his future wife is so blessed

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Is it possible if ya can do a headcannon where reader who is a geisha and hanzo meet for the first time and their relationship starts from there??✨✨👌🏼

Thank you for your request! I’ve been working on this request for sometime now because I honestly wanted it to be perfect. I went through a lot of research because I’m a nerd that adores the handsome elder Shamada brother so I hope you enjoy this as much I enjoyed writing it! (´∀`)♡

  • At a very young age, you were sold to an okiya (geisha house) in order to pay off the debuts that your family had racked up; thinking back on it, you have very little memories of them, and have no wish of ever rekindling your connections with them. The okasan (the woman that runs the okiya, called ‘mother’) took you in as one of her own, you never once felt out of place, this was your new normal.
  • Okasan and you lived in the okiya with many other women that served/have served as geisha and those in the process of becoming a geisha (called a maiko). They welcomed you with open arms and treated you no different that the many other girls that lived there; this was the only family that you came to know.
  • Growing up, you were constantly surrounded by beautiful geishas and maikos, seeing them brought something out from inside of you, a burning passion that fueled you; you wanted to be one of them. Although you were never allowed to participate, as a child you were fond of watching them practice their elegant dances and their abilities they’d learn from training; your day for the most part was to help keep the okiya clean, so as you cleaned you’d mimic their moves in private as you watched them.
  • Still a child, many of the elder geisha took notice of your enthusiasm and in secret, they’d pull you aside and teach you things that they’d learned from school: how to play certain instruments like the shamisen, the proper etiquette of a tea ceremony and your favorite, how to perform the nihon-buyoh (traditional japanese dance); as you aged, it came as no surprise to them that even before you’d been assigned a mentor.
  • At the age of 15, you and your mentor geisha took part in the misedashi (ceremony binding the both of you together as sisters; the very becoming of a maiko), you and your mentor went on for 6 years learning the ways of becoming a proper maiko and undergoing a committed training.
  • It was after your training when your mentor found you were ready to begin entertaining clients. Your practice had payed off, as you’d slowly rank up in becoming the most favorable maiko in Hanamura, although you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing; deep in you heart, you were lonely.
  • Then you met Hanzo Shimada, you were assigned to his coming of age banquet along with countless other women. The both of you were in the prime of your youth, both with your whole future ahead of you and yet you both couldn’t help but feel drawn toward one another; when you’d entered the banquet hall his handsome eyes were glued to you and the missing feeling inside of you vanished.
  • Being the most graceful dancer out of the few selected women, you performed first for the crowd of men dancing seamless and graceful, you were the idea of perfect then; you had to draw him in you thought, you had to speak to him and not any other man, if he didn’t make the first move, you’d be picked by another man.
  • When each girl’s dance had concluded, it was the men’s turn to pick a woman to entertain him, and because it was Hanzo’s coming of age night, he’d pick first. His father urged him to go up there, as he took a step forward onto the stage, his eyes eyes shifted for a moment until finally stopping upon you, he’d knelt in front of you and took your hand; was it then that you’d fallen in love with him?
  • “Would you do me the honor of entertaining me this evening?” his voice was deep and manly as you humbly obliged. The both of you were brought into a separate room where you’d begin entertaining the man, you started by pouring him some sake and some subtle chit chat.
  • “Why is your hairstyle different than the other women,” Hanzo commented as he brought the cup of sake to his lips. “I serves as a symbol of innocence, I am among the few that still hold their innocence, many other geishas here have patrons to whom they are ceremonially bound to in that manner. The ceremony is as binding as one of marriage” you told him
  • The both of you went on to talk for hours when in reality the time between the both of you felt like mere minutes, slowly and slowly you knew that in that moment he was the one; he was the missing piece of your puzzle. Suddenly Hanzo stopped talking, the air in the room was soft and the lingering scent of sake had vanished from the air; Hanzo’s long arms had suddenly reached over, softly pulling you into his lap, he held you for a long time.
  • “I will have to leave soon and this pain in my heart,” he admitted as he softly nuzzled his face into your neck, “I have never felt like this, my heart feels as full as the moon is tonight.” Outside of the Okiya the moon stood in the sky shining beautifully, his lips had somehow made their way to yours as he embraced you. The intoxicating smell of sake lingered from his lips as you tasted the alcohol, he was so hard to resist then, but that was all that you’d shared; a kiss.
  • As the time between the both of you subsided, he breathed heavily into your neck “I will come back for you and make you my bride, I can not bare the thought of another man holding you like this” You wondered if the words he spoke were real, or where they just the words of a handsome drunk.
  • A full month had gone by since you’d last seen the soon-to-be leader of the Shimada Clan, you’d heard of his father’s illness and by then you’d had no hope of him ever returning for you; you spent many nights crying, you and your heart were confused, you never shared a night like you had with him.
  • Later that night you sat on the porch of the Okiya staring up at the moon, it looked almost the same as it had that night, the pain in your chest made it hard to breathe. “Was it all just a dream?” you’d asked the moon “Was the words he spoke tales of a man drunk on sake–”
  • You caught yourself when you’d heard footsteps coming in your direction, when you turned to look you were shocked, there he leaned against the exterior of the Okiya. “I–It’s you,” you said rising to your feet, you stood still in complete shock “I never thought I’d see you again.” He then slowly approach you, placing a soft hand on your white cheek, he spoke no words as he went in for a kiss; it was long and passionate, this is the moment Hanzo knew he’d loved you.
  • That night you and Hanzo did not make love, you simply talked and talked like you had that night a month ago. He knew deep in his heart that you had to be his bride before he’d embrace the pureness of your body; he wanted you more than anything else, even his leadership as head of the Shimada clan.
  • He’d later take you back to the Clan and with the blessing of his ill father, he took you as his wife; he loved you deeply and the future ahead was only a grasp away, you and him would be the head of the Shimada clan along with his brother Genji… or so you thought.

Just a few of my absolute favourite fics that I’ve read. This list will keep being updated as I read more, and as I rediscover the links to the ones I’ve already read but lost in the sea of my likes!! Also feel free to recommend fics (PLEASE DO) bc i am down to read all of them ✨

Also, absolute must reads : 💘 ; smut : 🔞; new additions! : 💥

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Barry’s Proposal(s)...

The thing that I love/hate about Barry and Iris is that their love is so pure and meant to be that the obstacles in their lives have to be SO extra in order to be believable enough to keep them a part. So they can’t just kiss and fall in love and get engaged like normal couples. No, they have to have three first kisses, three or four false starts, a separation because Barry decided to go back in time and create an alternate universe, a botched first engagement…

The point is Westallen can’t do anything just once. In fact, I fully expect them to have at least one fake out wedding and multiple pregnancy scares, among other things. At the end of the day Westallen’s foundation is so strong that literally only time itself can rock them, and even then they still bounce back. 

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Noctis x Reader are childhood friends, secretly dating and no one knows about but on their way to Alissa, Noctis fights Leviathan then the reader becomes worried so Noctis proposes to the reader and a rough smut scene happens with them. And so Ardyn appears for the first time and almost kills the reader. Once Noctis finds out, he vows to kill Ardyn and get the crystal power back. (Like in chapter 8-9 in the game) So after the 10 year skip, he reunites with his friends and future wife.

This request got a little out of hand and is longer than I planned. For that reason, I didn’t make it through everything in your request, but if you want a part two just let me know. I’ve probably re-written this at least fifty times which is why it took so long. Sorry about that.

For this story, Noctis was originally meant to meet Luna so that she could help him gain the blessings of the Six by secret order of king Regis as a way to get Noct out of the Crown City.


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Could you maybe do a scenario with Kass where he walks in on future s/o singing a lullaby to the kids, to help them settle down and fal asleep, and he realizes he's fallen for them?

Things had been hard ever since his wife had died. Kass had returned to the village, more permanently this time, caring for his children and finding work. But caring for them had been hard with his work, so it was a blessing when (Name) volunteered to care for them while he worked. Kass must have thanked them a thousand times over for the help.

Tonight he had had to work for longer- the elder had wished to speak to him, and when the elder speaks, it takes a while. The poor bard almost had no energy to open the door home, and exhaustion coursed through every part of him. His kids would be asleep by now, and (Name) would be exhausted too, no doubt.

So where was that singing coming from?

It wasn’t hard to follow the soft music, but man, did it lead to something he hadn’t expected. All his children, slowly falling asleep in their beds, (Name) singing them sweetly to sleep and tucking them to bed. What a sight. He could get used to seeing that sight…


Where did that come from?

Did he..?

No, not right now. He’s too tired to give these emotions proper attention. But in that night, Kass swore he had a lot to talk to (Name) about.

Jon x Jon’s sister x Robb

((I got a little carried away. Might not be the best but…I’m getting there. I’m still a little…iffy…when it comes to writing incest.))

Word Count: 2,484

Warning: SMUT, NSFW

Since he was eight years old Robb of House Stark, the heir to Lord Eddard of Winterfell, had been traveling to King’s Landing and spending four months every year with his Aunt Lyanna, the younger Queen of King Rhaegar of House Targaryen. Robb with his auburn hair and blue eyes was Tully through and through…when it came to appearance. Personality wise, the boy was every bit his father’s son just as Prince Jon of Houses Stark and Targaryen, with his brown hair and grey eyes, looked exactly like his mother but was every bit his father’s son in every other way.

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so I kinda figured how these guys would be like in the 21st century… So here goes

Wang moo: future inheritor of Samsung but ends up getting killed by yo

Wang Yo: hot but scheming, ends up embezzling $100 million won from moo’s company which lands his ass in jail

Wang So: blessed with a face so gorgeous Aphrodite would be ashamed, the son of a prime minister and the future successor of Korea

Wang wook: fuckboiiiiiiiii, ends up clubbing his life away because of the void he feels after losing everything

Wang won: the boss that everyone hates, gets demoted to a receptionist eventually

Wang eun: boss of Toysrus, his wife is also a taekwondo coach

Wang Baek Ah: YG model and actor (so beautiful he gets all them girls but he falls in love with a ballet dancer who’s renowned)

Wang Jung: personal gym trainer who’s also skilled in hapkido, Muay Thai and Kung fu


Article in The Telegraph (some new, some recycled quotes):

“I like to pursue the craft of acting and try my hand at many different characters. I don’t have a method of acting. I just… you know…. I do a job.”

Tom Hardy: ‘acting saved me from the madness’

For someone who earns an excellent living as an actor, Tom Hardy has surprisingly little interest in the film industry. In fact, he says, he’d rather not see films or talk about them.

He’s bitten the bullet and travelled to Cannes to help promote his latest movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, but, he says: "I normally avoid film festivals because I feel a bit awkward and feel I don’t belong around people who love film because I don’t have much to talk about.

"I don’t really watch a lot of films. Maybe I should but it just doesn’t work for me.”

Tom Hardy has never hesitated to speak his mind. And if it’s not what the listener wants to hear, then too bad.

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Chapter Sixty Five Part Three

A/N: Sorry for the delay! Here is part three of the wedding stuff!


“There were so many people!” Emma exclaimed as the line of carriages slowed and pulled in through the gates of Buckingham Palace. “How many people do you think we waved at? Millions?”

“Thousands,” Harry corrected with a chuckle.

“And you did such a great job smiling and waving at all of them,” Alex said, pride in her eyes as she smiled down at her daughter.

“My cheeks hurt from smiling so long though,” Emma answered as their carriage pulled up in front of the doors they would enter through and rolled to a stop.

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if you have the time; A human AU in which Jason and Percy win tickets for a cruise on the radio but the ship goes down in a terrible storm and in the process of the ship going down they both bang their heads terribly and both develop hardcore amnesia. They don't remember their names so the hospital has two total john does on their hands. They become pals in the hospital they're being treated at because they were the 'other guy with amnesia from the cruise ship'?

this is elaborate! lol 

  • mostly they play go fish 
  • Jason goes by John and Percy goes by Doe 
  • after they finish dinner every night they sit and affirm what they know about themselves to each other (which isn’t very much) 
  • they befriend a nurse named Hazel who is one of the only people who doesn’t treat them like they’re made of porcelain 
  • they sneak out one night and wind up at a symphony of all things 
  • as soon as the concert starts, Percy’s eyes go wild 
  • he starts to freak out and has to run out of the concert hall, with Jason following close behind 
  • Jason finds Percy standing outside the concert hall looking around and pulling his hair 
  • “Are you okay, man?” 
  • “She’s blonde and she has these incredible grey eyes and she plays violin” 
  • “Who are you talking about?”
  • “Annabeth” Percy says in a whisper 
  • they retreat back to the hospital where Hazel has been out of her mind with worry and after a stern scolding Percy tells her about how the music seemed to have brought back his memories of this girl 
  • “I know home is supposed to be a place, but…”
  • “But what, Doe?” Hazel pushed 
  • “But I can’t help but feel like it’s her. She’s my home.”  
  • Percy fixates on Annabeth, determined to find his way back to her 
  • Jason is still lost, and honestly a little jealous of the small piece of himself that Percy has managed to uncover 
  • after a month in the hospital they decide they can’t stay in the hospital any longer 
  • they’re both experiencing cabin fever and decide that trying to live their lives is their best hope to get their memories back 
  • luckily the apartment across the hall from Hazel’s is for rent 
  • Percy gets a job at a pizzeria and Jason works at a Boys and Girls club as a tutor because he’s forgotten everything about himself but math and science he understands completely 
  • another month passes and the men have settled into their routines and to being roommates 
  • Thursday mornings are a time when neither of them have to work so they spend the time catching up with each other, eating pancakes and watching tv 
  • this morning Jason has selected the Today Show because he has extremely boring taste as Percy has discovered 
  • “Today’s guests are Annabeth Chase and Piper McLean, the girlfriends of two men who have been missing since the Princess Andromeda, a high end cruise ship voyaging down the Pacific coast, capsized, leaving 5 dead. Thank you for joining us this morning ladies….” 
  • Percy and Jason sat in silence as they watched these two women, supposedly their girlfriends, told the story of how they won the cruise from a radio contest 
  • apparently they had been friends since college 
  • Percy’s girlfriend Annabeth was a violinist with the New York Philharmonic and had been with Percy since they were 16— they were talking about getting engaged
  • Jason and his girlfriend Piper had been together for a year and were about to move in together when he went missing 
  • they didn’t talk for at least an hour after the story aired, just trying to process everything they had heard 
  • “How the hell did we end up in Oregon if the boat went down near San Francisco?” Percy asked 
  • “And how the fuck did no one know who we were?” Jason replied 
  • the first thing they did was call Hazel who came rushing from her shift at the hospital 
  • the three of them sat in Hazel’s apartment, looking up the tip line number that had flashed across the Today show’s screen 
  • Jason got up to head across the hall and grab the iPad he had gotten from work 
  • as soon as he stepped outside of Hazel’s door the loose brick that she had complained to their landlord, Mr. D, about several times hit him square on the head 
  • when he came to, he smiled wide and looked at Percy, “I remember” 
  • while Hazel was monitoring him for a concussion he dialed Piper’s cell phone number 
  • “Hello?” 
  • “Pipes? It’s me. Sorry I missed your art show, but I’ll make it up to you I swear.” 
  • silence followed by swearing followed by incoherent words masked by tears made up the rest of their conversation 
  • Piper and Annabeth got on the first flight out to Oregon from New York and the boys braced themselves 
  • Percy still couldn’t fully remember his life like Jason and was a nervous wreck 
  • Hazel drove them to the airport to pick up the girls and they waited impatiently outside the arrival gate 
  • as soon as Piper and Jason made eye contact, she dropped all her bags and ran straight for him, jumping into his arms and showering him with kisses 
  • when Percy sees Annabeth, the air leaves his lungs 
  • she stays stoic as she approaches him but he doesn’t miss the nervous tremble in her hands 
  • when she’s right in front of him, the connection is instant 
  • he places his hands on the sides of her face and pulls her in for a kiss 
  • he’s not sure how long it lasts but he knows it wasn’t nearly long enough 
  • “I was right.” 
  • Annabeth looks at him confused, “Right about what?” 
  • “You are my home” 
  • catching up on the missing two months is a lot of work and so it trying to heal the pain that Piper and Annabeth went through 
  • but they do it, with the support of each other 
  • Jason and Piper watch the Today Show every morning together before starting their days and vow to never go on a cruise for the rest of their lives
  • Percy proposes to Annabeth 6 months after finding each other again and he promises that if she agrees to be his wife he will never try and win another radio contest so long as they both shall live
  • three years later Percy, Annabeth, Jason, and Piper visit Hazel and her boyfriend Frank for Thanksgiving 
  • the magical kiss that brought back Percy’s memories becomes his favorite story to tell, and Annabeth complains to Hazel how she can’t count how many times he’s told it to her pregnant belly 
  • they spend the holiday together as one big found family and Annabeth toasts to Hazel for keeping the boys safe and Piper toasts the future, “and God bless us, everyone” 
  • “Wrong holiday, Pipes.” 
  • “Like I care, smarty pants.” 
“Mrs. Maloley. I like the sound of that.” (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “Nate imagine! Like he brings up the future and his goals he wants to achieve. One of them being married to you and having kids”




You and Nate have been dating for about 4 years, and you have loved every minute of it. You two have been living together, and you loved sharing a home with him. He takes you out to lunch one afternoon at your favorite restaurant.

“So, what’s the occasion?” You ask as he pulls into the parking lot.

“What? I can’t take my girl out to lunch just because I want to? There has to be an occasion?” He asks.

“No, I, uh, just assumed.” You say nervously.

“I’m kidding babe. I just wanted to take you out.” He said. You smiled and he kissed you. The hostess took you to your table, and on your way, a beautiful baby boy catches your attention.

“Hi!” He says as he waves at you.

“Hi baby.” You say back, smiling. The widest smile spread across his face and you continued on your way to your table.

“Enjoy your meal.” The hostess says.

“Thank you.” Nate says.

“Awe, did you see him? He was so cute.” You say. You loved babies. Whenever you saw them, you always wanted to hold them. Especially when you were with your friends and they had their babies with them. You never wanted to give them back.

“Yeah, he was pretty cute.” He agrees. “But, you know who’s baby would be the cutest though?” He asks.

“Who’s?” You ask.

“Ours. Our little baby boy, or girl, would be the cutest thing on the planet.” He says.

“You’re right. He or she would be.” You agree.

“Have you ever thought about us having kids?” He asked.

“To be honest, I have. I’ve been thinking about it a lot more than usually. You know since all of our friends have been having kids.” You say.

“Yeah, that’s true. You know, I’d like to get married first.” He says, a slight smile on his face.

“Really? I didn’t have you pegged as the marrying type.” You say.

“Why not?” 

“I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like your style.” You explain.

“I’ve been with the same girl for almost five years. We live together. Why would I not seem like the marrying type.” He asks. 

“I mean, I guess that’s right. So, tell me, what do you see our future as? Let’s say about five more years into the future.” You ask.

“Well, for starters, you’re my wife. My music has really taken off, and you’re there standing by my side and supporting me, as you do now. I see you at the studio with me, a little baby on your hip, giving me inspiration to put my all into my music. We go home to our suburban home, put our little angel to sleep. Life is good.” He explains.

“That, actually sounds amazing.” You say.

“Doesn’t it?” He asks.

“Mrs. (Y/N) Maloley. I like the sound of that.” You say laughing.

“Me too.” He agrees. “Hey, why don’t we get started on those future plans right now?” He asks.

“What do you mean?” You ask. He gets out of his chair and down on one knee in front of you. You know exactly what he meant.

“(Y/N), I can’t imagine my life with out you. You know that. I’ve spent my whole life searching for someone like you, and I can’t believe that I got so blessed to finally find you. You mean the absolute world to me. Would you do me the honor of being my wife?” He asks. The entire restaurant was staring. The tears were falling down your cheeks.

“Oh my god, Nate. Of course I’ll be your wife.” You say smiling. He gets up and slips the ring on your finger. He pulls you into his arms and kisses you softly. The restaurant his cheering and clapping for you.

“I love you (Y/N).” He says.

“I love you too Nate.” You say. You kiss him again and finish your lunch together as a newly engaged couple.



The one where he finds you singing lullabies to Lux (Harry imagine)

One of your favorite things about being on tour with Harry, apart from being with Harry himself, was playing with little Lux, the daughter of Lou, Harry’s hairstylist. From the moment you met the little girl, you were absolutely in love with her. You had always liked children a lot, but Lux was one out of a million. And it was mutual, because in the days you were there, Lux bonded with you so much, that she would cry for hours when you had to leave again.

It was a late night after a show, and you were all sitting in the bar of the hotel: you, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Lou, Perrie, Eleanor, Sophia and some other crew members. It was so nice that all the girlfriends were here and it was just really an awesome atmosphere backstage. You were all laughing when suddenly you heard Lux’ crying through the baby alarm that Lou brought with her. Lou was already standing up, when you stopped her in her tracks. ‘Can I go?’ You asked with a smile. And she had to laugh because of how excited you were. ‘Of course you can go. But don’t kidnap her, Y/N! Because I’ll instantly know it’s you!’ She smiled, handing you the key to her room. ‘I can’t promise anything!’ You yelled over your shoulder, already walking to the elevator. On the way over there, you thought about Harry and how much you wanted a child with him one day. And he was so good with kids. You had seen him with Lux as well and it melted your heart every time. Harry would be the best dad. That was something you didn’t even doubt for a second. When you entered Lou’s room, you immediately saw Lux’ head peaking out of the crib. ‘Hey baby, don’t cry. It’s okay!’ You said softly, taking her into your arms. And your heart lighted up when she held on to you so tightly. You stepped towards the baby alarm to put it off. You wouldn’t want them downstairs to hear everything you were saying. You were going to put it back on when you would leave the room. ‘What’s wrong baby? Did you have a nightmare?’ Your eyes met hers and she nodded sadly, with still remaining tears on her cheek. And you wiped them off. ‘You don’t have to be scared. I’m here now. Everything’s okay.’ You smiled at her kindly, what made her smile too. ‘Sing!’ She said, excited. ‘Do you want me to sing for you?’ You asked her in a high voice and when she nodded, you placed her in her crib again. You sat down next to her and when she lay down as well, you started singing in a really soft voice. ‘Lullaby and good night, in the sky stars are bright. May the moons silvery beams bring you sweet dreams. Close your eyes now and rest. May these hours be blessed. Til the sky’s bright with dawn, when you wake with a yawn. Lullaby and good night…’  You stopped singing when you saw Lux fast asleep again and it made you smile. You silently stood up, put on the baby alarm again and headed to the door. You almost screamed out of surprise when you saw Harry standing in the doorframe, smiling at you. But you were able to hold it in. When you pulled the door close behind you, you gave him a soft punch on his chest. ‘You scared the hell out of me!’ You said still a bit shaken up. He laughed because of your reaction but just when you were about to head back to the bar, he grabbed your waist and pulled you into his arms. ‘That was cute… I love seeing you with her.’ He whispered in your hair. ‘Great singer too!’ He added and you could hear his smile in his voice. You felt your cheeks turning red. ‘Of course, you heard that!’ You said a little bit shy. ‘Babe, don’t even think about being ashamed over it.’ He said grabbing your shoulders and meeting your eyes. ‘It just lets me realize how happy I can be to have you as my girlfriend, my future wife and the future mother of my kids. And it makes me feel so blessed and happy… You have no idea.’ He instantly was able to give you a big smile on your face and you kissed his lips to thank him for that.

‘Lux is happy and asleep again. She just had a nightmare.’  You said to Lou when you were back downstairs with Harry. Harry sat himself down with the boys and you immediately noticed him pulling out his phone and letting them see a video you didn’t know about. You squinted your eyes at your boyfriend and he looked at you sheepishly. ‘Oh, no you didn’t, Styles.’ You said with a threatening voice.  But of COURSE he filmed you while singing to Lux. How could you even think he wouldn’t have done that. ‘I just want to let everyone see how good of a choice I made, dating you!’ He tried making you smile and it worked. How could it not work? Harry practically just needed to blink once and it would make you smile instantly. So you forgave him for filming you, but you were definitely keeping this in mind for the next time you saw him and Lux play with Barbie dolls. And you wouldn’t hesitate for a second filming just him and leaving Lux out of the frame.  

NOTE: This is probably going to be the last one for today. The lullaby I used in this imagine is the one my grandmother always sang to me when I was younger. Only she sang it in Dutch of course! This is the English song I used for the imagine. 


So so excited to be starting this new journey. For those of you who may not know much about me:
I come from a Mexican family of 5. I have 2 sisters, my wonderful mom and dad and of course my baby Lucy (she’s my dog.)
On my moms side, I have 12 aunts and uncles. All 12 of them have at least 2-5 kids each. On my dads side, I have 7 aunts and uncles. They too each have 2-5 kids. Some of these kids (my cousins) are much older and now have children of their own as well. I have a very big family (the majority of which they live in Mexico) but despite the size, I am only the 2nd one in my entire immediate and extended family to ever go to college. My older sister who is 25 was the first one and she graduated with a masters in psychology.
Not to seem stuck up, rude, or conceited, but I am so proud of myself. I’m proud because I’ve learned that education is so important in today’s world. I always look forward to learning something new and challenging myself. My family in Mexico did not have the privileges that I am so lucky to have. Unfortunately, my family in Mexico is not financially stable enough to afford a college education for so many kids. With that being said, I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed that I have parents who have given up EVERYTHING, so that I can have an education and a brighter future. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. My parents immigrated to the United States in their mid twenties with $25 in their pockets. My dad came first, lived alone for a year and half while his one year old daughter and wife stayed behind in Mexico. He worked so hard and eventually saved up enough money to fly my mom and older sister over to the United States. My parents got jobs where they were being paid minimum wage as busboys, cleaning ladies, and dishwashers. They were made fun of for their accent and lack of English, they were taken advantage of, they were humiliated just because they talked a little funny and looked a little different. My parents worked endless hours, saving up every penny. Eventually they had me and my younger sister and together they raised us to be independent, strong, and intelligent women.

As I start my new journey in college, I think about all the sacrifices that my parents made for me and I feel so grateful that God chose them as my parents. However, I also think of the people who do not believe in my dreams and want me “out of their country” just because I have dark hair, brown eyes, speak a different language and come from immigrant parents. I am what people such as Donald Trump likes to refer to as “anchor babies”. In the eyes of Trump, I come from people who “ruin” the United States, I come from people who are “criminals, rapists, and thieves”. I’ve always had respect for adults. Ive always looked up to them because they’re supposed to be the ones who guide us (kids, students, etc). I apologize in advance if this offends anyone, but Donald Trump is someone who I DO NOT in any way look up to or respect. So to Mr. Donald trump:
My father is not a rapist. He is an electrician who is very involved in church and helping our community. My mother is not a criminal. She is a Chef who also works for our church and helps others in any way she possibly can. My sisters are not thieves. They are students who dream of a bright future that we believe can be obtained in a free country like the United States. I too am not a rapist, a murderer, or a criminal. I am an 18 year old college student who hopes to one day change the world. I hope to one day be able to end racism for good.
You may never read this Mr. Trump, and that’s okay, but I hope that everyone who comes across this post realizes that my family and I are normal people and we deserve just as much as American families. Yes we are Mexican, yes we immigrated to this country, yes we speak a different language, and yes we look a little different in our skin color, hair color, eye color, etc. but we are NOT the people Mr. Donald Trump paints us to be. I hope I can continue to live in this country with my family. I hope that the day never comes where I am forced to leave the country because of my race. I hope that one day, EVERYONE, including Mr. Trump, can realize that we mean no harm, we are human too and we want what everyone else wants; happiness, freedom, and love.