his giggle i cant

jimin laughing so hard he has to physical throw himself wherever he possibly can because him tiny and cannot contain all the laughter while simultaneously trying to hide behind his small hands and giggling ft.his rosy cheeks and the eyesmiles is by far the purest thing my two eyes have ever laid upon or ever will

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-          “pretty pastel boy Dan cumming in his pants in class because punk Phil is being a tease”

My first fic!!! (ofc its smut) but thanks to the anon who suggested this

Contains: Daddy kink, dirty talk, sexting, blowjobs, throat-fucking, a little humiliation (like cockslut, etc) all that good stufffffffffffff

               Dan was sitting in math class, fixing his pink flower crown so it sat perfectly on top of his brown curls. It was his favorite crown because it was a present given to him by his boyfriend, Phil. The two were inseparable, but very different. Dan, an innocent, brightly colored freshman, definitely looked strange next to Phil, a senior who wore black and had many tattoos and piercings.

               Dan smiled to himself as he thought of his boyfriend, his Phil. God, he loved him so much. He loved every aspect of their relationship. Especially the times when Phil’s parents weren’t home, and they could do as they pleased. Dan’s pants started to feel tighter as he thought of last week, when Phil spread Dan’s legs and shoved a big vibrator up his- “Daniel Howell!”. Dan was knocked out of his thoughts as he looked up to see his angry teacher. “Maybe try paying attention for once and stop daydreaming in my class” He scolded and Dan sunk lower in his seat, highly embarrassed as he heard the class laugh.

               After his teacher had begun continuing the lesson, Dan felt a buzz in his back pocket. He sneakily took out his phone and unlocked it under his desk. He saw that he got a text from Phil.

FROM: Philly<3

Hey baby boy ;)

               ‘Oh god’ Dan thought. Phil only used that nickname in bed, so he must want something. He quickly typed back a response.

TO: Philly<3

Phil im in maths, ur gonna get me in trouble

FROM: Philly<3

Sorry to interrupt baby I was just thinking about you. Thinking about your face, your lips, your perfect ass……


TO: Philly<3

Christ, phil cant this wait till after school?


FROM: Philly<3

Why? Am I turning you on, baby boy? Making your little cock leak? ;))


               Dan was already getting hard, a bulge was definitely obvious through his skinny jeans.

TO: Philly<3

Phil stop……


FROM: Philly<3

But baby ive just gotten started. Remember last week? When I shoved that pink vibrator right up your tight ass? Felt so good, didn’t it, baby? ;)


               Ok now Dan was completely hard, the memories making his cock twitch.

TO: Philly<3

Daddy…… im gonna cum if you don’t stop…


FROM: Philly<3

What a brilliant idea, go ahead. Cum in your pants, cum right on those pretty panties I know you’re wearing ;) im waiting.

               Dan takes a deep breath and starts rutting himself against his desk, wanting more. It only takes a few more seconds until his orgasm takes over. He whimpers silently as he releases inside of his pants.

FROM: Philly<3

Meet me in the toilets baby, im not finished yet ;)

               Dan quickly excuses himself and makes his way towards the toilets. When he walks in, he’s automatically pushed against the wall by someone. It’s phil, of course. The younger boy moans loudly as Phil sucks on his neck. Phil pulls back and smirks. “As much as I’d love to see you cum again, you have to take care of me now” he grabs Dan by his hair and forces him onto his knees. Dan quickly unbuckles Phil’s belt and pulls his jeans down.

               Dan grabs Phil’s hard member and lightly licks the head and through his slit, but phil’s not happy about his pace. He grabs Dan’s chin and forces his mouth open, shoving his length down Dan’s throat. The boy gags a little but gets used to it, and Phil begins thrusting in and out, fucking his throat.

               “You like that baby boy? Like Daddy’s thick cock forced down your throat? Such a cockslut. My cockslut.” Dan looks up at Phil and nods slightly, moaning around his cock.

               Phil’s head is leaned back and he moans loudly, cumming right down Dan’s throat. He pulls out and sits next to his baby.

               “Christ, Phil my throat hurts like a bitch” He complains, his voice becoming scratchy. “Sorry babe” Phil giggled “I just cant resist” He kisses Dan’s cheek. Dan looks down at his stained jeans. “Great. Now im all sticky”.

Oh my god im sorry, after rereading that its so bad, I hope its still ok >.<

important otp question: which one laughs as the other one frustratedly tries to use chopsticks for the first time

The Firework Boy

A BTS/Bangtan boys fanfiction

Summary: You catch sight of him under the light of a thousand fireworks burning light onto his face, but what happens when the embers burn out and you’re left in the darkness? You just have to find the light…

Chapter summary: Arriving in Seoul with more baggage than you’d packed, meeting Jimin at the cafe and running into complications.

Chapter type: Cute stuff, Sooooo much fluff, and a spanner in the works…

Chapter 6- Coming tomorrow (legit this time) xD

Chapter 5

1 week later

You almost screamed with excitement when the overhead speaker announced that the train was pulling into your platform, instantly scrambling to your feet and reaching up to the luggage rack to grab your bag, struggling for a moment, before a second set of hands reaches over you and steadily pulls your bag down.

‘Oh, thank-’

'Cafe girl?’

You bulk as you turn around and see Jimin’s friend (espresso guy) stood behind you, headphones hanging round his neck and his hair mussed slightly, his wide eyes the only way you see his surprise since his mouth is covered by a face mask.

'I…Hi!’ you greet him nervously, smiling at him and feeling your chest tighten when you begin to drag your bag towards the door and find him following you.

'Wow….I mean, What-what are you doing here?’ he asks, grabbing your bag for you and helping you off of the train when the doors slide open at your station. You know you should stay as far away from the topic of him, Jimin and the rest of the boys as much as you could, so you try to focus your mind on working out the station signs as you answer him.

'My Father travels for work and is currently in the city…he invited me up to stay with him for the week because he thought I needed some time to relax from work.’ you explain, your brows furrowing as you stare at the giant board in the middle of the station, looking for the directions for your father’s hotel- or at least the street exit it was on- and beginning to chew on your lip when you become confused, almost forgetting espresso guy was still following you.

'Oh, that sounds like fun! …do you….do you need help finding your way?’ he asks, breaking you out of your thoughts and you turn to him with your brows raised, feeling a smile begin to pull at the corners of your lips.

'Ai…would you be able to help me find my dad’s hotel?’ you ask, slightly embarrassed at your inability to navigate the city, but quickly becoming excited when he nods his head enthusiastically.

'Oh, Of course! Where’s he staying?’ he asks, his eyes twinkling with happiness, and you quickly read out the address your dad had text you, looking hopefully up at him when you’d finished and seeing him nodding his head quickly.

'I know where that is, here, let me carry your bag- follow me.’ he says, grinning at you and taking off in a direction, with you quickly scrabbling behind him to make sure you dont lose him in the mass of bodies, but being surprised when-within minutes- he exits onto quite a clear street.

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Post your dan tummy pics pls Or can we just talk about his tummy pls i am so in love with his i might literally be worse than you

i doubt anyone is worse than me

i failed my english final bc i was thinking of his tummy and ran out of time 

it is literally so cute

look how cute it is i just want to kiss it


his cute lil tummy and love handles i cant stop giggling





You surprise him on tour (5sos)


Recently, you’ve been being hit really hard about missing your boyfriend. He’d been away for six months and could rarely text you. The only good parts about a day being away was, not matter how tired you two were. At the end of the day you skyped for hours until one of you two fell asleep.

Ashton had called you and told you luke was drinking more, sometimes he’d leave soundcheck and end up having anxiety attacks. You discussed with ashton about coming and stay the rest of the tour with luke. Ashton instantly agreed and told calum and michael. You all set it up and that put you at an airport.

‘Im here.’ You texted ashton, looking around for his man child self. You then received a text from michael saying 'ashton had to keep luke at home, im at gate four.’ You shrugged and looked for a certain red haired boy.

“Boo!” The asshole, poked at your back and made your squeal. “Fuck you clifford!” You gasped, holding your hand above your heart and smacking him with the other hand. “Hi princess.” Michael giggled, pulling you in for a hug. “Lets go!” He jokingly pushed you, taking your bag and running out of the airport. “Fuck you clifford!” You yelled, following behind him.

“So luke’s in his bunk.” Ashton whispered, as you greeted him and calum. “Hes been depressing all day. Poor lukey.” Calum pouted, pulling away and shoving you to his bunk. You slowly pulled the little curtain away and crawled beside him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and pressed your head to his back.

“Fuck off ashton.” He grunted, pushing you away slightly. You rolled you eyes and waited a few seconds before holding him again but this time you kissed his neck. “Ew what the fuck ash!” He yelled, flipping himself and ready to push you out of the bunk.

Him gasping filled the room before he squeezed you into his chest. “You’re really here!” He stated pressing kissed all over your face. You giggled and held his face in you hands before pressing your lips to him.

“Cover up children! We’ll be out!” Ashton shouted as a box of trojan condoms was thrown into your bunk. You giggled and moved the curtain closed. Once the sound of the tour bus door shutting was heard you pulled away from luke, and teasingly climbed out of the bunk toward the couches.

“Daddy needs you princess.”


You were an actress that was pretty well known. You starred in the tv shows 'the walking dead’, 'teen wolf’ and 'greys anatomy’. Now you had a boyfriend who was way more famous than you. He was in the band 'Five Seconds Of Summer’, and was currently touring in north america. You two had been together for a few years now, this tour was making it hard for you two to really talk. Every night you’d face time and tell how your day went or talked about how much you missed each other.

Currently you were watching the boys live stream. Calum was defiantly out of the mood. He was texting you but would sometimes comment toward the live stream. Once and a while the boys would ask if he was okay and he’d fake a smile and nod.

'I miss you so fucking much’ he texted you then looked toward the camera with a sad face. 'I love you and i miss you, hummmm’ you texted back with a smile. He giggled and typed on his phone quickly. 'I cant wait till this tour is over, fuck i miss you.’ He typed then put his phone down.

You on the other hand turned your live stream on and watched as the viewers went up into the hundred thousands. You watched from your laptop as calum told his viewers that you were live streaming.

“Hey guys.” You said, as you began to move around. “I havent live streamed in a while and i thought why not live stream this moment.” You said with a smirk as you shut the hotel room and held you phone, which was live streaming you, up to your face. A bunch of comment came up asking where you were going as you walked toward the end of the hall and smirked at the camera. “We have to be very quiet.” You giggled, as all the viewers went crazy asking where you were going.

“Where the hell is she?” You heard calum ask from the other side of the door. You giggled and quietly unlocked the door. Once you made it in you stood in the door way behind the boys. You wanted the fans to show that you were there.

“Why the fuck is she being quiet?” Calum asked as his eyes widened when his phone echoed his words. You held your breath as the fans started putting the pieces together. His head snapped up toward where you were and his eyes got huge. You tossed your phone aside and held your arms open for calum. The boys by now were in just as much shock as calum was.

“You’re here!” He exclaimed hopping off the bed and pulling you in for a tight hug. He lifted you off your feet and spun you with a smile. “I missed you princess.” He mumbled into your neck as the boys joined the hug.

“Thank god you’re here!” Michael exaggerated holding his hand to his head. “I thought i was going to have to kill calum for complaining about how you werent in his arms and retelling the same fucking story over again!” Michael groaned with a smirk. Calum flicked michael off and held you closer. “What?! I cant miss my girlfriend?”


You were married to the drummer in 5sos. He had been on tour for over six months now. Six months of being away from you and his now one year old daughter. She’d just beginning to speak but never really said her first words.

You thought that this is a huge time and maybe ashton should he be there to hear it. So you decided to talk to his manager about joining the boys on tour. Of course they agreed and invited you and your daughter along.

“Baby sit still.” You sighed at your daughter you wouldn’t stop moving when you tried to out ear plugs in her ears. She whined and shook her head. “Dont you wanna see daddy?” You asked excitedly, as she nodded and clapped her hands. “Then sit still.” You frowned, as she stopped moving and allowed you to put her ear plugs in.

“How are your doing bristow?!” Ashton screamed into the mic. You sighed and allowed the security guard to place the ear plug in your ears. “I cant hear you.” He screamed back as the crowd screamed even louder. You smiled at your husband. He looked even better than he did before he left for tour. The crew member handed you a mic for your available hand, as your other hand was currently holding your daughter.

“Dada.” Your daughter whispered into the mic in your hand. Your eyes widened at her words and you watched as ashton looked around.

“Did you hear that?” Ashton asked into the mic as the crowd got quiet. “Dada!” She squealed in your arms and clapped at ashton. You smiled and kissed her cheek. You walked onto stage as the crowd went insane, screaming, crying, aweing. Ashton on the other hand looked over at where you were and held his hand over his mouth. He jumped from his drum set and rushed over to your daughter and you.

Emotions hit you as he held you in his arms. He held you in his arms and started to cry. “Oh my god your here.” He cried into your hair. The crowd still went wild with emotion and the other boys smiled and recorded this cute moment. “That was her first time speaking!” You exclaimed as ashton pulled away and pressed a kiss to her forehead and then your lips.



“Okay to actually we need the boys to put your instruments down and sit towards the screen.” Casey, a band member from hey violet, said into the mic coming onto stage. The crowd and the boys were just really confused. “Alright so are you ready?!” Rena screamed into the mic at the crowd you screamed back.

“So we’re taking the long way home.” Your voice projected as the camera in front of you turned on. You currently in the parking lot of bristow stadium. Trying to make your way toward the stadium. “Take me back to the middle of nowhere.” You sang toward the camera as it showed the deserted area of the parking lot. “Back to the place only you and i share.” You sang into the mic as the screen showed a short clip of you and michael at a beach and then you and michael building a fort from pillows and blankets. “Remember all the memories?” You sang softly, as the screen flickered back to you for a second and then to a clip of you and michaels as children and then another clip of you guys as teenagers and then a picture of you guys kissing. “The fireflies and make-believes.” As the camera pointed at you and you appeared in the screen again, but this time you were walking around a hill toward the stadium. “Kicking back in the old school yard singing songs on our guitars this is our reality crazy stupid you and me.” As a gif of michael playing video games appeared and then you in the same clip, but dancing weirdly. “We know this is the way its suppose to be.” As the video flickered to you and a fan who smiled and waved and then freaked out that you were with her.

“So were taking the long way home, 'cause i dont wanna be wasting my time alone.” You sang with a smile, and saw the stage from the side. “I wanna get lost and drunk forever with you, talking about nothing, yeah, whatever baby. So were taking the long way home.” You paused a video of michael with the boys and then with a bunch of fans making Michael name with their shirt colours.

“So we’re taking the long way home, we’re taking the long way home, taking the ling way home.” You sang while the camera followed you back stage.

“Fuck it.” You said into the mic as you ran onto the stage and tackled your boyfriend into a hug. He stumbled a bit but held you tightly. Your eyes watered from happiness as everyone clapped with the music playing in the background.

“I missed you.”

Preference #15: Decorating For Christmas

A/N; Heres the first preference in my christmas series! Enjoy!

Liam: “ Are you sure its straight babe?” he chuckles from behind the tree and you squint more
“Maybe a little to the left” he moves it the wrong way “ No your other left Li-Li” you giggle and he moves it “There don’t move i’ll secure it” you kneel down and go to tighten the bolts into the tree.
“Perfect!” Liam smiles and helps you off the floor “ Its nice to have our own place. Isn’t it?”
You nod “Yeah.. i love you”
“ I love you too baby girl” he kisses your lips softly “Lets start on the tree and then go with everything else?”
You nod in agreement and pull out the lights. You both get the lights on the tree with little trouble and start on the ornaments “ Looks good” you smile and grab Liam’s hand “This makes me happy”
“Im glad.” he whispers his voice low “Now what?”
“Well i have some table decorations” You grab them and Liam moves some things off the table before getting behind you smiling as he wraps his arms around your waist “ Liam” you giggle leaning into him “ I cant decorate with you like this”
“I just want to hold you baby” he pouts cutely and you smile
“Alright” you both decorate the table staying in each others arms all night.

Niall: “You sure we cant just sit here and drink coco” he pouts and sips his drink again.
“You cant stop eating can you Nialler” you chuckle and shake your head “no more coco for tonight it’ll make you puke. Now come help me”
He chuckles and gets up “alright here shorty ill get it” he takes the light out of your hands and smiles kissing your head “Im short but you my dear are tiny”
“Am not!” you pout and go get the stockings “Where are our tools we need a hammer”
“Ill get it its in the garage love” you smile as he disappears and comes back nailing up hooks.
“I love these Y/N” you smile and kiss him softly hanging up the stockings with him.
“I love you” he holds you “ I want you to go put the lights up outside soon” you smile more.
“I told you I’ll hire someone.. I’m not killing myself on the roof” he shakes his head and chuckles
“But thats no fun” you grab his hands and bat your eyes “Ill bundle up and help you if thats what you want Nialler”
“Maybe we can tomorrow baby” He pecks your lips and holds you close, soon you curl up by the fire and fall asleep.

Louis: You and louis pulled into the driveway after getting your christmas tree and he smiles over at you “ I love you wifey” he coos in your ear grabbing your hand, the words still make your heart jump, only being married for a couple weeks.
“I love you too Mr Tomlinson” you pull him closer and peck his lips “ Now lets get this tree inside”
He goes around and opens your door before hoisting the tree off of the car “Holy shit this is heavy” he groans
“Wait Loubear hold it up i want a picture” you chuckle and he groans holding it up giving you a goofy smile “Perfect” you put your phone away and try to assist him in putting the tree in the stand
“I don’t know where the decorations ended up after the move love” he sighs looking through the stacks of boxes in your new house
“Lets just leave it bear for now Lou” you smile “ How about we head upstairs and warm up” you wink and louis smirks following you upstairs quickly for a very hot and steamy night.

Harry: Harry had just come back from the store and he showed you matching his and hers christmas onesies “ oh my god harry I’m not wearing this” you shake your head at your obnoxious but still adorable boyfriend.
“C’mon sweetheart they’re cute , i got it just for you” he bats his eyes and gives you a smirk.
“Fine ill be right back” you chuckle and peck his lips before going to change. When you come back Harry’s wearing his onesie but he’s only wearing the bottom half leaving his tattooed chest out in the open
“Like what you see babe?” Harry bites his lip with a smirk and you snap out of your daydream
“W-what? oh umm yeah you look hot” you giggle “Now that you’re here lets decorate the apartment!”
He goes over and turns on the tv to a christmas movie and starts stringing the lights up around the room “Y/N does this look ok?” he asks spinning around as you sit on the sofa digging through more boxes.
“it looks perfect Haz, Just like you” You smile and go to kiss him happy to spend your first holiday with your wonderful Cheshire boyfriend.  

Flappy Bird in Paris

A/N: *ducks away from fruit being thrown* Hi lovelies!! So sorry this took forever! Trying really hard to squeeze in some writing whenever I get the chance. I hope you like this little one-shot, I thought it was such an adorable idea :) ( And the anon who asked for flappy bird, here you go ;))

AND OH MY GOSH. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS READ “DYLAN’S BEST FRIEND” IT HAS OFFICIALLY RECEIVED OVER 100 NOTES!! I can’t even process this. You guys are awesome and I love you all. 

Enjoy!! x

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