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I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.

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“I am your mother. And I will love you, no matter what.
                                                   But lie to me now… you will break my heart.
                     Oswald. Have you done things you should not?”


Jorma Taccone as Owen “Kid Contact” Bouchard in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Snap Pt. 1 [M]

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Comedy; Exorcist!AU

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader; Hoseok X Reader (As of now)

Word Count: 1.1k

Note: The smut will be coming in later parts, I promise. Additionally, any connections to Ao No Exorcist are purely coincidental, but I guess you could say this is lightly based off it? I’m not sure about the end-game pair yet, but we’ll see :)

It’s silent, save for the sound of ragged breathing. There’s something else mixed in there too; something that screams raw, bloodthirsty—something primal.
“You dare return?” An imperial voice, dark with promises of fire.

A groan, then:

“I do.”

There’s the sound of metal shrieking and everything fades to black.

“You know,” You look up when you hear someone clear their throat, “It’s basic manners to know that when someone greets you, you’re supposed to greet them back.”

“Right, I’m sorry, how could I forget?” You roll your eyes, words biting, “Hello, Your Highness.”

The boy in question sneers down at you, making you raise a defiant eyebrow in response to his haughtiness; seeing no reaction, he exaggeratedly runs his hand through his tresses of pitch black hair and shakes his head.

“I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything else from you.” He sighs in mock bemusement, before he’s walking away, “I hope, for your own sake, you learn to treat your betters with respect.”

Your hands curl into fists at the jibe, obviously not in good humor, and it’s only the slight feel of a hand on your shoulder that knocks you out of your rage.

“Ugh, why is he so annoying, Tae?” You whine quietly, turning to face the redhead sitting beside you, “Like, does he honest to god walk around with a stick up his ass or something?”

“Yah, Y/N, don’t be so mean!” Taehyung smiles, as always, eyes scrunching up cutely, “I mean, Kookie’s trying, isn’t he?”

“Whatever.” You turn away, not even the sight of Kim Taehyung’s ever beaming face able to distract your thoughts from the self-entitled little prick, “I hate that dipshit. How on earth does Jimin even stand him?”

“It’s true love, Y/N.” Taehyung sighs almost dreamily, and you give him your most judgmental stare ever, “What? It is!”

“Sure, Tae.” You snort, hands reaching over the side of your desk to zip open your backpack and pull your notebook out, setting on your desk, “If that’s what you’d like to think.”

You continue to occasionally glare murderously into Jungkook’s back, until your professor walks in.

“Alright, kids!” Jin beams, radiant, “I’m pretty excited to announce your final projects today!”

He looks around, as though expecting applause, and with the severe lack of response, his smile drops, immediately replaced by a frown.

“Alright, fine,” He huffs, rearranging his blond strands in a show of completely fake nonchalance, “Whatever. The point here is,”

He pauses there, taking in your disinterested expressions, before clapping his hands together.

“The point here is, you’re going to be summoning a demon for a time period of five days, before you send them back. Doing so successfully, without any hiccups, would reward you the highest possible marks.”

There’s a wave of silence.

“Wait, what?” Jungkook is the first to break it, and that seems to open up the dam, so to speak, because the other students begin to mutter amongst themselves as well, “I don’t know, that doesn’t sound very safe!”

Loathe as you are to admit it, you’ve got to agree with the pompous ass there. Summoning a demon is like inviting trouble for yourselves. You might be practicing exorcists, but you’re nowhere near prepared enough to handle this on your own.

“I KNOW!” The sudden shout from the normally demure professor gets you all quietened down, and he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I’m aware of that, Jeon. That’s why you need to let me finish my entire explanation.”

He looks up then, broad shoulder straight.

“For this assignment, all of you are going to be assigned with a mentor, of sorts; basically, you’ll be receiving guidance from your seniors. They’re all accomplished with these summons, so they’ll be able to help you out, capisce?”

You immediately look to Taehyung, expecting to find a similarly horrified expression. Of course, this is Kim Taehyung. Of course, he looks excited, of all things.

“Uh, sir!” He waves excitedly, making the blonde sigh and nod in his direction. He beams, propping his head on the palm of his hand, “When do we get assigned to them?”

“That’s a very good question,” Jin admits, “I’ve got the list right here with me. I’ll be reading it out towards the end of class, because I’d like you all to actually concentrate here, thanks.”

There’s a general sigh of disappointment from the rest of the class, and you disbelievingly drop your head against your table with a soft thunk.

“I give up,” You murmur to yourself, “I…I don’t even know anymore.”

Everyone else seems happy enough, though. You hear some girls behind you giggling dizzily about hoping to be with Hoseok oppa.

As if.

You snort, propping your elbows on the table. Jung Hoseok is that typical senpai from those anime; always kind, and surrounded by tons of fangirls, but never really interested in them. It doesn’t help that he’s actually pretty good looking…not that you’ve noticed or anything. Definitely not.

As it turns out, though, Jin fails at capturing your attention, unlike how he hoped, and you and Taehyung take immense pleasure in passing around tiny notes with the weirdest things scribbled into them. Eventually though, Jin has to concede defeat, and he does so with flair.

“Alright,” He slams his book down, flipping it open and extracting a thin sheet of paper, “I’ll give you kids the names, seriously! Why can’t you ever focus?!”

There’s no response, but everyone looks vaguely uncomfortable, even Jungkook: the supreme asshat.

“I’m going to announcing your goddamn partners,” His eyes twitches rather dramatically, but it’s not as funny as it ought to be, “Once you hear your names, you better get out of my class, or I will get you detention with Professor Kim, don’t try me.”

“P-Professor,” Taehyung looks vaguely green, and you pat his back comfortably, “N-not him!”

Professor Kim Heechul is notorious for his…rather interesting disciplinary actions and sense of humor. Well, no one really understands the latter, but that’s part of his ‘appeal’, supposedly. You’re not exactly sure, since you’ve never run into him before, but Taehyung has, quite a few times, in fact.

Jin begins listing off names, seemingly immune to Taehyung’s sadness, and people are hardly given the chance to react, hurriedly listening for their names and leaving. You can faintly hear their cries of shock and delight, which blend into an interesting cacophony of noise from outside, and you strain your ears for yours. Despite all your talk of not caring, you actually want a nice senior who you can handle.

“Y/N!” Jin calls, eventually, finally, and you look at him, eagerly awaiting, “You’re with Jung Hoseok.”

Your smile drops.

Well fuck.

Next Parts: Part 2

Written By: (The immensely talented) Admin Midnight~ (Sangria loves to exaggerate)

51: “A bull in a China shop has more grace than you.”

For @imagicalrainbowunicornpuke​ who asked it with a clumsy Nico.

a.k.a I present to you, the accidental spy AU I suddenly tried my hands on but most likely failed at haha.

“Careful on that now! I told you not to touch anything!” Will Solace gritted his teeth as he tried so hard as to not yell at the Italian man out of pure frustration “We’re supposed to be stealthy. Don’t draw attention on us! And can you please fix your tie?”

They were both currently attending a party hosted by a lady named Rachel Dare, a known artist in the country whose works of arts are sought after by the social elites. Will Solace had gotten words from his informant that his current target would most likely be here.

The Italian carefully placed the ceramic vase back on the table which he almost accidentally knocked out with his hands. Thankfully, no one else seemed to have noticed his little act “Well, I’m sorry for lacking your required spy skills but whose fault is it that I’m here? Also, it’s not like I tried to knock it on purpose”

“Fine, I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else. My bad”


“And sorry I didn’t bother listening to your argument and instead dragging you without your consent”

“Continue” The man, who is most likely Italian due to his features simply made a lazy casual wave much to the blond’s annoyance. Okay sure, he mistook him for the other spy he was supposed to work with and yes, his mistake but can he really be blamed if their descriptions are similar? Raven haired. A little pale. Wears a black shirt. Has a tattoo visible on one side of his neck.

How was he to know he grabbed the wrong person?

Focus, Will. Focus. The word ended up as a mantra in his head.

“…Therefore actually having ended up endangering your life”

The man looked satisfied and smug at the apology and casually began walking away, this time careful enough to stand nowhere near anything less he risk accidentally breaking something. Then he stopped, seemingly having a debate with himself before letting out one long sigh and looking at Will.

“Since I’m pretty much already dragged completely into this. What do I do?”

“We join the party of course. You’re going to be Luis Sebastian, an Architecture firm owner from England wanting to expand your company into the American soil. Single. Likes to go golfing during your free time. You’re looking for potential business partners hence why you’re here. Remember to interact and gather information without being a subject of suspicion. You don’t have to worry about being photographed by the paparazzi since Rachel doesn’t allow them in her parties. You should still avoid personal photographs though”

“Fine. And how am I supposed to do that whole gathering information thing?” The man questioned, sounding like he already signed his name to his fate. “I didn’t even have a crash course on this”

“Talk. Mingle. Eavesdrop. Flirt. I don’t know just don’t get caught” Will looked at his new found companion, eyes suddenly all serious. “Just see if you can get any information about a man named Octavian and try not to trip while doing so”

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Don’t you hate it when your friend makes a dumb choice you had already talked them out of?

He’s waiting for her outside of her trailer. Soul gets his ass up early, so he knows he won’t miss her. He’s not sure what he’s hoping to achieve with this, but he’s pretty sure that the last thing Maka wants to do is another movie.

She pushes her door open softly, and she meets his gaze. Her eyes are red, and a little swollen, and she shakes her head before he can even take a step towards her. “Please don’t.”

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BeFour (M)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Min Yoongi. Fake Dating AU. 4 576 words. Smut. Fluff.

Warning:  “You can’t just pull a ring out of nowhere and propose, we’re not even dating!”


It’s a strong word. 

You would prefer using ─dislike. Yes, you and Min Yoongi dislike each other with your entire being, with every fiber in your bones, with every breath you take. Kinda.

“Where are you going?” A gravelly tone asks you, prodding, as if you’re going to flee the scene the moment he takes his eyes off you.

To leave him there to answer his extended family’s relentless prying on how long he’s going to take to put a ring on it. You almost physically scoffed at that. If only they knew.

“The dessert bar, anything you need, boyfriend?” Your reply is tinted with dismay and irritation.

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(Requested by Anon) (Part 2 of this imagine)

You pressed your fingers to your temples, hoping to quell the migraine that was starting to form. “You wanted a drink right?” You opened your eyes and saw Jasper holding out a glass of clear liquid for you. Water by the looks of it. You shared a look with your brothers. Water was not the type of drink you had in mind.

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A New Beginning X

Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, implied smut, geography sleuthing

Word Count: 1.7k

Tags:@supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @jpadjackles @mrsbatesmotel53 @fangirl1802 @pishposha @sandlee44 @impalaimagining @lipstickandwhiskey @27bmm  @extreme-supernatural-lover

A/N: okay so I hope y'all know how much effort goes into this. I spent 20 minutes trying to find a grocery store that was the right length of time away from Lebanon Kansas just for this chapter. Wowza. Thank you all for reading! Feedback is appreciated and 100% accepted. One more chapter left guys!!

Dean was the most peaceful when he was asleep. It was on your list of favorite things to do, watch Dean in those precious moments of the morning before he woke up and the real world set in, ready to kick his ass. When he was awake, you could see the toll those two months had taken on him. But while he was sleeping, he was free.

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Sight (Lafayette x Reader)


Request Queue

Requests- “Can I request a Lafayette imagine? Okay, so he saw the reader for the first time at the ball and reverted back to his native French language because he was so awed…? Thanks, you are awesome! :D”

“Can you do a Laffayette x reader where the reader (femme) and Laffayette go to a bakery and he confesses to them?”

A/N- (I wrote this mostly from Laf’s point of view bc why not)

Song- Daydream Away – All Time Low

Words- 2,271

Gilbert had been having a rough go of it lately. He had been too busy to actually talk to any women, and when he had the chance, they never seemed interested in someone from France. Despite his adequate and improving English and his high social standing in both France and America, women just didn’t seem as interested in him. Gilbert had been the one to suggest to his friends that they attend this get-together, but after being shoved away from a very attractive, dark skinned woman by his friend Alexander, he was beginning to lose interest.

Gilbert headed for the part of the hall that had the most booze. It was something that had never failed him before. He took a large sip of champagne, nearly draining the entire flute. He sighed and stared down at the swirling golden liquid, watching the way the bubbles would stick on the glass for a moment after the rest of the champagne rushed by. Gilbert brought the glass to his lips and let the strong taste burn down his throat, but he quickly smirked when he opened his eyes again.

Standing several feet away was what appeared to be a beautiful woman. He couldn’t see her face, but the gown she adorned was definitely doing her justice and her hair looked immaculate. Feeling confident again, Gilbert set down the champagne glass and headed over to where she was talking to a few other girls. Gilbert casually tapped her shoulder and stood back with his arms cordially behind his back. A laid-back smile was dancing on his face, and he was already planning what he was going to say.

Gilbert couldn’t tell if his heart had stopped completely or if it was beating so fast that he couldn’t feel it, but either way, he was sure he would drop dead right on the spot. Her face had been confused when she first turned around but broke into and easy grin when she saw it had been a man like Gilbert who’d tried to grab her attention.

“Hello?” she asked. Her voice was slow and sweet like honey. Gilbert was desperate to hear more of it. He blinked a few times and smiled awkwardly. He knew what it was. It was her eyes. The way they shone ever so slightly in the soft candlelight and gazed up at him expectantly but not rudely. There was a glowing feeling around her, and the way she was looking at Gilbert gave him goosebumps. “I”m sorry have we met?”

Non…” Gilbert mumbled. “Desole. J-je

She furrowed her brow slightly. Gilbert clasped a hand over his mouth. “Merde! I am sorry I did not mean to…I am Gilbert or-or Lafayette or…whatever you like.” he said quickly.

“Right.” The woman nodded and giggled softly. Gilbert found himself stepping closer to hear more of it. “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N…” he whispered. “Belle, vous semblez vraiment spécial.”  She cocked her head to the side. “Non, I mean, you are….Mon dieu,Tes yeux brillent comme de minuscules étoiles. C'est comme tu as des univers en toi.

She bit her lip and looked towards the floor. Gilbert had a moment of consciousness and straightened his posture to appear more formal. “I am sorry once again. I did not mean to-”

“No, it’s alright!” she said quickly, meeting GIlbert’s eyes and taking his breath away. Her goddamn eyes; they had some affect on him. “My French is just a bit rusty but, er well, vous êtes très beau.

Gilbert’s eyes widened. Without thinking, he took both her hands in his and bent lower to meet her eyes. “Vous parlez Français?”

She shrugged and waved one of her hands in the air. Gilbert quickly returned his own hands to his side and glance away awkwardly.“Only a little. It’s really not that impressive.”

Non non, it is!” Gilbert insisted. “Croyez-moi, it is very comforting to have someone who knows just a little bit of home.”  

She smiled at him. It was one of the most genuine smiles he’d seen this whole night. This year actually. It felt like his whole life. “Well, I’m glad I could make you feel at home Monsieur  Lafayette.”

Gilbert wiped his hand not-so-subtly on his trouser and held it out to her. “W-would you like to dance, belle?”

She looked to his hand and back up to his face. “I’m sorry, Monsieur,” she said softly, “But I’m afraid I’m not much one for dancing.”

Gilbert nearly cried with relief. “Moi non plus” He laughed breathily. She smiled at him, and there it was. An awkwardness Gilbert had never really had with a woman before. He was totally speechless, which was new for someone like Gilbert.

“I…um, would you…” he stammered.

“Yes?” she asked sweetly, not a hint of fear or apprehension present.

“Would you enjoy a walk with me?” He said quickly. Gilbert groaned internally, knowing he probably sounded like an idiot. However, the woman smiled and held out her hand. Gilbert took it slowly and began to lead her out of the building. There was a small pathway through some flowers and grassy areas. It was blazing orange with the setting sun. The world was on fire.

Gilbert held his arm out carefully, and Y/N slipped her arm into his. It was impossible for this man not to smile.

“So tell me about yourself, Monsieur Lafayette. What brought you to America?” The couple started an easy pace down the pathway.

“Well, I have some friends here, and when I heard that a revolution was happening, I came to give my support and fight.” he explained simply. She sucked in a long breath.

“You would be willing to fight, and risk dying, for a country that is not your own?”

Gilbert looked down at her with a furrowed brow. “Bien sûr. I would do anything for justice and what is right.” Y/N grinned up at him before staring straight forward at the pathway again. Gilbert laughed nervously. “What? What are you thinking?” he asked.

She shrugged. “That’s just very admirable.”

Gilbert felt goosebumps crawl over him. “M-merci belle. But I would love to hear about you.”

Gilbert listened intently as she spoke of her family and background. Conversation continued to flow easily between the pair.  It was light-hearted, something new in the grave world they so often encountered. To Gilbert, she was like a breath of fresh air after a lifetime spent surrounded by ash and dust.

The sky had darkened significantly, but neither paid much attention to it. They continued to walk and talk until their voices were sore from sharing hopes and fears and their sides were splitting with laughter. A cool sting hit the side of Gilbert’s face. He looked up and felt another on fall to his neck.

“Is it-” Y/N was cut off by bright flash across the sky followed quickly by a booming sound that radiated their cores. Gilbert quickly pulled her over to the side of the street as rain started to pour from the skies. She giggled and clutched onto his arm. Her hair was soaking wet, but other than that, she was having fun. Gilbert turned to her quickly and put both his hands on the sides of her face.

Est-ce que tu es?” he asked desperately.

She laughed breathily. “Oui. I’m fine.”

He looked around desperately. “We should get you inside.” he mumbled. His eyes scanned across the street. “Là bas!” he shouted, pointing to a small building. There was a faint glow coming from inside of it. The only place on this street with any sign of other life. Gilbert took Y/N’s hand and starting running through the rain towards the light.

Gilbert knocked desperately on the door when the two arrived. The door opened and an older gentleman appeared in its spot.

“Would it be possible for us to stay here until the rain is gone?” Gilbert said quickly. The older man had barely registered the Frenchman’s words before he was stepping out of the way and gesturing for them to walk inside.  Gilbert squeezed Y/N’s hand, and they walked inside together.

“I hope it’s a bit warmer in here. I’ll grab a blanket.”

“Oh, you don’t have to go to the-” Y/N started.

“Nonsense.” The old man stated with a smile. “I will be back.” He left the room. Gilbert released her hand and walked around the small space, taking everything in. The smell of flour and fresh bread wafted through the air thickly.

“I just love places like this.” Y/N commented. Gilbert turned to her, fully attentive. “Little shops with routines. Every day should be the same, but you never know when something could come along and change that.” she divulged. Gilbert smiled and stepped closer to her.

“I know what you mean.” He took her hands in his. They felt small and cold against him. “Sometimes, something walks into your life and, how you say, shakes it up.” Y/N nodded at his words. “Sometimes it’s bad,” he continued. “But it can often be very good.” He ran over the wet tendrils of hair framing her face but pulled away from her quickly when the older man stepped back into the front room, handing a large knit blanket to Gilbert.

“Feel free to eat anything off the shelves. It’ll all be thrown out in the morning anyway. I’ll be in the back preparing for tomorrow if you need anything.”

Gilbert nodded gratefully and wrapped it around Y/N. She frowned. “Aren’t you cold too?”

Gilbert shrugged. “I am fine. You need the warmth.”

She looked down at herself. “It’s big enough for two.” she said quietly. “Nothing warms like body heat.” She looked up at Gilbert carefully. Despite the way his heart raced, a relaxed grin spread across his lips. He stepped towards Y/N and took the blanket off her shoulders. Gilbert moved behind her and hugged his arms around her, wrapping them both in the blanket.

The two stepped over to the place the baker had gestured to, looking at all the different things there. Gilbert smiled as Y/N excitedly pointed out the decorations on the different pastries. Her eyes were wide with amazement. He could’ve sworn he saw them sparkle.

“You should try this.” she stated, turning to the side and holding up a pastry with a heavy amount of cream on it.

“I should try that?” he asked. She grinned deviously.

“Yeah, you should.” she stated before shoving it roughly against his mouth. His eyes widened.

Qu'est-ce que tu as juste fait?” he asked, distressed. She only shrugged in response. Gilbert’s face fell flat. He picked up another pastry and pushed it against her own mouth. She gasped and glared before picking up a small cake. She raised her hand, but Gilbert grabbed her wrist and pulled it away from his face. The blanket slipped off of them. His other hand automatically attached to her waist. She looked up at him slowly. Gilbert gently pulled her closer to him.

“There you are!” a muffled voice called. The two looked out the window and saw a group of young men and women standing outside. The rain had stopped, but they looked freezing. Gilbert watched as Y/N ran quickly to open the door.

“We’ve been looking for you two everywhere!” her friend exclaimed as she stepped into the small business.

“Us two?” Y/N asked. Gilbert’s friends Alexander, John, and Hercules walked into the warmth of the building.

“Hey Laf.” John said casually.

Pourquois est-ce que tu es ici?” Gilbert whispered, glancing to Y/N and her two friends.

“They were looking for her.” Alex said, pointing to the girls. “And they saw her go off with you, so we decided to help them.”

Gilbert raised an eyebrow. “I am sure you did.”

“Y/N we should probably go home.” Y/N’s friend stated. The other agreed. Y/N cast a forlorn look at Gilbert.

“I…I suppose.”

“I will walk with you.” Gilbert said quickly, not wanting his time with her to end. Hercules’ eyebrows floated upward. Gilbert swallowed hard. “I mean, we all will. We will take the girl’s to their homes, right?” Gilbert turned quickly to his friends.

“Oh yes. We definitely will.” John gave Gilbert a knowing look. Gilbert picked up the blanket and set it on a counter for the baker to find. The entire group, though not happily, pick the ruined baked goods off of the floor.

Once outside, Gilbert locked his arm with Y/N. They walked her two friends to their residences first, but the time soon came for Y/N to leave. She turned to Gilbert with a sad smile when they reached her home. The other boys had started to walk ahead already, giving them a blissful moment of privacy.

Gilbert pressed his forehead to Y/N’s. “I wish you did not have to go, belle.”

“I wish I didn’t either.” she sighed.

“May I write you?”

A mischievous glint showed through Y/N’s beautiful eyes. Those eyes which Gilbert knew he’d never forget. “You can do more than that Monsieur.” She wrapped her arms and his neck. Gilbert smiled and leaned down to meet her lips with his. The kiss was sweet and slow. She tasted like sweet cream and champagne. He put a hand to the side of her face, wanting to pull her ever closer. Gilbert only pulled away when his lungs were burning for air.

“Good night, Monsieur.” she whispered.