually write.

Jimin, on the other hand, got the best marks—next to Eunbi—and seemed to continue his days normally. He tried his best to cover his worry over the small girl and not ask her if she was okay. He noticed how she was in her dorms almost every day and every night. He didn’t see her in like… three days so far. It did make him think about all of the things he said to her that could’ve possibly hurt her in any way, but he couldn’t think of anything. Everything he said was nothing new nor it was peculiar. ‘Perhaps because I injured her?’

His days were getting dull and boring. He had no one to tease or make fun of. I mean, he could do that with his group of friends, but all of them tease him instead. Therefore, he can’t tease them back or it would sound too out of place. Maybe that was the reason why he felt lonely. He had no one to tease… right?

Jimin clearly remembered the time he met her last time. She was holding a tissue against her nose with her straight hair covering most of her face. She seemed to be rushing and had something important to do. Jimin couldn’t catch up with her, so they didn’t even lock eyes. He can’t bring himself to the girls’ dormitory since he had the authority to do that. He was too much of a coward to approach her and ask her what was wrong.

“Woah, Jimin! Another full grade. No surprise right there.” His close friend, Taehyung, commented loudly and handed him his graded test. A perfect ‘Outstanding’ was written on the top right corner of his exam paper.

Jimin’s lips curled into a small smile at Tae’s little praise, his cheeks slightly turning pink. You might think that he should’ve been a Ravenclaw, but Slytherin fits him the most. He was ambitious and a hard worker. He, like Eunbi and many other Slytherins, would be the last to leave class to finish their notes or the last to sleep from staying up studying for their O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s. He strove for praises and basically lived off them. Jimin is stubborn and persistent too. He wasn’t willing to change his ideas and opinion unless he fully got convinced. His stubbornness was the main reason why he was so adamant on annoying the short girl.

Speaking of her, she finally came to class that time. Her hair was down again, and she didn’t seem too bothered by the noise in the class. Her hand jutted down quick notes with a smooth handwriting. Her short giggles would add to the noisiness of the classroom. Her friend, Yerin, succeeded on making his little bee smile once again. He really had to talk to her.

A little after class, the duo was the last to leave again. Eunbi was finishing her notes, and Jimin did the same as an excuse to stay with her. He got sidetracked for a bit and managed to notice her figure leaving the classroom. Shoving all of his stuff in his bag messily and hurriedly, Jimin stood up quickly—giving him a temporary dizziness. He clumsily followed her. Her figure sped up upon hearing his footsteps. He knew that she didn’t want to talk to him.

“Eunbee?” he called out as he started to jog after her.

Eunbi stopped in her tracks then looked at the boy in a dark green uniform. He didn’t look that different from that time. It was like history repeating itself. The two were pretty close to that room too. It was weird… It felt exactly like déjà vu.

Jimin wasn’t exactly the reason why she stopped in her tracks. She stopped because she heard her name.

Eunbi entered her Potions class with quick sniffs. She crumbled the bloody tissue in her hand and tossed it in the trash bin. She had been getting regular nosebleeds due to extreme stress and fatigue. She was so obsessed with the idea of beating Jimin that she hadn’t been taking care of herself properly. The only good thing that came out of that was her rarely seeing him nowadays and getting Outstanding in all of her classes except for one. She didn’t have to deal with his harsh words anymore or go through their daily quarrel anywhere.

Just when she sat on her desk, she found a pack of tissues and a potion in a small tube with the label ‘Calming Draught’ on it. She also found a folded note on the side.

‘Hello Eunbee,

You’ve been extremely stressed lately and nervous about our test results. I’m pretty sure that you’d do great! Just don’t stress out yourself too much.

From, CH.’

Her eyebrows furrowed at the note, trying to remember anyone with the initials CH. She couldn’t think of anyone, making her even more confused. Why would a stranger send her such stuff? Her mind immediately jumped to the conclusion of the person being her ‘secret lover’ but she scoffed at that thought afterwards.

Suddenly, Jimin entered the classroom, making eye contact with her for half a second.

That wasn’t the only time she received such stuff. It made her heart flutter every time she saw something on her desk from afar when she entered her class.

“Eun… bee?” she whispered with her hand slightly covering her mouth before she quickly dropped it down. “Did you just call me Eunbee? As in bee? Bee in English?”

Jimin didn’t seem to focus on what she was saying. He was too carried by checking out her appearance. This time, she was the one with eyebags and messed up hair. Her shirt wasn’t even tucked in well!

“What?” Jimin snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her in the eyes. “I called you Eunbi not Eunbee. Why would I…?”

Eunbi let out a sigh—both a relieved one and a sad one. She was sad because she thought she found who was sending her messages and potions the entire time even if it was someone she hated. She was also relieved that it wasn’t Jimin either. The last thing she wanted was to find out that he liked her.

“Oh, okay.” Eunbi gave him a tightlipped smile then turned her heel and continued walking.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Jimin sighed out loudly and caught up with her, standing in front of her to stop her from waking. “Is it because I hurt you that time? You already know that I won’t apologize. It was a duel and someone getting hurt was inevitable.”

“Did you seriously approach me after days just to justify yourself? Not everything revolves around you, Jimin! I never expected an apology from you, and I don’t want one. I don’t care, Jimin. I don’t care about you. I don’t care about anything related to you. So, please, please leave me alone.” Eunbi’s voice was getting louder and louder by each word she said.

Jimin clenched his fist in his pocket and bit his lower lip out of frustration. He couldn’t exactly describe what he felt the second he heard her say that she didn’t care. He knew that she didn’t, but hearing it coming from her mouth hurt him in ways he never thought he would.

He let out a sigh, “Listen, Eunbi. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Whatever, Jimin. I’m serious about this. Leave me alone… for once.”

And with that, with a swish of her robe and a twist of her heel, Eunbi walked away from the hopeless boy who was holding on tight to a small paper.

Finally, N.E.W.T.s were finally over. Eunbi aced her Potions practical and writing test. She was the only one who was able to do so, which surprised both her and the professor. Jimin did horrible compared to his exams, but he didn’t seem that bothered when he looked at it. Eunbi was staring at him from the corner of her eye for the rest of the class. A simple sigh and flipping the paper wasn’t how you were supposed to react when you get Acceptable.

Of course, when the professor handed out her exam to her, he praised her for being the only student to not have not even one mistake. He even went as far as saying that she would be able to create one of the hardest potions ever—Felix Felicis. It would take more than six months to be brewed correctly. Eunbi was able to brew a Polyjuice potion in her second year at Hogwarts, so it would probably be easy for a prodigy.

Eunbi, being a sucker for praise, thanked him and bowed her head too. Her cheeks were a light shade of pink from the amount of attention she suddenly had on her.

“What did you get, loser?” Eunbi called out for Jimin while waving her exam paper. Their exam results were out and Eunbi was more than satisfied with her grades. She couldn’t wait until she got to brag about them to Jimin.

“Obviously, an O.” Jimin scoffed and squinted his eyes at her exam sheet, snatching it from her hands. She also got an O. “Didn’t it take you hours of constant study to achieve that? It took me only an hour.”

“At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if you drink Liquid Luck beforehand.” Eunbi rolled her eyes. “You aren’t always giddy and happy, though.”

“Are you calling me lucky?”

“Listen, fucker. Remember that time where you—”

“Listen, fucker.” Jimin first mocked her, making his voice even higher. “How many times will you remind me of that incident? It already ruined my reputation when people found out that I got saved by a midget.”

“Hey! Your voice is already high-pitched, so no need to make it even higher. It would basically sound the same.” Eunbi grabbed her exam sheet from her and walked away from his desk before he could reply back to her.

With that being over, they finally started class. They were supposed to learn how to brew The Draught of Living Death. It’s an extremely powerful potion that makes whoever drinks it get into a really deep slumber. It was hard to perfect too, but Eunbi accepted all challenges when it came to Potions. She just loved that subject to death.

“Students, please pair up with whoever you wish to pair up with. Doesn’t matter if they’re from the same house as you or not.” The professor instructed them before he started writing on the board with white chalk.

Everyone already had a partner and was sitting with them except for Eunbi and Jimin. Jimin preferred working alone whereas Eunbi had no one to pair with. She didn’t really like any of the students in her class and often ignored them. Therefore, they had no choice but to actually work together. And again, that was no surprise. They always had to pair up together if both sides didn’t have a partner.

It wasn’t Jimin who approached Eunbi first, but it was rather the latter. For a good, straight week, he avoided her. He didn’t even maintain eye contact with her. Whenever he saw her, he would just ignore her and walk away. It wasn’t like she was bothered by it, but she never expected him to actually do it. She definitely felt lonelier than before. Plus, she stopped receiving notes and small gifts from that secret person for a week. Eunbi just convinced herself by saying:

“What happened to that person who kept sending you notes and shit?” Yerin asked her while she ate from het spicy noodles. Her hair was tucked behind both ears while she blew on her noodles to make it not too hot to eat.

“They stopped sending them…” Eunbi sighed out and nibbled on her pickled radish. “They probably stopped since we finished our exams.”

Eunbi held all of her stuff and started to walk slowly to Jimin’s desk. He was already preparing the ingredients to start working by himself. Seeing that he already started working by himself made her walk even slower. She never felt that nervous in approaching him. Her heart was already starting to beat fast out of nowhere and her hands were sweating too.

She placed down her stuff on the empty desk beside his then looked up to talk to him. Just as she was about to open her mouth, he ignored her and went back to the cupboard to get two Sopophorous beans. Eunbi pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow before she started to check how many ingredients were left. There wasn’t anything other than the beans, so she just started on her work.

The duo ended up working in silence, each with their own pot. They were supposed to finish it today, but with students not being able to cut the bean, Eunbi highly doubted that they would. The wrinkled beans were flying everywhere. Whenever they tried to cut one, it would jump or hump away. One was even going to hit Eunbi right in her face, but due to Jimin’s quick reflexes, he blocked it from hitting her forehead. Being a leader of the Quidditch team really paid off.

“Thank you.” She muttered, glancing at him. She managed to see how he was doing with his potion, and it wasn’t going well for him either. His hair was getting really messy and all over the place. He managed to cut the bean, but he didn’t get that much of juice from it. Hence, he was a bit hesitant on continuing his work.

Eunbi, on the other hand, was waiting for the salt water to rest for five minutes exactly. Seeing Jimin struggle with angling the cauldron in order to pour drops of wormwood essence made her reach out and replace his hands with hers. Her right hand held onto his cauldron and angled it slightly, and with her other hand, she poured in the essence while counting them under her breath.

“Now do the same thing but with your left hand and at a different angle.” She instructed while handing him the bottle.

Jimin nodded at her without uttering any word and did exactly what she said. His teeth were playing with his lips, too focused into what he was doing. Brewing that potion was nowhere near easy. It had a lot of steps that was too confusing. Even Eunbi felt lost at certain steps, not really sure on how to continue.

After a couple of tries and frustrated groans, Potions class has ended with no one being able to brew it properly. One student’s potion caused a sudden explosion when the teacher placed a small leave in his cauldron to check if it was brewed properly. For Eunbi, her potion’s color didn’t match exactly what the instructions said in her book. It definitely did frustrate her; she never got such bad results. Even the teacher tsked at her when he passed by her desk, and he let out a small, disappointing sigh when he saw Jimin’s bizarre potion in his pot.

Once the teacher dismissed the class, Jimin and Eunbi were assigned to return everything back to their place. It was their turn that time, thus; they stayed behind. It was their last class for the day, so they could spend there as long as they wanted to.

The stillness in the air made it difficult for Eunbi to think properly in order to forget the presence of Jimin. It was really awkward between them, and it got even worse when Eunbi accidentally bumped against his chest.

She was placing a box of Valerian roots in one of the cupboards, and when she turned around, she bumped into him. He was trying to place Asphodel to where it belonged. Her forehead hit his chest with her head tilted down. It was as if he suddenly planted roses on her cheeks because she was very red from that incident. They never got that close before other than the time Jimin decided to tease her by being close to her. He wasn’t that close to her that time either.

Jimin’s eyes were wide open when he felt her body hit against his. Instinctively, his body started heating up and sweating from the sudden close contact. Sure, he was with multiple girls and did things that he was rumored for with them, but being that close to Eunbi made his heart combust. It was weird how a ‘Sex God’ would get vulnerable and submissive for a girl who barely reached his shoulder.

Jimin closed his eyes for a good two seconds, let out a deep breath, leaned over and placed what he was holding inside the cupboard. He could feel her stop breathing for a second before she inhaled out nervously. Just when he felt her petite hand about to hold his shirt, he quickly stepped back and walked away with his heart beating against his ribcage. He made sure to not let her see his tomato-like face. ‘Fuck.’ That was the only thing that came in his mind after that.

Thankfully, they had nothing more to do, so Jimin left immediately. He had Quidditch practice, anyways. He was late, but ‘better late than never’ he always said. Jimin knew deep down that he just used that as an excuse to not talk to Eunbi.

It was really hard to avoid her. There were many times where he had to hold himself back from talking to her. It became a habit of his to say sarcastic remarks directed towards her, and it was hard to not do that. He would even find himself staring at her while thinking. It would’ve been really embarrassing if she caught him staring with a blank face.

At first, it was easy to avoid her. He grew hurt over her words—which she probably said out of anger, or so he hoped—that he held a grudge against her for a while. It was typical for a Slytherin to hold a lot of grudges and for a long period of time. Since he grew so attached to her, he couldn’t hold it on for too long. Jimin still questioned himself, ‘Why did I end up getting emotionally attached to her? How?’

Shaking off his thoughts, Jimin walked to the Quidditch field.

Eunbi decided to stay behind and work again on the potion. She really wanted to perfect it. Being a perfectionist made her stay up countless of nights trying to perfect everything she had to do.

Her hair was retied into a ponytail that time and made sure to let all of her hair pushed backwards. Her sleeves were rolled up—something she did whenever she was about to do something that she had to focus on. It made her more focused, somehow.

She first started off with the bean, struggling with cutting it. She was close to cutting herself when she held it down tightly with her thumb and index finger. Eunbi even thought of holding it down but holding the knife as if she was going to stab someone and stabbing the bean. She quickly dropped that idea in the fear of stabbing herself instead. Just when she was holding it between her fingers, she realized how easy it could be crushed. Therefore, she crushed it with the flat side of her knife rather than her fingers or hands.

Then, she followed the rest of the steps carefully, making sure to set a timer to get it exactly right. However, when she was putting drops of the bean’s juice, she accidentally put it a drop extra that made her panic.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She kept cursing loudly since there was no one in the room while walking around in frustration. She was about to run her fingers through her hair but realized that it was tied back, so she rested her hand on her head. Eunbi checked the watch on her wrist and realized that it was getting late already. They were going to close the class room once it was time for them to sleep, so she didn’t have a lot of time to redo it. “I’ll just continue with that.”

Eunbi went back to her cauldron and continued to stir it, gradually adding in more substance. Finally, she just had to stir it, leave it for two minutes, add another root and leave it to brew. She held her large spoon with her dominant hand and rested the other one on her hips. Just as she finished stirring it anti-clockwise, she stirred it clockwise too. The book didn’t tell her to do that, but she already gave up at that point. While she left her potion to brew, she began tidying up the mess she did.

“EUNBI!” Yerin barged into the room out of nowhere, causing her friend to jump ten feet high.

Eunbi got scared for a good second before she saw her friend by the door, panting heavily. “Jesus Christ. You scared the shit out of me.” She sighed out, as her heart continued to beat fast from the sudden appearance of Yerin. “What’s wrong? You look like you ran for five kilometers.”

“Because I did! I was watching Gryffindor’s and Slytherin’s Quidditch practice just to spend time with that cute girl I told you about, but all of a sudden, someone fell from their broom.” Yerin explained with exaggerated hand movements.

Eunbi raised an eyebrow at her and let out another sigh. “You ran all the way to here just to tell me this?”

She glanced at the potion and decided to leave it overnight just like her textbook instructed her. It looked pretty good since she fucked up three times already. It confused her because such advanced potions usually don’t work out if there was a small mistake.

“Eunbi… It’s Jimin who fell. He just suddenly—I don’t know! He fainted out of nowhere. He looked pretty sick and pale before practice. I know you really hate him, but I felt like telling y—” Yerin stopped halfway through her sentence when Eunbi’s figure passed by her quickly. She turned around and saw Eunbi running down the hall as fast as she can.

‘He’s probably at the infirmary now.’ Eunbi thought to herself and headed there.

Her thoughts and feelings all rushed at once that became indescribable. She was more than worried about him. They weren’t exactly on the best terms, and their secret feelings weren’t mutual. That didn’t prevent her from checking on him. She tried so hard to convince herself into hating him, but deep down, she knew she couldn’t. Spending seven years with him by her side somehow affected him. She even felt lonely when they started ignoring each other.

Eunbi ignored the burning feeling in her legs and continued running to the infirmary ward. Her hair bounced behind her while her robe was flying too. She could care less at that point. She just hoped that Jimin was fine.

She entered the spacious room suddenly, grabbing the attention of some of the patients there. But that didn’t matter at all. Eunbi had to see her blond friend.

“Jimin?” she instinctively muttered out while she walked around with a slight panic dancing around her feet. She then finally reached his bed where he was laying down on peacefully.

His hair was flat against his forehead, and his mouth was lightly opened. Soft snores came out of his mouth whenever he took in deep breaths. His leg seemed to be in a cast—he broke his left leg. It pained her to see him so fragile and tired. There were huge bruises on the left side of his face too. He probably fell and hit his entire left side of his body.

Eunbi’s hand reached out shakily to the bruised side of his face. His once smooth skin was then covered in splashes of dark blue and purple. It looked like it really hurts from how discolored it was. She never saw such a bad bruise in her entire life especially on a person she was attached to.

Her shaking hands rested against his face; her warm skin meeting his freezing skin. If it weren’t to his heavy breathing, she would had thought that he was dead from how cold he was. He was very pale as well with a slight blue-ish tint. It really worried her. She couldn’t help but feel that.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled, sadness evident in her voice.

Eunbi really regretted being that harsh to him. She failed to notice that he, too, was equally stressed out as she was. She then remembered his appearance a week before their exams, and it made her feel even more guilty than before. She really gave her a hard time and thought only about herself. Just the thought of Jimin being alone with no support felt like a stab to the heart.

After a while, she dropped her hand and held his freezing hand. Thankfully, they were covered by the curtains, so no one else saw what Eunbi was doing. She didn’t want to be close to him in front of other students who thought that the duo hated each other.

Intertwining their fingers together, Eunbi started to talk in a low voice. “I really should’ve been considerate towards you. It’s pathetic how I finally decide to talk to you once you get injured and badly hurt. I’m too much of a coward to say this to your face, but I… I really want us to be friends instead. That seems impossible, considering your feelings aren’t mutual. I just felt really lonely for the past week because you weren’t pestering me all time. I regret saying ‘I don’t care’ because I do. I care a lot.”

Eunbi felt a lot better after getting that off her chest. There was a lot more that she wanted to say, but she had to leave, anyways. Her curfew was about to start, and she had to patrol around the Slytherin house to make sure there weren’t any student out.

“Now I have to patrol around by myself… again.” She sighed out then slowly pulled her hand away from his. Eunbi felt like something was stuck in her throat, making it harder for her to say anything. She felt like crying in guilt and regret, but Eunbi rarely cried. She hated crying more than anything.

However, something stopped her from pulling her hand away.

His now-warm hands held hers tightly, not wanting to let go. He first held her by hooking his fingers with hers then he tugged her closer to him in order to properly hold her hand.

“What…?” she first thought out in confusion, staring at their hands with a small blush. ‘Was he a-awake the whole time?’ she stammered nervously.

She waited for a couple of seconds, waiting for him to move to say anything. Nothing. He did nothing other than stop snoring and holding her hand. Glancing at their hands again, Eunbi decided to stay a bit longer. She pulled a chair closed to his bed and sat down beside him. Her hand was still holding his hand, but it was resting on his chest that time.

Eunbi sat staring at his face silently and intently, not wanting to cause any disturbance. She never stared at his face for that long in her life. She never noticed how he had three moles on his forehead and one on his neck. His hair usually covered his forehead all the time, so she never noticed, of course. Eunbi’s eyes lingered on the sleeping boy longer than intended. He looked so peaceful and innocent while sleeping; it was magical. His cheeks were hollowed in, though. They used to be chubby and always gave her the urge to squeeze or poke them. Now, they were gone. They were gone and filled with deep colors and even a small cut. He seemed to have lost a lot of weight, honestly. His wrists looked really thin too.

“Please take care of yourself.” Eunbi muttered under her breath unintentionally.

After a couple of minutes, Eunbi checked the time and saw that she really had to go. There were times where she hated being a Head Girl and that time was one of them. If she could stay up all night beside him, she would. It would had been really confusing to Jimin if he woke up to find her sleeping on the chair beside him with his hand holding hers.

She leaned forward towards his face and touched his forehead with the back of her hand to check whether he was still cold. Instead, he got a lot warmer than before, causing her to let out a sigh of relief. ‘He’s getting better.’ She thought with a small smile. Eunbi then proceeded by covering his exposed forehead with his dyed hair, her fingers running through them softly. His hair was surprisingly soft which explained why her she kept running her fingers through his hair for a while.

Jimin leaned closer to her while his eyes were closed. He softly pressed his lips against hers and slightly tightened his grip on her hand. His lips stayed still on hers since Eunbi didn’t kiss him back. Her eyes were wide open in shock, instead. She was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even feel nor see him move. It definitely surprised Eunbi. He was supposed to be sleeping not listening to her silently.

Eunbi’s cheeks were redder than ever. Her blind went blank for five seconds exactly, too overwhelmed by the sudden hormones released within her body. The last thing she ever expected from him was him kissing her. His lips were smooth and plump that drove her even crazier. There were times where she actually wondered how would it feel like to kiss him. He was rumored to be one of the best kissers in school, and Eunbi impulsively thought about that whenever she daydreamed.

Not wasting any other seconds, she closed eyes and kissed him back, completely melting into the kiss. Her heart was beating way too quickly while she felt electricity down her spine. She slowly pulled away her hand from his hair and cupped the non-bruised side of his face gently. Eunbi made him lean back, so it would be more comfortable for him. He was injured, after all.

Their kiss wasn’t anything over the top. It wasn’t filled with their tongues clashing with each other. Their lips moved slowly and passionately against each other in a perfect sync. Eunbi did kiss many guys in her life, but she couldn’t be compared to Jimin. He was extremely good at kissing. The way he—once—softly bit her bottom lips then lightly wrapped his arm around her waist somehow made kissing him even better than it already is.

Soon, the two had to pull away to breathe. Eunbi rested her forehead against his after it, not really wanting to pull away. Her chest was heaving up and down heavily. Jimin, on the other hand, opened his eyes for the first time that night. His lips were a bit swollen and red from how long they had kept making out. Seeing Eunbi’s lips in the same state as his because of him made him feel all kinds of feels.

Eunbi’s eyes opened a second after he opened his, not really knowing what to do or how to react. She started to rub her thumb against his cheek—which she previously rested her hand on during their kiss. She tried her best to not hurt him while doing that. After staying in that position for a while—their eyes staring deeply at each other, Eunbi pulled her face and hand away from his face. However, she kept holding his hand with her other one.

“I will.” Jimin spoke out of nowhere, slightly tightening his grip on her hand for a second.

Eunbi looked at him in confusion. “Will what?”

“I will take care of myself.” And for the first time in seven years, she saw him smile at her.

It had been three days already. Whenever they saw each other, Eunbi’s cheeks would immediately change in color, just like his. They would get slightly pushed forward if one of their friends were beside them, teasing them about the kiss they shared. No one knew about it other than Jimin’s and Eunbi’s circle of friends. They—their friends—would try to get them to talk to each other, but they grew shy and would most likely stutter a lot. Many students had noticed that too. The school grew quiet due to their lack of fights.

During Potions class, they were still paired up together. They would accidentally bump hands from time that sent them both into a red mess. Somehow, Eunbi managed to get them an O on their assignment of making the Draught of Death. It confused her how she got it correct despite making three mistakes. She definitely had to redo it but how the book instructed her to do to see if there were any differences. Hence, she did that during the weekend.

It was their fourth day.

Eunbi was in the Room of Requirement with a bunch of ingredients and torn papers on a huge desk. Her cauldron was in the middle with medium fire beneath it. She spent her entire day off just to test an advanced potion. She really loved potion-making which was obvious at that point. It didn’t bore her. Instead, she enjoyed it. It was her hobby. However, it made her lose a track of time. It was already midnight. Thankfully, it wasn’t her turn to patrol, so she took her time in finishing the potion.

Her results did satisfy her in a way. She managed to get her hands on a different potions book and found another recipe! So, she did that one too. It wasn’t as complicated as the one in her text book; she finished it really quickly. While it was left on the fire, Eunbi started to clean the mess she did. She planned on staying there overnight since she was too lazy and didn’t want to risk getting caught by a teacher or another Head Student.

Eunbi hummed softly while cleaning to distract herself. Her steps were a bit airy and danced around faintly. She loved doing that whenever she was cleaning or had to do something. It made her have a bit of fun while doing that. It was a weird way of enjoying things, but she didn’t care as long as no one saw her.

Her dancing came to a halt when she went to check her cauldron. She turned the fire beneath it off and dropped a leaf into the purple mixture. Only half of it dissolved, making her let out a frustrated groan. It was becoming a waste of time to her at that point. She felt herself take back everything she said about how she loved potions and pouted at herself in frustration.

“Are you seriously going to keep trying it over and over again? You already got it correct in that ‘secret’ way of yours.” A voice boomed into the place, making her jump a bit in her seat. It was Jimin.

“Ah, you scared me.” Eunbi placed her hand over her chest in a way to calm herself down.

Jimin stood by the door with his hands in his pants. It was a habit for him to shove his hands in his pockets. Nonetheless, he looked quite attractive while leaning against the door frame too. He was completely healed by then. She noticed how he didn’t limp as he used to before when he walked towards her and how his bruises were gone.

“I’m just curious… It’s fun, anyways.” Eunbi’s voice got lower with each word as she looked down at the large table. She wrapped up the herbal roots she had and carried the rest of the stuff she had to the cupboards on the wall.

Jimin nonchalantly sat on her couch and ran his fingers through his hair while looking at her bouncing around. Seeing her struggle to put on some stuff on the top shelf immediately reminded him of that time they bumped into each other accidentally. Weirdly, he realized how Eunbi reached out to hug him—he felt her hand reaching out to his shirt or waist—and back when they kissed, he was the one who reached out to her. It seemed a bit funny for him how things kept getting mirrored between them.

“You’re going to sleep here?” Jimin asked her once he saw her blankets on the couch he sat on.

Eunbi nodded back in response. “Yeah. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“Mhm.” He leaned backwards against the couch, his eyes wandering around the place in curiosity. It was different this time. Last time there were a bunch of mannequins and a long carpet on the floor, but it became all cupboards and drawers. It seemed like a Potions class that he didn’t know off. Jimin still didn’t know how the RoR worked.

“Uh, can you please turn around and close your eyes. I want to change.” Eunbi said shyly when she took her pajamas that were beside him. It was a white tank top with some dark green hoodie and sweatpants.

Jimin’s cheeks heated up and nodded, facing the opposite direction and placing his hands on his eyes. He felt his cheeks heat up more and more whenever he thought how the girl he, possibly, liked was half-naked behind him. He managed to catch a glimpse of her white tank top and thanked the Lord above that she was going to wear a hoodie on top of it. Jimin felt as if he was going to light up into flames if he saw her only in a tank top. A white one to be precise.

“I’m done.” Eunbi informed him quietly and started to fold her uniform and robe. “Why are you here, anyways?”

She sat down beside him, still folding her clothes. Her hoodie’s hood was over her head and covered most of her face. Well, it reached till her forehead. ‘Cute.’ Jimin thought to himself with a small smile before he took her large robe to help her fold her clothes faster.

“I just wanted to talk with you about… something.” Jimin stammered nervously. He didn’t know how to exactly start. He could tell that Eunbi knew exactly what he wanted to talk about and that made him even more nervous than before.

Eunbi paused for a second then continued with her work, giving him a small nod on urging him to continue what he wanted to say. She perfected her blank face, but her brain was screaming ‘fuck’ repeatedly. She was starting to panic from the inside.

“About the kiss. I- um-” Jimin forgot everything that he wanted to say; he wanted to die from embarrassment. He placed the robe he folded on top of the ones Eunbi just finished then cleared his throat and looked at her properly. “Why didn’t you push me back?”

Eunbi gathered all of the courage she had and looked up at him. Her fingers were starting to play nervously with each other when she bluntly said, “I didn’t want to.”

“Do you regret it?” Jimin’s voice went a bit lower this time. He was starting to ask a lot of questions, and he hoped that she wouldn’t misunderstand him. It was the last thing he wanted that time.

“Do you want a truth or lie?” Eunbi said after a pause and started playing with the hem of her hoodie. Jimin didn’t waste a second on replying back.

“I didn’t. It’s because—” she immediately got cut off by him.

Jimin slightly pouted at her. “I wanted to talk first. Anyways, if you’re wondering why I kissed you then—”

“If you’re here to tell me that it was a mistake, please leave.” Eunbi suddenly broke eye contact with him and looked down at her hands.

“No. I- I heard everything you said that night, and it’s the main reason why I’m so nervous right now.” He held her left hand with the two of his shaky hands. “It’s been bothering me lately, and I’ve been dying to tell you. My feelings towards you are mutual.”

Eunbi looked up at him quickly with her eyes open. He was looking at their hands rather than her face which explained why he was able to say something at that point. “Wha—”

“Except for one thing.” Jimin cut her off again. “I don’t want us to be friends. I want something more than that. I want to be able to hold you whenever I want you and comfort you during your exams. I want to play with your hair and shower you with compliments.”

Eunbi used her free hand to hold his shaky hands and calm him down. It was like she was indirectly encouraging him to go on.

“You know how you used to get secret notes and small gifts when we had our N.E.W.T.s? They were all from me… that’s why I accidentally called you Eunbee once. When you fought with me that time, I got really hurt and stopped sending you notes. That’s why you haven’t gotten them in forever. It’s such a cliché thing to do, but I had no other way to express my feelings.” Jimin confessed, feeling his heart about to burst from how fast it was beating. He never, ever felt this way in his life before. He never got so vulnerable to a girl—or anyone—before.

Silence filled the room afterwards, and that made Jimin feel even worse. It was like his stomach and intestines were being squeezed then thrown in a blender. Rejection never felt so bad in his life.

“Jimin…” That was the first word she said to break the iciness of the air. “Look at me.”

Jimin slowly lifted his head up to look at her properly. He could feel his cheeks and ears burning, but he hoped that it wasn’t that noticeable. He felt more than embarrassed. He hadn’t confessed to a girl like this properly. All his relationships were one-sided; he dated just for the sake of dating. He never confessed to a girl he actually liked.

“I like you too, Jimin.” Eunbi confessed with confidence.

Jimin didn’t know how to react. He never expected her to actually like him back. There were times where he thought that she did like him back, but being the ‘insecure lil-shit’—he always called himself that—he convinced himself that she didn’t like him. It was best to let his expectations low rather than high. He didn’t want to be disappointed later on.

“Y-You do?” Jimin asked with hope glittering in his eyes. Eunbi nodded back him with a reassuring smile and another hand squeeze. She really knew how to comfort him—how to reassure him. She even went as far as leaning forward and planting a short-lived kiss on his lips. Jimin still felt the same electricity he felt that night at the infirmary. It still shook him to the core of his heart that he forgot to kiss back.

Jimin looked in a daze after she pulled away. He became such a mess whenever he got that close to her. From his messed-up hair to his sweaty palms, it was safe to say that he fell in love with her. He couldn’t think or process things properly in his mind when Eunbi was within his sight. And that was exactly how he was at that moment. With no effort, he reattached his lips against hers, craving for the taste of them.

He sneakily, but properly, wrapped his arms around her waist this time, and Eunbi wrapped her arms around his neck as well. It was definitely getting hotter between them. The gap between them was getting smaller and smaller since Jimin kept leaning forward. Their kiss felt a little bit needier that time. His tongue instantly collided with hers in an open mouth kiss that was full of teeth clashing. It was getting hotter and hotter each second. He couldn’t help but push her backwards, softly resting her back against the couch.

Eunbi felt body slightly to start sweating from how hot it became. Her thick hoodie didn’t make it any better. She just wanted to take it off and throw it away, but she wasn’t really wearing any bra underneath her top. With her chest pushed against his, he probably knew that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Except for her panties.

Pulling him closer to her, she hooked her legs around his legs, completely closing the space between them when she pressed her hips against his. For once, they felt whole just like a completed puzzle. Their movements were in sync. Their lips kept moving together at once, and their lower bodies lightly grinded against each other. His hands slithered underneath her outerwear and rested against the sides of her body, gripping on them. The two never felt so emotionally attached to someone. It definitely made their experience feel a lot better.

Eunbi couldn’t exactly explain what was going through her mind other than she was desperate for him. She wanted him to be hers and only hers for the rest of her life. It was ironic how she hated him a month ago, but liked him a month after. She didn’t exactly, really hate him. She just masked her developing feelings with that in order to not deal with a one-sided crush on someone who despised her at that time.

Just when she was running out of breath, Jimin pulled away from her and asked, “can I take off your clothes?”

“Yeah.” She breathed out in both excitement and nervousness.

“Are things moving way too fast for you? Is this your first time?” Jimin asked her at once. It was evident that he cared about her. He seemed too focused on making her feel comfortable and pleasured. Eunbi’s heart lurched the second time he asked her, just wanting to be sure that she wasn’t feeling pressured or forced.

Eunbi smiled at him and shook her head. It wasn’t really her first time, nor it was her second. She really had no shame in saying that whether to Jimin or someone else. “Just take off my hoodie already. It’s getting hot.”

“Whatever you wish for, princess.” He chuckled and took off her hoodie smoothly. His actions moved against her body with ease that made her feel aroused more than she already is. The way the word ‘princess’ rolled off his mouth fluently filled her with all kinds of lust. She could feel the knot in her lower abdomen tightening.

Jimin’s eyes stared at her perked nipples that showed through her white tank top. His half-lidded eyes started lustfully at them for a while with his teeth toying with his bottom lip. He then leaned down and gave her a quick peck. She quickly grabbed his tie to prevent him from leaning away and forcefully pulled him closer to her. Her swollen lips kissed his roughly with her hips bucking up for some sort of friction.

“Are you that eager?” he scoffed playfully when he pulled away and cupped her through her clothed core. Jimin enjoyed seeing her writhe underneath him and nod her head eagerly. The way she bit her lips to hold in her moans while she tried to rub herself against his fingers. “You’d have to wait a bit more, princess.”

Eunbi let out a frustrated groan and stared at him tug at his tie before opening it. Even the way he took off his clothes made him look hotter than he already was. The way he removed them with no problem and ruffled his hair messily afterwards turned her on. At this point, she knew that she would orgasm the second he started his ministrations on her.

Once Jimin took all of his clothes, except for his boxers, he started kissing her neck all the way down to her collarbones. He made sure to spend extra time on each space to fill them with small bruises of love. As he made out against the valley between her neck and shoulder, he moved his left hand to her boobs and cupped one of them through her tank top. At first, he was gentle to test whether Eunbi was fine with that. Seeing her tilt her head even further and press her chest against him drove him into massaging it roughly. His thumb and index fingers toyed with her nipple, as he buried his face in her neck.

Eunbi not moaning even once was a new experience for him. Girls—the ones he fucked previously—tend to moan a lot that just working in hushed silence made it slightly weird. That didn’t discourage him, though. He mentally set a goal for himself to get her to moan before they started anything else.

Jimin’s left hand rested beneath her breast and started doing the same to her right one with his right hand this time. He was getting too carried by her boobs that he forgot that he kept sucking and nibbling against the same spot over and over again. When he detached his lips from his canvas, a small string of his saliva was attached to his plumper lips and her neck. However, the forming bruise on her neck was huge. It was deep colored, almost like the shades of a sunset but instead of yellow hues, they were green hues.

He didn’t waste any minute in going down to her chest. He first blew cold air on them, sending chills down her spine. Softly, but quickly, he flicked her perked nipples with the tip of her tongue through her white fabric. That made a silent moan escape her lips, and oh God how he loved that sound. She didn’t specifically moan out a certain word, thus; he set another goal for him. To make her moan his name.

Her tank top was already tossed away from them, exposing Eunbi’s bare chest. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful, baby.” Jimin noticed how Eunbi loved getting praised and complimented. She would try to hold back a grin from appearing on her face and would redden whenever someone praised her for anything she did. He made a mental note to not forget to genuinely compliment her.

Then, he started by pecking her lips, then her jaw, then her the middle of her neck. He continued doing that till he reached the small curve between her boobs. He gave her right nipple a long and flat lick before he wrapped his mouth around it. Jimin kept massaging it with his tongue while his left hand kept playing with her left boob. He would teasingly would bite onto her perked bud, sending shocks of electricity through her body.

It was no lie that Jimin was pretty good. He was skilled in making a woman on the edge without even properly starting. Eunbi was trying her best to hold back her moans; she sensed that it was a growing competition between them. She, being the Eunbi we all know, didn’t want to lose to him for the nth time. The way his hardened member would rub against her wet—and clothed—core every once in a while made the pits of her abdomen to tighten.

She tangled her fingers in his blond locks and lightly pulled him closer to her. She could feel him smirk against her, but thankfully, he chose to not say anything. She didn’t want to deal with his teasing during such intimate moments too. She was grateful that he complied with her desires and got rougher with his movements.

Her lips parted open when she suddenly felt pressure on her clit, her grip on his hair tightened. His hand managed to squeeze between their bodies and found its way to her sensitive bud. She was already rubbing herself against his fingers desperately, not able to hold herself back. He didn’t bother moving her fingers nor pulling his hand away. His middle finger rested firmly against her; she felt like he wasn’t going to move until she told him that. She really didn’t want to lose to him, but she was starting to not care at that point. Eunbi was getting overwhelmed by her sexual frustration that she wanted to cum badly.

“Please start moving.” Eunbi mumbled shyly, her fingers tugging his hair.

“I didn’t even start moving, and I can feel your wetness through your sweatpants.” He joked with a slight smile after he pulled away from her chest.

“Don’t make me regret giving you my consent.” Eunbi sighed and ignored how her pink her face became from embarrassment.

“But I love teasing you. I love your cheeks would flush pink and how you would cutely scoff or sigh at me.” Jimin pouted while looking up at her and wrapping one arm around her waist. He wasn’t wrong after-all, as Eunbi did exactly what he just said. She fought back her smile and looked up at the ceiling.

Jimin moved up to her and pecked her lips, his dimple evident on the right side of his face. He loved how her cheeks got even redder while she tried to avoid making eye contact with him. He never saw her that shy and insecure in front of him, and he honestly thought that she looked adorable. He stared at her with a small eye smile then started to walk his way back down.

This time, he moved all the way to her hips. He held both sides on her pants and pulled it off her legs, making sure that he didn’t remove her underwear. Her bare legs slightly rubbed against each other, too embarrassed to open her legs again. Her actions casted doubt in his heart.

“Are you sure you want to…?” He asked for the third time, wanting nothing but reassurance from her.

“I’m more than sure.” Eunbi said firmly; she hoped that he would stop asking and trust her for once.

Jimin nodded at her then opened her legs with his warm hands only to get greeted by her pink lace underwear. She had a huge wet spot in the middle that made him feel more than proud that he was the one that caused that.

He first placed her legs on his shoulders with no effort before he started to rub his fingers against her. The roughness of her fabric added more to her pleasure that made her move her hips. Using his free hand, he hooked his arm around one of her legs to hold her down. A sharp breath left her mouth when he forcefully pinned her hips down and continued to rub his fingers through her clothed core. He continued to tease her for half a minute then changed what he was doing.

Jimin finally took off her underwear and tossed it away. A strand of her juices was attached to her underwear that made the sight even better to look at. He probably had a full boner by then but he just wanted to make her feel good at the time being.

“I’m so fucking lucky to be able to fuck you. You’re just so hot and beautiful that I can’t wait to be in you.” He breathed out against her core, sending vibrations through her body both from his words and his actions. “Fuck, you’re probably so, so wet and tight.”

A flick of his tongue against her clit made her moan louder than last time and tugged his hair again to encourage him to go on. He then ran his tongue flatly against her, ending it with a small ‘pop’. He continued doing that until he attached his lips around her clit, gently sucking on it. Her deep breaths filled the entire room while she tried to grind her hips against his face that caused Jimin to ‘tsk’.

“Fuck—Jimin…”  Eunbi moaned out when she felt him bit her very gently and softly. Just when she moaned out his name, he inserted one of his fingers—his index—into her and curled it. That wasn’t enough for her, she wanted more. She wanted him to fuck her badly and being slowly and painfully teased by him made her feel as if they would stay up for hours just fucking on the couch. It’s not like she didn’t mind; she got even more excited.

His ministrations soon became faster and quicker; his finger was moving in and out of her while he continued to lick and suck on her bundle of nerves. With his finger constantly hitting her g-spot recklessly, Eunbi felt close to her orgasm. It didn’t feel like she was just going to orgasm, but she felt more than that.

Jimin, being the experienced person he was, knew exactly that she was close to cumming. Her legs started to shake and her toes curled and uncurled uncontrollably. He could even feel her core throbbing against his finger that made him add an extra finger in, stretching her even further.

Eunbi’s hand impulsively pulled him closer to her in a way to get off quickly. It felt so good that she didn’t want to orgasm yet, but the knot in her abdomen made it hard to avoid that. His pumps became more rhythmic and faster. A small fuck left her mouth when he sank his teeth into her clit more roughly that time. She started to rub her boobs with her free hand that made her closer to her climax.

A second later, Eunbi’s back arched, as her orgasm ripped through her body. A plentiful of curse words left her mouth in a constant mantra of moans that made Jimin remove his fingers from her and lap her juices. His tongue running across her core made her ride out her orgasm, but seeing that he continued to that on her sensitive clit was becoming a bit painful for her. The grip she had on his hair became loose, as she bathed in the euphoria and pleasure.

“That was so hot, baby.” Jimin said after he pulled away with her juices covering his mouth and entire chin. He wiped them away with the back of his palm, accidentally smearing a bit to his jaw. “I never thought that you’re able to squirt.”

“To be frank, I didn’t know either.” Eunbi admitted and covered her most of her face with her hands. She never squirted in her life before, whether it was because of someone or her, but she lowkey loved it. It felt way better than just orgasming.

Her eyes lingered on his face and his slightly toned body. Due to his bad health, most of his muscles were lost and not visible. However, he still looked handsome in her eyes. He was still handsome to her that she couldn’t peel her eyes away from him. The way how his fingers fumbled around his belt with a part of his hair was sticking out. The way how her juices glistened on his face just added to his overall look. If it was her turn, she wouldn’t know where to place her lips on first.

Once he finally took off his pants and underwear, he towered over her again. Eunbi managed to get a glimpse of his hardened member that had precum on the tip before he rolled on a condom. ‘Fuck.’ She thought when she realized that she was actually sleeping with him. As stated before multiple times, she never expected to kiss him, let alone fucking him. Her heart would flutter every time she thought about how close their bodies would be and how his lips would constantly be on her skin.

A gasp left her mouth when she felt him enter her, stretching her apart. His face dropped into her neck with a moan leaving his mouth and onto her skin that sent vibrations all the way to her core. It was the first time that she heard him moan—or say something other than his sarcastic words—and it made her clench around him. That made him groan and moan at the same time.

“Stop it.” He groaned with her eyes shut close. He wasn’t fully in her, and he already thought that he was to cum right then and there. His fingers dug into her hips bones while he finally, finally he was in her. He didn’t move at all; he just wanted to enjoy it as much as he could before he started moving.

“Please start moving,” she pleaded, squirming under him.

Upon hearing her beg, he started to move in slow and languid movements, his slightly curved member hit her in places that had her legs shaking. She tilted her head to the side to be able to kiss his neck. Her tongue would sometimes lick his skin before she started to bite it. As she worked on giving him hickey on the side of his neck, Jimin grew more and more frustrated. He decided to pick up his fast and substituted his long movements with something quicker and faster.

“Oh, my God, Jimin.” She moaned and wrapped her arms around his torso. Her fingers were starting to dig into his back when his thrusts became more rhythmic than before. He would probably would end up with long, red scratches on his pale back, but he didn’t care. Fuck, her scratching him made him even go faster. It wasn’t only that, but her constantly saying his name in short and ragged breaths encouraged him.

Eunbi couldn’t think of anything at that moment. Her mind was overwhelmed by pleasure that she eventually stopped kissing his neck. She habitually grinded her hips against his that made his thrusts deeper while wrapped her legs around his hips. The heels of her feet dug into her lower back that made him dig deeper into her. The knot in the pit of stomach kept coiling and uncoiling that made her clench around him for a second.

Jimin took one of his hands and started to rub her swollen clit that drove her into clenching tightly around him. He huffed out her name in a silent moan beside her ear. His mouth dropped open a bit when he felt her intentionally clenching around him. He couldn’t think straight for exactly five seconds before he continued to rub her clit with his finger. Jimin felt himself closer to orgasming that made him panic inwardly. He didn’t want to cum before her; it would be such a turn off if he did that.

“Look at me.” He growled at her in a low voice.

Eunbi gladly obliged and tore her eyes open to look at him properly. The second she moved her head to the side to see him, Jimin cupped both sides of her face with his hands and kissed her, making sure to continue his thrusts. Eunbi immediately kissed him back, as passionately as him. Her back arched a bit that made her chest get pressed against his tightly. Unfortunately, the kiss didn’t distract them from their upcoming climax. Eunbi didn’t want to orgasm again; it felt way too good that she wanted to bask in constant pleasure.

It felt so different from her previous experiences. She really couldn’t describe how she felt, but each time he kissed her or thrusted harder, she could feel her stomach convulse and spasm. Along with that, she could feel herself come close to her orgasm for the second time. It was the best fuck she had in her entire life.

“Ah, fuck. I’m so close.” Jimin admitted sheepishly after he pulled away. “I don’t want to orgasm before you do.”

“I’m pretty close too.” Eunbi’s words did surprised him a bit. He thought that she was nowhere near orgasming. ‘That explains why she kept…’ he thought to himself then dropped his hands from her face. “Don’t cum yet, though. It would be such a dick move if you do.”

Jimin chuckled at her warning and nodded his head obediently.

His hand went back to her clit while the other one cupped her breast this time. His thrusts were becoming more sluggish and messy, but he tried to maintain his rhythm. He buried his face in her neck again, not thinking of anything other than making the two of them orgasm. Lewd sounds filled the room; the sound of his skin hitting against hers.

“Cum for me, baby girl. S-Show me how badly you want to cum.”

It wasn’t long until Eunbi came. Her grip on his torso went loose while Jimin’s name rolled off her mouth in a never-ending mantra. Her back arched once again, making her press her boobs press against her chest. Hot waves of pleasure filled her body due to her powerful orgasm. It was very powerful that she curled her toes and bolts of energy ran through her body.

Her muscles kept pulsing and clenching around him that made drove him to his climax too. He moaned her name against her neck and kept thrusting into her slowly this time. Eunbi moved her hips against his to help him—and her, too—ride off their highs.

Jimin slumped against her body, completely boneless in her. The two laid there in silence for a couple of seconds, recovering from their intense orgasms. It wasn’t long before Jimin pulled out of her. He took off his used condom and threw it away. He leaned over her body and grabbed one of his clothes to wipe her core from her and his juices. He took her hoodie and sweatpants, gently putting them on his naked girl’s body. Jimin wore his boxers before he proceeded by covering their body with her blankets and laying down by her side. Thankfully, the couch was quite spacious, so they weren’t stuck to each other.

It took him a while to notice her lingering stare on him that made his eyes crinkle into a small eye-smile. His arms wrapped around her bare waist comfortably and pulled her closer to him. He could feel her heart beating extremely quick in the same way his beat for her. They were literally connected by the heart. He could even feel their hearts beating at the same time after a while. For the first time in his life, he felt that much of a connection to someone. That connection made him peaceful.

Eunbi couldn’t stop staring at Jimin. She grew attached to him, and she doesn’t find herself leaving him anytime soon. Hopefully, she never would. After spending those past weeks in bad blood with him, Eunbi realized that she wouldn’t be able to live without him. His constant teasing and bragging grew on her that her day felt empty whenever he didn’t do that. By then, Eunbi realized that she fell way too deep.

Soon, physical exhaustion overcame them that made them fall asleep. Jimin made sure to peck her forehead and whisper ‘I won. Good-night, princess.’ before he slept after her.

When the duo entered the long, dining hall together, small whispers erupted at the sight of them not bickering for once. Eunbi would always have an annoyed face whenever Jimin was beside her, but she was laughing with him. The sight of her laughing at him while he looked at her with a faint smile and fondness in his eyes was bizarre and weird to other students. They, the new couple, didn’t seem that bothered by the stares they received and nonchalantly sat down beside Eunbi’s friend, Yerin, whose mouth was open in shock.

“You two… what?” Yerin said, forgetting how to speak properly. She stared at them; they sat on the seats in front of her together. They often sat away from each other or one sat on the opposite side of the other. Yerin swallowed her food and pointed her with her metal chopsticks at them. “Do you guys like… like each other or something?”

Jimin glanced at Eunbi then shrugged at Yerin’s question with an ‘innocent’ smirk. He secretly intertwined his pinky finger with hers beneath the table and started eating without saying anything.

While Eunbi ignored her friend’s question and started eating, she tugged his finger, holding back a smile. She could definitely get used to this.

Scars Map - A Remus Lupin Imagine (Part four)

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OKAY HERE IS PART FOUR OF SCARS MAP, and by the GIF, you obviously know what’s coming (no pun intended). 

Warning : smut. 

Part one, two and three


It has been quite a while since you last saw Remus.
The last time, you were laying down on his tiny hospital bed, holding him in your arms, crying. He was sound asleep and not in shape at all.
You never saw him so messed up from the full moons. That was the last picture of him you had in your mind.
You stopped seeing Sirius.

When you admitted to yourself that you felt different towards him, when you finally came to realize that your feelings for Remus were maybe more deep that you initially thought, you had to be honest with yourself. 

You had been so scared to lose Remus in every ways. There was of course the risks he was taking every time he was transforming, but there was also this constant concern of him hurting people he loved, despite everything he wished for. That would be worse than death, in his opinion. And he had came close to it. 
He had enough on his plate for constantly injuring himself, he didn’t have to bear the burden of harming people he cared for.
Yet, you never were afraid of him.
That’s why, that special night, when he rang your doorbell, you were happy to see him showing on your doorstep.
‘Y/N?‘he said, shoving up the rain in his golden locks.
‘Remus? Come on, come on in!’ you said, pulling him by the collar.
He found himself in your apartment, wet and out of breath. You thought he didn’t want to see anybody ever again. When he found himself at St-Mungos because he attacked his two best friends, he didn’t want to see them anymore. And it included you. He didn’t want you to be in the middle of it all.
'Remus, are you okay?’ you said, looking at his face.
He looked hurt and embarrassed.
'I don’t know, I just… I didn’t know where to go’ he replied, taking off his damp coat. 

'It’s okay’ you replied. 'You did the right thing, coming here.’
He looked into your eyes and smiled weakly.
'I didn’t come to get your pity, Y/N. I just… I felt like I needed to see you.’
You smiled back, heading to your tiny kitchen.
'You hungry?’ you asked, looking in the fridge if you had anything to offer him.
He shook his head.
'I already ate.’
You turned around and considered him. You knew exactly what time of the month it was.
'Remus, I could cook something, I don’t mind. I know you must be starving’ you said, checking if you had any red meat hiding in your freezer.
'Nah, I’m fine’ he said, stepping towards you.
You turned around, only to witness Remus messing with his hair. He looked so cute.
'What brought you here?’ you asked, sensing he was suddenly uncomfortable.
He scratched his neck.
'I don’t know really… I felt like seeing you’ he replied, embarrassed. 'Sort of followed my instinct.’
You smiled.
'I’m glad you’re here, really.’ You paused. 'How are you feeling?,
'Horrible…’ he answered, trying to push away the memories of his last transformation.
'I’m sorry’ you mumbled, stepping closer to his body.
There was nothing to do. You felt like you were losing it when you were around him. You stared into his green eyes and sensed something you never felt before. There was lust in his gaze, like he really was about to explode with it.
'Remus?’ you asked.
He pushed himself on you, started to kiss deeply your lips, leaving traces of his imprint all over you. You mumbled something under your breath, but felt your spirit leaving your body all at once. Remus’ hands were searching for your skin as he started to pull up your shirt.
'Y/N’ he breathed in your neck, while your were already unbuckling his pants.
His hands ran down your waist as he grabbed your body to sit you down on the tiny kitchen’s counter. Legs spread to wrap him between, you searched for his sweet lips again, pushing your tongue in his mouth, ready to deliver yourself to him, entirely.
He stopped for a moment, admiring you giving yourself to him. He caressed your cheek, resting for a moment next to your face.
'I don’t know what I did to deserve you’ he whispered in your ear, putting a gentle kiss on your forehead.
As an answer, you pushed your panties down, knowing your whole body ached only to feel his touch once again on your skin.
He chuckled and took you in his arms, carrying you to your living room. He laid you down on the tiny couch, smiling at you. You could feel the urge and the hunger he felt towards you as he kneeled before you, placing gentle kisses between your thighs.
It made you moaned with desire instantly.
You knew exactly what this moment meant. The full moon was approaching. His wolf tendencies were getting nearer by the minute. He needed you in a intuitional way. You were his prey and was glad of it.
You saw him taking a mouthful of your wet sex as he started to lap on it. That only gesture pushed you over the edge. You put your hands and pushed gently on his head as he licked you with insatiable appetite. Only the white scar crossing his handsome face shone bright into the dim lit room.
'Remus’ you said, between two moans. 'I want you.’
Your legs were shaking now with all the pleasure you felt. He thrusted his fingers deep into you, moving them inside back and forth as you started to feel like you were pushed over the edge.
'Shit-’ you mumbled under your panting as you reached your release.
While you were recovering from your orgasm, Remus covered you with sweet kisses.
There was no release for him. Instead, you could read that he was really, but really, hungry for you. This was just a glimpse of what he would do to you. It turned you on even more. In a hurry, you untied his pants completely and you felt his hard sex pushing through his underwear. It lightened something in you. He removed the fabric from his waist and laid you down on the couch.
You felt his hard cock tickling your slippery folds, inviting him into you.
He pushed the tip inward, making you grab the couch intensely.
You sighed, ready to take him all at once.  
He considered you for a moment.
'I know we shouldn’t but…’ he said, sighing. 'Nothing comes close to the way I need you right now.’
You grabbed his chin in your hands and kissed him deeply.
Remus slowly thrusted himself into you, pounding slowly, with abeyance, while you held your breath between each shove. You felt your chest become heavier with emotion as you read his beautiful face, released of any tension. There it was: just him and you, alone together.
You felt sweat falling from his steamy forehead on your bouncing breast. He pushed your legs up as he started pounding a little bit faster.
You saw Remus close his eyes. He rested his face in the hollow of your neck. You felt him biting you mildly. There was it, the animal within him, revealing himself to you. And you didn’t mind. You loved him in his complex absoluteness.
You ran your hands down his back, feeling every scars on it crossing bumping on your thumbs.
You felt his tongue slide on your skin, he was devouring you entirely.
'Don’t stop’ you said, feeling yourself be put over the edge, again.
He growled, clutching on your hips with his fingernails, leaving tiny marks on you.
You needed more than this. You needed him to break you. You wished he knew you were his, completely. You never felt like that ever before.
You could feel you were getting near your release.
'Remus’ you whispered, between pantings and moans.
He didn’t stop moving, but he stared in your eyes. He was there, he was aware of everything.
'Remus I love you’ you admitted, feeling like you were about to cum.
You were afraid of what he was going to say. You were frightened he wouldn’t answer. That he’d stop. Because maybe what pushed him into your arms tonight was the fact that he was just thirsty for some skin. That he needed a warm body to keep him company.
Instead, he opened his mouth to say something, but closed it immediately.
You felt your walls tightening around him and moaned your deep pleasure into the whole room.
'I love you too’ you heard him say, amid two cries of pleasure. 'I love you too, Y/N’ he repeated.
A discharge took hold of your body completely as you heard those words.
You looked at Remus releasing himself into you, with a broken and deep howl.
Both panting and petrified, you stared into each others eyes.
You didn’t know what to say anymore.
'Is it true?’ said, Remus, resting his head on your laps.
'What?’ you asked, stroking his hair.
'You know what I am, Y/N. You can’t possibly-’
'I love you’ you cut him. 'I love everything about you.’
He turned his head to look at your messy self. He smiled.
'And I love you too. What are we going to do with that?’ he answered.

“Nobody loves the light like the blind man” is used to describe Grantaire by Hugo himself but can you imagine Enjolras saying it.

Grantaire always jokes about how Enjolras is Apollo, the sun, his golden locks a halo on his head as fury fills his eyes.

Grantaire always says he’s worthless. Dionysus, a good for nothing Puck playing the flute of pleasure to get any inkling of joy in this cruel world.

And Enjolras gets to know him, truly sees how amazing Grantaire is, and says that he is blind to his own potential, his own worth, and the love Enjolras has for him

Birthday Bash

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Request:  Could you do #47 and #74 with Bucky please? maybe something fluffy?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary:    47: “ You’re cute when you’re angry. ”  74: “ Of course I remembered! ”

It’s your birthday and everyone, even your boyfriend, ignored you.

Words Count: 1,106

Genre:  fluffy

Warning: language

You have never been so frustrated in your life. It all started this morning when you woke up, expecting to be greeted with a ‘happy birthday!’ from your boyfriend Bucky, but instead you got a cold bed and a note. It was abnormal to wake up without Bucky in the bed, he normally would only leave bed if you forced him.

Went out jogging with Steve, might be back by lunch. 


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