his girlfriend is teasing him

Kitten(Peter Parker x Reader)

Hi, could you write about peter being pretty submissive in general and his girlfriend slowly teases him one night by kissing his neck and playing with his hair and he loves it? Thanks :))

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You’re watching Star Wars with Peter’s head in your lap when you decide that this is where you want to stay for the rest of your life. You thread your fingers through Pete’s hair and scratch gently at his scalp. He moans quietly, “(Y/N).” You smile and continue telling him to keep watching the movie.

Halfway through Peter gets up to go get both of your drinks. With the movie paused, you maneuver yourself so he can sit between your legs on the couch. “Where do I sit?” he asks when he returns with the drinks. You pat the space between your legs with a cheeky smile. He rolls his eyes jokingly and sits down before playing the film.

You start off slowly by returning your fingers into his hair, massaging his scalp. He moans gently but continues watching the movie. You lean in and place a kiss on his neck. His reaction is immediate. He leans his head to the side so you have better access and moans sweetly. You smile against his skin and begin to leave a hickey on his neck. 

“(Y/N), more. Please,” he begs with a quiet, pleading voice. You get up from behind him and, instead, choose to straddle his thighs. You lean in and place a forceful kiss to his lips before returning them to his neck. Slowly, your kisses get lower until you remove his shirt so you can litter his chest with lovebites. 

Tony snickers when Peter walks through the kitchen of the Avenger’s Tower. “Fun night?” he asks teasingly. Pete just blushes and starts the coffee machine. You walk in moments later to respond to Tony. “Oh, definitely,” you say with a wink.

GOT7 Finding Random Sticky Notes Around The House With Sweet Messages (that you made)

jinyoung: “yooo my girlfriend is the sweetest angel ever!” he saves the notes and reads them from time to time when he’s upset or misses you.

jaebum: he’ll think you’re corny but really cute. “you’re so cute baby thank you.”

jackson: “you love me this much!?” he’d be so happy and he’ll never let you hear the end of it.

Mark: “awwwwwww”when he sees you he’ll give you hella kisses and he’ll tell you how sweet of a girlfriend you are and that he loves you.

bam bam: “did she really? my heart hearts.” he’d be surprised af. he’d just stare at your words and be a cheesing mess.

youngjae: OKAY THIS LITTLE SUNSHINE WILL BE SO HAPPY YO. he’ll keep them just because and he’ll end up writing you his own and doing the exact same thing to you. the members would tease him but he wouldn’t care cause his girlfriend is “the bestiestest”

yugyeom: “i can’t believe you did this” *lowkey tearing up cause damn you’re so cute* he’ll be dramatic af, holding the notes to his heart saying things like “this is carved into my heart now” he’d be laughing cause you’re usually not the one to be cheesy but- o wayl


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렉서스 LC X 태양 ‘SO GOOD’ (LEXUS LC X Taeyang 'SO GOOD’) *o*

G-DRAGON - '무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)’ M/V  ◎[▪‿▪]◎




  1. Big Bang reactions to their gf not celebrating Christmas 
  2. Big Bang reactions to their gf crying in her bedroom
  3. Big Bang reactions to you being vampire
  4. Big Bang reaction to people finding out you are a vampire
  5. Big Bang reaction to a sudden confess by rookie
  6. Big Bang reaction to you being someone famous from USA finding out you are a big fan of the group
  7. Big Bang reaction to kissing you at midnight on New Year’s Eve
  8. Big Bang reaction to their idol s/o getting angry because they did/said something super offensive
  9. Big Bang reaction to their idol gf fainting on stage while performing
  10. Big Bang reaction to their idol baby sister fainting while she performs
  11. Big Bang reactions to their s/o being 4D
  12. Big Bang reactions to doing collaboration with their gf
  13. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf catching him rading fanfics about her/fanboying over her
  14. Big Bang reacting to his little sister dating a BTS member
  15. Big Bang reactions when you flinch in fight because you are scared
  16. Big Bang reactions when they spend time with their baby alone for the first time
  17. Big Bang reactions to you making him a dinner after a long day
  18. Big Bang reactions to you being 'wife like’ 
  19. Big Bang reactions to finding out they are in love with you
  20. Big Bang reaction to finding out you had tough time at home
  21. Big Bang reactions to their s/o parents not supporting her idol career
  22. Big Bang reactions to their gf laughing at everything
  23. Big Bang reactions to you initiating the first kiss
  24. Big Bang reactions to being asked about their gf in interview
  25. Big Bang reactions to their gf saying “I hate you” in a fight
  26. Big Bang reactions to you cutting your hair one side longer
  27. Big Bang reactions to you shyly asking them to teach you how to kiss
  28. Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon
  29. Big Bang reactions to you doing break up prank on them
  30. Big Bang reactions to you getting hurt on stage and ending up going to the hospital ASAP
  31. Big Bang reactions to seeing you in a wedding dress
  32. Big Bang reactions when all of a sudden their S/o collapses due to unexplained reasons
  33. Big Bang reactions when you catch them cheating
  34. Big Bang reactions when they flirt with you, but you don’t notice
  35. Big Bang reactions to you hit him when they tease you but it actually hurts them [boyfriend edition]
  36. Big Bang reactions to his gf winning Artist of the Year at MAMA
  37. Big Bang reactions to his gf getting yelled at because you shouldn’t be dating him and her ex-member told everyone about you
  38. Big Bang reactions to their best friend not getting along with their gf [who’s rude all the time]
  39. Big Bang reactions to his ex gf crying while performing a song he helped write
  40. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf group disbanding
  41. Big Bangs reactions to their little sister dating a member of Got7
  42. Big Bang reactions when you are on WGM together and he has a crush on you & fans starts to ship you
  43. Big Bang reactions when you embarrass him in front of other members
  44. Big Bang reactions to hitting you in an argument
  45. Big Bang reactions when you say you wouldn’t date an idol, but he has a crush on you
  46. Big Bang reactions when you’re his gf, but he’s in love with other member’s gf
  47. BigBang’s reaction when his idol gf talks about their love life during an interview when he would like it to be private
  48. Big Bang reactions when you announce them you are pregnant
  49. Big Bang reactions to their little sister dating Exo member
  50. Big Bang reactions when their gf has the same humor sense as Bianca del Rio
  51. Big Bang reactions when his foreign gf visits her family and they have Super bowl party and she fangirls over a player
  52. Big Bang reactions when their gf founds out her sibling died
  53. Big Bang reactions when their fiancee dies on the way to the accident[WARNING]
  54. Big Bang Reactions to their kid’s first day at school[warning-cute]
  55. Big Bang reactions when they found out Yang HyunSuk is their gf’s uncle
  56. Big Bang reactions when their idol gf who normally has cute concepts, but this comeback is sexy/badass concept
  57. Big Bang reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date
  58. Big Bang reactions to their gf getting severely hurt on an accident
  59. Big Bang Reactions to their sweet, shy S/O becomes agressive while playing a game
  60. Big Bang reactions when their toddler says the f word for the first time beacause he heard it from a member
  61. Big Bang’s reaction to his innocent gf not getting a dirty joke one of the members said
  62. Big Bang reactions to their gf having a youtube channel
  63. Big Bang reactions to being in relationship with really honest and sknship loving gf
  64. Big Bang reactions to his depressed S/O [WARNING][SENSITIVE]
  65. Big Bang reactions to their gf who is from Greece
  66. Big Bang reactions to their crush not knowing they are famous
  67. Big Bang reactions to finding out you have regular seizures every 3 months because of brain tumor
  68. Big Bang reactions to your new pet
  69. Big Bang Reactions to you not coming home after failing college entrance exam
  70. Big Bang reactions to their gf singing a cover of their song and killing his part
  71. Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he’s with her
  72. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf getting a kiss from a girl
  73. Big Bang’s reactions when they have to adopt a 14 y/o girl as a group
  74. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf from Germany
  75. Big Bang’s reactions to their sassy gf
  76. Big Bang’s reactions to their Italian gf
  77. Big Bang’s Reactions To His Indian gf
  78. Big Bang’s reactions to finding out their crush is a lot younger than them
  79. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf thinking she’s too heavy to sit in their lap
  80. Big Bang Reactions to their otaku gf
  81. Big Bang reactions to their s/o who is hard of hearing
  82. Big Bang’s reactions to getting in a dating scandal with their rookie best friend
  83. Big Bang’s Reactions to their gf getting her first tattoo
  84. Big Bang’s Reactions to their tomboy gf being insecure about herself
  85. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf hiding her favourite snacks from them because she doesn’t want to share them
  86. Big Bang’s Reactions to their crush acting in their M/V as their love interest
  87. Big Bang’s Reactions to them acting drunk in front of their S/O because of lack of sleep
  88. Big Bang’s reactions to overhearing his wife and her friend talking about how she had a miscarriage but he never knew you were pregnant



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The Right Know-It-All

Prompt: Can I get a young! Sirius Black x female!Reader where he’s sarcastic and stuff with his friends but goes all soft with the reader (his girlfriend) and such and the guys tease him saying he’s whipped or whistle whenever he kisses her or grabs her butt or something (which he does often) and when she asks him how he doesn’t get annoyed with his friends, he says something super fluffy??? Sorry if it’s confusing!!!!

A/N: Guess who has an exam tomorrow and hasn’t revised and so is writing this as procrastination? ME. (Sorry if its confusing from the speech jumping around but there are a few characters to juggle.) I tried to figure out a good story but I think I could have done better!

Warnings: None

Not edited/proof read


“Yes, Mr. Lupin. You’re absolutely right. Everyone take note of your peer here, he could teach you all a thing or two.” Professor McGonagall said to her class when Remus answered the fifth question right in a row.

“Yeah, because everyone loves a know-it-all” Sirius joked quietly to Remus and shook his head and rolled his eyes. He was about to put his hand up again but-

“Ah, Miss (Y/L/N), you have an answer for us.” Sirius leaned right forward in is seat to see past his friend to get a better view of you. 

“Well, does it all go back to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration?” You questioned, uncertain if that was correct.

“Perfect.” McGonagall said before going on with her explanation. You held back a smile. You saw Sirius watching you in the corner of your eye and so you turned your head to him. He had a proud smile on his face. You gave him a smile and looked back to the front to take notes.

“Everyone loves a know-it-all.” Remus mimicked, smirking at Sirius.

“Shut up.” He whispered making Remus chuckle quietly with James and Peter.

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anonymous asked:

so, we know malek likes dallas. but, is it the same compared to previous partners his had? like, the same intensity, the same feeling? or is it sometjing completely different?

Man, to be honest Malek is just so full of love, he’s loved all his partners from before. But with Dallas, it’s a little Different, because it starts with pity.

In the beginning, Like waaaaaay before. I mentioned, Malek was asked by their Geometry professor to tutor Dallas at Math. Dallas was the first to have a Crush on Malek, and Malek always sorta Suspected, but then his girlfriend at the time, Ellen Weir, would tease him, like, Don’t flatter yourself, Margo’s clinging to you because he doesn’t have any other friends, and Malek would always feel a little guilty because he’d turn down Dallas when Dallas was all, Hey, u wanna hang out later? 

and he’ll think about Dallas and how his face would fall Just A Little when Malek says he’s busy.

Dallas was Not Malek’s type. Like, Malek liked those kind of people where it’d take One Look before you know they’re really good-looking. Conventional attractiveness. Dallas isn’t Conventionally Attractive! He had big, tired owl eyes, a broken nose, and his head always sagged on his shoulder, like his chest was too heavy for his spine to hold up. When Ellen pointed out that Dallas had no friends, Malek’s heart felt really heavy, and once he takes Ellen home, he’s like, he up and RAN to Dallas’ house, and he sees Dallas playing with his dogs, and Malek’s heart did a funny little thump, he’s never been so endeared?? Over some guy who’s only friends are, apparently, large dogs.

The smile on Dallas’ face when he sees Malek, is like, the same expression a puppy would make like!! !!! friend????? !!! Friend!!!!!!!!!

Have some more Otayuri headcanons I forgot to post

• Yuri’s Angels start obsessively following and wanting selfies with Otabek too since they ship him with Yuri. Sometimes they make him wear cat ears.

• Yuri gets extremely jealous when he realizes Otabek actually has other friends in Almaty (because that had genuinely never occurred to him before.) So he doesn’t talk to him for days and tries to post a bunch of selfies with his stupid rink mates but eventually gives up since Victor and Yuuri start thinking they’re actually his friends.

• Yuri’s grandpa hates Otabek because Yuri talks about how cool he is all the time and how he’s a DJ and has a motorcycle and he scares JJ and he’s such a badass. Then they meet and Otabek is the most polite person ever and he’s no longer sure what to think.

• Even though Otabek doesn’t talk about Yuri as much as Yuri talks about him, his friends notice that he’s always smiling at his phone. They start teasing him and calling Yuri his girlfriend but eventually realize he doesn’t care and get bored with it.

• Otabek’s little sister hears one of his friends ask if he’s texting his girlfriend once then when she meets Yuri with his long hair she has a hard time understanding that this isn’t Otabek’s girlfriend. Otabek finally tells her “that’s wrong” and Yuri feels like shit until Otabek finishes with “He’s a boy. It would be boyfriend.”

• Yuri doesn’t know how to flirt so when he gets a growth spurt and starts having to exercise more he just sends him shirtless pics disguised as workout progress. Otabek never quite knows what the intention is with these so he’ll just say something like “looks good” or “👍🏼” and give him unwanted workout tips.

• Otabek hates taking selfies but realizes it’s not fair that he gets to see Yuri so much more often than Yuri gets to see him and becomes determined to get better at them. They still look horribly awkward at first though.

• Yuri says they don’t have to tell anyone about their relationship (because the last thing he wants is to be Victor and Katsudon 2.0) but as soon as they get together he starts sending Mila selfies of Otabek sleeping on him like “back off ho” and she of course shows everyone else. (Also, he starts bragging to Yuuri about a day in.)

• In case it isn’t enough that all his acquaintances know, his instagram becomes what some might say is basically a shrine to Otabek. There are actually more pictures of Otabek on Yuri’s instagram than Otabek has on his own. He still, however, insists that he is very private about his relationship (unlike those idiots.)

Favors-William Nylander

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All right, anon, you asked for this, and I’ll be damned if I don’t deliver. This is NOT an installment of Torn Up but if you haven’t read my series yet I ask that you do. I don’t know how I feel about this one, but I sure hope that you like it! Also can you believe his hair in this gif? Certainly magical

Anonymous said:  Hello! Is it possible if you do a Willy imagine just like the Leon imagine about tension. I can totally picture Willy being a little shit 💩.

Warnings: lots of cussing, lots of innuendo, and one (1) scene that is a steamy PG-13

Check out my series Torn Up

“You didn’t tell me he was going to be here,” you complained, crossing your arms over your chest and beginning to move backwards towards the door.

“I didn’t think I had to. I told you it was one of Kappy’s team events. Common sense dictates that Willy would be here, too,” Annika said plainly, reaching out an arm to pull you back without even having to look at you. “I was going to make you come anyway though, Y/N, because you said you owed me and I’m cashing in.”

You did owe her, and you owed her big. “I don’t see why this is what you’re going to use that on. If I were you, I’d save your favor. Knowing us, we’re going to get into some sort of trouble and it’d do you well to let me go home now so I can bail you out of jail or something later.”

“Nuh, uh. You can’t try and trick me out of this. You’re smart, but no amount of doublespeak is gonna convince me otherwise. I get to choose what I use my favor on. Hell, you might owe me two favors for that! I can’t show my face in that Starbucks again, and it’s the closest one to the gym. That’s at least two favors,” she argued. You knew that she was right; you had made her tell one of your hookups, who happened to work at the Starbucks you and Annika frequented after yoga on Thursdays, that you didn’t want to hear from him again. According to Annika, the guy was crushed. He had actually cried.

The two of you had built a friendship on dealing in favors, but reinforced it with your shared love of clothes, romance novels, and designer smoothies. You hadn’t gotten close, though, until she invited you to a party where you had gotten very, very drunk and made the mistake of going home with William Nylander. You sought her out for advice about how to deal with him afterwards, how to convey to him that you were not going to let him into your pants any time he wanted just because you had made one bad decision and fallen for his charms. Annika had been understanding and didn’t even think about giving you any shit about it, and thus the two of you were practically inseparable. It was true that your habit of frequently hooking up with random guys started after William, but she never mentioned it, not in the six months it had been, and for that you were thankful.

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BTS’ reaction to their s/o having a lot of their memes


He would look at your laptop in absolute amazement, starting to observe the various memes (especially on him and his lame jokes). He wouldn’t dare to look at you for hours, not because he’s embarrassed but because he could burst to laugh at any moment and you would have other material in that case.
Only after a few days, having noticed his strange attitude, you faced him and he starts to sweat to restrain laughter.
“I didn’t know you had certain… Kink.”
“I used your laptop the other day…”
At that moment you understand and run to hide in the bathroom because of the embarrassment.


Find a full album of memes on them didn’t touch him at all. He was using your phone to look for his selca, taken days before and forgotten when his gaze falls on the name of the folder. He doesn’t even need to open it because just the preview is clear enough to make everything understand.
He doesn’t say anything, he just puts your phone back on the nightstand and returns to work on the song from which he had moved away for a few minutes.
Just a few nights later, while you’re having dinner with others, he understands that he can tease you with that little secret.
“Jagi, I didn’t know that my being often in a uniform was a kink of yours.”
The silence is dense but you understand immediately what it refers to because that smirk on his face is familiar. Blushing you remain silent while he enjoys the pink shade on your cheeks.

( We know Yoongi, we know.…. Pls ignore the sub)


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Yellow: Part 7

Previous Parts

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam Winchester is fresh out of rehab after overdosing and scaring his family half to death. High school isn’t the best place to recover, but there’s something about the new girl that gets him through the day.

Tags: AU: High School, punk!sam, cuddling, smut, fingering, hand job, feels

Trigger Warnings: past drug abuse/overdose, past drug addiction, self-harm mention, depression, bullying mention

Words: 3056

A/N:  *cough* Feedback really motivates me to write more!!! *cough*

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Series tagging: @nerd-watching, @brewsthespirit-blog, @bella-maria2018, @nanie5, @amorluzymelodia,@psychidella,@kathrynxox333 , @bemyqueenofdarkness, @evra-von-what, @official-destiel-trash, @poukothenerd,@deepbreathssammy

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My Tall Boyfriend // Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by choijaes

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: smalliemichelle99 said: Hi admin!! I love you scenarios, so can I request for a Yugyeom scenario where he introduce his girlfriend to the members and they tease him for the height difference cause she is so short?? THANKS IN ADVANCE ADMIN.

“Are you sure I look okay? I don’t look too stupid right? Are they all going to be there when we go in?” you asked Yugyeom nervously as you struggled to keep up with his pace while you were both en route to GOT7 dorms.

“Stop worrying jagiya, you never look stupid! You know that I think you always look cute” he cooed into your face as he tugged on your hand, pulling you closer into him. His loving affections were beautiful, but it didn’t stop the lump from forming in your throat.

You met Yugyeom around 8 months ago by chance in the convenience store that you worked part time in. He was buying ridiculous amounts of ice-cream and snacks, trying to juggle them all in his arms as he waddled towards you at the cash register. Of course, you knew who he was the moment you seen him – you would have been living under a rock if you didn’t, but you couldn’t believe that he was in your store. You played it cool, not acting like a typical fan girl as he set all of his things down on the counter for you to scan them. When you told him the total, you saw him rummaging around in his backpack and pockets, obviously looking for his wallet before donning a face that you seen very frequently. The look of “Oh shit, I forgot my wallet”.

“Uh…I’m really sorry but I forgot my wallet to pay for all of this. I’ll just go and put it back” he said, red faced and embarrassed as the people behind him in the queue began to get impatient. You sighed, feeling totally sorry for him and knowing that he was very obviously telling the truth.

“It’s okay, I can spot you this time. Just come by later and pay it, okay?” you smiled sweetly as you pulled out some money from your own purse which was under the counter. Yugyeom looked at you wide eyed, thankful but still mortified. When he returned a few hours later to pay you, the rest of GOT7 had persuaded him to ask you for your number – to which he bravely chanced his luck, and of course, you gave it to him willingly. Now, 8 months later, you were proud to call him your boyfriend; and today he wanted to finally introduce you to his older brothers. You were extremely apprehensive. Would they like you? Would they see you for who you are, rather than just another girl who was a fan?

You arrived at the dorms, going through the back entrance with Yugyeom. As he punched in the security code to open the door, you heart started thumping so loudly that you were sure the whole world could hear it. Before opening the door, Yugyeom turned round to you, towering over your frame before pulling you in close and hugging you tightly.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), I promise you that everything will be fine. They will love you, okay?” he whispered as he placed a small, chaste kiss on top of your forehead, making you smile a little before looking up at him and blinking cutely, giving him a pout that you knew he never could resist. He ruffled your hair a little, before opening the door and stepping in before you, pulling you behind him and closing the door behind the both of you.

“We’re here!” Yugyeom called out as both of you took your shoes off and placed them on the rack. You wanted to keep your eyes on the floor as you heard footsteps coming towards the two of you.

“The maknae is back!” Jackson shouted as he ran up and gave Yugyeom a massive bear-like hug, not even noticing you as you stood back and let them have their moment together.

“So? Where is she man? Didn’t you say you were bringing her back with you?” Jackson questioned Yugyeom as he pulled away from the hug. Yugyeom turned around and looked down at you, motioning for you to come forward.

“She’s here! Jackson this is (Y/N), (Y/N) meet Jackson~” Yugyeom said, his voice sounding a little nervous now that he was actually introducing you. Jackson looked behind him, before looking down at your face and widening his eyes as he looked at both of you standing together.

“Is that Yugyeom with his girl?” you heard a voice call out from the kitchen, before watching  the rest of the boys walking in one after the other, seeing you, Yugyeom and Jackson standing and staring at each other. For a brief moment, everyone stood staring at the both of you, one very obvious thing on everyone’s minds.

“It’s nice to meet you (Y/N), I’m Jaebum” Jaebum spoke first, stepping forward and nearly bending down to shake your hand. You smiled and shook his hand back politely, trying to not move any further away from Yugyeom as the rest of the boys introduced themselves to you and shook your hand.

“It’s great to finally meet Gyeomies girl! Aigooooo, look at you both. But isn’t it awkward?” BamBam asked innocently, the rest of the boys snapping their heads around at his backhanded remark as you stood there, feeling completely confused.

“What do you mean?” Yugyeom asked, a little defensive and feeling much like you. Jackson and Youngjae giggled a little before Jinyoung stepped closer to him, patting him and you on the head and moving back, keeping his hands at the same height away from your heads.

“I think what BamBam meant was…she’s so small compared to you! We didn’t know that short girls were your type, she’s so cute!” Jinyoung giggled along with Jackson and Youngjae – Mark looking at your reaction as you went completely red in the face and wanted the world to swallow you up. It was true, you looked like a child compared to Yugyeom as he was a complete foot taller than you. But you never really thought about it until now.

“Hey guys, don’t be so mean! Yeah, she’s short but Yugyeom is also freakishly tall for his age.” Mark tried to take the attention off you a little, making you look up at Yugyeom as he took you hand in his, smiling sheepishly.

“No, no, no! Don’t get me wrong at all! It’s not a bad thing; you’re both unbelievably cute together! It’s just so adorable seeing our giant maknae beside you! Please don’t take offence…you don’t feel bad, right? I didn’t mean to…” Jackson began apologising in fear of upsetting both you and Yugyeom, coming closer and leaning down, placing his hand on the side of your arm.

“Don’t worry! It must seem strange…I am really tiny after all. But actually, once you get to know me I’m super loud and energetic, so I guess it makes up for my lack of…tall-ness?” you said, not intending for it to sound as funny as it came out as all 7 boys roared with laughter, making you laugh in turn as Yugyeom pulled you closer in to him, his ears turning pink at the tips from this hyung’s comments about how cute you both looked together.

“Alright, alright! Let’s welcome (Y/N) to the family, GOT7 style! (Y/N), we’ve prepared some snacks and some movies – and since you’re our guest, you can have the honour of choosing! We’re all so glad to meet the girl that’s been making our maknae so happy…along with missing some practices but…I can see why he’s been missing them now” Jaebum motioned everyone towards the living room, giving Yugyeom a sly smile as he walked past. You thanked him politely, not quite sure how to reply to his statement as you joined the rest of the boys in the room, before sitting down in between your boyfriend’s long legs with your back pressed against his chest, to watch a movie with your new ‘family’ – and you couldn’t have been more happy in this moment than you had been in your entire life.

The Famous One (Heechul)

Originally posted by 2k08revivalkpop

Type: Fluff

Request: Please pretty please with suga on top *winky face* can you write something where Heechul is dating a stunt girl (my dream job) and she’s really famous in the west and people make fun of Heechul because his girlfriend is more famous than him? Ps I love your writing

You could be compared to Jackie Chan being able to act and do your own stunts. You could speak more than one language and acted in English speaking action movies. It managed to make you decently famous outside of Korea and within it as well to the point you personally didn’t say to Heechul but you were more popular than he was outside of Korea.

This week you were finally stepping into Heechul’s territory by appearing on Knowing Brother. Almost everytime they were able to tease him for his overly famous girlfriend they would. How you were dating him to boost his fame. But you loved Heechul and have for nearly 7 years.


You happily slid the door open to the classroom and popped your head in. You heard loud calls as you stepped into the classroom more. “Hello” you said happily as you stood in the front of the classroom “Y/N welcome!” Hodong said as you waved. “I didn’t think you would have time for our show. We shouldn’t fit into your busy schedule” Janghoon spoke. You leaned against the front desk as you sighed “I’m here to torment Heechul before I leave for California” you tell them as Heechul gave you a look. 

You were happy to talk about your relationship with Heechul “often when I leave Korea and go somewhere, they don’t know I’m dating someone and when I tell them I don’t call him Heechul. I call him old man” you tell them as Heechul stands up “you’re not much younger than I am” he said as you swat him away “I’m 28″ you say as you look back at the others. “I know I said I came here to tease him but I am very happy with Heechul and for once wanted to be on the same program at the same time” you told them as you hid your face in your hands. 

“Now you can tease me with him if you would like” you say giving them a bow. “Don’t drag her down with you” Kyunghoon tells Heechul who pretends to threaten him. “You will leave this show never wanting to do another program with me” Heechul tells you as you sit down in the desk beside him. “I might give your show more views so I bet they would want me back” you say as the room breaks out into laughter. “We’ll have to ask you to move seats” Youngchul says “can’t have you guys being couply while filming” he says as you were moved to the back of the class whining. 

Alex Gaskarth Masterlist

  1. Give him silent treatment
  2. Beach day sexy time
  3. Convinces you to go out with him
  4. Gets upset at you singing Remembering Sunday
  5. You think it’s a joke when he asks you out
  6. Confesses his love for you
  7. Lose virginity to him
  8. Storm knocks out power
  9. He meets your daughter for the first time
  10. He plays Warped Tour for the first time
  11. Jalex - Harry Potter themed Part 1 Part 2(coming soon)
  12. He cheats on you
  13. Age difference in your relationship
  14. Makes you have allergic reaction on first date
  15. Overhears you giving advice to your daughter about having sex
  16. Alex and Jack see your self harm cuts
  17. Cute and fluffy sexy time
  18. Sees your scars for the first time
  19. Finds out you are abused at home Part 1 Part 2
  20. Everyone complains about how cute you two are
  21. Sex in his bunk
  22. Bad breakup, meet again years later
  23. Threesome with Jack and Alex
  24. You’re afraid of thunderstorms
  25. You and him are sneaking around on tour, Matt catches you
  26. He hears fans hating on you
  27. Your parents don’t like the guys
  28. His girlfriend has autism
  29. On Warped Tour together
  30. Have a sing-off together
  31. Alex passes away
  32. Rent a house in the woods to get away
  33. Alex is your New Years kiss
  34. Band gets superpowers
  35. Lisa tries to make you think Alex cheated on you
  36. Alex spanks you
  37. You’re his little sister, he comforts you when you’re upset
  38. Jack’s sister, secretly dating Alex
  39. You walk out during argument and get in car accident
  40. Convinces you to have sex
  41. Major smut
  42. Clara Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  43. Takes care of you when you’re sick
  44. Movie night with the guys
  45. Alex’s little sister secretly dating Matt
  46. You move from Jersey to Baltimore
  47. Dating Alex, make him jealous with Jack at a party
  48. Comfort you through a break up Part 2
  49. You get hurt while ice skating
  50. Big brother, helps you out of your abusive relationship
  51. bdsm
  52. Pulls you onstage to tell everyone you’re dating
  53. Steampunk - Part 1
  54. Steampunk - Part 2
  55. Steampunk - Part 3
  56. Breaks up with you and regrets it
  57. Kiss in the rain
  58. Jack and Alex come to watch your softball game
  59. Walks in on his girlfriend cutting
  60. You tease him during dinner, he takes his revenge in the car
  61. Alex and Jack both like the same girl but she commits suicide
  62. Guys come watch your first Broadway show
  63. You don’t believe in love
  64. Saves you from wanting to kill yourself
  65. Teases you while watching Disney movies
  66. Guys hear you having sex
  67. Sexy time on date
  68. His little sister dating Jack, Jack hits you
  69. He is asked about you during an interview
  70. He brings up the age difference between you in argument
  71. He cheats on you and stops you from killing yourself
  72. Play video games together leads to sexy time
  73. Alex and Jack fight over you
  74. Get a letter to Alex and he comes to find you at a show 
  75. Jalex. Alex sprouts wings.
  76. Alex asks you out but Jack is protective of you
  77. Based off of Bad Enough For You
  78. He wants to hear you sing
  79. Alex is a girl - Zack and Jack like ‘her’
  80. Guys think you’re abused at home
  81. Cute arcade date
  82. Trying for a baby
  83. Someone breaks into your house
  84. Jack introduces you
  85. Jack’s little sister, sneaks around with Alex on tour
  86. Takes care of you when you’re drunk
  87. You’re a Youtuber
  88. Jalex telepathic connection Part One - Part Two
  89. Alex’s little sister, joins them on tour, Jack kisses her
  90. You come home from the military
  91. Alex gets hate on Twitter - Jalex
  92. Based off of A Daydream Away
  93. Flyzik/Alex 
  94. Help Alex through panic attack 
  95. Move to the states and run into Alex after bad breakup years before
  96. Moving from England in with Alex, decide to start a family
  97. Hook up with Alex after lying about your age
  98. Alex is able to turn into a girl Part One - Part Two
  99. He’s your music teacher, falls for you
  100. Your parents forbid you from dating him
  101. Find out you are pregnant
  102. Based off of Backseat Serenade 
  103. Alex’s teenage daughter gets sick at band practice
  104. Find out he dated you for a dare
  105. All Too Well Part One - Part Two - Part Three
  106. All 4 guys like you, dared to make out with Alex
  107. Get in fight, he makes you dinner to make up
  108. Alex’s little sister secretly dating Jack
  109. Getting your first tattoo
  110. Comforts you through panic attack
  111. Alex has the flu - Jalex
  112. You feel pushed out of Alex’s life and get in fight, he gets in car accident
  113. Based on scene from 500 Days of Summer
  114. Smut on the beach
  115. Finds out you have abusive parents
  116. He cheated on you in high school, see each other years later and make up
  117. Lisex engagement
  118. Dating Alex, cheat on him with Jack
  119. Have anxiety attack at a show
  120. Alex gets motion sick - Jalex
  121. Never got along with Alex but he comforts you through break up
  122. Find out he cheated on you, pour champagne on his head
  123. Alex gets laryngitis - Jalex
  124. Guys help you through becoming a zombie Part One - Part Two
  125. Very fluffy
  126. Helps you through your first period at school part One - Part Two
  127. Birthday imagine for Jazmien
  128. Work at animal shelter, Alex comes to visit often
  129. Fluffy fall cuddles with hot chocolate
  130. Haunted - Taylor Swift Part One - Part Two
  131. Band and crew surprise you on your birthday
  132. His daughter is being picked on at school
  133. Mary’s Song - Taylor Swift
  134. Missing You
  135. Alex has a nightmare
  136. Go with Jack to Alex and Lisa’s wedding
  137. Thought you couldn’t get pregnant but find out you are
  138. Supportive of girlfriend after accident
  139. Fluffy smut
  140. Jack’s sister goes to Alex about losing her virginity
  141. Gets his girlfriend color blind glasses
  142. Finds out your boyfriend is abusive
  143. Walks in on little sister losing virginity to Jack
  144. Wants sexy time but you’re on your period
  145. He was mean to you when you were the new girl
  146. Walks in on daughter kissing her boyfriend
  147. His girlfriend has magical powers during sex
  148. His little sister is depressed
  149. Guys help Zack’s sister through a break up
  150. Girlfriend surprises him on stage
  151. He is your doctor
  152. Get too nervous and have to stop during sex
  153. Friends with benefits, misses you when you’re gone

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10, 16, 24, 46

Thanks for requesting! Hope you like! <3

10. “Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.” 

“It’s creepy.”


“No, Betty, it’s creepy; utterly and overwhelmingly chill rising.”

Gripping the glass of soda tighter inside his hand, Jughead moved an inch further behind Betty’s shoulder, her lose blonde curls ticking the tip of his nose as he rested a palm at the small of her waist. They were firing hushed whispers back and forth all this time that they were sulking by the rich red and mahogany decorated buffet table, examining the scene of female gushing and gibberish baby coos in front of them.

“Explain to me one more time how your mom agreed on this birthday fiesta taking place in hell?” Jughead raised both eyebrows, eyeing his girlfriend’s profile, illuminated by the huge chandelier at the center of the gothic living area, now decorated with dark blue and bloody red ribbons.

“Polly wants the twins to have a normal childhood.” Betty quoted her sister for the hundredth time. “This includes them getting to know all their grandparents; at least the ones that are left and the ones that are not cold-blooded killers.” It had been a year and a half since the Jason Blossom case had been solved and even though everyone was still grieving, the twins’ birth had been a silver lightening mist the darkness of it all.

“Having their first birthday party at Thornhill is highly beyond normal, if you ask me.” He returned in sarcasm behind her, as always.

“When Cheryl puts something in mind, she rarely gives up.” Betty reminded him, shrugging a shoulder.

From her spot on the carpet, holding little Lizzie up, Poly announced that it was time for presents, making all the guests around murmur in excitement. The new mother grabbed Betty’s and Jughead’s first and smiled to the couple, the two teens sending a genuine grin back.

“When can we go?” Jughead’s murmured through his smiley teeth.

“Are you not having fun?” his girlfriend teased in fake disbelief, sending him an amused glare over her shoulder.

“Oh, as enjoyable as it is watching two oblivious looking babies being tossed around while that great-grandmother from Hades is practicing witchcraft in the shadows,” Jughead frowned, sending a glance at nana Rose that was sitting by the fireplace “I’m really ready to flee at any moment now.” He nodded in uneasiness, taking a sip from his drink and gulping loudly.

“That bad?” Betty bit her lip not to laugh.

Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.” He threw in total apathy.

“Wow…” Betty dragged the word. “The horror, indeed…” she teased him more at the luck of enthusiasm in his tone regarding their love life.

He just shrugged, teasing smirk dancing on his chapped lips.

“So what do you say?” he brushed his chest against her back, the hand that was creeping on her waist, moving a little further down to play with the hem of her skirt on her hipbone. “Me, you, the backseat of the truck?” he proposed deliciously against her ear, smirking when feeling her shiver lightly at his words and biting her lip.

“Jughead!” Alice Cooper’s imposing voice made the couple jump and Jughead lash backwards a few feet away from Betty in fear. “Come take some pictures of the moment.”

“Why did I agree on this?” he hissed in a groan and grabbed his professional camera from beside him on the table, a birthday gift from his father that he quite enjoyed lately. Apart from being Betty’s official boyfriend, he was responsible for capturing in film that sickening lovely family gathering.

Betty laughed, giving him a short but sweet peck on the lips. “You love me that’s why.” She beamed up at him and he just rolled his eyes, a blush coloring his cheeks and an equal happy smile tugging his lips upward. “Stop brooding; I promise you’ll have me naked in that truck by the end of the night.” She winked and he snapped a picture of her, while walking cockily to her family in front of them, sending her a sly smile full of promises before doing a character one-eighty in a blink, dropping to his knees and pulling faces to the birthday babies, appearing like he was the most mother-approved boyfriend material. If only they knew, Betty smirked foxily against her glass, feeling a blush creeping at her cheeks.

16.   “Please, don’t wear those jeans.”

“I thought women took longer to get ready.” Betty formed a teasing smile, plopping on the twin-sized bed on Jughead’s old bedroom back at his dad’s trailer.

“Thank God our relationship isn’t based on ridiculous gender roles then, little miss proud suffragette.” He shouted from the bathroom in his own teasing tone of voice.

Betty rolled her eyes. “What is taking you so long anyway?”

“I couldn’t decide amongst my wide range of ‘smart casual’ options of attire.” His snarky voice travelled through the small hall, earning a laugh from Betty and FP that was enjoying a football match in the living room.

“Ronnie just set that etiquette to help us. It’s just a normal Friday night out at Pop’s but with her friends from New York, no big deal.”  She stated while scanning the book Jughead had left open against his covers.

“Whatever. I’m ready to get this over with.” He admitted with a sigh, lazy and squeaky footsteps bringing him at the threshold of his bedroom.

“Finally.” Betty groaned playfully, rolling over to get off the bed but stopping when looking at his outfit. “Oh no!” she formed a horrified expression. “Please, don’t wear those jeans.”

Upon seeing her reaction, Jughead’s face dropped. “Why not?”

“Just don’t.” Betty offered vaguely. “We still have time for you to go change.”

“Um, that’s my only clean pair?” he replied sheepishly. “Plus, I don’t see the deal breaker here.” Rising his eyebrows in confusion, he buried his hands in the front pockets of the jeans in question.

“Maybe it’s the fact that you have them since sophomore year?” she offered back with a cute grimace.

“So what?” Jughead continued being clueless.

“So everything!” his girlfriend replied in exaggeration. “Juggie, they are too small.” She bit her lip not to laugh.

“No, they are fine.” He refused with a firm shake of his head.

“I’ve mended that back pocket more times than I can remember.” She replied cleverly. “Plus, don’t get me started about how worn out they look.”

Jughead’s mouth opened in shock. “You don’t like my clothes?”

Betty rushed to correct him. “I don’t like those jeans.” She nodded in confirmation. “I hate them, to be honest.” Her statement earned an offended gasp from the boy across her.

“I was wearing those jeans when I first kissed you.” He admitted in a small voice, examining the jeans and running a palm at the side of his thigh in thought. “I can’t just throw them away.” He spat incredulously.

Betty smiled, standing up and walking to him. “Well, as sweet as this is,” she took his face in her palms, caressing his cheeks lovingly “I promise you, you can still kiss me all you want with a new pair of those.” She bopped her nose against his, Jughead bouncing his head back to look at her concerned.

“Are they really that bad?” he frowned defeated.

Betty tilted her head in thought, amusement painted on her pretty face. “Let’s just say that they’ll look better on JB at this point.”

“Geez, thanks a lot, babe.” Jughead sent her a side glance filled with offence.

“You’re welcome.” She laughed. “Now go get changed; put on those nice black ones you got.” She suggested with a smile and a caress to the end of his hair on the back of his neck.

He thought for a second before agreeing with a sigh. “What about my shirt?” he wondered, fisting the material of his flannel and looking at her with clueless boyish eyes.

“Oh, the shirt looks damn fine.” Betty colored the word with girly appreciation before leaning in to whisper against his lips. “So fine that maybe I’ll get to take that off later tonight.”

24.   “The skirt is short on purpose.”

“You should come pick me up from cheerleading practice more often.” Betty sighed against Jughead’s lips, fingers gripping the lapels of his denim jacket tighter and angling her head to deepen their kiss. They were at the school parking lot inside FP’s truck, making out for what seemed like hours now, relishing in the feeling that there were no more killers threatening the calm of their small town.

“And you should wear this uniform more often, period.” Jughead replied in a husky voice, his palm drawing entire maps at the extent of her long legs that were bare and sprawled over his lap, loving how smooth and shapely they felt under his wandering hand.

The girl giggled against his opened mouth, sliding even closer to his muscular chest. “I thought sensitive and tortured artists like you didn’t give a damn about silly stereotypical male fantasies.” She teased him, running a palm down the front of his S t-shirt.

Jughead tugged her lower lip between his teeth, groaning a little under her touch. “Some things are considered classic for a reason. And I’m not an alien; the fact that I don’t drool like a jackass Bulldog over every scantily clad cheerleader doesn’t mean that I don’t have dreams about mine.” He breathed deeply while attacking her again, his bony fingers reaching the hem of her blue and gold skirt, as his tongue kept twirling sensually against hers making Betty whine and mewl in excitement. They had started testing the waters and exploring each other with every chance they had, experiencing the fire of this new world of intimacy and leaving each other breathless and begging for more every time they were alone in the darkness of her room or the small space of his father’s truck.

“What kind of dreams do you have about me, Juggie?” she whispered, fingers caressing down his jawline and hooded eyes connecting with his hazy ones.

“You don’t even wanna know.” He replied in the same tone, stealing a glance of her legs and licking his lips involuntarily.

“Maybe I do.” She went on sensually, dropping some kisses against his neck that made him start panting and throw his head back against the glass in pleasure, bony fingers sliding against the hair at the back of her scalp as her teeth started getting demanding and bruising. “Tell me.” He felt her breathing against his irritated skin and he shivered, the fingers of his other hand gripping the side of her thigh.

“It’s mostly about you in that tiny skirt.” He choked on his words, eyes darting down to catch a glimpse of her expression and decide whether or not to continue. Upon seeing her green orbs dilated with desire and her lips bee-stung and dark red from his kisses, he went on in a raspy, sexy voice. “And nothing more.”

He watched her bit her lip, bringing a thump to free it before caressing the abused skin, making her lips part in wonder, the action making his mind go spiraling in dark imaginative places. “You know, the skirt is short on purpose.” She teased in a low whisper, taking his hand that was resting on her thigh in hers and guiding it further under her skirt, the pads of his fingers touching the lace of her tiny panties and making his Adam’s apple bop at the nervous excitement that was building up at the tip of his stomach. “Me not wearing the uniform’s boy shorts? Again, on purpose.” She leaned to whisper in his ear before licking his earlobe and moaning slightly as the feeling of his fingers traveling up to the waistline of her underwear.

His own lips went to her ear and ghosted for a minute there before starting a sinful dance in coordination with his fingers. “I’m gonna dream about you again tonight. But first, I’m gonna show you what my dream will be about.”

46.   “Babe, I need you to stop kissing me and let me do my jo-OH my God!”

“Juggie, are you done with the chapter?” Betty’s voice travelled down the hallway of their apartment before her bare feet brought her to her husband’s study, her five month pregnant belly making an appearance at the door seconds before her.

Barely looking up and sending her a tiny smile, Jughead’s typing fingers never stopped their marathon on the keys of his laptop. “In a minute.” He murmured, drowned in his world of ingenious plots and murder mysteries.

“I want you to come cuddle with me.” She pouted ever so lightly, one of Jughead’s flannels dancing just below her behind with every step she took towards him on the desk. She rounded his chair and laced her arms around his neck from behind, making him huff a chuckle at how more demanding she had gotten during those five months.

“Go lay down, stardust. I promise you, I’ll be next to you right away.” He kissed the back of her palm lovingly before going back to typing.

“You’ve been inside this room all day now. And I’ve missed you. Bad.” She colored the word with a tiny moan, leaning to scatter light kisses against his cheek, ear, neck, her palms caressing the front of his chest over his grey t-shirt. Pregnant hormones and all, she wanted him 24/7 in every and each situation they were in.

“You are distracting me and this is going to take me longer to finish.” He pointed out in his usual smartass voice, his eyes fluttering a tad at the sensation of her soft lips against his skin.

“Juggie, when was the last time we had fun in this room?” a deep sigh left her lips before they landed on the sensitive spot behind his ear, nibbling the skin there, as her hands crept under the hem of his t-shirt, fingers brushing over his collarbones and digging at the top of his bare chest, making him shiver.

Her husband could feel his eyes roll inside his skull at her words and the images of them multiple times on top of that very desk, his office chair, the couch next to the door, against the door. Blinking a few times to regain sanity, he brushed his fingertips over her forearm to stop her from continuing. “Babe, I need you to stop kissing me and let me do my jo-OH my God!” his husky words of sexual haze and warning turned louder in alarm as he left something poking his side from behind. “Were you seriously going to try tickling me right now?” he threw her an incredulous side glance over his shoulder.

“I was not—” she paused in disbelief herself “did you feel that too?” she loosened her hold of him, standing a little more straight up, lips pushed together in thought.

“Yeah, I did…” he turned around in his chair to face her, eyes scanning her in concern upon seeing her drop her hands to rub the sides of her round stomach. “Is everything alright?” he lashed forward to place a palm against one of hers.

“I think maybe-OH!” Betty’s words cut midsentence as she jumped, palms going to the center of her belly where she felt the force of a fierce kick, green eyes round and in the verge of tears upon looking down at her husband in glee.

“Is he…?” following her palms, Jughead tried to utter the words but the confirmation of another kick stopped him as he watched in bewilderment the plaid material of his shirt stretch under his slayed fingers.

“Our son is kicking, Juggie.” Betty confirmed his own thoughts in a high pitched sob, happy tears streaming down her glowing face, before taking her husband’s hand in hers and guiding it against her skin to the place their son was communicating with them for the first time. “You are asking for daddy’s attention too, aren’t you, lovebug, huh?” she laughed despite her salty tears, biting her lip to prevent her face from breaking from immense love and joy upon seeing Jughead teared up too, leaning to place a fierce and loving kiss against her belly.

“Hey there, little man, I’m your daddy… And you will always have my devoted love and attention, no need to worry about that…”

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How It Was Before

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Teen Sam x Teen Reader

Warnings: hippies, smut, unprotected sex, angst and a little fluff

Words: 760

Tags:  @cyrilconnelly, @impalaimagining, @spontaneousam, @barbedwireandbubblegum, @teamfreewill-imagine, @abbirae99 @bohowitch, @winchesterprincessbride, @justcallmelosechester @plaidstiel-wormstache

It’s not exactly a hippie commune, but it’s pretty damn close.

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Highschool! Wanna One

Park Woojin
Year: Senior
Class: 4-A
Elective: Audio/Video Production
Club/Team: He’s not necessarily on a sports team but helps from time to time

• A new series and I haven’t even finished my other ones smh
• but I’m obsessed with Wanna One atm so bare with me
• annnyways Park Woojin is a ball of fluff and memes so like yeah stan him
• Park Woojin is a senior in 4-A (*wink-wonk* totally not a reference to PD101) which is the slightly more advanced class
• he ended up getting Audio/Video Production (his 4th choice) because when he was filling out the elective sheet he didn’t remember if he put home economics or Audio/Video Pro. as 3rd (turns out he put home eco. as his 4th oops)
• nonetheless he still tries to have fun in that class because he does enjoy making and editing videos, preferably this segment he starts called self-cam relay like where did that even come from (*wink-wonk*)
• Woojin is also skilled in multiple sports so he can’t really stick to one team but he does often go practice with the soccer, basketball, and volleyball team and help them out at games/tournaments when they need it
• He was interested in the dance club but decided to put it off because he was always so busy with school, friends & family, audio/video pro., and sports he didn’t feel right that he joined a team that promised commitment he couldn’t give
• Throughout his highschool life he’s met some really good friends. They helped him grow and become a more outgoing and social person because when he was freshman he was this Smol Bean trying to get through in life
• during his freshman year he met these 2 seniors who weren’t always “getting along” due to the difference in personalities but you could tell the friendship was strong. Their names were Jaehwan and Daniel.
• Daniel was in the dance team and tried to recruit Woojin but obviously he declined but Daniel took him along anyways (probably got that from his upperclassmen Jimin) and Woojin didn’t end up joining that year but he still managed to go hang out once in a while via Captain Daniel
• he met Jaehwan in the library because he was asking Jaehwan to look up someone’s class, and Jaehwan did so being a library assistant he had access to things like this but the kid Woojin was looking for wasn’t there and he was like “that can’t be, I have his name and grade right here”
• and Jaehwan thinks he’s a lil coo-coo in the brain because like he obviously isn’t in the system but then Daniel comes walking in the library (because he lost his ID, go figure) and is like “[ ]-ssi? You didn’t hear?” and goes off telling Jaehwan and Woojin this bizzar ghost story
• but in the end tells them he was just joking but it still left chills
• in the end Jaehwan take the papers where it’s written the name of the student Woojin needs to find and he’s like “are you kidding me, you spelt the name wrong” and he ends up finding the student and gets his filming done
• so every now and then he’ll stop by to see Jaehwan and like he’ll get annoyed at times because the library is always full of students but it’s Woojin, he’s adorable how can you not
• and there’s times where Daniel’s in there as well so they all kinda just hangout at the desk and it’s nice
• the next year when Jaehwan and Daniel are gone he meets this kid named Park Jihoon because they were put in the same PE Class and he meets him because he accidentally hit him in the head with a dodgeball
• but that’s how they became friends, he took him to the infirmary and had to stay there till he woke up and he did he apologize but like mid apology he was like “I’m so sorry for hurting you I’ll make it up t- hey you know you’re kinda pretty”
• and Jihoon can’t decide if he should be offended or flustered by the comment
• but after the whole dodge ball incident he takes him out for burgers after school and like they chat and find out they have some things in common, like dancing and rap
• “dude, have you always attend this school?” // “yeah I was just really quiet my 1st year… ”
• and like Woojin has always known who Jihoon was like, if he heard his name he could match a face and a class but that was it, but thanks to Jihoon he was able become more social and he made more friends compared to the small bubble he trapped himself freshman year *tears*
• but they become really good friends and meet this freshman named Bae Jinyoung because he took the title of “Prince of the Freshmen” aka Jihoon’s former title (it’s Prince of the Sophomores lol)
• and they find him when he was escaping some fangirls during lunch. He was hiding near the vending machines while Woojin & Jihoon were grabbing drinks and Jinyoung was like “h e l p m e” but they just turned away until Jinyoung actual caught up to them and begged to help him
• and like Jihoon knows the struggle so they end up helping him and became friends in the process and now 10x as much girls flock Jihoon and Jinyoung because of #bromance and Woojin is just like “yo I just wanna eat my sandwich and watch food broadcast so can y'all leave the tabke”
• skip forward to Senior year after he meets Lee Daehwi and Lai Guanlin, two Sophomores he met when he was a Junior and they were Freshmen
• he met Daehwi through Audio/Video Pro. because he had to mentor him through the audio equipment and programs which Daehwi caught on quickly because thank God Woojin was not about to go through the old dusty shelf for the guide books of hell
• and he met Guanlin when he was being flocked by all of the sports teams and Seonho was just like a baby chick flocking to his mother but Woojin mistaked him for a middle schooler
• which granted Seonho the name “byonghari” buts that’s for a different AU
• so how did you get to meet sweet, helpful, athletic, meme Park Woojin?? WELLLLLLLLLLL
• You were asked to run some things to the faculty office meaning you had to cancel your after school plans with your friends because the office is so far from your class and you didn’t want to make your friends wait
• and so you were walking down the hall when you see your classmate Park Woojin hiding behind the vending machine (yes because everyone in this AU hides behind the vending machines, those things are hella warm to be around) and you’re like “tf?” but then you realize he’s hiding because some guys are trying to find him
• they even stop you and ask if you knew where Park Woojin was and as much as you’d like to give away where he was, you don’t and say he might have been called to the councilor’s office again and the two dudes run along
• Woojin comes out from hiding and thanks you and insists he helps you take the stack of papers to the office with you as a way to repay you, but you try to decline he’s already taking the top half from your hands
• and so it’s a lil silent on your way there because he’s still a shy bean so what can you do but he musters the courage to talk to you and ask how your day been and you tell him it went fine. You ask him the same and he goes off about how the basketball team (aka those 2 dudes you saw earlier) keeps trying to get him to join and let’s be honest during PE you’ve seen him play so it’s no wonder they’re trying to kidnap him
• so you continue the conversation about why doesn’t he join. “I guess it’s too much of a hassle to just stick to one sport and practice that same sport all year. I mean I’d like to play other sports like soccer or volleyball.” but that’s understandable since the teachers always ask you to join the event committee but you just don’t want to
• after you’ve took the papers to the faculty office, Woojin offers to walk you home since it’s not safe for someone like you to walk home alone and well you can’t decline since your parents prefer you to walk with someone when going to and from school
• so you let him and you guys talk a little more. About school and your social life because you’re pretty aware of how popular Woojin is. At least with the boys. And let’s face it, you’ve always been sub-consciously watching Woojin but you don’t wanna admit it.
• and mid-conversation his phone goes off and you assume ‘girlfriend’ so you try to tease him about it but he kinda gets flustered and is like “n-no, it’s Park Jihoon. He keeps blowing up my phone.” // “4-B’s Park Jihoon, the schools Prince?”
• and it get’s Woojin a little irritated hearing that title come from your mouth so he abruptly is like “yes, that Jihoon.” and now you feel a lil bad because you can tell he got a little upset so you remember you have this candy your friend gave you so you give it to Woojin
• and it turns out to be his favorite candy and like he get’s excited “really? I can have this?” and you pull out a whole handfull from your bag is like “you can have all of it actually, I don’t really eat this candy.” and Woojin went from upset to lil meme puppy and it’s adorable
• and so from that point on Woojin will say hi to you in the mornings and even come talk to you and every time he does you give him his favorite candy which always makes him happy (*wink wink* not just because it’s his favorite candy)
• and it kinda became a daily thing and sometimes you find yourself at the store and like restocking on the candy which you find a little weird but you don’t question it
• and at first it seems like your friendship is just based off candy but it’s not. Because after you guys exchange numbers he starts texting you, sometimes calling or video chatting you and soon he always finds himself relying on you and you find yourself taking care of him in a way, not like in a motherly way though
• it’s almost like a girlfriend kinda of way and like Jihoon and Jinyoung start to tease him for it and even tell their upperclassmen Daniel and Jaehwan about his new ‘girlfriend’ and Woojin gets extremely flustered and red when he’s trying to say “she’s not my g-girlfriend!” even Daehwi makes fun of him it’s amazing
• but as much Jihoon, Jinyoung, Daehwi, and all of them make fun of him for it, it’s all true. Even your friends see it but you decline the idea because that’s crazy, Woojin is inredibly popular and active why would he like a potato like you but it’s the same on the other side. Why would some as beautiful and intellgent as you like a guy like Woojin who can’t even commit to one thing
• but that’s what you love about him, you like that he’s multi-talented in these areas yet he always stays so humble but also willing to help out with the dance club or the basketball, soccer, volleyball teams and the fact you’re always independent but can let your guard down around the people you care about the most is so enduring and he wants you to do that with him
• is someone cutting onions in this au?? *looks over shoulder* *sees Jinhwan cutting onions so he can put it in his soup to eat*
• but under all that memeiness and active student image, he still has his problems and his struggles and breaks down sometimes which is what he does one night when he’s on the phone with you. He starts pouring out his heart and you listen to every word intently and sincerely and unlike other people who try to interfere, you just give him words of encouragement and understanding and like always there for him if he needs you or anything
• and like in the spur of the moment it kinda just slips out and is like “thanks y/n, that’s why I love you…” there’s silence over the phone and in your head your like “what.the.fuck” and your heart is racing like 1000mph and you’re pretty sure Woojin can hear it over the phone
• but Woojin is too stunned to hear or do anything, but your voice gets through to him and you’re like “wait, repeat that??” and he doesn’t want to so really quickly he’s like “thanksthatswhyiloveyou, goonightseeyoutomorrow” but no, you’re already here might as well just confess too so before he could hang-up your like “Woojin wait”//”Nope, gonna hangup and pretend this is a dream goodnight y/n”
• “Woojin, I love you.” another moment of silence and before you’re like “okay gtg before my heart falls out my throat” he’s like “what?” and in your head its like “what do you mean by what?” 
• Before you could say a word he’s like yelling through the phone like “You mean it? I’m not dreaming??” and you laugh like “no, your not. It’s all very real.” and he gets really excited but you can hear a woman’s voice, his mom’s voice telling him to go to bed so he tells you goodnight etc all that cheesiness you love
• and the next day it’s like nothing ever happened because you guys were practically acting like a couple way before he confessed but now he’s 100x more cheesier than usual and now the boys tease him as much as he is cheesy
• “thanks y/n, I love you” you hear Jihoon mocking Woojn during lunch and you’re laughing at how “on point” his Woojin voice is but you’re also curious so you ask “Wait how did you know what he said?” // “Oh I was staying over that night. Man you should have seen him afterwords he could not stop-” and Woojin stands up to stuff his mouth with melon bread like “AHHAHA FUNNY JIHOON”
• and i’ll leave what he couldn’t stop doing to you imagination ;))) 
• but you guys are super adorable, probably one of the best couples in the senior year because as much as you guys are cheesy, you guys look good together and always trust each other AND DON’T DO PDA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING HALL WHERE PPL ARE TRYING TO GET TO CLASS (*coughs* sorry)
• but you guys do have your intimate times and it’s just really soft and enduring and you find out his weakness is being kissed near his nape and behind his ear :’)))))))
• y’alls first date is to the local carnival/festival because that’s where you guys can try all of these really good food and he can win you prizes, make the first day memorable
• meme-couple
• helping him out during audio/video pro. with filming set up and giving him back hugs when editing
• did I mention lots of memes?

Date Downtown {NCT Mark Scenario}


Anon: Bonjour may i request a Mark fluff? he just dated like 1month so they r so shy and they got together bc his members pressured him to ask his crush out so they went on a date downtown & it was decorated for x mas and they kissed haha hope its pas mal

I’m so sorry that this is so late! You requested this before xmas and I’ve only just got to it - I’ve gotten rid of the xmas bit purely because it’s over, just I still hope that you like it! Please send in feedback! Bisous, Flo :-)

Word count: 1823

Originally posted by nakamotens

“Mark, you need to take her on a date”

“Like, an actual one. Not one in the dorms”

“Are you even dating? Because it certainly doesn’t look like it?”

“Have you kissed her yet? No? What are you doing with yourself?”

Mark, being one of the youngest, was used to the pressures of being an idol being laid upon him. Eventually he could manage them and keep them under control. Even at his age, he had a lot of experience of what being a famous boy group, could be like. He knew that the job demanded his utter devotion and time. It required him to practice his rapping, singing and dancing, all whilst attending school and having a social life.

But starting so young, meant he had little to no experience of girls. The word felt foreign to him, something he was unfamiliar with and frankly, scared of too. Despite having a fan base that consisted of majority girls, it didn’t stop him from feeling awkward and isolated around them. He didn’t know how to talk to them, or act around them. He didn’t know whether if he said one thing, they might think another. Or how to flirt with them. His busy schedule left him little time for a girlfriend.

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Summer (1)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14
Part 15

Description: Jiyoon and Jongin had been best friends since birth thanks to their families. They visit a cabin every summer, nothing changed until both of them had graduated, soon off to college. This would be their last time at the family cabin for years to come, and things begin to change for Jongin. What happens when he begins to realize everything too late?

Genre: Fluff for now // eventual smut and angst

Word Count: 1,532

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x OC (Park Jiyoon)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

(A/N: This may include inaccurate representations of Kai’s family because I don’t know them, nor do I claim them as characters.)

Originally posted by sehunoh

Summer approached again, bringing Jiyoon and her family, the Parks, out for their yearly vacation with the Kims. The families had been friends for generations and Jiyoon found herself being best friends with Jongin - the Kim boy who was just a few months older than her.

The two went to school together, they were the best of friends and nearly inseparable. The two of them drove up to the beach house every summer together. They arrived at the house the day after school let out and went back with a month left.

Jiyoon and Jongin had shared one of the rooms since, as their parents said, before they were born. Every year, they raced each other to it and even though he would never admit it, Jongin always let her win. Jiyoon quickly ran into the bathroom after that to change.

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Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he's with her



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I wish you happy Easter holidays!

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[GIFs not mine]

He knew it wasn’t the best idea to invite his friends to a dinner with you, but you really wanted to meet his friends. Most of them are famous film actors and some of them are musicians. He was very close with them but you weren’t. When they came in you heard loud greetings and laughing. They were really happy to see each other again. You entered the room and introduced yourself. You recognized most of them from the movies. It made you nervous knowing you were among so many famous people. But dinner was just starting and you were chatting with everyone and got close with a lot of them. At the end of the day, you were all really good friends. You wanted to tell T.O.P something but Yoo Haejin, his friend from movie Tazza: The Hidden Card started teasing him about your relationship.T.O.P gave him a scary look with his eyebrows up and his brown eyes staring at him. You laughed at his comment but you wondered what will T.O.P do. He looked at him for a minute or so and made a threat against him then… laughed. He laughed.
“What did she tell you? You’re gonna have a private dinner later?”
*stares at him for a minute* 

“You…. You…. I’m not gonna forgive you…. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH got you there hyung!”

Originally posted by bigbangbabes

You were at home when Jiyong came and brought a few friends with him. You came to ask him why did he bring friends but when you saw Seungri and Taeyang you didn’t even bother. They were here a lot so you got used to it. They decided to watch a football match together here. You made popcorn and snacks and joined them. They were just chatting for a while but when Seungri noticed you were laying on Jiyong’s shoulder he started complaining. Jiyong is used to his complaints so he just ignored him as long as he could so he didn’t do anything. He just took a deep breath and prepared for all the words he’s about to hear.
*stares at him for a while* “Shut up.”

Originally posted by s-tttop

You were in a car with Taeyang driving to one of his friend’s party. You loved going to parties with him because you met a lot of new people. Today you went to a theme party and the theme was black-white. You loved themed parties. You both wore matching clothes and to make everything interesting you both wore the same shoes, but yours were black and his white. You arrived at the party and people greeted you. His friend came and started teasing him about your relationship and he just laughed. He didn’t like to take jokes serious because jokes aren’t serious. That’s why they are called jokes. You were a little bothered about listening to jokes the whole party so when you came home you just wanted some silence.
“Just don’t kiss too much at my party, okay? Because I will stop you… From being cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
“ㅋㅋㅋ You will?”

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Daesung was in Japan and you didn’t have work this weekend so you decided to visit him. When you arrived you called him where he was, because he didn’t answer you called his manager and asked him for the key of his hotel room. You waited for him in a hotel room and he came with a friend. He was also a singer and famous for his amazing guitar skills. He was very happy to meet you and Daesung was surprised by your sudden visit, but he was happy though. When he started teasing him how cute you are together and what couple things you should buy, Daesung was a little embarrassed but happy because he was his really good friend. You both promised him you will buy those things.
“You must go and see the cherry blossom trees and buy matching phone cases…”
“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…okay, we will hyung…”

Originally posted by aboutbigbang

He decided to take you with him to one of his friend’s club in Denmark. You were really excited to go to a club in Europe. When you arrived at the airport, his friend was already waiting for you. He greeted you with a joke about your relationship which you found really weird because this was your first meeting. Later at his club, he was still talking about your relationship. Seungri was of course bragging how awesome girlfriend you are and where have you been until now. He loved to joke and so did his friend. So when he teased him how to watch over you, so no one will try to flirt with you, he just laughed and promised he won’t take his eyes of you as always.
“You should watch her over, because there are so many blond handsome men over here, you know, hyung…”
“What? I was blond too and she likes me if I’m blond or not, right jagiya?”*looks at you with his puppy face waiting for an answer*

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So Close pt 2

A/N: @ruinthetheme Here it is, on a glass platter! Hope you like it :) This also fulfills another anon’s request for possessive Brendon smut. Side note in case you don’t know what I mean: “WeHo” (pronounced WAY-ho) is the shortened named for West Hollywood, which is known as the LGBT part of LA. Warning: smut.

Carmen and Lilly obviously wanted every detail about your night when they arrived at the hotel. You relayed the whole anti-climatic story back to them.

“But, Oh my GOD, Y/n,” Carmen exclaims, “He’s into you!”

“I know,” you whine in response, “That’s the worst part. I was so close!”

“Yet so far,” Lilly sighed longingly.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” your voice falls flat. You were far too drunk for all these feels.

It had been 3 weeks since that night at the bar. Now you were back in LA, pitifully thinking about Brendon non-stop. You never got his number. You have no idea where in LA he lived. You keep replaying the scene in the hotel room in your mind. It was still clear, despite the alcohol you had consumed.

You decide to drown your sorrows and head out to the bar. People of all sexualities flock to the amazing gay bars in WeHo. You live right up the street from them, so you like to take advantage of being able to stumble home on your own.

You get your wristband at the door: yellow. Everything was color coded with wristbands which made the bar dating scene much easier. Yellow was for bisexual, green for gay, and red for straight. There was also blue which kind of meant “whatever, who knows” or “questioning”.

You sit alone at the bar with a drink and your phone. Pro tip: looking preoccupied and already having a drink in front of you usually keeps people from approaching you if you’re alone. A man with a red band on his arm sat down next to you.

“Hey,” he says to you. You look up and see it’s a standard issue fuck boi. Oh great.

“Hi,” you smile at him out of courtesy and look back down at your phone. He doesn’t get the hint.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asks.

“Oh I’m all set,” you reply, gesturing to your drink and going back to your phone.

“Aren’t you looking for a good time?” he jeers with a disgusting smirk.

“I’m good, thanks,” you say flatly, feeling terribly uncomfortable and losing your patience.

“We could have so much fun,” He persists, his voice lowering. He slides to the edge of his seat to get closer to you. He places a hand on your knee.

“No,” You say firmly, tugging your leg in an attempt to move out from underneath his touch. He only slides his hand further up your thigh. “Stop,” you raise your voice and act quickly, gripping his hand and trying to push it away. You are about to make a scene to get the creep away from you when you hear a loud voice behind you.

“What the fuck man? Get off my girlfriend!”


The creep immediately withdraws his hand. You feel a new pair of hands wrap around your waist protectively.

“Hey, sorry man, I didn’t know,” The creep apologizes.

“Yeah whatever,” Your savior replies, clearly annoyed by the man’s lies, “Fuck off.”

And just like that, the creep disappears. His empty seat is replaced by someone new. Brendon. He’s looking at you with deep concern.

“Are you okay?” He asks, a hand on your shoulder. You’re still processing that Brendon is here, in front of you. You notice his yellow wristband and smile internally. After a few seconds, you realize you should probably respond.

“Oh, um, yes,” you sputtered, “Yeah, I’m okay.”

You were more than okay, now that Brendon was there with you. You had to double check that you weren’t imagining things. You wonder if maybe Brendon was in a WeHo bar because he knew you lived in the area… Maybe he still had you on his mind too?

“Your girlfriend?” you tease him, commenting on his acting skills.

“Hey, it worked!” He replied.

“True, true,” you say, commending him on his quick thinking. You pause and then decide to go out on a limb. “Did you… Did you remember that I lived in WeHo?” Brendon’s cheeks pink up and he immediately looks at the ground with an funny smile. He doesn’t answer the question, and instead asks you:

“So. Are you sober, Y/n?” He asked with a certain suggestive look on his face. HOLY SHIT.

“Why, yes, yes I am,” you reply raising your eyebrows with a flirtatious smirk.

“Wanna get out of here?” He proposed.

“Yeah,” you giggle.

You walk back to your place together, chatting about how you both have been since the last time you were together. As soon as you were through the door of your apartment, shoes are kicked off and you were done with small talk.

“So, I believe we have some unfinished business to address,” you remind him.

“We do,” he replies quietly with a dutiful nod. He backs you up until you hit the wall and he pins your hips against it with his hands. You look up at him and giggle a bit. You throw your arms around him as he begins to kiss you. He is gentle at first, but his lips become more desperate and he pushes his body into yours. You slip a hand under each suspender and push them off his shoulders. Thank god he’s not wearing a bowtie tonight because you have no idea how to take those off.

He reaches up your shirt and fondles your breasts. You pull your shirt off and begin to unbutton his shirt enough so he can pull off his as well. He effortlessly unhooks your bra and it falls to the floor. His bare chest against yours was absolutely intoxicating.

You reach down and grab the bulge in his pants and it earns you a heavy exhale from Brendon. You pull down the zipper and the pants slide down his legs. You push your own shorts down and step out of them. Brendon taps both of your thighs, beckoning you to climb up. You jump onto his hips.

“Bedroom?” Brendon pulls away from the kiss to ask you, realizing he needs directions.

“That way,” you nod your head to the left. Brendon makes it into your room and throws you down on the bed. He immediately is on top of you, roughly holding your wrists above your head with one hand as the other explores your body aggressively. Suddenly, he stops, releasing you and sitting up. He has an innocent look in his eyes.

“Is this the way you like it?” He asks gently, realizing he never really asked for your consent. Oh dear GOD–He was asking you if you liked it rough.

“Brendon,” You say with a devious look, “This is exactly how I like it.”

“Shit, Y/n,” He pauses and looks even more turned on.

“So,” you try to break him out of his trance with a sultry voice, “Are you just going to sit there? Or are you going to fuck me?” He smiled and chuckled, feeling so lucky to have you under him like this, completely at his mercy–and there would be very little mercy. He grabs your wrists and splays you out.

“I’m going to fuck you so good, baby,” He whispers in your ear, his hot breath dancing on your neck. He let’s go of an arm and shoves his hands down your panties. You exhale shakily.

“So wet for me,” He says. He runs a finger over your hole, just to tease you. He then begins to rub your clit. You gasp in response. He takes one of your nipples in his mouth and frees up his other hand to stroke the second one. Your hands are now free and you desperately grab at the sides of your panties, wanting to tear them off. Brendon stops everything he is doing and grips your hands tightly, splaying you back out.

“Not yet,” He warned, “Be a good girl.” He lets go, slowly at first, making sure you will stay where you are. He takes off his boxers and moves up your body.

“You want my cock in your mouth?” He asks darkly. You nod. “Tell me. Tell me what you want,” He demanded.

“I want your cock in my mouth,” You replied breathlessly.

“Good girl,” He praised. He pinned your arms above your head and slid his entire cock into your mouth. He thrusts himself in and out.

“You want that trash from the bar in your mouth like this?” He questions you. You shake your head as much as you can. “You belong to me,” His grip on you tightens and he speaks harshly, “Your mouth was made for me, Y/n.”

You are even more turned on. You make sure to use your tongue, strategically stroking his cock to maximize his pleasure. You hum and Brendon instantly reacts to the sensation.

“Fuck,” he groans. He wasn’t going to last very long like this. With a pop, he pulls out of your mouth. He begins to lick his way from you chest all the way to your core. You take a deep breath in anticipation for whatever he has planned.

He slides down further, nibbling at your hip bone.

“Let’s get rid of these,” he announces, as he took your panties between his teeth and yanked them down on one side. He looked up at you with the fabric in his gritted teeth, like an animal. He was the predator, and you were his prey. You lifted your hips and he tore the other side down of your underwear, and you strip them down, leaving you completely exposed.

He lingered over you, savoring the hunt as he looked down at his meal. He lowers his head to your core, staring you down. He never breaks eye contact as he licks a heavy stripe from the base of your hole up to your clit. You toss your head back. His tongue then begins to play with your clit, at first tortuously slow.

You comb your fingers through his hair and take hold. You push his head, longing for him to speed up. He more than obeys, beginning to lick and suckle your clit with tangible aggression.

“Fuck,” you shudder. You start to squirm and Brendon grips your thighs, spreading you apart so he doesn’t lose access to you. The immobility placed a growing knot in your stomach.

He slows down, leaving you aching for more, when suddenly two fingers enter you. You gasp as he pumps his fingers, his tongue working quicker than ever. You tighten your grasp on Brendon’s hair.

“Oh-oh Fuck,” you cry. You push your hips into his hand, needing more. The knot in your stomach tightened. “God,” you moaned. He retreated and pulled out his fingers. You want to protest but Brendon is snaking back up your body.

“You taste so good,” He hovers above you, blinking slowly. He slides two of his fingers into your mouth and you suckle on them, tasting yourself. You reach up behind his neck and pull him down. You exchange his fingers for his tongue and kiss him feverishly. You move aimlessly underneath him, dying for friction against your electric body. Your kisses were sloppy, open mouthed and desperate.

You feel his cock brush over your folds.

“Y/n–,” Brendon starts, panting.

“Birth control,” You reply, reading his mind.

“You are a dirty girl,” He says hoarsely.

“What are you gonna do about it?” You ask him. He leans in and speaks quiet but harsh.

“I’m going to fuck you until you scream my name,” he explains slowly, “Until you can’t walk straight. Until you beg for more.”

You nod and sigh.

He slid into you until his hips collided with yours. He withdrew and slid back in so slowly you wanted to scream. You grabbed his ass and dug your nails in, desperate for more.

“What do you want, baby?” he asked quietly, his voice heavy with lust.

“Please Brendon,” you prayed aloud.

“Tell me,” He raised his voice and pinned your wrists above you once again. You had never been so turned on in your entire life. It unleashed something inside of you.

“Fuck me,” you shouted, “Please fuck me hard.”

Brendon wordlessly obeyed and you should have been careful what you wished for.

He slams into you over and over again, forcing soft cries of pleasure out of you with each thrust. His grip on your wrists grew tighter and your pleasure only swelled.

“Oh fuck,” Brendon groaned, “You feel so fucking good Y/n.” You respond only with a strangled sigh. “You like my cock in your pussy?”

“Shit, yes Brendon,” you cried.

“You’re mine, Y/n,” Brendon grunted, “Understand?”

“Yours,” you squeak.

He drilled you ruthlessly and it hurt so good. You curled your fingers down to sink your nails into his hand that remained restraining you.

“Oh-h f-fuck,” you strain, your words interrupted by each impact of his hips. That familiar knot tied itself in the base of your stomach. It began to pull tighter and your voice grew wild. “Harder, oh god, fuck me harder!”

“Oh shit,” Brendon moaned in response, happy to fulfill your request. He picked up his pace, releasing you as he reach down to steady your hips. Your hands flew down to grasp his ass, digging in your nails as you assist in guiding his pace and force. The base of him is slamming into your clit.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you chanted with each thrust. His angle changes and he hits something inside you that mercilessly pulls the knot tight. “Right there, O-oh right there!” You screamed wildly. Your walls began to constrict.

“You wanna cum, baby?” Brendon asks darkly, through pure lust.

“Oh god yes make me cum!”

“Let go,” He orders you. And, oh god, you do.

You are wracked with burning pleasure, racing through your body. Brendon can’t stand the way you’re screaming, writhing underneath him, and he shoots his hot cum inside you. He grunts his way through an intense orgasm, as you continue to scream obscenities mixed with his name. You keep rolling your hips up to his, getting every last second of the sensation you can.

You relax into the pool of pleasure surrounding you, producing small high pitched sighs with each breath.

Brendon falls beside you, placing grateful kisses down your neck.

“So good, baby,” he whispers, still panting, “So good.”

“Shit Brendon,” you reply breathlessly, “So fucking good.” You both waited to catch your breath.

“I’ve waited three weeks for this, you know that?” You chuckle.

“I’ve waited for this since 11th grade,” He smirked, too adorably honest for you to take. Your heart melted into a giant puddle. You looked over at him and smiled. You scooted closer and placed your head down on his chest.

“Goodnight Y/n,” He said quietly.

“Goodnight Brendon,” You reply.

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Possessive (Jughead x Reader request)

Request: “188 193 169 with a jealous juggie plz’ - Anon.

Prompts: “Mine.” “Good girl.” “What a pretty sight.”

Characters: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Kissing, lowkey foreplay.

Word Count: 586


Originally posted by madelianepetsch

Jughead turned to the corner to find his girlfriend at her locker, surrounded by the jocks who endlessly teased him. He could hear y/n’s infectious laugh, it tugged at him that he didn’t know the punchline. As the bell rang, the blue and gold boys finally left y/n and Jughead stomped over to her.

‘What’s up Juggie?’ She said casually and went to peck his cheek but he moved away from her. She frowned at him.

‘Have I done something wrong Jug?’ Y/n questioned, tilting her head to the side.

‘I just think you need reminding of something.’ He grabbed her hand and ran down the hall. They turned the next corner, y/n calling after her boyfriend. His hand dug in, his anger started to show. They came to the janitor’s closet, Jughead yanked y/n inside.

‘Can you please explain what’s going on?’ Y/n yelled at her boyfriend in confusion. He gave a glare, expecting that the answer was obvious.

‘Why were you hanging out with those idiots?’ He spat at her.

‘They were just being friendly Juggie.’ Y/n’s eyes averted to the ground, realising how much of a sore spot this was for him. She went to grab his hands, he quickly pushed her against the wall.

‘I think you need to remember who you’re dating, who you belong to.’ Jughead smirked. Y/n had never seen this possessive side of him, she had to admit she kind of liked it. She played along.

‘Who do I belong to then, whose am I then? Remind me.’ Her lip curled into a sly smile.

‘Mine.’ He replied in a deep tone. His face got closer and closer, y/n was expecting him to kiss her. He wasn’t finished teasing her though. Centimetres away from her lips, he stopped. His warm breath gave y/n chills. He dragged a single finger down her neck and stopped at her breasts.

‘Jughead, please-’ She couldn’t take the tension anymore.

‘Show me how much you love me.’ He whispered. Y/n jumped on him, wrapping her legs around him. Jughead held her up between the wall and himself, spreading his hands over her ass. She hung her hands around his neck, started placing rough kisses up Jughead’s neck. He let out deep moans, it only spurred her on.

Y/n moved her body up, slowly thrusting into Jughead. His eyes widened as he realised what she was doing. He decided to get her back, gliding his hands up to the bottom of her back, drawing circles on her skin. Y/n let out an unexpected moan, he knew how to push her buttons. He smiled smugly at her.

Despite how much he was enjoying himself, Jughead knew someone was bound to catch them soon.

‘You gotta stop y/n.’ She ignored him, continuing to push into him wanting a reaction.

‘Seriously, stop.’ He let out a breathy laugh. Y/n frowned, glaring at his boyfriend with puppy dog eyes. She let go of him and stood up properly, trying to catch her breath. Jughead kissed her gently as if to reward her.

‘Good girl.’ He started to straighten out his tousled clothes, and adjusted his beanie. He walked to the door, opening it slightly and peeking out to see if anyone was around.

‘The coast is clear.’ He announced, looking back at his dishevelled girlfriend. She was smoothing out her ruffled y/h/c hair, her cheeks still flushed from moments before. She caught him staring at her and giggled. He sighed at her sheer beauty.

‘What a pretty sight.’