his goddaughter

Molly didn’t have to answer the door with Rosie in her arms. The baby was not upset or sad, there was no reason she couldn’t have put her down (if she was even holding her to begin with) to answer the door.

But this is Molly Hooper.

She had to give Sherlock the most awful message from John. She is loyal to both of them, but she is not heartless. She is compassionate and understanding and above all loves them fiercely.

So she gave Sherlock a moment with his goddaughter. He had to hear that message but she let him see Rosie to soften the blow, to tell him that she didn’t agree with John. She would respect his wishes, but do her best to be there for Sherlock, too.

He wanted to help. Sherlock wanted to see how things were going and see IF HE COULD HELP.
But no. Molly was under obligation to turn. Him. Away.
Not sure if I’ll be able to forgive John Watson for that crap. 😐

soulmates au

february 13 | “soulmate”
(Another quick overview!)

In a world where you share scars with your soulmate and are able to communicate by writing on your skin, Jack and Gabriel are soulmates who haven’t met yet. Gabriel is a tattoo artist in the habit of doodling all over himself to test out designs. One day, while picking up his goddaughter Fareeha, Gabriel runs into Jack, the unfairly attractive preschool teacher whose skin is positively covered in Gabriel’s ink.

Of Tea Parties and Princess Duties

for @cakeandpi as part of the @yjficexchange

Prompt: “Kaldur having Very Serious Princess Tea Parties with his goddaughter Lian, absolutely straight-faced, teaching her important lessons about ruling and politics. While Roy is a bit concerned that Kaldur seems to be teaching his four year old how to conquer the world.”

Basically ignores season two bc fuck season two am I right?

So so sorry this is a day late! I was having some issues with word on my computer and the fic’s file kept getting corrupted but I hope this is what you wanted!! (pls enjoy my attempts at pre-k playground problems lol)

Kaldur shifted on his feet as he waited in the cramped entry way to the small fourth-floor walkup. Early morning light attempted to seep through the shoddy blinds that covered the window across the room. He wanted to appear casual, but his tense shoulders and rigid posture betrayed him. Roy had not noticed, fortunately, as he maneuvered around the tight space, collecting his scattered things.

“Roy,” Kaldur tried, searching for words, “I… am not sure that this is the best course of action.” Roy moved in and out of Kaldur’s view as he quietly stepped, “Surely there must be someone else-“

Roy tossed his pack onto the coffee table in the center of the living room and began to shove his gear into it, he looked up at Kaldur and shook his head, “Afraid not.”

“What of Cheshire- Jade, I mean,” Kaldur pressed, “Or Artemis? Or Mrs. Crock? Ollie and Dinah? Even M’gann would jump at the opportunity to- uh, babysit.”

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anonymous asked:

can you do a drawing of sarada as hokage maybe?

i can’t really draw, so here’s some fluff that’ll hopefully suffice
title: one short day
pairings/characters: sssfam ft. kakashi
summary: sarada has a declaration to be heard

“kakashi-oji!” kakashi hears the little girl’s voice and her footprints as she runs into the room. the silver haired man pushes his paper work aside, swivels in his chair and welcomes his goddaughter with open arms. he smiles warmly as she wraps her small arms around his neck.

“hello, sarada-chan,” he greets her in return. 

she grips part of his face mask in a chubby fist and giggles when it hits back against his face. the hokage simply smiles as the four year old enjoys his reaction and thinks to himself that maybe she’s a little too much like sasuke for her own good.

“sarada, that wasn’t very nice,” her mother scolds, hands on red-clothed hips, “are you going to apologize to kakashi-oji?”

kakashi sits her on top of his rather dull paperwork, not able to find it in himself to care if she crinkles the genin mission reports. she looks at her mother with big black eyes and turns back to her godfather, beckoning him forward; she mutters a “sorry mr. kakashi,” and he smiles with his eyes in front of her. she takes the opportunity to steal the hokage hat on his head and places it on her own. the material reaches all the way to her sides and the hat shadows her completely, but somehow it seems like a perfect fit. 

“look, mama! i’m the hokage now!” she laughs, hat nearly tipping over. sasuke enters behind his wife, clad in his favorite black cloak—a sure-fire sign that he was ready to leave for his next mission.

“hokage already?” her mother feigns surprise, “they grow up so quickly, just yesterday you were my little girl. are you sure you’re ready to be hokage, sara-chan?”

she smiles big and nods quickly. “you’re a better ninja than me now, sar,” sasuke pipes with a small grin.

kakashi straightens out the hat on her head, “well, lady sarada, what’ll be your first declaration as hokage?”

“it’s um… um… mama what’s a declaration?” she questions, looking to her parents for an explanation. sakura smiles and explains, “it’s like a rule, sarada-sama.”

“oh,” she realizes, a light blush coating her cheeks, “mama, you don’t have to call me sarada-sama just because i’m the hokage!”

the four year old laces her fingers together and rests her chin on top of her hands, an action all too familiar to the sensei, and looks around the room, pondering her fist all important declaration. “oh, i know! as hokage, i make it illegal for papa to go on any more missions!”

she leaves kakashi and sakura with mouths agape, and sasuke speechless with a broken heart; sarada was far too smart for her own good. he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out—what was one supposed to say when their child was begging them to stay home, but you had to leave?

“n-no more missions for papa?” he stutters.

“mhm. that way he can spend all his time at home with mama and play with me and chase me around in the backyard and we can play ninja like boruto and his papa do!”

he softly walks towards kakashi’s desk and bends down to meet sarada at eye level. “i’m sorry for leaving so often, sarada,” he starts, “i’ve been a pretty bad papa, huh?”

the little girl’s face flushes and her hands flare, “no! no! you’re the best papa ever,” she bursts, “i just—it’s just… sometimes i miss papa,” she looks down, almost embarrassed at her confession.

sasuke tilts her head back up and gently taps her forehead, “how about this? how about i don’t go on this mission and stay home with you and mama instead and next time, i’ll be sure to ask you before i go on another one, lady hokage.”  

he makes her big black eyes fill with fire and light. they’re huge, and he can’t help but think that despite the color, she had sakura’s eyes.

“sounds like a plan, papa.”

The Oshun of Rigoberto Rodriguez ‘El de Madruga’ Oshunyemi (iba’e), in Matanzas Cuba. After he passed away, his house was turned into an Orisha museum because his shrines were so gorgeous. They became so gorgeous because he won the Cuban national lottery six times - to show his appreciation, he had a pilón made of solid gold for his Shango. He was gay and avoided being put into the Revolution’s reeducation camps by marrying his lesbian Goddaughter, Fredisvinda Rossell - an Ol’Oya.

Ibae bae tonu Oshunyemi!


17 April 2006: Baptism of Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

“Ingrid Alexandra is born as the first female heir apparent in our more than thousand year old monarchy. Many will say as I: That was about time.” said King Harald in a speech at his granddaughter and goddaughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s christening.

“A new heir to the throne is carried to the baptismal,” said Bishop Gunnar Stålsett. “A new page has been added to our history.”

Ingrid Alexandra was christened by Bishop Gunnar Stålsett in the chapel of the Royal Palace on 17 April 2004. Her paternal grandfather King Harald V, her aunt Princess Märtha Louise, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Felipe, Prince of Asturias, and her maternal grandmother Marit Tjessem were her godparents. The Crown Prince of Denmark and The Prince of Asturias were unable to attend the christening due to their respective weddings scheduled to occur within a month of the christening. Afterwards the royal family brought the baby out onto the balcony of the palace, where they were cheered by hundreds of well-wishers. A local gospel choir meanwhile sang a specially-composed song, entitled Welcome To The World Our Princess.


First Word (Tyler Joseph - Twenty One Pilots)

Word Count: 835


Tonight was the night you and your baby daughter y/daughters/n visited Tyler on tour. It was hard going on months on end without seeing him and your daughter missed her daddy, she was a daddy’s girl hands down. The only way you could calm her down when she was crying or throwing a tantrum was to play Twenty One Pilots songs or play a music video; she was their biggest fan in the whole world.

You’d already arranged all this with Josh who jumped at the opportunity to see his niece and goddaughter, y/daughters/n had both Tyler and Josh wrapped around her little finger. Josh had booked the plane tickets and arranged a car to take the two of you to where the tour bus was park, you knew where the key was and Josh told you to wait in the main lounge area so you’d be the first thing Tyler saw after the show finished.

You bounced the little girl on your lap as you counted down the seconds until you we re-united with your husband, and as if y/daughters/n knew who was going to walk through the tour bus door she’d stopped crying and was squirming to get off your lap.

On the other side of the door you heard a familiar voice and your heart leapt in your chest. You watched with anticipation as the door handle twisted and the door opened, luckily for you Tyler walked in looking over his shoulder and talking to Josh so he hadn’t see you yet.

‘Ty you might want to turn around, I arranged a little surprise.’

‘Why would you get me a surprise Josh?’

You stifle a laugh as Tyler turns his head in confusion. When his eyes land on you and your daughter his eyes light up and he makes an ‘oh’ motion with his lips. You stand up and walk towards your shocked husband and peck him on the cheek.

‘Are we a nice surprise?’

Tyler nods his head still shocked. Josh walks past him and slaps him on the back before plucking your daughter from your hands and walked towards the bunk area knowing you and Tyler hadn’t see each other in two months other than over Skype.

‘Say something Tyler.’

Next thing you know he cuts you off and pulls you into a hug, you laugh against his shoulder and hug him back.

‘It’s really you y/n like in person. And you bought y/daughters/n as well, god I’ve missed my two beautiful girls.’

He pulls back and smashes his lip onto yours, you kiss back with the same need and urgency not realising how much you missed his touch since he’d been gone. After a minute or two Tyler pulls back his breathing heavy and rests his forehead against yours smiling.

‘Now where’s my little princess?’

As if on cue Josh walked out of the bunk area holding a smiling y/daughters/n and handed her to Tyler who went into a strange mode. He had created his own baby language so he could communicate with his daughter secretly, when he started making cooing sounds and y/daughters/n started giggling you took it as your cue to give father and daughter some alone time.

‘Thanks for getting us out here Josh.’

Josh pulls you into a side hug and you rest your head on his chest.

‘He really does miss you two a lot when we tour y/n. Maybe now he’ll act less like a girl on her period and man up.’

You swat Josh’s chest but struggle to suppress your laughter. Josh soon joins you and you both don’t stop until Tyler clears his throat.

‘Daddy is trying to have some alone time with his little girl so quieten down children.’


The three of you freeze as a fourth voice joins your conversation. You look down at your daughter sitting on Tyler’s lap who smiles brightly at the three of you. Tyler’s eyes go wide as realisation sinks in.

‘Did you two also hear that? Did she say what I think she said?’

Both you and Josh nod and Tyler lets out a little squeal before holding his daughter up.

‘Can you say that again little princess. Can you say dada?’

y/daughters/n gurgles.


‘Oh my god I’m her first word…y/n I’m her first word…out of all the words she chose dada…shoot we should have filmed it…no this moment is special…’

You step away from Josh and kneel down in front of a shocked yet excited Tyler and put a hand on his knee and squeeze.

‘She’s always been a daddy’s girl Ty.’

With a free hand Tyler squeezes yours back and smiles at you lovingly.

‘I never want to forget this moment y/n.’

‘Neither do I Ty.’

You lean forwards and plant a kiss on your daughter’s cheek and she giggles before trying to reach for you. You couldn’t have asked for a better start to a trip, hopefully you could get her to say mummy or mama next.


Meet Zel. My grandgodSON. The star of this week’s pony sunday.

His momma is my goddaughter. That’s Zena. When I went down on wednesday he was only about 14 hours old and I had already been told that HE was a SHE. No, I didn’t check. I was much more concerned with not alarming momma who was getting her first real peace all day. Imagine the hilarity yesterday when my friend finally discovered the error.

“Lily, those things will kill you.”

“That’s what you said about the bike, but here I am - still alive.”

Lily lighting up on the back of Hagrid’s old bike. As his goddaughter, she inherited it.

Taken by Victoire. She throughly disapproves of smoking, but firmly believes in letting her nieces and nephews chose their own paths.

The Answer

By the flat window, Sherlock had been playing his violin while contemplating on his case for hours. Molly had napped in his armchair with the baby Watson, sleeping peacefully on her chest. The consulting detective finally put down the instrument and turned his attention to his favorite girls. He leaned down and fondly watched both Molly and his beautiful goddaughter sleeping. He gently caressed the baby girl’s cheek with his fingers and secretly placed a loving kiss on Molly’s forehead.

Molly: (Opened her eyes) Hmm? Sherlock?

Sherlock: (Smirked) You drooled on my armchair, Molly.

Molly: I did not! (wiped the corner of her mouth) Oh…I did, (simpered) sorry. What time is it?

Sherlock: Almost ten…

Molly: (Patted the baby’s back gently) That late already?

Sherlock: Yes…

Molly: Have you finished with your thinking?

Sherlock: (nodded) There will be a lot of leg works tomorrow but I have solved it in my head already…(grinned warmly) Thanks to you.

Molly: Me? I didn’t do anything except drooling on your chair, Sherlock.

Sherlock: (Tapped his temple) In here, you certainly did more than that, Molly.

Molly: You mean…I was there, in your mind palace?

Sherlock: Of course. You are always there…you are my conscious and my constant in the equation.


Sherlock, in his T-Shirt and pajamas pants, carried the joyful baby Watson out from his bedroom to the living area. Mary and John Watson greeted him with the warmest smiles. After two days and one night together, the genius detective had to reluctantly hand John back his baby girl.

John: (Kissed the baby’s cheek) Looks like someone is having a lot of fun here. Thanks for taking care of her, Sherlock. I didn’t expect you to be this great at babysitting, mate.

Sherlock: (Smugly) I learned a lot of tactics from the best. Have I ever told you about the prince’s babysitters case?

Mary: Fibbing, Sherlock, fibbing…Where is Molly?

John: Molly? Is she here?

Mary: (Rolled her eyes) Of course, John. Our daughter is nicely cleaned, so happy and very well fed. Molly is most definitely here.

John: Sherlock??

Sherlock: Well…She is resting in the bedroom. We had a tough night.

John: (Grinned broadly) So you and Molly are at the ‘we’ state now?

Mary caught a glimpse of a thin silver chain necklace with an engagement ring around Sherlock’s neck. She quickly connected the dots.

Mary: I suppose the ‘we’ state might be a little inaccurate here, John. They are more of ‘considering the exchange of rings’ state, am I right, Sherlock?

John: Really?!! How could you possibly know all that, Mary?

Sherlock: Because your wife observes, Jawn….

Sherlock toyed with the ring on his chain necklace.

Sherlock: (To Mary) You are not completely right though; Molly is the one considering. I have proposed and now am waiting for her answer.


My little one shot, written to celebrate the baby Watson and the coming of S4.

Take care!


💕2 Years of #sherlollytextchats💕
  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *getting ready for a date*
  • -doorbell rings-
  • Molly: *sighs; goes to the door and opens it*
  • Sherlock: *holding a wriggling baby Watson; grins* Ah, Molly. A little help, if you will.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *confused* I'm...sorry?
  • Sherlock: It seems you are the only one capable of settling young Sharlotte here *hands over his goddaughter and steps into the flat, smug*
  • Molly: *raises her eyebrows* Really?
  • Sherlock: *drops onto the sofa* Oh, yes. I wouldn't make something like that up.
  • Molly: *smiles* No. Wine's in the fridge *leaves for her bedroom*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *hurriedly retrieves the wine and two glasses*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Molly: *returns; smiling* She was out like a light...quite tired. As if someone had been keeping her awake *raises an eyebrow*
  • Sherlock: *holds out a glass, chuckles* Deductions suit you, Molly.
  • Molly: *takes the glass; sips the wine* Chinese? I'm starving.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Fine...
  • Molly: *bends over her laptop, typing*
  • Sherlock: *glances at her; gulps his wine* Um, I thought you had a date.
  • Molly: *stares at him over her shoulder, at the wine and glasses*
  • Sherlock: *looks at the glass in his hand; bites his lip* Well that was devious.
  • Molly: One of us had to do something. The excuses were getting pathetic.
  • Sherlock: And the dress?
  • Molly: *finishes typing and closes the laptop; shrugs* It's new.
  • Sherlock: *nods, replaces his glass* So...this is a date.
  • Molly: Yup.
  • Sherlock: *stands up* Fair enough *strolls over and snogs her; smiles* I do have the best ideas.
  • Molly: *stares blankly at him*

Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, holding his Goddaughter Christina, standing with her father DeHaven Jon Irby in 1990. Jay was the one who drove DeHaven to the hospital to visit his new daughter on the night she was born, which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day.

DeHaven Irby is a former childhood friend and drug-dealing associate of Jay-Z. They had known each other since they were nine years old, living on the same floor of the same building in the Marcy Projects - Jay lived in 5C and Irby lived in 5D. In early 1988 Hov moved to East Trenton to live with DeHaven at his Aunt’s house, promising his mother, Gloria Carter, that they would attend Trenton Central High School and stay out of trouble. But in the end neither graduated - instead choosing to spend their days hustling crack cocaine on the streets.

Jay and Irby were so successful in the drug game at the young age of 17 they would have at least $100,000 hidden under the mattress’ in their apartment, with this number increasing steadily over the weeks. Once when Jay was arrested for possession it was DeHaven’s mother who picked him up from the station, saying Jay was her son. Years later the pair would work alongside Emory ‘Crash’ (now ‘Vegas’) Jones on the streets when their operation expanded into Maryland and Virginia – someone who, unlike Irby, Hov still has in his inner circle as the Creative Director at Roc Nation.

The relationship went South when Irby was arrested and sent to jail for five years on a federal drug-conspiracy charge (that being the same case that sentenced Emory down for 12 years). According to him, the two spoke in early 1998 before he went upstate and Hov told him “Don’t worry man, I got you. You need some help? I got you.” Irby says Jay has not spoken to him since, possibly due to a belief Irby spoke to the Feds about him and his involvement in the drug game. Jay has of course referenced their relationship on wax, touching the subject on tracks such as ‘A Week Ago,’ ‘It Ain’t Personal,’ ‘December 4th,’ ‘No Hook,’ and ‘Black Republican.’ 

Man takes his young goddaughter to see the Pope and she steals his hat

A man took his young goddaughter to meet to Pope Francis, only to watch in horror as she stole the Pontiff’s hat.

Three-year-old Estella Westrick, from Atlanta, Georgia, was visiting the weekly papal audience with her family and godfather, Mountain Butorac.

Estella was called over by security to meet the head of the Catholic church. As he kissed her on the cheek, she quickly made her move.

Her hand reached out and removed the Pope’s cap, known as a zucchetto, much to the amusement of bystanders.

“She was a little nervous to meet him at first,” Mr Butorac told The Independent. “But she loosened up pretty quickly”

Happily, Pope Francis took the incident well, bursting into laughter while retrieving his headwear.

Mr Butorac said Estella’s parents, Scott and Alexis, were “maybe horrified at first” but then found it funny.

He added: “As her godfather, it was great that she got to meet the Pope, and it was great to see him burst out laughing.”

Mr Butorac said the family had arrived hours ahead of the appearance at 7am to secure a good spot in the audience.