his giggle is precious


In love with Matthew’s ability to make Keri laugh just by doing nothing (✿◠‿◠)

The kindest Queen, My Queen. (ThranduilXReader)

Request for @amralimedeano​;  Hiya! I have a request, I’d like an Imagine where the reader is Thranduil’s wife but she is the opposite when it comes to personality. She is soft and kind with everyone. So, the thing is the dwarves arrive to *Mirkwood bc they need somewhere to sleep and Thranduil wants to kick them out but then the Reader appears (being as majestic as Galadriel for example) and lets them stay and Bofur develops a crush on her and she notices and smiles at him and wishes him luck for the journey. Pls?

Hope you like this.

Word Count: 1087

You walk up the stairs towards your husband, Thranduil who sat alone on his throne. A delicate smile pulls against his soft lips and his arms open to welcome you into his arms.

Smiling, you let him pull you close and gently settle on his lap. Thranduil sighs in delight and buries his face into your hair. Giggling slightly you tease your precious husband; “You willingly show affection in front of your guards, your highness?”

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cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞

“Unexpected romance” Ahkmenrah fanfiction Part 5/?

AN: Hello guys! Sorry for taking too long. As I mentioned in my last update I was struggling with writing for some time. But I am back, hoping you will like this one :)

Word count: 1025

- - - - -

You wrapped your arms around the pharaoh’s neck. Allowing yourself to kiss him softly. It was a risky move since he wasn’t the one that initiated this kiss, but it was worth a try. Two pairs of soft lips were moving against each passionately As you let out a soft giggle it made Ahkmenrah chuckle slightly. He then placed his palm over your cheek, caressing it softly. “Your lips fit perfectly well against mine…” the pharaoh said before breaking this kiss and rubbing your lower then both of your lips with his thumb. “Such precious skin and moisture…” His words made you giggle again and again and again. The way he spoke was way to literate, unreal to you and yet so perfect. Not going to lie, extremely attractive as well.

Both of you separated as you heard the steps of Theodor’s horse running through the halls. I guess you had a fear of getting caught in an unexplainable situation.

“Ahead we have a lovely night ___ …” He tells your name with such joy. “Please spend all of your time with me. Not as a researcher, someone that helps me but, as you. Just your beautiful self.” He begged and continued to compliment you, making you blush a dark shade of red. “If that is what pharaoh wants, then who am I to do otherwise. But with pleasure…” You muttered slowly, doing your best not to sound awkward.

~ ~ ~ ~

Your bottom half was comfortably seated on the chairs behind Ahkmenrah’s sarcophagus. His head in your lap and your hands in his hair. Slowly and gently threading your fingers through his hair, playing with so soft and luscious dark brown curled up locks. A wide smile was noticeable across his cheeks. Of course you were smiling as well. But your smile was much softer and shyer in difference from his. “May I ask… what makes you keep me here and kiss me?”

“It is not explainable. It just feels right to me. I was thinking of it the other night whilst watching you go. Your presence sends off a beautiful aura that just makes me want to hug you, hold you and kiss you. I don’t intend to sound selfish but I do want you all for myself. I don’t want anyone to look at you a d experience the soft feelings I do as I watch.”

~ ~ ~ ~

As the morning was coming closer, it was time for everyone to wrap up. For Ahkmenrah that meant literally. You helped him wrap every single centimetre of his body. Starting from his feet, rolling the linen over his legs, waist and stomach. You would always leave his head for last so you could look at him as much as possible before you would have to close him. Not the most romantic moment but his eyes were simply glowing as he was watching you, whilst being wrapped. With a glance at your clock you placed a kiss on his forehead before pulling the heavy top over.

~ ~  ~ ~

As you woke up the next day, last night almost felt unreal. I mean, not everyone gets a chance to make out with an alive 5000 year old handsome man. Even though with was quite enjoyable and lovely, staying up awake until five am was not the brightest choice. You had no strength to leave the bed. Struggling with the sheets and pillows, whining, groaning and crying, not the perfect morning. Thankfully it was Saturday, and on Saturday the Museum opens at twelve pm. You somehow stood up from the ‘comforts’ of your bed around eleven and showered. Once you showered you began to struggle with an issue you though you’ll never had; deciding what to wear. You wanted Ahkmenrah to like you tonight, I mean really like you. After around twenty five minutes you’ve settled with black tight pair of jeans and a bit loosened white shirt. Still wanting for your butt to be on display, pharaohs like butts right?

Thankfully you had arrived at your job on time, making your way to the back room. Amy was in the room as well and she had greeted you with a soft smile as usual.

“Sweetie I had noticed you had been doing an incredible job. I am not sure have you started yet on the mummy research but the corpse has never looked better.” You giggled a bit as both of you looked at each other. “Well thank you! I have sort of began my research, always making sure he is in the best shape! We don’t want them disturbed, he needs that body.”

“Speaking of bodies” Amy said, “Do you know about this big thing that happens in the museum each night that Larry has been bringing up. You know how the exhibits look more realistic and all that jazz.”

“Has he told you that? Have you ever seen it?” You asked looking at her. “No I haven’t sweetie but sometimes I wish to stay a bit longer at work so I can check it out. “

“You know I stay a bit longer each time Amy, stay with me tonight and you will see what Larry has been talking about, it really is, magical.” Your respond and invitation was full of giggles which made Amy give you a little looks. Hoping your excitement wasn’t too obvious.

~ ~ ~ ~

After a long day of work you had already settled yourself next to the sarcophagus in the Egyptian exhibit. Excitement was building up in your body as the clock strikes 7:38 pm. The body of now alive man was struggling with the opening on the casket. You giggled and approached to help him. Together you have successfully removed the top and a pair of brown coloured glowing eyes had greeted you. Ahkmenrah pointed at his face as a sign he was grasping for help. You began removing the sheets of his face and hands so he could move properly and speak. The pharaoh placed a soft kiss on your temple with a gentle smile. “I had missed you …”

If The8 were a pocket sized companion that rode on you and went with you everywhere

Probably sits with his legs crossed on top of your head

Sings omg constantly 

“Oh my god”

“Minghao nO”

Poking your cheek

Poking his cheek

*poke poke*

Reading to one another 

Little dance offs

Rocking out to jam jam

Him trying to teach you chinese or cool phrases to say

“What’s wo ai ni?”

“I love you too Y/N”

Him giggling at his smoothness

You blushing out of embarrassment 

Him being precious when he smiles up at you

“You’re great you know that?”

Him cuddling with you when he’s cold 

Like literally he’s nuzzling his little face into your neck

Kissing the top of his head cause he’s special

Kissing his nose

Him kissing your nose


Pouting when you don’t give him attention 


*tugs on your sleeve*

“Yes Minghao?”

“Can you please do something with ME?”

“Alright what would you like to do?”

“Can we make egg buns?”



Him bouncing up and down like a 5 yr old

Calling you baobei day and night bc he can

More versions: Jeonghan/ Seungkwan/ Hoshi/ Woozi/ Jun/ Joshua/ Wonwoo/ Vernon/ Mingyu/S.Coups/Dino/ DK/

A/N: Hope you guys liked this one!

Makoharu headcanon: when going to super boozey parties, Haru tends to be the sober one; he only lets loose when it’s a party with only the Iwatobi &closer members of Samezuka. Rei and Nagisa, when drunk, are amplified versions of their usual selves, but a lot more touchy-feely.

Makoto is a very happy, giggly drunk and a bit of a lightweight. He coos over cute things and hugs them close because they are “his babies”. Haru can drink a lot and usually drinks most of Mako’s drinks as well as his own, so that the tall boy won’t pass out too early.

When Haru gets drunk, he is (at first) completely still and silent in a poor attempt to veil the fact that he is drunk. As he drinks more he let’s out random bursts of giggles, before returning to his precious serious state. When he is absolutely plastered, Haru gets a serious case of bedroom eyes and lounges around in his unbuttoned shirt and lazily touching various parts of his body, completely oblivious to the hungry stares coming from everyone else in the room. Of course, no one dares do anything because Mako has latched onto his “precious Haru-baby”.

“Hello little ladybug” a Bellamy Blake imagine

Requested: no bc i pulled this out of my ass literally oops 


Originally posted by bellamyblake

Bellamy’s fingers ghosted over the small Polaroid picture as he waited at the gate for visitors. He memorized the features of the two people in the photo. 

His beloved fiance with the grin of a thousand suns. And his precious daughter whose giggle could make time pause. 

He chuckled warmly at the memory they found the old camera in a bunker. 


(Y/N) found it as she gasped ‘my great great grandma had one of these! She told my dad they were like magic…’. 

“Mommy! Mommy! Tell daddy to stop tickling me!” Their daughter, Rosalie, giggled without a care in the world as she ran away from her father who laughed. 

“Oh no! Maybe I want to tickle you too!” (Y/N) gasped as she scooped up the young girl. 

“I think it’s safe now…I’m gonna go look for Kane. You two don’t go anywhere okay?” 

“Wait! Daddy! I want a pik-a-ture with all of us!” Rose cried as she lunged for Bellamy’s arm. 

“How about…I take a picture of you and mommy?” He smiled as he bent down to her. She grinned as she showed off a smile that was missing a tooth in the front. (Y/N) grinned as she handed Bellamy the camera. Bellamy looked at it with furrowed brows. 

“You want me to take it?” (Y/N) bit back a giggle as Bellamy groaned. 

“How the-” The girls erupted into laughter as the flash went off and Bellamy nearly dropped the camera. 

“Smooth move mister.” (Y/n) teased as she laughed. Bellamy shook his head. 

“Just for that. I’m keeping this photo!” He mocked as he shoved it into his back pocket. He walked up to (Y/n) before kissing her passionately. 

“EW! THATS GROSS DADDY!” Rosie whined. 

“Excuse me missy?!” He gasped as he scooped her up and tickled her tiny belly as she burst into laughter. 

“S-stop it d-d-daddy!” she squealed. He set her down and started for the latter. 

“I love you daddy!” She said as he grinned 

“I love you too my little ladybug.” He blew a kiss. 

He was on his way back with Kane, Monty, and Indra when he heard screams. 

The screams of his fiance and child. 

He sprinted to what would be the place of his worst nightmare. 

He jumped in and saw his daughter laying limply, being held by his fiance. Whose shirt was stained red as blood seeped from the corners of their mouths. He screamed as he fell to his knees’s as he watched the light drain from his (Y/n)’s eyes as her chest stopped moving. 

“NO!” He screamed. 


Bellamy stared at the gate with a waiting look. 

“Bellamy? What are you doing.” 

“I’m waiting for my little ladybug and queen to come back…”

“Bellamy…they’re…they’re not coming back.” Octavia whispered. 

“Sure they are. They have to come everyday…they have to now…they’re my home.” He whispered as he noticed a shadow in the woods. His eyes darted to the shadow as he (thought) he saw (Y/N) holding little Rosie. She grinned walking up to the gate. 

“Hi daddy!”

“Hello little ladybug. Hello my queen.” He grinned as he stayed on the side of the gate. Octavia furrowed her eyebrows as her brother talked to thin air. 

“Bellamy…we have to go…” (Y/n) whispered. Now it was Bellamy’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

“Go where?” He asked with a tilted head.


“But you are home-you’re with me.” 

“Bellamy…you’re alive…we aren’t…you have to let us go.” She whispered as she caressed Bellamy’s cheek with her hand. 

“No…you can’t..I-I’ve lost too many people-”

“I love you Bellamy Blake.” She whispered. 

“Bye bye daddy…” Rosie waved. Bellamy blinked and they were gone. Bellamy looked around as he tried to find them. 

“They’re gone!” He shouted as he finally broke. The demons in his head screaming in victory as they finally broke him.

Bellamy Blake had finally cracked

Jealous Mika ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Annnddd I just read it on a site that says: “The taurus man (since Mika was born on May 1) is easily made jealous” and “Even the simplest flirts or gestures may upset him”

Sooooo the thing is what if Mika had seen what happened with his precious Yuu-chan all the time?

*smiles*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*giggles*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*stares*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you know what I mean… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Someone please make a fic about Jealous!Mika