his flying shoes

This wasn’t the first time Freddy had been kicked out someone’s apartment before even having a chance to get dressed but it seemed he hadn’t learned his lesson as here he was again. He was starting to think he was never going to shake this relationship though, if he were being honest, he wasn’t really trying that hard. Standing outside her place, it took him a few seconds to realise he was still barefoot. Just as he was about to knock on the door and do a little grovelling, more for the sake of getting his stuff back than anything else, the door opened and his shoes came flying out to hit him straight in the face. “Ow, fuck” he groaned, turning a little and eventually noticing the person who’d witnessed the whole thing. “Er…” he began, glancing down at his clothing, or lack of it, in a surprisingly casual manner. “Good morning.”

pls imagine a highschool au where dave is lanky but sweet and nerdy as FUCK and hes got hte dokis for karkat and when they finally get together dave just like fkn lingers around him, always cruising past on his heelys and stopping for quick lil kisses like all the time and leaning on karkats locker and just gets so fkn distracted lwatching karkat approach his locker one day he leans back against it and his heels shift back onto the wheels and his shoes fly out from under him and he busts his ass and turns ten shades of red bc he knocked te lockers rlly loud on the way down and hes got his longass legs all in peoples way and hes scrambling to get up but the wheels are shooting out from under him and hes just a flustered disaster rip