his first step to get out of that island is give his hand to a friend who needed someone

The Avenger-Mom (Bucky x Reader)

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Thank you for being amazing and beautiful in everything you do!

It’s been forever since I’ve written and I apologize for that.

Thank you all for the love on Notebook! I was shocked to say the least:)

Summary: You’re the ‘mom’ of the team but what happens when you’re not Bucky’s fan?

Word Count: Could this have been written in 2 parts? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?! Just kidding, I didn’t want to stop.. So.. Lord knows…. (I’m so sorry I don’t know I don’t have Word so I can’t count them and I refuse to count them myself because it’s a lot.)

Warnings: Suicide mentions, suicide scene (NO ONE DIES), sad moments tbh, fluff, hugs (A TON OF HUGS), sign language (If that’s even a warning), annoyed Bucky, nightmares, and crying. Dang… It sounds really heavy but go with it.

Please let me know if you liked it! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a good day:)



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You’ve been at the Avengers compound for almost 8 months because your cousin Tony requested you after the fallout between himself and none other than Captain America. Luckily between that time, Tony and Natasha have been speaking to Captain and the government finally expunged what James Barnes did while he was under mind-control by writing him off as ‘mentally unstable’.

You rubbed your hands together excitedly as you awaiting the arrival of the other half of the infamous team. To your knowledge they all knew who you were and understood your reasoning to be there for the team.

An Honorary Mother, everyone likes to say.

You’re a very affectionate person, you’ve always loved seeing people smile because of you and enjoyed helping them through issues and were very excited to help the coming members, especially James Barnes. You read his file and couldn’t stop the blush as you looked at all the pictures they had of him. He was incredibly handsome and you knew he needed someone other than Captain America to help.

“Hey, waiting for your new sons and daughters?” Natasha said lightly as she walked over to you at the entrance of the compound. You turn to her and gave her a hug, she laughs quietly and hugs you back before pulling away, “you do know you saw me an hour ago?” She asks with a quirked eyebrow, you shrug and watch the doors.

“Everyone needs hugs, it’s scientifically proven to help you mentally and physically, you know.” You note smiling at her, she rolls her eyes but smiles nonetheless.

“Are you excited to meet them?” She says after a few moments of silence, you nod quickly and look to the door, again rubbing your hands together.

“I hope they like me.” You say quietly looking at the floor briefly as though you’d just confessed to stealing cookies before dinner. Natasha puts an arm around your shoulder, grinning to reassure you.

“Don’t worry, they’ll love you. You’re our adopted mom.” You look at her and smile just as the doors open.

You wait for everyone to come up to you and Natasha, your heart pounding loudly in your ears and you stare up and Captain America and James Barnes, they have at least 8 inches on you. Natasha elbows you lightly and cocks her head towards them.

Captain puts his hand in front of you and smiles brightly, “Hello, my name is Steve Rogers, nice to meet you.” You glance at his hand then his face before hugging him around the waist tightly, he coughs awkwardly and hugs you back gently. You pull away and smile at everyone staring at you with wonder except James Barnes who stares at you with anxious eyes.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 6] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t  exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: angst? a little fluffy at some parts. this low key is another chapter filler

Warning: None really here, at least I don’t think

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15}

A/N: So I’m sorry to my Kpop Fans if you see Teen Wolf stuff on your dash or my blog. It will not change, I love Teen Wolf and it has helped me through a lot. I’m sorry if this bothers you. Anyways, like always my inbox is open and I will always reply to everyone. I hope you enjoy!

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Ji Yong hated mornings. He just wanted to sleep, and the clearly irritated expression on his face showed it. He had to start his day though. A meeting, then grabbing Seungri and going for a quick check up on a special talkative someone. Ji Yong raked a hand through his hair, walking out of his room and down the hall. His eyes met with Youngbae’s tired ones.

“How are you doing?” Youngbae sighed rubbing his eyes with his hands. “Why the hell did you make me do this Ji Yong?”

“You were the only one that I trust and was free. Plus she knows you, maybe that’ll help her cope with this.” Youngbae nodded his head, sleep hanging in his eyes. Ji Yong looked at the door, a little anxious to see her. He needed to get his day started. He had an important meeting that he called for. No skipping this one.

“She was crying until, I think, two last night.” Youngbae’s words made Ji Yong perk up. He was paying full attention to you now. concern and a little regret on his face. Youngbae looked at him expectedly.

“I’m just gonna go in and check on her.” Ji Yong mumbled. He opened the cream door, and light flooded into the dark room. The dark colored walls turned everything into a shadow, the only other light source was the light shining from the window. As he stepped into the room, he saw you.

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About Time // Part 7

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 8.5 |

Type/Genre/words: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au), Smut / 14,858 words

Character: Jungkook x reader / Jimin x reader (feat. BTS)

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: this part has a smut scene ;)

a/n: in this fic/series I made the characters to have similar ages, and not completely the same as their real age. So technically Jungkook, Jimin and the OC all have the same age. Just a little fyi in case you are confused with the timelines.

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His Wedding | eight

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 2805

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: language

Characters (by appearance):

A/N: I legit cried writing the ending of this part, but it may not be that emotional for you guys (yes I cry over tiniest things, so sue me) Also, future updates won’t take this long. Please give me FEEDBACK, YA’LL I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS/ASKS

SORRY READERS, no Bucky in this particular part. But I promise there’s mention (lol ik you don’t want just mentions but… eh, it’s just how it rolls)

Sorry for any typos :P

“His Wedding” Masterlist

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Previously on “His Wedding” :

“I know I’ve already done this. But I don’t care if you say no again, because I’ll keep asking–”

“I’ll go out with you, Steve.” I tell him eagerly before he could even say it. Technically I kind of saved him from the embarrassment of asking me for the fourth time.

“Oh, thank God.” He mumbles before crashing his lips with mine.

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White Rabbit

TITLE OF STORY: White Rabbit 
AUTHOR: PassionateWriter07
GENRE: Romance/Smut
FIC SUMMARY: Over the course of the final weeks of the Vietnam War, you had become best friends with a certain British ex-special forces solider. What happens when you find out you’ll be separated for months; you back to America, him to Skull Island?
WARNINGS: A combination of fluff, friendship, and, once it starts, pure smut.
AUTHORS NOTES: Kong is amazing! Tom is sexy as hell! And I really, really wanted to write my first reader fic with Conrad. I hope you like it! (Sorry it’s so long!) 
TITLE NOTE: Named purely for White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, the song that plays in the background of the bar fight scene in Kong: Skull Island.

Tags: @slytherin-pixie 

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One of these days, you needed to stop poking the proverbial hornet’s nest. Here you were, in the middle of the Vietnam, one of the few Americans willing to come over here in the first place. You wanted to help people—you were very skilled as a war nurse—and there was no one left at home, so why not enter the war?

It turned out to be one of the best decisions you ever made.

And led to the worst.

The streets of Saigon outside the bar were loud—you could almost hear the shouts and horn honks from inside. Inside, it was a dark, dismal, private place. People kept to themselves, whether they were there for a fling or to garner some extra cash. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane blasted through the bar, ironically adding to your mood; in Vietnam, you sometimes felt like Alice lost in wonderland.  

You sat at the bar, your eyes traveled over the various types of people who had come tonight, as you swayed to the music. There were the typical Ladies of the Night dancing on tables, some on men’s laps, you didn’t really care to stare at their intimate activities for fear of someone catching your eye and getting pissed off. That had happened once, never again. Never. Again.

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I won’t give up

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Warnings: If you’re not comfortable with pregnancy/abortion, I really suggest you to just scroll past this. Angst on so many levels, lots of tears and lots of swearing.

Frank finds out reader is pregnant and freaks out. He wants her to have an abortion (she says no) because he doesn’t want to be a father anymore, but then he apologises for asking that to her (he is afraid to lose the people he loves again – he knows all the friends of the people he killed will use his kid as a bait to kill him - and he doesn’t know if he has the strength to be there for them and protect them).

A/N: So, not trying to brag but this might be one of the best one shots I’ve ever written. I’m seriously considering getting over caffeinated more often to write something like this. Also, BIG THANK YOU to the person who requested this, I cannot thank you enough!! My life would be a constant and lonely wandering without @imaginedaily and her opinion on my work <3. I love you babyy!! Feedback does no harm <3 

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You needed to take a few deep breaths before you could even think of getting inside the bathroom. The timer on your phone had been ringing for about a minute, but it definitely seemed like it had been more; like an hour of that stupid ringtone you had. You took a mental note to start looking for some new ones or making your own out of a few songs you’d totally hate.

“Come on, (Y/N),” you cheered on yourself, “you got this, baby.”

And just as if you were entering a haunted house, you got inside the bathroom. The monsters were waiting for you inside it; okay, it was just one. But you had never been more terrified in your life. Not even that time when you thought Frank Castle was after you. By now, Frank Castle was the lesser of evils.

The monster, a.k.a pregnancy test, was waiting for you, and when you peeked on it from afar trying to stay as away from it as possible, you just didn’t see shit. You made yourself walk one step, and then another, until you were touching the monster with your hands and bringing it closer for a better look. You sighed and threw the evidence on the trashcan and went to lay on your bed.

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Make Me Forget (Grayson) Part 1

Summary: Certain moments in life and certain people are worth forgetting. Forget the pain, and forget the ones who hurt you. But sometimes you need a little help to forget. Can he make her forget? Or will she forget him?

Word Count: 2966

Warnings: Some cursing.

A/N: Hey lovelies! This is our first ever mini series!! Angie, and I were talking one day, and I just had this crazy idea to write a little story. Angie was against it at first, because we never done any writing on our blog before, so we didn’t know if we would be any good at it, but after some convincing, she gave in! We threw around some ideas for a story line, and well here we are! We never really written anything before, so feedback from you guys would be great! That way we can get an idea of whether or not you guys like it, or if you guys hate it! Seriously don’t be afraid to tell us we suck! We love you guys! Hope you guys enjoy Make Me Forget ♥

- Quick s/o to @dolan-twin-trash for pushing us to do this! Thanks babe, love you! ♥  

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“Two years! Two fucking years, and he breaks up with me over a damn text message?” I screamed to myself, as I pace around my apartment searching for my car keys. I managed to find them, and walked over to the kitchen island to grab my purse, before making my way out the door of my apartment, and towards my car.

 My make up was half done, my hair was still in curlers, I was in my sweats, and house shoes. I honestly look like a fucking train wreck. I was in the middle of getting ready for my date with my boyfriend Trey, until he texted me and pretty much broke up with me an hour before our date. I picked up my phone to call my best friend Cristina, to let her know that I’m on my way over. I called her about three times, and just my luck no answer! I suddenly realized that she was probably over at her boyfriend Ethan’s apartment. I quickly made a u-turn and started heading that way. 

The whole drive there, all I could think about was why Trey could’ve wanted to break up with me. He didn’t even bother to call me! I mean seriously breaking up with someone over a text message is probably the most cowardly thing to do! I didn’t even care about the date at this point. He ended a two year relationship over a 4 word text message! I was so deep in thought that I didn’t realize I had already pulled up in front of the apartment complex. 

Before getting out the car I grabbed the hoodie that was in the passenger seat and threw it on because I was only wearing a Nike sports bra. I pulled out my phone to call Cristina one more time, before heading upstairs. Still no answer. “What the hell is this girl doing?” I whispered to myself, rather annoyed. I understand she’s with Ethan, but she always answers my calls. Hell she even answers the phone when their having sex!  I quickly brushed away the thought, and started heading up to the second floor. 

“2110, 2111, 2112 …” I counted as I passed the apartments making sure I didn’t pass it up. “2116.” I whispered, as I approached the apartment door. I raised my hand getting ready to knock, but the door swung open revealing Ethan’s twin brother Grayson. He wasn’t in his usual sweats or shorts, instead he was wearing black ripped skinny’s, a black t-shirt, his typical Vans, and he had his hair hidden under his red beanie. He looked like he was getting ready to head out somewhere, then I noticed the camera in his hand, so I assumed he was on his way out to record some stuff for their YouTube channel. His voice broke me out of my thoughts.

“Y/N? You look… Uh what’s up?” Grayson asked looking a little confused at my appearence. He was starring at me as if I had a second head sticking out of my neck. 

“Is… Is Cristina here?” I replied, my voice a little shaky. I can feel myself wanting to cry, but I tried my hardest to hold it in, not wanting to cry in front of Grayson.  

“Um no, her and Ethan have been gone all day. They should be back in a little bit.” “Are you okay?” he asks, examining my face.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I spoke almost at a whisper, with my eyes locked on the ground. Feeling a tear crept its way onto my cheek. I tried to wipe it away as quickly as I can without Grayson noticing.

His eyes widened at the sight of me crying. For as long as we’ve known each other, he has never seen me cry. To be honest nobody has, other then Cristina. “Oh my god, Y/N you’re crying! What’s wrong?” Grayson asked, as he walked towards me with his arms open, ready to embrace me into a hug. As much as I could use a hug right now, I didn’t let him hug me. I knew that the moment he hugged me I would just start bawling like a baby. I took a small step to the side, and his eyebrows furrowed together. 

“You have stuff to do.” I said glancing down at his camera. “I don’t want to keep you. I’ll just see Cristina later.” I turned around to leave, but before I could even take a step, I felt Grayson grab on to my wrist causing me to turn around.

“I can film later…” he paused, giving my hand a light squeeze before speaking again “We’re friends, you know you can talk to me about whatever. But if you don’t want to talk to me, then you can stay here, and wait until Cristina comes back. I just don’t want you to leave upset, ok?” My eyes finally left the ground, and I looked up at him. “Ok… Thanks.” was all I said. His hazel eyes that were once filled with worry, now have a hint of relief in them. His pink lips curled up into a small smile, revealing the dimples in his cheeks. 

I stepped inside the apartment, and immediately I noticed how clean it was. 

“Wow, I can actually see the floor in here this time.” I chuckled a little, thinking about how there’s usually clothes all over the place, dishes piled up in the sink, and their beds never made.

“Ethan spent all night cleaning, because Cristina was coming over today. He even cleaned my room. Not that I’m complaining!” he said, as he was putting his camera away. 

I made my way to the living room, and plopped myself on the couch. I pulled out my phone deciding to text Cristina to let her know I was at the boys’ apartment, but I ended up clicking on Trey’s messages instead. I knew it was a bad idea, but I couldn’t help it …

Trey: Hey, we’re breaking up. 

Y/N: What?

Y/N: Did you seriously just break up with me over a text message??

Y/N: And literally an hour before our date? Wtf Trey?

Trey: Can’t talk rn. 

Y/N: Fuck you asshole!

He broke up with me just like that. No reason, no explanation, nothing. It was as if the two years meant nothing to him. I can’t help but wonder if it was something I did. I honestly didn’t understand. 

“Y/N? Hello?” I could here Grayson calling me from the kitchen, but I couldn’t find the words to say anything. I could feel the lump growing in my throat, and I could feel the tears blurring my vision. Next thing I know I’m sobbing on Grayson’s couch. 

I felt someone take my phone out of my hand, and I figured it was Grayson since he was the only other person there. After a few seconds I felt his strong arms wrapped around me, as he gently pushed my head into his broad chest.

“Fuck Trey! He’s an idiot!” Grayson whisper into my ear, making me realized that he had read the text messages. Which I don’t mind. I mean Grayson and I have been friends for a while now. I met him when Ethan, and Cristina first started dating a year ago, and we’ve been close friends ever since. He knew about Trey, we all would hang out together from time to time, but you can tell him, and Trey never really had a liking for one another. I never knew why though.

Grayson and I just sat there on the couch, his arms still wrapped tightly around me. He didn’t say anything, he just moved his hands up and down the middle of my back. It was comforting, making me calm down a bit. I picked my head up to rest it on his shoulder.

“Nice hoodie, by the way.” he spoke, breaking the silence in the room. I looked down at the hoodie not remembering what kind of hoodie I was wearing. Then I realized it was Grayson’s hoodie. “Thanks, some idiot left it in my car!” I rolled my eyes causing him to let out a laugh as he playfully pulled the hood over my head. After our fit of laughter, the room quickly broke back into a silence. My head was still resting on Grayson’s shoulder, as I fiddle with the sleeves of my hoodie.  

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, causing me to dart my attention towards him. I was about to say something, when Grayson’s phone went off signaling that he had just received a text message.

“It’s Ethan. He forgot the apartment key.” Grayson rolls his eyes, as he gets up to go open the front door. 

“Y/N? What are you doing here? I thought you and Trey had a date today?” Cristina asked. “And why do you look like that?” Ethan asked clearly amused at my appearance. Causing him to receive a slap from Grayson. 

“Have you been crying?” Cristina asked, clearly noticing the puffiness of my eyes. She walked towards the couch and takes a seat next to me. “What’s wrong?” she asked. I could feel all three sets of eyes on me. Great I guess everyone gets to see me cry like a fucking baby today.

 I let out a sigh before I started to speak.

“Trey… Trey broke up with me.” I spoke almost at a whisper. “He texted me while I was getting ready for our date…” I paused and looked at my best friend who had a sympathetic look on her face. “He broke up with me over a fucking text message! Who the fuck does that?” I was pretty much screaming at her. I hid my face in my hands, and as if on queue the tears just started rolling down my cheeks.

Cristina was comforting me, talking shit about Trey, and saying things to make me feel better. What any girl would do when their best friend is going thru a break up. Ethan and Grayson would occasionally do something stupid trying to make me laugh. It was sweet, I’m glad Grayson convinced me to stay, because I probably would’ve been at home curled up in my bed, listening to sad break up songs, feeling a lot worse.

“I think I’m gonna head home.” I said which caused Cristina to untangle herself from Ethan so she could get up to check her phone, that was on the coffee table. “But it’s only 9. Stay!” she said trying to give me her little puppy dog face. “It’s been a long day, and I just want my bed.” I said, as I was getting up off the couch. 

Grayson wanted to walk me to my car, which I thought was sweet of him. All day he kept asking me if I was ok, doing everything he could to try and get a smile out of me. He honestly was the sweetest, and I’m lucky to have a friend like him.

“I’LL CALL YOU LATER!” I heard Cristina yell from the living room. Grayson and I chuckled a bit hearing Ethan telling her to shut up. 

We got to my car, and Grayson placed an arm on my shoulder pulling me close, wrapping both of his arms around me. His embrace was warm, and his strong, muscular arms felt like a protective shield around my body.  

“No more crying ok?” Grayson said, as he pulled away from our hug. “I’m serious Y/N! Call me if you start to feel sad, or wanna cry, or whatever!” he said in a more serious tone. His eyes met mine, as I finally looked up at him. “I will.” was all I said before turning away to get into my car. I drove out of the parking lot, and started making my way back home.

When I got home, I decided to take a long hot shower. I turned on the water, and quickly went in, letting the hot water hit my body. I had just started conditioning my hair when I heard a knock at my front door. “Seriously?” I said rather annoyed. I got out of the shower, grabbing a clean towel from the towel rack, and dried myself off. I grabbed the bathrobe that was hanging on the back of my bathroom door, and quickly put it on, so I could so see who it was at the door. I figured it would be Cristina, since I never had anyone come over my apartment besides for the twins, and Trey. 

“I’m coming!” I yelled from my bathroom so that whoever was at the door could here me. Apparently they didn’t, which caused them to knock on the door harder. “I said I’m co….” I paused when I opened the door, surprised by who was standing outside my apartment.

“…. Grayson, what are you doing here?” I asked a little confused. 

“I just wanted to come by and make sure you were ok. Did I interrupt your shower?” he asked noticed the conditioner that was still left in my hair. “I mean you did, but its okay. You had a good reason.” I smiled, causing him to laugh.

I let Grayson come inside, and he walked into the kitchen and placed a shopping bag on the counter. “What’s that?” I asked rather curious. “I bought you some candy, and ice cream. I also got you a movie. Well I got a few actually, I didn’t know what you wanted to watch, so I got you 5 so you can pick from. If you don’t like none of them then I can go get some more I mean I ….”

“Grayson!” I cut him off. “I like all of them actually. Thank you, this was sweet of you.” I said. “Thank god!” he said sounding relived. “You can pick a movie, we can watch it when I finish washing this conditioner out my hair.” I said before walking off into my bathroom. I finished washing off my hair, and grabbed a towel wrapping up my wet hair. I cursed myself as I forgot to bring my clothes into the bathroom with me. I walked into my closet, which happened to be connected with my bathroom since I had a master bedroom. I grabbed a pair of pajama shorts, and a 4OU shirt I got when the guys went on tour last year. 

I walked into the living room, finding Grayson on his phone. He looked up from his phone, when he heard me enter the room. I plopped down next to him on the couch, resting my feet up on the ottoman in front of me. “So what movie are we watching?” I asked reaching for the bag of sour patches Grayson got me. I smiled, realizing he knew what my favorite candy was. 

“We’re gonna watch Frozen because I know that’s your favorite movie.” he said getting up to put in the dvd. “But I thought you hate that movie.” I asked as I put a piece of candy in my mouth. “I do, but since I’m such a great friend, I’ll watch it with you. Just this one time though!” 

We watched the movie, and had a few conversations here and there. It was nice to have Grayson here. He kept making me laugh, with his corny jokes, and his awful singing whenever he tried to sing along to the songs. I enjoyed his company, I really did, but I sort of wish that it was Trey that was here with me right now instead of Grayson. I missed him, I wish I knew why he broke up with me. The more I thought about it the more angry I became. I started going thru my phone and started deleting all of our pictures. I came across a picture of us at our two year anniversary dinner. We looked so happy. 

“He didn’t deserve you.” Grayson’s raspy voice brought me back from my thoughts. “He’s a douchebag, who didn’t know what he had. He’s gonna be the one that hurts in the end, because he let you go. You deserve so much more then that piece of shit.” Grayson’s voice sounded angry but soft at the same time. 

I laid myself out on the couch, putting my head in Grayson’s lap. “Thank you Gray…” I paused when I felt his hands running through the ends of my hair. “For being there for me today, and for being here right now.” I said, feeling my eyelids get heavy. 

“I’ll always be here for you. I promise.” he spoke at a whisper, but loud enough for me to hear. I laid there with my head in Grayson’s chest watching the movie that was playing on the tv, as he continued to play with the ends of my hair, as I drifted to sleep.

Fic: Tastes Like Pure Joy

*Throws fic at everyone and runs and hides.* This is my first attempt at a vampire story of any sort and I hope you guys enjoy it. Written for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompt - “taste.” @felicityollies and I decided there needs to be more Olicity vampire stories, so here you go! You can read it on Ao3 or below. 

Tastes Like Pure Joy

Oliver tried not to stare at Felicity’s mouth when she licked at the ice cream dripping down the side of her cone.

“What does it taste like?” Oliver, having been a vampire for centuries, did not know the joys of modern human food.

“Cold. And sweet. And happiness, if you can use an emotion do describe food,” Felicity explained.

“I can,” Oliver growled a little. And he knew the moment she realized she was the food he was talking about because her face blushed to the most beautiful shade of red. Oh, how he would miss that blush.

Felicity and Oliver had been dating for almost a year, and when he asked her to marry him, she had finally convinced him to turn her as well. Forever, she said, meant truly forever.

Usually on their dates, they didn’t eat because they did not consume the same diet, but since this was her final week as a human she was indulging in all her favorite foods. And the last item on her list was mint-chocolate chip ice cream.

“What do I taste like?” Felicity asked him shyly.

Other than the occasional nip during lovemaking, Oliver had only fed on her once – the night they had met. He closed his eyes to dwell in the memories of our first encounter. Felicity must have noticed his smile.

“That was a good day, wasn’t it?”

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An Oliver Queen Smut

Summary: You’re Oliver’s date to a party after reluctantly giving in to his pleading- when the celebrations dissipate upon the arrival of some highly trained assassins Oliver is forced to choose between revealing his secret to the world or saving you. What will he do?

Warnings: angst, action, smut, sarcastic fluff 

A/N: This is the Oliver Queen from Smallville, but there’s no one stopping you from viewing it as Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen from Arrow. It’s your life, I’m just writing me a fantasy ;) Also I finished writing this at 5:30 in the morning and I edited it right after so I apologize if anything is incoherent. (it’s 5:47 in the morning…why do I do this to myself…) 

Enjoy the fic!

“No.” You bustled around the Dailey Planet building, curious where Clark and Lois were while on their honeymoon.

“Please.” Oliver followed you.

“Damn it, Ollie.” You cursed as he cut you off.

C’mon, (Y/N).” He pouted his lips and raised his eyebrows, flashing you his best puppy dog eyes.

“What’s in it for me?” You crossed your arms. “And don’t say-”

“A night out with me,” Oliver smirked and winked before you rolled your eyes and pushed passed him. He followed. “Okay, okay, okay! I just want to treat my best friend to a night out and it’s a “save the environment” themed party.”

“Ah, so you want me for the small talk, hmm?” You raised an eyebrow at him as you sat a stack of papers down on your editor’s desk. “Fine, I’ll help you. But-”

“I already have a dress picked out for you.” An eye crinkling grin grew on his lips and he nearly jumped with joy. “Thank you, (Y/N)!”

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Unexpected Ties // Zach Dempsey x Reader

Originally posted by ofmylenes

A/N I’ve been on a break from writing but I’m back! Here’s some translations for the chapter since quite a few phrases are in spanish.

(Y/M/N) = your mom’s name

Hola mija como te fue en escuela? = Hello my daughter, how was school?

Bien papa, que pass? = good dad, what’s up?

Tu eres mi prioridad = you are my priority

Gracias mi amor, te quiero mucho = thank you my love, I love you so much

Prompt: Hey this might sound a bit weird but I had this dream where my dad married Zach’s mom so now that makes us step siblings. Can I have an imagine where how life would be like having him as a step brother, live life omg like protective older brother type! Also I’m Hispanic so there’s a bit of difference between us. Thanks!

You sat in your assigned seat next to Zach in math class.

“Zach,” you acknowledged.

“(Y/N),” he replied annoyed.

“So,” you cleared your throat. “How was your day so far?”

He turned his body towards you. “You know, just because our parents are dating doesn’t mean we have to get along.”

You scoffed. “I didn’t try for you ass wipe.” 

“What did you call me?”

“An inconsiderate ass wipe. I’m trying to do this for my dad. At least I care about my parent’s happiness.”

Zach’s fists clenched. “Don’t think I don’t care about my mom. I’m not trying because I know they’re not going to last. My mom deserves better than whatever your dad is.” 

You held your word. You knew if you said anything more it’ll be something you’d regret. You decided to let Zach have the last say to avoid anything getting worse and couldn’t wait to get this day over with.

You were sitting in your room doing your homework when your dad walked in.

“Hola mija como te fue en escuela?” 

“Bien papa, que pass?”

“I invited the Dempseys over for dinner.”

You sighed and continued your studies. “That sounds…interesting.”

Your dad cleared his throat. “I was thinking of proposing to her tonight.”

Your pencil dropped and you quickly swiveled your chair around. “What?”

“Listen mija, I don’t want to do it if you’re not okay with it. Tu eres mi prioridad and you always will be.”

“Papa, do what makes you happy. You deserve love as much as anyone else. You have my blessing.” 

He kissed the top of your head and gave you a big hug. “Gracias mi amor, te quiero mucho.”

“Te amo, papa.” 

He had a giant grin plastered on his face as he closed the door to your room. Your mother passed away from brain cancer five years ago and you’ve never seen your dad so broken. Of course you loved your mom graciously, but you knew that your mother would only want happiness for your father. And now that Ms. Dempsey would become your step mom, you had to push your problems with Zach aside for him. Yours and Zach’s hatred should not come in the way of what your dad deserved. 

You stabbed the asparagus with your fork and cautiously ate it while sitting next to May. Zach was on the other side of her and Ms. Dempsey and your dad were across the table. Your dad was attempting to hide his nervousness, but everyone could tell something was off. The only noises filling the room were chewing and clinking of silverware against the plates.

“So Zachary,” your dad began. “You play basketball at Liberty High?”

He raised his head from the stack of greens May left on his dish. “Yeah I do.”

“That seems exciting. I’ve been to a few of your games. You’re a great player. The team won because of you, you know!”

Zach cracked a smile and laughed a bit. You were shocked at the sight of him being amused in your presence for once. 

“Thank you but I’m not all that great.”

Dempsey not showing off for once? What a surprise. You held your sarcastic tongue back.

“Do you ever see (Y/N) around school? Are you guys good friends?” Ms. Dempsey questioned.

“I wouldn’t say we’re exactly-”

“We’re friends. Good friends,” you interrupted. 

He gave you a confused look and you mouthed to him the words ‘you’ll see’.

Your dad glanced towards you and you gave him the signal.

He stood up.

“I have an announcement to make. Karen, we’ve been together for three years and those three years have been the best of my life. After (Y/M/N) passed away, I felt like I could never find love again, but you proved me wrong. You accepted my past and made me feel like a man who found his first love. I love your children and I know you adore (Y/N) so much which means the world to me. So mi amor,” he got down on one knee and everyone’s eyes widened except May who was clapping and squealing. “Will you marry me?”

Tears were glistening as she nodded her head ferociously. 

“Mommy can I be your flower girl?” May questioned.

Everybody giggled except Zach.

“Yes, sweetheart. And (Y/N),” she took a hold of your hands and stared at you with her glossy orbs. “Will you be my maid of honor?”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around her shoulders. “Of course.”

You loved Zach’s mother. She was sweet, caring, and feisty but all for the right reasons. The only reason she has such an attitude was because she always protected her children. Sometimes you wondered how she gave birth to someone like Zach.

“(Y/N),” Zach called out your name. “We need to talk. Kitchen. Now.”

You rolled your eyes and knew what was coming. You followed behind his giant footsteps.

Zach finally broke. “Married?!” 

You sat at the island chair. “Hey, I don’t wanna be siblings either but we have to learn.” 

“How?! We’re nothing alike, we can barely speak to each other without wanting to rip each other’s heads off, we-”

“Zach, we don’t even talk for more than a few seconds to even get to know each other.”

“And you always cut me off!” he exclaimed. 

You got off the seat and stood directly in front of him. “Listen, our parents love each other and nothing is going to get in the way of that. Even us. Got it hot shot?” 

He closed his eyes and let out a breath. “Fine.”

“And you have to try. This can’t be a one person effort.” 

“Whatever,” he shrugged.


“Okay cool, step sis!” he sarcastically remarked.

You grinned. “That’s better.” 

Your phone rang from your pocket and the caller ID made your heart sink. You denied the call and it immediately rang again. You built the courage to finally face him.

“I gotta take this.” You excused yourself from Zach and went up into your room. You closed the door gently.

“What do you want Alex?”

“Listen to me (Y/N), I made a mistake and I miss you. I still love you and I want us together again. Please give me another chance. I’m begging you.” 

Just hearing his voice made a tear slip down your cheek. “Your decision to sleep with your ex was not a mistake. You knew exactly what you were doing and nothing is going to change the pain you’ve caused me. It’s over and it’s permanent. So please, stop calling me.” 

“(Y/N) I’m sorry I-”


“I just-”

“Alex stop.”

“I love you and-”

Zach barged into your room and took the phone from your hands.

“Listen dude, if the girl tells you to stop calling her then stop,” he demanded.

“Dempsey? What are you doing there? Having sloppy seconds?” 

“No Standall, you nasty fuck, she’s actually step sister and as her step brother, I suggest you leave her the fuck alone or your body’s going to be snapped in pieces.” 

“Whatever. I wasted my time. Fuck you both.”

He hung up the phone and threw it on my bed. You were at a lost for words at the way Zach defended you.

“You okay?” 

You sniffled and wiped your nose. “Yeah, thanks. You didn’t have to do that for me.” 

“You told me to try so I did. Also, no girl deserves to be talked to like that, especially my sister.” 

Zach ruffled your hair. 

You teasingly gave him an unamused demeanor and swatted his hand away harshly, causing him to gasp in pain.

“I think we’ll get along just fine.”

Commission for coffee shop au klance. Kinda just the beginning of klance, because of the word limit, but awkward bois are the best bois

Also I took a test on what kind of coffee/drink Keith would be and then added espresso lol 

Lance knew that choosing the perfect coffee to start your day could be a crucial thing; you had to take into account how much caffeine you needed, what you wanted to taste on your breath until lunch, how many times you wanted to get up to pee in the next two hours, things like that. He understood that coffee was an important staple to many people’s mornings.

But it didn’t usually take the assholes twenty plus minutes to decide what kind to get.

He had long since finished serving the morning rush and was now waiting, somewhat impatiently, for this guy in the red biker jacket with the mullet to figure out what the hell he was ordering. He had been standing off to the side for a while now, leaving Lance to wipe down all four counters of their island coffee bar that was nestled in the middle of the room and restock the pastry case.

Lance was now tapping his fingers against the wood of the counter, watching the guy from the corner of his vision. Coran didn’t allow phones while people were out front, so he was reduced to reading their menu (which he had memorized) about fifty times in a row.

Finally, as the clock ticked over to 8:30, the guy shifted, glanced at Lance, and then opened his mouth. “Do you um…do you have alternatives for people who are lactose intolerant?”


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For the Love of a Queen. Black Sails Episode Seven

In last week’s episode of Black Sails, we witnessed the final moments of Madi Scott, Queen of the Maroons. If episode six was about the cycle of life coming to an end, episode seven centers on the aftermath of  Madi’s “death” and how the people she loved are dealing with it.

We open the episode with the Queen Mother sitting quietly clutching what looks to be a piece of jewelry, Madi’s maybe. It’s immediately obvious that she’s been told of Madi’s death. You can see the grief on her face. After a moment, Silver walks into the room. You hear his crutch before you actually see him, and in that instance the Queen Mother gathers herself. She puts her face back on or at least she attempts to until Silver starts to talk…

~ I wasn’t able to say goodbye to her. So I didn’t know what she would have wanted me to say to you right now, if anything at all. She and I we’ve become close. So I think I have some sense of what it might have been. She was curious and strong and not made to be hidden away from the world. She was able to see it before she died and she was fighting for something she believed in, when she died. ~ Silver

~ You knew her well.~ Queen Mother

~ I loved her. I believe she loved me. I think she would have wanted you to know that, too.~ Silver

You know how you sometimes ask for something and then once you get it, you’re disappointed. This wasn’t one of those times. Since Season three, one of the items on my Black Sails wish-list was a scene between Silver and the Queen Mother. Of course, I wanted it for the obvious reasons, Madi. However, I was also dying to see how these two witty, intelligent, so very different characters would play off each other. I never could have imagined that their first solo scene would be in a room surrounded by Madi’s books and cloaked in heartache.

I adored the fact that Silver, lover of language that he is, was able to give voice to the Queen Mother’s grief. Its appropriate really because when you’ve suffered a lost as great as hers, you don’t have the words to describe it, especially when the pain is so fresh. As she’s sitting there she is probably wondering why this presumptuous pirate is invading the worst moment of her life, but then he starts to speak. I immediately realize it’s his Madi voice. By that I mean, Silver changes his tone and inflection frequently depending on who he is talking to. I tend to think of this voice as the “sincerity” voice and he normally only uses it with Madi. What a strong decision the writers made to essentially have Silver “eulogize” his love. Even more touching was the fact that Madi’s mother recognized the truth in what he was saying. The man clearly knew her child. His description of her showed that. So when he admitted on a broken breath that he loved her, the Queen Mother “knew”. She “knew” that he was speaking the truth and it seemed to give her some comfort that her only child, however briefly, found love and peace in the middle of so much turmoil.

Our next scene takes us to a meeting of the Alliance. All the pirates and maroons are there discussing the upcoming war. Silver walks in and Flint asks him “how is she”, meaning the Queen Mother. Silver states simply “breathing”. Who could know that one simple word could be so gut-wrenching and powerful. It’s obviously true though. Madi is dead and the people who loved her best are merely existing.

So… back to the meeting where we now find out that not only does Flint want to invade the entire West Indies, but also Boston. No, you didn’t misread that. Captain Flint now wants to declare war on Boston and even Silver is surprised. Where is Billy when you need him to point out the ridiculousness of this? Well, he’s kind of preoccupied (it’s coming), but Julius steps up to the plate. Julius calls straight bullshit on this plan of Captain Flint.

~ Fools. You’re all fools if you think this road leads to where he says it does. What happens when our enemy realizes that all he has to do to defeat us is to  take away that common cause? Turn one against the other. And when that happens, as it is all but certain to do, which one of us standing here are likely to be the ones who benefit and which the ones sold back into their chains? ~ Julius

I’m absolutely loving the fact that Julius is not here to play anyone’s fool and in the process reminds these emotional pirates that he saved their asses, lest they forget. That said though, Long John didn’t take to kindly to Julius not toeing the line and busted out the Pirate King voice to tell Julius to get the fuck off his Bae’s island if he wasn’t going to support the cause. Every time, I watch this scene I cackle. Mostly, because the Queen Mother has to step in and calm down her son-in-law before all hell breaks loose.

The Queen Mother invites Julius and Ruth to meet with her. The purpose is to smooth some of the feathers that Silver has ruffled and to also explain why she set aside her initial mistrust of the pirates to form the alliance. It’s interesting that Julius has now firmly stepped into the role of the Queen Mother. He is now all for building a wall and saving who you can save. The Queen Mother, on the other hand, has witnessed the death of her husband and her daughter as a result of this. Maybe, just maybe she wants their deaths to have a greater meaning. At the end of the conversation Julius states….

~ No one changes the world. Not like this. Not all at once. The world is too strong for that. ~ Julius

… and in that moment, I realize, not for the first time, that Julius is going to be a true player in this game. So many layers, yet to be revealed.

Flint goes in search of Silver and finds him in Madi’s library, collapsed on the floor and surrounded by her books. So many parallels between him and the Queen Mother in this episode. Both sitting in the library, both clutching Madi’s things and both holding on with both hands to their love for her.

 I loved this scene between Luke and Toby. Luke does that thing where he looks away while delivering most of his monologue. Gawd, does it work. You can feel that Silver is overwhelmed, devastated and raw. You can also feel that he’s bothered by the fact that he can’t pull it together. That’s why he looks away. He doesn’t want Flint to see the pure anguish in his face. Toby’s choice to sit here was masterful and so real. That move said, I’m taking off my Captain hat and I’m just going to sit here and comfort my friend. Ugh…

I say ugh, because watching this I’m so conflicted. Silver has just expressed to Flint that the Resistance has to continue. He can’t deal with the fact that Madi’s death might be in vain. Again…. paralleling the Queen Mother. Flint responds in the most supportive way. He reminds Silver that he saved him from “drowning” before and that he was going to return the favor.

~ Look at me. I will do the same for you. I give you my word. But in order to do that you have to trust my judgement for a little while. While yours is reeling~ Flint

The part of me that wants Silver to have one damn person, still alive, that gives a fuck about him rejoiced. Somebody is going to help my Bae while he’s in the midst of this storm. But… the 4 season watching chick knows better. This is Flint we’re talking about. Flint. Yeah, so it’s still Stranger Danger, we don’t know him and Lawd please send Madi back because it’s Flint.

Speaking of Queen Madi…. We find out from one of Woode Rogers’ men that one of the members of the Pirate Resistance wants to speak with him and only him. I told ya’ll earlier, Billy was busy. Once Billy receives his audience with the Governor, he explains that he himself is actually Long John Silver. He is the one who recruited the pirates, sabotaged the Governor’s supply lines and turned water into wine. He was in full on god-mode. I’m assuming the purpose was to “show” Rogers that he “made” Long John Silver and John Silver was still the useless, one-legged creature that he has always been.

Side note… I really can’t wait until Billy has to eat those words.

Billy has come to broker a deal with the Psycho Guv. He explains that the other Pirates left him to die and therefore he wants his revenge, and he has just the right instrument to accomplish that…

Yep, that’s right. The Queen ain’t dead ya’ll. Evidently, the future Mrs. Silver has just as many lives as her beloved. So, I’m sure by this moment, you’ve figured out Billy’s plan right? Let’s trade the Queen for the cache. That will be the perfect revenge. I’ll just sit back and watch Silver and Flint destroy each other. This shit would be comical, but we’ve seen it before. Remember, when Woode Rogers was bested by Eleanor and decided to sail his ass to Havana? This is that moment. This won’t end well. Oh… the parallels.

So Governor Rogers has Madi moved to her own private cell and heads down to discuss terms with her. Interesting though, the very first thing he does is mention Eleanor. Someone, Billy probably, has informed him that Madi was with Eleanor before she died. He has questions, but the Queen ain’t answering. When he finally realizes that Queen Madi is indeed a Queen (meaning she doesn’t have time for your shenanigans or feelings) he gets down to business. He presents her with a contract or terms, if you will. Basically, he will emancipate all of Madi’s people on two conditions: She turns in all future Runaway slaves and she cuts off all ties to the Pirate’s. Didn’t Julius warn us about the “man”? Didn’t he specifically say these divide and conquer tactics would be forthcoming? Well, that didn’t take long. However, if we don’t know anything else, we know that Madi loves her people. All enslaved people and at the very least one Pirate. So in her regal way she said fuck you and I’ll die fighting, bitch! Oh and by the way, I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. Daddy saw to that. Remember, Queen Madi is well versed on this villain ya’ll.

So now that we know that Queen Madi is alive, all we need is for her favorite people to find out and go get her, right? If only it were so simple. The Queen Mother receives a letter from Rogers informing her that Madi is alive, and he’s holding her hostage for the cache. Silver is relieved and more than happy to turn over the treasure, but Flint and even the Queen Mother are hesitant to do that. The Queen Mother through tears tells Silver that “my daughter is everything to me as I believe she is to you, but that cache is critical to the success of the war…”. Flint chimes in to tell Silver that they can pay the ransom or have the war, but they can’t have both and that’s when things go left…..

~ A week ago, you were willing to trade this money for a fucking fort and now its too important to trade for Madi’s life? ~ Silver

~ Things have changed~ Flint

~ Nothing has changed that justifies trading her life for YOUR war. ~ Silver

~ No one is saying that we let her die. ~ Flint

~ No? Because that is certainly what it sounds like. ~ Silver

~ We will find a way to get her back. We just cannot sacrifice the cache in order to do that. ~ Flint

~ Is this war more important than her life? Answer the question. I wanna hear you say it. Is this war more important than her life? ~ Silver

~ Right now with what’s at stake, yes it is more important.~ Flint

~ Oh, fuck you! ~ Silver

There was quite a bit more dialogue after the FUCK YOU heard around the world. Flint made promises to save Madi and kill anyone who stood in their way. The Queen Mother looked distraught as hell, and Silver appeared to be managed. If just for a moment, you could be led to believe that he’s okay with following Flint’s plan. Until this….

Israel Hand’s once told Flint “ how long do you think he can suffer it before he decides he can do better than you.” Well, judging from that look, I think we’re about to find out.


New Start 

Request: Please do a grayson imagine where you have a boyfriend but he likes you and then you break up with your boyfriend and then you know he likes you :)

arguing, fluff…                        photo creds @ couplenotes


Streams of golden light seeped through the large french windows and into the lower level of the rustic cabin. The setting sun sunk gently past green pine trees and the bubbling stream outside, and added a subtle warmth to the living room where you and your friends all sat. You were all stuffed between the squashy couch and the table on the floor, layers of thick blankets acting as your seats around the game of monopoly that you huddled around. It was your family’s vacation home, but you’d invited your friends on a winding road trip to visit for the weekend, and now, it was your last night here, and you celebrated with a classic board game night. 

“We’re out,” you sighed in defeat, throwing your metallic game piece across the room.

“Mmm,” said your boyfriend, vacantly giving you a wave of his hand but keeping his eyes to his lit up phone.

You coughed lightly and forced a smile, “Um, James, babe, want me to grab you anything to drink?”

But he was so absorbed in whatever was on his screen that he didn’t bother to answer.

“Anyone else?” you offered lightly.

“Ooh, tea pretty please,” your friend Amber smiled.

“Make that two!” Violet perked up.

“Sure thing,” you grinned, already heading for the kitchen. You walked around the island counter, filling the kettle with water and listening to the sounds of the bubbling liquid heat up as you tried to stay poised. You placed your palms on the cool marble countertop, gnawing your lower lip rather roughly. You raised your head to gaze out of the little open window in front of you, your mind going fuzzy as you focused on the scent of the pine trees.

“Um, hey, (Y/N),” came a voice nervously from across the kitchen.

“Oh, hi, Grayson,” you snapped into reality, turning around and pushing your hair from your eyes.

He wore a black shirt paired with a checkered red flannel and some ripped skinnies. His hair was slightly ruffled,  and his dark eyes glowed from the sunlight.

“What’s wrong?” he asked straight away. “And don’t say nothing,” he said when you opened your mouth. 

“Nothing?” you said softly, your teeth grinding together.

Grayson smiled and shook his head, making his way closer to you and leaning against the marble island. “You’re biting your lips, which is what you do when you’re anxious, now tell me.”

You pursed your lips together, shifting your head to stare at the wooden floorboards.

“It’s…James,” you sighed.

Grayson’s nostrils flared, his grip tightening on the counter, but you didn’t notice.

“When we first started dating, it was new, a-and exciting, he was so sweet, but, now..” you paused. “I don’t know, I’m not a lovesick puppy who needs attention all the time, but it’s like he doesn’t even know me anymore. He comes home late, reeking of alcohol, he flirts with other girls, and well, it’s like everything we had before is-”

“Gone,” Grayson finished for you.

You nodded, meeting his concerned gaze.

“Sometimes his good side still shows through,” you gulped nervously.

“’Sometimes,’ doesn’t sound like boyfriend material,” Grayson stated blankly.

You laughed quietly, “am I a jerk for thinking that?”

“No,” Gray’s lips twitched upwards, “you’re human.”

He outstretched his arms, and you stepped gladly into his warm embrace, his hold around you warm and comforting as you nuzzled gently into the crook of Grayson’s neck, breathing in his cool aroma. He squeezed you lightly and swayed you in his arms.

“Sorry to interrupt,” came a sour voice from the opposite side of the kitchen.

Grayson released you, but didn’t turn around.

“James,” you breathed, offering a smile.

“Well, I hate to bother someone who is clearly making tea,” he said through clenched teeth, his green eyes narrowing.

“I was just-” you began, your temper flaring.

Grayson brushed your fingertips lightly with his own, mouthing, ‘don’t.’

You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath, regaining your composure, “do you want some?” you asked James.

“No,” he snarled lightly, “ I want to know why this guy has his hands on my girlfriend.”

“It was a hug!” you laughed in disbelief, “Are you really mad at me for hugging someone?!”

But you couldn’t help but feel your heart beat faster as James approached you with urgency, his face coming inches from your own.

“Is this funny to you?” he breathed.

“Dude, lay off,” Grayson finally spoke in warning.

James pulled away slowly, tilting his head and turning to face Gray with a loud scoff. “So, you’re (Y/N)’s little friend?” he spat.

“Yeah, I was at her dinner party from last week, remember? Oh wait, no you don’t, because you bailed on her.” Grayson challenged with a raise of his eyebrow.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” James said, his eyes darkening.

“I think I’m the only guy in this room who seems to be treating (Y/N) with the respect she deserves,” Grayson said with no hesitation.

James gave Grayson a rough shove, which hardly phased Gray.

“So, you have a thing for my girlfriend?!” he laughed. “You thought you’d steal her away from me, hmm? Well I have news for you, only I get to do the things  that you could only imagine of doing to her-”

“I know you’re cheating on me,” you whispered softly.

A low silence rang out, the only sound being that of your faltered breathing.

“What?” Grayson and James said in sync.

“I know you’ve been seeing someone else,” you spoke a little louder.

James turned his focus to you, “I’m no-”

“Oh please,” you snapped in annoyance, “it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who you were suddenly so interested in texting all the time. If you’re going to cheat on me, and least be man enough to admit it. And the worst part is that you would dare to come in here and speak down to my friend, and after what you’ve been doing!? Go to hell, James…We’re done.”

“DING!” rang the kettle as you finished.

And with that, the weight that had been resting on your chest was finally lifted, the words you were too scared to previously utter were falling easily off your lips.

You decided a dramatic storm out would be the best way to go, but barely two steps out, James had grabbed you roughly by your wrists.

“Now you listen here,” he began.

“Ah-ow,” you gasped at the feel of his fingernails digging into your flesh, “you’re hurting me.”

“You don’t get to decide when I’m allowed to speak.”

“J-James, it hurts.”

“Listen to me.” He dug harder, so hard that he began to draw blood.

Burning tears came to your eyes, but in one swift movement, James had toppled harshly onto the floor.

You gasped out in pain, rubbing your wrists lightly, and staring at one very pissed off looking Grayson Dolan.

“He deserved it,” Gray snarled, sweeping you into his arms and making his way outside before you could protest.

He led you down the leaf strewn driveway and all the way down to the stream, but you felt so numb and worn out that you didn’t bother feeling guilty about nuzzling into Grayson’s chest, your warm tears soaking into the fabric of his tee.

He placed you softly onto a flat rock on the edge of the water, taking a seat beside you. You sniffed and bent down, washing the blood off your skin in the freezing water. The wind was cool on your skin, the sounds of the bubbling stream relaxing. 

“I’m sorry for dragging you into that,” you mumbled after a few minutes.

“I’m sorry you had to date that pathetic excuse of a human being.”

You plopped back down by Gray, looking up into his stern expression. Grayson stared out at the trees, his hands clasped together in his lap.

“Gray?” you said softly.

He turned his hazel eyes down to yours, “Yeah?”

“Is it…Is it true, what James said? That you have a thing for me?” you gulped, searching Grayson’s features.

Grayson sighed, his eyes lingering on the stones before meeting with yours again, “Yeah, it is.”

“Oh.” You shifted slightly, turning back to the water.

“Sorry, (Y/N), I know that you had enough things to worry about already, but if we’re being honest then-”

You shut him up by grabbing his hand and taking it in your own, keeping your eyes forward as you laced your fingers gently through his.

“Don’t apologize,” you breathed, “you’re right, things are complicated, but all I know is that I really need you here right now.”

“And with you is the only place I want to be,” he smiled softly.

Your lips twitched upwards, “What did I do to deserve you, Grayson Dolan?”

“Exist,” he responded without hesitation.

You laughed quietly, taking the briefest of moments to tug Grayson in by his flannel and bring your lips gently to his cheek, your eyes fluttering closed in the second that you kissed his bronzed skin. You pulled back, running your thumb gently against Grayson’s full lips as he struggled to process your actions. Grayson opened his mouth, but then quickly shut it, deciding instead to pull you into his warm chest. And no words were necessary as you rest there, feeling more happy in this moment than you had in months. 

Fic: It could have turned out differently, I suppose (But it didn't)

Written for the @olicityhiatusficathon organized by @thebookjumper prompt “at odds.” (and yes the title to this fic came from Jane Austen)

Okay, this one is a little weird and dark for me. But I followed this plot bunny down it’s rabbit hole. I have no beta and wild and crazy children - so I apologize for any mistakes. 

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It could have turned out differently, I suppose (But it didn’t)

You know that pain and guilt can’t be taken away with a wave of a magic wand. They’re the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don’t want my pain taken away! I need my pain! – James Tiberious Kirk

Felicity looked around the room at her friends, all in the fetal position, crying. The meta human – “The Heartbreaker,” as Cisco dubbed him, stepped over their bodies as he stalked toward Felicity.

“Choices. Human existence is made up of millions of choices. Left or right. What college? Who to date? Fight or flight? And with those choices comes another plague to humankind – regret. Did we make the right choice? What would life be like if we had chosen differently?”

While he gave his villainy monologue (why did villains always do that, she wondered), Felicity surveyed the room for an exit. Or some way she could get ahold of Oliver.

“You humans are always at odds with yourself, and I simply use that to my advantage,” Heartbreaker said as he stopped a few feet from her.

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Bad Girl Ch 6: Playing Gangster

“I’m done with this Yongguk oppa, we set the price and the date together, there is no reason the shipment shouldn’t be here yet,” I remind the elder.

He chuckles nervously and runs his hand through his hair, “Jooyoung-ah don’t be so cruel with your oppas, you know we would never wrong you in anyway. There was just an issue with the ships, just give us one more day and we will have it for you.”

I nod, “I have no issue with waiting, my issue is handing over the money. I don’t pay until I have what I want.”

“You don’t trust me?” He snaps.

Jiho takes a step forward but I hold my hand out to stop him. I cross my arms over my chest and scan the faces of the five men in front me, noting that their youngest member is missing. “I don’t trust anyone that isn’t part of my gang. This matter isn’t up for debate Oppa, I’ll give you your money when I receive my product like we have done a dozen times before, don’t make this difficult. Why are you in such dire need of this money?” My group behind me seems to come closer, preparing for some kind of out break.

Yongguk groans and combs his fingers through his hair again, “These little bastards, some new gang that is trying to get a hold of our territory, took Zelo. They sent us notes about a ransomed either 100,000 dollars for his head or our territory.”

“I know you guys have that much, what is the problem?”

“We are short 10,000 due to some issues but we need that money to get him back tonight, so please Jooyoung-ah, do this for us this once,” I surprised when the prideful man drops to his knees and bows his head.

“This is not our problem,” Jiho warns me but I ignore him and look behind me, past him, to Hanbin who is watching intensely.

“Hanbin oppa, go find the kid,” I command.

“Jooyoung,” Jiho snaps.

“I’m not paying the ransom for them, just go bust in and get the kid. This new gang could cause some problems for us if they are already starting trouble with people as powerful as BAP. Plus I’m not just doing it out of the kindness of my heart, we will be receiving a very good deal when the next few shipments come in, right Yongguk oppa?” I smile bitter-sweetly at the older man.

He nods eagerly, revealing his gummy smile, “Thank you so much white dragon.” The other five quickly drop to their knees along side him and bow so their foreheads rest on the dirty ground of the warehouse we are occupying.

I click my tongue and nudge them with my heel, “None of that, I will see you tomorrow for the shipment, all of you, so rest easy night. But just a little reminder, if something like this ever happens again while my beloved back dragon is here this won’t end so nicely, got it?” Turning on my heel I face the eight men that usually accompany me on my business adventures. They follow me, well Jiho is actually leading, to the SUV that is waiting out side the warehouse. Jiho opens the back door for me to slide in the middle while the others go around to climb in the back or sit on my other side. Bobby is on my left while Junhoe is on my right, Hanbin takes the front, which means the other three were forced in the back. The minute Jiho gets into the drivers seat we lock eyes in the review mirror.

“You have to stop being so nice,” He scolds me.

“I wasn’t that nice, I gave him a pretty good threat at the end, right Junhoe-ya?” I elbow the younger.

He nods quickly, “Of course, you were terrifying; had me shaking in my boots.”

“Don’t feed into her delusion,” Hanbin glares at the poor boy.

“You’re just mad that you can’t go out tonight now,” I lean forward and poke Hanbin’s cheek teasingly. He tries to bite my finger, earning a flick on the forehead from Jiho.

“I know she’s being a little mouthy but you bite her, I’ll beat you,” Jiho threatens.

“Calm down guard dog,” I pat him on his head, “How about some lunch? I’m starving.”

“We actually have to go get ready for tonight,” Bobby reminds us, “So if you could drop us off near head quarters that would be great.”

Jiho nods, “Sure thing, pretty bird you actually have plans so you wouldn’t have been able to anyway.”

I lean forward and rest my elbows on the center console, “Oh really, with whom?”

He flicks my forehead while the others pull me back and secure my seat belt, “The boss man of course.”

The drive to head quarters in aggressively playful, Hanbin tries not to smile as I tease his men and harass Bobby to the extreme. By the time we get there Hanbin, Chanwoo and Jinhwan are dying of laughter while the others about fling themselves out of the still moving car to get away from me. The minute the car stops Bobby and Junhoe basically fall out of the car but quickly try to recover by brushing the dirt off their suits. The others quickly follow, bowing before heading into the tall building. I climb into the front seat, ignoring Jiho’s whining about how I should have got out and walked around.

I straighten my clothes and flash him a smile, “So where is my beloved?”

“At home, he said he was going to cook you lunch,” Jiho answers as he rolls his eyes and pulls back into traffic. I stare absentmindedly out the window when he starts humming my favorite song.

“What song is that?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I heard it a long time ago and I just kind of stuck. Why, does it sound familiar or something?”

I shake my head, “You just hum it all the time and I really love it. I find it comforting.”

He chuckles, “Really?”

“Yep, because it makes me think of you and you always make me feel safe. I know I don’t tell you this enough Jiho oppa but I love you, like a brother of course but I want you to know that I love and appreciate everything you do for me.” I lean across the console to peck his cheek.

“Where is all of this coming from?”

“Zelo’s situation made me think about when I was kidnapped and how you saved me.”

Again he chuckles, but this time there is an edge to it, “I let you get kidnapped.”

“No, you protected me. Because of you, I made it out of there alive and I’m eternally grateful.”

He is silent for a minute and stares back at me until the light turns green, “Stop with all of this emotional stuff, you’re hurting my heart.”

“Come on Oppa, say it back,” I pout playfully as I take his hand, “You are the best big brother a girl could ask for, I love you.”

“Stop confessing to me,” He pulls his hand away and flicks me, “I would prefer to not loose my job.”

I sigh and accept defeat, already knowing his brotherly love for me. He pulls into the underground parking lot and parks the car in its spot before hopping out of the car. I walk around the car, distracted by my nails, I don’t see Jiho stopping in front of me. He turns around and pulls me into a tight hug, I find myself thinking back to when we first met on the street and smile, look how far we’ve come.

“I love you little sister,” He mumbles softly and kisses the top of my head. He releases me and leads me to the elevator like usual. We don’t talk the whole ride up but it’s a comfortable silence that makes a smile form on my face. He drops me off at my floor first before going down to his own. I step off the elevator and am automatically welcomed by our two guard dogs.

“Hello Leo, hello Ken,” I coo at the two dogs happily.

“How come the pets get greeted before me?” Jiyong whines as he comes out of the kitchen to give me a hug.

“Because they came to the door first, you have to be quick.” I sniff the air and pout, “You haven’t started lunch yet?”

He shakes his head, “Someone else called and left a very lovely voice message about how she needs to see you to apologize about what happened a few days ago.”

“You should just ignore her,” I whine, I really want to spend time with him today, as much as love Haneul I miss Jiyong.

“Too late, I already told her I was bring you over after you got back, speaking of which can I get a full view of this beautiful outfit,” He gives me a big smile as he steps back to check me out. I can’t hold in my laugh as he full on checks me out, going around in circles and everything. I strike a few poses for him, I’m wearing a fitting pin stripped suit, something Jiyong had costumed made for me. “You look like a real gangster,” He pecks my lips.

“Well I have to look the part if I’m playing gangster for the day.”

“Do you want to change before you go?” He wonders.

I groan, “Oppa, I don’t want to go, I want to take off my pants and lay in bed with you for the rest of the day.”

“Well after lunch we still have the rest of the day so don’t worry.”

“No, I want to have lunch with you.”

He chuckles, “You are so stubborn.”

I scoff, “Look who is talking, why are you trying so hard to get rid of me? Huh?”

“I just want you to enjoy your last bits of freedom.”

“Last bits of freedom?”

He nods, “Because in one month, we will be standing on the beach on some random tropical island with at most ten people saying our vows. After that we will not be leaving our villa for a whole month,” He nibbles on my neck playfully. “And then after that we will be traveling the world together for awhile, who knows when we will be back! Could be forever! I might just try to keep you all to myself for the rest of time.”

“Are you sure you want me to go?”

“I want you to have fun with your friends, you will see me tonight, and the next night and for the rest of time, you will be stuck with me. So as I said, enjoy your freedom while you can.”

A massive smile spreads across my face, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” We kiss lightly, I get ready to deepen the kiss when he pulls away and begins pulling me down the hall eagerly. “I almost forgot! I have a present for you!” I follow him without much choice, giggling at his childish happiness. He stops outside of our office doors, my old bedroom doors, and places his hands on the handle, ready for an exciting revel. “Okay, so I know that you were really upset about how you had to stop talking to Jihyo because you decided to step into my life so I wanted to give you a little something to remember her by.”

With that he throws the door open, I step inside and automatically get ready to bust into tears. Hanging above my desk is mine and Jihyo’s mug shots from years ago. Jiyong is behind me, his arms wrap around my waist, and his chin rests on my shoulder.

“Do you like it?” He hums.

I turn around in his embrace and return his hug, “Thank you so much,” I cry into his button up. Jiyong and I had talked about how I wanted to handle stuff with my family and friends when I first moved in. He recommended writing them letters and telling them I running away so that they wouldn’t get pulled into the drama and at first I was against it. But after really thinking it through I realized how right he was and agreed. It was one of the hardest moment in my life explaining to Jihyo in that letter about how much I’ll miss her and that she shouldn’t look for me.

“Please no crying, you’re breaking my heart love.”

I sniffle and wipe away my tears, “I’m sorry but Jihyo has the same set up above her bed at home it just made me miss her a bit.”

He kisses the top of my head, “One day you will be able to talk to her again, I promise, when things aren’t so crazy in our world we can go back to visit the real world.”

“Thank you.”

“You guys are annoyingly cute, you know that?” Haneul gages once again after she closes the front door and leads me into her house. We leave the entry way and head into the kitchen where she is cooking a delicious smelling lunch.

“I’m sorry that we don’t enjoy the same pet names as you and your princess,” I tease as I kick off my shoes and leap on to the counter.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m the king in our relationship,” She playfully snaps with a spatula pointed at me.

“Speaking of which I’m still waiting on your love story.”

“And I’m waiting on yours,” She eyes me, “that is another story for another time when we both feel comfortable sharing how we got to where we are.”

I nod, “Where is your Princess anyway?”

She sighs, “With his depressing cousins, he has been trying so hard to get them to leave that god damn house. He barely got them out the night of the party but the moment he mentioned that Jiyong would be there five of them seemed all for it. The other seven have sticks up their asses. I’m so sorry about what happened a couple of days ago, if it makes you feel any better Taemin got a beating when we got home.”

“What you guys do in the bedroom is none of my business,” I click my tongues at her.

“Get your mind out of the gutter and make yourself useful, can you make three settings on the dining room table?” She swats at me with a rag.

“Three?” I hop off the counter and wander over to where the dishes are.

“Tae should be back and if not we can eat his portion,” She gives me an evil grin as she stirs the beef soup, one of Taemin’s favorite foods. I shake my head and head into the dining room with all the needed dishes, even grabbing some of the sides that she already dished up. As I’m setting up the long dining table I hear the front door open and almost rush to greet, or actually tease, Taemin when I hear other voices.

Oh no.

“Jagiya, I brought my cousins over for lunch, I hope that’s okay!” Taemin yells as he walks closer. I panic and quickly scramble under the table. This can’t be happening again.

“Princess!” Haneul snarls, “I told you Jooyoung was coming over, I doubt she wants to see them after what she saw at the party.”

“Aw, did we scare your friend that night?” Baekhyun muses.

“We don’t want to frighten her, in fact we want to apologize,” Chanyeol plays along, what the hell are they up to though?

“They were really eager to come when I mentioned her being here so I thought maybe they could be friends?” Tae suggests innocently, hoping he’ll be able to avoid whatever punishment Haneul is already thinking of.

Hanuel scoffs, “Jiyong would rather get skinned alive than let these guys near her. I’m going to take her upstairs, you guys can have the dinning room.” I hear her shuffling around, her slippers come into view when she comes into the dining room and just as I’m about to climb out of my hiding spot six pairs of boots quickly follow her. “Jooyoung-ah? Where did you go?” She calls for me but I can’t get myself to respond.

“Jooyoung-ah, oh Jooyoung-ah,” Baekhyun sing songs.

“I want to see this pretty little thing I’ve heard so much about,” Tao hums behind him, not sounding as playful as Baekhyun, he almost sounds desperate.

“Come on out,” Chanyeol joins in, he even whistles making me glare at his boots.

“She isn’t a fucking dog,” Haneul spits.

“Little one,” A sweet voice calls and my heart drops. “Come here little one.”

I should have stayed home.

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

(A/N: This one is a bit longer than usual but I hope you enjoy this extra dose of Jamie! Hope you enjoy!)  

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

“Hey babe,” You heard Jamie’s voice say from behind you before you felt a hand rubbing your side, “How are you feeling?”

You let out an inaudible groan as you moved your head to look back at him so that you could actually see him and not have you voice muffled by the obscene amount of pillows that your face was buried in.

“I’ll take that as a not very good,” He chuckled, before repositioning himself, so he was lying next to your sprawled mess of a body.

“I hate being sick, hotstuff,” You whined sickly, coughing for good measure and reaching up to grab his face, “I can’t do anything, I feel awful and I can’t even remember what day it is,”

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Chapter 5- The Forgotten

Title: The Forgotten

Author: Nam

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff

Au: Werewolf

Warmth spread through my unconsciousness.

What happened?

“Oh-Oh, she’s not dead,” I hear someone cheer.

Oh…yeah… Namjoon was telling me that I’m a werewolf hybrid and then I fainted. Too much information at once. Things were too strange to not believe him.  I felt a rumble underneath me-must have been the bed I was on.  It was really soft.

“Mom, should Hobi-hyung be underneath Y/N like that?”

“Well, it’s the only way I can wake her up.”


Warning bells sounded off in my head, and my eyes flew wide open.  Only to see a giant wolf face.

Jungkook smiled, “Y/N! You’re okay!”

“Hobi, you might want to…”

I scream, scrambling off the belly of the monster. Then I noticed that the air smelled eerily like wet dog.  Looking around, I saw that i was not surrounded by men ( besides Jungkook) but 7 12-foot tall werewolves.  

My scream grew even louder as I rushed out of the house.  

That did not go well.

Halfway toward my house, I paused to catch my breath. I did not need the neighborhood to think I was a  crazy teen running from nothing. I was already the the friendless teen.  

I sat on the curb, holding my head between my legs. Being blasted with new information then actually seeing it was enough for me.  I could piece the rest together.  Dad had been a werewolf and Mom had been human, so that makes me a wolf-human? But werewolves are already shape-shifting humans right?  

I started walking again. Walking gives  me time to collect my thoughts. I remember something Namjoon said before I passed out:

    “Your father did not listen to our warning and married your mother, who was indeed another species of supernatural….”

So does that mean I’m not human at all? Or am I one-fourth human since werewolves are half-human? Regardless I am a hybrid. I wish I had parents to explain this to me, but sadly they died before they could.  Well not died, but murdered the same way my grandparents were.  But there was one more family member who knew everything.

Aunt Noel. She was still alive and walking. She was the only member alive, and the only member who somehow hated me.  Neither her husband nor her spoiled children. But she was the only person I could talk to.   I will just have to call her when I get home-if she answers.

I found myself, practically running to the house. This was a chance to finally know another piece about myself and to connect with Noel.  

Why hadn’t she told me earlier? She had obviously known about this; she wrote a freaking book based on her “adventures.” Why hadn’t she told me the last time she saw me?  Sure, the last time I  saw her was in a shopping mall–buying school supplies.  

    “Y/N, what are you doing here?” I turn around to see my aunt and my cousins. They were each holding a three bags in a hand.

   “Buying supplies.”

Jinhyun, the daughter my age, snorts, “With what money?”

Jinyoung, the son also my age, snarks, , “ The money she doesn’t have.  “

I sigh. I didn’t have time for either of them. The sale is was going to end in one hour and I was only on pens and pencils.

They all laugh as if it were the funniest thing ever.  I roll my eyes and try to move to the notebook section. My eyes were on the one with the basket full of puppies.

Noel blocked my advance, “ It’s actually nice that I met you here. I don’t need to go to that bastardly house. Who knows what you have been doing. You might even be waiting for a man here.”

I could just slap her if it wasn’t for the fact that a lady was trying to take my notebook.

“What do you want?”

“ I just wanted to tell you about something I forgot. Your father wanted me to give you a letter.”

    I wait for her to give it to me.  “And where is it?”

“Oh, it’s in his room, “ She takes a moment to think, “In a shoebox. Good luck finding it. “ She, Jinyoung, and Jihyun walk out the store.  However, Taehyun stays behind. She was the quietest of her siblings and takes pity on me whenever they pulled a prank.  

    I ignore her and continue to sift through notebooks–the puppy basket was gone.  I felt someone move behind me. It was her.

“I saw you looking at this while Mom was talking and I grabbed it before that lady did,” she hands the puppy basket notebook to me.

    I eagerly take it, “Thank you. “

    She stares at me before saying, “ Mom won’t tell you this but… You’re really special to our family. If you ever want to know what I mean, I can… I can help you. “ And with that, she hurriedly catches up with her mom and siblings.

I had never spoken to her or my aunt since then. I was too afraid of learning I was adopted or something. But now, I desperately needed answers.  I was either getting them from Aunt Noel or Taehyun.  

Opening the door to my house, the hairs on my neck stood up.  Something had changed. Did someone come fix the air conditioner? It had been broken and the house had been a desert. Usually they left a note, but the guy they sent must have been lazy.

Even so, I grabbed the bat I keep near the door and turn on the lights. I walked towards the kitchen, since it’s the place thieves steal  from first. Nothing. Until I rounded the island.  There was a huge glob of my peanut butter, bread, and bananas on the floor. I stared at the mess for a long time.  That was my favorite peanut butter, for one, and they didn’t bother to clean up the mess.  How rude.

Thunk! Thunk!


Spinning around, I see a shadow run up the stairs. Every sense in me told me to not run up the stairs, but curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.  I tiptoed up the stairs making sure not to step on creaks.  It was dark in the hallway but the light to my parents room was on. I lifted my bat ready to swing if I needed to. Steadily toeing my way though, I listened for the tell-tale noises of an intruder. The room was silent as it normally is.  I had never stepped into this room before now; I abandoned this room when my parents died.  I didn’t need the memories.

I let my bat drop loosely, and sighed. Maybe it had been my imagination. Turning around to walk out, I banged my head on a wall. A furry wall. A breathy growling furry wall.

I squeaked.

The wolf launched its snarling mouth at me, but I used the bat to keep it open while I ran away.  Three stairs down, I heard the bat snap. It was metal, and the wolf had easily broken it.  With that thought,  I ducked inside the storage closet.  I thought about all the ways Teen Wolf  and Twilight had written about wolves.  

Smell. He probably has a scent of me. I knew there was a bottle of Bleach on the upper shelf. Maybe if i drowned my body in it, I could mask my scent.  I reach up for the bottle, unscrewing it, and, holding my breath, doused myself in the foul smelling stuff.

Sound. I had to be as still as not to cause a single sound. How do I do that? I don’t know, but this is life or death and I wanted life.

Sight.  More than likely the guy could see in the dark, so if he somehow opened the door, I was screwed.

Tough skin-  No knives could help me. Not even silver.  I would have been dead a long time ago.

I had to sit quietly. However long that took.  

Two hours had passed according to the little clock on the wall, and the wolf had not noticed me yet. He hadn’t left–I could hear him in the kitchen. Probably eating more of my peanut butter.

I could not be a sitting duck any longer. If I only I had a phone, then I could contact Taehyung or Aunt Noel if it needed be. But sadly, I was too stubborn ( and lazy ) to go out and buy a phone.  I always used the house phone. I didn’t have friends to call anyway. Plus if I used it, the beast in the kitchen would hear my voice amid his munching.

Wait…. Could I use the mind-talking Jin and Jimin used? Only one way to find out.  


Well, I didn’t expect it to work. I don’t have any idea of how to work this. Maybe I don’t even have the stupid thing.  Regardless, I tried again.

Jin-oppa! Can you hear me?

Nothing again.  What had Jin said? That you have to be in close proximity. Well, I totally couldn’t get close.  But what if I pictured Jin or any of the boys in my head?  I took a deep breath and focused on any boy.  Dark brown hair with a deep tan… Taehyung.

I exhaled.  Taehyung?

There was a something that sounded like  television static then it connected

Y/N? What’s wrong? How are you doing this?

Don’t worry about that. Is anyone else listening?

Yes. The other guys.

Well… I am kind of stuck in a situation.


There’s sort of a man-eating werewolf in my kitchen eating my peanut butter.

The connection was cut short. Only because the door of the closet flew open. A man’s hands grabbed me by the collar.  I squeaked.

“Did you think you could hide forever? I smelled you before you poured the bleach on you. I just wanted to tease you,” Wolf-man growled into my ear. “By the way, you have great taste in peanut butter.”

I kicked him in the place where it hurts the most. He was momentarily shocked but that’s all I needed to wiggle out of his arms and run.  I was halfway down the driveway when Wolf-man came bounding after me. He springs up, his teeth bared, but I dive to the side.  I threw a stick at him… It didn’t work.  Miffed, Wolf-man roars and charges. I would have been killed if it wasn’t for another wolf crashing into Wolf-man, knocking him through the doorway.

“My house!”

That’s the least of your problems right now Y/N.

It was Namjoon’s voice-thought. Behind me, I hear six other howls.  They had come for me… Taehyung had listened… They had listened…

A midnight blue wolf with scarlet eyes pushes against me with his snout.  It’s best if you go to our house.  It was Yoongi.  

I nod. I could only guess what was going to happen to mine.  A deep chestnut wolf with the same colored eyes lets me get on top of him.  It’s ok. I will try and  salvage some of your things.  Jin.

But for now, let’s get you to safety.

Sinners ~ Envy

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut (Eventually)

Word Count: 2625

A/N: This is the start of an 8 part series by @smutandahalf and myself, based off of the concept of the 7 Deadly Sins. It’s going to be a little bit of a slow burn for the first couple chapters and then we will decimate you with so. much. smut. Someone suggested we should get together and kill you all, so you can thank whoever that anon was lol. Hope y’all enjoy! 

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

From the moment I met Stiles Stilinski, I’ve made it my mission to shut him up any way possible. The boy likes to talk and argue about anything and everything. The days that I render him unable to form words is a small victory in my book. He’s smart…smarter than anyone I’ve ever met. Besides myself of course. The fact that I can hold my own in debates against him may cause a little bit of tension in the pack every now and then, but it’s so god damn entertaining to see him lose his shit and fumble over his words. Stiles is a man of words. When words are at a complete loss to him, it’s the most gratifying thing in the world, especially if you are the one making his brain overload so much that all he can do is stare at you with his mouth agape.

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Late Night Snack

Taeyong X Reader

Summary: Late night snacks and heart-to-hearts

Word Count: 1.3K

Genre: Fluff

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Change - Part 1 (Caspian x Reader)

Part 2

Word Count: 1215

Warning: None.

Request: Yes.

Summary: Y/N is lost girl in the search of her past who came across Caspian in the middle of forest. Soon she developed feeling for this gentleman but not everyone gets what they want. And Y/N didn’t get the love she wanted. Time has passed and they were in a search of the Lone Islands and soon enough two Pevensies visited them.

The Story:

“Alright, if that’s all, I’m gonna got get some air.” Y/N said as she left the discussion from Caspian’s cabin.

She walked to the deck of the ship. The sea always managed to calm her down. During times of war and stress, she always found a way to go the sea shore and sit in the quiet and peaceful weather.

She sighed and closed her eyes.

Everything is gonna be fine.

She opened her eyes and untied her hair, allowing it to blow in the wind.

“Still didn’t notice me m'lady?”

Y/N looked beside her, and Caspian was stood beside her, leaning over the railing.

“M'lady? Not that honorable. I’m just a lost girl.” She said.

“Every lady deserves respect. And you…you remained my friend since the first time I met Peter.”

Friend. Only friend. “Yeaahhh…I remember that. I wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.” Y/N sighed.

“I suppose it’s destiny.”

“You believe in that? I still don’t know what I was destined to be.”

“Ofcourse I do. You’re still looking for answers..aren’t you?”

“I never stopped Caspian. You wouldn’t really feel nice to wake up oneday in the middle of the woods with two men fighting with their swords. I don’t remember anything at all. What if I don’t belong here?”

Caspian looked at her, glancing down at her hand on the railing. He slowly put his hand on hers, and said “You will know. You just have to wait for the perfect time.”

She looked at him, smiling. The smile she always kept on her face, inspite of all the problems. “Have been waiting for years now.”

“Don’t lose hope.”

“I’m not. That’s what keeps me going. That’s what keeps me smiling. That’s why I’m still around you.”

Caspian smiled, “And you’re what keeps me motivated. Your will to find answers, how you never give up. I thought…I thought after she was gone, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and keep my word as a-a King. It-It would be a shame for…someone like me you know.”

Susan. Y/N knew when he talked about her. How dreamy his eyes became, how passionately he talked about her. She wished it was her he was talking about. But, that cannot happen. How could a king like a girl like her? She herself found it amusing only by thinking about it.

Just then the water around the ship started getting a bit violent.

“What’s happening?” Caspian asked alarmed.

“I don’t know, the weather seemed calm and perfectly fine!”

“What-What is happening?!”

“There’s a possibility of that..” Y/N said holding the railings of the ship tight, “ I think….it’s time that the Pevensie’s are here. Aslan did tell us they will come back right?” Y/N said as she went back stumbling, to give orders for the necessary steps required for picking them up. Soon Edmund and Lucy were on board. All three shook hands and clapped one another on the back with great delight. They approached to Y/N, putting forward their hands for a handshake.

“Oh stop all these formalities.” She said as she hugged both of them.

But after a while, the peaceful encounters didn’t really last long. She noticed that along with them, there was also a certain annoying kid. If he wasn’t Edmund’s cousin, Eustace would’ve been killed by now. He was crying much harder than any boy of his age cried, and yelled out, “Let me go. Let me go back. I don’t like it.”

“Let you go?” said Caspian. “But where?”

Eustace rushed to the ship’s side, he was promptly sick.

Y/N sighed and said, “Someone please help this gentleman over here. He seems sick, physically and mentally.”

Edmund and Lucy chuckled at that while Caspian furrowed his eyebrows and said, “That’s not how you should welcome guests.”

“I know. Sorry, I’ll look after their hospitality. Hey! Rynelf,” said Y/N to one of the sailors. “Bring spiced wine for their Majesties. You’ll need something to warm yourselves after that dip.”

As he brought them all the food, they started talking to each other. They explained everything about the Lone Islands to the Pevensies and soon enough, the talk turned to their lives.

“So…Y/N, did you find anything about your..” Edmund said, finishing off his drink.

“Past? No. Not lucky enough.”

“Oh..” He said, “And Caspian, what about you? Did you find anyone…ACHOOO!”

Lucy sneezed next. Y/N was glad that the conversation got over quickly. She wouldn’t be able to bear him say all that over again.

“What a fool I am to keep you all standing here in your wet things,” said Caspian. “Come on below and get changed. I’ll give you up my cabin of course, Edmund, and Y/N, you may show your cabin to Lucy. Lead the way.”

Y/N led Lucy to her cabin, giving her a tour of the ship in the way.

“Well, things between you two doesn’t look too bad.” Lucy stated.

“I know what you’re trying to say but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” Y/N said.

They walked in a pleasant cabin. It was big enough for the two of them. Not too clean, not too dirty either— few clothes kept on a chair, paintings hung to dry up, some pages hapazardly lying on the bed. Lucy looked around the place and sat down on the bed, turning the pages to look at it.

“You are still writing about all this?”

“Yes. Oneday it’s gonna be read by someone hopefully, ofcourse when I’m finished. When someone will come to seek for answers, this will help a little.”

“Then I expect you still have a diary.”

“Yes. It helps me during my stress.” Y/N said finally picking out an outfit for Lucy.

Lucy got up and took the outfit from her, “And has the contents changed from what I’ve seen before?”

Y/N just laughed and sighed. “Well, this is a boy’s outfit.” Lucy said looking at the clothes.

“Yes. I brought boyish clothes. I don’t think I can jump around wearing those dresses. Deal with it.” She said and left the cabin.

Y/N waited outside and after a while Lucy came out.

“This is comfortable.” She said, smiling.

“I know. It’s Caspian’s.”


“Uhhh…no not like that. I mean I stitched it up for myself back then. Apparently it’s not lady-like but you know what kind of a brat I am. I do what I want.” Y/N laughed walking up to the deck.

Lucy giggled, “If you say so.”

Caspian and Edmund were catching up with each other. They turned towards the girls and Edmund said, “What are you wearing Lucy?”

Caspian sighed and said, “Ofcourse. I should have know what you’re gonna give her.”

“She’s not complaining. She said it was comfortable.” Y/N defended herself.

“Yes it is.” Lucy said.

They sat talking with each other while Y/N gave orders of their lunch.

“You should find someone else Caspian.”

“I know, but I have eyes only for one lady. And it will not change.”

“Change is not always bad.”

Y/N heard their conversation and she decided not to get in. It was worse that Susan was their sister and there’s no point in hating her. But envying her? Perhaps.

“Isn’t it Y/N?” Lucy asked.

“What? I’m sorry I zoned out. You know what guys, I’m gonna take a break now. I have some work to do. Sorry for being rude and all. I know guests should be treated properly but you know what I mean. Sorry.”

“Are you gonna write again?” Lucy asked curiously.

Y/N smiled and said before leaving, “That’s one thing that I can say is mine alone.”

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